Now that you have decided to go on a blind date, you must set your mind right. Don’t be full of grievances. At least you must show your sincerity when you go to an appointment. You can tell if you really want to find a marriage partner. One of my classmates before, especially rejected blind dates, and then couldn’t endure the urging of the family, and went to blind dates very reluctantly. She didn’t wash her hair and didn’t prepare anything, so she went to meet up face-to-face. Her intention was to let the other party. I disliked her so I could end the embarrassing date quickly, and found that the other party was his own food… But regretted it was too late, and did not do well on the first date, so the other party rejected her after returning. 2. Regardless of your interest in the first meeting, you must perform well. What if the other party is better than you think? What if he looks ten times better than the photo? What if he is dull and dull on the Internet but humorous in reality? What if he has a good brother to introduce to you? ? So put on makeup, dress up well, and go on a blind date in a full and enthusiastic state of mind! ! 3. Don’t treat blind dates as blind dates. What does it mean? Just don’t show too much purpose at the beginning, don’t ask a lot of questions in the hukou style, and don’t let people introduce yourself when you come up. It’s best to make your acquaintance look romantic and casual. Let me give you an example! In fact, I think blind dates are inherently very utilitarian. It is not recommended that you make blind dates very much like “blind dates”. For example, you do not need to introduce yourself when you come up, because the other party already knows your basic information before, please default You already know each other. You can say “Siqin, I’m glad to meet you, and happy May Day holiday”, “Look at how you posted your Moments, how are you still having fun?” This will make the other party relaxed in an instant, compared to investigating hukou The question is much better, isn’t it? 4. Blind dates are mostly passive, so if you like the other party, please take the initiative. Generally, if you are particularly active in your relationship, you will choose to find a boyfriend or girlfriend by yourself, and you may have been out of the singles a long time ago. Therefore, blind dates are generally passive in the relationship, or they are shy and inexperienced. It does not have any strong emotional needs. For this kind of person, you can’t expect him to be particularly active and enthusiastic to contact you. Even if he likes you, he may not act because he doesn’t know what to talk to you. So if you like each other, take the initiative and create more opportunities. During the blind date, the two parties are originally equal. Don’t think that you are a girl and you have to wait for others to chase you. It’s normal to take the initiative to chat for a long time at least, and take the initiative to make an appointment. Of course, those who take the initiative to dedicate themselves and confess their lives are fine. Opportunities can be won, but it does not mean kneeling and licking. Generally speaking, if you date more than five times alone, you should consider whether to give up if the other party hasn’t made it clear. 5. The probability of a blind date falling in love at first sight is very low. Don’t deny each other when you come up. You might as well give each other a few more opportunities to meet each other. Why is the probability of falling in love at first sight low? Because it has a strong purpose. You are always demanding each other with the standards of future husbands and wives, so it is easy to raise your requirements, because everyone can imagine the possibility of their partner. Both are perfect, but everyone has shortcomings, so two people with strict standards will come in contact with each other, and the first time they meet, they will be cautious, making it difficult to fall in love with each other at first sight. But Miaomiao suggests that everyone should not deny the other party because they are not satisfied with the first meeting. If you do not find the other party’s very serious shortcomings, you can give him another chance. Maybe it is the first time that he was nervous and did not perform well. 6. It’s important to know how to chat, but don’t turn blind dates into online dating. Some blind dates first added WeChat, and then they started chatting hotly. They were chatting all the time every day, but no one mentioned meeting each other, but in the end they didn’t. The topic has been chatted…remember, don’t say anything before you meet, keep a sense of mystery, and chat for no more than one month at most, meet! ! ! Otherwise, seeing the light of death will make you doubt life! ! Six. Blind dates may be a protracted battle. Many people who fail to get a blind date on many occasions will find their own reasons, but sometimes it may be bad luck, but don’t be discouraged. The more frustrated you are, the more courage you are, believing that fate will definitely come! ! 