Unexpectedly, Zhou Shen would sing another song of my childhood so soon. This song “You raise me up” can be said to be the big song I heard since I was a child. The first time I heard it was the Westlife version, it was really a song. I’m so fascinated by the hit and hit, and I still sing it and listen to it from time to time. And Zhou Shen’s concert this time was in cooperation with the Children’s Choir. Unfortunately, this is an unofficial event that is not external, and there is no particularly high-quality sound source flowing out, otherwise I can have another version that can be looped. The range of Zhou Shen of this song is from A3 to C6, in which the song is transposed twice, in D major at the beginning, and then the second paragraph (the paragraph in which Zhou Shen has two lines of harmony) is transferred to E major. , And then the third chorus turns to F. The arrangement of the whole song is arranged in a very atmospheric direction. Since he was on the Spring Festival Gala, I can finally boldly say that he can hold it on any occasion, what small singers are not suitable for big occasions, what female singers hold Without the national team, Zhou Shen finally used his strength to slap on their face. The first intro was a piano solo, and the opening was in A3. Although it was composed of 3 groups, it still had an inexplicable and crisp feeling. The whole verse was mostly in group 4, and the chorus was rubbed in the change area. In fact, this song is really difficult to sing. In addition to the technical difficulty, it is more of an inspiring feeling. If it is too light, it will appear to be insufficiently powerful, and if it is too heavy, it will ruin the whole song. The artistic conception of the song, the degree of which is very important for the singer to grasp and measure. Therefore, you can hear that Zhou Shen rarely uses breath processing in the whole song, and mainly uses mixed voice with a little bit of beauty to sing, which makes people feel sincere and warm. Zhou Shen used his voice to bring us a grand occasion of sunrise. The high-quality weak mix used in the first chorus is like the rising sun that just broke through the sea of ​​clouds and stained the clouds around us. The colorful colors are as warm and moving. Then the children played, and the accompaniment also changed from D to E. In this passage, Zhou Shen’s first two sentences are additional harmony, you can also say it is a repetition, in this passage, the E5 in “I am strong” It’s really like the golden feeling of the sun finally breaking through the clouds and dispelling the mist before dawn. Then the crescendo of the chest turning in “To more than I can be”, I was really shocked by the firmness in his singing. If we say that the fading in the first paragraph before handles the feeling of more gratitude, then this paragraph The crescendo is to express the firm belief that you really decide to climb after being inspired. Then I switched to the key of F and began to sing with the children’s choir. During this period, I switched to Bel Canto. It is true that Bel Canto has a natural advantage on this occasion, and it is even more important for diplomats who have received more Western education. An easy way to sing. The next chant is still bel canto. The whole chant is running back and forth on the melody line of group 5 in F major. A C6, the highest pitch of the whole song appears, and it is still a stable C6 wholesaler. This C6 will let you People feel hopeful, dazzling but not sharp. What makes me find it interesting is that the last chant is transferred from C6 to the original main melody line, and it fits into the melody line of the phrase “When I am on your shoulder”, the whole chant will not appear fluttering. Nowhere to go. The last sentence “More than I can be” that was added finally became weaker, and the You in the last sentence of “You raise me up” was again a singular way of singing, but it was restrained and did not destroy it at all. Kind of sincere and warm atmosphere.


