A few days ago, Honor Chairman Wan Biao accepted a media interview, saying that Honor has invested 1 billion US dollars in research and development this year, launched high-end flagship product lines represented by Magic and digital series in the middle of the year, and continued to improve other product lines. Today, Honor’s annual R&D investment is 7~8% of total revenue, in order to continuously drive self-competitive advantage.
What are your expectations for Honor’s new flagship? What do you think of Honor’s R&D investment?

What is the proportion of R&D investment in this category? Very high. When will the new products made by Glory come? July/August. What do you think of the recent Honor interview? This question has been revised, but it is all about the content of Wan Biao’s interview. I will use this new question as a benchmark, combining this interview with the previous interview with Zhao Ming, and say a few more words. How about this R&D investment ratio? Very high. Wan Biao means that 7-8% of annual sales revenue is used as a baseline for R&D investment, and this figure is a very high proportion among all mobile phone manufacturers. Yu Chengdong revealed in April 19 that his terminal business investment reached 6 billion U.S. dollars. Even in 2019, according to Huawei’s 2019 annual report, the proportion of Huawei’s terminals in 19 years is slightly more than eight points. If it is 18 years, then this ratio will be higher. Xiaomi’s sales revenue in 2020 is 245.9 billion, and the group’s total investment in research and development is 9.3 billion, accounting for 3.78%. If all of this investment goes to the mobile phone business, it will be 6.4%. Of course, the actual proportion will not be so high. 41% of other businesses. OV did not release specific information about the annual report because it was not listed. Only the president who had been in the market for 18 years said that it would invest 10 billion in 19 years and the investment in a large business reported in April 2020 reached 10 billion. Vivo was after OPPO’s voice in 18 years. In an interview, they said that the investment in 19 years will not be less than 10 billion, and they think it should be at the same level as OPPO. Taking into account the market distribution, other domestic small factories are too small to mention. In general, considering the business volume of Honor, the number of US$1 billion is very high. Of course, relative value depends on determination, and absolute value is also very important. Looking at the absolute amount, the investment of Honor is sufficient in the first year, but the business line cannot be extended too much, otherwise there is no guarantee that employees will have sufficient funds. This has also been confirmed in Zhao Ming’s previous speech. . Here you can also estimate Honor’s own revenue plan. If 1 billion U.S. dollars is 7-8% of sales revenue, Honor’s target revenue for this year is 135 to 14.3 billion U.S. dollars, which is equivalent to 818 to 935 RMB. It’s better, it’s significantly lower than the volume of OVM, and significantly higher than that of other domestic mobile phone manufacturers. When will the new products made by Glory come? July/August. At present, Honor’s products are mainly planned when there is huge supply pressure before, so there are insufficient supplies and planning regrets, such as the shortage of digital series, for example, the lack of telephoto of the V series. So when will the products planned by Honor under normal circumstances come? This is also a point that everyone is very concerned about. Wan Biao said in the interview that the development started in December last year and it took 7 to 8 months to complete the development and testing of the entire product. In other words, according to the normal process, Honor’s first independent product should be this year. It was released from June to July, and according to the follow-up content, we can know that it is the flagship phone. In general, this year, Honor will at least release: two flagship models, watches, a high-end notebook, and a tablet. The two flagship phones are the Magic series and the digital series. They may be named Magic 3 and Honor 40. Magic is the benchmark of the Huawei Mate series, focusing on the full-featured technology flagship. The digital series will continue to follow the path of design and imaging, but the positioning will be Rise to the same level as the P series. The V series should withdraw from the flagship series of Honor in the future due to planning problems caused by parts. The news I learned is that the flagship notebook is named MagicBook X, a thin and light notebook, and the overall price and positioning are higher than the current MagicBook Pro. The watch will solve the problem of changes in the main body of the previous cooperation, and will continue to cultivate in sports and health as the foundation. What do you think of the recent Honor interview? Glory also had some interviews before, which caused a lot of controversy. Many people invited me to answer. But I was really busy with a lot of personal matters and didn’t have time to answer. Let me talk about it here. Take it from above, get from it; take it from it, get it from it; Take it from below, get nothing. I have always felt that this sentence is very reasonable. Life is difficult. There are not many companies/persons that can achieve each of your goals. Your behavior is often based on your goals and try your best to meet your expectations. It is true that most of the time you cannot meet your expectations, but if your expectations are low, the probability of doing well is even lower. High goals will continue to spur you and stimulate your full potential. Of course, every person and company has their own way of living and has the right to choose mediocrity. There is nothing wrong with it. I am not saying that if you don’t have a dream, you will kill with a stick. You can choose mediocrity, but I am more convinced of setting the height