On April 8, local time, Twitter officially announced that the “Milk Tea Alliance” has developed into a “global democratic movement”. To celebrate its first anniversary, Twitter has specially designed an exclusive emoji. As long as the tweets are tagged in Chinese, English, Thai, Korean and several other Asian languages, this exclusive emoji will appear.

It can be seen that the background of the emoji is composed of three colors. This is actually the “tricolor flag” of the “Milk Tea Alliance”, which is derived from the different soup colors of Taiwan milk tea, Hong Kong milk, and Thai milk tea.

Speaking of this organization, we must start in April last year. At that time, the girlfriend of the actor in a Thai drama caused dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens for making “Taiwan independence” remarks. Netizens in China and Thailand subsequently had some quarrels. Almost at the same time, a large number of arguments involving “Taiwan independence” and the new crown pneumonia conspiracy theory suddenly appeared, causing the two sides to quarrel more intensely.

This has been hyped up by some media on the island, and Huang Zhifeng and other rioters in Hong Kong also took the opportunity to “touch porcelain” and tried to provoke it. Since then, a “milk tea alliance” composed of “Taiwan independence” elements and Hong Kong chaos elements and some Thais has appeared.

The organization is active on social media, and some young people use this banner to maliciously criticize China on the Internet. In March this year, this cup of “poisoned milk tea” also flowed to Myanmar. At that time, many Chinese companies in Myanmar were beaten, smashed, looted and burned by lawbreakers. Many experts believed that behind this was the instigation of the “Milk Tea Alliance”.

On the 8th, Twitter also specifically announced that in the past year, the “Milk Tea Alliance” had been used more than 11 million times on Twitter. After the “coup” in Myanmar in February this year, the usage of this term soared again.

Of course, Huang Zhifeng did not let go of this opportunity for speculation. He tweeted to declare that he would “always be united, no matter how difficult the times are.” The English and Chinese version of hashtags are also attached to the tweet.

Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Art, has been following the trend of the “Milk Tea Alliance”. He once said bluntly that this so-called “Milk Tea Alliance” is the “color revolution” and “Arab Spring” that raged in Eastern Europe, West Asia, and North Africa in the past few years. Behind this new form is the direct manipulation of the US intelligence services.

On April 8, when asked by a Bloomberg reporter about Twitter’s move, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, responded that this so-called organization has always held an anti-China stance and is full of prejudice against China. China firmly opposes this.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Since making a logo can promote democracy, I will give Twitter some suggestions for promoting global democracy: 1. The British democratic movement: use British fish and chips as the logo to create an expression to support the people’s democracy in Ireland, Wales, and England. movement. 2. American Democracy Movement: Use the American one dollar fried chicken as the logo to create an expression to support the people’s democratic movement in Texas and California. 3. American Democracy Movement: Unblock Chuanbao’s Twitter account and use the red neck Maga created an emoji for the logo to express Twitter’s great contribution to freedom of speech. 4. The Japanese Democratic Movement: Use Japan’s nuclear waste water as a logo to create an expression to express protests against Japan’s random discharge of nuclear waste water. Foreign anti-China forces can no longer do new things, and they can only use this way to show that they have not given up. We just need to develop ourselves, and responding to this kind of bad life really reduces our identity.

