More than 70 film and television media units and enterprises have issued a joint statement on the protection of film and television copyrights, stating that they will initiate unauthorized editing, cutting, transportation, and dissemination of the contents of film and television works by public account producers and operators currently appearing on the Internet. Concentrated and necessary legal rights protection actions, calling on short video platforms and public account producers and operators to earnestly raise their awareness of copyright protection.

I used to watch a movie and TV master called “1900 Movie Theater” at station b before, and I saw a new dynamic from this master up a few days ago, saying that he used to do the “Han Wu Dadi” masterpiece. It is said that Byte requested to be removed under the name of copyright. At that time, I felt that there must be a follow-up, until today, the other boot was finally thrown down. (Today’s 1900 New Dynamics stated that if the copyright owner does not allow any more film and television lectures in the future, they may also withdraw from the film and television lectures.) Today, we can think about the era of big copyrights. Our life is really convenient. Yet? We think that the genuine era is that you don’t need to spend huge time and cost to download movies and music of uneven quality, and you can pay for convenient, high-quality movie and drama music resources. But in fact, let’s take a look at our mobile phone, who is not the Yusanjia+b station, and sometimes you have to include Migu and Mango TV to watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, and you’re just opening a VIP , You are not free of ads, but you can skip ads at any time. There are VIPs such as paid on-demand and movie coupons above your head that press you; whoever does not open QQ Music for a while, and Netease Cloud Music for a while, even if it is a singer You have to open two members to hear two versions of a song. The awareness of copyright has come up, and the habit of paying for intellectual property rights has been established, and then? Is the experience better? Copyright is supposed to be an important magic weapon to protect the interests of creators and investors and to encourage them to create further. However, under the barbaric ecology of the Internet in China, copyright has become a sharp knife that forces consumers to choose themselves and suppress competitors. The platform spends a lot of money to produce and buy film and television music, and it is understandable that the audience is required to pay to watch it. However, how much of the copyright income of those classic film and television dramas has been in the hands of the creators, and how much has been taken by the platform itself? In this process, how much protection did the audience want to protect the creator? The current tightening of editing is undoubtedly the further tightening of traffic sources by major platforms. In the past, you can read the details, replay, and complain. You can use other channels to understand the advantages and disadvantages of film and television dramas, and decide whether you want it or not. Go to pay to watch it, but now all the information flow to understand the work is monopolized by the platform, the transaction cost of watching the film and television drama has greatly increased, you want to know whether this drama is sugar or shit, please pay to buy it and eat it first One bite, if it is sugar, you will continue, if it is shit, you have to swallow it. The tightening of the information flow will also bring about the tightening of the right to evaluate works. Junk film and television dramas cannot be put on the bright side and be scrutinized by everyone. If a work is not bad, you will know if you take out the original film and broadcast it. After you are finished, you will criticize and criticize again, and you will be rotten as well. The eyes of the crowd are sharp, and you will bite your teeth to death. It is you who are ridiculed by the crowd. But now the platform accepts the source of the film in its own hands. I say it is good. If you are not satisfied, I will show you the playback volume and rating. You say you take the original film out to face, I’m sorry, as soon as you put the original film, you are Infringement, as soon as I take out the copyright, you must take it off the shelves. In this way, the film and television drama market will be the same as the Chinese music scene. Various lists will become a carnival of capital and rice circles. You question the popularity of these hot film and television dramas. Really spread, but you have absolutely no evidence that can be used to question it. They say that this drama is good if it is good, and that this drama is hot because it is hot. At this time, the platform can also choose to enforce the law. When a new drama needs attention, I can let you pass the fans, editing, and mixing; if you want to complain, I will call you down. When the drama is over, I start to collect money, and forcibly occupy the high-quality, large-volume fan editing. It is equivalent to being killed directly by Tucaoxiang, and propaganda is actually doing nothing for the platform. This wave, the good days are yet to come


