Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Shenzhen Internet Information Office, People’s Bank of Shenzhen Central Sub-branch, Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, on reporting matters involving “Shenzhen Housing Management” Notice of investigation and handling

Recently, some netizens reported that “Shenzhen Real Estate Management” had illegal and illegal real estate speculation. In order to implement the relevant national laws and regulations and effectively maintain the order of the real estate market and financial management in our city, the relevant departments have launched a joint investigation into the suspected violations of the law by “Shenzhen Real Estate Management”:

  1. Regarding the “in-depth housing theory” reported and instigated by the real estate speculators to defraud the qualifications of buying houses by falsifying, concealing the true situation, or providing false certification materials, once verified, the relevant parties will be included in the list of dishonesty and be subject to joint punishment. The housing construction department will take measures in accordance with the law to stop using the “House Purchase Intention Registration System” and the contract online signing system, stop buying or renting affordable housing, and stop eligibility for provident fund loans.
  2. Regarding the “Shenzhen Real Estate Management” reported in the report in the name of joint venture capital, crowdfunding, etc., to raise funds from unspecified objects for the purchase of houses and promise to return the proceeds, suspected of illegal fund-raising, the handling of the illegal fund-raising department will work with the competent authorities of the industry, The regulatory authority will investigate and dispose of it in accordance with the law.
  3. Regarding the report reflected that “Shenzhen Real Estate Management” provides “one-stop” services to instigate and assist borrowers to defraud credit funds for illegal use of housing purchases, the financial regulatory authorities will include the “joint investigation action to prevent illegal flow of loans for business purposes into the real estate field” as an example Check the key clues. Once verified, the financial institution will withdraw the loan in advance in accordance with the law and the contract, and severely penalize the financial institution and its employees who fail to perform their duties in accordance with the law. The housing construction department will investigate and deal with intermediaries that assist borrowers in illegally arranging credit funds, and financial institutions will not be allowed to cooperate.
  4. The market supervision department will investigate and deal with the suspected false advertising behaviors of “Shen Fang Li” found in the law enforcement inspection in accordance with the “Advertising Law” and other laws and regulations. Currently, the case is under investigation.
  5. With regard to the “Shen Fang Li” publishing false and untrue information through its official accounts and chat groups, once verified, the cyberspace administration will take punishment measures such as suspending relevant account services or shutting down relevant accounts in accordance with laws and regulations.
  6. The suspected criminal clues discovered during the investigation will be transferred to the public security organs for handling in accordance with the law. Relevant investigation and processing results will be announced to the public as soon as possible.

announce. (Released in Shenzhen)


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

At this moment, I suddenly remembered that in April last year, the People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Central Sub-branch (hereinafter referred to as the “Central Bank Shenzhen Central Sub-branch”) reported a small proportion of the self-examination. Self-examination, is that a hammer? Does the Shenzhen branch count as malfeasance? According to the latest news, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Public Security Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Financial Administration, the Internet Information Office, the Shenzhen Branch of the People’s Bank of China, and the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau have all dispatched. In fact, there have been a lot of reports about Shenfang Li before, but there has been no response. This time the official seems to be really moving. It seems that the battle is not small, I waited patiently for the people who eat melon.

6 months ago

Sure enough, in this age when it is getting harder and harder to make money, all the ways to make big money are written in the criminal law. However, real estate speculation violated the criminal law, but 2021 is the first time in the history of domestic real estate to “break the world.” Obviously, in order to achieve the level of risk of beheading for super high profits, it must be a place where the real estate speculation rate of return is extremely high (extraordinary profits). In China, if Shenzhen can meet this requirement, no one would dare to say that Shenzhen is second. Well, it is the Shenzhen that concluded in the special rectification of operating loans in 2020 that “after investigation, no illegal funds were found to enter the real estate”. On March 18, 2021, the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the Shenzhen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China issued the “Notice on Issues Concerning Operating Loans of Banks in Their Jurisdictions”. The report stated: Since the launch of the special rectification of operating loans in April 2020, in response to public opinion in early 2020 reflecting the illegal entry of operating loans into the real estate sector in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau immediately clarified the regulatory requirements and quickly deployed Chinese-funded commercial banks within its jurisdiction. , Conducted a comprehensive investigation of 154,000 operating loan businesses with a value of 177.173 billion yuan, and selected 6 banks to conduct on-site inspections, with an inspection coverage rate of nearly 50%. In response to the problems discovered, the bank was ordered to initiate an investigation and reform, withdraw 21 loans in advance of 51.8 million yuan in suspected violations, suspend businesses with higher risks, punished 4 institutions that violated regulations, and punished 14 persons responsible for accountability violations, and the amount of penalties A total of 5.75 million yuan. In other words, in the scale of Shenzhen’s 177.173 billion yuan of operating loans, only 51.8 million yuan of suspected illegal loans were eventually discovered, accounting for only 0.029%. In the current Shenzhen real estate market of 51.8 million yuan, only 3 houses can be bought based on a 70% loan ratio. Seeing such a “thunderbolt” investigation, countless domestic speculators and Li Peng (the actual controller of Weibo V “Shen Fang Li”) are relieved. The irony is that at that time (March 2020), “Shen Fang Li” also used the resources in its hands to do a large wave of public relations on major domestic platforms, including forced to delete a large number of “Shen Fang Li” “Negative news and doubts.

