@Alibaba: Today, I received the “Administrative Penalty Decision of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration”. I sincerely accepted the penalty and resolutely obeyed it. We will strengthen operations in accordance with the law, further strengthen the construction of a compliance system, based on innovation and development, and better fulfill our social responsibilities.

This incident can be said to have a great impact! Remember the original promise? Let some people get rich first, and then get rich first! However, the reality is that this group of people who are rich first want to be prosperous forever, and they must always squeeze out latecomers. Ma Yun just did a great thing in the beginning, he was an entrepreneur. The creation of Taobao and Alibaba helped many people realize online transactions and reduced middlemen. However, he changed later: 1. Investing in media, South China Morning Post, Weibo, Ali Movies, etc.! And the values ​​promoted are obviously inconsistent with China’s system. What 996, blessings and the like. 2. Establish a lakeside university and draw all the business elites in. What is this for? I think anyone who is a normal person knows it. Just like you have a company, the best-performing employees build a group to bring in all the company’s outstanding salesmen. What do you say he wants to do? 3. Create Ant Financial and reach out to the financial sector. Think about it, everyone: finance, energy, railways, and hydropower are all the lifeblood of a country. What are you Jack Ma? 4. Alibaba and Tencent have mastered China’s big data, and these big data must never be leaked. You can use it to do good things, or you can use it to do bad things! Therefore, Jack Ma’s situation today is doomed. China has always been a socialist country. At the time, its reform and opening up promised: Let some people get rich first, and then get rich first. Don’t talk so much, think about: 1. Henan and Anhui are so good places, because the red line of arable land can only develop agriculture, and industry is limited. Are you fair? 2. There are so many coal mines in Shanxi that have emptied people’s land, and people have not made any money. Are you fair? 3. There are so many oil and natural gas in Xinjiang, and low-price gas transmission from west to east, is it fair to you? 4. Provinces such as Guizhou, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi provide free labor. After earning money, you can buy a house at a high price and contribute rent to the locals. Is it fair to you? If there is no national game of chess, every province will set up obstacles. Shanxi’s coal is sold at a high price, and Xinjiang’s oil and gas are sold at a high price. Henan, Jilin, and Heilongjiang took advantage of the epidemic last year and sold their grains at high prices. These cheap laborers in the mainland are tied to their own provinces. What are the consequences? Therefore, letting some people get rich first is the way the country was poor at the beginning and concentrated on doing big things. In the end, you are better. You have got such good resources and become rich. Then tell everyone that you are strong and that others are poor because they don’t work hard, and you have to play with the wives and daughters of poor people. Let me ask: Why are these wealthy people in mainland China developing so fast? Is it because people from other countries don’t work hard? Is it because the ancient Chinese did not work as hard as the current Chinese? One cannot fail to be a human being. If you make money, you have strong abilities. If you lose money, it is the fault of others, the responsibility of society, and the failure of the system. Some people are just like bones!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Two days ago, Shen Yi gave a public class. It mentioned the difference between China and the United States. That is: the United States was kidnapped by financial capital and lost its physical ability, while China has the ability to control financial capital and let it serve the country. . The fine this time is obviously a typical case in this regard. Since at least the second half of last year, the state has given a heavy blow to Internet giants including Alibaba. Therefore, we can see that there will be news that Taobao mini-programs will apply to enter WeChat. This in itself is an enterprise’s choice to “break the monopoly” under official pressure. Only by letting the giants lose the natural monopoly status formed by the accumulation of capital and return to a competitive model with each other can the country, society and every ordinary person benefit from it. I believe that this fine should not be the end. The fact that Alibaba was fined at a high price is itself a wake-up call for all giants. After all, the fine method is proportional punishment: On April 10, 2021, the State Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty decision in accordance with the law, ordering Alibaba Group to stop illegal activities and impose a fine of 4% of its domestic sales of 455.712 billion yuan in 2019. 18.228 billion yuan. This is not the innocence of fines of hundreds of thousands of millions in the past, but it is really painful to the enterprise. As an ordinary netizen, I naturally hope that in the future, the Internet industry can achieve de-monopoly step by step and be better placed in the “cage” of governance.

