According to NBC Chicago, Harris visited Chicago on Tuesday (6th) to promote the Biden administration’s commitment to the fair distribution of vaccines. Harris visited a local vaccination site and talked with the workers present. Harris talked about Biden’s new infrastructure plan and fair distribution of vaccines.

The US “Capitol Hill” released some fragments of Harris’s speech on Twitter. In his speech, Harris said:

“I have also participated in many conferences on foreign policy. In the past many years, several generations have fought for oil, and in the near future, they will fight for water.”
She therefore said that in Biden’s infrastructure bill, the focus is on water conservancy, which will bring employment, which will be related to the resources we rely on for our livelihoods. Investing around this “precious commodity” will Strengthen the national power of the United States.

However, the US mainstream media “turned a blind eye” to Harris’s official high-energy “blow.” Except for the “Capitol Hill” Twitter, other mainstream American media basically did not mention this passage when reporting Harris’s speech, only mentioning Harris’ discussion of “equal distribution of vaccines and solving racial injustice.”

WDNMD, Lao Tzu has fought in Iraq for 18 years, thinking that Baghdad’s shot was for bringing freedom and democracy to the people there. Although they seem to have nothing, they have freedom. But you Harris told us today that it was for oil? Was it for oil? For oil? Back in 2003, when I was still in the junior high school class, I heard the teacher say that the lighthouse country was fighting Iraq for oil. Later, when I contacted the Internet and read the talks of the public, I felt that the teacher was too superficial, how could a super-sick country beat others for some oil. Now think about it, how can there be so many conspiracies in this world, often the simplest and most simple is the truth of the matter. Now it seems that Harris is really not suitable to be the vice president of Sleeping King. She should be the vice president who knows Wang for her self-destructive enthusiasm. Therefore, the lighthouse country is so naked, and countries with abundant water resources must be more careful in the next step. I thought and thought about which country has more freshwater resources. After thinking about it, there are only the Antarctic and the Arctic. Is it possible that the next step in the lighthouse country is to send democracy to the penguins?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I have seen many people say that the US military has always claimed to fight for freedom and democracy, and this wave is blew up. In my humble opinion, I don’t think this is a leak, it’s just that the times have changed. In the past, the US military declared that it was fighting for democracy and freedom, and sending troops everywhere was to maintain world order and peace, because this statement had the largest market among the American people at that time and could help the government gain the widest support. At that time, the United States was the only superpower (Super Power) far ahead, so the use of the banner of “advanced” ideology to wrap up bloody and laborious wars essentially provided voters with a sense of superiority. “Social Welfare” and “Public Services”. To be blunt, imagine that American politicians are actually saying, “We did not spend taxpayers’ money on health care, education, and relief of the poor, but on “just” wars, because we are a beacon of democracy and The definition of the right to speak, so and so, you, my voters, can become the most shameful people in the world. You can always stand on the moral high ground and despise everything. You are the first-class citizens of the earth. You are the first-class citizens of the earth. Say okay? I love you!” Of course this is a good thing. “Superiority” can accurately hunt down the loopholes in humanity that are most inconsistent with rational people. Even if people realize that this might sacrifice their own real interests, they are willing to pay for it, because they are superior and preach everywhere as a teacher of justice. And no one can resist the temptation that is always right. Compared with the story that “war is for the benefit of Americans,” people at that time liked the version “war is for Americans to feel good about themselves”. However, there is a premise for all this: Twenty years ago, the United States was really the only one, standing at the apex of the pyramid, and the people were comfortable and cohesive. It did have this self-confidence and profligate capital. Today, the epidemic has caused countless deaths and injuries, high unemployment, economic stagnation, BLM, and a series of ethnic conflicts and riots that are even more worrying. The United States has long had no public support for national financial squandering to make itself feel bullish. “The spending of money sounds like a luxury. At this time, if the U.S. government wants the people to pay, its strategy must change from “trafficking in superiority” to “trafficking anxiety.” In the words of Fanquan, it also means a little bit of “frustration”. So recently the United States is not like two countries, I feel that “Hetalia” has to be filmed again… For example, weakly accusing China of engaging in “unfair competition” and “superpower hegemony”. For example, the Sleeping King clenched his small fist, saying that he would not let China catch up during his tenure if he tried his best. For example, if you want to learn from China in infrastructure construction, you must first let the vice president step in to incite taxpayers’ anxiety and make them worry that water resources will be scarce like oil. In this way, infrastructure projects that the government spends are not squandering people’s lives. Money is the famous “action of helping the world”. Don’t these series of operations all make taxpayers panic and anxious, and therefore support the various policies that the government is implementing and will soon be promulgating? In the past two decades, Hedong and Hexi have changed directions, but still manipulate public opinion in the same way. Now, instead of longing for “we want to be the savior of the world under the banner of democracy and freedom,” the American people want to say to the government, “Save me.” Therefore, the government began to say, “What does democracy and freedom have to do with me? Everything I have done in the past and now is for profit and to save my suffering people.” My personal feeling is that it is common for American politicians to talk to people and talk nonsense to others, and there is no good comment. However, these remarks reflect the changes of the times, and they are somewhat interesting.