7. Even if the other party “knows the roots”, don’t flash marriage. It is necessary to talk about love for a year and a half. 8. If you like it very much, you can try to be friends first, so that you will be in love over time. Nine, in the stage where the relationship has not been established, do not presuppose your relationship, as this will put pressure on the other party. For example, some people are still in the stage of understanding, they will ask the other party according to their husband’s standards, ask the other party to buy things for themselves, do work, and start doing it when they are upset. Remember, while you are looking at the other party, the other party is also looking at you. Don’t do it. 10. You have to listen to your parents’ opinions, but don’t let yourself act like a mommy, and don’t always talk about your parents. This will make the other person disgusted. Here are the precautions for blind dates: 1. First, you need to be clear: Now that you have reached the point where you need a blind date, it means that you are currently of the opposite sex that can develop or your parents think you have reached the marriageable age. You have a need. You might say that many outstanding girls are single. Note that excellence in the workplace and academics does not mean excellence in the blind date market. After all, you want to meet your future marriage partner, not your boss HR or professor. The evaluation criteria of the readers are completely different! So when you are on a blind date, you must have a friendly attitude, don’t put on airs, and you must pay attention to it in your mind. This is the first step in a blind date. 2. Wearing: suitable styles: sweaters, knitted cardigans, dresses, suitable colors: white, beige, khaki, pink, light blue, not suitable: jackets, jeans, big V-neck, off-shoulder clothes are not suitable Color: black, gray, orange, bright yellow, etc. Summary: Choose clothing materials with soft fabrics, light and gentle colors, less revealing, and a little conservative. To put it plainly, you have to wear “good wedding style”, which makes people feel that you are gentle and easy to get along with. You can refer to Japanese magazines for girls to wear. . 3. In terms of makeup, lipstick colors: coral, bean paste, dry rose, do not apply: red, aunty, berry, chocolate. Don’t: Exaggerate false eyelashes, eye shadows that are too shimmering. Yes: scheming inner eyeliner, summary: make-up should be as if there is nothing, just to the extent that straight men can’t see it, don’t use too much force. 4. Are the commonly used sentences in chat real? That’s great! That’s awesome! Then? Don’t say: cut, what’s the matter (major), don’t talk nonsense. Summary: Men are creatures that need to be admired and praised. Let them be affirmed at all times, and they will greatly increase their affection for you. Don’t hit, deny, or ridicule what he says. 5. Topics for chat: personal hobbies, amateur life , Work profile! Note: Be sure to let him speak a little longer than you, the approximate ratio is about 7:3 or 6:4. Even if you are usually a talkative girl, don’t talk endlessly during a blind date, restrain yourself and let the other person talk more is the kingly way. 6. Taboo: Never talk about these topics. Your past love history: If the other party asks, just fool around. If the other party asks for details, remember these two points: the number of ex-boyfriends. Remember: no sexual experience, don’t say more about others. Don’t ask about the other party’s income or car room. Although this is important, asking directly on the occasion of a blind date will make people think that your EQ is very low. Will you not turn the corner to understand? Excessively show off yourself: you want to express your opinion Isn’t it good for others? Or do you want to make people feel inferior and depressed? When talking, you should explore the other person’s hobbies and strengths! I write here first, I don’t know if anyone reads it. I’m the Cheshire Cat, an ordinary young genius in love. For more answers, please poke the older leftover women how to quickly get out of the order? 101 Truths You Must Know About Laughter


