Metal materials bo four one. Frankly speaking, the undergraduate course is the initial adjustment of materials. I believe most people should be like this. Who can explain clearly what materials science and engineering are when filling in majors in the third and fourth tiers… Knowing something, wishful thinking that this thing can send rockets to the sky, make the train run more happily, and greatly benefit mankind. Thinking about it, I am a little excited. By the way, with the enthusiasm for realizing some self-worth, I read the literature conscientiously, and did experiments steadily. After turning to the blog, I once thought that I liked this all-encompassing subject very much, and even wrote anti-persuade posts. I never considered undergraduate from beginning to end. After the master’s degree, I look for a job directly. What kind of jokes are there? Now let’s look at this question again, slap her face. The current conclusion: from any consideration, there is no reservation to dismiss the materials (it is good to study a material undergraduate, and it is enough to have a perceptual understanding of the material world, I advise you to change careers quickly, the price is too low). In the field of traditional metal materials, I think I can do it well, and the article is more than enough to graduate. But in the last year, the closer I get to finding a job, the more I think I will be alive. In China, it is very likely that I will not be satisfied with scientific research and materials. For a long time, under the guidance of the article-oriented evaluation system, the field of materials has been highly saturated, and by the way it has completely deviated, becoming the ultimate cemetery of other science and engineering disciplines. In the end, the field of physics and chemistry will basically become the material. I don’t mention functional materials. I have been working on structural materials myself. The micron equiaxed crystals that most people know about n years ago are close to the mechanical performance limit within the practical range. With surface strengthening, it basically solves the problem. Most engineering application problems. As a result, all articles now focus on the pursuit of trade-off breaking, fancy nanoization, gradientization, and long-term hotness (irrigation) of amorphous high-entropy. These rather mysterious results have become the mainstream source of high-level journals, the main promotion tool for junior researchers, and they have squeezed most of the academic space. It is true that the current article is still the most fair evaluation standard, and there is no lack of creativity and inspiration in these results, but in the past two years I have completely lost the fun of reading the literature at the beginning. I am basically sure that most of the articles I read are of no practical value. It is said that we are studying materials of the 22nd century, and we simply cannot imagine the day when these results will be realized. The battery is similar in routine, but the impact factor has to be doubled, which is another problem. (Continued 1, September 2019) My TMD has just become Bo 5, and I will update it again. I don’t know if you understand it. At the beginning, there was no material specialty. Back then, it was called casting and forging welding, plus a heat treatment for deep-fried dough sticks. This kind of very honest WYSIWYG name will definitely not recruit any serious students in the 21st century, so it is all changed to materials majors. Of course, people’s rhetoric is to cover the non-organic, but I still firmly believe that this is to make students look better (some mechanics departments are renamed aerospace for the same reason). Later, my large materials continued to expand, rushing all the way in the direction of composite, energy, low-dimensional, and nanometers. At present, I am about to enter the quantum field, which is terrifying. I won’t mention it in the undergraduate course. There is basically no way to look at employment. What kind of school comes out and enters what kind of enterprise. Big metal steel mills dominate the manufacturing industry. Car companies are considered good, and interviews are basically not required. The common point must be that the local environment is poor. There are more options for master’s degree, and the salary is several thousand yuan higher. Most of them will change jobs within three years. Most of the ordinary doctors are looking for vacancies in each of the second or third schools. The Daniu family works in various first-line schools, and some of them go abroad to work. In short, no matter where you go, be obedient, petty bourgeoisie don’t have extravagant expectations. This point is actually the same on biochemical, environmental, machinery and civil engineering. Faintly pointing to a theory that struggle is useless… (Continued 2, May 2020) Yesterday (May 20) the defense passed (how can it be…), labor and management are finally going to graduate! Another year passed, and my thoughts changed a little. This epidemic made me think that the great empire is very promising. As long as the head is not crooked, the big socialist ship with Chinese characteristics can indeed ride the wind and waves. In the past year, I have been thinking more about materials major, including the treatment of master and doctoral degree and the choice of life path. My boss talked about one thing. After he was going to Europe in 1993 to do a Ph.D., the doctoral supervisor at the time advised him to stay at school. He showed the contract sent by the other party to the doctoral supervisor. The salary above was about 25,000 yuan. I let him go very happily. The boss’s Ph.D. advisor, as the top superalloy expert in China at the time, had a salary of only about 300 (orally not confirmed). This is the situation that year, and continuing to study has absolute cost-effectiveness in any aspect. Switching to my own personal experience now, both being a temporary worker, and counting the domestic social environment bonus, the absolute advantage of foreign post-doc salary has been nearly wiped out. In other words, in the current material field, there are few real shortcuts to advancement. Back to the material, the biggest feature of this school in the master stage is the low threshold. The current situation of the material itself is flooded, low practicality, scientific research only talks about the advantages without mentioning the defects, for students, the threshold is extremely low, all science and engineering, and even liberal arts can be transferred in (see music specialty students) Postgraduate entrance examination to materials). This, in turn, led to a very cheating result: it is difficult for students who learn materials to transfer out, and they have no stepping stone skills. The training program of materials science has been involved in all major fields of science and engineering, but it is basically a simple taste, only increased perceptual knowledge, and has not acquired any hard skills. It can be called “experienced” in engineering. In the field of social production with a high degree of division of labor, erudition has few tickets in most industries (the basics are extensive, and there may be some advantages in the later career). As far as the master’s degree is concerned, it is often only the few counterparts that the country-wide drawing is repeated. The above are all complaints, but if there are no accidents, I should have no chance or motivation to change careers. Because it was very illusory and hopeless, I found the fun of doing research again, to be precise, I found a sense of game, or a kind of cultivation. Although I still feel that what I have made is the material of the 22nd century, I will not complain about this anymore. The material provides a platform