The boyfriend is a standard straight boy. The first time he fell in love, he said “baby”, “I like you so much” and “I miss you so much” every day. Although I will miss him too, I am really incompetent every day like this. . He is usually quite busy, so I hope that we have things to talk about, and when we are fine, we will be busy with each other. Occasionally getting tired and crooked is good for feelings, but I don’t want to be like this every day.
I cherish such a boy very much, and cherish this love, but I am afraid that I will not be able to bear it for a long time.
Everyone, is it my too straight daughter?

No need to remind, just talk! Talk directly and frankly! Why do you have to hide and wait for the other person to speak first or wait for the other person to understand when you are in love? Do you know that many loves that end up unhappy are due to the lack of effective communication between the two parties. We have to be clear that the way of thinking between men and women, or the perspectives of different individuals on issues, are different. You think so, but he thinks so. You always think of ways to remind him and hint him, but he stands from the perspective of his thinking and judges from his personal experience, he may still not understand what you mean. The result of this is that you feel that I am not good enough, and I feel that you are too tired and crooked, and want to wait for you to take the initiative to change, but refuse to point out clearly. Falling in love is not a riddle! Falling in love requires communication. For most people, it is not enough for two people to understand. If you encounter a problem, you need to talk. Only after the talks can there be a solution, and only after the talk can there be mutual understanding and tolerance. Find a time, go for a walk in the park, find a quiet place to sit, two people face to face, open your heart to talk about the confusion about this relationship, perhaps the best way for you. Remember, love requires communication. Don’t always be dumb in love. This is not effective, not fun, and it does not prove his feelings and attitude towards you. Communication, communication, or communication!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I used to fall in love with too much force, definitely much stronger than your boyfriend. For example, I didn’t live together at the beginning, and after I separated from the other party at night, I was reluctant to leave and then stood downstairs at his house for the night. The next day, he saw me again when he went out. For example, the only missed course in my university was when he woke up that morning and said he was reluctant to leave (our long-distance relationship), so I gave up and rushed back to Shanghai to take the exam. For example, to buy him a ring, I saved money and lost ten catties in one semester. Later, I made a lot of money, and I bought him everything he wanted. The things he bought were really not cheap, but as long as I bought it, I would buy it for him. However, he actually sat next to the other girls during the dinner and asked her if she liked him. He actually spent my money playing Jiansan and became attached to others. I always wanted to have a home with him. I told him many times that I wanted to make money to buy a house, but he still had a lot of money. I gradually realized the reality that he didn’t plan to buy a house with me. (Ten thousand swear words are omitted here) At that time, my heart quickly cooled down. Since I was young, I had no sense of security. Once I felt the relationship was unstable, I would cut the mess quickly. People who pay more intensely in the early stage of the relationship are actually more unstable in the later stage, chasing after the first second, and then abandoning the relationship because of the uncertainty of the relationship in the second. Because you are eager to confirm the relationship, you will make those behaviors. In fact, you only need to tell him clearly that you love him, and give him some affirmative answers seriously, so that his heart is not so shaken, and he will Quiet, just like coaxing a child. Otherwise, such people are likely to make some naive behaviors to force you to react, and the contradiction will become more and more serious. In a word, don’t test each other when you talk about feelings, say everything clearly.

7 months ago

There is a lot of analysis in a long post, which is really unnecessary. To put it bluntly, the questioner does not like the boyfriend so much, but the boyfriend likes the questioner very much. Two people have different degrees of like, leading to conflicting patterns of getting along. It’s that simple. “I just hope that we have things to say, and when we are fine, we will be busy with each other.” Look, does this seem to be what people in love period would say? Many people just refuse to admit that they don’t like each other so much, and they will find a lot of reasons for their indifference, why are they busy, energy is limited, avoidant personality, and the sense of proportion of lovers. It’s all bullshit, whoever believes is stupid. It is difficult for a person to remain rational when secreting hormones, which is why there are so many licking dogs. Who doesn’t know that there is nothing left at the end of the lick? But I just can’t help but lick it. When I was in love with the goddess, I asked her every day, I wanted to tell her about big things, I wanted to hug her, I wanted to kiss her, and I wanted to live with her forever; when I fell in love with a girl who felt like I was in love, I responded differently She sometimes finds her annoying. I also told her that there is no need for a couple to get tired of being together all day. Some couples have an unequal relationship from the beginning. It’s just that some people are willing to bear it, some people can’t bear it, and some people are deceiving themselves.