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6 months ago

The stage size this time is against the sky! Last night, I saw a few big characters on the background board behind Shen Shen, and I was shaking for a long time, and then quickly and excitedly forwarded it to Yonago friends who hadn’t seen it from all walks of life. Everyone chanted, “Brother Shen, developed!” I saw that this event was essentially a conference, and when the star’s performance was only a short 20-minute period, I was even more Resby! When the Mis thought that Shenshen had no schedule, Shenshen not only “received the invitation, but also participated in such a performance. After the performance, videos from the audience continued to flow out. After a while… it was actually in the hot search. It’s on the list! Good guys, I didn’t have any warm-ups for this event in the early stage. Soon after singing, I went directly to the hot search. Is this a powerful singer? Love it. Personally think that this stage shows us a brand new Possibly, a brand new start for internationalization. Although it is still difficult to accurately explain the specific significance of this event, Zhou Shen can be invited and the 2020 Most Influential Young Singer Award will be awarded. We can reasonably predict that he will appear in the future. The possibility of this kind of stage. Looking back on the “big stage” of these years, the song of the same name was recorded for the CCTV program “Waiting for Me”, which was forwarded by hundreds of CCTV local blue V. “I’m here, pretty good”, He sang two songs on the Spring Festival Gala and the Lantern Festival Gala, and the praise rate is still in the forefront. Today, he has been seen and heard by many international people on the stage of “Global Diplomats Chinese Culture Night”. He is truly unlimited. Perhaps, as fans, we will be fortunate and happy to accompany him, witnessing an unnamed little singer on the list, becoming a national or even global vocal. The deep development path is also very suitable for being on these “big stages” “The style of music is changeable, it can be trendy, it can be retro, it can be elegant or stable, it can be sung, love songs are also delicate, European and American fast songs have a sexy style, and sweet songs can also be sweet to the bone. Especially in praising humanistic care and meaning of life His timbre is particularly suitable for the songs of. It is precisely because of his changeable style and personal style that he can make it into the elegant hall. He is not pretentious, nor wild, soft like water, rigid like stone, just right. , Just like his personality. I am deeply happy for him as a fan. He rarely uses strong mixing to impact the high notes of D#5 or E5, and in comparison, he prefers to wear a balanced mix with a mask. The sound is crisp and holy, with strong penetrating power. The deep breath and the blessing of the mask can increase the volume. This performance is different from the “Grand” chosen by various performers in the past. He chose something similar to “Singing” “The form, with his top light function, combined with the children’s chorus, let us hear the singing of the angels. The high pitch of this beloved voice… and the children’s chorus… This is what brings the church to our eyes… this It is the work of a certain painter, the angel in his heart, Shen Shen’s selection of “You raise me up” this time, is an inspirational and grateful piece of music, which belongs to the category of big songs, and is especially suitable for chorus. Shen Shen is setting the tone. When he did not follow the original key, he set the chorus’s pitch to his own golden zone, which was 4 tones higher than the original chorus, and the chorus was up to E5. His processing in the section A4-E5 has been formed. He has a distinct personal style, bright and magnificent, but not enthusiastic, and it sounds lighter, holy, and clear. When people listen to his interpretation, they can easily be automatically drawn into the artistic conception of the song without too much Thoughts can comfort the soul. When I heard the chorus for the first time this time, I felt that the world was quiet, even if others were talking loudly next to me. Funny video with Douyin. “Angels are singing” is almost used up, but it is definitely not an exaggeration to say it again here. I seemed to have fallen into a deep blue ocean, looking at the beams of light scattered from above. His “Big Fish”, “No Questions”, and “Fresh Eyebrows” are the same. They are crisp and sweet, gentle and powerful, and their voices are full of humanistic care, but they can maintain a proper distance from the audience. One more point is too much. Enthusiastic, one point less is too deserted. If you ask someone who has a strong sense of youth, one of my answers must be him. When he went to school in “Novice Driving”, he stood in the pile of children like a kid king. This time too, the juvenile feeling cannot be created by simply using makeup. Only a fluid look can make people ignore the time’s nicks. In his body, there is not only the steady self-sufficiency after experiencing the ups and downs of life, but also the young heart who never forgets his original intention. The black dress looks solemn. Seeing that dress, I really have the feeling that he is already a “national treasure-level singer”. This picture may be even more sensational. It has completely eliminated his typhoon’s diligence and made me feel that he is enjoying the stage more and more. His expression is also one of the interpretations of this song. If you want the audience to “enter”, you must first “enter” yourself. At that moment, he was like the author who wrote “You raise me up”, his eyes were full of brilliance, and the song swept through the time and the past, telling the wind and rain of the road. “You motivated me, so I can stand on the top of the mountains. You inspired me, so I can travel on the stormy ocean. On your solid arm, I become tough and strong. Your encouragement makes me surpass myself…”