for creativity. Thinking of ideas, doing experiments, programming, and writing articles is just a kind of It’s just the way of work, and I really like this process, like a work of art. I don’t want to pretend to be 13, but I can’t help but say: Any kind of life definitely has gains and losses. Abandon all investment in those occupations or fields that seem to have a high rate of return, and let the work become a tool for making a living. As far as I can see, it will continue for 30 years. I suddenly feel that the future is not so worth looking forward to. From this point of view, from a long-term perspective, choose a direction that is not too bad and find a good tutor. At least for the Ph.D., I think it is very worthwhile, even if you are reading materials… (Continued 3, March 2021 20th) The friends I know have graduated and entered colleges or research institutes and started to live a life of fishing. Many of them have lain flat and gave up resistance. There is no graduation ceremony and no dinner. Online defense. I graduated quietly in June last year. I went abroad in August to experience a new part-time job life. I turned from a synchrotron radiation experimenter to a full-time rookie writing code and doing simulations, staring at one every day. Another deadline, the ups and downs of life are really exciting. Saying goodbye to my school days, I have been working for half a year, and I also started fishing. Let’s run a question today, let’s talk about what I have seen about the development of a doctor of material. The current overall feeling is: the wind direction is gradually changing, and going abroad may not be gold-plated, and there is a high probability that you will not be able to get contacts, but the domestic cattle group is rising, and the cost-effectiveness is getting higher and higher. The so-called cattle group are basically capable of producing large articles continuously and in batches. The boss is at the terminal of the field information flow. The idea has the first-mover advantage. The team also has the resources to train according to the model of manpower. When you are employed, there are disciples from all corners of the world. In contrast, individual research groups occasionally pile up something that can be written. It may be a little ironic that one of the main influences of Po Siwei on the rookie is that the backstage is becoming more and more important. It really means that you can do it or not. If you can’t, you can’t do it or not. The big boss’s hard push is still an out-and-out stepping stone. He sees no results and he enters the job, and he refuses to accept it. Fortunately, the current evaluation of professional titles still depends on the results, and the initial stage is mainly the paper. Although I’m basically sure I won’t change careers, I’m almost out of this area. I can’t see a project that can stabilize the top issue. I know I can’t make up five masterpieces in seven years, and I always think of it. Very lost. Finally, let’s talk about the typical. Some people around have already gone ashore or are destined to be easily pushed up. After careful consideration, these people have something in common: they are extremely active, and they are not pushed away by others, but lead others away (especially the boss). I really can’t find anything else in common, and there are counterexamples. Let’s start with the part of survivor deviation below, right for reference. Some people are very tolerant, stick to a difficult point (recognized as valuable) and can survive, with extremely clear goals (top issue), and will not start publishing articles until the fourth or even fifth year; some people have a particularly strong ability to seize opportunities , And luck, catching a car can drive Wuling Hongguang out of Lamborghini, and often change the car (I will give this man a capital suit when it is published); there is a comrade, from the beginning to the end, it will not make people feel It’s very powerful, but people can just publish good articles after a short period of time, and write a bunch of them step by step. Now it seems that they are basically not water. This kind of continuity is great, and the pace of scientific research is very stable; of course. , I have also encountered someone who can be called the “Three Views and Destroyed”, directly copying other people’s semi-finished products, copying the research group or even the nearby research group, and taking the last step first. The reputation is first come first served, and the reputation is infinite. There is no psychological burden, and he has his own set of survival logic. It’s too far off the topic, let’s talk about it later, let’s get a meal first.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I would like to point out two points in this answer, hoping that it will be helpful to those who are struggling with whether to be persuaded or not. 1. The object of persuasion is capable people. Take the cross-examination for postgraduate entrance exams as an example. Your first requirement is to spend less time at the same level as others or even better. Others have 4 years of undergraduate and 3 years of postgraduate, you only have the latter, and then you have to compete together. Especially in the case of the universe machine, the universe gold is fast, and it will test your hard power. Therefore, there is a threshold for changing careers. I hope that after seeing so many examples of the great gods above, you can combine your own reality well. Think about whether you have this ability. 2. The object of persuasion is poor and aspiring people. If you want to make your entire family rich and want to work hard, the materials can’t meet your needs at all. In this industry, whether it is academic or work, you have to learn a key skill-to be a jerk. If you have had an internship or research room experience, you should have experienced it all. I have to admit that there are not so many positive feedbacks in this discipline, and it is often a waste of will. Negative talk, if you want to be a bastard and don’t want to live in 996, you can have less money and a bit more locality. Then why can’t you choose the materials? As an example of people who persuade and counter-persuade, A is from a rural area. It’s his first time in the city for college. He usually doesn’t like to go out to play. The factory is an acceptable environment for him. The natives of B city He likes to go out and drink, do you want him to work in a remote area, is it tantamount to death? Maybe the example is a bit extreme. The difference between people is infinite. You may not be able to make others understand your thoughts, and you may not be able to understand other people’s thoughts at all. How you want to live is a problem for others, and more money and less money are subjective feelings. Going back to the question, I know that there are enough dry goods above to tell you that at this stage, the prospects of computers and finance are far superior to materials. Those who say that the materials are also well developed, I want to diss you: you have learned a little from the materials. There is no logical thinking ability. What we are talking about now is a ratio, not a case. Moreover, when you give a good example, I can always find a better example on the computer than you. So the key thing is that you need to have a plan to become a bastard, and you need a plan to change careers. The big taboo is to be indecisive every day and make no progress. In addition, the most painful person is working on materials but thinking about the industry every day. People who are going to finish but dare not change careers, so the facts are not important. What everyone needs is an explanation for themselves. This gives birth to the difference between persuasion and anti-persuasion.