7 months ago

Bush: I don’t want face? In 2003, US President Bush delivered a televised speech on the evening of March 19, local time, announcing the beginning of the war in Iraq. The following is the full text of his speech: Citizens, at this moment the US military and its allies have entered the armed forces to disarm Iraq. In the early stages of military operations, to liberate the Iraqi people and defend the world from major threats. According to my orders, the Allied forces have begun to selectively attack important military targets to weaken Hussein Saddam’s ability to wage war. These are just the beginning of a battle that will become widespread and in step. More than 35 countries have already given important support: from using naval and air bases to providing intelligence and logistical assistance, and even deploying combat troops. Each country in this alliance chooses to take responsibility and implement a common defense. For every male and female soldier stationed by the United States in the Middle East, the hopes of peace and oppressed people in a chaotic world rest on you. This trust is very important. The enemies you face will teach you your ability and bravery. The people you want to liberate will witness the noble and great spirit of the American army. In this struggle, the United States faces an enemy: He ignores the rules of war or moral codes. Saddam has deployed Iraqi troops and equipment in civilian residential areas in an attempt to use innocent men, women and children as human shields for his own army-this will also be the last atrocities he committed against the Iraqi people. I hope that the Americans and the world will know that the Allied forces will do everything they can to not harm innocent civilians. Fighting on the harsh terrain of a country the size of California will be longer and more difficult than some people expected. In order to help Iraqis build a united, stable and free country, we will make unremitting efforts. We came here with respect for the Iraqi people, great civilization and religious beliefs. We have no ambitions for Iraq except to eliminate the threat and help the Iraqi people resume their management of the country. I know that the families of American soldiers are praying for all soldiers to return home safely. Thousands of Americans are praying with you, praying for your loved ones and protecting the innocent. For your contributions, the American people will express gratitude and respect to you. You can also know that our army will return home immediately after completing its mission. Our country entered this conflict reluctantly, but our goal is clear. The American people and our friends and allies will not live on the gifts of an illegal regime that is threatening peace with weapons of mass destruction. We now use our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps to deal with this threat, so we won’t have to use firefighters, police and doctors on the streets of our cities to deal with this threat in the future. Now that the battle has begun, the only way to shorten the war is to use decisive force. I assure you that this will not be a halfway battle, and we will not accept results other than victory. Citizens, the threats facing our country and the world will be overcome. We will survive this dangerous period and continue the cause of peace. We will defend our freedom. We bring freedom to others. We will win. God bless our country and all those who defend her.

