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In fact, fishing is not all derogatory terms. People’s imagination can be greatly improved when fishing, and the efficiency of handling non-work things will also increase linearly. If you don’t believe me, look at Teacher Liu Cixin, fishing at the Niangziguan Power Plant every day. It was a pleasure to fish for a while, and I kept fishing for the Hugo Award. (Doge) (3.12 second more manual dividing line) I don’t know if you don’t watch the creation camp 2021. I think you know that most of the people are superficial Ma Huateng, and behind the scenes are Lilu Xiu who just wants to get off work. Wouldn’t it be good if you are willing to guard yourself in the galloping horses, and just want to lie down and give a thumbs up to beautiful women to be a purchasing agent? Entrained a wave of private goods by the way. Everyone, go and vote for Teacher Li! Never let him off work! The Lord just likes to watch the salted fish being forced into social animals hahahahahahaha. I can fish, but Mr. Li can’t (doge) (3.12 update manual dividing line). I remembered the interview practice about Southwest United University that I just finished in winter vacation. For students, the freedom to choose the future and the enthusiasm to fear the future are the most important. We have indeed reached the time to slow down and think hard. To borrow a famous saying from Teacher Gao: “Walk slowly, think!” (3.11 2nd manual dividing line) laughed to death. The number of electives for this course is almost 3k. As long as everything is overheated, it must indicate that it is in great demand. It seems that your clear students do have a great need for fishing and a strong aversion to involution. And after Mr. Gao opened this precedent, weird courses have emerged (including but not limited to the basic teaching of Doudizhu, the game theory of Kings Canyon, etc.). Perhaps this is just a catharsis of group emotions, but Mr. Gao breaks The entrance to the garden should indeed arouse some thoughts. What is it that makes this group of top university students like this? (3.11 update manual dividing line) As one of the people who are good at fishing in Tsinghua Park, of course I chose this course without hesitation. Hahahahahaha. (Mainly because I still know the teacher, and in reality, the teacher is really a handsome little brother with a Tibetan-sounding mind, nympho ing) (escape) I think, in essence, the course “Introduction to Fishing”, and The “Huaqing University Special Ordinary Scholarship” held during the special award selection last year was a grand performance art, a rebellion against the high expectations you placed on students, and a countermeasure to peer pressure. (And I am still the recipient of a special scholarship) (Fleeing again) As everyone knows, as a university that has assembled the country’s top monsters, Tsinghua’s involution is naturally quite popular. However, there are actually very few people who take the initiative to scroll. Why do we choose to fish? On the one hand, it is rebellion under overload pressure, and on the other hand, it is also helpless to this overall atmosphere. I often think that Guiqing has been “raising Gu”. In fact, the resources that can be popularized by everyone, but in order to stimulate competition, the school chose the “hungry wolf competition” method. Of course, students who have no competition at all will be a backwater, but after all, it’s you. The competition is really too fierce. In the end, we invest a lot of time and cost but we can only get what we deserve. As the people at the bottom of your Qing Dynasty, I rarely participate in scrolling; for the top gangsters of your Qing Dynasty, those things may also be easy habits. Can they be called scrolls? The most uncomfortable thing is that you clear most of the “ordinary” students. For them, a hop is enough for them; but if they don’t, they will inevitably feel unwilling if they don’t fight. In the end, everyone is trying to jump. Jumping has become a “high jump contest” that most people participate in. Even if you are a clear student, there are not many people who want to understand what they want to do. Most people still follow the trend, graduating from undergraduate and postgraduate, looking for a job after graduate. In fact, the students you clear have quite a few choices. Go for public welfare, go for animal protection, go for travel bloggers… etc. With the platform provided by Tsinghua University and the students who can pass Tsinghua’s own family background, they can have a wide range of choices. But they are still confined by the shackles of high salaries, decency, and high social status, and like other college students, they squeezed their heads into investment banks as code farmers. To put it bluntly, if you don’t have the courage to be yourself, you are ultimately a group of “excellent sheep”. Under such circumstances, the introduction to fish fishing offers a possibility, or a way to let go of those tired competitions and give oneself a chance to relax. In fact, whoever enters this class knows how to fish? The students who are willing to look directly at their fishing needs are most likely to be bricks-and-mortar people who are proficient in fishing. In this course group, it’s good for everyone who doesn’t know each other to play games together in class, to let go of their diligent appearance for a short time, and to truly release their own nature for a while. I can’t make my own decision in my life, can’t I let me vent myself out of it for a while? And the teacher is really preparing for the lesson seriously hahahaha. I hope that this course itself can provide some little knowledge about psychology and so on, just as everyone is happy. I hope that the students in this course, after gaining short-term happiness, can understand their own direction, and don’t take it blindly. the above.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. The student asked the teacher: “Does this course take a call?” The teacher said: “No.” The student asked: “Will you take the exam?” The teacher said: “No exam.” “What about the final grade?” The student didn’t. Asked to explain. “Let’s do it,” the teacher said. 2. At the end of the expiration period, a student handed in the final homework in order to implement the spirit of fishing, but he was uneasy, so he sent an e-mail to the teacher: “If I implement the spirit of fishing, then my What will happen to the final grade?” The teacher replied: “Oh! If you don’t send this email to ask me, I will give you full marks.”