6 months ago

The industrial part of this industry is capital-intensive. The manufacturing level either does not have much technical content, or its technology cannot be achieved through personal efforts. The former is therefore low in profit, and the salary of the practitioners is not high. The latter is highly profitable, but it is basically attributed to the fund owner. The R&D level is based on a lot of trial and error, plus labor intensive on the basis of capital intensive. The scientific research part of this industry is prestige intensive + capital intensive + labor intensive. The relationship between the three is that prestige is higher than capital and higher than labor. With fame, everything is there. But the key is that fame is not necessarily obtained through extraordinary wisdom, good character, and extraordinary efforts. It can also be obtained by holding the thigh. In view of the low cost and fast speed of this method, it has become the preferred method of most people. Moreover, the nature of the current materials research community is the media industry based on materials experiments. It is required to deeply dig out the hot spots in the experiment, and pursue innovation and high citation. On the contrary, practicality is regarded as rubbish. Of course, this line does not necessarily have to persuade. The key lies in the individual. The wages are stable and stable, or the scientific research circle is overwhelmed and skyrocketed. No matter who it is suitable for, it is not suitable for people who are down-to-earth, smart and honest.

6 months ago

I feel like I have a say, not only because I am studying for a Ph.D. in materials, but also because I almost became a PhD in computer science. 0. To dialectically look at the problem and persuade the dissemination of material and metamorphosis has always been the mainstream of Zhihu. According to my observation, an important reason is that the proportion of generalized programmers (it-related) in Zhihu is extremely high. If we put aside this layer of factors and look at it dialectically, it is actually very interesting. 1. What is the reason why it can make a lot of money? This is a question worth thinking about. Usually, people think that the reason for the high salary of this profession is booming in the market. So what caused the market boom? Looking deeper, it is the information itself. For society to function normally, there must be information exchange, and the faster and more effective the entire information exchange, the greater the value. From the beginning of the telegraph, the information-related industries have been following this law. Further down, if we go back to the source, it is that the party with the information advantage can better liberate the productivity and gain a competitive advantage. So it can be integrated with almost all physical industries, which is the so-called multiplier function. The huge profits brought about by this is the driving force for the development of IT-related industries. 2. The relationship between it and the physical industry I have just said, it is actually a multiplier of the physical industry, and it is not an exaggeration to call it a social catalyst. It can be compared to reactants and catalysts, although it is not very suitable. Therefore, I think it and the real industry are interdependent. Take Taobao, which is a lot of new examples. If the light industry can’t keep up with Taobao, will there be so many things to sell? If the logistics can’t keep up with Taobao, will it sell so well? Many people are talking about the Internet of Things and the fourth-generation industrial revolution. You must know that the Internet of Things also requires things to connect to the Internet, not just a network with algorithms. So, again, it and the physical industry are interdependent. It’s not a question of declining, but a relationship of declining. 3. Why is the salary of it now higher than that of most physical industries? Because compared to the physical industries, the IT category is a little farther away from market saturation. Similar to the j-shaped curve and the s-shaped curve in biology. 4. Is it worth it now? This is a difficult question to answer. I think we can consider the following from the following points: 4.1. The degree of talent saturation in the IT market must know that the traditional physical industry has been developed for many years, and the market has basically been Stable, the possibility of large fluctuations is very small. The inflow and outflow of talents has basically stabilized, and the competitive pressure has also stabilized. The it category is different. It has become popular and soon, the talent flow is far from stable. Not to mention anything else, look at the rate at which programmers retire on the market. In general, there can be a judgment. Compared with the massive influx of newcomers, retirement can be estimated by zero. what does that mean? This shows that if the IT market cannot expand the same or faster than the net increase in talent, it will inevitably become a red ocean. And I think it is now in the j-shaped curve, but sooner or later it will enter the s-shaped curve, and it may even be entering. Because the combination of it and the real industry can multiply the power, but limited by the level of technology and industrial strength, the growth of the real economy is limited, and the IT category is interdependent. Therefore, I personally judge that IT-related industries will eventually enter the red sea of ​​competition. As a result, programmers are reduced to similar levels of salary as other exploited people. 4.2 The time factor knows that most of the great gods have been mixed up, which means that they have already overturned n opponents and climbed to this position. The point is that they “already”. And you still haven’t started at all. The few years left in the middle means that at least millions of competitors (not necessarily more qualified) than you have the qualifications to participate in it. You must know that since 2010, the first compound of many universities is information. Of course it can also be subdivided in different directions, so I can’t say that there are millions of people in front of you and you enter the Red Sea, but this is one of the factors you need to consider. 4.3 Personal ability In terms of our materials, it does not mean that there are no high-paying materials. If you think you can excel, of course you should stay in the industry where you think you can dominate. Eating in any industry depends on ability. 