On April 9, Hangzhou held a mobilization and deployment meeting for the optimization and adjustment of some administrative divisions, announcing the official launch of the optimization and adjustment of some administrative divisions. After this adjustment, Hangzhou has 10 districts, 2 counties, and 1 county-level city under its jurisdiction, namely: Shangcheng District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Binjiang District, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District, and Linping District , Qiantang District, Fuyang District, Lin’an District, Tonglu County, Chun’an County, Jiande City, the overall number of establishments remains unchanged. During the period of optimization and adjustment of administrative divisions, various tasks in the city continued to be archived, and various administrative and business tasks in the districts involved in the reform were carried out normally. The administrative service center, online office hall and various government service windows provide services as usual to ensure that the normal production of enterprises and the normal work and life of citizens are not affected.

In accordance with the spirit of the “Approval of the State Council on Approving Zhejiang Province to Adjust Some Administrative Divisions of Hangzhou” (Guo Han [2021] No. 29), the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  1. Revocation of Shangcheng District and Jianggan District of Hangzhou City, and the establishment of a new Shangcheng District of Hangzhou City, with the former Shangcheng District and Jianggan District’s administrative area (excluding Xiasha Street and Baiyang Street) as the new Shangcheng District’s administrative area. People in Shangcheng District The government is stationed at No. 77 Wangchao Road, Wangjiang Street.
  2. Revocation of Xiacheng District and Gongshu District of Hangzhou City and the establishment of a new Gongshu District of Hangzhou City, with the former administrative area of ​​Xiacheng District and Gongshu District as the administrative area of ​​the new Gongshu District, and the People’s Government of Gongshu District is stationed in Gongchen No. 1, Taizhou Road, Qiao Street.
  3. Revocation of Yuhang District of Hangzhou City and the establishment of a new Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, based on Yuhang Street, Cangqian Street, Xianlin Street, Wuchang Street, Zhongtai Street, Renhe Street, Liangzhu Street, Pingyao Town in the original Yuhang District, The administrative area of ​​Jingshan Town, Huanghu Town, Luniao Town, and Baizhang Town is the administrative area of ​​the new Yuhang District. The People’s Government of Yuhang District is located at No. 1500, Wenyi West Road, Cangqian Street.
  4. Establish Linping District of Hangzhou City, with Linping Street, Donghu Street, Nanyuan Street, Xingqiao Street, Yunhe Street, Qiaosi Street, Chongxian Street, and Tangqi Town in the former Yuhang District as the Linping District The administrative area of ​​Linping District, Linping District People’s Government is located at No. 33 West Street, Linping Street.
  5. Establish Qiantang District of Hangzhou City. The administrative areas of Xiasha Street and Baiyang Street in Jianggan District and Hezhuang Street, Yipeng Street, Xinwan Street, Linjiang Street and Qianjin Street in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou City are the administrative areas of Qiantang District. Area, Qiantang District People’s Government in No. 499, Qingliu North Road, Hezhuang Street.

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7 months ago

where are you from
I am from Yuhang
Where is Yuhang now
Now Yuhang is in Old Yuhang
Where was Yuhang before
Yuhang used to be in Xinyuhang
Where is old Yuhang now?
Now the old Yuhang is the new Yuhang
Where is Xin Yuhang now
Now the new Yuhang is in the old Yuhang
Which Yuhang old
Old Yuhang before
Which Yuhangxin
Old Yuhang now

7 months ago

There is basically no impact on the lives of ordinary people. The most likely impact is that you may have to change to a district citizen’s home. However, the impact on the development of Hangzhou has been greater. The current regional division of Hangzhou can no longer match its development speed. From the previous children to young people, the resources must be adjusted accordingly to promote the faster development of Hangzhou. The regional adjustment of Hangzhou, which went viral at the end of each year, was finally implemented this year. In fact, there is a research bulletin “Single Source Announcement on the Study of Hangzhou’s Administrative Divisions”, which mentioned: As the administrative divisions and economic divisions and the division of functions are no longer matched, (Hangzhou) is mobilizing the enthusiasm of the district to avoid duplication of construction and vicious competition. There are defects; (in Hangzhou districts) the small ones are small and the large ones are too large, which is not conducive to the fairness of the district-level management authority; many large cities in China have implemented the district adjustment of all suburbs and counties to make full use of the central cities. Promote the development of surrounding counties and cities (in this regard, Hangzhou is a bit behind). It can be seen from this announcement that the implementation of Hangzhou’s zoning adjustment this time is aimed at these problems, which is to solve these problems. After the regionalization adjustment, the direct benefit is that the resources that cannot be mobilized across the region may be mobilized right away; some areas in the region that have been underdeveloped, with the overall planning of the district, ushered in new development opportunities ; Big and small, small and big, fully integrated resources, have a decisive role in promoting the digital construction of Hangzhou as a whole.