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6 months ago

Let’s take a look at the outline of the blind date I wrote. You can take a look at these questions and see how many answers you can answer. First assess whether you are ready for a blind date. Dog Food Lesson 1: Know yourself, maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses-who am I and what am I like in the eyes of the opposite sex? Which are the attractive points? How to express which traits will make the other person more favored? How to make your personal IP stand out in the field of mate selection? What do I want? What are the rules of the game for adults? What is the bottom line for choosing a spouse? How to make yourself wild? How can the expression of shortcomings become personalized features? Dog Food Lesson 2: How to create a social business card for the single period-what kind of avatar and circle of friends look more single? What expressions can make you look wild and positive? How to express the outlook on life, world outlook, and values? I want others to know who I am? How to express one’s own advantage value in the side? How to leave flaws and wait for someone to talk about it? How to make your own contrast cute? How to reasonably show your friends of the opposite sex around you? How to show your hobbies reasonably? How to check the account of the other party? Dog Food Lesson 3: The details of the unspoken rules for blind dates How do you prepare before the blind date? What questions should the matchmaker ask? Who is worth seeing? How to set the location and project before meeting for the first time? How to bury the stems and not be cold? What was the first time I met and talked about it? How to deal with meeting people you don’t like properly? When do you want to express your own disadvantages and how? How to give feedback after the blind date? How to decide the next invitation? Dog Food Lesson 4: Detailed explanation of steamed fish Dafa How to set a topic that you are good at with low energy consumption? How to plan your chat time? How to demonstrate your strengths efficiently? How to show your own characteristics personally? How to build a good mentality and how to take the initiative? How to exchange various information about each other from a topic? How to bring rhythm? Dog Food Lesson 5: How to have an in-depth and characteristic conversation with a blind date man? How to check the account elegantly? How to unload the opponent’s defense? Make him feel that you are interested in him instead of conditions? Why don’t you step on thunder when discussing careers? How to talk about three views from some topics? How to accept each other’s shortcomings? Bypass the other party’s troubles? How do you make the other person curious about you when exchanging ideas? How to tell your own story to the other party? How to take a good rhythm and turn a bad topic into a pleasant topic? Turn a topic you are not good at into a topic you are good at? What are our taboo topics? How to not be self-confident in your topic? How to set the positive correlation between your topic and the other party? Dog Food Class 6: How to check the account of the predecessor’s question to introduce the topic of the predecessor? How to express your own view of love? How to see the other’s love view from this question? What is your mentality to talk about this issue? How to set up rules so that the other party will not conceal and prevent your ex from affecting your life? How to lead the other person to brag about how they would be nice to the person they like? How to weaken the particularity of the opponent’s ex to him? (Psychological review) How to reduce the other party’s regret? How to let the other party summarize what kind of experience they have gained in a failed relationship? How to get the other party to express their true needs? How to make yourself look more in line with each other’s needs? When we are asked questions from our predecessors, how do we express them appropriately? Dog Food Lesson 7: How to deal with an invitation decently when blind dates and being pursued, and how to desensitize the mentality of dealing with strangers without leaving a word? With whom can I try to meet? How to grasp the initiative? How to express the initiative? How to explain the nature and cost of the appointment in advance? How to determine the time and location of the activity process? How to bury the stem in advance to break the ice in the hot field? Which topics shouldn’t step on thunder? Which topics are more popular? How to deal with the bill payment problem more appropriately? How to reply after returning home? How to pass the message to let the other party take the initiative to chat with you? How to make the other party not feel rejected when rejecting the other party’s invitation? Dog Food Lesson 8: How to guide the other party to like you more and be more serious (audio) the rules of love at first sight? How to stabilize one’s mentality? How do you take the initiative to put forward the little biscuit Dafa you paid for? How to integrate into each other’s hobbies? How to guide the other party to take the initiative? How to look at each other’s character based on their feedback? How to make the other party affirm you? How to imply the importance of the other party and the sense of distance? Dog Food Lesson 9: What is the difference between expressing affection and licking at different stages? Should I hang him by hanging him? What is the way to be sure of the other party? How to guide the expansion of a deeper chat? How do you make the other person think you can talk to him? How to GET the friend’s friendliness and encourage him to continue to be friendly to you? How to tease each other during the ambiguous period? How to give the other person imagination space? How to guide the other person to change the role of boyfriend? How to appease and resolve embarrassing situations? How to guide the other person to do things the way you want? How to make yourself the center of happiness? How to develop the sweetness and ability of the other party? Dog Food Lesson 10: How to guide the other party to confess? How to make sure that the other person likes you? How to determine that you are suitable for the other person? How to brush out good feelings and sense of value? What can’t be said? What should I do if my mentality is unstable? How to continue to tease if the heat is not enough? How to determine how to slap in the door? How can you calm down even if you work hard? This is part of the blind date section I wrote. I think if these questions have answers, the blind date will not be too uncomfortable. These can be learned and mastered in the first place.

6 months ago

Don’t chat on WeChat at first, just make an appointment directly. If you can’t make an appointment, please feel confident that the introducer will not respond to WeChat. Don’t ask. If the introducer is late to meet the opponent, he will not take the initiative or refuse when the introducer is finished. WeChat loves to answer the question and take a screenshot at the first time. If the introducer is not in the same picture, tell the introducer as soon as possible after the meeting, and tell him that he can watch everywhere, and then deal with the other party coldly and let the introducer spray the other party and not take the initiative. This is to drive the tiger and devour the wolf. The introducer said that the other side feels you are okay, don’t believe it, just ask how the other side feels on WeChat. If you don’t reply directly, refer to the previous