5. The current status of materials is the Red Sea. Due to the poor integration of production, education and research in China, the dilemma faced by the industry is that there is a shortage of engineers who are closely related to industry, but there are a lot of scientists who are not very related to industry. It’s not that scientists are useless. Scientific problems depend on scientists, engineering problems depend on engineers, and production problems depend on workers. None of the three can be replaced. In general, I can provide you with a reference. The job for the Master of Materials Science (Beijing University of Science and Technology) graduated in January 2019 is about 8,000 a month and is not in Beijing. This is a general-level master’s degree. In 2018, there was an obvious improvement in salary (compared to 5,000 in 2016). It should be that the physical industry has improved after the blessing of it. In contrast, my other little partner (graduated with a master’s degree in 2017) switched to Huawei with an annual salary of only 12w. I know that many people will cite that it is much better, and the materials are much worse, but my chestnut is telling you that you can get a higher salary without retiring. 6. My view on future talents. In the next three months of training, it will become a history to be able to be a programmer and get a monthly salary xxx. Programmers will be divided into three categories: a. True technology category, people who master the core technology, this category of people is promoting the development of it. Whether these people are in it or in materials, those who can master the core technology are all gods. Salary, haha, at this step, still need to consider the issue of salaries? b. Interdisciplinary talents, such as materials engineers who understand computers or programmers who understand metallurgy. The Internet of Things is the general trend, and interdisciplinary talents are a must. In a sense, it will become the next English, and everyone in all industries can connect to it and it will be OK. So can you speak English? Even if not very fluent. c. Real code farmers generally correspond to the workers in the metallurgical system, the lowest-level employees, the entry barrier is low, and the remuneration will not be much better. Based on the above three classifications, I roughly think that the non-it category will also be divided into the corresponding three categories, namely, great gods, interdisciplinary talents and grassroots. Your choice depends on how you position yourself for the next 20 years. 7. My view of myself. I position myself as a second-rate (or third-rate, face-to-face) material scientific researcher who understands some it. I am actually quite interested in it, but I don’t want to use it as my job. I just want to use it to solve the problem of my main work. At first I thought I was a special case, but later I discovered that there are quite a few people just like me. I often go to github to find gadgets written by people similar to me to solve problems in material research, which is more reliable than Xiaomu Chong (face cover). So far, I am the only person in our group who uses mac and linux as the main system, writes notes and reports in the group with markdown. It also includes abandoning Origin to draw pictures in python, using matlab to do crystallographic calculations, porting a bunch of open source windows software to linux, and giving the cute girl a computer (to add, I am single). In addition, I want to attack one of the following open source Three Kingdoms decapitation file name is not case sensitive, do you know how long I changed the file name? Well, digress. It feels like this guy is just like English anyway. English talents were so popular 20 to 30 years ago, now, hehe. But if you can’t stand simultaneous interpretation, it’s too much money. In summary, blindly persuading and persuading to enter are both hooliganism. It depends on personal conditions and life plans. Just like someone who is confused by the reciprocal dot matrix, I would definitely not recommend him to the material research circle. It is also impractical to want to be a programmer with a few lines of code and an error. So, dear. You might as well find a sunny or sandy sky, or freeze to death in the afternoon, or during the day or midnight, when you can bake eggs on the road, and think about your life. If you’ve fallen into the pit, it’s even more pointless to complain about the world and others. After all, complaining can’t change the status quo. After all, there is no physical theory to support time travel. After all, most people who are willing to know and share experiences are either as idle as me. Either it has crawled out of the pit. Maybe everyone is in the pit, but someone has climbed a little higher and looks like they are on the mountain. Also add the question of why you insist on using mac and linux. In fact, the reason is very simple: Reason 1: Windows did not seem to support the longest path exceeding 255 characters before (cover your face, or I opened the way incorrectly?) And I have another habit of giving the folder very long, for the sake of conditioning such as this 20190301_stem_CuCrZr_tensile_20%_rt. You understand after a few levels of nesting. Anyway, obsessive-compulsive disorder is out of help. Reason 2: I bought a computer for the sake of cheapness without OS, and I don’t want to use pirated copies. Even on win, I have a genuine office and python drawing, basically there is no pirated software in the computer. The only one, ps, can’t really afford it, so I must make up for it when I have money. Reason 3: Because of frequent international exchanges, I don’t want to leave foreigners with a sense of disrespect for intellectual property rights. Although most people don’t care, I’ve really met people asking. Of course, it was strongly rejected by me. Reason 4: I also have a win computer to run professional software. In fact, since win10 supports more than 255 paths, my time on win is getting longer and longer. But win stays for a long time and always want to see if the sky outside of Windows is not. Reason 5: The most important thing is that the office Caiji computer runs on win7 and gets stuck in doubting life. My younger brother complained that “you can turn on the phone at 8 o’clock in the morning, and the mouse can only be moved after a meal.” Reason 6: I like multi-task switching and multi-window switching on mac, and magicmouse. Why do you want to press the shortcut key when you slide your finger? Well, I might be lazy and out of help. In addition, the linux toolchain is so good, it doesn’t accept rebuttal, hum. As for the problem of pretending to be force, it’s time to pass the age of pretending to be a Ph.D. Although I don’t do calculations, there are many people who do material calculations. Linux is not a rare OS. Regarding the issue of submission under linux, if there are students from the Linux party, you can also find out that many journals now support pdf submission, or wps docx. Because I found that many foreigners use Libreoffice by themselves.