6 months ago

Teacher Zhou has another scene that fell from the sky. Thank you for being able to stream such a wonderful performance from the media era. Before I learned that he was going to sing this song, I can almost imagine how amazing it is, because You Raise Me Up is a rare piece of elegant and popular fusion, and the shock effect of the chorus will be multiplied by several times. . The original song is Secret Garden, which is almost a generation of European and American music memories. And my favorite version before is Celtic Woman’s cover, the bright bel canto treble part directly hit the Xiao Han, very shocking. Yesterday I said in my thoughts: Although I can almost make up his timbre and singing this time, Zhou Shen always surpassed my expectations time and time again. This time the version changed the key twice, from the first D key, to the chorus E key, and finally to the F key. The chanting part was directly belched to C6-yes, it was the death wheat distance part, in fact, to ensure the children The voice of Zhou Shen can be heard, and the part of Zhou Shen’s beautiful voice is almost desperate. This insignificant gentleness really touches me every time. Zhou Shen’s technical choice this time is basically the same route as Celtic Women, with the main song eloquent and the chorus gorgeous and high-pitched. The shock of the Bel Canto scene is almost a rolling existence, especially when Zhou Shen sings English songs, his pronunciation is closer to the back pharyngeal cavity, and the resonance will be more rounded and beautiful. Therefore, his English songs have a sense of holiness and grandeur. A few days ago, I happened to see the video of my country’s Diplomatic Mission in Station B. The footage of Deputy Director Wang Wenbin made me very impressed. His temperament was gentle and modest, but his speech was sharp in the diplomatic field, and he did not fall into the prestige of a big country. Wushuang. Thanks for the unremitting efforts of generations of diplomats: You raise us up, so we can stand on the mountains.

