Tencent Video finally couldn’t help it, and announced that VIP members will increase their prices on April 10. According to calculations, the iOS end rose by as much as 20%, and the Android end rose by 33.3%. Not long ago, iQiyi also raised the price of VIP members, which does not rule out that other online video platforms will follow up with price increases. Is the era of low prices for VIP members really coming to an end?

In the era when BT seeds, resource groups, various network disks, ftp communities, and subtitle group forums were rampant, no one would think it was necessary to go to a video website to watch various variety shows and film and television dramas. Instead, many felt that many resources on the platform were It was castrated, not to look at it. But nothing can hold up the greatest nature of human beings, that is laziness. When all kinds of audio-visual apps were developing, many people followed the habit of watching online on the platform. After all, in the era when the bandwidth was not so wide, downloading itself was still a very urgent and painful thing. Later, a few video websites took the hot money from investors and set off a copyright war. Many people discovered overnight that not only were many resources that had been seen on the platform gone, but the places that were often downloaded before were also dead. Lost, such as the famous very CD and China BT, and the raw and cooked meat download links on various forums, and the fast broadcast that many people love! When these things have slowly become history, the newly grown-up Internet natives feel that they can only go to copyright websites to watch videos. So watching the video really became a mere need for some people. It is precisely because of this that these platforms will raise prices unscrupulously. The reason is also very good. The prices of pancakes on the street have risen. Can we not increase them? Speaking of this, I remembered that there was a fried dough stick nearby where I lived. In the past, this community did not have a special fried dough stick stall. Even if there were fried dough sticks for breakfast, they were brought in from elsewhere. Someone delivered it every morning. But many people pay attention to fried fried dough sticks. Later, someone opened a fried dough stick stall and sold it all day long. The business has always been good. This year caught up with the price increase, so the boss was also trembling, trembling, and hesitatingly wrote a sign, which read: Because of the sharp price increase of flour, grain and oil, the price of fried dough sticks will increase by 50 cents from next week! So the fritters rose from two yuan to 2.5 yuan. A month later, the boss seemed to understand that the people who would buy fresh fried dough sticks are all people who have a deep love for fried dough sticks and a deep attachment. So a week later, the boss directly created another brand, which said: You Tiao has been upgraded completely, and now it uses high-quality flour and grain oil, and the weight is increased! Upgraded version of high-quality premium fried dough sticks, four yuan each! There are still so many people who buy fried dough sticks.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

At the beginning, Zhang Han’s idol dramas were only broadcast on Taiwan. There was no webcast. The reason was that the webcast platform gave it too low, and the three web platforms gave it the same low. Once a monopoly/oligopoly is formed, the producer has almost no bargaining power. .. Either sell at a low price, or there are no webcast users. In front of monopolistic manufacturers, there is no bargaining power, or they don’t use it, or they endure the decline in the number of members shown in the financial report of Iqiyi. It’s more likely to be impacted by short video platforms such as Douyin. It’s not necessary to buy platform members for the cuts of watching dramas on Douyin, but for the dissemination of the drama, the drama party really needs the dissemination of the Douyin platform. If the contradiction between copyright restrictions and dissemination needs is not resolved, a simple price increase will not necessarily alleviate the annual loss of the platform.

7 months ago

Also increase the price! The traffic is in Douyin. Seek a dead end! ! ! Now people’s fragmented time is on these self-media platforms! ! ! Douyin, Station B, Kuaishou, Toutiao, Zhihu, etc. accounted for a large part of the time. The rest of the time is dancing square dancing, drinking tea, playing mahjong, fighting a landlord, and the time to turn to the video is minimal! ! ! After the new renovation, I bought a large 65-inch color TV, but I haven’t opened it a few times. Friends who like text and writing can take a look~

7 months ago

How inappropriate is it to be criticized for such a price increase? I will make a suggestion, which can definitely increase revenue. Now ordinary members can watch some ordinary boutique dramas, such as Bailuyuan, Wolf Warriors, Wandering Earth, etc. Movies are available offline and online. What kind of self-portrait dramas like the soul of chess celebrating Yu Nian? What are the Japanese dramas and American dramas? These dramas should not be expensive. The current membership price should be enough to cover the remaining high-light fan dramas like some wars. I suggest that you can open a fan circle. What is a member of a certain station titled member, these members such as a titled member of a certain Han, these members enjoy the following benefits: 1 Every half an hour of watching the video, I will watch the advertisement of the pigeon endorsement 2 Exclusive avatar exclusive star 3 The drama starring the pigeon and pigeon can only be watched by these members. 4. If there are pigeons and pigeons in the story, ordinary members cannot see the story of the pigeons and pigeons. If there are pigeons and pigeons in the key story, use mosaics to block them. If it is a pigeon and pigeon I have spoken, and replaced it with unfeeling machine sounds. Only when you have an exclusive member can you watch the pigeons, and you can also replay the pictures of the pigeons three or five times. You see how good this is. The advertisements are targeted. Ordinary people can’t see their advertisements or their dramas. They also paid real money for pigeons and pigeons. They can lick the screen a few more times.