6 months ago

This time it has alarmed the Shenzhen Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Market Supervision Administration, the Local Financial Supervision Bureau, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Central Branch, and the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau to jointly conduct investigations and processing. “The incident was actually a “tragedy” caused by internal strife and thunderstorms caused by the fracture of the Shenzhen real estate speculators’ funds. To put it simply, it was because the strict investigation of operating loans caused the financial chain of some internal members of the “Shen Fang Li” organization of the real estate group to break, but the “Shen Fang Li” was not saved, which triggered a vigorous tearing battle. . According to the 102 internal information on real estate speculations revealed by the internal reporting members of “Shenzhen Housing Management”, it not only contains detailed house purchase information (mostly in the first half of 2020) and operational purpose (*mainly “recruiting shareholders on behalf of holders”), It also exposed many “killing pigs” hardest-hit areas (second-hand housing communities and areas in Shenzhen that were hotly speculated before), especially Shenzhen Qianhai Times Community and Baoan Central District. As a result, the speculation model of the slaughter plate of the Shenzhen real estate group has also begun to surface: First, after the Weibo big V charges a large-scale drainage, publicity + recommendation to members, and speculation of a real estate; the basic operation method is through holding and so on. In this way, members can win several houses with a total value of less than 10 million in the community. Then, sit on the ground and raise the price, and turn left and right, so that every new house sold is higher than the previous one, thus forming the illusion of a strong transaction in the target speculation district. In the Shenzhen real estate group “Shen Fang Li”, this kind of game with a high degree of control, drumming and spreading flowers is called “killing pigs.” At the source of this “killing pig”, the most critical link is the big V drainage: Li Peng’s partner Zhang Fan (*Weibo ID “Beautiful Mom Chen Xiaoquan”, the authentication information is the headline of a well-known mother and child parenting blogger Article author”). As a divorced and unemployed person from the media, the fatal flaw of Zhang Fan’s “personal design” is forged academic qualifications, suspected of pretending to be a master of law at Peking University. As a result, in June 2020, Peking University Publishing House was immediately questioned when Zhang Fan was invited to serve as a guest on the live broadcast of children’s book programs on Dangdang and In response, the person in charge of Peking University Publishing House said in shock: Although he knew that Zhang Fan was controversial on the Internet, he did not expect to be suspected of falsifying his academic qualifications. However, this does not prevent Li and Zhang from jointly cutting leeks. Even, in order to further carry out the packaging of “high and big”, Li also started to promote the “Pareto value” function of the mini program in the “Shenfangli” Weibo in October 2020: let members put money in the deep room. , And then lend to other members in need-it is this operation that constitutes an illegal fund-raising crime in violation of the criminal law. In November 2020, Shenzhen Housing Management also held its first offline meeting, attracting nearly a thousand people from all over the country to gather in Shenzhen. The “guide” system was also added at the meeting: every time a cradle member is recommended, a commission (benefit fee) can be obtained. At that time, Shenzhen Housing Management announced that it would train 10,000 “professional real estate investors.” As a result, Shenfang Li has also developed into a profitable organization with a large online group and a stable income model. The fee for applying for a “V+ member” is 3980 yuan/year, and the membership fee for a “cradle member” is as high as more than 9,000 yuan. The main operating mode of “Shenfang Li” is to hold on behalf of the owner: the owner and the speculator (*members with funds but not qualified to purchase a house) will sign a series of agreements, stipulating that the speculator is the real owner of the house and can Act as an agent for house rental and management business, and charge a certain service fee. For example, a member of “Shenfang Li” can purchase a property in a popular area of ​​Shenzhen for 7 million yuan without having the qualification to purchase a house as long as it invests 300,000 yuan. The “techniques” provided by “Shen Fang Li” to break through policy restrictions in all aspects of house purchase include: obtaining housing quotas through settlement, holding on behalf of the house, and fake marriage, as well as “holding house tickets” (including payment of social security and handling of Shenzhen households) and so on. In this financial MLM game, the core supporting factor is “Shenzhen housing prices will always rise.” Therefore, “Shen Fang Li” keeps brainwashing its members that “Shenzhen housing prices will always rise, and it will be too late if you don’t get on the bus.” The operation method is almost exactly the same as the MLM organization. So, why is it illegal for “Shenzhen Fangli” to fry real estate, but not for other people to fry rice in Shenzhen? In this regard, the official announcement of the “Shen Fang Li” explained that: we only charge membership fees and cradle fees, while adjusting the loan limit, advance interest, and pre-paid head-off interest are the borrowing disputes between the customer and other units. From beginning to end, I did not have it. Participate, “Today, there has not been a passage on the Internet, saying that I will tell you how and what to buy a house.” At present, the latest version of Shenzhen’s real estate “policies and countermeasures” plot is that when you ask a Shenzhen intermediary about the price of a second-hand house, you will get a complicated quotation formula: the owner’s official guide price + indoor furniture transfer fee + Renovation fee. For example, with a guide price of 5.7 million, household appliances and beds of 3.8 million must be packaged for sale (equivalent to a total price of 9.5 million). In fact, this operation is not the first of its kind in the real estate market. When the market price of Feitian Moutai was speculated to exceed 2500 yuan, Shanghai had issued a “price guidance” price-limiting policy, which forced Moutai to immediately confiscate and impose a fine when the selling price exceeded the guidance price of 1499 yuan. At that time, as soon as the policy news came out, Moutai dealers created a new set of sales packages: buy a bottle of 2500 yuan of mineral water, and Moutai will give it away for free. See? Different sales paths, same profit results. Today, this Pond’s financial game, which is the same as the Dutch tulip bubble more than 300 years ago, continues to be played in China.