7 months ago

1. There will be no major changes in the lives of ordinary people. The division of administrative regions is mainly aimed at changes in the scope of responsibility of the responsible agencies and leaders. There is no geographic impact. Even if Dajiangdong and Old Yuhang are included in the Shangcheng District, the geographical distance between these two places that takes 1.5 hours to reach the West Lake scenic spot cannot be changed. For ordinary people, clothing, food, housing and transportation are mainly related to the supporting facilities of the streets and communities, and not much to the division of administrative districts at the city level. 2. The key to the impact on school districts is to see which districts enter the scope of the main city entrance examination. Judging from the current news, Xinyuhang and Xiaoshan are still under provincial administration for the time being, so it is estimated that the education of the two places is still separate. Judging by answering questions from reporters, Xin Yuhang and Xin Linping will still be implemented within the scope of the original Yuhang District during the transition period. So what will happen after the transition period needs to be further determined above. 3. Generally speaking, the advantages of Hangzhou’s future development outweigh the disadvantages. Each area has its own characteristic industry, small urban areas have more room for development, and large urban areas develop independently and better. This also meets the requirements of the Common Wealth Demonstration Zone. After the adjustment, Hangzhou has allowed various districts to maintain a certain balance and have a certain development space. The overall development is definitely in a good direction.

7 months ago

Residents in Binjiang District expressed their emotional stability. Yesterday, there was a picture in the circle of friends, and various preparatory activities were being carried out. Changing the administrative district is an inevitable choice for a fast-growing city like Hangzhou in the process of urbanization. The original division of Hangzhou is “big too big, small too small”. The original Shangcheng District is only 18 square kilometers, and the original Xiacheng District is only 31 square kilometers, ranking 210 and 202 respectively among the 211 districts of cities above the sub-provincial level in the country. The land area of ​​the original Xiaoshan District and Yuhang District are 1,413 square kilometers and 1,228 square kilometers, respectively, 78 times and 68 times that of the original Shangcheng District. This is the comparison of the size of a little rabbit and an elephant. In terms of population density, the population density of the original Shangcheng and Xiacheng districts is close to 20,000 people per square kilometer, while the original population density of Xiaoshan and Yuhang are respectively 20,000 people per square kilometer. Kilometers and 0.15 million people per square kilometer are only 1/10 and 1/13 of the two districts. The unreasonable urban scale structure will inevitably lead to a series of problems such as the administrative management of urban industrial public service infrastructure, and give birth to various “urban diseases”. There was once a “Midtown” to find out? The changes in the administrative divisions of Hangzhou can be seen from the video above. The highlight this time is not in expansion, but in internal integration. Two districts were withdrawn: the lower city is gone, and you can’t go downhill, Hangzhou can only go up but not down; when the river is gone, the Qiantang River can’t be dry, and the river will develop, and the river will never be exhausted. I saw a netizen who said that he lost his head with laughter: Isn’t it good for the upper and lower districts to form the Kacheng district? According to this logic, Lin’an District and Linping District simply merged to form the Lin (Ping’an) District.

7 months ago

Without getting stuck together, separation is the saddest comedy. Shangcheng married Jiang Gan, who had always been in love with him, and Xiacheng married Gongshu, who had been pursuing her. In order to marry a wealthy family and raise the price (house price), Jiang Gan abandoned Xiasha, who had grown up by the river. Of course, the condition of the breakup was to help Xiasha marry Xiaoshan’s Da Jiangdong. From then on, Xiasha can just walk on two shores. , The beautiful name is Qiantang. “Inherited in Xiaoshan, lost in Xiaoshan”, the old man in Xiaoshan stayed up all night. Twenty years ago, the eldest son Binjiang set up his own business for development, and he became a hit. Nowadays, he is responsible for the beauty of Hangzhou. Seeing that the big Jiangdong at home has also grown up, he was also abducted by the poor boy Xiasha in Jiangbei; After touching the house book and looking at the dilapidated factory building, he could barely recruit another son-in-law. The senior official of Ximen (Yuhang) was proud of the spring breeze and finally split his family with his half-parent Lin. Linping has lost his heart since then, and the road has been difficult to smooth. “Don’t be jealous, let’s take the Miss Xixi from your house!” The senior official of Ximen held the Weike Da sword in his hand and glanced contemptuously at the rich old woman in West Lake. Shouted: Brother, take me! The rich old woman in West Lake is naturally not familiar with the nouveau riche, and she is at ease in her own lakeside teahouse. Looking at the seats of Shangcheng, Gongshu, and Binjiang in the second-floor box arguing about the person, they blushed. Secretly laughed: Ren Er, the situation is changing, it is Hang with me! In the far west, three difficult brothers are eating melons, and everything that happens in the city is just melon skins. Just like Ganzi in Sichuan and Tibet in China, who knows that there is a place in Hangzhou called Chun’an. Jiande touched Chun’an’s head: Sister, your name is Qiandao Lake. Sister Chun sneered: Don’t build it, you should follow Tonglu to deliver the courier!