6 months ago

When you come out, you must admit your mistakes, and you must stand upright when you are beaten! Obviously, Alibaba has performed well in the attitude of admitting mistakes, but I don’t know how it will perform in subsequent execution? In the past few years, we can see the shadow of the Ali department everywhere in the lives of our general public. Taobao is used for shopping. Are you hungry for eating? There are Taobao tickets for movies and Alipay for payment. There are salted fish for second-hand, Youku for watching videos, borrowing for borrowing money, spending for spending money, and Ali Entertainment for reading novels. These apps have indeed brought a lot of convenience to life. However, in the process of capital development, monopoly gradually emerged, and the phenomenon of businessmen bullying customers appeared. In the news, we can always hear some positive or negative news about Ali. Today, Ali was punished by market supervision, which is a blessing for Ali and a warning for other companies. It is hoped that under the supervision of the state, the capital market will be able to compete virtuously and develop vigorously, so that it is good for both the company and the general public.

6 months ago

Pay attention to this fine. Alibaba was fined 18.228 billion due to monopoly. Note that this is a fine of 4% of sales, not profit. Alibaba’s net profit in 2019 was about 80.2 billion. This time it was fined 18.2 billion, accounting for 22.69% of its net profit. It can be said that the punishment is not too much or not. It is just right. If the fine is too much, it will cause severe damage, and it will also cause local Hangzhou. What should I do if I make a strong impact and scare Boss away. If there is less punishment, it is not painful or itchy, and continue to do whatever you want. The penalty amount is to tell Ali to stand up straight and be beaten, not accepting it. So Ali can only respond like this, otherwise, how can he fix it?

6 months ago

In fact, it doesn’t matter what Ali said. If this kind of top punishment can come down, it proves that everyone only looks at what Ali does, not what Ali says. For Ali, the problem now is whether to continue to make money against the fine, and then wait for the next fine, or to correct it seriously, and then give up some of the benefits in exchange for the country to divert attention. Either way, Ali’s interests will suffer. For monopolistic Internet companies, Ali’s choice is also their common choice. Either continue to monopolize, and then wait for a fine that does not know when, or stop the monopoly and give up a large wave of benefits from the monopoly. Therefore, the significance of anti-monopoly is here. Therefore, for Internet companies such as Alibaba, what they should do more than grab market share is to find new profit points. This is the road to stable and profitable future.

6 months ago

Ali’s attitude is pretty good-accept, admit punishment (if you don’t accept, you have to accept, if you don’t admit punishment, you have to admit punishment). The state’s attitude is not to kill Ali. When it comes to monopoly, Baidu, Tencent and other giants are not injustice. The matter of Ali is actually a follow-up to the failure of Ant Financial to go public. The state has warned that it is enough to kill chickens and show them to monkeys. The last traditional industry giant that was explicitly warned was Wanda. Why is it that the purpose of the state is not to kill Ali? You see, the people on Zhihu yelled at business owners, oh, or capitalists. . . In fact, after the reform of our country, our attitude towards private enterprises: In general, it is allowed, supported and encouraged. This involves a very practical issue-besides relying on some state-owned enterprises and central enterprises, my country’s economic development still needs private economy to make a beneficial supplement. Moreover, some old state-owned enterprises, such as the famous Zhuhai Gree, are no longer pure state-owned enterprises after mixed reforms. After Zhuhai Gree Electric’s mixed reform, the capital composition is quite complicated, and many private capitals including Hillhouse Capital have been introduced. Many similar state-owned enterprises have become similar to Gree Electric after being reformed. Therefore, the country generally allows, supports, and encourages the development of the private economy. But there is a prerequisite-the private economy must be developed under the framework of state control-if you want to break through this framework and challenge the country’s red line, it is absolutely not allowed. Last year, Mr. Ma from Hangzhou clearly wanted to break through the national framework and challenge the national red line. Then the state immediately took action to contain and punish. This is all obvious. Also reminded once again: entrepreneurs must be low-key. In the traditional East Asian culture, most people who have achieved fame are well versed in “low-key” wisdom. Wood show in the forest wind will destroy it. What’s more, it is not necessarily so “show”, but more borrowed from the wind of the times, and still so high-profile, it is inevitable to be rectified.

