I think it’s true. First of all, he himself was just pulled over to make up the number. He was originally a Chinese teacher of Amu and Yujin, who was behind the scenes. I was fooled by the director team and felt that it would be nice to experience a different life, so I participated, thinking that I can go home after a round of fun… As a result, hahahahahahaha, I have been trapped on the island by bamboo shoots. If you carefully compare his early makeup with his spirit, the difference is still very big. Mr. Li has been visible to the naked eye recently, and his skin condition is second. The whole person feels really tired… they should be. Shooting late at night, or even overnight (the song sung by Lin Mo: We are all bats, we are all bats working at night), Teacher Li really sleeps too little, I guess he really wants to be eliminated and go home early Sleeping, playing with mobile phones, watching beautiful women, cultivate enough energy to go to Bengdi and analyze his abilities. Maybe all the dancing experience of Mr. Li comes from Bengdi (Mr. Li: Can dancing be better than Bengdi?). Although he is the same “old man” in 93 and 94 with Boyuan, there is a big difference between an amateur and an idol. The 27-year-old Bone received such high-intensity training, only if his body is not broken can he have a ghost. Moreover, Teacher Li feels that he still has to spend more time and energy to train for the dreams of others than others, just like Li Luoer said: They have to spend more time than others to achieve the lowest standard. It’s reality (probably that’s what it means). Although Mrs. Li is really working hard, he really doesn’t have the energy to dance, okay? Hahaha, like a fisherman at work, I will finally talk about his character. Teacher Li is sober in the world. He is in his 20s and 30s, and his thoughts are relatively mature. According to the interviews, he can see that he is quite transparent in looking at problems, and he has been insisting on himself. Others have dreams of being a group. , But he has only the dream of going home. He has his own plan (to be a costume, to be a model), he wants to start his own business, and it is purely accidental to participate in a talent show… I guess he himself knows that the current popularity may be a “flash in the pan”? I don’t know how long Mr. Li, who left the creative stage after the creation camp, really went to be idols… Variety shows are very different from real group debut activities. I personally feel Mr. Li goes to variety shows. He will be able to keep his popularity better than his debut in a group (after all, this man has no dancing, singing, and expression! But I still like him!) I think Mrs. Lee knows this too, and he has always believed in his debut position. I should give talents who are good at singing and dancing, and Mrs. Li is really introverted. I feel… just being shy in front of the camera, even hiding from the camera… Introverts don’t want to open business but are forced to do business, which is really uncomfortable. I hope he can always be his true self. I also don’t want him to make his debut, but I hope he can get stuck in the 12th place, gain more popularity, and participate in variety shows after the creation. Then I hope his boss can treat him well, help him, and take advantage of this momentum to launch the brand. I hope Mrs. Li can do what he likes and insist on being himself!


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6 months ago

I don’t know if he is real. But I am also older. It is too easy for a person like me who has no basis in vocal music and dance to sing and dance every day. I have to be responsible to a lot of people. I can’t rest or escape. I don’t get enough sleep for nine hours a day, and I get migraines at all times. Reading a book makes me very tired. If I only sleep for three or four hours for a few months, it’s better to let me go directly to God. Usually it takes a long time to be aggrieved by being stunned on the Internet. This 360-degree view without blind spots may be new to people at first, and it is all praise, but as more and more exposures, there will always be people who are dissatisfied and attacked. It will become bigger and stronger. I feel uncomfortable for my favorite player being attacked. Now these comments are directed at me. I say that I don’t want to. They said that since they stand here, they must be able to do so, since they have taken the position of others. After enjoying the benefits, it deserves to be scolded and deserves no human rights. I might be depressed. the most important is! I have a boyfriend! Break up? Absolutely not! ! ! I can’t be as pure as Boyuan. I don’t have a dream to support me. I have to let me give up my human nature and destroy it, really. The above are my very hypocritical thoughts. If it were me, I would never make my debut. As for Mrs. Li, if he has a big heart, can withstand these, and his body is malleable, and has the potential to sing and dance, then I have no objection to his debut. After all, the value of the face is there. Was he sincere when he said that he didn’t want to make his debut? I think he was sincere before at least the second pick.