6 months ago

How to walk in life should have its own position. In materials science, generally speaking, the path is fixed. The choices are as follows: plan to study for a Ph.D., and to engage in scientific research after the Ph.D. to enter colleges and universities, so please post carefully at the master’s level. Choose a research group that is short and fast, strive for two or more SCI papers for master’s degree, and try to be consistent with master’s and doctoral directions. Graduated with a Ph.D. to go abroad and return to China. Although the cycle is long, it is worthwhile. What you do during the period is very important. In this field that basically does not require IQ, all your performance is used to strive for a better and more advanced platform. The choice of direction must be combined with international hotspots, and remember. If you don’t study for a Ph.D., there are two situations. The group that is painful in publishing articles is generally good for jobs, such as materials control, such as welding, surface treatment, and so on. The group that publishes articles is generally not very good, because most of them are articles and boasting, and the integration with industry is too poor, no one can appreciate it, and it only depends on personal ability. In the case of a compromise, the lithium battery is not bad. If you don’t read a PhD, you don’t mix in this industry. Hurry up and run as far as you can. It is not recommended to drop out and learn computer knowledge by yourself. Either test for the teacher’s qualification certificate or test for civil servants. The choice still depends on your school. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you are better at computers and drop out. Materials majors are more nonsense scientific research papers, which are too far away from the industrial world and do not touch anything when they come out. The pain stems from this. Mobile phone code, think of what to write, forgive me. This is a green pepper, and give you some tips based on your own experience and the employment of graduates of the research group. It’s up to me to make the decision.