6 months ago

1. Murphy’s Law in Emotion ① If you are afraid of not getting the other party, you will probably not get it. It is a happy thing to know a girl you like, but most men meet a girl they really like, and they are often overwhelmed. It takes a long time to reply to a message, and it takes half an hour to edit and revise a message. Girls Ignoring him, it feels like the sky is falling, and the girl gives a little cheek, instantly happy to the sky. This seems to be some romantic scenes, but it only exists in the early stage of the ambiguous relationship between interesting couples. The cruel thing is that most people do not attract each other well. Instead, because the gains and losses are too heavy and nervous, the whole person will fall into an unhealthy situation. State, make some behaviors that lead to a decrease in attractiveness, resulting in a continuous decrease in attractiveness that is not high. ②The more you are afraid of losing your opponent, the more you will lose. Suffering from gains and losses in love, fear of losing each other, fear of being robbed, this state will give rise to a series of behaviors such as suspiciousness, distrust, checking mobile phones, deleting friends of the opposite sex, and not being allowed to participate in opposite sex occasions. The long-term development of the desire for control will inevitably arouse the other’s resentment. In the end, the more quarrels, the more the final result, naturally, the love is consumed by the lack of trust, and finally ends up without disease, and the other party is lost. The most terrifying thing is that people are still there, but love is gone. 2. The longer two people know the time, the smaller the chance of being together. If two people first met and did not attract each other, then the longer the time delay, the more difficult it will be to attract each other. Because the curve of attraction between people is a parabola. In the initial stage, everyone will show their best side and show a process at the same time, so from the front end, it is a process of attracting increase. This process has a commanding height, that is, the highest point of the parabola. After getting along for too long, their respective shortcomings are gradually exposed. The attraction gradually decreased, and it was lowered to the pass line in the opponent’s heart, and it was cold. Many people say, “The teacher had a good conversation with me before, but he suddenly ignored me these days.” That’s it. 3. The window period is connected to the previous article. When boys are pursuing girls, there is a “window period”, which is the stage from the beginning to the commanding heights mentioned above. At this stage, a girl may not expect your approach, ambiguity, or relationship escalation, but if you do, she will not resist or reject it. This is a stage that is very suitable for closer relationships. The “window period” has two characteristics. One is timeliness, which means that it is only a period of time. Generally speaking, a girl will not wait for you all the time. If you miss the window period, getting close to a girl will not give you a chance. Yes, so you must do what you need to do within a limited time, and say what you need to say. Because its second feature is “non-renewability”, that is to say, if you don’t grasp the time when the girl may give you the opportunity, then the window will be permanently closed or opened to others. 4. Girls must respond, and they must take the initiative to upgrade the relationship and connect to the article. “Respond well” is a notable feature of the window period. Love Xiaobai often makes two mistakes. One is kneeling and licking. Many girls have already complained about this. The second mistake I want to say is that many people don’t realize the mistakes they dare not when they respond well. Upgrade relationship. Love Xiaobai is often too cautious when approaching girls and too “good” men, so that the topic of conversation is never without eating, sleeping, or falling asleep. These are boring questions. Such “good” people are essentially counseling but often self-conscious. Xia Hui, Liu, dare not touch the ambiguous topics between men and women, even if the girls respond very well, they dare not open it, so that dull boys will eventually make girls feel bored. So there will be situations where we started talking well, but then didn’t respond to this situation, and we missed the window period. That’s how good people cards usually come, eh. 5. Seeing girls complaining about something is not to provide a solution. In the early days of love or in love, girls will complain, complain, or even swear. At that time, they are actually seeking a sense of identity with people close to them, not There is a solution. “Today I have to work overtime again, so annoying (´□`。)” What she was waiting for was definitely not “Go talk to your boss, see if you can get off work early”, this does not require you to say that she knows it, it’s like ” “Drink more hot water” is just as redundant and useless. The correct answer is “You’ve worked hard, baby, your boss is too much. Indeed, you worked overtime yesterday and today you are still working overtime. When the baby gets off work, I will take you to eat the xx you said last time, okay?” Similarly, when a girl swears in anger , You must not be reasonable, just follow the scolding. As for the truth, she may know or know that she is wrong, but emotionally, she just wants to vent her dissatisfaction. At this time, reasoning is tantamount to igniting the fire. If she is really wrong, you can make sense or propose a solution after her anger is gone. This is called moving first with emotion and then knowing reason. 6. Confession is not a clarion call for charge, but a promise-making ceremony. When I was still in love with Xiaobai a long time ago, I was misguided by TV dramas or movies, such as “Be brave to confess”, “Speak out loud if you love her”, etc., Zeng I once thought that the process of chasing girls was to like, chat, make appointments, confess, and be together. Later, I found out that the confession was more white, because girls often notice that boys are interesting to her at the first time, so boys do not need to tell them specifically. It’s just that many girls are good at pretending to be stupid, so boys believe it. Does this girl really don’t know that I like her? So confessed, died. If you confess too early, it is easy to give a girl a sense of oppression. If she confesses too early when she is not ready to accept you, it will give the girl a chance to refuse you, or a reminder. The only meaning of confession is to make sure that the girl is also interested in you and give the girl a sense of ritual together and a complementary promise. The previous ambiguous period was the process of getting together slowly. Above, I hope to inspire you

