Why is Baili this hero so addictive? It’s like playing in rankings. If you win, you want to win, but you lose. I still want to snipe, but not reconciled. Why do you like to play Baili? That’s probably because of the love of gunfighting games. When there are more snipers, there will always be a success. The more you sniper, the greater the chance. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sniper. Although it is the dream of every Baili to play without false hair, can it create more unexpected effects without fear of false hair? A dreamy Baili focused on aiming, but the opposite position was too coquettish, and he didn’t take care of it for a long time. He was too involved and didn’t care about the small map. He didn’t know where to stretch out a hook, and Baili was still aiming. aim. A team battle broke out in the middle. Baili found a wonderful location, set up the gun and loaded it, made enough preparations, lay down in an absolutely safe place, set up a pose, and turned around a few times and started to take aim. , The battle has entered a fierce battle, still aiming, aiming at teammates doubting life, aiming at group extinction, still aiming at aiming, aiming at ecstasy, aiming at ecstasy, until the end of the team battle, from a 4v5 game to a 1v5 game In the game, I encountered a lot of residual blood output, aiming for a long time, one shot passed and shot air, and another shot passed Xiang Yu, not painful or itchy. It may be that the opposite side really couldn’t stand it anymore, only to see that Xiang Yu stopped and stood there to give him a sight, and then the bull demon stood still and gave him a sight. The two rushed to give him a sight and encouraged him. “Hehe, it’s a good fight~”, and Baili naturally couldn’t fulfill their intentions. He wanted to get the enemy’s first level output in the crevices, but he saw the Xiang Yu Niu Demon Blood Bar equipped with the Overlord. Sustained to rise. The archer mage behind brushed a few wild monsters and slowly recovered. The opposite seemed to be tired of playing too, and finally arrived at the most exciting and exciting part of keeping home. Seeing that the line of soldiers was about to come to the high ground, three people ordered to surrender, and one seemed to see a glimmer of hope. It was okay. Captain Baili should be able to defend. Gou couldn’t kill the opposite side in the spring. The teammates had no choice but to kill the last one. Hope is pinned on Baili, Baili keep it, Baili keep it, just a soldier, we will be resurrected immediately, the soldier line has no position, it is reasonable to be able to hold it, Baili shot over, I saw The familiar scene resurfaced again. At the moment when the bullet was about to penetrate the soldier, Xiang Yu Niu Demon rushed over with a hundred thousand firepower like chicken blood. He seemed to want to taste Baili bullet again. The ending can be imagined. The shot just hit the two brothers Xiang Yu Niu Mo in an unbiased way, and Zhong Kui pulled Baili over with a hook. Game over, with a beautiful cry from his teammates, Baili finally ended his sinful life. At the moment when the crystal was about to explode, the teammates turned on the in-office voice and in-office typing, followed by a series of unintelligible words. Obviously Baili can’t hold his breath anymore, you and he is the one who keeps Baili, I’m the one who keeps the promise!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Hello everyone, I am Aurora. In fact, it is difficult for us to objectively evaluate whether a hero’s design fails. After all, there is no uniform standard. Every player has a hero he likes or dislikes. However, the hero of Baili Keeping Contract is indeed controversial. The reason is that the effective output of this hero is very unstable. For most shooters, everyone knows how much output they can hit under what equipment and who they can hit. Under this circumstance, both players can have a basic judgment about whether they can play well or how to play, and there will be no major problems in targeting and cooperation. But Baili keeps the contract different. No one knows how much output he can hit and who can hit, even Baili keeps the contract. So can it fight? How to fight? It is difficult for everyone to make judgments, and the results are often unexpected. In fact, the instability of Baili’s effective output has a lot to do with its own skill mechanism. As a shooter, there are two main output methods for Baili to keep the contract. However, due to the existence of passive skills, Baili’s contract-keeping attacks are slow and unable to crit. The output caused by ordinary attacks in a unit time is not as good as other shooters, and this disadvantage becomes more obvious in the later stages. Therefore, although Baili’s regular attack is stable, it is its shortcoming. His real advantage lies in the super high burst of the second skill and the super long-range consumption and harvest, but the second skill is unstable. If the second skill can’t hit the person you want to hit, Baili’s role in keeping the contract will be very limited. However, what is the effective hit rate of Baili Shou Yue 2 skill, not only the technique, but also the feel. Manipulations are skills, which can be acquired through repeated practice. And the feel is more metaphysical, sometimes not. I often see that some provincial standards and national services do not feel good in compliance with the air. Therefore, as soon as Baili Shouyue is elected, everyone’s mind will be tight, and a strategy game will abruptly become a gambling game. 1. Good teammates played by other shooters: The shooter’s development speed is quite fast. Opponent: Why is this shooter developing so fast? 2, Baili’s good teammates in keeping the contract: this Baili is quite accurate. Opponent: How can this Baili keep the contract so accurate? Accurate compliance: Baili keeps the contract PUBG awards: sniper, instant sniper, blind sniper, all Aurora AuR video · 38,000 broadcasts are not allowed to keep the contract: Hou Yi: I heard that the first level of Baili Shou About the line invincible? Aurora AuR’s video has 23,000 broadcasts. Therefore, for such an unstable factor, everyone’s evaluations are often polarized.