6 months ago

This is a popular science article on garbage classification. Let us understand the whole story of the Milk Tea Alliance and its past sins. In April 2020, Thai actor Bright publicly supported Hong Kong independence on Twitter, and his girlfriend’s statement that the new crown virus originated in Wuhan was also picked up by netizens, which directly triggered a curse war between China and Thailand. During the match, Thai netizens openly supported the star girlfriend, and many separatists in Taiwan and Hong Kong also joined the scolding war and were extremely active. When the Chinese Embassy in Thailand issued a statement trying to quell the conflict, the separatists in Taiwan and Hong Kong attempted to take advantage of the chaos and united some Thai cyber mobs to announce the establishment of the “Milk Tea Alliance” based on “the three places love milk tea”. Facebook user “Milk Tea Popular Science” posted a picture on the same day. In the picture, anthropomorphic representatives of the three places held up their own distinctive milk tea, indicating the establishment of the Milk Tea Alliance. Later, some netizens created the “Milk Tea Alliance” flag in the picture below based on the shades of milk tea in the three places. From left to right, the flags represent Thai milk tea in Thailand, stocking milk tea in Hong Kong, and bubble milk tea in Taiwan. The British “Daily Telegraph” reported the incident and claimed that it was “a rare moment of unity in the region.” . At the beginning of the establishment of the Milk Tea Alliance, some Hong Kong and Taiwan separatists joined some foreign forces to engage in subversion and separatist activities in the name of milk tea as a regional anti-China organization. Later, with the participation of more than ten countries including Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, and Australia, it gradually expanded into an international anti-China alliance. Map of the Milk Tea Alliance Afterwards, the Milk Tea Alliance became active in the international arena. Not only did it issue a number of separatist and war-citing remarks, but it also carried out a series of activities that endangered the country. In addition, many anti-China media and Taiwan’s dark green media have given public opinion support to the Milk Tea Alliance. In May 2020, two lawmakers from India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party publicly congratulated Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Qingde on being elected as the governor and vice governor of Taiwan. Taiwan’s “Digital Diplomacy Association” produced a “Taiwan-India Milk Tea Alliance Map” for this purpose. During the border conflict between India, the Indian media “Independent Magazine” cited the picture as the cover and reported on it, blatantly provoking the “One China Principle.” At the same time, the Hong Kong forum LIHKG released a picture of Rama Fighting with the Dragon, with the text “We conquer. We kill”, which means that we can join forces to repel China. The picture was later reprinted in the English version of “Taiwan Daily”. In July 2020, a new round of demonstrations broke out in Thailand. In August, a Thai demonstrator held up a slogan “We will fight against the dictatorship together because we are the milk tea alliance” on the streets, announcing their solidarity with the Hong Kong riots. On the other hand, veteran Hong Kong independence activist Huang Zhifeng also supported the Thai demonstration on social networks and used the hashtag “#奶茶联盟”. At the same time, the Mekong River Commission issued a report in August showing that the water volume of the lower Mekong River reached a new low. Thai netizens attributed it to “the ecological imbalance caused by China’s construction of dams upstream.” The then U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo gave his support. , “Milk Tea Alliance” also immediately used the relevant label, saying that “Hong Kong is also being bullied by the mainland.” In September 2020, the movie “Mulan” was released. Because the starring Liu Yifei publicly expressed support for the Hong Kong police, Huang Zhifeng posted on Twitter. Initiating a boycott of the movie, many netizens in Taiwan, Thailand and other places have reposted the “#BoycottMulan” hashtag. A Thai netizen wrote that the role of Hua Mulan has always given the feeling of hero, courage, and sacrifice, but the protagonist of this movie “only speaks for police violence.” In contrast, Zhou Ting (Huang’s comrade) is more in line with Hua Mulan’s. Image. In February 2021, a military coup broke out in Myanmar. Thai rioters supported the demonstrators in Myanmar. Thai artist Vitaya Veroy drew an illustration with milk tea with flags of Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Myanmar. The cup appeared under the big characters “Milk Tea Alliance”. On April 8, 2021, Twitter used its official account to announce the design of emoji for the Milk Tea Alliance to celebrate its first anniversary. Well-known anti-China media, Voice of America, Voice of Germany, and some state media, such as Agence France-Presse, cited a large number of anti-China scholars (mostly Thailand), Hong Kong independence (Luo Guancong), and Taiwan independence elements (Taiwan’s foreign affairs department) to support them. And solidarity. Finally, imitating the tone of the official media, I wrote a short comment: the sweet and delicious milk tea was used by people with bad intentions, and it became a banner of uniting lawless elements. Under this banner, they do evil and act for the tiger, not only endangering the people, but also trying to split the country, but they don’t know how the power of the ants can resist the surging rivers of the people, and how the ripples of the shallow ponds can cover the turbulent waves of the patriots. History tells us that the unity of the Chinese people is unbreakable, and the inherent indestructibility of Chinese territory. The ups and downs of some jumping clowns cannot change all of this. On the contrary, they are the laughing stock of history. Time will prove that the Chinese people have made the right choice, and we have been speaking with our strength. I would also like to advise them here that the poisoned milk tea that harms compatriots cannot be drunk or touched, and it is not too late. Let go of prejudice and turn back to the shore. It may not be too late.

