The Superman 3 players who have been in the cloud for a month came to give a strong answer. After all, I haven’t played in a month, and my score is not very high. Don’t blame it. The answer for the 7.29 version should be the puppy and Abaddon, two monsters, the puppy benefited from the huge enhancement of Satan and armbands, and the changes to the feast and the magic crystal are also qualitative changes. Especially magic crystals, with individual heroes, it will have extremely terrifying effects, such as the popularity of the fourth position, but the hero with this routine should be the Necromancer, there is no one. However, even without cooperation, the puppy alone can do 3.2% of the target’s maximum health with additional damage per attack. And Abaddon is already a new generation of numerical weird-the duration of the A-stick’s big move is 9 seconds, and now even bane and little Y can hardly stop Abaddon from jumping away. Abaddon’s A rod was originally very strong, but now it’s more suitable for 5 pendants. The treatment enhancement of the pendant is equivalent to 80% damage reduction for friendly forces (assuming there is no ice armor and ice eye on the opposite side, the big ashes will be dispelled by Abaddon, so ignore it. Excluding), the previous centaurs only reduced their injuries by 50%. This version of the pendant also has a huge enhancement, which basically guarantees that every time the group is opened, it is full of large magic wands. By the way, Abaddon’s designated money-making equipment is Meteor Hammer. Brother Death Knight is ready to play. The strongest functional big brother in the world of Dota is Warlock. The magic crystal shadow spell of the last version of Warlock is already very strong, which is equivalent to the 60 speed of the permanent eldest brother. , This version cuts the knife movement speed, but adds the 20th-level group shadow word technique, which is outrageous. 1400 bought the team 30 movement speed and the witch doctor’s milk. The 10th level Hellfire movement speed is also a qualitative change, and with the magic crystal, it is no longer afraid that the hammer will not be able to reach people. There is also a terrible enhancement: the warlock can make money! Shadow Word and Upheaval both become AOE damage, which means that the A staff can be refreshed without holding any gold. What does the Warlock’s A rod and the refresh ball mean? Anyone who has played Dota understands the sudden change should be a cut. , After all, for most heroes, there is no difference between 84% deceleration and 100% deceleration, while the warlock’s drastic change point is very slow. The dizziness time of Rod A is less than 0.2s, but it has no effect. The Necronomicon book is gone, and the Bomberman is ecstatic. Fortunately, the number of bans has increased. What I didn’t expect was that nec had only a little bit of mosquito leg enhancement, and the changes in equipment didn’t make much sense for nec. Nec has been chopped down countless versions, and now he is completely out of the field. I scored him hundreds of points in the ladder because I thought Nec could fight Spectre. It seems that nec has only played once in this game. The current body and skills of nec are the strengths of the last few days of the game, and they are particularly easy to be restrained. The oracle poison dog black bird can completely eat nec to death, the mage nemesis and veto the ashes, ice eyes, shimmer and blow, any of them can be To make nec disgusting, nec has no effective means to counter these props except for quick push, but what push does nec use? In my opinion, this version of the enhancement of nec has no meaning at all. It is still a sewer hero. It is really sad to be a nec unique brother. When the second skill point is full, it will slow down by this point, and the laning period will be even worse, and it will not be able to distance itself from the face hero! Without talent, this slowdown is almost negligible. As for the replies of the three skills, NEC is basically full of blood and violent death, this enhancement is almost no. The above is the traditional big shoe flute nec, now nec is outrageously strong, going to Dize is a hero I have always liked to play, but the winning rate has always been very low. Dai Ze’s shortcomings are that he has no control as an assistant, does not have enough milk as a nurse, and is seriously inadequate as a core late-stage ability. The ice frog has been giving Dai Ze some physical play, but even the mid laner Dai Ze, basically will not follow the idea of ​​the ice