7 months ago

The people of Dajiangdong gave a strong answer. In fact, it has no impact on life. From the establishment of the Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster in 2015, to the Qiantang New District after the merger of Xiasha Baiyang, to today’s Qiantang District, Dajiangdong’s livelihood facilities have been merged with the main urban area for many years. But the psychological feeling of this adjustment is very subtle. In the past, although Dajiangdong had nothing to do with Xiaoshan in fact, it was nominally within the administrative division of Xiaoshan, and we subconsciously thought that we were the suburbs of Xiaoshan. But today, well, the neighboring Hezhuang has become the resident of the district government directly, breaking the countryside into an urban area overnight? And the two developed places of Xiasha Baiyang have really become younger brothers? It feels like Xiaoshan suddenly became directly governed and began to merge with the main urban area of Hangzhou.

7 months ago

Seeing that everyone is paying great attention to this topic, I might as well say a few more words. Straightforward: 1. Don’t think that zoning is good for housing prices. Even if it is divided, the structure of Hangzhou University will not change, and there will no longer be skyrocketing and falling (except for investors). Because in addition to price-limiting new houses, the housing prices of many areas in Hangzhou are already very high. However, it is okay to preserve the value of a house in Hangzhou. You can find out about the second-hand housing prices of Weike, Shenhua, Olympic Sports, Binjiang, and Nanxingqiao. 2. At present, the Sino-US game is heading into the deep water zone. The country must prevent being stuck, achieve technological breakthroughs, accelerate investment in core technologies, and stop the high liquidity of real estate is a high probability direction. High housing prices without core competitiveness are destined to be beaten back to their original form. 3. In the future, Hangzhou housing prices will definitely move sideways. Even if there are 500,000 and one million people influx every year, how much of these people can be converted into purchasing power? why? There are quite a lot of houses in Hangzhou (already and going to be), but everyone is fighting for a good house in a good location. 4. Again, it is emphasized that housing should not be speculated. Please do not arbitrarily go to high positions to pick up the disk. Do not speculate in Hangzhou without sufficient funds and judgment. It is better to choose a value-preserving and appreciation area that suits you and your children’s future development. Looking at the investigations of Shenfang Li in the past few days, we know the hidden worries behind the prosperity of the property market. Once Shenzhen causes a subprime mortgage crisis, the whole country will suffer.