Long-distance runners who aim to be a high-investment runner and insist on going forward also expect these domestic companies to do this and do greater things. Therefore, Honor has positioned its flagship mobile phone to reach or exceed the Mate and P series at this stage. I think this is very good. As long as it’s not nonsense, for example, we have surpassed the number one in the mobile phone industry, and setting a high goal is completely okay. If you don’t even think about it, how can you do it? The key is that you have to take action against this high goal. There are so many talents from the Beijing Institute, more than half of high-quality R&D personnel, four major R&D bases, more than 100 innovation laboratories, a high proportion of investment and continuous development, so far, there is no deviation. If it floats, Glory will lose miserably. If you go on firmly, I believe that the future of Glory will be very bright, just like the slogan of the official website of Glory now, go far.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This interview is really white, ah yeah, no, this interview is so beautiful, ah, this, it’s not right. If you don’t speak secret words, I will say a number for three minutes! I want to interview all the information about this host! Hey, my wife, why are you here, ah, ah, ah, don’t hit me, I’m wrong, I’m never going to look at girls everywhere, cough cough, young people, still can’t get too angry, let’s be more serious The amount of information in this interview by Wan Dong is actually very large. I just read the full article report, and extracted some possible important information from the report, and share it with you. First of all, what is the level of research and development of 1 billion US dollars? Let me put the original words of Wan Dong’s interview first. Wan Biao: We plan to use 7% to 8% of our annual revenue as our R&D investment baseline. This year is our first year of independence, and our investment in research and development will reach 1 billion US dollars. Because of the current domestic first-tier manufacturers of HOVM, only Xiaomi and Huawei have published financial reports. In terms of financial report data: in 2020, Huawei’s R&D expenditures will reach 141.8 billion, an increase of 7.8% year-on-year, accounting for 15.9% of the annual revenue. Xiaomi’s R&D investment in 2020 will reach 9.3 billion yuan, and Xiaomi’s total revenue in 2020 will reach 245.9 billion yuan, with R&D investment accounting for 3.78% of total revenue. Just comparing the absolute value, not to mention Huawei, even Xiaomi, which has been criticized for its low investment in research and development, has invested more than US$1 billion in research and development. However, we must not ignore that the product lines and businesses of Xiaomi and Huawei are very broad (Huawei has communications and carrier services, and Xiaomi also has chips and IOT), and not all of these R&D investments are used for smartphones. As for OPPO’s data, I only saw a sentence on the news: “In 2018, Shen Yiren revealed that OPPO’s R&D costs were about 4 billion yuan.” So, considering the relatively single business of Honor at present, and the 7~8% R&D investment ratio. It can be seen that the absolute value of Honor’s current investment is close to many first-tier manufacturers. In the future, if Honor continues to maintain such a high proportion of R&D investment, as Honor’s business recovers, R&D investment will only increase by a lot. Secondly, when will the new flagship product be released? Let’s put the original words of the interview first Wan Biao: We have almost been in a crazy state in the past few months. Look at our entire R&D team. In fact, our official product development started in December last year. We will launch our products in the middle of this year. This means that we have to spend 7 to 8 months to complete the original tasks completed in 10 to 12 months. So our R&D team is very, very desperate now, and everyone is working hard. Wan Dong said that since December last year, we began to develop new machines, and we will spend 7 to 8 months to complete the original tasks completed in 10 to 12 months. In other words, the Magic and digital series of new machines that Ming Ge broke before will be released in June or July this year. At that time we will be able to know whether the Magic configuration information that was previously revealed is true or false. (I don’t know how big the three main camera modules of IMX600, IMX700, and IMX800 are.) 1. The under-screen camera 2. The new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint 3. The latest flagship processor of Snapdragon 4. The three main cameras of the camera: IMX600, IMX700, IMX8005, ip68 level waterproof 6,10bit screen. Finally, besides mobile phones, what new products are there? After Wan Dong said in the interview that Honor will launch the new Magic and digital flagship, he added: Next this year, we will continue to launch our high-end laptops, high-end tablets and our wearable watches, etc. The product. In other words, after June and July, we can still see Honor’s new flagship notebooks, tablets and wearable watches. As for the configuration information, Wan Dong did not disclose. But I hope that for notebooks, it is better to use AMD CPUs; tablets can use Snapdragon 888 processors. (Now there is no Snapdragon 888 tablet on the market. I don’t know if the cooling of the tablet can suppress 888?) Honor Band 6, which was released by Honor, has been the most worth buying bracelet for several months. I don’t know. What tricks can the watch play? This is quite worth looking forward to. Of course, apart from these, Wan Dong also specially emphasized his overseas work experience. I guess the future glory should also have plans to enter overseas. In any case, I would like to wish Glory to take every step well, become bigger and stronger, and create brilliance again, and bring us better products. Above, I’m Puddle, and we all have a bright future.