6 months ago

Let’s wait for the processing result. Last year, when the news about Shen Fang Li and Sister Crab broke out, the media had dug deep into the illegal routine of Shen Fang Li, but Shen Fang Li had no effect at all. Last year, it became bigger and bigger, and thousands of people gathered offline, and there were apps to hold it on behalf of them, all kinds of blatant violations of the law. It has become like a joke that housing and housing in Shenzhen are not speculated. However, when the country strictly investigated illegal business loans into the property market this year, Shenzhen handed in a different answer sheet: 340 million in Beijing, 339 million in Shanghai, 280 million in Guangzhou, and 51.8 million in Shenzhen. So although this time I looked at a big deal, with many departments and many words, the final result can represent the attitude of Shenzhen. We are all onlookers.

6 months ago

Shen Fangli really died of greed this time. Originally, after the Seven Crab Incident in 2020, I quietly closed Weibo and launched everyone’s sights, and then really freedom of wealth. After all, in 2019, his cradle members had 3000+ members, and one person was counted as 10,000. , The membership fee for that year was 30 million. Coupled with his assistance in handling business loans and the like, SCF’s net worth is conservatively estimated to be more than 100 million yuan. Uncle Peng felt that those who still dared to stay in the member group of Shenfang Li’s Cradle are true fans, and those who stayed are the live targets of the bank to check the business loans, but anyone who is a little unclean will be found out. Shen Fangli hit the gunpoint this time. The superiors were very annoyed by the fact that Shenzhen’s self-examination of operating loans only found more than 50 million yuan, but it was unable to mobilize Shenzhen’s local forces and could not be traced. At this time, some people gave pillows to sleepy people, and the decoration team collected and packed all the evidence and sent them up. The high-level bosses only need to check the information one by one according to the above information, instead of relying on the local forces in Shenzhen to check. Previously, Shenzhen only checked 50 million. If Guangshen Fangli found more than 50 million, it would be a shame. So many bank professionals checked, and none of them broke the news.