6 months ago

I thought that this event might not have audio out, but I didn’t expect that when I swiped my mobile phone in a daze in the morning, I was suddenly filled with live videos. I just clicked on a voice from Zhou Shen, and I couldn’t help feeling that the air was also warming up. . I have to say that listening to a song is like a friend. It requires an unforgivable karma. This song, which I heard many years ago but didn’t get it, is suddenly moved in the loop today, and it is just like this. This is one reason why I am very grateful to Zhou Shen. There are many songs that I would never listen to or understand before. When I listen to him, I will be willing to circulate because of the attractiveness of his voice, and I will be willing to give these songs as well. Be yourself more and more time, until a certain moment naturally resonates with one of the emotions. The ability to connect certain works with or connect the missed or missed listener in a quietly coming moment, let these notes and melody blend in and enrich the life of another listener, which may be the existence of the singer One of the important meanings. This song has been called a classic, and the more classic the song is, the more difficult it will be to re-interpret it. If you regard re-interpretation as a challenge on the stage, it is easy to get mixed up with distractions and lose purity. Singing and writing are probably somewhat similar in nature to creative acts, so think about it in the words of Mr. Acheng: If the singer only cares about feelings, then what you sing is just noting; you must feel the feelings, then In order to sing the feeling. To do this, it is necessary to be pure and honest, and to touch the listeners who would have passed this song. Even if I didn’t hear the version with particularly good sound quality, the light and warmth in Zhou Shen’s singing could still be heard at the scene last night. The focus of the song does not seem to be on a certain you or a certain specific you, but on the sincere thanks to all the powers that have been received. The arrangement is also quite simple and generous. In the first time of the main song, you can only hear the chords of the piano every beat. I don’t know if the sustain pedal is used, which brings out a little string-like continuity (also Maybe there is a light-volume string setting?), Zhou Shen used less air noise this time, from weak mixing to balanced mixing, talking about the troughs and troughs that we are unavoidable to experience. Each of the hands; the chorus begins with a mid-volume string music and piano, and Zhou Shen’s solid and bright balance mix, making the rough roads smooth. This section of the range from four and a half to five and a half groups is also tossed repeatedly in the voice change zone, and it is not easy to sing a bright and comfortable tone in a unified tone. After the first paragraph, through the accompaniment, Zhou Shen was able to blend in without any violation as soon as the children came on stage… But when he came to harmonize the children’s chorus, he immediately jumped out with his voice. After the second harmony, the main melody was received. This time, “You raise me up to more than I can be” went from a weak mix with a little breath to a balanced mix with a crescendo in the chest. It was another beautiful line. Every time I hear Zhou Shen do such a delicate dynamic processing, I don’t want to use “good sound”, but I want to use “good beauty” to describe his performance, because what he brings is often not only auditory sweetness, but also Stimulate the beauty of synesthesia. The next step is to raise the key again after a short pause. At this time, Zhou Shen turned to Meitong, and the adjustment of the singing method made the song more atmospheric and more suitable for such occasions. The chanting line is like a sunrise in the sky, and the cold morning mist outside the window when listening to the song is softened into warm cotton, intimately wrapping the listener’s soul shivering in the cold winter. After the tail of the chanting sentence turned back to the main melody, after the children sang the downward “more than I can be”, Zhou Shen once again returned to the upward version with a slightly breathy weak mix, and at the end “youraise me up” It started with a voice with a little force of the pharyngeal wall, as if the real thing moved by gratitude and emotion had been realized in this way, and finally it was firmly condensed in the four sets of tones he ironed. Thanks to the people who released the video, and also to Zhou Shen for his persistence. I will definitely sing my favorite songs in more and better activities in the future.

6 months ago

I heard that Zhou Shen is going to sing this song and I am very happy. I heard a big song since I was a child, and finally heard Zhou Shen’s version! I saw the big music critic-Weibo Id_I am Mengmeng Dalin Er’s sister on Weibo. The answer is great, and I have authorized to share it-You Raise Me Up. The whole song has been tuned twice. At the beginning, Zhou Shen’s solo part was the beginning of D major. The main part of the chorus was in the upper part of the 4 groups and the lower part of the 5 groups, and the whole was within his warmest and beautiful range. Later, the children came in. In E major, Zhou Shen raised the F major in the last paragraph. Here, most of the chorus falls in the 5th group, and the highest is G5. The chanting part continued to rise again, and the main body finally went up to C6 and fell down at the end of A5. This is a song that has a heavy emotional meaning and a strong melody, but it cannot be sung too heavily. The meaning itself is not frivolous, and it is especially difficult to interpret. Love is too heavy to talk about, and it will become a formal burden. Zhou Shen’s singing is as beautiful as ever. When he wants to sing, it is hard not to be intoxicated. Between the weight and the level of progress, one can see that he is grateful, gentle, and firmly believes in great love.

6 months ago

This is a meaningful “civil salon”. It’s not formal, but the people who go there are genuine diplomats. Seeing a live video, Zhou Shen sang the first sentence. Not many people used their mobile phones to record the video. As a result, after two or three sentences to the chorus, some people who were eating, looking at their phones, or chatting started to look towards the stage and lift their phones. Zhou Shen is worth it, this event may be a test of the waters, wait and see. The singing is too steady! A lot of people sing, the scene needs to be “high pitch”, the momentum is important, all kinds of strong mixing, belting, roaring, rhythm, and use superb skills to drive the atmosphere of the venue. But Zhou Shen has already begun to feel a little bit inside. He also has great vocal skills, but his performance is to sing quietly and tenderly into people’s hearts, and is a “heart-warming” singer. Is there no high pitch in this song? some. But after listening, what you remember most is the feelings of his whole song, sincere, warm and touching, without so many complicated thoughts, just put the song into your heart and mind. Zhou Shen did pair up with children. His singing mentality was very pure and his voice was very clean, as was the case with the children’s choir. It’s not about height…seriously, seeing Zhou Shen walk up to now, I really want to give a thumbs up. There is a feeling that God closed his door (appearance), but left him a window (physical function and voice). Then Zhou Shen relied on himself to build the window as big as the door, or even bigger than the door. He doesn’t need to rely on the door (appearance) to embrace the sunshine of the outside world, only relying on his own “window”, he has harvested full of sunshine.