7 months ago

The United States has never fought for oil. The United States itself is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Venezuela to the south of it has the largest oil reserves in the world. Because of its poor quality, it cannot be sold at all. As long as the United States is willing to print it out. It can buy as much green paper as it wants. Venezuela can’t ask for it. The United States has no shortage of oil at all, and it doesn’t need to fight for oil. “Petroleum” has never been oil itself in the domestic political context of the United States. It is actually a complicated concept of Confucianism. It is the sum of the three negative political connotations of industrial expansion—resource depletion—environmental pollution. Negative political implications began to take shape from the Westward Movement and the Gold Rush era in the United States in modern times, and formally took shape during the Middle East oil crisis in the 1970s. It reached its peak in the contemporary American Cultural Revolution with environmental protection and low-carbon as the key. The modern American Westward Movement The oil development and the railway development movement of the period had negative political connotations in contemporary America. If you are interested, you can look at the related literary and artistic depictions of that period of history by the Americans. Anyone who engages in railway development or oil exploration is a villain. Those who obstruct railway development or oil development are all positive figures or at least innocent people. The story often revolves around the wit and brave protagonist uniting the simple and innocent local people in order to prevent land acquisition/occupation in the process of oil development and railway construction. Behavior, and the war against the rich but vulgar oil/railroad rich man and his stupid but well-equipped thugs, this template description has become a basic process for the United States to portray the period of the Westward Movement, and the image description of related characters has been highly Facial makeup, through drafting, can be called an American model drama. However, it should be noted that this kind of depiction is usually selective, and its source of thought is not the simple class sentiment of the poor fighting the rich, but the contradiction between the traditional American pastoral plantation and the demand for industrial capital expansion. In fact, during the period of the Westward Movement, this kind of fighting for water and land occurred among farmer groups. In the genocide war launched against the Native Americans of North America, the peasant farmers and gold diggers who moved westward were the The main players, the oil and railroad tycoons, did not participate, but the scale is actually smaller than the “innocent farmers” who look harmless to humans and animals in American model dramas. Because the oil and railway tycoons have many conflicts with the farmers and farmers in the process of industrial expansion, they have a negative image and become the standard villain in the model drama. This is the logic that the concept of oil contains the negative factor of industrial expansion. source. The concept of resource depletion contained in the concept of oil comes from the oil crisis in the 1970s. It should be pointed out that the oil crisis in the 1970s is not a problem with the supply of oil itself. It also has nothing to do with the depletion of oil resources. It is a futile attempt by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to maintain sovereignty and independence and resist interference by extraterritorial powers in Middle East affairs. They try to use the resource card to force extraterritorial powers to make concessions. They rely on Increasing oil prices and restricting the supply of light and cheap oil attempted to force extraterritorial powers to restrict Israel’s military actions. However, the results of the Yom Kippur War proved that things that are not available on the battlefield and are also not available on the trading floor. Violence is the human society. The meta-logic of OPEC’s military inability to defeat their political intentions. However, one consequence of the oil crisis is that the operating costs of oil-related upstream and downstream industries and the prices of end products have risen sharply, and the supply has been temporarily tight. Coupled with the then economic crisis and debt crisis, the shortage of oil supply and the exhaustion of oil resources may be possible. The resulting consequences have caused widespread panic among the public in various countries around the world. This panic has continued for a long time, so that it has surpassed the oil crisis itself and became a metaphysical concept. If you are interested, you can watch the cartoon “Mole” shot by the Czech Republic in 1984. “Mouse’s Dream”, which tells the story of a highly intelligent civilization of human beings returning to primitive society due to the depletion of oil. This cartoon can be regarded as a thorough demonstration of the fear of the world public opinion about the depletion of oil at the time, and this fear even extends. In the 21st century, sensational titles such as “The world’s oil can still be used for xx years” in the early years. Various movies, games and TV series with the theme of oil depletion are emerging in an endless stream, and all this makes everyone ignore the Gulf countries’ desire for oil prices. Decline, so that they can squeeze out high-cost competitors (such as the United States and Russia), and then squeeze out the oil supply market, and monopolize oil exports, while Venezuelan oil, which is high in cost and poor in quality but has super huge reserves, has no oil at all. People care about this basic fact. As a result, the concept of “oil” has a negative political connotation of “resource exhaustion”. As for the negative political meaning of environmental pollution, it is even more clichéd in the clichés. It is not that environmental pollution does not exist, but the emphasis on this kind of pollution is largely not for pollution control itself, but for pollution control. The derived financial market, and this financial market, in the name of pollution control, uses the moral high ground to suppress all opposition voices. When the moral high ground itself is divorced from the objective facts, the whole scene is extremely shameless. The concept of oil has so many negative factors. These series of factors have been re-read intensively after the Confucianism. This re-reading is actually part of the struggle for the mountain in the domestic political context of the United States. Petroleum and industrial capital have always been The Republican Party is an important basic board, while the academic clique and the media are more pro-democratic. The Democratic Party mobilizes public opinion tools to attack and stigmatize the oil and related industries to a large extent. It doesn’t mean that the Democratic Party, a rogue gang composed of Qu Wanting-like crumbs of the world, is as eager and righteous as they appear on the surface. Therefore, when Deputy Commander He Jinli He began to criticize oil, what she criticized was neither the U.S. brutal military atrocities in the Middle East, nor the reflection of the U.S.’s ugly face in order to grab world resources. (In fact, the U.S. does not lack Natural resources), but by inciting attacks on the bad customs of the Republican Party to discuss the political legitimacy of the Democratic Party’s new dynasty, so as to pave the way for sleeping treasure’s release of watermarks. The fundamental national interest of the United States lies in financial hegemony, not a few barrels of oil. The oil it produces is not wanted because of the cost. Including the Iraq War, this iconic event that is usually regarded as the U.S.’s fight for oil is actually not for oil. Even if the political purpose of establishing a super-sovereign empire system is not considered, the economic purpose is the United States’ goal. The violent means of repelling the expansion of the Gulf oil-producing regions by the euro settlement still maintains financial hegemony rather than oil interests. At the moment, Shuibao and Deputy Commander He are starting to recite the infrastructure construction scriptures. They may not be sincere to engage in infrastructure construction. The key is to release the printed money first, the flowing White House, the iron-struck Wall Street, trillions of green paper, and trillions of dollars. Debt, this needs to give the public a reasonable reason, and infrastructure is an unassailable reason no matter from which angle you look at it. You can’t accuse the public interest of building large-scale projects based on public interest, plus this can arouse Americans’ attitude towards Roosevelt’s New Deal. The historical memory of this glorious moment of the empire, so this is actually a perfect excuse to persuade the public to accept these new papers. Or to be more precise, this is actually a kind of MPB strategy, that is, “make people believe…” (make people believe…) strategy. Now it is nothing more than making people believe that they want to build infrastructure. Of course, the specific actions will be Some, but so many tickets, if you can say that all of them can flow into the hands of the contractor and the gray man, and use it on the construction site, that is basically a liar. For us, what we need to do most is preparedness and vigilance, because every time the Americans start to engage in the “New Deal”, it means that it will start to be a demon. Now everyone knows that Moustache is engaged in Mayford coupons, but in fact Roosevelt China’s national debt is only half a catty compared to it. This kind of borrowing and building walls requires a pressure relief after all, because debts will not disappear out of thin air. The last time the United States resolved these debts, it relied on war. We didn’t. The reason is that the United States, a country that has been extremely dependent on paths since ancient times, will explore other solutions to the problem, because the only role of history is to repeat itself.