6 months ago

Really. If you can’t do the future and work that you have planned for yourself in two years, you can follow the group step by step, and you can’t fall in love and continue to take on business performances or something. You can’t bear it. I used to work for a mobile game company invested by Tencent. At that time, the Rocket Girls had just formed a group, and the boss wanted to ask them to endorse them. Their agent directly said that they are all full within a year. Various announcements, you are late. Even if there is no announcement, I am still busy with the practice room and the group concert. It seems that they have been attending business performances, and there is a performance that is also crazy practice by soaking in the practice room for several days. Mr. Sunli has been enough for a few months. He also feels that everyone really likes him, and he also said that he can stick to the finals. The so-called two-way rush is actually not that I love you and I love you too. Too fake. It should be “I understand you, and you understand me” “I respect you, and you respect me.” There is no need to use the analogy of children not going to school again and again. He really gave back for Sunsi’s persistence to the finals. We voted to express our liking for him, not to force him to do anything more. He knew that many people liked him because of himself, and he felt it. He is also working hard, not only respecting his teammates and the stage, he hopes that people who like him will also be respected, so he is willing to stick to the end for everyone. So, respect his ideas. We are going to die in 996, and there is no need to let people like him who prefer to live freely also spin around. Besides, I have clearly reiterated “I don’t want to be a group” many times, and I can feel his extreme resistance. And there are always all kinds of people who are afraid of being deceived by Teacher Li: He is an autonomous 27-year-old adult who has experienced more than you think. When you were afraid of being deceived for him, were you so worried about the labor contract when you joined the work? Sorry, some sisters who may be worried are still in school but not out of society. Don’t always talk about it every day, thinking that if people don’t live like this, it’s bad for him. Can you guarantee that he is really happy after his debut? Do you remember when he said that his knees were abolished by training? Do you remember him repeating “I don’t want to debut” again and again? It’s really enough to get to the finals. Get off work decently, face popularity happily, and go home to eat pot of meat. As he replied, be a model and an actor by yourself, and follow up on your favorite career. Still love to take selfies, and will not disappear out of thin air and leave a feather on the ground. Anyway, I vote now to get him into the finals, so that this show will have a good end for us and him. Other people love it, and he also loves it.

6 months ago

It’s true, he said today. When making up his mind to repair the Fenli Road, he should think that if his choice is different from the road I hoped for, or even the opposite result. Today, I saw some bamboo shoots with heartbreak. It can only be said that it caused the current situation and it can only be blamed for the lack of great virtue. The idol I chose, my heart is broken, it can show that I really like him very much. Keliluxiu is already 27, he has his own choice regarding his own future, and Sun Si has no right to intervene. After all, we like him because of his charisma, and he deserves to be liked by us. What I like is the complete Lee Road repair, rather than some phantom in our hearts that tends to our own will infinitely. The bamboo shoots are first of all the bamboo shoots themselves, rather than the “unrelated relatives who can’t beat them” who impose their thoughts on the people they like. There is still more than a month in spring, and our miracle will not disappear. He just wants to change his way and shine on the road that suits him. In addition, it is recommended to watch some people’s answers about “Leiro Xiu will definitely make a debut”. Because even when you first see it, the bamboo shoots still know its true size, but as more and more people agree, they will gradually fall into a beautiful but illusory imagination. Finally, when the day of the group day arrives, perhaps for the bamboo shoots who believe this, the mood will inevitably be affected. If you have a bad mood, you may even criticize Teacher Li. That is really a very bad thing. Bamboo shoots, although we laugh at ourselves and say that we are idiot bamboo shoots of Liluxiu’s family, don’t let unscrupulous people tease us as idiots. After all, we are not too naive.