6 months ago

1. I read the news and wondered if I was illiterate. Don’t go to finance to raise funds. Some money is made quickly. It’s a problem; 2. I’m worried that the system is not easy to operate, but this model is probably not gone. I didn’t read it. What background; 3. No background + quick money, then you have to have a good lawyer, the money has to be spent, and how to exempt from liability is conceived from the beginning, the license that should be bought must be bought, and the overlord contract that should be signed must be signed; that The legal person to be changed has to be changed; the bankruptcy law that should be deeply understood needs to be pondered… Weibo and comments, I feel that there is a strong demand for the wind. As for why the demand is so strong…who should reflect on it. 6 The hostage kidnapping movie: The hostage is very weak. The kidnapper is holding a knife and shouting: Back, back, and he will promise him everything he wants. In order not to hurt the hostages, it seems that this can only be done. After escaping, the hostage patted the kidnapper on the shoulder: You did a good job, and you will get 10%. Kidnappers: Will they chase you? Hostage: Don’t worry, I have money in my family.

6 months ago

Turning over the development, confrontation, gaming and clean-up of P2P, the process is also twists and turns. A simple and rude methodology, all unofficial financial innovation products, regardless of whether there are foreign cases that can be used for reference, directly apply the P2P process, and the general direction is basically consistent. If you are interested, if you still want to dig deeper, follow the keywords of the association and promotion in the 1980s, and you will know how many rounds of minefields have been experienced along the way. It’s nothing new, it will be tossed almost every five to ten years, and there have been more serious things in the past. Of course, some people will definitely say, why not prevent or evade in advance. On the one hand, blocking is not as good as sparse. If you want to build rules in a lawless zone, you need to wait for chaos to create conflicts and bring damage to the interests of participants, so that you can smoothly divide the bottom line of perception. On the other hand, it involves the practical experience of fire-fighting and repairing pots. When the problem first appears, it is solved, and the responsibilities are ineffective. If it spreads into a crisis, it is necessary to appoint the responsible person to be responsible for this, and arrange a team to sort out and solve the problem. The rewards and punishments for merits and demerits are clear, and there is room for activities. One thing is quite curious. I studied the procedures and platform procedures of Xia Shenfang Li, how to avoid private transfers on behalf of the holder + platform forged false information to deceive. Private banks + platforms + intermediaries + buying and selling matching parties, the five of them all work together to make a pitfall, a very common method, I feel that this kind of risk exists. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of civil underground financial incident. Usually, with one eye closed, the Eight Immortals cross the sea to show their magical powers when something goes wrong. The term illegal fundraising is very important. It is recommended that players involved in this field use the P2P end of the year as a reference to deduct their own wealth and evaluate the current risk situation, including the following behaviors: Confirmation of the real person on the spot, whether the investment target is Really exists, whether the information is consistent with the platform. Whether the speculative group friends or partners actually exist, and there are related transfer flows. Is there any sign of running out of cash? The current status and location of the leader and his team. The signs now are a bit like the P2P wind that just finished blowing in early 2017. Since 2006, more than 10,000 P2P companies have been launched one after another. At the peak, 5,000 companies were operating at the same time, with an annual transaction volume of 3 trillion yuan, and the bad debt rate was shocking. Only 29 companies have been cut in less than 3 years, and they have been included in regular supervision. In other words, the operator is Guo Shuqing, who has rich experience and doesn’t need to be familiar with it, that is, this time it is the turn of the real estate product. If the scale is greater than or equal to the P2P industry of that year, the peak value of 3 trillion yuan + the reference price of a single property of 10 million yuan + the scale of 3,000 members in 2019. According to Pai Dao Dai’s estimation, 300,000 properties are involved, which affects nearly a hundred properties per capita, which is almost one Huilongguan in Beijing. What is the concept of 300,000 sets? His entire Pearl River Delta chain home listings do not add up to that many. If it’s me, the 36th plan is the best plan, and a safe haven is safe. Finally, I make a joke. It is the paper that wins first, and then wins or death. The easiest way to verify is to try and see if it can be honored normally. But having said that, it still does not affect the supply, demand and value of core real estate. It just spread, and I don’t know what fluctuations will occur in the short term. Now that I have tightened up, I can’t climb the actual data in Shenzhen…

