What can individuals and governments do?

A 27-year-old man from Wuhan asked for help on the message board of a government website, but he wanted to get married but had no match. My family and myself are trying to find a good girl.

Wuhan Xinzhou District responded: my country’s law stipulates freedom of marriage and prohibits arranged marriages. It is recommended to associate more with the opposite sex, pursue boldly, or go for blind date through formal platforms.

This buddy is a talented person. I can think of leaving a message on the government website to ask for help. I don’t know if I want to try it casually, or is it really serious for help? Looking at the news introduction, this buddy is quite persistent, and this requirement is gradually refined~ The initial message time is July 20, 2020, and I just wanted to introduce him to a blind date circle. Then on February 20 this year, the demands were upgraded. Not only did she introduce her personal profile and financial situation, she directly asked to be assigned a kind girl. This is a big man, can you distribute it casually? Marriage is something you want to do. If you find the government to arrange the marriage for you, I think it might be a little showy. According to his conditions, his age is 27, his height is 174, his deposit is more than 200,000, and he has a wedding room ready. It makes no sense to find a girl to marry. This condition, I am afraid that many girls are waiting for the state to allocate them. Does the young man agree to allocate him? Even if he really assigns him a kind girl, this young man may be picky. It’s funny to think about it, but the official reply and suggestion are correct. Let’s do it on his own. I wish him to find a partner who he likes~ The government really cannot rely on this matter! If there is a conflict in the future, can I change it for you?

A serious message and a serious reply. Haha, the 27-year-old man asked the government to assign objects. This is marital anxiety. I left a message twice and the government said, “Our country’s law stipulates freedom of marriage, and arranged marriages are forbidden. It is recommended that people of the opposite sex Socialize, pursue boldly, or go on a blind date through a formal platform.” This is to provide a few ideas for the young man: First, the young man should associate more with the opposite sex and expand the channels for making friends. As the saying goes, “He is worse than saving himself.” “Stand alone and treat the beautiful woman”, you have to have more contact with the opposite sex. Second, the young man should be happy and pursue boldly. Contacting the opposite sex is the first step, but the daring to pursue is the key step. He must have the confidence and courage that is bound to be gained. Brother boldly chase forward! Third, participate in blind dates through formal platforms. Now there are so many online and offline blind date platforms. Young men can participate in blind dates more often, and maybe they can meet their significant other. Love is not easy, marriage is even more difficult, marriage is free, give full play to your subjective initiative, boldly pursue the girl you like, and bless single people to get out of the singles as soon as possible and enter the marriage palace!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For civil engineering, it’s normal not to have a girlfriend. (Goughead) The official end of the game is quite fatal. However, arranged marriages are prohibited, but it is not forbidden to arrange “introduction objects”! Then, based on the current situation, this idea is indeed interesting. Should we consider the opinion polls? If the number of public opinion surveys requested by men and women of school age across the country is more than… Is it possible to be proposed by deputies to the National People’s Congress?

7 months ago

This man was about the same age as me, even the same place, so he just said something casually. In fact, I dare say that my high school classmates and I are basically from the same background as the man. I’m not afraid of everyone’s jokes. Many of my high school classmates have almost never had more than friendship with girls after they become adults. They belong to the group of girls who are ambiguous and don’t look for you. His appearance, income, and emotional intelligence are relatively average, and he has little interest in girls. Therefore, after graduation, the relationship with other girls basically only stops at the level of acquaintance. In fact, this shows the declining desire of young people born in the 1990s like me. It is normal for boys to be lustful, but not to be normal. Once you are no longer interested in female sex, there is no desire in your heart, and naturally there is a lack of pursuit of women. The reduction in desire is due to the average family background, high pressure in life, unstable work, small social circle, and I am not good at flirting (I think flirting is a good thing), so naturally I am fully committed It’s not how to find sister paper to survive. If you remove the food, clothing, housing, transportation, buy a car and buy a house, you can still have three melons and two dates, many boys will go out to find sister paper. Harm, I wish the old man in the title can find someone. Not to mention, my uncle’s eldest son is in his 30s, and finally found a partner. It is not easy. My mother was moved and cried. I will go to his house for dinner tomorrow on Lantern Festival.