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A self-help for the long video platform. The wheel of history is rolling forward, the Internet has developed, the speed of social mobility has greatly increased, people’s time has become fragmented, and short videos have naturally prospered. At the same time, long videos have gradually declined accordingly. After market research, the capital found that using traffic to feed it can still support episodes and earn more advertising fees, so the traffic drama boomed. Didn’t everyone find out that the high-quality dramas in the past two years are mostly short dramas between 12 episodes and 24 episodes. This is the inevitable result of social development, but the number of episodes is not good enough to make money. Nowadays, many long dramas can only rely on the face of fresh meat and fried cp to barely support, but this is indeed a high volume of broadcasts, but it also brings more advertising revenue. It’s just that, because of the popularity of these dramas, many people still watch it after seeing the short video platform’s clips exclaiming “so handsome” and “so sweet”. Many of the edited content is even better than the original film, and the derivative things greatly exceed the original. , Attracting more audiences. Doing this now is a bit self-defeating. Then, although I don’t watch these bad dramas, many good dramas (such as The Silent Truth and the like, as well as the previous four masterpieces, it is the continuous two creations that make them evergreen from generation to generation). It’s also pretty good-looking, and some clips are also very useful for discovering treasure dramas. I don’t want to see the second creators being hit like this. After all, watching the off-shelf video is really distressing. Classics are more classic only because of editing, and being afraid of being robbed of traffic by editing is not a good thing in itself.

7 months ago

I wanted to make a transition to film and television video editing last year, and I studied editing for a while. I spent a few dollars on a certain treasure to buy hundreds of gigabytes of video material, and almost bought a lifetime membership of a certain editing software. At that time, I was thinking about handling, and I could publish the purchased video with a BGM. I tried to post a few videos, but it was boring, so I didn’t continue. There are a lot of various film and television video clips in major video platforms, and it can be said that many people who make small videos started like this. The operation is simple and easy to use. There is also no copyright awareness, there will be no danger of infringement later, no one will be held accountable, and there will be no prohibition on the platform, just post if you want. Unless there is an identical video on the platform. If the major platforms now prohibit similar unauthorized video editing content, it can basically be said that it is a net-net operation. Many people who want to start from video editing as video self-media will break their way of entry. If you want to bring forth the new, you must take this step. Let everyone have this legal awareness, copyright awareness. Have to delete all the unauthorized videos before. I don’t know if it is the target of this type of attack. If it’s included, then it’s up to who can get the authorization. Many people who do video commentary actually have the same content, but the dubbing of the commentary is different. Copycat plagiarism is also commonplace. In this way, only those head videos are from the media, those big V who can get authorization can do first-hand film and television explanations, and other creators who are not authorized cannot publish it. This is good news for those head authors. .

7 months ago

It does not have much impact on short video platforms. After all, the main traffic of these platforms such as Douyin Kuaishou is not worse than the traffic brought by personal UP to the editing of domestic dramas. These long video platforms are all trying to find ways to make money from various channels. Some time ago, the VIP membership fee was increased. The purpose of this method is to combat the loss of customers who are willing to pay due to personal editing, but this approach is inevitable. It’s the reason for the fish. But why the long video platform has become more and more difficult to make profit after the development of the past ten years. The most fundamental reason can be attributed to two points: 1. The demand for domestic TV dramas is declining. Now the pace of life of Chinese people is getting faster and faster. Fighting workers, 996 has become a consensus, and the fragmentation of entertainment time has become inevitable. The rise of short video platforms is precisely in this environment that fully takes up the fragmented entertainment time of the Chinese people. Traditional TV series, with dozens of episodes of more than half an hour of content, have become difficult to occupy the entertainment time of Chinese people. TV drama and web drama entertainment itself is also a kind of fast food. In the past when the Internet was underdeveloped, it was a rare form of entertainment that could occupy the main entertainment time. As entertainment methods become more and more diversified and fragmented, TV dramas and web dramas are an entertainment method It is also inevitable that the proportion is getting lighter and lighter. The most obvious example is that the TV dramas and web dramas that have been popular in the past two years have played a number of billions. If an episode is averaged down to several hundred million (equivalent to three or five people in the country, only one person has watched it). , But it’s ironic that the actual national recognition of these big-fire dramas is far lower than those classic TV dramas ten or twenty years ago. The moisture content in these dramas is far more than 50%, and only one There is awareness in a small area, and outside this small area, almost no one knows what the specific content is, at most, they have only heard the name. 2. Domestic TV dramas increasingly show that bad money drives out good money, and the average quality continues to drop. This point does not even need to be analyzed in detail, almost everyone can feel it. Nowadays, a large number of TV dramas and web dramas are frantically pursuing the traffic star-making model, creating traffic through dramas, and then feeding back other dramas through traffic. In a short time, the numbers look good, but in reality, a lot of expenses are spent on marketing traffic. Quality, especially content, is getting lower and lower, forming a vicious circle, which also makes the difference between the data and the actual perception of Chinese people become larger and larger, and the data is out of fact. At the same time, since only the traffic is looked at, the homogeneity of film and television dramas is becoming more and more serious. For a period of time, a large number of topics will appear in large numbers, and the quality will be lower and lower. These two points are forming the current situation of domestic TV series. With only good data, the real traffic and quality are getting lower and lower, so that the Chinese people themselves have less and less demand for TV series and web dramas, and the long video platform itself is the largest. This is where the income is. Originally, the film industry can still bring some income, but due to the epidemic, the film industry is also lacking due to the downturn in the film industry. Now adopting this kind of statement and practice can really restore the increase in user demand for domestic dramas? Time will give the answer.