6 months ago

I have to say that real estate speculation is still the best in Shenzhen. 6. In 2017, the two of my classmates graduated and I returned to Zhengzhou. He went to Shenzhen. At the end of 2017, my monthly salary was 4,000 and his monthly salary was 1.2W. At the beginning of 2018, my monthly salary was 6,000 and his monthly salary was 1.4W. His monthly salary is 6000 and his salary is 1.4W. Dongguan and a few colleagues raised funds to buy real estate near the Shenzhen subway. 20%. At the end of 2018, my monthly salary was 6000 and his salary was 1.7W. At the same time, the house in Dongguan increased by more than 20%. At the beginning of 2019, my monthly salary was 6000 and he moved to a company to do it. The supervisor’s monthly salary was doubled by 3.5W. At the same time he bought a house in Dongguan on his own name, and he also bought a house with others, accounting for 40%. I have to say that Shenzhen is really playing real estate speculation. 6 Last year, Shenzhen was declining across the country. Under the circumstances, ushered in its own unilateral rise in the market, which deeply educates our general public. This time the “Deep Management Housing” is only a small part of it. Innovation City, I am deeply impressed by the skillful use of capital.

6 months ago

Mid-range real estate speculators have already prepared the entire package and division of small-property housing and relocation housing; the talent packaging of the saleable housing talent housing; and the irretrievable overseas account for the flow of real estate business loan funds under the company’s name. Low-end speculators can only continue the tradition of repeater MLM for thousands of years. They vigorously yell to help high-end speculators flick leeks in exchange for a white-gloved identity. At present, Shenfang Li can’t get what he wants. The volume is small, and the resume level of the high-end real estate speculators involved is not deep enough. High-end real estate speculators are not real estate speculators, but customers speculate. This is the realm gap.

6 months ago

Comment on the matter of Shen Fang Li in one sentence: Who is the sky bypassing? First, the young coffee started, imitating the time when Oushen first knew the real estate theory, it was the biggest real estate speculator in 2014. V is the Shanghai Reservoir Forum Oushen Oushen is best at high ratings and high loans, although he bought it himself by drumming and passing flowers. Not much, and the increase was not big, but it drove a group of reservoir players to scan the goods everywhere, and then he was given a title by an industry reorganization; second, why are there still people who are still crying for injustice and cheering for Shenfang Li? Because this is a community of interests, the trick of drumming and spreading flowers is no different from the people who roasted seeds when the chips are out of stock. As long as someone takes the order at a high price in the end, the price increase in the middle is not lost. If there is one hit, it is also recognized by the person who was hit. Unfortunately, of course, it’s better to take the lead and don’t have any trouble, otherwise, just like the title of Ou Shen, the reservoir forum will be gone; so it’s not a group for warmth, it’s actually a real estate partnership! According to the deep real estate management, from a small V, relying on the skills of partnership real estate speculation has attracted countless people who are thinking about short-term house purchases or speculation to make money. It can even be said that most of the participants are aware of the risks involved and can take the money to partner Buyers do not have absolute legal blindness. They just feel that they are smart enough and have a deep house management team to operate. They haven’t had an accident for a long time. Driven by interests, they acquiesced that someone other than themselves would take over. Of course, no matter how the netizens broke the news, the relevant departments will come out to clarify whether they are illegal or not, and the joint investigation shall prevail; third, the most embarrassing thing is that SZSZF is particularly embarrassed this time. Three months ago, it was criticized and criticized for ineffective control and control. Going to Changsha to learn experience is already a serious dissatisfaction with the relevant person in charge. Now that this thing is in full view, if the sky has the eyes, the team that violates the law and regulations will not be found out and punished severely and severely in accordance with the law. They will be beaten. If there is no wave, how can Shenzhen be a pilot demonstration zone and how can it attract young people? How to ensure the implementation of the 2035 vision of the Greater Bay Area? Fourth, the ending is set. So, whether it is true or false this time, the demonstration effect of the shot-shot bird is the most likely ending. Maybe it is not just a title as simple as a title. Someone may even live in for a few years before coming out! Of course, the relevant responsible department also needs someone to be responsible for this. After all, self-examination and self-correction are not as good as a report from a netizen, and it is hard to shirk the blame.

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