7 months ago

So, something to talk about? Don’t contact me if it’s okay? Is your ideal couple model? The problem is that the relationship between two people is not a working relationship, a cooperative relationship, you have to talk about something every day? Then you just don’t talk, because there are so many things happening every day… Why do we want to fall in love, don’t we just want to add some fun to the ordinary trivial life. When two people who love each other are together, they can talk about high when they express their love package every day, but they can talk about it for the night after eating and sleeping. In addition, sending “I miss you” or “Baby” is too hard? Do you have any misunderstandings about excessive force? As for why you feel this way, I think the reasons may be as follows. 1. Your two rhythms are inconsistent. Your boyfriend entered the state before you, but you didn’t. Maybe you still exist in the state of friends and haven’t changed over, so you are not used to him calling you these intimate names. In this case, it is recommended to communicate with the boys in time, tell them that you are slower and warmer, and hope that they will give you some time to enter the state. 2. It depends on whether your boyfriend will only send “Baby I miss you” if he only sends “Baby I miss you” every day. That is not a problem of excessive force, but a “perfunctory problem.” I only say this every day, I don’t bother to make you happy, I don’t bother to flirt, and I don’t take any actual actions. It’s no wonder you are not used to it. 3. You two have different attitudes towards feelings. It depends on how you were in your previous relationship (but you are likely to fall in love for the first time). If you didn’t want the other party to talk to you or stick to you when you fell in love, it means you might It is not a love brain, love is very small in your life. 4. Your first love, shyness, I didn’t know that he was in love for the first time, but it was the first time you fell in love? Generally, the first time in love is not always very shy and reserved… When I first fell in love, my boyfriend called me “daughter-in-law” as soon as he came up. I was awkward when I heard it, but I was not used to it and couldn’t adapt. Then he asked me to call him “husband”, but I couldn’t say it at the time, and I felt very shy and hard to tell. Do you want to say I don’t like him? Certainly not, I like him very much.

7 months ago

I feel a little speechless for a moment~ My boyfriend is a straight boy. The first time he fell in love, he said “baby”, “I like you so much” and “I miss you so much” every day. Although I will miss him too, but every day I am like this. It’s really incompetent to accept. . . He is usually quite busy, so I hope that we have things to talk about, and when we are fine, we will be busy with each other. Occasionally getting tired and crooked is good for feelings, but I don’t want to be like this every day. Boys, expressing love is straightforward. I don’t think it’s okay. No matter how mature a man is, he will behave like a child in front of the woman he loves. When he doesn’t love you anymore, you want him more. How mature is mature ~ You only want him to find you if he has something to do, and he doesn’t have to talk to you if he has nothing to do. Isn’t this what an ordinary friend looks like? As far as I feel, you are trying to push him outside. If I dare not find my wife for a day, and there is no morning or night, I guess she will wait for me at the door with a washboard, and suspect that I am outside. It’s not that there is a dog, he will get tired of you. I think you have to be happy. As for how to reply to him, that’s your business. If he doesn’t look for you all day long, oh, it’s over, you are in his mind. Already dispensable~