6 months ago

About one-third or even higher of the members of the domestic societies related to materials in Japan that I have participated in are corporate members. The higher the grade of the society, the more corporate members, and the more benefits, because there are more sponsorships. A lot of materials science is just technology development and not research and innovation. This kind of thing that depends on manpower and material resources should not be the research direction of the university. The persuasion of materials science actually reflects the weak research and development capabilities of our industry. Companies put all their hopes on universities, so students are used cheaply, but there is no way out after graduation. Companies like AI are also competing to participate in academic disciplines, do you think there is any persuasion to withdraw? Reminiscent of the topic about the Nobel Prize in Japan, many people say that the Nobel Prize is lagging. Now China has surpassed Japan in terms of scientific research funding input and output. Therefore, China has surpassed Japan in the next 20 to 30 years. Receiving the Nobel Prize is a matter of course. Do not deny the existence of this possibility. It’s just that when I listened to the talks of the leaders of the Japanese society, when the society was opened during the bubble period, there was a situation where all the graduates delivered at certain venues were directly contracted by the big companies. This situation is also reflected in reverse. At that time, the graduates who did not find a job and stayed at the school were really keen on scientific research (in that period, many PhD students retired halfway through, and then returned to the school to become a professor). This is probably the biggest legacy left to Japan’s scientific research during the bubble period. A few days ago, someone asked how the Japanese material industry’s income is? I checked and found that there are about 150 material companies in Japan, with an average annual income of about 6.5 million yen (400,000 RMB), but for major companies such as Shin-Etsu, Mitsui, Toray, etc., more than 8 million are properly collected. Japanese Yen (500,000 RMB). The older these companies are, the higher their income. Do you know why there is a shortage of IT talents in Japan? !

6 months ago

You are a polymer material anyway. My university is also a school of materials, what materials do you ask? wood! (I actually learned from the comment section that our professional materials are also polymer composite materials). It is everywhere in the world. It has been used for thousands of years from ancient times to the present, and it has been used as firewood from the young to the young. Who can believe my professional name is woodworker? Original full name, Wood Science and Engineering! Science is science, but it is called woodworking in short! Tiantian was cold-eyed and ridiculed, and only dealt with wood in class. Teach you that wood is dry and easy to crack. I use you to teach? ! Observe that the pine trees do not fall leaves in winter. I’ve seen it so long ago! Today I will play with a saw and tomorrow with a hammer. The day after tomorrow the cutting board factory will chop wood. I clearly remember that I was 985211, and I collapsed next to Beijing Tsinghua University. There are thousands of types of wood that no one knows. Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania are worse than Antarctica. The rain forests on the plateaus in the mountains are still in the water! Red, yellow, white, black, green, and purple! The texture is like mountains, water, concentric circles and grimacing faces! I definitely know more about the words next to the wooden word than you. These are all trees. The more carefree the professional, the less heartless, and I heard that there was a wood called Sapele who laughed wildly in the classroom. Burning wood to measure burning, steaming wood to measure water content, cutting wood to measure performance, and folding wood to measure stress. It seems to be playing, but it is actually playing. Although now I can only make a living in Zhihu and talk about furniture and wood. In the next few decades, everyone will be inseparable from furniture and wood. The future is also inseparable from polymers, although I don’t understand what polymers do. Haha, but you have to have confidence, like I have learned wood for 4 years, and I am not afraid of how the society changes. This is the state of mind. Someone asked about our professional employment. Let me add some. When we graduated, the career counselor talked to us earnestly and earnestly. You guys, the scope of employment after graduation is very broad, so don’t worry too much. For example, examination of civil servants. (Broad is broad, I suspect that those who are not good at employment are recommended to take civil service exams) For example. You can continue your studies, and we can continue to work hard with graduate students and doctors in our majors. If you continue to study, you will become a wooden person. For example, you can plant trees for afforestation, oh no, that’s from the Forestry College, you can’t. Co-authored we have studied wood for four years, can’t plant a tree? ? But you can chop trees, transport wood, and sell wood, which is related to your profession. But looking back, it turns out that this person is the most involved. For example, my wife sells wood. And there are people who chop wood. They do better and more relaxed tasks than bald heads, not much. Of course, there is also a general direction of employment, which is wood processing. There are so many processing factories across the country, furniture and decoration. Everyone needs wood. You can try it. Finally, looking at this a little more decent, I entered the furniture design industry, and of course I cannot avoid spending two years in the factory. Haha, it’s the last struggle. I’ll talk to you about furniture design later.