6 months ago

Let’s talk about the situation in the game first. When the opponent chose to keep the contract, Marco, the 80th national in the highest peak of my family, immediately said: “Can Yi change lanes with you, it is too painful to keep the contract” and to avoid the horse. In the case of being able to be suppressed, Xiang Yu directly first-level Siamese Ma Ke, so that he will not be crushed, but the drawback of this is that one person keeps the contract on the opposite side to contain the two, and naturally the opposite party fought before the team battle with a poor number of people. In the mid-term, we played a huge advantage (Tiger, Zhang Fei’s tower pushing system). In addition to sniper accuracy, this contract-keeping will also flash the second big move. Once we were 20 people behind, we were pushed to the high ground, and the opposite tower was not dropped ( During the period, I single-killed the national service guard Johaha several times.) What is the reason that the crushing bureau becomes a balanced situation? That is, the more weaker the contract is in the later stage, and the very sniper quasi-me and Xiang Yu are equipped with equipment, they are no longer incapable of sniping in the early and mid-term, and this lineup, Marco’s late stage is much more terrifying than the late stage of the contract. In the end, Xiang Yuding took damage in front of him. After I circled around, I dispersed the firepower, and Marco exploded and output. Successfully went from being crushed to the balance of power. It almost came back to our question, “Does it count as a design failure?” In fact, I think This is really difficult to give a standard answer, because everyone has different preferences, accepts different strengths, but can’t deny that keeping the contract is a “hero with a high upper limit and a very low lower limit.” Except for the four endless systems of the system, it is now basic to keep the contract. They are all ping-a sniper streams. If you play well, you will be able to sniper with guns and guns, flash and stick to the face for 23 seconds. You also know how to use ping-a. If you don’t play well, you will not hit the target for a long time, and you can’t ping-a, and you will fight directly. One less person believes that the subject of this knowing question is also because I am afraid of being afraid of the contract-keeping pits who can’t play. In the final analysis, the contract-keeping is still a shooter. What is the role of the shooter? “Pushing tower, continuous AOE damage” The contract-keeping and continuous AOE damage, except for the level a, there are only two skills. Of course, the sniper is very powerful, but the sniper is really half abolished, and the sniper who keeps the contract You can only snipe one person at a time (only one person can take damage and can be blocked by the front row), so you will often find that the big meat is equipped (Zhang Fei, Cheng Yaojin, etc.), and the contract-keeping sniper will not hurt (fourth will not be discussed here) Endless compliance does not discuss economic crushing) In order to make up for the lack of strength in the later period of compliance, the early and mid-term compliance is particularly fierce. As long as the front and the middle play the advantage, the later stage of the economy can be crushed, and there will be no late weakness. Question Of course, if the early and mid-term compliance can stretch the gap, then reflect on yourself. In general, I can’t give you a standard answer to this question, because everyone is different.