6 months ago

When setting the flag on No. 3.31, it was a bit contradictory. After all, before half-dead, there are two models with unusual prices. Let many glory fans feel uncomfortable. But from the perspective of development, Honor is not a small workshop in the early stage of entrepreneurship. She has a certain strength. Including the old Huawei’s corporate culture core flowing in the bones. There are also a core team of thousands of R&D engineers. If RMB 6+ billion can be invested in R&D, it can almost reach the top five level in the domestic industry. Mr. Wan is likely to soar into the sky in the middle of the year! let us wait and see!

6 months ago

From Ming brother to Wan Dong, the senior executives of Glory have appeared in the public view these few times, and what they said is nothing more than conveying a few meanings: I am fine, I will be better, and I have to go to the big brother. I am fine-Honor has completely adjusted and integrated. On the last day of March, Ming Ge was very excited to send a Weibo, saying: The integration of all aspects of Honor has been completed and a full sprint has begun. In this interview, Wan Dong was asked whether the glory has been restored? Has the glory come to life? In his answer, Wan Dong replied without hesitation: I think so. The integration has been completed and it has come alive. This is extremely important for Honor. I think this sentence is true. I don’t know how much effort and dedication the employees of Honor are involved in. We have almost been in a crazy state these months. Look at our entire R&D team. In fact, our official product development started in December last year. We will launch our products in the middle of this year. This means that we have to spend 7 to 8 months to complete the original tasks completed in 10 to 12 months. So our R&D team is very, very desperate now, and everyone is working hard. Although the appearances of Honor executives these few times conveyed a positive and optimistic feeling to the outside world, it seems that they constantly want to tell the outside world that I am fine. But behind “I’m fine” is huge dedication and hard work. It took 7-8 months to complete the task of 10-12 months. These are an important starting point for the new journey of glory. I will be better-facing the broader stage of the world. Looking back at the many interviews of Honor High-end, I will basically mention one thing: Honor will be globally oriented, with a global R&D system, and a global supply and service system. This is Glory. His confidence, but also a broader stage of glory. In answering the competition with Huawei, Wan Dong said: I think we have strong confidence to win this competition. I think it mainly comes from two aspects. In the first aspect, we have a global R&D team and innovation capabilities; in the second aspect, a global market, sales and service team and global operation capabilities; I think these two capabilities and these two organizations, we are both Those who have successful experience are answering the competition with Huawei, but this answer also expresses the glory of the “confidence”. Aside from the topic of whether he can do his job, Wan Dong’s words actually reflect the same. ——New Glory, there will be a broader stage, and this stage is globalization. I also want to go to the big brother-the Magic and Honor digital series that are comparable or even surpassing Huawei’s Mate/P series. From the farewell meeting, Mr. Ren said that he hoped that Honor would become Huawei’s biggest competitor, to that Ming brother said that he would face Huawei directly and be the first in China. First, it is clearly pointed out that Magic and the digital series are benchmarking and even surpassing Huawei’s Mate and P series. It is a big goal of glory to defeat Huawei. Of course, it is very difficult, but there must be dreams. We start in the middle of this year, and there will be very heavy products launched to the market. In the first batch, we will launch two smart phone products, namely the Magic flagship series and the Honor Digital high-end series. This will be the new benchmark for the flagship of Almighty Technology and aesthetic design. It should be said to be an “all-rounder” and will become the global smartphone leader. New benchmark. Next this year, we will continue to launch a series of products such as our high-end laptops, high-end tablets and our wearable watches. In addition, in addition to flagship mobile phones, various high-end products in the 1+8 system will also arrive one after another. To be honest, it’s the first time I look forward to Honor’s new flagship. It doesn’t matter whether I can flip Mate and P. What’s important is that I want to know how Honor will interpret its flagship product and how it will be on the market. What kind of wave is being set off? Finally, the luck of a company that often talks about talents and increasing R&D will not be bad. From Ming to Wan Dong, the senior executives of Glory will say this sentence every time they come out for an interview: There are currently more than 8,000 employees in the company. , Half of them are R&D personnel. There is no need to say more about the importance of talents. From these words of Honor executives, we can see that Honor attaches great importance to the 8000 people brought out from Huawei, especially the half of the R&D personnel, and also quite proudly. In terms of R&D, this is the first time that Honor has talked about R&D investment in detail. We plan to use 7% to 8% of our annual revenue as our R&D investment baseline. This year is our first year of independence, and our investment in research and development has reached 1 billion US dollars. As a start-up company, a lot of investment of 1 billion US dollars in the first year, and more importantly, plan the proportion of future R&D investment from the general direction, and companies that value technology and R&D. I support it anyway. In short, look forward to the performance of glory.