6 months ago

The United States has reached its most dangerous time. First of all, this milk tea alliance felt like a foodie club at first. It was not lethal. I don’t know how other people reacted. When I heard that this alliance is an anti-Chinese alliance, my inner reaction was “Oh”. If I heard this before, I would feel “Wow, there are new enemies!” Now it’s just a bit boring. I don’t know if other people also feel that after the National Security Act, Hong Kong’s problem is basically a foregone conclusion. In Hong Kong, there is no more articles to do, so Western countries will discuss the Xinjiang issue. The matter in Xinjiang is still following the flicking route of the last century. The statements of Saudi Arabia and Iran have left the United States unable to play any tricks. The battle will not be fought, and there is no update now. OK, Harris said at the press conference: We have been fighting for oil for so many years, and now we have to fight for water! When this sentence was said, we did not have much reaction. You must know that this is the American leader who personally admitted that she was invading other countries for oil. In the past, she still used dignified freedom and human rights as an excuse. Now that she admits it herself, we don’t seem to have much reaction. The American media didn’t pay much attention to this matter either. Look at this milk tea alliance again. Hong Kong has nowhere to start, so Xinjiang is chosen. Now Xinjiang can’t get anything out of it, so let’s talk about Hong Kong. Combining the above paragraph to fight for oil, it can be felt that the current problem in the United States is not about being criticized for bewildering and bewildering, but that the United States is cooking cold rice and publicly admitting that it is a sand sculpture, and no one wants to take care of it. This kind of phenomenon is known as overkill in the domestic internet community. There are no hot spots on Twitter, and the usage of hash tags is 11 million. Perhaps it is also because there are fewer people in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are various signs that the U.S. public opinion war has used all the tactics that can be used, and the traffic has gone to China. After Trump stepped down, the U.S. has no traffic cafes, and the level of cafes has plummeted. More than a month. The encirclement and suppression of China has reached a bottleneck stage in terms of public opinion and economy, and even the physical threat has changed from the “Eight-Power Allied Forces” to the current Five-Power Allied Forces. Among them, there are more than one less than one. India. Lonely as snow. And the US anti-China network social media represented by the anti-China APP like Twitter used this kind of public opinion warfare method of war mobilization to pressure China. After a long time, China is not only okay, but business is getting bigger and bigger. , So after shouting for so long, a new cognition will be formed: I heard that the more anti-China, the more moist China is? Then it will become a kind of stalk similar to Wang Feng’s headlines. When he sees that the United States and its minions are going to do something, the first reaction is to go to the Chinese news to see if there are any major discoveries or scientific research achievements in China. Kind of. Whether it’s the Milk Tea Alliance, the Soy Milk Alliance, or the Yogurt Alliance, the world is saying to the United States: Hey, you are restricted.