7 months ago

However, there is one point. In many places, street offices can really be found. People who know the roots and know the bottom know many people. Maybe I can introduce you to someone, at least there must be a chance to see it. And I know that some people have this hobby. When I was young, there were uncles and elder sisters (what generation?) everywhere! Look at me up and down like Ma Shi, and then I can’t wait to come over and break my teeth, “Xiaocha, haven’t the target been settled? The eldest sister will say good to you, I have a newly divorced aunt…Don’t run away …Her daughter classmate…”

7 months ago

On February 20, a 27-year-old man from Wuhan asked for help via the Wuhan city message board, saying that he wanted to return to his hometown in Wuhan from Shanghai where he had worked for three years and wanted to get married but had no match. Both my family and myself are trying to find, hoping that the government will assign a kind girl as an object. On the 23rd, the man in Xinzhou District of Wuhan City said that the relevant laws of our country stipulate the freedom of marriage and prohibit arranged marriages. It is recommended that they have more contact with the opposite sex, boldly pursue them, or have blind dates through formal matchmaking platforms. (February 24, Zhengguan News) Under the circumstances that our country’s law has long clarified the freedom of marriage, today there are people asking the government to allocate objects. This is very surprising, or a joke. Even in the planned economy era a few decades ago, when the government allocated related materials, there was no government distribution of marriage partners. Now that we have entered the 21st century, the above scene has to be said to be strange and funny. And since May 2019, the man has twice asked the government to help the older youth introduce the target on the Wuhan city message board.

7 months ago

From his request for help from the government’s introduction to the government’s distribution, it is not difficult to see that the man has higher and higher expectations and reliance on the government in finding a marriage partner. A man who seems to have good personal conditions—has a car, a house, a deposit, and an education. Why is it difficult to get married to the point of asking the government for help? It’s worth thinking about: Does he lack self-knowledge about his personal communicative ability and personality problems? Treated as a “universal government”? A basic common sense is that modern government is “limited government”. Regarding the man’s request for help, Wuhan Jiang’an District replied that acquaintances and friends were not within the scope of the government’s responsibility. The Women’s Federation replied that it will hold blind date and friendship activities from time to time and welcome young men and women of school age to participate.

7 months ago

It was abolished on January 1 this year, and now it is obviously inappropriate to cite it again. It can only be replied in accordance with the Civil Code. It can be seen that the legal common sense of relevant parties needs to be updated in time. However, although the scene of “it is difficult to get help from the government for distribution of objects in marriage” looks very funny and funny, we can’t laugh it off because it is difficult for some people to get married in reality. For example, some rural “older men” now face difficulties in getting married because they cannot afford the three “mountains” of cars, houses, and gifts. For another example, in big cities, some older men and women also face difficulties in getting married due to high pressure and small communication range. Solving the difficulty of marriage requires both personal effort and government assistance.

7 months ago

A 27-year-old man from Wuhan asked for help through the city’s message board, saying that he wanted to return to his hometown in Wuhan from Shanghai where he had worked for three years and wanted to get married but had no match. Both my family and myself are trying to find it, but it is still very difficult. I hope the government will assign a kind girl as an object. At the same time, he also reported his basic situation. He was 27 years old, 174 in height, a native of Wuhan, graduated from Wuhan, and had worked in Shanghai for three years. He had a deposit of about 250,000, a house and a car.

7 months ago

This kind of weird work was also suspected of objectifying women’s requests. Of course, the government rejected it mercilessly, and the online law spread: According to the relevant provisions of my country’s “Marriage Law,” arranged marriages are prohibited. Finally, he thoughtfully suggested that he “usually contact the opposite sex more often and pursue boldly, either through relatives or friends, or through formal marriage agencies or dating websites.” The method of asking the government to allocate objects is indeed a bit abrupt and unreasonable, but This is not an exception. In addition to the strange “assignment” requirement of the older young man, there are also some older female young “asking for introduction” messages. From these messages, we can roughly find that older young people, both men and women, have a need to find a suitable partner, but why do they “regress” to the point where they need to ask the government?

7 months ago

From the help posts, we can roughly see the marriage and love difficulties faced by single men and women. The strange man who “seeking distribution” is one of them, very representative. After working in Shanghai for three years and returning to his hometown of Wuhan, his life circle changed. No one at home introduced him to him, and he could not meet new friends. This is also a problem faced by many singles. In such an era of accelerated social mobility, changing cities is as easy as changing jobs, but what follows is naturally a complete change in social circles. It is difficult to rebuild the social circle itself, not to mention finding a lifelong partner from it.

7 months ago

Why do girls look down on you? There are many reasons for that, maybe you are clumsy and not good at communicating, maybe you are conservative and do not understand romance, maybe you are unattractive and disgusting… No matter what, there must be something about you that girls cannot accept. In the first-tier cities, there are actually more women than men in the marriage and love market. Because of the young people in our country, girls are generally excellent and daring to work hard. Rural sisters have broken into Shenzhen by washing their feet, not to mention that they are local sisters who are registered in first-tier cities. It is said that China’s potential 30 million bachelors, in fact, most of them are from rural and remote areas. In the first-tier coastal cities, excellent young men are still very popular. Although Wuhan is not a first-tier city, it is also the backbone of the new first-tier city. There are countless colleges and universities in Wuhan, and there is no shortage of young girls. In this case, you say that you have a car, a house and a deposit, but you can’t find a target…emmm…how do you think something is wrong?

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