7 months ago

Honey is confident, thinking that she is now monopolizing the resources of film and television. Various pirated resource websites on the Internet, movies and TV shows can also be found on short video platforms such as Douyin. The work pressure is so heavy, there is not much time left, there is no time to watch a complete movie. When you want to watch it, you can go directly to these short video platforms to find editing and commentary, which saves time after watching the movie. And now the food on these platforms is really ugly. Sometimes an advertisement pops up when a member is opened, but this advertisement is marked as “recommended” by them. Click on the upper right corner to close the “recommended”. Grasp the video quality more. The taste of the current TV series has really changed. My TV has not been turned on since I watched the Spring Festival Gala this year. All I got were traffic stars with full beauty. I didn’t have any appetite when I saw it, then I looked down.

7 months ago

Maybe they will all die. In the past, when buying a member, at least the content that the user bought was very clear, there were no advertisements and massive free movie and TV drama resources. Buying a member now just gives the user a qualification to watch exclusive advertisements and continue to pay. The privilege page of the member is pulled down and a lot of content is seen, but there is nothing substantive. And this qualification and threshold are still increasing in price. Many platforms want to increase their fees on the threshold side, but also want to charge extra on the content side. Users need to cross two thresholds to see the resources of film and television dramas. After watching them, they scolded in their hearts. Trough: What garbage. Over time, users will naturally be lost. Yesterday I wrote an answer to an intimate relationship. Today I want to talk about the relationship between people and business entities. If the company gives us the feeling of distrust, dishonesty, or even protection of user information, this is very scary. thing. Take iQiyi as an example. There are various fake ticket incidents that have hurt the feelings of a large number of deep fans. This kind of distrust has a great impact on iQiyi. Suddenly changing the platform rules, cutting the rights of members vertically, and when there is a clear judicial decision that it constitutes a breach of contract for users, it did nothing. Instead, he kept taunting members. The court did not deny the advanced on-demand mode. Is this the point? It makes members feel love Qiyi is extremely dishonest and uncomfortable. Faced with members’ lawsuits and rights protection, they even use individual user privacy to fight a lawsuit. Without court permission and legal procedures, a company that treats users’ personal information and privacy in this way will inevitable lose users. Other video platforms and iQiyi are all in the same group. They squatted and hugged each other to warm up. It was nothing more than dragging iQiyi into the abyss together. Of course, for Tencent, it does not matter even if it loses a video. I am definitely not going to open iQiyi membership again, but I will hack it, okay.

7 months ago

When the video website first started, it was always for attention. Wherever you need a mobile phone number to register, you can register one for passers-by or bind other accounts. Later, there were more users and I needed to register with my mobile phone. I don’t know if my information is still confidential. Then the video websites took shape, and the TV was no longer watched, basically watching it with a mobile phone, computer or Pad. In the past, it was all downloaded and watched. With the mobile terminal, it is no longer downloading, and it is all online. Before I opened Vip, I felt that it didn’t matter if I watched a dozen or two dozen seconds of advertising. With the support of advertising revenue, I will bear it! Then the ten-second advertisement becomes hundreds of seconds, which is unbearable! I have two episodes of a five-minute short video, and the commercials will look at you for two to three minutes! And some good-looking videos are not good for non-VIP, so VIP members start up! No ads! You can watch TV and movies in the station! But I found a problem! It seems that the movies that I like or want to watch are not on the websites where members are filled, but on other websites! I don’t know if the movie on the website is not updated or the copyright is not bought! So if you want to see the whole story, you have to fill this member and that member. What iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Station B. . Oh, yes, there is also LeTV. Basically all members have been opened, and I thought, there is nothing wrong with it now, so I can watch them all. My wife’s is also my charge, so I am happy. I didn’t think about it, and it didn’t take long for me to have fun. Paid movies are here, and they are the kind that look very attractive. 6 yuan, 8 yuan. Buy, buy, buy! Then monthly members began to become quarterly, annual members, and the first month can be discounted, what 6 yuan, 16 yuan! Go go! Automatic deduction! You should be at ease now! I didn’t think about it, and I didn’t enjoy it for long! Some websites unexpectedly expired and automatically renewed your fees without notifying you! For a while, I can’t shut it down. I don’t know if it’s my character problem or something wrong. but! I thought to myself, I have to watch it anyway, so let’s use it! After another period of time, a new story happened. You find that the popular and good-looking film and television dramas suddenly cannot be watched by members. You can only watch the first six minutes for free! What should I do? buy! One set is 12 yuan, and members are 6 yuan! What should I do if my heart itch? buy! After reading it, feel relieved, I found out what kind of bad films are these haha. If you spend 3 yuan, then 3 yuan, and 6 yuan is 6 yuan! After a while, the new gameplay is out! Advance on-demand! After watching the previous episodes, I found that I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to watch the next six episodes and more than a dozen episodes. buy! 18 yuan, thirty yuan! flower! After that, VIP members seem to be inferior again! You must have a diamond member, of course, even if you open it, you should pay to watch it! This has not changed again! Members are going to increase prices! In the paid era, genuine versions are supported. I welcome you to pay and genuine versions are welcome. You change the way and let us pay, which is not kind! Isn’t it fragrant for me to spend dozens of yuan to go to the cinema? Websites, tell me how many tricks you have! ? Website big guys, listen to the voice of the people from the bottom! It’s enough to earn advertising traffic fees, don’t stalk us anymore, one day, you will lose us! Save the children who love to watch movies and TV!

