A station on Xi’an Metro Line 14 was named “Xi’an Technological University Station,” which aroused dissatisfaction with its neighbor, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology-the distance is almost the same, so why not use its own school name.
“Fighting” China Shaanxi University of Science and Technology made a “strange trick” to persuade its kindergartens to withdraw 40 children of faculty and staff from Xi’an Technological University.
As soon as this news came out, neither of the two colleges and universities had a winner, and both were labelled as unrefreshing and unattractive. Colleges and universities are struggling, and children suffer. Taking the kindergarten children out of anger, the bureaucracy is naive, and intolerant and mean. This is a holy place for teaching and educating people, and a pure land for cultivating righteousness. To do so is indeed insulting and ridiculous.

The main reason was that the subway company talked to both schools during the land acquisition. The HKUST refused to give the land for no reason. Then the subway company negotiated with Xigong, but Xigong made a condition that is the name of the station. To be named after “Xi’an Technological University”, the subway side also agreed at the time, so what we are seeing today is the dispute surrounding this name. This result is of course no problem for XGong, but the University of Science and Technology is not satisfied. For many years, the University of Science and Technology has regarded itself as the leader of Weiyang’s three schools. In the heart, it feels that it is stronger than XGong (Shaanke is indeed stronger than XGong, with a higher score. Ten cents for work abroad). It shouldn’t be able to stand being crushed by Xigong, if you can bear it, you won’t be able to pinch Xigong for so long. The eagerness to compete is also the most fundamental reason for the two schools’ rivalry. Although this matter is a loss of Shaanxi Science and Technology, it has developed into the way it is today, and there are many responsible parties involved, and it is obviously inappropriate to throw such a big pot to Shaanxi Science and Technology side. Because of the above reasons, Shaanxi Branch has been propagating to change its name to “Weiyang University Town”, because if the scope is enlarged to the schools included in “Weiyang University Town”, because Shaanxi Branch is slightly stronger, Shaanxi Branch still It can be ranked in the front, but XiGong still has to be ranked behind Shaanke, and it is not too obvious that the intention is too obvious. This is also the ingenuity of the proposal of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. I think some netizens have proposed to change it to Xi’an University of Technology • Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. This may be a better solution. If Shaanxi University proposes this plan, I don’t think Xigong has any reason to refuse, and there is nothing to say in front of public opinion. It can be said that after all, many schools in Xi’an adopt this model. But what is puzzling is that the Shaanxi Branch insisted on changing it to the “Weiyang University Town” station. The reason is actually simple, because Shaanke’s participation in this matter is generous and mindful in setting up its own people, and it is somewhat unreasonable. If you directly ask for your name to be added, it will feel like taking advantage of Western labor, and if It is also not in line with the expectations of Shaanke to rank Shaanke’s name behind Xigong, and it is even more impossible to rank Shaanke at the top. Therefore, the Shaanxi Science and Technology department simply propagated the eclectic saying that it was changed to “Weiyang University Town”. It would not appear that the University of Science and Technology is weak in western labor, and it would not make the food too ugly. However, such a western industry would definitely be unwilling. And many people also feel that these schools in the northern suburbs are not enough to be called “University Towns”, and the so-called “University Towns” cover areas too general to provide accurate reporting. So the two sides are in a stalemate until now. In fact, in the final analysis, the two schools are competing with each other. The University of Science and Technology thinks that it is stronger than Xigong. It feels that the name of the subway station called Xigong can’t swallow it, and Xigong is unwilling to give in. This has led to today’s farce. . If one of these two schools is better than the other, there won’t be so many things. But from the school’s point of view, I have to say that the competition methods used by Shaanxi are a bit hard to explain in a word, and it is not a wise move to be true. The kindergarten of the teachers and workers of western workers in Shaanxi is a very good card. A little publicity can show the image of a good neighbor who is generous and tolerant in Shaanxi. However, the way the leaders of Shaanxi clearly put themselves in the kindergarten. On the cusp of the storm… In addition, the Shaanxi Ministry of Science and Industry (a department under the Party Committee) and counselors collectively instigated students to write letters to the municipal department and put pressure on it. The result was exposed, which undoubtedly wiped out the Shaanxi Branch. Not a small black spot. Those who are in contact with the system should know the nature of this behavior of coercing students to put pressure on the government at every turn, and what impression it will leave on higher authorities. I see many people say that they confuse “Xi’an Technological University” and “Northwestern Polytechnical University”. It stands to reason that the official abbreviation of Xi’an Technological University should be “Xi’an Technological University”. “Xi Gong”, if you don’t know it, it’s normal to confuse it. This can be regarded as a characteristic of Xi’an. There are many universities in Xi’an with the words “西” and “工”. In addition to the two above, there are ” “Xi’an Polytechnic University” and “Xi’an University of Technology”, except for the more famous Western University of Technology, are all non-one books. It is normal for foreigners to have never heard of them. In fact, the Shaanxi Branch is also here. In addition to the “Shaanxi University of Science and Technology” in Shaanxi, there are “Xi’an University of Science and Technology”, “Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology”, “Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University”, and “Xidian University”. , By the way, bring a more like “Shaanxi University of Technology”. Among them, Xinong is 985, Xidian is the top 211, and it is famous all over the country, and Xijian is also a well-known school in the industry, so relatively speaking, it is not as easy to be confused as “Xi Gong. The similarity of the names is mostly because there are too many universities in Xi’an or Shaanxi, and the names are not enough, which is also a kind of distress. Provinces with few universities should not experience this feeling. This is also a profile of Xi’an or Shaanxi’s rich resources in higher education. Come on, stop here, and the Henan brother next door is about to rise.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