6 months ago

After months of hard work, Glory has almost integrated R&D, sales, supply chain, etc. With their capabilities, don’t worry about this. Now I am more interested in what kind of products Honor will produce. If you listen to the voices of users, understand and perceive the needs of consumers, how can you innovate? Looking back at the development of domestic mobile phones for more than ten years, in general, as Honor and Huawei have grown up all the way, basically every node in the development of mobile phones can be stepped on, although the early self-developed cores dealt with the difficulties encountered. Big. However, the user needs analysis is in place, and the future innovation trend is also relatively accurate, so the growth is very rapid. Of course, the R&D investment is large, and there are many pits that have been stepped on. The previous Honor MAGIC will also be used as a future development trend to explore the model, and it is also an important reason to vigorously fly bricks. So in the future, can you analyze the current market every time, gain insights into the real needs of users, and make products that are outrageous in the market? Whether you can still judge the future development trend, seize the opportunity every time and make products that make users’ heartbeat, these are also an important factor in the development of the enterprise. And whether these can continue the previous letting soldiers who can hear the artillery call the artillery fire, which is itself a system and corporate culture issue in enterprise construction. Before their leaders would go to the front line to understand the needs of users, I believe these traditions will still be retained. There is also the research and development of future products. In addition to deep understanding of user needs, you must also have imagination and empathy, because you have not let users experience many technologies, and they cannot tell you whether you like it, and this requires more control. Talent of the future. Wait time in the future to verify it!