6 months ago

You raise me up The singing sounded, and I seemed to see an angel… (Actually, when I heard this song, I was so excited that I started to cry uncontrollably) Listen to this sound that seems to float down from the sky… (Mom, I don’t pay Can you hear the singing?) Zhou Shen, I want to give you the best in the world, but I find that the best in the world is you. (How can I hear the singing of Teacher Zhou Shen, I must have saved the world in my last life!) After crying and looking for a video crazily…Wandering time video· 23,000 plays Ma Ye Me How can He De, can hear such beautiful singing and meet such beautiful people! The stage is grand, watching the singing, the mobile phones held high, and everyone is turning. Regardless of what those people think, Zhou Shen’s dynamics from the past year and the year have clearly unfolded and continued to bloom the main theme of the track. A splendid rose, but his track is more than that, he opened a brand new road! Mi Cang and him are not who rely on others, but more, they encourage each other and make progress together! He cannot be defined! No one can snipe him! (To be more blunt, not on one level at all) For many people, he is—infinite…not group…and—unreachable! good night!

Last edited 6 months ago by leexin
6 months ago

I opened Weibo at eleven o’clock last night and discovered this. I was really surprised, but I expected it. The signs of the past year have been seen. Zhou Shen is a well-established entertainer who can play in his business and has various styles. Among popular singers, he can sing classical music and has a very beautiful sense. People like him are completely Have the qualifications to perform on important occasions. I will not say what “Listen to Me”, “Look” and “I’m Good Here” mean, just say that he has already attended all three CCTV evenings: Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Spring Festival Gala. “Left Finger Moon” and “China in Lights” have become the most watched programs in their respective evenings, and the statistics are very powerful. Pop singers who can catch Teacher Sa and Teacher Zhang are rare. It is predicted that he will be a frequent visitor to these three major evenings in the future. And this time the global diplomat Chinese Culture Night, the short performance time gave him a complete song time, and it is clear that he is worthy of being promoted to the world. A few years ago, Mr. Zhang Wei regretted why Zhou Shen was still not popular. Some people said that if Zhou Shen was not popular within five years, he would give up his dream of singing. But you see, Zhou Shen’s popularity is only a matter of time, although it is late. Similarly, compared with the above honors, the number of concerts and album sales are just a matter of time. Speaking of this song, it is probably one of the choir’s must sing songs. I like this song very much. I have seen several versions and they are all very good. Because last night’s event was only a small one, the performance did not stir up the crowd, but Zhou Shenchun could explain everything by his own voice. I swiped the videos and screenshots from various angles until 2:30 last night. I was too sleepy. I still need to work overtime today, but my brain is excited and I can’t fall asleep. I only slept for more than three hours. I woke up at 6 o’clock and wanted to sleep. Regained consciousness, failed, gave up, and had no choice but to get up and write an answer! Will there be a sound source? I feel choked.