How to say this… I think I can force the University of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to use such a method. It can only explain one problem, that is, the subway is really determined not to give the University of Shaanxi University the right to name it, and this naming right has a high probability. It was the support of the Xi’an Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd. in exchange. This determined reason should really be paid attention to. After all, as far as the subway naming is concerned, in fact, buses and subways are creditworthy, secondly, listening to the above, and thirdly, they are really grudges. For example, in order to change the route of Chuangxin Port and Soaring Town (our 771 Institute took a huge bargain and the subway opened at the door of the house), Lijiacun was renovated to Jianda University, and Qujiang University of Science and Technology has almost monolithic naming rights. example. Sometimes their names are really bad, but one thing is certain, as long as they are willing to give landmarks, the support of the parties is almost a decisive condition. The credibility of Xi’an subway and public transportation related departments does exist on this point. Yes, my father told me many similar things, and I also witnessed it with my own eyes. This is really not a lie. And even if the subway opened in front of our house, when I talked with 771, I still remembered the fact that the leadership did not give it to the ground (to say that 771 was short-sighted in investment, and the major shareholder of ZTE back then, The two incidents at the station and subway station, the teacher’s new village and the design institute dig out a piece of land, almost all of them are stinky chess, people and vegetables still love to play), that station is now called Taiyi Road, and it is not given to the Railway Yizhong. Did not give 771 and the West Rail Bureau. Their style is inherently more credible. Since the subway is so iron-hearted that Shaanxi University of Science and Technology does not drink water, it may be one of the reasons why Shaanxi University of Science and Technology itself did not pick the fruit along with the members. The most likely reason is that some operations make people anxious. Now that I want to mobilize public opinion, I still do it like this. In contrast, the support of the Western Institute of Technology may not be such an important condition. Moreover, the parties involved in the Xi’an Institute of Technology have also talked about their bus station, which shows that Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is also very interested in this area, so the reason is not difficult to guess, that is, they don’t want to demolish the business district, and they can use Weiyang University City. The name was fooled, but I didn’t expect the subway to be so stubborn. I actually hope that the subway can withstand the pressure this time. Many people shouldn’t consider themselves ordinary citizens of Xi’an. They don’t know the style of naming public transport for so many years, so just don’t put it aside.

6 months ago

I graduated from the Western Institute of Technology. I just had dinner with our teacher and discussed this matter. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology began to develop the commercial block of the Weiyang campus around 11 years ago, and the planned land was fully used. Of course, our school had no money, and a large area of wasteland was vacant. Until I graduated in 2014, there was wasteland outside the west gate. This led to the expropriation of the open space outside the west gate of the Xi’an Institute of Technology when the municipal government planned the subway station entrance. The government initially wanted to name the Xi’an Technological University Station, and then Shaanxi University of Science and Technology began to join the competition for naming. Immediately afterwards, the kindergarten of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology banned the children of teachers from the Western Institute of Technology from enrolling in kindergartens. To be honest, this is the dementia operation that Shaanxi University of Science and Technology wants everything, and the government wants to confuse it with some people.