6 months ago

The first point of the catalog is the first point: Honor has come alive. The second is Honor’s investment of 1 billion US dollars in research and development this year. Third, the products that truly belong to the new glory are coming. I want to not only talk about the investment of 1 billion US dollars in the research and development of the glory, but also want to talk about some information that is worthy of our attention revealed during the entire interview. , And my own thoughts. First of all, the first point: Glory comes alive. No matter whether you understand Huawei’s sale of Glory as survival with a broken arm, whether each is well or even can’t bear what the industry thinks, nothing has changed, just through some manipulation. It is good for Huawei to spend a huge amount of money out of thin air to cope with the cold winter. Glory has made almost no sound throughout 2020. The huge decline in sales volume is an indisputable reality. Glory has indeed reached a critical point of survival. Through this sale, Glory was able to get rid of US sanctions. From the information revealed in the interview, it can also be seen that Honor has fully resumed normal trade relations with its global supply partners, including semiconductor chips. This means that Honor can already obtain materials for the production of consumer electronics products through normal procurement. Therefore, it can be believed that Honor’s independent production line has been operating at full speed. In the future, Honor may be able to see the release of mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon and MTK chips. . In addition to the restoration of the material supply system, the staffing has also been fully put in place. This can be said to be a very good innate advantage of Glory. The company currently has more than 8,000 employees, and half of them are R&D personnel. It is reasonable to speculate that it has already received a lot of employees from the original Huawei mobile phone research and development, plus Honor’s own research and development staff, this will be a very powerful force. The point is that this group of people are not recruits, but elites who have already experienced many battles in the global market. It is equivalent to the fact that Glory had an almost invincible trump card as soon as it became independent, so I said that these people are very good innate advantages of Glory. Secondly, Honor has invested US$1 billion in research and development this year. According to Wan Biao, the current chairman of Glory, 7%-8% of annual revenue is used as the baseline for research and development, and this year, as the first year of independence, investment in research and development will reach US$1 billion. Secondly, more than 10% of the research and development capabilities should be invested in future products, that is, next year, the next year, or even 3 or 4 years later. To be honest, this ratio is pretty good among the domestic mobile phone manufacturers. According to Huawei’s 2020 financial report voluntarily announced (Huawei is a non-listed company, it does not need to announce its own financial report, but Huawei announces it voluntarily every year), Huawei’s R&D expenditure in 2020 is 141.893 billion yuan, which is the whole year. According to the financial report released by Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s 2020 revenue is 245.9 billion, R&D investment is 9.3 billion, annual revenue accounts for 3.78%, and R&D investment is expected to increase by 30%-40% in 2021. Samsung Electronics, in the first half of 2020, invested 61.9 billion in R&D, accounting for nearly 10%. If you look at the country, according to the data of the China Business Industry Research Institute, compared with the list of national listed companies in the total R&D investment in 19 years, the honor is 1 billion. The US dollar is properly ranked in the top 20. Therefore, whether it is a total of 1 billion US dollars or an annual R&D baseline investment of 7%-8%, whether it is compared with mobile phone manufacturers or other listed companies or technology companies, it is a very good one. The amount, especially for a new company like Honor, can have such courage at the beginning, which is rare. Third, products that truly belong to the new glory are coming. According to Wan Biao, the official product development of the glory R&D team started in December last year. It is expected that products that truly belong to the glory after independence will be launched in the middle of the year, namely the glory Magic. The flagship series and Honor Digital high-end series. There are two news revealed here: First, the two consecutive Honor products released before, Honor V40 and V40 Light Luxury Edition, are all products left over from history. Then there is a better explanation for the relatively poor product power of these two products. After all, when I first saw these two products, I was really disappointed with the glory of independence. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that these two products will kill the mobile phone market to the extreme from the end of 2020 to 2021. There is almost no future in it. From this interview, it is reasonable to speculate that these two models should be before the independence, the old team of Honor was faced with a hemp-like situation, and was forced to hurriedly launch “core” products in order not to be forgotten by the market. Of course, I still don’t recommend buying V40 and V40 light luxury, but I can understand why there are such products. The second is that immediately, the real products belonging to Honor will be available soon. There are Magic series that have disappeared for a long time and Honor’s flagship digital series. It’s already April, and it’s not a few months before the middle of the year. I look forward to it. Here is an irresponsible guess. I personally think that Magic should be the same entry-level folding screen as Xiaomi MIX FOLD, and Honor’s official flagship iteration product should still be a digital series (I guessed it wrong when I didn’t say it). To sum up the above three points, yes I personally have some opinions about this interview. Due to my superficial knowledge, the views in the article are certainly not all correct, and everyone is welcome to put forward their own opinions and discuss rationally with each other. If you want to ask me what I think about the glory of the newborn, then I think it’s too early to say the conclusion. Let the bullet fly for a while, fly to the middle of the year, and look at the new Magic and Glory 40, then I think it’s not too late to talk about it and it will be better.

6 months ago

Finally separated from Huawei, the chairman was cheered and enthusiastic, just like a child finally admitted to university, what he first thought was not to find a good job after studying hard, nor was he thinking that my university must talk about it. A love that fell apart. All he thought was, I finally don’t have to make things better every day under the noses of my parents. If the company is personified, Glory will undoubtedly be like this now. I was so naive and full of ideals and hopes until I met my wife. . . She broke my wings. Just out of the tiger’s den, and then into the wolf’s den. Although Glory came out of Huawei, gained independence, and has a new direction of development, just like students who have just graduated from university, they feel that they are full of martial arts, and they are only short of an empty room to perform. Lack of money, otherwise. The wings are really not enough for the wife to fold.