7 months ago

Maybe their internal research data shows that users don’t care about membership prices or they have the confidence that even if the prices increase, the number of VIP users will not decrease. Personally, I have already uninstalled the three major video sites. The quality of domestic dramas is not as good as a year, and their new dramas are not of interest to me. The atmosphere of the barrage is also very poor, because the stars are arguing in the barrage. Advertising is also very annoying. VIP inevitably means all the ads are VIP, barrage ads, ads in the lower left corner, and ads in the middle of the video. The routines are more disgusting than one. I wonder if they all negotiated the price increase in private, and everyone reached a tacit agreement in private and then raised the price together. It’s just that you can’t make official announcements at the same time, you can only make official announcements in batches, otherwise it will give the impression that all the video giants work together and then deceive others. Don’t let it monopolize. Now they have reached an agreement under several giants, and then announce it in time. Isn’t this a monopoly in disguise?

7 months ago

As a user who has paid annual fees on both platforms and is used to paying for the property rights, I am not unacceptable to the price increase… But can I not use the money we paid to make works like “Douluo Dalu”? On the one hand, the cost of copyright purchases is rising, on the other hand, they are shooting this kind of scolded works all day long, and a considerable part of the money is spent on this kind of works… Is the user recharged membership consumption just for you to produce the garbage? And there is a very strange logic here. The member fees of your various platforms are all increased at the same time. How can the price of the film and television party become an isolated auction when the price is negotiated, so that the copyright price has risen? What exactly is monopoly? The same thing is to buy the copyright to broadcast. The TV station did not lose money, right? I want to eat all the plates in the market, but I am not willing to bear more costs. The investment risks I have caused myself have to be passed on to the users? Also, the price increase is no problem, can you promise the new benefits that members can enjoy with the price increase? Still waiting for you to update those third-rate IP web dramas that are adapted every day? Other product advertisements are about increasing the quantity without increasing the price. As a result, you have become “the increase in the price without increasing the quantity”, and my brain is dizzy when I see it. And because members spend higher in the future, the economic conditions of these users are better than before. Will the future “member-only advertisements” be able to sell higher prices? Thank you so much.

7 months ago

Today, as short videos are becoming more abundant, are major platforms planning to cut another wave of leeks? Although many websites have been blocked. But the channels of resources are still inexhaustible. So why is it inexhaustible? Because some people are really going too far! At first, I just thought that they needed a good meal, after all, operators are also human. So I supported them. Later I thought that they just need to respect the copyright, after all, only money has the source of the shooting. So I supported them. Later, they did one after another, and I thought they would look back. So I supported them. Now I understand, this is the endless deep ditch! What takes you down is step by step. So I decided to look for channels. Now it seems that the major platforms are different from each other and each has its own appearance. In fact, in the final analysis, as long as the interests are truly related, when the two are beneficial, they will all look at the green leeks together. This hand supports each other, and when you say strike, strike together! I call good guys! Sure enough, some places are endless. Therefore, some infinity will also appear.

7 months ago

Why is Didi still losing money with such a high rate for its drivers? It’s clear that they are not businesses, and they don’t have any huge costs. Because he invested all his money for other things, he said to the public in retrospect that we are still losing money, and we should increase our efforts to exploit drivers. Why is the number of members of the major video platforms so high and the price so expensive and still losing money. On the one hand, the copyright fee is expensive. On the other hand, it is also because the money earned by domestic video platforms is spent in useless places, messing up some messy traffic stars, doing marketing, messing up movies, and let’s tell you when we’re done. Loss. . In the TV series that Xiao Zhan played, his eyes are not enough to describe the badness of the TV series. Now I heard that there are still a few good actors that are cheap, and good productions can drive ordinary people, and a large number of members flow in. Instead of taking those people who “cut, cut, cut” every day, play traffic games and ask ordinary people how long it has been since they have been chasing a drama, except for hot eyes or hot eyes. With a revenue of 30 billion a year and a content cost of 21 billion, looking at the content in the past few years, you have become lonely. .

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