7 months ago

Also talk about my views on the future trend of the main urban area, especially Dachengdong after the second phase of Qianjiang New City is launched + administrative division adjustment. 1. Yongjiang Development is the established long-term plan of the Hangzhou Municipal Government. It will not be changed due to the rise of the future science and technology city. The entire Qianjiang New City will have very high specifications. Please wait and see. You can think that Hangzhou has frequently built the concept of sub-city in all directions over the years. But this is not water without a source. Looking at the influx of a large number of people every year, it shows that Hangzhou still has a sufficient industrial scale and a high degree of ability to attract talents. Hangzhou’s development strategy for the Yangtze River is in line with the provincial government’s urban west science and innovation corridor plan. These developments are positioned to broaden the urban interface and maintain balanced development in all directions, playing a key role in leading the way. 2. The regional adjustment of Hangzhou is a strategic deployment focusing on the long-term development of the future. As far as Chengdong is concerned, there are no losers in zoning adjustments. The strong merger of Jianggan District in Shangcheng District can promote the better development of the eastern part of Jianggan District and narrow the gap between the east and the west. Because of the strong blessing of the second phase of Qianjiang New Town, the most favorable area for this zoning adjustment is the eastern part of the original Jianggan District. After all, the development of Chengdong has been delayed for too long in recent years, and this time it finally caught up with the spring breeze, and it was a good spring breeze. The merger of Xiasha and Dajiangdong can change the situation of Xiasha’s long-term dissociation and give Dajiangdong a stable bridgehead. Otherwise, Xiasha will have no foundation and the remote Dajiangdong will have no support. It can be said that if Xiasha is done well, Dajiangdong will be better; if Xiasha is not good, Dajiangdong will not be able to rise, because it is too far away, and it is Hangzhou’s main industrial area rather than a residential area. Linping District will be able to get rid of the two-line combat, and will be able to better integrate into the main urban area in the future, enlarge and strengthen the original eastern part of Yuhang District, connect the main urban area and Haining City, and consolidate its status as a transportation hub. However, Linping District’s own body is too small, and the region is remote, and still needs strong follow-up support from policies and supporting facilities. 3. For the expansion of Chengdong, Genbei and Jiubao are the most favorable sectors. The subsequent Jiubao will speed up the price spread, and it will also bring continuous improvement opportunities to other surrounding sectors. First, sort out the price limit system of Dachengdong from the high to the bottom: Chengdong 4.65, Genbei 4.24 (part of 44,000), Jianqiao 4.08, Jinsha Lake 3.75, Jiubao 3.3 (partially higher than 3.3), Fengshou Lake and Qiaosi 3.0 and 3.3 Among them, Chengdong, Genbei, Jiubao, and Jinsha Lake are connected to the second phase, but Genbei and Jiubao are the most favorable ones. Later, they will gradually spread to Chengdong, Jianqiao, Jinsha Lake, and Fengshou Lake. The high price limits of the two plots exceeded the expectations of quite a few people. Because the price difference between it and Jianghe Mingcui 6.98 is very small, but the price difference with neighboring Chengdong 4.65 and Genbei 4.24 is very different. This kind of spread is unprecedented in history. How to make up for the price difference between these plates in the later period is a challenging operation, and the effect of pulling up the housing price of the Dachengdong block will gradually become prominent. In the future, Chengdong may join the restricted sales force and become another red sea. So you have to ask if these lots are worth buying? Of course it is worth buying, and if it is quality developers such as Greentown, Binjiang, Longhu, and Sunac, it is even more worth buying! The distance between the east of the city and the north of Genbei is the closest, and the commercial area is quite developed in the east of the big city. Its value will be further highlighted. The rate of winning bids for real estate in the sector will surely drop further, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, it is limited by the combination of railways and elevated highways. . The living comfort and cost-effectiveness of Jianqiao will also be improved, and a considerable part of the demand will continue to overflow and be transmitted through the east of the city and the north of the city. Although it is located in the north, its livability is quite good. The subway runs north-south, which greatly facilitates the accessibility of the plate and other lots. At present, the good plots on the south side of Jianqiao have been basically taken away or used to build resettlement houses, so please cherish these properties in the south of Jianqiao. If you continue to wait and see, you can only get land from the north and northeast of Jianqiao. On the west side of Jinsha Lake, the second phase of Qianjiang New Town and the second channel of the Canal will be connected in the future. High-standard overall planning will be carried out. Together with the start of Qiantang Science City along the river, Jinsha Lake’s livable and business-friendly attributes will be further improved. With the vigorous development of Qiantang District, as long as the division of labor between Xiasha and Dajiangdong is well done, and the regional planning and industrial entry are well implemented, it may have the potential to become the center of gravity in the east. Fengshou Lake, which is frequently swaying, will also start to sell for high-quality real estate in its sector. Coupled with the positioning of the science and technology center, it will also usher in a wave of enthusiasm, but please note that you must choose good-quality real estate. Qiantang Science City 5. In order for a new sector to achieve long-term development, in addition to location and policies, it still needs industry. This is the relatively insufficient short board of Chengdong at present. So don’t be blindly optimistic about the entire east of the city. You don’t see that Jiubao gave policy planning back then, but was stuck in the quagmire for ten years. Now it seems that there are signs of breaking free; Xiasha is better than Jiubao, but it can’t catch up with other areas. . Under the current tone of housing no speculation, the high-level order is good for early overdraft. Because I have to say objectively that the future price limit for the entire Qianjiang New City Phase II is still high, and the average price of around 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is destined to be a carnival for the rich. Whether it will be popular in the market in the short term remains to be tested by the market. For those of us ordinary home buyers, the plate near the second phase is the most practical choice. On this basis, the introduction of sufficient industries and supporting facilities can support the long-term and healthy development of the Chengdong property market. Talents are gathered first because of job opportunities. If the second phase of Qianjiang New City is the main body, it can smoothly promote the rise of Jinsha Lake, Qiantang Science City, Fengshou Lake, and Xiaoshan Science and Technology City on the other side of the river, and the Convention and Exhibition New City along the Yangtze River, and drive a large number of people to buy properties and work in the east of the city. East will become the real winner, not just limited to the second phase.