frog to produce the holy sword cannon. This version of Dize’s enhancement is no less than that of Fel Energy’s first redo. The magic crystal is too strong. It seems that the sheep of 1.25 seconds is like that, but you have to know that Dize used to be uncontrollable. Hard control, still a stable group control! Little Naga CKTB Nemesis +1. The A stick is also strengthened, and Dai Ze’s A stick has the effect of dispelling group weakness. Now it seems that Dai Ze finally has the capital to compete with God’s Domain. Many people say that the style of the new hero is too similar to that of the next door. After three hits, the hero comes on stage (wrath!). But I think it’s more like a game that is going to be popular . One thing to say is that the new heroes after Mars don’t have any new mechanisms that can make people’s eyes shine, so I was looking forward to the previously exposed “Mind Control Hero” puppet master. This female almighty really disappointed me. Also, V agency has started digging holes in the game story again, can’t you fill in the previous holes first? The current Dota worldview is just a bunch of things. I hope this hero is the foreshadowing of the second season of the animation, otherwise this thing is really useless.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I am an extremely tolerant and extremely tolerant dota player who can accept new things. I am very happy and accept almost all Dota updates. I like new heroes very much. In short, I am old, I can understand others, and I think from various angles, so I am very tolerant. In this update, I have a similar mentality. But this time I am not happy. Because the necromantic book was deleted. baffling. I accept all past dota updates because I know that the person who made these updates (not necessarily the ice frog now) may be very clueless and may have a misunderstanding. There may be various reasons why these updates are not correct. Good results may lead to imbalances and the like. But I can clearly feel that his motivation is good, and he wants to bring changes to this game. From this perspective, I may not agree with your updated specific approach, but I can still accept it. But I didn’t expect that one day an update of dota2 would have no other meaning, just simply hurt the game. Delete the Necronomicon book, there is no other alternative. If you think about it, this is not about deleting an item. This is a reduction of part of the game content. I know you might say that there are too many items deleted, such as poor ghosts, such as Skyhawk. But we don’t have to pretend that we haven’t played the game, and equate the Necronomicon with the deletion of these items. Because everyone knows that the Poor Ghost Skyhawks are early transition props. They are too comfortable and smooth for the transition of some heroes because of their excellent performance. They are deleted to make the process of these heroes get the core equipment more change. many. But the Necronomicon book is not. Necronomicon is the core equipment. In addition, the Necromancer is a core piece of equipment with the characteristics of a dota game. This is a piece of equipment that has been handed down since the ancient times of Dota. It represents a kind of thinking in this game, calling, doing more exercises, crowding, and advancing. It is a concrete manifestation of Dota’s richer tactics than others, more complicated operations than others, and more diverse ways of winning than others. These things are the source of pride for Dota players-even if he is a handicapped player, he has not published a Necronomicon Over. I will never forget the joy of five people in the college dormitory when it was dark. No other games can have such an experience. To delete it is to delete part of the most dota game content. This deletion is completely meaningless, and it has no other effect besides hurting the game. I know that the designer thinks the Beastmaster Werewolf Necromancer is a bit too strong. But when did the overly powerful equipment and items in the history of Dota disappear? Is there a balanced plan? I can give you countless kinds now. Increase the price, cut the duration, or simply and concisely, limit the time of sale, 15 minutes for level 1, 20 minutes for level 2, and 25 minutes for level 3. Can’t it? No, there are 10,000 other methods. When is the balance of dota achieved through deletion? When will dota start to delete its game content and reduce its strategic depth to attract players? I am very disappointed with this change. Because this is not our tradition.