6 months ago

Not everyone thinks it’s a good thing to be an idol when you debut. Liluxiu can be an improper idol, he can be a purchasing agent, a translator, he can make his own clothing brand, etc., because he can survive very well without being an idol, and he can survive comfortably. He is not an improper idol, he can only be a hue seller. Little internet celebrities live by using advertising fan dividends (I didn’t say that it’s embarrassing). He has more choices and a broader lifestyle. Although idols are popular, making money must be split with the company. Life and survival pressure is very high. Fan management is also difficult. The momentary popularity is very simple. It is not easy to become popular in the entertainment industry, and you must have a huge psychological endurance. So I think Lelouch, really, don’t want to be idol

6 months ago

This kind of questioning question is a bit outrageous, of course he doesn’t want to make a debut. The reason is very simple. In the first round of elimination, Andy said in the show that everyone should not vote for Lee Roxiu. If Lee Roxiu really wants to make a debut, would a normal person do such a thing? A eliminated player asks everyone not to vote for an uneliminated player? At this level of drama, unless the two of them have a deep hatred, it is impossible for an individual to do such a thing. Since Andy did this, it means that Lei Lu Xiu really doesn’t want to make a debut. But as a bamboo shoot, I will of course give full play to the spirit of “winning bamboo shoots”. I hope that Mr. Li can make his debut in a group, and I will regularly support him every day. If dance and vocal are not good, you can practice. Zando and Riki are also likely to form a group. If they teach you, are you afraid that you can’t learn it? It really doesn’t work, at least I will hire a teacher for him. Strength is certainly part of it, but after years of draft picks, what fans care about is idol’s overall quality. Choose a regiment, and then half of them collapsed one after another. Is it a waste of fans’ money and the feelings of fans. Is this idol chosen to disrupt the entertainment environment? Teacher Li is different. His character is strong enough. More than 20 accounts have been hacked and there is no black history. He is also very sober. He knows his true pursuits. Occasionally, philosophical speeches can teach fans some of the most basic principles. What did idol look like at the beginning? Besides, capital has manipulated entertainment for many years, and various methods of smashing, violent cutting, and fan abuse have been frequently used, but Mr. Li gave me the most primitive and sincere star-chasing experience: the voting is the same, and the audience is the father. If idol itself is considered a commercial product, Teacher Nali is definitely the one with the best experience. Dear bamboo shoots, hurry up and get your friends around to vote for Teacher Li and help him become a truly elected son. For nothing else, even for luxury houses, sports cars and diamond rings, we are worth fighting for.

6 months ago

He himself is very sober, and his debut is meaningless. The men’s group debut is very rare, and it depends on the continuous investment of the company behind it, which can be said to be a jade to attract jade. He is a helpless foreigner who can only be a capital puppet when he debuts. He is not only against his original intention, but also suffers and suffers. He will also suffer from huge cyber violence, the attack intensity of the fan circle, the internal friction of the group, everyone knows, this love For him who is online, that would be a great harm. Not in a group, the heat and popularity are enough to ensure that he is engaged in what he wants to do. In a group, talking to the little sister is restricted, so why bother. In addition, if the hot search is for the opponent, wake up, you can’t even beat Teacher Li and still want to make a debut. If you bought it from a goose, don’t worry, passers-by will at most let him card 12, and will not desperately give you money.

6 months ago

I don’t know if your question is kind or malicious. It is just to an adult with independent thinking ability, especially this person who often says some shocking words. Why does he not need to face his own heart? We have no reason to question his repeatedly emphasized “do not want to debut”. Your questioning actually comes from your subjective wishes. It’s okay to vote for Teacher Li, but it’s a problem to question the authenticity of Teacher Li’s words. To put it more seriously, this is similar in nature to “one party defends its coercive behavior and claims that the other party also has this willingness, but it appears to be resistance externally.” The difference is that the impact of your speculation is minimal and can only trigger a small-scale debate. Mistakes and prejudices are reflected in all aspects of life. Empathy is allowed, but we’d better not develop the habit of thinking on behalf of others, no matter who this person is, but you can be sure that you are not him, even if it is very cool to do so, it is in line with our expectations.