7 months ago

I understand! ! The good news is! If the peg between the dollar and oil is broken by China, then break it! Anyway, we can’t do anything with China. If you want to settle oil in RMB for Saudi Arabia and Iran, use RMB for settlement. Amelika doesn’t care! For so many years, we are tired of World War II for the oil, and I feel that we will never love it anymore! Anyway, he is not uncomfortable, he only needs oil! He doesn’t even care about my feelings~ The bad news is! Japan discharged millions of tons of nuclear waste water into the sea… it’s you again! ! ! book! ! No wonder we are fighting for water resources in the future. After Japan discharged nuclear waste water, the ocean was polluted on a large scale, while the United States at least had the east coast less affected. In this way, water resources can be used for trouble. Japan seems to have to be forced to colonize. Otherwise, we will continue to do unimaginable things that will damage the future of all mankind. Wars have been launched in the last century. Nuclear waste water will be discharged in this century. You will feel uncomfortable if you don’t do anything for a day. It seems that we must de-industrialize and return to agricultural society in order to reduce the level of harm, because Japan In addition to dying, the only thing left to do is to play Excel for data. After Japan is occupied, the proportion of college enrollment will be reduced, and the people who do the most difficult questions will be the old fortune, and the others will go to cultivate the land to completely eliminate the harm.

7 months ago

However, it is not the United States that helps third world countries build water conservancy facilities. On the contrary, the United States has also adopted methods including proxy wars, public disinformation, and bribery of some politicians in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and North Africa to obstruct their cooperation with China. Even their “goddess of democracy” Aung San Suu Kyi has lost the aura on his head, and he didn’t have to wait for the Rohingya issue, but started on the China-Myanmar hydropower project. It seems that we are going to raise the police, and the United States may give us medicine on more projects. For example, the water problem in Egypt. With the help of China, we will do everything we can to get through the dangerous period of more than ten years, and get the initial industrialization like Bangladesh, so that the population crisis will not erupt. It can be said that Egypt is the only frontier of life left. It’s relatively easy to stir up pornography. And if mines explode in Egypt, it is a major geological and humanitarian crisis that can shake half of the world. The Middle East is completely chaotic, and it will be difficult for Europe and China to build a new type of cooperative relationship through the Belt and Road Initiative. To this end, I am afraid we have to prepare some tough countermeasures. Because the international coordination mechanism we have tried in the past cannot solve the problem. The good thing is that countries in the Middle East should be more anxious about this threat than we are.