6 months ago

The song “You Raise Me Up” was composed by Rolf Løvland, a member of the Secret Garden band. It was originally an instrumental piece called “Silent Story”. Some of its melody originated from British writers. , The Irish traditional song “Danny Boy” (Danny Boy) composed in 1910 by host Frederick Weschery. After reading the novel “The Whitest Flower” by Irish writer Brendan Graham, Rolf Loveland was very moved and invited Brandon to write lyrics for the song. The song was sung by Irish singer Brian Kennedy, who was a guest at Secret Garden at the time, and black singer Trish Campbell Naixun. “You Raise Me Up” has been performed many times in the world, including the 2005 Nobel Prize Ceremony. It is more appropriate for Zhou Shen to sing such a song at the party. It can also show the style of young Chinese singers, not only can sing in China The quintessence of the country can also sing excellent foreign songs. Going back to Zhou Shen’s version of the song itself, Zhou Shen’s own characteristics are suitable for singing songs of great love, which are consistent with the inspirational and grateful core of “You Raise Me Up”. The whole song goes from D major to E major and finally to F major. The successive layers of arrangement make the whole song feel magnificent, especially the chorus part with the chorus at the end, ethereal and beautiful but firm at the same time. powerful. Finally, I will put a version with the best sound quality that I have heard. If you are interested, you can listen to it.

6 months ago

Written in the front, this is folk activities, folk activities, and folk activities. It’s just that there are many diplomats and their families participating, and the security level is relatively high. This event has been held until the sixth year of the sixth year, and the title has always been this, so some anonymous people don’t need to pick it up. As for the meaning of the selection of music, language, etc., I believe that for this kind of occasion, the organizer should carefully consider and select a few performances that are extremely limited. After all, there is no Zhou Shen who can only sing this song. After all, Zhou Shen’s famous all-match cooperation is not. As for how he sang this live, Gao Zhan Dashen interpreted very well, so there is no need to say more. At least I went through the answer. Some people are picky about the style of the song, the language of the song, the singer’s voice, and even the title of the organizer’s meeting, but no one can rap well. This explains the problem.

6 months ago

The first time I heard this song was in high school. A boy handed a headset, you raise me up. I said to listen well, a bit familiar, he said, did you hear it on the Sports Channel? Schumacher retired. I said, who is Schumacher, he said, the god of cars. He is the English class representative of our class, with a round face and a pair of thin-framed eyes, a bit like Conan. Boys at that age can suck up. But he was very gentle and gentleman, and he seemed incompatible with other people. He doesn’t care either. Just entering the first year of high school, the head teacher asked everyone to speak in English on stage, exercise themselves, and let the students get to know each other. At that time, the admission scores were not top-notch, middle and lower, and the teachers did not pay much attention to it. Two times in a row, they were delayed because of something. For the third time, I couldn’t help reminding the teacher that it was me this time. I still feel a little wronged after class [I don’t know why, anyway, it’s inexplicable]. When I chatted with him, I was a little bit teary. He said that it is normal for teachers to have limited energy, not good enough, and to be ignored. Rua gave my head a bit. Then, love began to open. The 14-year-old girl, the first time I met, was a little scared and a little surprised. So I wrote a long letter to my mother. Mom returned three pages and told me that this is a good thing. He must be a good boy, but you have to distinguish clearly whether you like it or appreciate it. At the same time, you have to work hard until you have enough strength. It would be better to talk about it later. So this stupid little girl would be wrong. I have to work hard and work hard without being distracted. The next day I will ignore other boys, take meals without food, ignore speech, and even ask questions perfunctory. . Until the third year of high school. The boy had never had any opinions because of the silly girl’s indifference, and the little girl felt that she had done something wrong. So in an evening of self-study, she asked the boys to go to the playground. I want to tell him the reason he left him in the air, because I seemed to like you at that time. But she walked faster and faster, talking to herself, not knowing if the boy followed. She said, at that time, I might be, to you, a bit, huh, huh? Then she got rua’s head again. There was a sound from behind: fool. then? They graduated from high school. One went to Beijing and the other stayed in Chengdu. He caught up with his current wife in his freshman year, and when he told this story, his face was triumphant and stinky. A song can carry a memory, and when different people sing it, they will be moved differently.

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