7 months ago

The impact is not big, mainly because the people’s entertainment methods have changed, just like the current paper-based newspapers, no matter how much you toss, no one will read it.
In the past, movies used traffic to feed Xiang, and then it became better. In the past two years, TV series have used traffic to feed Xiang, and it will be good later.
It’s good for the “Zuo Son series” to make short plots by yourself, and the cost is estimated to be not high.

7 months ago

First of all, it is necessary to use dozens of episodes of long dramas to torture the audience to be able to explain things clearly by editing short videos. Secondly, everyone does not have that much time, and even a slightly longer video should be considered whether to start. That’s why this long TV series is becoming less and less popular. In fact, sometimes I see some clips and find it interesting, and I might go to the original drama. At this level, the act of “editing” brings benefits to long videos. And if I don’t use short video editing to find TV shows or movies by myself, I will probably read word-of-mouth comments and plot synopses on Douban first. At this level, most of the online dramas will be screened out, and only one or two hits of the year may be watched. It can only be said that there is no editing in this wave, and the loss to the playback volume of the long drama will be greater than the loss to the short video. What are the losses of the short video platform? I think it is necessary, but bloggers who rely on editing to talk about movies or online dramas have to consider switching to other creative methods. I guess this step is not necessarily because you don’t want others to edit it, it’s just a further excuse, and you have to charge some money for editing. Yesterday’s hot search also had a “multiple video platform VIP joint price increase”, all with the same strategy. It is difficult for the entertainment market to return to the hands of long dramas, and before the end of the table, make another sum of money.

7 months ago

Now that the joint statement is issued, talk about your borders frankly and frankly, OK? 1. What is the degree of infringement? Reaction category, plot commentary category, editing Tucao category, fan Amway category, these are all considered infringement? 2. On what basis is the division of infringement defined? How long does it take to use the video, how easy it is to edit, whether to profit from it, or other criteria? 3. What kind of infringement should bear legal responsibility? What kind of legal responsibilities should they bear? 4. After talking about the infringement, we should talk again. How to obtain the formal authorization? Under what circumstances must formal authorization be required, and what circumstances do not require authorization? Is there a threshold for obtaining authorization, and if so, what is it? After obtaining the authorization, is the editing still subject to other terms? Sending an unclear statement triggered a wave of anger, hurting the hearts of many Scissorhands who are generating power for love. In the end, it is the traffic of your content that is lost. The second creation works are the guide lights of many dramas and variety shows. Now you are afraid that the lights will lead tourists to other places, so you simply smash the lights and return to the isolated islands, thinking that you can keep the tourists on the islands in this way. The layout is too small, too It’s ridiculous.