7 months ago

Harris said the phrase “fighting for water resources” is based on Biden’s new infrastructure plan. I don’t like Harris, but I admit what he said. Perhaps the current Chinese people are not deeply impressed. In China, generations of people continue to build water conservancy facilities, especially the Three Gorges Project, the South-to-North Water Diversion, etc., to ensure the people’s living and production water, and there will be no severe droughts like in the past. The water resources problems in the United States are similar to those in China, the same time and space are not evenly distributed, and the same wants to solve the problem by constructing water conservancy projects. However, the United States does not start large-scale water conservancy project construction in the past ten years like China. The last large-scale dam in the United States, the Hoover Dam, can be traced back to 1935. Now in 2021, the United States has not carried out large-scale construction of new water conservancy projects for nearly a century. In 1935 and after, the United States was an infrastructure madman recognized worldwide. It is consistent with the name of China’s infrastructure today, and today’s American infrastructure can already be called by breaking down. This is just because the so-called way of heaven is reincarnation. Isn’t the West bright and the East bright? The so-called infrastructure madman is not so much talented as it is a race against time. Because when the income level goes up, the existing infrastructure will take shape, and the maintenance cost of the existing infrastructure will also increase. It will be much more difficult to think about any essential improvement later, and it is not uncommon to be surpassed by the emerging countries in the future in a hundred years. The United States, which surpassed European infrastructure capacity at that time, was surpassed by Japan in the 1970s, and in terms of hardware, Tokyo in the 21st century has also begun to be inferior to Chinese cities. When another country starts infrastructure construction from scratch, I think it is unknown whether it will surpass China in the future. For example, a newly built city will surpass the original well-known city. For example, Shenzhen is to Guangzhou, and Pudong is to Puxi. Harris is not only for the so-called water resources, but for the social and economic benefits that water resources can bring. This is his focus. The United States ranks fourth in the world in terms of total water resources, and its per capita water resources are four times that of China. Could the 2 trillion in infrastructure investment be dedicated to water production and increase in water volume? But rest assured, the United States today is at best patching up loopholes in the past, and the chance of success at this point is almost slim. But what I am worried about is, if one day China develops to the level of the United States, how should we face it? At that time, we will face greater aging of infrastructure and rising infrastructure costs. This is a long-term need now. considerate. It’s another time the rabbit crossed the river by touching the bald eagle

7 months ago

When Biden was screaming annoyance in Congress, Harris opened up lobbying for the relief of the sovereign’s worries. The states sought support for Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan. However, the Biden Harris government clearly underestimated the destructive power of capitalists’ greed. Biden told Republicans in Congress that China is watching you. They think that we and you cannot use a democratic system to do a major thing that benefits the country and the people. This major event will bring us sustainable strategic benefits in the future. Republican House Minority Leader McCall said it’s our business. Now it’s your Democrats who are in power. Let’s talk about tax increases to the rich first. I’m so annoyed, why don’t you understand why it’s so anxious? Harris came to Chicago. She wanted to find out if the vaccine distribution in California is as chaotic as Florida. Chicago is the most representative city where ethnic communities gather. The reality of vaccine distribution here is that there are no rules at all. Those who give priority to vaccinations are those who are rich and have the right to have a relationship with the rich and the right. The U.S. government allocates Pfizer vaccines and Johnson & Johnson vaccines to tens of thousands of private organizations in the United States for vaccination. These private organizations make commercial transactions without government public resources. “Some people in Texas spend a long time queuing up for vaccination, and some people spend hours calling for appointments. The results are all in vain.” Lieutenant Governor Patrick said: “Although the specific situation is different, all regions are facing the new crown. Vaccine appointments are difficult. Either there are no places available for appointment, or appointment places are quickly robbed.” Various unorganized and undisciplined uncertain factors restrict the distribution and vaccination of vaccines in the United States. The United States government has no grassroots organizations and relies on democratic mechanisms. To encourage people to voluntarily, this is a test of human weakness. A recent study by medical institutions in the United States reported that 35% of people cured of new coronary pneumonia in the United States suffer from psychological and psychiatric sequelae. This is very scary for the United States, where all the people have guns. Recently, more than 300 shootings in the United States have been caused by the epidemic. Various social problems arise. Harris can’t solve the problem of Chicago’s vaccine distribution chaos. Her main task is to publicize Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan on a political show. In this plan, the United States will build infrastructure such as water conservancy facilities, railways, and communications. According to the plan, a large amount will be provided. Jobs. She said that the United States fought for oil and energy in the past, and may fight for water resources in the future. This statement is not alarmist. In the past California ice disaster, we have seen the predicament of the people’s livelihood caused by the fragile infrastructure in the United States. Without electricity, there is no life. Water has no continuity of life. So what was the reaction of the free people of the United States after hearing Vice President Harris’s speech on the fight for water? In the “Capitol Hill” Twitter, the highest praise netizen said: “I also want to support you, Kamala, but you should read more books first. Our water supply system is already in ruin — and water has never been Not a commodity. By the way, we do fight for oil.” The comment that received the second highest praise released a meme “when neoliberals heard that they could spread democracy” and said, “You know, They were particularly excited when (fighting for oil).” Another Gao Zan netizen sarcastically said: “Wait a minute, I always think that we are all fighting for human rights? In general, no matter why the United States is fighting, the world People are all worried that the next unlucky country is water? Canada has the most water, while Venezuela has a lot of oil. There is a serious human rights crisis in Europe.