6 months ago

“Cai Lang” a speech dedicated to a new generation of material people, those who keep saying that one session is not as good as one session, should look at you, just like me. I look at you with envy. Seniors have accumulated a set of exercises for more than ten years, which is like a gift specially prepared for you. Organic, materialized, advanced, materialized, and material-based, the teacher’s test center for each class is opened layer by layer, and you can recite to your heart’s content. Learn a computer language freely, learn a cooking skill in the laboratory, appreciate an experiment report copied by a classmate, and go to the back of the dormitory for metalworking practice. For many material students, you have been freely exploring your own way of life since you enrolled. Many people are in their twenties and they have entered the age of not being confused. They are not confused about what needs to be tested and what is not tested. You can make tens of thousands of comrades-in-arms who will bury your youth together with only the same major. You have the right that we once dreamed of, the right to graduate and go to the factory. The water class you take is your life! You are fortunate enough to meet such materials, and the materials are even more fortunate to meet you like this! I look at you with respect. Pay tribute to your attitude of memorizing the question book. You are turning Beethoven into memorizing more points, turning the scribble into Nirvana, turning the experiment into copying reports, charging the desk lamp, and going all night to recite questions. You have turned your scientific research into a career of cooking with thousands of people! To pay tribute to your fullness, a weak lecturer will earn 58 points for seeking truth from facts. Professor with a strong heart, Juan Nian 15 is not stingy to pass. Salute to your courage, the villain crosses the CS test, the gentleman is determined to cook, and will not look back after the blog! A younger body is more resistant to the roar of the boiler and the oily smoke of fried materials! One day I finally discovered that not only are we teaching you how to recite the questions, but you are also showing us how to make up to 60 more cleverly for students. Those who complain about material learning pits should look at you, just like me. I look at you and I am very grateful. You are more competent in liberal arts than science, because all the science and engineering subjects like to work hard to memorize questions are your young people who study materials! You have reports in your hand to copy, and in your head there are noun explanations to memorize. We don’t need to imagine your future, your future, shouldn’t be imagined by those of us who don’t know how to recite questions. If you still need our blessings, then recite the question! Material waves! You are in the same river running towards the factory! I copied the report and memorized the question book with the members of the whole institute. 1⃣ ️I didn’t expect that the jokes made up by hand unexpectedly received everyone’s favor. Thank you for your likes! I want to reply to the reprinting questions here, and I will not reply one by one in private messages afterwards: if you want to reprint to other social media, just attach the original link, thank you for your support! 2⃣ ️Answer the questions that everyone (Mengxin) asks more in the comment area and private messages, ask: What does it mean to stir-fry? Answer: Stir-fry, as the name implies, is to stir-fry the vegetables in the pot. But why is material science research compared to cooking? Because the material science research that does not start from the mathematical point of view is the same as cooking!