6 months ago

Alibaba will be China’s hydropower coal. From the front line to behind the scenes, this time the punishment incident was not only aimed at Alibaba, but also shocked the tiger. Doesn’t Tencent exist? JD.com does not exist or even Pinduoduo. This monopoly problem will also exist in future development. The future is still optimistic about the development of Alibaba. Punishment this time. Did Microsoft, Google, and Intel in the United States go bankrupt due to high price penalties? In the period of fierce competition between China and the United States, they used Alibaba in exchange for the healthy development of the Internet platform. Breaking the monopolistic atmosphere of Internet entrepreneurship In the past, a hundred flowers blossomed, and the entrepreneurial era of a hundred schools of thought is nostalgic. Although this is just whimsical. Although Alibaba has been affected a bit, it can achieve its current scale and its future development should not be underestimated.

6 months ago

As of June 2019, Alibaba’s largest shareholder is (Japan) SoftBank Group, with a shareholding ratio of 25.9%. The second largest shareholder is the original Yahoo (U.S.) and later changed its name to Altaba with 9.4% of the shares. The third largest shareholder is the founder Jack Ma (Sold Office) holding 6.2%. Ali is actually a foreign-funded enterprise, and so is a certain Dong. Their development has crushed a large number of small and medium-sized offline entities (100% domestic capital)! Seen from this, how much national capital’s blood is in Ali’s profits! Registration information: Alibaba Group Holdings Limited Address: 4th Floor, Capital Place Phase I, Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands. The choice of the registration site fits very well with the anchorage of pirates in the eighteenth century. With such a background, last year I tried in vain to make an ant’s nest on our financial embankment! Considering the form of this year’s Lao Mei’s release… its behavior is very scary! His heart is indeed punishable! I’m really glad that his wolf ambition can’t escape the supervision law, and the conspiracy can’t be reversed in the end! From the perspective of solving employment, is it comparable to the capacity of the traditional three-tier wholesale and retail system? No, now he stretched his hand to the aunt’s vegetable stall again! Ali supports entrepreneurship? In fact, you can open a small store with 200,000 yuan. You can try it on Tmall? Ali’s capital home country, the United States and Japan, is there any real business situation in which our market is sluggish and cheating? Are these veteran capitalisms really stupid or are they causing trouble? As for the training and export of Alibaba’s talents, we focus on cultivating talents in their twenties to the age of 34, and then export their golden years of 35 to 65 to the society! The sentence 996 is a good example of Jack Ma’s salesman temperament, and he thought he was loyal when transporting piglets to the Americas. According to me, the punishment is too little and the punishment is too late! In today’s situation, e-commerce lacks Ali, and many domestic capital is going to regain this lost ground on behalf of the king. It really should be regained! As the old saying goes: Han and thieves are not in harmony, and Wang Ye is not partial!