6 months ago

1. If you don’t want to return to you, you just don’t want to return to you. People who want to chat will have to talk about awkward chats. 2. I didn’t actively contact you very enthusiastically, just didn’t like you, so I don’t need to break the casserole to ask the end. 3. Be a friend, just verbally polite, don’t really provide help like a friend, everyone is very busy, and there is no time to gather with people who don’t have the next step. If you want to be a friend, it may not be the case. 4. When others make excuses, they must learn to let others down the stairs. It’s not easy to find an excuse. It’s really smart to see through. 5, don’t dig your heart out as soon as you come up. If someone says a few words, they will finish talking about the ideals of life and all kinds of plans. Interested people will be willing to talk to you slowly, and those who want to see you through are just looking at the product. 6. Like is an emotion, it is uncertain. First look at character, second look at attitude and sincerity. 7. Before the other party has any actual actions, any chat is nonsense. 8. Everyone is an adult. Adults need to take care of each other’s face. Don’t take some things too seriously. After all, marriage may be more difficult than blind dates. My opinions and suggestions on blind dates are that blind dates are indeed very purposeful (marriage for the purpose), but I cannot say with certainty that everyone is very utilitarian, and it is also a way for introverted friends to get to know others. Blind date too many times, you will doubt your life, make yourself unconfident, or the introducer is too unreliable (because they think that they have a rich family background is not bad), this time you can divert your attention, improve yourself, and believe in yourself

6 months ago

Of course, and more complicated than love! 1. There was a ridiculous blind date in the Martial Arts Biography: On Simpson’s so-called demeanor and ridiculous “patriotic” feelings, the great irony and practical significance of which are worthy of our pondering. A satirical drama in the martial arts rumor, a video of Simpson’s ridiculous “patriotic” sentiments in the ridiculous blind date. 56 Play 2. Be sure to pay attention to the original family, regardless of whether the man or the woman is due to some personality defects caused by the family itself. To give a few examples (remarks: there is no discrimination, just list them, just to understand better, slowly tolerate and match more suitable) ① Mabaonan, a buzzword on the Internet, refers to listening to mom’s words, always Men who think that mothers are right and mother-centered; also refer to children who are spoiled by their mothers. ②Helping the Devil is a behavior of sacrificing oneself, husband and even children to take care of the natal brothers. It is common in families that prefer sons to daughters. ③Phoenix man as a label refers to a man who has gathered the power of the whole family and has studied hard for more than ten years. He has finally become the “golden phoenix flying out of the mountain nest”, thus bringing hope to the transformation of a family. After they entered the city, most of the people they chose were those who had the same experience and worked hard, and some chose to be with girls in the city, but their different living habits and concepts would cause a lot of differences. ④The peacock girl The peacock girl, a Chinese term, refers to a rich girl who grew up in a big city and has never experienced strong winds and waves. 3. Maturity is very important. For girls, men who want to help themselves a lot with money are actually normal. Psychology says that “mature and rich men want young and beautiful girls” also reflects a kind of complementarity. In love and marriage relationships, people sometimes like people who are opposite to themselves in some respects. Buss (1989) researched 37 cultural groups and found that in heterosexual relationships, men like younger women, while women like older men (except Spain). Davis (1990) calls this phenomenon looks-for-status: men like young women because they are beautiful, and women like older men because they are mature and have status. Townsend and Levy (1990) used experiments to support this conclusion. They did find that among college students, as long as a man has status, he can attract women even if he is not beautiful; while women without status can still attract men as long as they look good. But this effect does not hold in reverse: it is impossible for women to compensate for their looks with their status or men to compensate for their status with their looks. (From social psychology) If you can’t be rich for the time being, you must first mature 4. If you don’t achieve AA, save money, why bother to be generous for a blind date that has broken down and sinks in the sand 5. Female doctors really can eat a little deficit. The first is the sense of oppression. If the other party is not as well-educated as you, they may not have a common language. And it can’t help you go further academically. The second is age. After finishing Ph.D., I’m already twenty-six. It is inevitable to suffer a little loss.