7 months ago

Many people think this matter may be a little fuss. Knowing someone can make millions every month. How do you make that? Just collect novels written by others into the system and build a part-time platform. Anyone who wants a part-time job can register. Go to take orders, and then forward these novels to the WeChat group. In 18 years, I went to a company next to Hangzhou 51 Credit Card. That’s it. Dozens of female customer service staff. The famous domestic organization Twenty-Eight Tweet is a forum for a large group of people to exchange such plagiarism, plagiarism, and traffic. Many people get rich overnight, but what about the original creator? I do business by myself, and I also pursue a choice, try to copy homework as much as possible, don’t do my own homework. This is the most time-saving and labor-saving, and it is the easiest to copy other people’s things and change them. Coming first is also a business strategy. However, returning to the duty of being a human being, this behavior should not be encouraged. The articles I wrote myself are often used by others, and I am too lazy to manage it. A novel is the kind of advertisement that pops up when you look at it. It is either a game or a kind of gray product. If there are no ads, you have to recharge. Recharge to read other people’s hard-wrote novels, as long as you promote it, you can easily make millions in a month. If the link is closed, change to another and continue to push. It’s not a big deal anyway. The result of this is that bad money drives out good money, the clerks have no money to make, and the copy and paste make a lot of money. It’s really full of pours. Going back to this matter, when the member price increased two days ago, I was thinking that many people’s TV series were watched through Douyin, and the price increase seems to be optional. For example, the one on fire these past two days is called Wumingchuan. Well, it’s all read paragraph by paragraph. Respect for intellectual property rights, in addition to raising prices, it should also cut off other online platforms for plagiarism and alteration. For example, articles written in Zhihu, which are often posted on Weibo, can’t be helped, but you can complain if you get the official account to post. Xiaomi has filled up a member, and has never watched it at all. It’s all watching short videos. All kinds of video clips, copying and imitating are almost all screened, but it doesn’t delay making money. After all, traffic is money. It is actually a good thing to break this road. In order to encourage originality, the platform must provide more subsidies. If you want to produce high-quality content, you must also give creators a higher income subsidy, and you can’t make money from advertising alone, because advertising depends on the number of clicks, and the number of clicks must be for the public. To please the public, there is often a choice. As long as plagiarism, editing is not illegal, and people are not arrested, this road will not be cut off, because the profit is too high! Moreover, the problems caused by this editing and copying are very big. Where is the big problem? That is, those who make content don’t make money, editing, pasting, copying, and making money. Such a gray industry chain involves a market of tens of billions of dollars each year. Every locality has been promoting independent innovation and industrial innovation, so it is necessary to establish such a culture that the plagiarism that is earned without pains is broken, the lawsuit, the jail time, and the compensation can be forced to move up. If you have all learned Guo Jingming, Cao Xueqin won’t be able to receive the manuscript fee! Many people just see the platform making money, and the platform can still pay taxes if it makes money, drive employment, and give back to shareholders. But for those who harvest ashes, they don’t pay a penny of tax. What’s more, people on this platform are losing money. Doing business can’t make illegal profits, but their legal interests have been violated. You can’t help but tell, right? You object only because you are also a beneficiary of this kind of plagiarism, and you don’t need to spend money to look at things, but you have to look at the problem from both sides. You haven’t come into contact with these gray and black products, and you don’t realize how destructive it is. Want to encourage originality, this kind of short-term pain is inevitable. The long-term development layout cannot be ignored just because it has temporarily benefited the public. This is just a small favor. Not to mention the damage caused by this. The power of two evils is the lesser one. Now that the law has been laid down, it is not possible to violate the law overtly and implicitly because of difficulties in law enforcement.

7 months ago

Remember the days when we secretly turned on the TV and used a wet towel to cool it down? Do you still remember the night when we flashed a flashlight in the bed and watched the friend Manke? This is because there is a certain difference in the processing of information by the brain center. In the process of information transformation, in addition to the memory of our stored characters, it also needs to go through a special language center. People process words through the language center, and process pictures through the image processing center. Most people are more exposed to pictures and images in life. Wherever they look, they are concrete people, things, and things! Therefore, the latter is more sensitive than the former. Unless it is a person who specializes in writing, the language center is more sensitive than the picture center, otherwise ordinary people: prefer images far more than words. So, everyone understands that image video will be the general trend in the future. Zhihu also had to rush to catch up with the last train. What does the price increase of VIP on many video platforms mean? This is because there is another three-six-nine class in the video image. Short video>Long video, simple video>Complex video In short, people tend to be simple. The sorrow in this is not because people’s brains are degraded, but in social labor, their brains are tired enough, and they don’t have more energy to receive more obscure information. This will be discussed later. Therefore, in the video software war, platforms such as iQiyi and Tencent are completely inferior, preferring short videos. Therefore, when you become a relatively niche product, the price will not increase, and people will not buy it. You say, yes. What’s the difference? The difference is that friends who tend to watch long videos are charged more to “kill familiar”! Then, after price adjustments, platforms such as iQiyi, Tencent, Youku, etc., still cannot stop here, because the root of the matter is not how to make money, but how to not be overwhelmed by trends. Short videos have an unbreakable dominance in their leisure time as soon as new movies come out. , Why should everyone give up the better-looking offline cinema and choose iQiyi? The only purpose of Tencent Youku becomes: chasing variety shows, chasing TV series…no more! How about the design of TV dramas on various video platforms this year, should you be clear? Members can watch six more episodes, and watch eight more episodes. Members can be free of advertisements, premium members can be true and free of advertisements, and maybe the next step is that super members can be true. , We want to make your money, don’t want me to disgust you, hurry up! Such a move can only backfire and push people to the short video side. However, the video giants have to see that the situation becomes worse and they have to make another move: “No editing is allowed!” I think you can see that short videos and long videos go to two extremes and are in opposition. They did not think about how to carry forward the advantages of long videos, how to use long videos to capture the hearts of the audience, and how to stand on top of short videos! They chose to block the situation that should be dredged and not blocked! Okay, I hope they can realize profit soon