6 months ago

Thanks to invite, the naming of subway stations is really important, especially between two colleges and universities, naming one is tantamount to drying up the other, so it has become a name that the two schools must contend, but no matter how great the benefits are, the naming cannot match the reputation. It is disgraceful that the two colleges have reached this point. “Shrew style” dry frame! “Competing for fame and fortune”? Fully exquisite egoistic university! The two universities actually “fight up” because of the name of a subway station. They don’t focus on scientific research and academics. They also use early childhood education as a bargaining chip to harm each other. Seeing the offensive of the two sides, Xi’an Technological University claimed to have taken the The place should name its own school. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology became so embarrassed that it refused to accept the children of teachers of Xi’an University of Technology. However, it is not appropriate to allow a two-year-old school to “compete for fame and profit”. It should not be chosen between the two schools. The names of the two schools should be merged and called “Engineering Station” or simply “College Station”. In addition, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is threatening to enroll in kindergartens. This is disgraceful. It is a teacher, so it is also a person who teaches the preaching and teaches the profession. Which one has this to do with? The little power has been used to the fullest, this is a matter of gangsters and gangsters, it comes from a college, it is really shameful!

6 months ago

Quoting the title of the article from CCTV’s online review: “The name of a platform is not as good as a good reputation.” The naming of subway stations has little effect on colleges and universities. Instead of spending a lot of energy competing for naming, it is better to focus on teaching, scientific research and cultivating talents. It’s like, whether a person can be successful has nothing to do with what his parents call him. To be virtuous, universities should not only regard themselves as knowledge, but also conduct education and educate people with morality. Such unscrupulous, insulting gentleness, is indeed a little laughable and generous. What use is there if the subway entrance is thousands of miles away from the school, but there is only one name? The subway entrance is about 200 meters away from the entrances of the two schools. It is convenient to travel. Is it because you feel that Xi’an University of Technology is famous, and you are not convinced? Just feel lowered? If there is such an idea, it is really wrong. When one day, when you don’t need to use the subway station name to prove your status and strength, that will be the most glorious moment. According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, as of December 31, 2020, a total of 44 cities across the country have opened 233 urban rail transit lines and 4660 stations (Yiqi Finance). Using data to speak, I simply list the subway stations in a few cities named after the school: (refer to Baidu map for the following stations) Beijing: East Gate of Peking University, Renmin University, West Gate of Tsinghua East Road, Communication University. Shanghai: Tongji University, East China University of Science and Technology, Jiaotong University, Shanghai University. Nanjing: Nanda Xianlin Campus, East University Chengxian College, Information Engineering University, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing University of Technology, East University Jiulong Lake Campus, Hohai University, Nanjing Medical University-Jiangsu University of Trade, Nanjiao University, China Medical University, South China The Caochang Gate of the Second Art Division. Guangzhou: Zhongda Station, Huashi Station. Hangzhou: Agricultural University, Hangzhou Normal University Cangqian, Zhejiang University Zijingang, Conservatory of Music. Up to now, Beijing has 67 undergraduates and 25 junior colleges, accounting for 4.3%; Shanghai has 40 undergraduate colleges and 23 junior colleges, accounting for 6.3%; Nanjing has 34 undergraduate colleges and 17 junior colleges, accounting for 17.6%; Guangzhou has 37 undergraduate colleges and 47 colleges, accounting for 2.3%; Hangzhou has 28 undergraduate colleges and 19 colleges, accounting for 8.5% (for university data, refer to “University Student Essentials Network”). From the data, it can be seen that, with the exception of Nanjing, the proportion of subway stations named after colleges and universities in several cities is less than 10%. Take a closer look at the universities that are not on the list. Doesn’t it necessarily mean that they are poor? Does it mean that someone on the list is strong? The answer is of course not necessarily. So, to sum up, whether a school is strong or not has nothing to do with whether the subway station is named after a university.

6 months ago

1. The kindergarten admission is too shameful. The leaders of the university are so minded. I think I should check all levels. 2. It took several years for the subway to go from feasibility analysis to completion and open to traffic. Why did you go there early? Many people have said that the contribution of the Xi’an University of Technology to the construction of the subway must of course take advantage of it. This is what it should be, and honest people should not be at a loss! 3. I can understand the feelings of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and the University of Technology as a school, but we also have to be reasonable, right? 4. How important the subway naming is, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just the passion of the students.