7 months ago

The most critical core problem is that you don’t love him that much. If you really love him so much, how come you feel that the other person is using too much force? This surface is the difference in cognition between the two sides, but in fact it is that the fire of love has not arrived. You feel that you also love each other and want to cherish this feeling. This is your rational perception, not all your true feelings. The main question is to ask yourself: Where is he short of? I have reservations about him. I hope to keep a proper distance and try to figure it out… Only by finding the crux of the problem and resolving it, can your love be truly fulfilled. Otherwise, whether you say it or not, the final outcome will not be too wonderful, that is to say, breaking up is a matter of time, even if you get married in the future. After all, you haven’t completely fallen in love with each other. ———More: Many people are angry in the comment area, so I won’t reply one by one. I will explain them here. I did not say that the subject does not love her object, I mean she does not love her object that much. Love actually differs in degree, such as 50, 60, 70, … 100. I also have no objection to getting along with each other at 50 degrees of love, but you have to find like-minded talents. Just like I am not against homosexuality, but only if you find someone who is willing to get along with you in this way. Obviously, the subject’s love pattern may only be 70 degrees, which is not high enough (at least for the current subject), while the subject’s object is a 100 degrees pattern. There are only two reasons for this result: 1. The three views are incompatible, that is, the subject likes the independent (70-degree love) mode, but her object is not; 2. The subject can actually love 100 degrees, but it has not found a suitable object. Her current object can only inspire her 70 degrees of love. So I was actually euphemistically implying that they will not last for a long time. It’s actually unfair to that boy to reluctantly live in love like this. Because either forcibly change the other’s love pattern, from 100 degrees to 70 degrees, or wait until the subject encounters true love, and declares a break. …In addition, I respect that some people like the 70-degree or even 59-degree love pattern, but the premise is to find someone who is willing to get along with you in the same pattern. And, I believe that most people can definitely love 100 degrees, not now, just because I haven’t met the person who really touches her heart. Otherwise, so many beautiful poems would not have been passed down to this day. For example, one day is not like three autumns!

7 months ago

It’s enough to read this answer. Many respondents are talking about what is going on in your situation, but they haven’t mentioned any opinions that can really help you. Therefore, this answer can definitely help your girl. It is dangerous that you are about to trigger a mistake that is the easiest to ignore in love and the easiest to accumulate contradictions: if you have something to say, you are not straightforward! If you are a straight girl, it would be okay. If you say or do not have this kind of problem, it is recommended to remind you directly, love is the most taboo, and you can’t expect your boyfriend who loves you and loses his mind to fall in love for the first time. If you are still in a low rank, you can understand your hints. It is straightforward to say that the most correct way of communication in the process of love can even handle 80% of love conflicts. I have been in contact with a couple who are always conflicted. The girl complained to me that he treated me very well, but didn’t understand that I had the last bite of ice cream. I didn’t ask about it. After eating it up, I was obviously not happy. He could see it, and he was still asking me what’s wrong? He doesn’t know what’s wrong with me, he did it on purpose. This boy is also very distressed. He cares about her every day. Why is his girlfriend still inexplicably angry? He is also very distressed. Well, I believe that the subject can understand what is going on after seeing this. Your concerns make you about to use the wrong way to communicate, and the way to avoid mistakes is to speak straight but if there is something to say straight, it is not what it is. It is said that our ultimate goal is for two people to get along better, rather than being outspoken and using the correct communication method to deal with it in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, I suggest that the subject of the subject can communicate with your boyfriend in the way of identification + feeling + practice + expectation. Big chestnut baby, I know that you are so sticky to me every day because you love me so much. I like your attitude towards me very much (I agree with his approach) + But although this state of sticking together is very good and warm, it still gives me a little sense of oppression. Sometimes you are too enthusiastic. Let me have a little suffocation (feeling) of course baby, it’s not your fault, I know this is your first love, so I just want to give all my love to me, in the warmest way you know ( Understand and agree) so we can give each other one and a half hours of independent time and space every day without disturbing each other to do something of our own… (practice) I believe we will become better and better, you have time to come Playing my own games, I can also chase my favorite dramas (specific pictures desired) during this period of time. Through this empathy communication method, I can not only ensure that he will not have repulsive emotions, but also allow you to achieve In the end, the purpose of two people getting along well is for those who answer that you don’t love him enough, just look at those who persuade you to break up, but you can’t say that if you have two people. Love is a process of continuous running-in between two people. It is impossible to say that they are completely equal. They are all concessions and tolerance. If there is a problem, it is a very quick thing to deal with the breakup, but it does not apply to every intimate relationship, let alone. It’s easy for you to break up with a treasure boy, but it doesn’t help you gain more ability to deal with intimacy because even if you break up, you still can’t solve this kind of problem. The next one encounters the same problem. Are you still a scorer? I have always tended to persuade and not persuade to divide love is like climbing stairs. If there is a big problem, we can change the road and if there is no big problem, we will solve the problem. Stepping through the steps and constantly stepping through the steps can reach the final destination. It’s a great thing to plant your own trees and enjoy the shade yourself. You can not only see the gratifying process of the tree sprouting, blooming and growing, but also enjoy the joy of picking fruit and drinking tea under the tree when the tree grows up. It is not difficult, it is nothing more than waiting for a period of time, plus a little patience in business.