6 months ago

One billion U.S. dollars is a huge number, which is between 6 and 7 billion yuan based on the exchange rate. This also revealed that Honor’s annual revenue is at the level of $13-15 billion. The proportion of R&D expenditures of smart phone manufacturers will not be too high, including Apple and Samsung. If Samsung only considers the mobile phone business, its annual R&D investment will only account for 5%-7%. So some answers take the R&D ratio of Apple and Samsung as an example, it is meaningless. Because 5-7% of Apple is more than 4 billion U.S. dollars, even if Apple has its own fab and panel factory, its R&D investment cannot exceed 10%. So this billion dollars is a relatively high level in the industry, but nothing special. Saying this now is nothing more than to prove to the outside world their capabilities and future prospects. After all, Honor and Huawei have been separated for so long, and only two products that are not competitive have been produced. According to the news I heard recently, Honor is going to be high-end, so preliminary preparations are essential. The first step is actually to let consumers know how much money they have spent on research and development. According to most people’s thinking , The R&D investment is large, and things will certainly not be bad.

6 months ago

One billion US dollars, yes, it is already close to a few domestic first-line factories, and with the things brought out from Huawei, the actual results may be more. The statement is also very clear, that is, to compete for the overseas market that Huawei has lost. After all, Snapdragon GMS is used. Overseas, we should fight for it. As for the product itself, even if the Dimensity 1000+ v40 is not bad, it is better than expected. The semiconductor situation is getting more risky day by day, and the supply of New Glory hopes that there will be no problems. Later, I will see how domestic semiconductors have been imported, and sooner or later they will be turned over. But that’s also a good thing for Glory, and there will be more choices.

6 months ago

Compared to ovm, it can’t be considered less, but it can’t support Huawei’s previous gameplay. Millet was more than 9 billion last year and plans to be 13 billion this year. But Xiaomi has a lot of business, so everyone’s investment is roughly an order of magnitude. And Huawei’s previous investment in consumption should not be less than (o+v+m)*2—The early ratio will be even more exaggerated. When the ovm reached more than 1 billion in 2016, Huawei estimates that it has reached more than 20 billion. . The overall glory itself is not great. The key is to look at the follow-up relationship with Huawei.

6 months ago

Looking at the record of the interview with the media by Chairman Wan Biao of Honor, my biggest feeling is that the word “R&D” has been implemented throughout the entire Q&A. For example, the R&D investment plan for this year is 1 billion US dollars; every year in the future. Glory’s R&D investment accounts for 7% to 8% of total revenue; New Glory has more than 8,000 employees, half of which are R&D personnel; next year, the next year, or even three or four years later, the research and development of some key technologies has begun. It can be seen from this: Although New Glory has been cut from Huawei, it still has the blood of “technology-based”. Based on this, the author will continue to support Honor in the future. As for the proportion of 7% to 8% of R&D investment, it can be seen from a company’s call that “the comprehensive hardware profit margin does not exceed 5%”—this proportion is already higher than the profit margin. Occasionally, it is commendable to achieve this high proportion of investment in one or two years. For example, sometimes some strategic products and key technologies require investment in research. But if this ratio of input is maintained throughout the year, it is another matter: because some technological input and output results can be reused, flagship phones can be used up to low-end models, and continue to be so high. The input means that there may be sustained high output and high spillover. Coupled with the fact that Honor does not extend the product line infinitely, the more the main products will accumulate in the future, the greater the potential energy accumulated-just like the Huawei mobile phone started with Mate7, this trend has been suppressed by 2020. Other mobile phone brands can’t breathe. Obviously, New Glory is also re-engraving this line now. This interview also involved information on new products planned by the new glory, such as the Magic series and the glory digital series of mobile phones that will be released in the middle of the year, and the high-end laptops, tablets and wearable products that will be released. Personally, I am still very curious about what kind of first-show answer the new glory will hand over. After all, many of his products have not been updated for a long time.

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