6 months ago

In fact, a true blind date is more reliable than a free love. In life, there are many people who find marriage after blind date. At first, we may feel that two people may not love each other and lack the basis for living together. However, as life progresses, we find that two people are in good harmony and it is indeed time to live together. In fact, blind dates generally introduce people whose income, family background, appearance, work, interests, ambitions, etc., are almost the same as their own. When a lot of people fall in love, they don’t consider the other person’s income, family background, job, interests, and ambitions. They only consider their appearance, language, and manners. When they talk about marriage, there will be various problems, which will eventually lead to separation. . Therefore, blind dates are more reliable than free love.

6 months ago

There are two unwritten rules here. The next one you can refer to is to try not to talk when you have a blind date with other people. Let him babble, leave without saying anything after the meal, before leaving, put on a sentence: “bbll has been so long, I haven’t seen a good word!” The second is to try not to talk when I am on a blind date. Come up and kiss me, take me for a walk, drive around, watch a movie after a meal, go back to your house for a cup of tea after watching a movie, don’t need to say too much in the middle, kiss me before you talk

6 months ago

The rural blind date has the most rules, and if you don’t pay attention, you will be planted; 1; you must have “eyesight”, and rural people especially value this. A little friend went to the woman’s house for a blind date, and knocked over a basin of water when he entered the door. As a result, she didn’t even see the girl, and she was called out by her father. Later, the matchmaker heard that the girl’s father deliberately put the pot of water in the door, depending on whether she could see it, (this show operation refreshed my three views, the rural routine is deep), and the buddy was kicked as soon as he entered the door. Now, even though I didn’t even see the girl, I still got in two boxes of cigarettes and one box of milk. (After a busy day at the construction site, I handed over a basin of water) 2. The first time the man went to the woman’s house, he had to carry things. Two packs of cigarettes, one bag of sugar and one box of milk were basic. Period, at least seven or eight in a day, a lot of money. (Not the girl’s parent, who is particularly wealthy during this period) It is not an exaggeration to say that the girl is a smoke tree. When things are put down, men and women just chat a few words in a hurry. I feel okay. I will make another appointment to go around the city. Of course, when the man spends money, he eats and buys clothes for the girl. Of course, the quality of the cigarettes you take, and the quality of things determine the first impression other than appearance. 3: The mouth must be sweet, and the courtesy must be present; the rural people are so lively, a blind date, and all the neighbors love to come and see, you don’t know which is the woman’s family or the relatives, uncles, uncles, and aunts, and which has a good relationship with the woman’s family, talk The weight is not heavy. There is an old man in the same village who has experienced a difficult blind date in nine and eighty-one. In the past few years, the blind date has cost tens of thousands of dollars. Finally, a woman has a good impression on him. The second time I met at home, I could have dinner and chat this time, but the first time I couldn’t eat. You must bring good cigarettes and wine. A great man came in during the meal. He was dressed very sloppy and had rich experience. No matter who he is, he must be courteous. The woman’s father said that this is the child and his uncle. In rural areas, they are all village folks, anyway, either uncle or uncle. Never thought that this was a pro-uncle. The old man might be coming, and he was a little fluttering. He took out Hongta Mountain from his pocket, shouted the uncle, and handed a piece of Hongta Mountain. He usually smoked Hongta Mountain, so he was in his pocket. The uncle took the cigarette and looked at Yuxi on the table. He nodded and left, and the tragedy came after he left. The old man returned home happily with wine, food and drink, thinking about going through so many blind dates, he was cautious everywhere, walking on thin ice, and now he is finally about to cultivate a positive result. I asked the girl if she would have time tomorrow to go to the city to buy a down jacket for the girl. The phone could not be answered. Ask the matchmaker, the matchmaker said, this