7 months ago

This is the level of the future president? I thought I could have any ideas, because it turns out that even the uncle of a Beijing taxi is inferior.
I said that the emperor of the Central Plains was made by the heavenly man, so are these mediocre Confucianists? Why worship!
But when it comes to “fighting for water”, why not consider using a “national emergency” to solve the lead water problem in Flint and other old cities? Clean water is not only lacking in Middle Eastern countries.

7 months ago

However, water resources are unlikely to be obtained through war… Even if the United States does not have the ability to launch large-scale overseas military operations, it is clear that the ruined water conservancy and power grids in the United States cannot be saved by war. . Basically, we just have to wait and see. Most of the high-end manufacturing industries that the United States still dominates have a great probability of exploding in the next few years…

7 months ago

Naked lies, as you know, these guys always like to use Hollywood film and television works to implant all kinds of agenda concepts into you, but now they tell them directly. This is what they have always done. Mad Max, Fury Road, why do they do this? I don’t know if you have watched this movie. It will make you very depressed after watching it. The background of the story is the world after the outbreak of nuclear war. Everything is dark, bloody, no law, no love, no understanding, only death , The women are reduced to cows and fertility machines, and the men fight each other to death for a little resource. Although it had a reluctantly good ending for political correctness, it was completely dependent on the hero’s aura of the protagonist. In the end, the ordinary people who were liberated were also alive like ants, and did not even make a little progress in pushing history, and the world certainly did. still. This is what they want to instill in you: humanity must destroy most of it, because human beings cannot understand and tolerate each other in order to compete; ordinary people are born small and weak, only worthy to be ruled by elites or saved; and Tell you about their agenda. The first is the oil war, and then the water war. “Killing for oil, stupid”, why you are a stupid? There are several reasons: ①The US imperial propaganda of war and killing is to bring about democracy and overthrow the dictatorship. It just so happens that there is oil. For such a mentally retarded reason, most of the United States Everyone believes that, are you stupid? ②The oil crisis was originally a scam. In fact, clean energy technology has been discovered long ago, but it has been covered up for a long time. It is only because the U.S. imperial government wants to use the “dollar-oil” system to harvest world wealth and maintain its leading position. Do you really believe what is there? Isn’t the “oil crisis” silly? ③Petroleum is a mineral caused by complex crustal movement, and it has nothing to do with living things. I won’t explain this much. Let the practice test it: those oil wells that have been proven to be dry, as long as they are maintained for ten to a hundred years, most of them will continue to produce oil one after another, and eventually far exceed the initial level of the survey. We are now being promoted to believe that oil is non-renewable, so is it silly to fight desperately for “non-renewable” oil? Regarding the theory of petroleum inorganic production, you can refer to the interview with Mr. Qiu Weiting and the article he translated. Russia is now completely turning to this theory. The new general of the inorganic oil theory camp-Mr. Qiu Weiting’s small notes_Leisure Reading Magazine_Sina Blog​ In short, don’t believe any false propaganda by these clowns from the deep US government, they just want Arouse your anxiety, fight against emotions, and project a dark future they want. Please believe that mankind will inevitably have a bright future, and these clowns will definitely be expelled from “ball status.”

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