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Let me first explain my intention, my real name opposes @purrchun’s answer, and I will briefly talk about the points he mentioned below. Section by section. The first paragraph: The society is so impetuous that young people think that no money = no everything. First of all, there is at least life without money, not without everything. The impetuous society is because the status of money is too high, which means that the society in China has been impetuous since the reform and opening up, and societies in Europe and the United States have also been impetuous, right? Second paragraph: Since you explained to that person that it might be just ridicule and not the original intention, why can it be used as an argument to support the argument that young people are eager to make big money? Of course, this argument is not wrong at all. Let’s put it this way, not only young people, but everyone is like this and want to make a lot of money. Take materials as an example. Those professors who are engaged in scientific research don’t want to transfer results? Start a business? Don’t want to make money? Is it because this achievement can help the common people after it is transformed into an industry? funny. My brother-in-law is a venture capitalist, and the professors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are begging for investment everywhere to make money. The third paragraph: Who said that cs is the only choice for material people to change direction? You said it. Finance + computers are the best, and consulting, sales, and education are the next steps. The fourth paragraph: I can only tell you that the salary in this industry is indeed not good. If you spray your own professionalism, it is not ruled out that there is emotional language in it, but the general facts must be listed. It must also be objective. Can someone from cs really maintain an objective evaluation of the material? Brother, by comparison, can you make an objective evaluation of CS and finance? Please tell me. The fifth paragraph: medical law, politics and education. Brother, you really live in an ivory tower. Doctors, lawyers, and teachers are poorly paid? Civil servants don’t know much about it. My classmates and friends have a bunch of these three professions, undergraduate nurses have one hundred thousand a year, let alone doctors; but when public school teachers open a cram school during the winter and summer vacations, tens of thousands will get it, brother. What are you thinking Have you ever looked for a job? A graduate student of materials science, I have 1,000 people from my own school. After the first year of working in this industry, I have a surname of 15W. There is no room for development. 30W is the ceiling of the industry. (Reminded by the comment area, revise the annual salary after tax) Paragraph 6: Feelings, right? If you learn materials full of feelings and full of love, I am absolutely devoted to you, but I will never say to you: “What do you do with this? Use it without making money.” I only say that I hope you can keep your feelings for 20 years and be a vigorous young man for a lifetime. Then I absolutely admire you, and I am sincere and sincere. The seventh paragraph: In fact, with the meaning of the above, if you really have these feelings, then you go on and stick to it. Twenty years later, I apologize to you. The eighth paragraph: Then your tutor is really good, then do you know how many bad tutors exist in colleges and universities? One group meeting a semester, the meeting reports that the PPT students have made, and ask the students if they don’t understand. You are a survivor, but do you know how many people are under the leadership of the Kengbi teacher? What we discuss is always a matter of high probability, and we will talk about it as a whole. The ninth paragraph: The opponent is never a student of material science. It will always be yourself. You may want to escape because of the boring life of the laboratory and the lack of money. This is what you have to face. , The opponent you do that research will always be yourself, alright. Good Luck. The tenth paragraph: This paragraph should be the one I most agree with. The problem is that every person who jumped out is absolutely fully researched and understood, do you know? As long as the probability of success in this industry is higher, the probability of good results in experiments is higher. Good mentors have more people like your mentors, the industrial chain is more developed, and the salary is higher. However, other industries are successful in Internet finance. The probability is so low. The annual salary of the second majors of these two majors is as low as one or two hundred thousand. We will not jump out. Really think that giving up four years, seven years and ten years of study is so easy to give up? The eleventh paragraph: Don’t look at this joy, really think about why there are so many people persuading you to leave. I personally understand how people who have been in the materials industry for ten years say what people in the Internet finance industry are like. How, what about medical law and politics? Reading the post of persuasion is definitely to stimulate your desire to explore why others have such a statement, and then compare what you have said to us based on the facts you have explored to see if it is correct? The twelfth paragraph: Eleven, hey, brother, let’s take a look at the reality. Eleven also had the idea of ​​switching to cs, brother. Hey. The thirteenth paragraph: the second agreeable paragraph. After reading it, you can decide whether to accept it or not. The fourteenth paragraph: the third agreement. Show the facts that we can communicate friendly, don’t spray others.

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I really don’t understand. Are there so many posts on Zhihu that are not clear enough? Do you feel that you are in a special situation? Doesn’t belong to the hard-to-force group? What’s the point of receiving similar invitations to answer this question all day? Looking for one or two answers that still stick to the materials industry to satisfy your fluke? Or is it to let everyone hammer the drum again to strengthen their determination to change careers?

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Not necessarily back. Most majors and research directions in materials, biology, and chemistry are “physical-intensive” brick-moving subjects, which have unified advantages: low entry barriers, low qualification requirements, and easy going abroad. To be alive is to have an X number in your heart to see if you can use these three advantages to successfully push your life to the next step. If you plan to go abroad by studying, then immigrate. The materials are still good. Because foreign countries are also engaged in pseudo-metabolism, and brick workers are needed; and natives don’t like to study this kind of boring and poorly prospective major, so more Chinese and Indians are recruited. In other words, you can use the material major as a springboard for you to emigrate abroad. As for whether you want to switch to CS, marry a foreigner, or learn foreign languages ​​and practice as a foreign white-collar worker, it depends on each individual’s ability. Especially for some people, immigrants need steel but no money, such as some LGBT international students who are active on Zhihushang. In addition, especially if you go to some engineering materials majors, judging from the training plans of various colleges and universities, it is the kind that does not require very high qualifications. In fact, there are relatively few hard courses such as mathematics and physics, and the requirements are relatively low. For those with average IQ People are more friendly. Not to mention that in slightly better schools, there are a lot of places for moving brick majors. Even if you are unfortunate enough to go to a second college entrance examination, it is not easy to get a postgraduate entrance exam. It is convenient for you to study a major in materials. For some people, graduate school is just needed, and the family needs this degree to arrange household registration, arrange work, and arrange blind dates. It is also easy to read materials, which is easy for further studies, and it is also easy to read two books, or even to counterattack the junior college, and even rely on materials majors to finally go to 985 to become a professor. Anyway, life lies in knowing how many catties you have before making a choice. It’s useless to blame yourself. If your ambition is not there or you don’t need to rely on materials major to go abroad and the second counterattack, and you still have a bit of pursuit of material, then materials major is a pit, and it is okay. If you enter this pit, if you don’t work hard to make up, the foundation of mathematics and computer science as a science student can only be incomplete, and you won’t be able to do anything except move bricks. Because the industry has already far exceeded demand and the competition is fierce; in the end, even if you come from Tsinghua University, it is very difficult to find a high-paying professional position in a big city with bright development prospects.

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