7 months ago

I think it should be a win-win situation, that is, the short video platform won twice. Take station B as an example. If the UP master of the film and television zone cannot use the original material, the positive type of detailed lecture and editing will be more affected. After all, people still interpret it normally and need the original footage to bless it. Tucao will only be more like a fish in the water, what the person outputs is the content, it doesn’t matter whether you use the material or not. People used the original film, and there was a traffic star with a strong fan fighting ability, and they had to code someone. You don’t let people use the original material, people are afraid that they can’t ask for it. With a variety of Sao pictures, ghosts and animals, the effect of entertainment is directly improved. For example, what kind of love order, accompanied by Billy Harrington picking up soap. . For example, the recent drama performed by the minority girl was accompanied by a female star in a Japanese gymnastics film. . That picture is too beautiful. Just like the hottest chicken in the past few years is too beautiful, you can at least see that it is a person if you recreate it with the original film. If you don’t let people use it, people really know how to play basketball with chickens, not even people. If it becomes the animal world in the detailed video in the future, it will be full of shrimps, fishes, glaring monsters and jaw monsters. . That picture is more beautiful. As for legal risks, you are shooting “with X”, and he is talking about “no X”. The leading actor of your work is “X-X”, and the leading actor he talked about is “Ninth Floor Fish”. This is okay. In this wave of operation, First, it has given UP the main advertisement, and second, it has even more united the fans of this group. Third, as long as the original film is used in the future, the money collected will not run away. Fourth, it gave UP owners a new direction. Fifth, it also allowed the seriously explained UP to start spoofing. This, this, this is five wins! I can only say that I did a good job and look forward to it very much. Thank you Actyonyou.

7 months ago

Regardless of whether the most essential purpose is to combat infringement or intercept traffic, the copyright belongs to the content copyright owner, who does have the right to initiate rights protection against unauthorized editing, cutting, handling, and dissemination. my country’s copyright law protects the rights and interests of content creators. Without the authorization of the content copyright owner, editing, cutting, transporting, and disseminating without authorization is an infringement. The copyright owner wants to protect the rights. This is true in itself. Is it true? Do you have to wait for the infringed party in the film and television industry to eat to death and no longer have the ability to produce content? I think this is not the ending that most film and television enthusiasts want to see. 70 film and television media units and companies issued a joint statement on the protection of film and television copyrights, and I found different voices after reading the comments. They believed that the platform was cutting leeks, and they wanted to make more money after earning membership fees, and they were afraid of editing and robbing traffic, etc.; probably; This has indeed shaken the interests of some creators who are mainly film and television editing. Even if the content editing video is infringement, it needs to bear the corresponding infringement liability. Some people believe that the editing action has brought traffic to the original video. A better video can also promote the effect of second payment or even multiple promotion. But thinking about it conversely, although the editing has brought traffic to the original film, the original film has also brought traffic, appreciation, revenue, fans, etc. to the editor creator, and the editing is parasitic to the original film, but the original film can indeed be independent exist. Therefore, if the content copyright owner wants to protect the rights, this is both legally and rationally reasonable. In addition, some friends said that, similar to creators who watched a complete movie in five minutes, they made the second creation based on their viewing experience. This infringes the author’s right of adaptation to a certain extent. However, this part of the law and In practice, there are no specific regulations, which need to be analyzed based on specific cases. Save others by yourself, if you are a creator, the content is infringed by others, and the streets are flying around, but no one cares about yourself as the master, what shall you do? Of course, China’s copyright cause has not yet succeeded. It requires the joint efforts of the public, creators, content platforms, and content copyright owners. Not only the content party’s appeal, as the content dissemination platform, it should also bear its own responsibilities, as the last line of defense before the dissemination of infringement, and subdue the original sin of infringement. As a copyright company, the brand Rights Knight and Whale Copyright have launched short video infringement monitoring and rights protection services for individual and corporate users. We also hope to help more content creators. If you have videos (Both long and short) For the needs of rights protection, you can leave a message or leave me. Let us provide you with a full range of copyright services centered on technical means.

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