6 months ago

The “abuse of market position” among domestic Internet giants and various “choices of two” are actually very similar to the arms race during the Cold War. On the surface, it appears that giants use their dominant market position to consolidate their moat and earn money. Excess profits, but the underlying logic behind it is that China’s Internet competition has no boundaries. Any Internet company, including Internet giants, has a deep sense of insecurity. Everyone is afraid of being subverted and replaced. Yahoo, which was unsurpassed in the early years, Baidu, which took the lead, eBay, which was one position ahead, Sina which was once synonymous with the Internet in China, etc., in just 20 years, how many ups and downs. On the surface, Ali is engaged in e-commerce, but it is possible to do social networking at any time; on the surface, Tencent is engaged in social networking, but it may be e-commerce at any time; on the surface, Didi is doing taxi-hailing, but it is possible to do games at any time. ; On the surface, Toutiao is for content aggregation, but it is possible to do e-commerce, social networking and even games at any time; on the surface, Meituan is doing group shopping and takeaway, but it may be doing taxi and e-commerce at any time… Can it be done well? It is one thing, but there is always such a possibility. The taxi-hailing market seems to be the dominant player in Didi, but Meituan, AutoNavi, or other giants may spur the foundation at any time. The OTA market seems to be Ctrip’s dominance, but Meituan, AutoNavi, or other giants may be able to leverage the foundation at any time. In the e-commerce market, it seemed that Ali and JD.com divided the market, but in just a few years, pdd has risen. In response to today’s headlines, tx created a Daily Express, in response to Douyin, a micro-vision, and in response to a volcano video, a hot pot video. For nothing else, just for defense. Therefore, China’s Internet competition is a borderless competition. All giants can only continue to increase their arms competition, and they don’t know when they might be subverted or left behind. The country’s anti-monopoly measures are actually helping the giants to unload the burden of the arms race, pack lightly, and focus more on improving the quality of products and services, improving the user experience, and promoting a more virtuous industry. development of. On the other hand, it is necessary to break the abnormal development of China’s Internet in the past that used low prices, free, and subsidies to trap users and then harvest. My view has always been that industries that do not make money are unhealthy. If the giants cannot make money, how can other small and medium-sized enterprises survive? If the business model of the Internet is to spend money to subsidize traffic, and then make money through e-commerce, advertising, games, and rewards, don’t you think it is very deformed? The competitive environment in the United States is much more benign. Microsoft will not do Google’s things, Google will not do Amazon’s things, fb will not do Apple’s things, and Apple has maintained considerable restraint in finance. The unique historical reasons for China’s Internet development cannot simply be copied from the United States. However, under the current circumstances, zf’s timely action to guide the allocation of resources in the Internet industry is a good thing for Internet participants. This anti-monopoly started from Ali. If you can gradually clarify the boundaries of the major giants, you can develop well in your own territory. Don’t arbitrarily extend your hands to other people’s territories, and at the same time improve your own service quality. Avoid low-price competition, avoid crude subsidies, and leave space. 5-star hotels have their own customer groups and service systems, 3-star hotels have their own customer groups and service systems, and convenient hotels and youth hostels have their own customers Groups and service systems give the whole society a gradient effect instead of a giant who wants to eat cleanly from top to bottom. If everyone does not compete viciously, the advantages that Alibaba has accumulated are sufficient for it to continue to dominate the relevant market and continue to build higher competitive advantages, focusing on technological innovation and reducing the cost of social commodity circulation, which will also receive the support of the state. , In the end, financial data will be beautiful, and the rising stock price is also reasonable.

6 months ago

During the Cold War, America’s biggest opponent was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is a perfect enemy. She poses little economic threat to the United States, but it poses great competitive pressure on the United States in terms of ideology and national competition. The pressure of ideological competition has made the United States a beacon country. The Soviet Union sent humans into space, and the United States began its moon landing program. The Soviet Union allowed workers to become the masters of the country, and the United States began to drastically improve the welfare of workers. The Soviet Union made women and men equal, so the United States began to promote women’s equal rights. The Soviet Union gave all people the same rights regardless of race, so the United States began to abolish laws that discriminated against blacks. The Soviet Union held high the banner of national liberation and independence, so the United States was also willing to support the struggle of small and weak nations for independence. Without competition, there is no progress. Without the pressure of the Soviet Union, the United States is what it is now, capital carnival, people anti-intellectual, police killing blacks, and politicians lying indiscriminately. …… In the 1960s and 1970s, when the Soviet Union was at its strongest, it was an era when Wall Street capital oligarchs could not sleep well, and it was also the happiest golden age for ordinary Americans. In order to resist the export of the Soviet Union’s red ideological revolution, the American ZF had to alleviate society. Contradictions and the gap between the rich and the poor have created a lot of so-called “middle class.” After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it was time for capitalists to reclaim these surpluses. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States has rapidly expanded several times, and the polarization has become increasingly serious. The Occupy Wall Street movement was initiated by the American civilians who did not accept this phenomenon. There is a joke that the welfare level of European and American dicks is directly proportional to the degree of deterrence of the Soviet Red Army against the West. …. Don’t think that the United States will continue to rotten, allowing China to easily catch up from behind. nonexistent! When the United States really feels the pressure of competition from China, it will really work hard. When our threat to the United States is comparable to that of the Soviet Union, the United States may really be great again. And the only way for us to overcome the United States is for us to reform ourselves and be greater than them.

6 months ago

Alibaba is also a matter of fact and will not be a good bird. 18.2 billion can really make Ali long memory, and it will also make other Internet companies long memory. Anti-monopoly and unfair competition are not for fun, they are really punished. However, it is only a long memory. It is almost impossible for them to obey them strictly. They will continue to test the red line and challenge the bottom line of the law. The real challenge is yet to come. I just want to know which one will be punished next, Baidu, Tencent, JD.com, Meituan, or that one?

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