6 months ago

You may not believe it. The game has been criticized and simplified by old players, and it has become less hardcore. However, there are more and more old players who have not been able to play in the fish pond for several years. The current problem of dota2 is by no means simplification, but frequent and complex updates that are constantly shaking the experience and gameplay passed down by players, making the cost of learning continue to increase. In the past few years, maps, wild time, wild monster immunity, wild monster resistance, ancient magic immunity, and a series of map buildings have been basically changed over the past few years. Most of them are very unreasonable, and some are even It is repeated horizontal jumps. The fundamental reason for all this is not to make the game change and attract new players, but just to force professional players to change the existing gameplay. And such an update eventually led to high learning costs for newcomers. The old people’s experience inheritance other than laning would be destroyed for almost a year, and the number of online players in the game would eventually become less and less. The operation of this game found that it could not rely on new players to drive profits, and it was already destined to decline.

6 months ago

I feel that V Society has entered a serious misunderstanding, that is, always thinking about the habit of dominating professional teams with his own changes, but he ignores that this game player is the top priority, and players are the foundation of this game. Professional teams, The professional game is just to promote and advertise the game. It is obvious that the players support the game but teach the players to play the game. In the past, the professional teams developed new routines and the players followed imitating them. Now the routines developed by the professional teams have just come out. If I didn’t test it, I just cut it off. Isn’t this unpleasant to find myself? The other is that the characteristics of the new hero are getting weaker and weaker. I still remember the feeling when Rubick first came out. I was thinking about going to the Internet cafe to try to steal all kinds of skills. Pioneer of similar games, but now it really feels like the talent is exhausted. If this continues, there will only be fewer and fewer people looking forward to the new version, even if they do it again.

6 months ago

Directly to the conclusion: good for OG. 1. There is one more way out of the small wild spot on the first tower of the middle road. This road is extremely unfriendly to the offensive side. In the past, it was only necessary to prevent the side copy in one direction during the frontal attack. Now it is necessary to defend two places. However, in the case of poor equipment in the early stage, it is very dangerous to split the army. Watching the game between EHOME and RNG this afternoon, the first towers of both sides are alive in 20 minutes. 2. The position of the outpost is closer to the middle of the main field, and the time-consuming changes to the outpost TP have improved the security of the money spent by your eldest brother. If you can’t break the tower quickly, you can’t effectively suppress the wild area, and you can’t quickly control the shield. There will be more farm time and space at No. 1 position. In the previous two TIs, OG has shown that their defense of the field and the degree of resource utilization are beyond the reach of other teams. There are also several other changes worth noting: the return of the yellow dot, now that the big brother has a certain amount of capital to stay in, the necromantic book is gone, and it is not so easy to suppress the line of sight to the wild area. Death to TP, good soy sauce level. With the superposition of the above several changes, it is roughly estimated that the overall rhythm of the version has been delayed by at least 10 minutes. The importance of line quality will no longer be so obvious, and the importance of mid- to late-stage operations will be highlighted. Therefore, this version is also good for LGD and Secret, but it may not be a good thing for the little elephant who is good at playing and suppressing. As I mentioned in the analysis of the previous major in Singapore, LGD has changed from a sea of ​​heroes to a three-pronged strategy. The direct reason is that the version is too fast, and you can’t play it without line-up. DOTA2 Singapore Major Losers Finals PSG.LGD lost to iG 1:2, how do you evaluate this game? -Liebei’s answer-Zhihu Then this version should hopefully see their familiar style return. In terms of hero tactics, guess a few: DP, Little Y, Rashik and other demolition heroes are very loud. The status of the prophet will be elevated again, the electric dog may rise again, and even the tinker may return to the game.

