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This wave, this wave, let me be fair. In fact, the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has its own purpose for such adjustments. You have all misunderstood. I’m here to solve the mystery and you will understand. The adjustment requires politics to be higher than 68 points. Why? In fact, there is a very beautiful meaning here. 6 is for success, and 8 is for development. This is the school hopes that its students will be smooth and developed in the future, and hope that the future of every student will be smooth sailing, a smooth journey, a successful career, and a golden day. This is the deep love from my alma mater. Seeing this, I already wet my eyes. There are not many schools that love so deeply for their students. English scores must be greater than 72 points. Why is 72 points set? Here I have deeply admired the care of the University of Geosciences. 7, 2, why is this pronunciation so familiar? Is it destined in the dark? 7, 2, thinking? Correct! cheers, this is the pronunciation! Cheers! This is the school wishing each study a smooth graduation in advance, and enjoy all the drinks. The University of Geosciences has deeply imprinted the blessings for the students in the request for adjustment. I am so touched. With such a school, the rise of China’s education industry is imperative! Mathematics scores must be greater than 98 points. How to explain this wave, let me think about it. Ah, I see, there is only one truth. 9898, a pun! Let the students of the University of Geosciences do not forget to relax during the busy learning tasks. Remember to go to the bar to relax, drink a little wine, hop a little Di, and tease a little girl. Don’t let your spirit become barren because of boring study. Don’t let your life become boring because of heavy schoolwork. At the same time, there is also hope that the relationship between the University of Geosciences and the students will last for a long time. Wonderful, great! The professional course score must be greater than 116 points. This point, this point is definitely the finishing touch to this adjustment request.吆, 吆, six.吆, 吆, six. we will we will rock you we will we will rock you This is the school cheering for your arrival, this is the school cheering for your arrival. It’s just that the school hides this deep enthusiasm in the adjustment information. Although you can’t see it as long as you have a normal head, you can’t obliterate the school’s hard work, this sincere love because you can’t see it. The total score is greater than 357 points. You may not know how the school racked their brains to set a score of 357. You must know that the singular number is only 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. The University of Geosciences took out the middle 3, 5, and 7 to adjust the scores and suppress them, leaving only the students 1 and 9. What is the meaning of this? What blessing is this? Haven’t you seen it yet? This is the school hopes you will get rid of the order as soon as possible! Why leave 1 and 9 instead of setting a policy that the total score must be greater than 13579 to adjust. That is the school hopes that you and your girlfriend can stay together for a long time! What a great blessing. What a good intention this is! As for why the undergraduate majors have to study materials, uh… this… this is it! I got it. It was because the University of Geosciences discovered that when using computer programming, students of soft engineering were troubled by keyboard hand, screen dazzling, computer hot and other problems. As a well-known university in China, the University of Geosciences is obliged to go ahead and go first. Prepare to use a new type of material to make a computer. To solve all the above problems, the keyboard is not awkward, the screen is not dazzling, and the computer is not hot. Therefore, the University of Geosciences starts with an undergraduate course and cultivates material talents for soft engineering majors. They have already selected the specific materials. That is shi, not reflective, not handy, and not hot. The raw materials are easy to find and can be produced on site. What a great subject of special n. Let us wish our China University of Geosciences (Beijing), it will be better and better and happy to the age. Mad, I’m exhausted, can I wash it? Play money! I am fifteen i love you


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

At the request of the comment section, to avoid accidental injury, it is too awesome to change to China Custom University (Beijing) China Geology (Custom) University (Beijing). The first time I saw such a request for adjustment, I said that cross-examination candidates are vulnerable to discrimination. Direct reverse discrimination, hey, I don’t want a computer. This wave of tailor-made is really awesome, then what is the significance of the adjustment system, do I still need to post it online? Just say who you want from your school directly. Next time I will be more blatant and just say which school and which major the undergraduate is required to fill in, and what is the number before the ID card. I just want to ask, if you don’t want a master’s degree, you don’t want to be one of the best in English. It’s fine if you want to be the best in English. This score is required. To be honest, I can tell who it is when I look through the retest list of a certain subject and control the direction. For electrical students, don’t use these bells and whistles, just write that only XX is allowed to fill in other candidates and you’ll be able to do it. Think about the power behind it. The electrical above is a little bit off, right? You are asking for undergraduate surveying and mapping engineering too much, right? Writing the requirements directly means that the application for undergraduates of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) is over. Who is fooling here!

7 months ago

Perhaps after the precise calculation of the school’s maritime specialization, students majoring in materials are more suitable for research in the direction of software engineering. 233 If the situation is true, then this child is really good, but I think such restrictions are far from enough. What if there is a similarity? do? It is better to set a height not less than m, weight not less than n, and vision not higher than a in the physical examination, which is more effective. As for what ordinary students can do when they encounter this kind of thing, what can they do? It is better to avoid the pit, since you choose to adjust, you will not choose to hang on a tree. Public opinion is not behind, so don’t ignite yourself. Can others do this, can they still not do it? There is no need to be pessimistic about the entire research recruitment. The research recruitment system as a whole is becoming more and more perfect and fairer.