6 months ago

In the Douban group and Chaohua, I have seen that some bamboo shoots have been driven mad, and there is a crazy and fierce debate about whether it is better to form a group or to solo, whether the goose factory will sign Lao Li, and what are the benefits of signing or not. Disadvantage, and the more I talked, the more I got up, I could feel the tearful faces of the two girls who said they were crying through the screen. Good guys, friends, whoever reads it and doesn’t say anything about pua, which scumbag, male, scumbag, and girl are not allowed to go inside the Tencent headquarters building, kowtow to burn incense and call out Master Master, good Master Master, continue to bless me, I want to change a rare one this month Colored Chanel CF but my pua’s object hasn’t confessed to me yet. Bamboo shoots, calm down. I know that it is inevitable to shoot true feelings, after all, Lao Li is really good. But don’t panic. I believe Lao Li, good or bad can be judged by a 27-year-old mature hairy man. It is okay to say that we can see him frequently, so feel relieved. If you can’t calm down, throw away your phone and do something else.

6 months ago

Teacher Li doesn’t want to make a debut. It must be too true. After all, in yesterday’s interaction, Mrs. Li expressed his rejection of the debut several times. But, I have a brain hole now… [The following scenes are all brain holes, if there are similarities, then I am God! ] What if, I mean what if. Suppose, after this wave of elimination is over, after Sun Si sends Teacher Li into the San Gong steadily, everyone will relax, and all aspects of shooting and voting will not be so persistent. However, the Goose was unwilling to give up such a high-traffic player, so after a three-day meeting, he decided to fake it! (After all, even if Mr. Li and Goose sign a separate brokerage contract, but Mr. Li can only make his debut alone, but his debut in the group can bring more attention to the whole group, and even if there are not many group activities in the group Most of the time, the members of the group are not in charge, and the goose is not afraid that Teacher Li will counterattack too much.) So, on the night of the group, everyone can see a wave of wonders-it is clear that most of our bamboo shoots have been laid flat and given up. , But Mr. Li’s votes are still slowly rising, and the real-time rankings have been ups and downs. The bamboo shoots couldn’t help looking around. [Sun Silk Doubt.jpg] × N “Did you vote for it?” “No, is that you?” “It’s not me either! Isn’t any eldest lady using the money-making ability?” “Miss eldest, second, and third The young lady has posted on Weibo and said no. Maybe it is the support club?” “The support club also posted on Weibo, saying no…” “Who is voting for Teacher Li then?” “Yes, Who on earth is voting for Mr. Li?!”…So, seeing Mr. Li’s votes inexplicably, everyone went up, and finally 11 people made their debut. In the final rankings, when the members of the group were speaking, Teacher Li really said that he had collapsed, so that he could not speak for a while. However, the staff of Goose stood up at this time and said that although they respected Mr. Li’s choice of not wanting to form a group, because the program rules are like this, fans have spent money to vote, so Mr. Li must make a debut! In full view, Teacher Li really didn’t know what to say, but was forced to make his debut and became the 11th member of the men’s team. at this point. Other fans were angry: “Getting votes to eliminate my brother, goose dog belt tonight!” Sunsi was also angry: “Getting votes to oppress my teacher, goose dog belt tonight!” At the same time, because the crowd is too exciting, and the goose wave is against Xiang’s deeds were too bizarre, and for a while it attracted the attention and discussion of many Gua Lu people, which completely laid a solid mass foundation for this new group called “Creating Youth”! It can be said that during an avalanche, all snowflakes are innocent, except for the goose, the head of all evil! the above.

6 months ago

Coincidentally, I thought about this kind of thing before. If I were to go to the draft and have a certain popularity and supporters, I would not be a star. Being a star is to make money and someone likes you. But the popularity is already there, so it is not difficult to realize the popularity. If I go out for the draft, I will be lucky to gain popularity, it must be because of my sense of variety, because of my poor looks and strength. Then I will be a video blogger, and then I will go to some variety shows to fire up the people of my own variety show. No need to practice singing and dancing, and no need to be scolded by passers-by for not acting. The money is not much, but it is better than working. Being a video blogger or a small variety artist is much more comfortable than being a big hit star.

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