6 months ago

I heard that the new version came out last night. This morning I took a rough look at the general changes and new hero updates. Let me start with the conclusion that this version should be called 7.28D. The overall rhythm will not change, and it will not affect the player’s actual experience. How to play in the previous version? How to play in this version, and it has developed in a more extreme and balanced direction. The small changes of the hero weren’t looked at carefully, it was not important, there was no need to remember, it would be more confusing to think of where to say where. Let’s praise it first. . There are 3 notable changes in this change. The first Xiaolan weakened. Although it is not enough, it must be said that this change was mentioned in my last answer. Xiaolan’s non-interruption and the existence of mango led to a very far-reaching As for the follow-up impact, Mango should be deleted, Xiaolan should be interrupted by the mobs, it is not enough to weaken it back to Lan. The reduction of TP on the second trip is in the right direction, but it is not enough. The situation of 3 TPs when going out will cause the situation of side TPs to be considered in the middle of the laning period. Even if one is enough, one cannot stay. The third halo should indeed be weakened, but this is only limited to the Shadow Demon Jumping Blade. Although other heroes have to be cut a bit more or less, this change has a great impact on the melee nuclear. In general, this big halo change has even more negative effects. Okay, the entire 7.29 direction change is finished. I started to talk about it. Let me talk about traditional arts first, give you a date, then slap you, and finally confiscate your date. The big halo is a very low attribute prop. To a large extent, a lot of people even get halo because of this displacement. And halfway through the BUG skill, the equipment’s attributes were weakened. Okay, now that the raid is taken away, this skill is just a silly face halo. In the big environment, the active halo of the big halo is no more. Since the core of Dahao assisted cutting, all the cores have cried for a round, and this is also to improve the experience of assisting, it is even more difficult for your physical core to kill soy sauce. Tears of heaven, little book. There are probably two reasons why the Xiaorenshu was deleted. It is to force the Beastmaster’s A account. Why does NTM give you such a strong A account effect or everyone goes to order the Xiaorenshu team? Why is your Beastmaster A account appearance rate so low? No, you have to do what I said, I want you to make an A. Second, level everyone’s abilities. How can a hero like the Beastmaster who publishes a villain and takes a bird around and can clean up all the vision of other people’s wild areas? No, you have to buy real eye row like everyone else! Actually, I’m quite lucky. The bad thing is to delete the villain, otherwise I guess according to the logic of the production team, maybe you delete your bird first or change it to a ground unit. The single has a bird’s halo skill, and then I find that it’s not right, I still want to delete it. Your little book, you only have blood loss 233. The same is true. As long as you want to understand the idea of ​​the production team, you will understand these changes. For example, the Necromancer is deleted, there is a sign, the high-altitude vision of the night demon is removed, and then The bat’s high-altitude vision was also removed. At that time, I was thinking that the next one would be the Beastmaster, but I didn’t expect to delete the Necronomicon Book. I suspected that the Beastmaster’s bird might not be able to keep it next time. Spider redo is also the same logic. No matter how strong the hero is now, it doesn’t make sense. He is depriving him of his characteristics. Now it is strong, and the next version is slashed. Now it is weak and slightly strengthened. Because the most important thing about the spider is that he can eat the line and swipe the wild from level 3, so the balance group is not satisfied, why? No, you honestly call me on the line, and change the position of the big move and spit. Weaken your ability to play money and delay your time to spend money. This can also be seen from the fact that the damage of the bat’s flame flight to the monsters has been halved. At that time, I thought that the next ones were spiders and Meepo. Moreover, the current distribution of wild areas also weakens the spider and Meepo. The distance between several small fields has increased. I found that there are fewer wilds than before. If the net cannot be laid, Meepo will be more difficult to walk over. Up. I really laugh at the price cut, I think the soy sauce is not fat enough. There are also a lot of equipment modifications. I probably took a look at them. Basically, they are mainly weakened. Common equipment has been cut. The few equipment that is sold out have been strengthened a little bit. The auxiliary life-saving equipment has strengthened a little effect, slightly. Increase the price (probably buy one less real eye?) The magic crystal has been reworked and strengthened in a wide range. This is the problem of this version and the idea of ​​the production team. I teach you how to play the game. If the magic crystal I made does not have a good appearance rate, then I will BUFF a lot, and BUFF until you come out. While the equipment was weakened, everyone buffed their bodies together. Then, under the original economic situation, the attributes of the two parties will be much closer, so it’s a team game. And this production team has a logic that is to give the inferior party some opportunities, not completely desperate, and will do everything possible to weaken the advantage of the superior party, let me give you a chestnut. And the mechanism changes of this version have not changed in 3 major versions. My next prediction is that the production team already feels that this mechanism is well balanced, and it should not be disturbed in the future. This game will run towards Heroes of the Storm. Maybe one day in the future, you can play DOTA2 without any equipment. And let me remind you that under the current game trend and the 50% win rate, all players are victims, because winning or losing has nothing to do with you, your level will be infinitely suppressed, and then the game will arrange 50% for you. If you have a winning percentage, you can get points only by a few percent of the points given to you by the system, as well as the current game environment. If you win and cannot guarantee the game experience, losing a game will be disgusting for the whole game. The extremely long painful game, and then an average of 50%, guess why more and more people are spraying the 50 win rate mechanism after the game. Guess why more and more people don’t want to start this game? Lao Tzu knows the truth that everyone who is stinky playing games, these silly production crews, are they worthy of balance? I do better with my feet than they do. Until now, I can’t figure out what’s in the head of this production crew? Heroes of the Storm does a shit. If he is fired, he still needs to be himself. V agency is not a normal person either. It throws a group of stupid critics while playing games. Can no one reflect on giving G fat?