7 months ago

I am the senior of Beijing Computer Science and Technology University. I accompanied my younger brothers and younger sisters to the postgraduate entrance examination for one year. I know that they are not easy. I also answered the first and second exams. Basically, every student who asked me questions answered them and understood them. This year’s situation is suddenly outrageous. The number of applicants suddenly increased. There can be four or five people with a score. So many students with a score of 350 and 360 did not go to school. This was not the case in previous years. As for the criticized adjustments, the rules are harsh, and they are indeed private customizations. I am shocked and regretful about this, and I will always stand on the side of the younger brothers and younger sisters. Last year, there was also a transfer quota for the computer program, but it was also internally digested because it was reserved in the hospital for the students who studied and transferred to the master program. (It’s not me, I didn’t make adjustments) (At the same time, Beijing University of Computer Science did not accept off-campus full-time adjustments in previous years. All the volunteers are full. If there are adjustment places, it is basically digested in the hospital). This year is actually an adjustment in the hospital, but there should still be people who have been brushed higher than him, but it is only for him to customize this is the point that makes the younger students angry. Maybe this person is related, maybe the teacher wants this person Unknown but it does hurt many people’s hearts. It stands to reason that it should be fair to foreigners. I feel very sorry for the juniors who have been brushed. Waiting for the official explanation from the college, there is no absolute fairness, but we still have to yearn for the bright.

7 months ago

We all know that adjustments are not so fair. Many colleges and universities will select candidates’ undergraduate schools, and the default and discrimination have always existed. But the reason that made people particularly angry this time was that this operation was too blatant, and there was no concealment attitude at all, it seemed very righteous and courageous. Has it reached the point where there is no need to cover it up? This will hurt the hearts of many young people, those who believe in fairness, those who believe that our world will become better and better. Seeing such a thing, how should we think about it? It has been a day, and the adjustment of a certain university is still hanging on the official website. To friends who are disappointed: May all Chinese youths get rid of the air-conditioning and just walk up, without listening to the words of self-deprecating people. Do things that can do things, make a sound that can be vocalized. There is a bit of heat, and a bit of light. Just make it like a firefly, you can also shine a little in the dark without waiting for the torch. For people who think this behavior is reasonable: if the sky is dark, then survive in the dark; if it is dangerous to make a sound, then keep silent; if you feel powerless to shine, then huddle in the corner. But don’t justify the darkness when you get used to the darkness; don’t be proud of your own strife; don’t mock people who are more brave and enthusiastic than yourself. We can be humble as dust, not twisted like maggots. The following is the original answer: Originally, the group is still complaining about the inter-professional adjustment, and no school is required. China University of Geosciences directly “undergraduate must be a material major” is very awkward. . Such a precise job hunting is still blatantly posted on the official website, and all candidates looking for adjustments can see it. Do you treat other candidates as fools? “China Custom University”

7 months ago

The software engineering adjustment requirement is that the magical level of the material science and engineering world has gradually increased. It is recommended that the Ministry of Magic intervene to investigate whether anyone is disrupting the Muggle world. At the same time, since this information is directly published on the Internet, it is a waste of time to eliminate memory on a large scale. It is recommended that the school make a remedial statement: the sad love type Yes, we have a child who hopes that fans of material engineering and software engineering can patiently read this statement. In 2018, we will have a combination of software engineering and material engineering. The plan, after all, is a strong interdisciplinary nature of software engineering, and it is understandable to hope that there is a child of materials engineering. But this plan is relatively complicated and difficult to operate. We tried many times and we couldn’t reach a consensus. Later we found that this kid was quite weird and funny. We liked him very much and we would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about him. Sorry for not explaining it to you at the beginning. All this is for the safety of this child. I apologize for the fans’ concerns and thank you for reading this statement. In the past, we mainly emphasized the in-depth logical ability given to students by the professional framework system, across major knowledge fields, to achieve in-depth co-construction of multiple fields, to form a combination boxing, and to create a closed learning loop of deep radiation and breadth of the knowledge system, so as to empower students to create society value. In the future, we will increase the professional background in specific fields, strengthen the professional breadth brought by the cross-field background, broaden the field of knowledge, deepen the students’ environmental experience, and use the natural potential of cross-field expertise to deeply penetrate the field of materials. In addition, we will strengthen the linkage of cross-field students, synchronize development of multiple positions, improve learning paths, and build effective ability for students to grow in the future. This is the whole idea of ​​the adjustment policy introduced this time. It is fair and just, and I hope the public can understand it more. Professor Snape asked me to write about even this little thing myself. Because of your laziness, Gryffindor deducts 10 points! It was the student named by the professor himself, and it was impossible for me to waste the potion on Muggles! Honestly, everyone, let me introduce you. This is my student who strongly condemns the use of magic to maliciously affect the Muggle world. The Ministry of Magic must catch the murderer as soon as possible. This is the Lion Academy of Muggle World-Li Duandan