matter is sloppy. Because the girl, her uncle is not optimistic about this old man, “I’m rude, look down on him as a poor man, give others good cigarettes, give yourself cheap cigarettes, look at yourself sloppy and look down on yourself. This is bad character! A niece can’t follow this. Snobbish living” The old man cried so fast that he drank some wine, it was the Hongta Mountain that he took out of his pocket. Unexpectedly, he was overwhelmed with thorns and thorns all the way, cautiously, and finally lost on a Hongta Mountain. Don’t feel incredible, rural blind dates are just like this. 4; The rise of the past two years requires a car! ! Many people don’t understand, many people in rural areas are clearly in bad conditions, so they don’t want to buy a car to save face. And it doesn’t happen many times a year, what’s the picture? The people in the city don’t understand. The older men in the countryside are basically because of bad conditions. Any boy who takes advantage of some money in the family gets married early. The leftover women have high-sightedness, and the car is just a starting condition. So many people borrow money to buy a car, and they are basically older leftover men. You can’t buy it, or you won’t even have a chance to date a blind date, okay? A car is like a stepping stone, otherwise you won’t be able to see each other. Isn’t this a vicious circle! Therefore, if you know that you are a fat person, you have to slap your face severely to make yourself look fatter. 5; Rural blind dates still have the concept of “ignorance”; how many people are there in your family? How many brothers? How is your parents? (In fact, it is to see if there is any burden in the family) How many people in the family, whether the family is a brother or a sister, whether the elderly still has the ability to make money They are all important unwritten rules! If there are older brothers and younger brothers in the family, 80% of them will be pornographic, because your family’s burden is too heavy. It is said that a marriage in the countryside takes one life, and the family has to take advantage of the number of brothers. How many lives can your family have to toss about! Glorious gift money can’t stand it. Marry a wife who tears down the east wall to make up the west wall, and the girl can have a good life in the past! The only child is the most popular, because there is only one son. In the future, the old man will earn his own property and no one will fight for it! The most important thing is such a family, in the future, the elderly can bring children. There are too many brothers, and I always fight for this. I have seen a woman who is the most overwhelming. The blind date, the engagement, and the bride price are all done, and he said cruel words before the marriage; what do you mean by “I will vent my anger at home”? Except for the young couple, old people, uncles, dogs and cats are not allowed to enter our yard! Dislike it! Have no idea! Then you have to marry, the bachelor really can’t lift his head in the village! But friends of that buddy, if you hit it, you won’t be with him, saying that he is marrying a wife and doesn’t want parents. The core is sour, only you know it! Hey. 6; “Usually you must handle the relationship in the village well, and you may kick your feet whenever you may.” This is very different from the city. A blind date in a city is where you work. If you have a house and a parking space, your parents have a pension. . In rural areas, there is an additional “inquiry about character” procedure; if the man and woman are satisfied after the meeting, the woman will go to the other village to inquire about the man’s situation. The general answer is, “The people are good, his family is real, and the people are very honest. Your girl won’t be wronged if you marry. Don’t worry, her family is really good.” The woman’s family is considered a reassurance. If you encounter something that you couldn’t deal with in the first place, it will be over and you will lose your meal. “His family, whose girl can match his family, the old and unreasonable, the famous scumbag, the child is not doing the job, changing jobs back and forth, and not earning money. It is bad luck for a girl to marry his family.” There is also a concise answer; “His house!” After speaking, he shook his head helplessly and left. In just three words, body language is better than speechlessness. The actor-level acting skills used his body to explain his family’s inexhaustible dilemma. This matter is also very difficult to achieve. Rural people live a face and have a bad human nature. They are afraid that girls will be blinded when they marry. This matter will also be dirty.