7 months ago

To be honest, I quite agree with the subject’s view of love. Everyone has a lot of things to do every day, which is a very good state. I don’t think it’s not like some of the ones analyzed by the main answer, not enough love. Don’t treat love as all of adult life. It is a commendable value. It is true that intimacy is important to everyone, but it really should be measured and measured. Talk directly and frankly about your expectations for the relationship between two people in a relationship. Of course, even if you communicate, you may not be able to follow yours completely. But you can slowly find a relationship model that is acceptable to both parties.

7 months ago

No need to remind, enjoy this up to 100 days of happiness. In personal experience, this kind of happiness and immersion of being single for many years, the first time in love can last up to 100 days. Then it will gradually return to the normal of “old couples and old wives” because of the release of a certain 3A game or the start of a company project. During this time, you don’t need to remind him too much. Anyway, according to the character you describe, it should be calmly accepted. Two people will not feel empty and weak afterwards because they are too enthusiastic for each other. However, if he has a sensitive personality, that is, he expects your feedback every time after showing his love to you, it may require you to tell him your feelings from a more mature perspective, so as to relieve him from not being equally positive. A sense of loss caused by feedback. Finally, you can use photos or videos to record his sweet performance during this period. When the two get married a few years later, it will be a good little memory episode. Psychologically speaking, without continuous positive stimulation, people’s enthusiasm for new things can hardly last for a long time. The superficial freshness of lovers’ passion is about 100 days, after which they will be more restrained and pay attention to each other’s inner self. If you are more mature and experienced in your relationship, just treat his performance as innocence. Just slightly control the time and speed of the reply.

7 months ago

When I first fell in love, I basically asked my wife to repeat two questions every day. who are you? I am a pig. Whose pig is it? Husband’s pig. Her repetition is that you are alive to raise pigs. Many people think this is a boring little game. not like this. In fact, many sweet mantras of compulsive repetition. In essence, there is no sense of security. Straight guy who looks carefree for the first time in love. I wonder if I will be broken up as soon as I wake up. That’s why it needs to be repeated and confirmed over and over again. You are mine, you will always be mine. You will not leave me. Maybe you think, I didn’t treat him badly or want to leave him, our relationship is very good. But this kind of good can actually be taken back at any time, isn’t it? Including you thinking now, it’s so annoying, I won’t be able to bear this in the future. So his worries are not unreasonable, but a kind of subconscious self-protection. Every time you answer baby, every time I love you my dear, he feels more at ease. If you want to reduce the interruption to yourself, what you need to do is to maintain this concentration and reduce this frequency. For example: “My dear, I have my own business during the day, and the reply may be slow at that time, but at night we can focus on the video call or WeChat chat, okay?” You only need to keep the concentration when you communicate with him, just reduce the amount , This is acceptable. Because what he wants is posture, rather than being really heartless and having a life of his own. In addition, your expectations are actually difficult to project into specific love relationships. Because the state of love changes rapidly, you can’t control it. After half a year, he may also be busy with his own affairs. Maintaining the temperature of love is important at all times for a relationship. Hope you can realize this too.