6 months ago

Since most of the normal people live on the wall, there are two types of people who have been organized to attack the “war of public opinion” on the Internet: traffic star fans and “patriotic netizens” such as Diba. There are two types of Chinese on Twitter that discredit the image of Chinese people the most. One is Taiwanese who are bad, high-level black, and black every time. In recent years, Hong Kong people have been added due to well-known reasons. The other is stupid, low-level red, that is D8 and his like. In the Sino-Thai scolding battle last year, it was the D8 group that represented the Chinese side. The main combat method was also the only thing they were good at: scolding, swiping Nmsl, and even swiping a proper noun Nmslese for themselves. In the past, they were all cyber-explosive individuals, and they could conquer with one enemy in ten thousand. As a result, there was a hard time this time. Through the mediation of a Taiwanese netizen, what was originally just a Thai celebrity girlfriend’s Taiwanese remarks developed into a confrontation between the D8 and the three fingers, and Taiqing suddenly mobilized. Unlike D8’s full member Zuan, Thai netizens mostly use self-deprecating and ironic methods, humorous and humorous, and I don’t know where the level is. For example, China scolded you for having no mothers, and Thailand returned to us with 20 mothers (referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, the King of Thailand fled to Germany with 20 concubines). Comparing the two, coupled with the fact that China taught Thais to love the King of Thailand, cross-network reports of beating Zhao Dan and other sorrows, the melon-eating crowds leaned over to support Thailand, and the scolding battle ended in the Thai side’s victory. Originally, it was not bad for the Situ Pinks to go out and lose face this time. But this round of war inspired Taiwanese. The Taiwanese villagers are D8s on the other side, and they are also airbrushed. They are very insulting and have little lethality. However, after this battle, I don’t know if I realized it or an expert instructed it. They found that Thailand’s four-two-pronged approach was very useful. The process of wooing Thailand to join the anti-China alliance changed to a cute line. This is the birth of the Milk Tea Alliance. Regardless of the position, the planning angle Milk Tea Alliance was very successful. There are two main ways for China to “fight public opinion wars”. One is the repetition from a cold stand, and the other is the D8’s refreshing nmsl. The negative score for the effect gives people the first impression that the robots of the cyber army and the late stage of mania. The Milk Tea Alliance did the opposite. The name is a foodie image, and the cute route that the Human Society takes is obviously much more cordial than the Zuan Cavalry who goes south from time to time. In addition, there is no ideological burden, unwavering support of the protesters, and the export of street experiences in a certain ring city. It is no surprise that Myanmar Qing joined the Milk Tea Alliance. In the future, what moths are happening in other countries will expand. Like observers, if they fail to fight, they will say that they are “naval forces” and anti-China, and there is an American father behind them, so there is no mention of the ins and outs. No problem, I dare not say that there is a problem, but your attitude is not to fight a public opinion war outside, but to consolidate your advantage internally. The internal advantage is already great, what should I do outside? Just lie flat? Speaking directly, Situ Pinker, a group of great heroes of the world, would only stand on the podium and curse them, and they would not be able to fight if it wasn’t a good wind. They are all offstage, even when the opponent is on stage, there is no way to fight back. The “war of public opinion” and history on the extranet, mainland and Taiwan are the reverse. Our side is especially like the Jiang Gang, launching D8, Douban and other large corps to encircle and suppress it, it looks lively, and it’s useless. And with a hammer in his eyes, everyone looks like a nail, but anyone who has a bit of a misunderstanding will buckle the emulsification and use the hammer. Riding the fence to eat melon is almost offended, and applaud whoever fetches melon. In the early days of Taiwan, it was also a dish, and it was blindly active. In the past few years, great progress has been made. It has been mediating guerrilla warfare everywhere, taking root in the masses, drawing a united front and seeking common ground while reserving differences. If this trend continues, the U.S. emperor will not be able to make a move. I really want to worry about the country, first tell me honestly what happened inside the wall, review the experience and lessons, and know myself and the enemy. Then mobilize to encourage those who have the brain to go out and practice hands, and play more and have the level. Emulsion all day long-navy-Biden, what’s the use of a tongue twister inner loop? Going out is still a foreign war layman.

6 months ago

The US imperial leader Tongyongte is not reliable comrades. As a big mouth with only such success in business, he can be a leader for Tongyong. To a large extent, it depends on his influence on Twitter. As a result, the 2020 election is chaotic. , The Red Neck successfully hit Congress for the first time in its history, and Twitter stopped acknowledging people when they turned their faces. If this so-called alliance is not supported by the US NED, the British MIX and English Tsai, will Twitter support it? In the future, the mountains will shake, and the unsinkable aircraft carrier will disappear.