7 months ago

This should be a stupid exposure of the school on the bright side. In fact, there is a lot of room for manipulation on the dark side. When I was in college, a classmate in the dormitory took the postgraduate entrance examination and directly knew the second-in-command of the target school. Before the re-examination, he specifically asked him to ask questions (it is said that such students are not a minority, because they were called together). As a result, my classmate was still a little nervous and did not answer well. The vice principal also asked the teacher to give high marks directly, but he was very angry because it made him lose face. The college entrance examination is really a pure land. The teacher said before that a senior official’s child felt that the college entrance examination paper was judged wrong, so he directly transferred the original paper to check. It was true that the judgement was correct, and there was no more text. No matter how good his father is, he still wants to recognize this achievement. However, after self-enrollment, this pure land is also at risk of being eaten away. I hope it can be saved. The postgraduate entrance examination has too many tricks compared to it. With the intensification of the internal examination, the postgraduate entrance examination has become closer and closer to the status of the college entrance examination, and more problems will be exposed later. I hope that this matter will not sink, and the school will give an explanation, otherwise I am sorry for the hard work of the students, and they will be more pessimistic towards the society.

7 months ago

Please! This wave is obviously a distress signal sent by the admissions office when it is dissatisfied with the college’s private selection of students! To be reasonable, wouldn’t it be difficult to accept such a student? Arrange the scores to a similar whole number, and then brush off the unfortunately recruited students during the re-examination process! Considering that the school received the adjustment itself very late, if a wave of students is really wiped out, there will be no upper limit on the impact on these students! The Admissions Office considers not to affect other students, but also to complete the tasks given by the college. At the same time, it saves the precious time of the college teachers to avoid the re-examination process, and can also send a signal of dissatisfaction to the society for help! This wave! This wave is killing four birds with one stone! ! We have to be grateful to the admissions office! Such a conscientious and wise move can be directly declared to be hot!

7 months ago

The visual explanation is
Released the adjustment information from other platforms in advance, and completed the retest of the adjustment, and finally released the adjustment information through Yanzhao.com
The process violates the rules, and the result is three cups of self-punishment
I can only say that I hope that the research and recruitment will become more transparent and fair in the future

7 months ago

No need to make a fuss, they are all scientifically reasonable and fair scores that have been drawn by experts after research, but that person just happened to be lucky enough to get stuck on this score. I remembered that I had a limited undergraduate degree in a public institution before, but graduate students were not good enough. There are military civilian jobs, general logistics posts, and professional courses that require an undergraduate degree in management but not to say anything about art and design. It must be the experts who agree that only art and design professionals can be qualified for this post after researching them. Borrow a book I recently read: Within the limits of natural resources, people must decide how many scarce items to produce (adjustment quota), and at the same time, they must decide who can get these items (adjustment restrictions). The author divides the two into primary choice and secondary choice. The interactive movement of these two choices constitutes the operating mode of the allocation method. When allocating scarce resources, society must first decide to adopt various methods (exams). Of course, each distribution method can be used after appropriate adjustments (examination restrictions). When people focus on this type of distribution, it may cause a naked value conflict: on the one hand, the society decides the beneficiaries of the distribution based on it. The value standard essentially delimits the boundary of scarcity (vested interests). On the other hand, it is Xu Yi’s humanitarian value standard for people’s happy life (ordinary people). By making the results seem inevitable and helpless, rather than due to people’s prior choices, it tries to turn people’s tragedies caused by choices into people’s destined misfortunes. (You can’t pass the exam/can’t find a good job because you don’t work hard/lack of ability/bad luck)

7 months ago

The high probability is that the adjustment information will be released in advance on the platform outside the official website, and the adjustment retest has been carried out in advance. The subsequent adjustment information will be released in order to comply with the process without wanting to waste other candidates’ time. Many schools also conducted a re-examination of the adjustment before the opening of the adjustment system. For example, Xiaomu Chong, the postgraduate entrance examination group, the mentor’s research group, the senior brothers and sisters… There are also some schools that do not protect the first choice. The adjustment and the first choice are retested. At this time, the adjustment quota is not determined. In fact, the adjustment ratio is not only about the background of the score, but also the collection of information. Because there are too many people, it is not realistic to want to adjust through public information. You can look at some answers about adjustments in Zhihu. Many interviews are finalized, and places will be reserved as long as you come. Both sides are afraid that the other is the Sea King, so the sooner they can be sure, the better. Many official website documents have already passed the deadline for release on the same day. In fact, the documents have been released in advance in the retest group. Eat melons rationally, tailor-made for the customers, and with so many people, it’s impossible. There is such a relationship, you can play tricks on the results of the re-examination, and it is not too much to say. But no matter what, this wave of operations is really causing trouble for myself.

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