7 months ago

People who live in the scraps of Yuhang District and are one street away from Gongshu will answer that the impact on other things is not large, but the impact on Linping is estimated to be large. Friends who have been to Linping should know that Linping’s infrastructure has How good, then compare the future science and technology city, you have to say that the original district government did not take the income subsidy of the future science and technology city Linping, I personally don’t believe it, now Linping can’t eat this part, it depends on Linping’s hard work. Struggled! I personally thought that it could be merged into Gongshu. After all, the original Yuhang only sold land, regardless of the supporting facilities, which made me have a school here, not good or not. But not merged, wailing

7 months ago

The dust settled. Please also Xiaoshan not steam the steamed buns to fight for your breath, steadily promote the real street urbanization of the land under your control, and strengthen the cultivation of endogenous power to do a good job in the integration of the province and the city. There is not much time left for us. Relying on the low powder that has not been able to reach the table for a long time, it is impossible to mix rice in the carbon peak and carbon neutral era. Take Xiaoshan’s long-standing pillar manufacturing industry as an example. Compared with the number of individual champions representing the backbone of the team, the provincial rankings do not correspond to the status of long-term big brothers. For advanced manufacturing clusters selected by fierce competition and Hangzhou’s digital security field, Xiaoshan’s role in the industrial chain may not be comparable to Tonglu. The first set that represents a new product hit product, the quantity is not too large. In terms of the cultivation of small and micro parks, in 2020, there will be the first and only five-star small and micro enterprise park Hangzhou Bay Information Port on the list, with four-star direct duck eggs. In some small and micro parks mentioned in the local news, the tax per mu and the added value are only slightly higher than the average level of the province. In this way, they have dared to publicize them, and I don’t know what they think. The two major market towns in the south and east of the region have been silent for a long time. The traditional sanitary ware industry in Guali has been unable to grow bigger and stronger because of the low pollution and the low degree of branding. The two ends of Linpu are not depended on, and the city and the place in front of it are still of the township level. As a result, Linpu cannot obtain resources from the north only by the power of a town, nor can it become the leader to the south. What can I say. Looking at the digital industry that represents the major trend of the past ten years, there are not many companies that produce and master data sources. The road port of Chuanhua may be counted, but it is true that you know how much output can be in Xiaoshan. How much is left? To write about revival on paper, first of all, it is truly integrated into the industrial chain cycle of the whole city, the whole province and even the Yangtze River Delta. Our long-standing mass and county economic characteristics have created the glorious past. However, for a long time, the proportion of output value under the regulations is high, the rate of value added is low, the problems of serious non-standard and non-standard production by enterprises and poor brand effect are very prominent. And this has led to the fact that even if we have the intention to integrate into the Hangzhou digital security industry chain, the several major projects that Shaoxing has fully recruited, and the modern textile industry chain created, we still face the lack of strength of the company itself and cannot enter the supply chain. That is to say, our overall industrial cycle is not really integrated into the big pattern. It is impossible to grow bigger and stronger by relying on less than 2 million people in the local area, only to integrate into the cycle of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people. The second is to truly change the administrative system that had not done anything in the past decade or so. We started to sort out traffic and grassroots governance issues from the urban area. Our major projects on transportation recycling have not been completed for a long time, and the projects promoted by the newspaper’s public account have not been implemented for a long time, so we have taken them seriously to promote and implement them. If the ability of the district cannot be completed, you have to take the initiative to seek greater support instead of sitting there and ignore it. The third is to really make good use of the financial power in your hands. The debt pressure is heavy and the fiscal revenue is high, but the various concepts and blocks accumulated by the 5-6 secretaries in the previous ten years have made this name and that name in the whole region, and every place seems to have a reason to spend money. It is necessary to analyze from the big data level to determine which areas are spending money to benefit people’s livelihood and development, and which areas are only fattened by some idlers. Make good use of the urban brains that have spent a lot of money in the domain, and truly promote the precision of public services at the level of the province’s digital reform.

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