6 months ago

I can already foresee a double-digit TP in an assist… Besides, I really don’t understand why the Necromancer should be deleted. Unlike the Poor Ghost Shield and Royal Jelly, the Necromancer is a big piece, and is a core equipment for many heroes, such as the Werewolf and Beastmaster. It is equivalent to the virtual spirit to the water man, the darkening to the TA, and the clone to the enemy ghost. A prop of such strategic significance, and it is not too strong or weak. It can be balanced by adjusting the data. Why is it simply and rudely deleted? The return of the yellow dot and the gradual increase of talents at level 27-30 are what I have foreseen before, so as to avoid the sudden increase in combat effectiveness of some heroes at level 30 (such as the Great Sage). In addition, I would like to ask if anyone has updated the FPS after the update. of? I used to be 60. After the update, it was changed to 30… But it is still 60 on King Axe Island. I don’t understand what’s going on.

6 months ago

Why move the necromancer?
The bomber was happier,
The Beastmaster’s waste raised his placard,
The werewolf said it was annoying,
Why not delete the meteorite hammer? Isn’t Black Bird Pass and Meteor Hammer not brainless enough?
There are also big trees that basically occupy one route,
And the casting distance and movement speed are all cut,
Playing with soy sauce will be even worse in the future,
Do you know how long it takes to match only one?
Every time it changes, it’s even more deadly…

6 months ago

The most important thing should be the distribution of magic runes, the bloody runes in the early stage and the 3-minute money runes. This should greatly affect the early laning, and the rhythm of the middle and late stages. Now everyone is accustomed to the 4 or 6-minute Yaoren grabbing charms in the early stage, the bounty and outpost experience in the middle and late stages of the battle, which are the core time points for the outbreak of team battles and GANK, and they should all change. As for other things, the terrain is nothing more than some minor changes to the Gaotaiye store’s location, and some repairs to the hero’s equipment. It doesn’t feel like a major change. There are no elements that directly change the game like the fog, hot pot, talent, and altar back then.

6 months ago

The Necronomicon Book has been removed, and the Domination Helmet can summon 2 wild monsters. Looking forward to the follow-up update of wild monsters. Overall satisfied with the update. The map is full of changes, and the surrounding forest is now even more sassy, extending in all directions, without deliberately making new roads. The yellow dot returns, so that the disgusting talent can be refilled later. Speed gives up the upper limit, rejects extremes, and can’t bully people too much. The cast range is weakened, the extreme is abandoned, and the attack is beyond the visual range. The blade of the abyss did not rush forward, abandoning extremes, and had an excessive one-shot power. The mad war cut back to blue, abandon the extreme, violently brush, do not go home, fight less, ugly games. Dota returns to the classical flavor, while adding new content, abandoning all kinds of extremes. I think that in the final form of Dota, all heroes can play positions 1 to 5, have the power of both magic and martial arts, and have unlimited changes in outfits. The Necromancer is a prop that fixes several heroes. I hope that someday I will play a shining dragon heart troll, I hope it also shows a beautiful dota, not a mockery.

6 months ago

Various repeated horizontal jumps. Including Dahao, Juggernaut and so on. The changes to the river talisman strengthened the fight in the early and mid-term. The changes to the outpost turned the outpost into a waste building. This version of the assistance will become very busy, the online brother asks for his own blessings. It may also be a plan (I think it is not an ice frog) that players want to run around the map. I think this can increase the viewing. What is the cerebral palsy operation to delete the Necronomicon Book? The werewolf and ice girl are very good at getting things done. The bomber intensified his self-destruction. The number of meals needs to be communicated in advance. Don’t buy TP for the first 5 levels of support. Spend the money and send it home to get the most benefit. Shadow Fiend’s epic enhancement (base armor +1), let’s talk about the rest of your thoughts.

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