6 months ago

Twitter’s anti-China stance did not start today. It has remained the same for so many years and has not changed. In this regard, it is much stronger than a yin and yang person like Zuckerberg. As long as China persists in reform and opening up, does not engage in closed doors and locks the country, and opens the door to do business with the world, these off-hands will always be off-hands. A milk tea scared some people like that, and the words “worry about the world’s anti-Chinese” were all scared. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has long told you that the West cannot represent the world. If you watch the extranet performances of Wheels more, don’t you think that our country is going to be gone? There are a few flies hitting the wall in the small world. Buzzing, screaming, and sobbing. Ants are bound to exaggerate the country, and the mayfly shakes the tree is easier said than done. Under Chang’an under the westerly wind and falling leaves, Fei Ming Dy. How many things are always anxious; the world is turning, time is short. ten thousand years is too long, fight for now. The seas are tumbling, clouds and water are raging, and the five continents are shaking and thunderous. To wipe out all pests, invincible.

6 months ago

This is the advantage of the wall. I can’t see Twitter at all. I just want to ask: How many teachers does this milk tea alliance have? What is the threat? What can be done? Hong Kong is still a red flag. Give me the red flag whether you want it or not. Thailand is also a colony of Asian sex, full of shemales, an egg-serving Taiwanese netizen scolded while ordering red flags online to save his life. And we watched these clowns acting on the side of the network cable, and we laughed!

6 months ago

Don’t look at it very much, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t tell me, I won’t know about it. Since Twitter blocked Trump’s account, it has become a tool. I have never been on Twitter. Because I know that even if I register an account, according to the tone of my speech, I will be blocked because of freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter to me to whom it loves to stand, and I can’t help but push Observer.com in the future. When Trump was in the past, he was observing Trump.com, but now he is observing Twitter when he is not in office. I hope you will observe the sewers more. Give me GIAO

6 months ago

In the case of being walled, the impact of this alliance on China is basically zero. But on the other hand, our attack power on them is basically zero. On the one hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been very vigorous these days. On the other hand, we are completely unable to grasp the spread of these things on the Internet. At present, apart from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country’s powerful foreign publicity is only the cartoons of the black unicorns. It is a pity that if the Internet platforms cannot be accessed because they are unwilling to accept Chinese laws, then TikTok, the international version of Douyin, should allow Chinese netizens to enter. They can’t take advantage of the online platform in China

6 months ago

You will only get money from netizens when you are a Volaf in China. Being an anti-China vanguard in Europe and the United States, you can get money from not only netizens, but also government money. After all, the Milk Tea Alliance is here to be an anti-Chinese pioneer of online public opinion. I am very fortunate that there is a wall in China’s Internet, otherwise many people have been brainwashed​. How despicable is Twitter? Chuan Jianguo vigorously blocked tiktok to help them eliminate their most dangerous competitors, but they were backstabbed as soon as they turned around. Chuan Jianguo is a great politician with 70 million votes, and his social influence is also at the top level, but he has no power to resist the control of media and public opinion. It is so terrible to use on his own people, let alone use it. On our “enemies”.​ In the past, Truman, Eisenhower had been tough, and it has been doing it by using the media to incite public opinion. The United States has only changed from a state of madness to the past, but compared to before, he no longer wears a mask. They never stop doing evil, and our development never stops. It’s useless to stop anyone. We are ourselves, letting the wind and rain beat us, it is better than walking in the courtyard. ​In this case, we still hold a friendly attitude towards malicious propaganda, which in the eyes of Westerners means weakness, a guilty conscience, and a desire for him. There must be a targeted and selective counterattack, and once counterattack, don’t be polite, don’t be polite, and must hurt the opponent. Otherwise, in the public opinion environment of the outside world, it is tantamount to insensitivity. You don’t need to expend energy on everything to fight back, but choose and plan to launch a heavy attack on the right problem! For example, Zhao Lijian’s time. The advantage of this is that by fully stimulating the other party, let the other party’s topic follow our pace, instead of always finding gaps in the other party to attack us, but we are struggling to deal with it. Of course, such a strategy requires that our external propaganda methods must be improved, to be more combative and at the same time smarter. We must train our team in battle. ​It’s a good saying, give up the fantasy and fight.​

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