6 months ago

The biggest failure of Baili’s contract compliance is the failure of product thinking. Regardless of the wind or the wind, the one who played Baili was the best, and the other nine were upset. Whether Baili is on the opposite side or at his own home, as long as one Baili keeps the contract, it will bring only negative experience to the other nine players. There are hundreds of miles in his own house, and he will always steal heads from behind, and his teammates will go up and hurt him and aim at them. Forever, one less person will share the damage. Let alone headwind. The crystals are all turned off, he is still squatting and aiming at the crystals, aiming at you ml****! There are hundreds of miles on the opposite side, then, no matter how powerful you are, no matter how good your consciousness is, no matter how you are How powerful, as long as he can play a little bit, forever, you can’t touch him, and he can beat you, yes, you can beat him, you can push the tower, but he can always disgust you. This is similar to designing a malignant gameplay profession in an rpg. Those who play this profession can use the mechanism to disgust all players. Winning or losing is not important, it is always a positive experience, and what it brings to others is a negative experience. Therefore, Baili’s compliance is a logical failure of the product, and it should be the pillar of shame for heroic design. However, it is not surprising that it is a garbage game of Glory of Kings.

6 months ago

The positioning of this hero is a bit embarrassing. It is a shooter/assassin, but his long-range sniper shooting method is more like a archmage shooter. The continuous output and burst output are not enough. And his own Baili and the opposite Baili are two heroes QAQ” “Hundred miles against us” sparked a discussion. In fact, my original intention of this sentence was to complain about ELO. In this environment, it is easy for my family to have pits, chaos, and performances. The feelings from the rankings of the past few days can’t come back to the topic. It is said that the design failed, but absolutely unsuccessful. Vague positioning is just one of the most important reasons. I think the upper and lower limits are too large and the instability is too large. The output comes from the level A and the second skills, but the accuracy of the second skills is too much. Too much, it is closely related to the player’s state at this time. The second skill is accurate Baili, so that the opponent can’t defend against the team before they are in the team. The remaining blood can’t run away. The second skills are not allowed. Baili will let go of the remaining blood and can’t fight. Injury, and wasted the precious chance to tie A. Baili selected by his own team. If you don’t post the record, your teammates must be panicked. Even the very accurate Baili will sometimes become an empty gun due to his poor condition. Grace can kill the enemy’s C position with a single shot, and it can also make the enemy have no danger, I also pull the hips) Excellent Baili players still have bad performances, those encountered in the rankings Passers-by are hundreds of miles away, and without a record, how can we give full trust? The output is unstable. The feel depends on the metaphysics. Win or lose depends on heroes such as the game. From a certain perspective, it is indeed a failure but there are even more failed heroes, such as Daji (a hero made by novice players) Miledy ( neither fish nor fowl)

6 months ago

No failure, but extreme. I have been in the provincial top 50, and the highest combat power is more than 8,000. Common problem: Weakness in the later stage, relying on hand feeling. If it is directly in front of the group, it will be directly at a disadvantage if it is shot in the air or half meat. Because three shots can kill a crispy skin, there are very high requirements for operation. There have been two shots to kill a crispy skin before. As for teamwork, you will never meet a teammate who can cooperate with you at 50 stars. The most important thing is that when this hero goes to the opposite side, your experience will be particularly bad. Your experience is particularly bad when this hero is on our side.

6 months ago

Just saying the words of this hero does not fail, but it fails in the current environment. Speaking of this hero, the main slot is nothing more than the inability to counter and team battles with few individuals. Can’t counter for the opponent? How did Li Bai come over and make a big comeback? The slingshot combination can’t even see a red line, how to counter it? For teammates, there are few people in team battles? Does Yaomei Xiaoming have a sense of existence when playing groups like this pendant? Did Mi Yue secretly believe that this kind of line tyrant was in a group? (It’s useless if it comes) But the problem lies in the fact that the damn promise is a shooter. In the world view planned in the current version, a shooter must be an ADC, the kind of aa monster that needs to be guarded by a personal bodyguard, and then press the head to accept his world view. But the contract failed. The long-distance ob and unstable output mechanism of this thing determines that it can’t be a big core, so it has changed from the four endless version to the present. So why does the extremely wise planning, why the shooter must be c? Why can the jungler be a blue-collar, mid laner can be a tool man, and the shooter must be the core? I eat the 4th position economy, why can’t I give my vision and consumption? Therefore, it is not that the design of the hero who keeps the contract failed, but that the shooter must be the core, and according to this inexplicable principle, the planning of the version changes for several years has been done.