7 months ago

Hahaha, I feel you are talking about me. I tried too hard on her, because this little girl once met two scumbags. She was still my first love and the girl I fell in love with at first sight. Therefore, I love her very, very much, and take care of her in every possible way, taking her as all of my life. However, in the end she told me that I put too much pressure on her to face my love, and she was tired. When I first broke up, I still couldn’t understand, she also liked me, why did she pay so much and the ending was so bad. I don’t understand, but after a few days of introspection, I gradually figured out that if you use too much force, it will put a lot of pressure on the other party. After experiencing this time, I have grown up, although it is really painful and painful. I have been slowing down now. She said that she might come back in the future. Although the possibility is unlikely, I still hope that she will come back. Therefore, I must change and grow now. If she comes back, I believe I will do better and better then. I hope you can have a good talk with him, or separate for a while, this kind of boy is really good, there are not many, don’t let him lose, only to realize that the change is as regrettable as I am. Chasing changes, recombination is imminent, I have changed. Chase after, use my actual experience to tell you that you should be restrained when you like it. Don’t just go along. If you want to be independent of each other, don’t be licking dogs, and don’t worry about gains and losses. If you fall in love, you must be cold and selfish. No, it’s not that you can’t keep things. No one is really inseparable from anyone. Chasing, today I have dinner, she came to me, I bought dinner with her, and held hands. Chasing change has been made. Chase the watch, buy me food at night, buy snacks, as long as I have time, I will come to me and stick to me. She has been apologizing to me, feeling that it hurts me, and working hard to please me, so I think she is worthy of my cherishment. By the way, she is my elder sister, a young lady of 175, don’t think I am too tall, I am only 177. After chasing, I played badminton with her all afternoon, and I was sadly urged to go to the evening self-study. She went to take a bath and waited for me to go to self-study to dry the meal. Chasing, and studying for a while to accompany her to fetch water. Today, my brother has to go to dinner for his birthday. To catch up, there was no class in the second quarter this morning. I went to pick her up for dinner. I bought two bags of grapes for me at noon. Chasing more, let’s do the meal together! Hope to use my tenderness to dissolve the haze in your heart. Some people say that she is a scumbag, speechless, who have you ever seen a scumbag for Valentine’s Day, and never asked for a gift on the anniversary, and I said to buy her a gift, she said it was too expensive for me to buy it. Moreover, she invited me every time I went out to eat with her, and when I rushed to pay for her, she was still upset. Give me milk tea and meals when I am busy. These have happened more than once. I was celebrating my birthday soon, and she said she would buy me shoes. You said she is a scum girl, I want to say, iron juice, is your head Watt. Chasing after the watch, I went to dinner with her, and found a classroom to get tired after finishing the dinner for a while. After I finished my dinner at night, my roommate asked me to play games. They agreed to lose weight together and ordered me a fried chicken. Chasing after the change, it was better to eat, stay with her roommate for a while after finishing the meal, and then she wanted to eat ice cream and persuaded her roommate to eat together and get fat together. As a result, she bought me another one to make me fat too. Chopped bamboo shoots to chase change, she went to eat chicken pot with her roommate, and then asked me to study for self-study. I sneaked out to find her early, and the checkout was still the money she spent. , I’m in a good mood tomorrow Friday. This is the fruit I bought after finishing the meal. Tomorrow her roommate’s birthday, I may follow, and I won’t be back in the evening. I’m going back to school and I’m more or less tired. Hehehe. It’s been a long time since I changed it. I saw it today, and the answer I posted turned out to be popular. Thank you all for commenting below. Thank you for your blessings, Ali Gado. I did not respond to the comments one by one tonight. I will reply to each one tomorrow morning. Thank you for your comments and likes. Quite a few people have ordered chase, so I will continue to update, not to let the boys down.

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