6 months ago

My home school, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, is on fire. I used to look at how other people’s schools are. I think my school is not bad. Maybe it will be popular someday, but I never expected it to be popular in this way, so I can’t laugh or cry. The cause, course, and result of the incident have been explained very clearly on the Internet. I will not express my views on the incident here. It will not hurt my family. It is true that the school has done a bit narrowly. I still hope that the two sides can negotiate and resolve it. This subway station is Line 14, which is also the special subway line for Xi’an to open the National Games this year. To be honest, the dispute between the two schools is understandable. This year’s National Games, this special line is the best route for people across the country to watch the game on the spot. It starts from Xi’an North Railway Station in the west and ends at the Olympic Sports Center in the east. There are 6-8 stations on the whole line. The name of the school is indeed a good publicity. way. But quarreling, chaos and trouble, school staff and children are innocent, colleges and universities must have the demeanor of colleges and universities, right? Because my daughter-in-law is from Xi’an University of Technology, I sent her the news that this school was on fire. I really couldn’t laugh. I didn’t expect that the schools on both sides would become popular in this way. It is estimated that the students of the two schools also had a war of words. It’s been a while. I still hope that both sides will handle this matter calmly. After all, there are not many neighbors in Beijiao School, and students from both sides often visit each other. Just like my daughter-in-law and I, we fight back to fight back to fight, back to back fighting, back to back troubles, calm down and have a talk. Compared with this, the two sides work together to make progress together is the most important, isn’t it, the two schools have really slowed down in recent years, complementing each other’s strengths, working hand in hand, and becoming bigger and stronger is the way out. Finally, I hope that the alma mater will be a real fire next time, and it is also the university of other people’s home in everyone’s eyes.

6 months ago

The development of this matter to the present is not a matter of importance or unimportance of subway naming to colleges and universities, but a matter of fair education for ordinary people. A university has begun to interfere with the basic rights of ordinary people to receive education for fame and gain. This has to make me worry about the problems of ordinary people’s education in the future. Many people in the comment section are still arguing about the naming of the subway. Haven’t you realized that whether this matter is justified by Xi’an University of Technology or Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, since its development to persuade children to go to school, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology has completely lost. Product. Of course, there is no winner in this matter, but the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology lost more thoroughly, and even his own underwear was not kept. In the end, the Education Bureau estimated that they would also hit 50 each, and then let the dismissed students return to school in order to calm down the situation. If the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology does not carry out further rectification or education punishment measures, the Education Bureau is estimated to be involved. Now let’s see if there are any experts in the Education Bureau who can make better decisions, and wait for the results.

6 months ago

After reading a lot of answers, it proves that the children who can make trouble in one sentence have sugar to eat. It also fully shows that my alma mater is an S b. Let me learn more from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. Then stay in the cool, let whoever loves help. Anyway, I won’t go. If it’s repaired, it’s not in my interest. Let’s make trouble. If there is a big trouble, a group of people will come out and say to change other names, or everyone’s interests will be considered together. In this way, those who pay the money and contribute will not suffer, but those who don’t contribute will at least not suffer and may make a profit anyway. This also tells that the initial investment is silly, you learn from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, and you don’t invest anything in the front, and you start to make trouble when you get the results. In the end, you don’t suffer.

6 months ago

Now that’s good, people all over the country know about these two schools, and their popularity immediately went up. In addition: Shaanxi University of Science and Technology wants to fight for a name, so it’s better to come up with something to exchange it. Just like enjoying privileges, you should rely on you to spend money to enjoy privileges, not on your own money. No matter how high the score of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is (Shaanxi is generally around 500, it is not high anyway), it can’t win this matter by face. Then don’t you lose nothing? Should we transfer two shops to Xi’an Technological University? In the end, I know both schools and I hope to solve it quickly. It’s too shameful (actually, it’s shameful for Shaanxi University of Technology.

6 months ago

In view of the weirdness of this incident, referring to the story of “Liu Chi Alley”, I suggest that this subway station be named “40 Children Station” and the English name “The Forty Children Station” … to commemorate this incident, because 40 children who were innocently implicated by the adult’s discord. Since ancient times, even the bandits have known that “doing harm to the family”, and when the decision-makers of our higher education institutions encountered conflicts, they actually “swinged a knife to the weaker”… The social impact of this incident is really too bad, if anything Following this, the consequences are unimaginable. It is recommended to use this station name to nail the decision-makers behind them on the pillar of shame forever, in order to impersonate you.

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