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Reply to your content, how likely is it that a poor boy who spoils you can make you happy? I think it’s not big! On the one hand, poor and lowly couples are sad, and when it comes to money, he will definitely not be able to spoil you. On the other hand, men are also very realistic. His so-called spoiling you, is it true or a means of choosing a spouse when you are at a disadvantage, and it is difficult for you to distinguish clearly. In addition, many women completely underestimate their material needs after their spiritual needs are met. After they enter marriage, they are somewhat eager to look forward to. Even if my husband is really good to myself, he may not be satisfied, but slowly starts to stare at other people’s bags, cars, houses, and chic life. In this regard, human nature is always difficult to withstand trials. There are too many examples in the first aspect, so I won’t give an example in the second aspect. For example, I have a cousin whose boyfriend treats her so well that everyone is amazed. The man cheats before getting engaged. In essence, this man’s scheming It’s quite deep, but it’s just a good way to capture my cousin, the only child with excellent conditions. The third aspect is to give an example of myself. I have a friend, and she has a boyfriend who has been with him for ten years. I can see that the relationship is really deep. But when I got married, I obviously felt that when things were mentioned, her eyes didn’t feel happy for me, and she couldn’t tell the envy and jealousy in her eyes. Now, she is about to talk about marriage and marrying, but she is afraid of marriage, but the material conditions are not up to standard. (My friend is a beautiful woman, and she can find material conditions at will. It is much better than her boyfriend.) Do you think I have said so much to support you to match with someone with financial strength through blind date? nonono I just want the girl on the blind date to think more about it, and to understand what I want. In the case of the two cannot have both, you can’t stand it if you don’t have it. Also, you must pay attention to it when you give up. When you choose the opportunity cost of material conditions, you get real love instead of getting on a thief ship under the guise of “true love.” One more sentence, if you choose the blind date, the honest person who has good financial strength but can’t make your heart beat, please love him more seriously.

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1. Blind dates are just a way to meet other people, and blind dates for people in small circles are a relatively good way to make friends. At the same time, the blind date introduced by your family and friends, your family background, knowledge, and salary are relatively matched, and the probability of encountering Aquaman will be much smaller. 2. Don’t ask too many material questions when you meet for the first time. If you are interested in the other person, you can slowly mention it after further contact. The reason is simple. The other person agrees to your question because of the emotional foundation. It is very difficult to get a car and house for a meeting. 3. The purpose of a blind date is to meet, not to let you fall in love with a certain person. Blind dates should never be a channel for love, but a way to expand social interaction, but it is named “blind date.” No one has ever stipulated that if you know a boy on a blind date, you must fall in love with him. 4. Chat is the main communication method for blind dates. When you are going on a blind date with someone, your attitude is very important. Don’t keep playing with your phone because you feel embarrassed. This will make the other person feel that you don’t respect him. The purpose of chatting is to understand whether the three views of the other party are compatible with oneself, which is a good screening method. 5. It is very important to be in good position. Marriage is not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families. It is the experience summed up over the years, which can avoid many problems after marriage. Dreams of achieving class transition through marriage are all spring and autumn dreams. After marriage, life can suffocate you and your family to death, and you have to suffer humiliation, intentionally or unintentionally, all the time. 6. Once you feel that the other party is not suitable for you, please act decisively. Blind dates are, after all, all kinds of people, some with outstanding achievements, some with rich material, and some with top-notch character. But it has been emphasized again and again, it must be the outstanding shining point of the other party. Then the trivial and ordinary behind the shining points, ask yourself, is it acceptable? Can you not care too much for a long time? If you can, then you might as well try to get in touch more deeply. If you don’t think you can’t, don’t paralyze and drag yourself. 7. There are universal differences in thinking between men and women. Active communication can be avoided as much as possible, but we must also prepare for this objective difference in our minds. Giving understanding, accepting differences, and maintaining communication are the keys. 8. Treat people with sincerity, neither humble nor overbearing. Learn to let go, but don’t lose dignity. If you are satisfied with the other party, be enthusiastic and proactive. This is especially true for girls who feel that the other party is not bad. Let alone women chasing men, at least keep positive feedback to the other party. Respond to messages in time, chat with beginning and end, and appointments on time. Being reserved does not mean being too cold to put on airs, please distinguish correctly. Cultivating feelings is a mutual affair, and it requires both parties to work together, instead of one party desperately chasing and the other party motionless, or even running two steps in the opposite direction to fly a kite. 9. Girls shouldn’t just let boys pay when dating, but don’t want AA either. In the eyes of most boys, AA is about drawing a line, and they don’t want to make the relationship close. Boys can invite dinner, girls can buy movie tickets or milk tea, or both parties can invite each other at a time. However, it is not stubborn to treat people as ATMs for walking, which is a very low price and points, and the market’s cheeks are beyond words. 10. Don’t hang on a tree before confirming the relationship. This is not inconsistent with “don’t hang the spare tire”. No one is indispensable. A blind date is just a way to meet singles of the opposite sex. Don’t give yourself too many psychological hints. If you don’t marry/get married, everything will come naturally. Get along well if you fit, and change your goals if you don’t. Of course, after confirming the relationship, please stay focused, at least the beginning and the end. Only maintain one relationship at a time, not two boats.

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