6 months ago

To reiterate, the success or failure of the hero design is not related to the player’s strength. The most failure of the archer to keep the contract is not the skill but the positioning because this hero can be said to be beyond the scope of the archer. Rather than being a shooter, it is better to say that when I was a hero, I was positioned wrong. It is completely possible to make a mid-lane mage shooter with extremely low fault tolerance but high profit as the main c position. The endurance is the main. Any c goes to the later stage. Both can achieve the super stickiness of the skill + flat endurance kite. Women and children can make mistakes, the fault tolerance rate of Baili No. 2 skills is extremely low, and in the case of the same equipment in the later stage, the role of team formation is extremely small. The opponent’s shooter keeps on the side of the crowd to cover the damage. There is this main t in the front row to help protect and block the damage. You must be able to accurately hit the crispy skin to be effective. You will find that you can decide by playing the four bullets. A game was won or lost. After a few shots, he was wilted. Which real man can stand this hero? (Don’t say it, playing promises really requires talent and proficiency. It’s not limited to the second skill, not everyone can play it.) The following paragraph is a supplement. Many people complained that this hero was described by me. Is so weak, then I will say that his role in the hands of master players is terrible. Sagittarius’s fear range lies in the distance. As long as there is a high degree of accuracy in the early stage, it can give the opponent a fear debuff per capita. The terrible thing is that within half of your map, you have to have a control line pressure up on your own blood volume. By keeping the contract and walking in stealth, you can reach the invisible pressure given by the Lanling King’s middle distance. Isn’t that too terrible, it’s really invisible. The four in the shooter are not like them. They don’t have battery life and have super-high kill bursts and stealth maneuvers. They are more like an assassin, a mage assassin, and a physical assassin. Doesn’t the assassin shooter sound a bit weird? Here only talk about the design. Of course, what I said is not absolute, for reference only. The above content only represents personal opinions, don’t spray if you don’t like it

6 months ago

Keeping the contract is the only hero who can disgust his opponents and teammates. Disgusting opponents online in the early stage, and disgusting teammates in the late game.
You say that the Shield Mountain mechanism is disgusting, that is, the five people on the opposite side are disgusting. When the new hero first came out, he exceeded the standard, and his teammates can still shine.
The outrageous thing about keeping the contract is that there are ten people in one game, one happy, and nine disgusting. And it’s hard to say who your teammates or opponents are more uncomfortable.

6 months ago

Recently, the phone memory can’t keep up with the new version. I used someone else’s phone to play silver. It just so happens that besides Baili, there is only a fool like Daji Zhenji. I just want silver. Try Baili, who is always on my ban. I have to say that this hero is really addictive, because the moment I took it out, the whole game has nothing to do with you. I finally know why there are always people who are still looking at the crystals because they can’t stop at all. Many inexplicable answers are well said. One person is Baili, nine people suffer. No one can do it except Baili. Although I have complained about Baili before, but now I don’t even bother to complain. As long as I’m in the BAN position, he will never think of it, but as long as someone preselects Baili , I will still help him choose. Unfortunately, I helped others to grab Baili several times. They were very strong, but the mentality of other teammates collapsed. No matter how strong it is, Baili’s bad reputation fell into a vicious circle. Although I support the ban on Baili, I advise some people not to act at every turn. My level allows me to tolerate some of Baili’s mistakes. As long as he doesn’t pull too far, but some people don’t have this ability and can only play and play. It’s embarrassing to find that you are the most dished person. I don’t know why I hate Baili so much, but I can cooperate with some Baili very well. This is love and killing each other.

6 months ago

This hero is the only one among all heroes who can turn his teammates into blind. He can let his teammates only see him aiming, and he can’t see the opponent’s teammates. There will be a residual blood suddenly. He can let his teammates have the vision of the opponent. And there is no way to let teammates know where the vision comes from. I was at the provincial level, but now I don’t have to keep the contract anymore. There are too many nt teammates, even if your teammates with an output of 35 or more in a round can’t be seen. They will only say that you only aim at the back without pointing anyone. The black-cut apocalyptic attack speed shoes break the dawn and break the army day by day, who thinks that this equipment can rely on 2 skills to get more than 35 output, you can try and play how good it is. It can also hit people in the opposite invisible place, and it can also hit people in seconds. . The field of view is also high. Enhanced version of compliance

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