7 months ago

Judging from the current situation, “Introduction to Moyu Studies” is basically divided into two camps-real fish and watch fish, namely, Zhenger Bajing and watch fish. According to the course requirements, everyone needs to complete weekly homework and major homework. High-quality homework will be recognized and shared. To complete high-quality homework, you must invest time and effort (volume). Therefore, for Xiaoming and Xiaohong who took this course at the same time, they may face the following situation: fish game profit matrix. At this time, Xiao Ming began to ponder: · First assume that Xiaohong is a real fish. At this time, if I choose Be a real fish, the ending is hello and my hello everyone (both sides get 5 quantitative benefits each), everyone will come in plainly, and leave plainly; but if I invest a little time and energy (that is, I choose to be a watchfish: serious Attending classes and completing high-quality homework), you can get the recognition from the teaching team at the same time (Xiao Ming’s income is 10, but Xiao Hong’s class experience is poor due to Xiao Ming’s paper, and the income is -1 )! Therefore, his best choice is to compact by table. ·Assuming that Xiaohong is a superficial fish, then I will obviously be suppressed if I choose to make a real fish. Therefore, even if the fish is dead and the net is broken, I must be higher and lower and decisively curl! Therefore, no matter how Xiaohong chooses, Xiao Ming will choose-Volume! At this moment, Xiaohong walked into the classroom happily. The first 1 second was still complacent about being lucky enough to take this course, and then 1 second, I saw the person sitting opposite, and entered the classroom 20 minutes earlier and selected it. Xiao Ming, who has a good seat and smiles at herself, can’t help but fall into thinking: Suppose Xiao Ming is a real fish…——Updated on March 14, 2021——As a sensible Xiaohong , Naturally knows what Xiao Ming’s “smile” means… After entering the classroom, she slowed down and unhurriedly found a position about 5 meters away from the back of Xiao Ming in a straight line for better observation. Xiao Ming, at the same time, completed her thinking: Assuming Xiao Ming is a real fish,…, then my best choice is to show it. Suppose Xiao Ming is a watchfish,…, then my best choice is still to be a watchfish. In other words, the final result of Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong’s choice will result in a situation: the final equilibrium result is that even if neither side has any benefits, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong will eventually choose to become watchfish, and it is because they both have been rational. Thinking about the situation. Why is this happening? At this time, we will review the game from the perspective of God. Through the above picture, we will find that in this game, whether for Xiao Ming (marked in blue) or Xiao Hong (marked in red), the selection table The profit of fish is greater than choosing real fish. In other words, choosing to make real fish is a strategy that is strictly suppressed. Therefore, this strategy is naturally ruled out by Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong. Said, even though my heart was run over by thousands of grass and mud horses, but only Juan Lu could choose Er [crying]. At this time, the current situation has brought about an equilibrium. In this equilibrium, no participant can unilaterally change his strategy to make himself more profitable. Therefore, in the case of non-cooperation, they naturally will not actively choose to change their strategies, and this equilibrium is also known as the Nash equilibrium. ……But if we change the profit of choosing to make real fish, this strategy will not be strictly suppressed (in other words, even if I choose to make real fish, if there is a watchfish fighting with me at this time, it will be better than me. It is happier to open the paper directly, and the income is higher), then will the final situation be changed…?

7 months ago

Hello everyone, I am the teaching assistant for the course “Introduction to Fishing”. I am very glad to be able to study with all the students and make progress together this semester. Next, I will start with a simple self-introduction. I am a 19th-level doctoral student of Teacher Gao. I am currently studying at the Advanced Moyu Research Institute of Tsinghua University and graduated from Wuhan Moyu Technical College with a bachelor’s degree. His major is fish-fishing science and engineering, and his current research directions are “observation of the duality of fish-finding” and “fish-finding in condensed matter”. Published one paper as the first author in the mainstream journals of Moyu Research (CSSCI) and The journal of MoYu (SCI if=8.2). At the same time, I also served as the vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Fishing Young Scientists and the permanent peer instructor of the School Fishing Forum. My office is in Fishery Building 404. If you encounter any problems during fishing, you can email or WeChat to contact me, or you can come to me directly. Relevant courseware and materials have been uploaded to the online school. To prevent copyright issues, please refrain from sharing them.

7 months ago

As we all know, in the context of the current 996 National People’s Congress, the attackers collectively fall into a prisoner’s dilemma. The best solution is that everyone rejects 996. In this way, there are more jobs, and everyone has time to rest. But if everyone else is 996, and you reject 996 alone, you will be killed and unemployed. Therefore, at this time, it is very important to strike a consensus among the workers. But this is very difficult. The most basic, the first step, you have to have a program of gathering sand into a tower. In the second step, you have to have a platform organization to support the struggle against 996. “Introduction to Fishing” is very basic. But there is no doubt that this is the embryo of the struggle program. If it is similar to theories or practical methods, it will blossom more in the society. We believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire. The day when the strikers formed a broad consensus was when 996 died. Looking forward to the emergence of the classic anti-996 struggle in the future, wait for the “Shenzhen Workers Fishing Investigation Report”.

7 months ago

I was boring to write an answer about fishing before. How many likes I liked, almost 30,000. It can be seen how young people like fishing now. This course seems to be very popular: Einstein works at the Swiss Patent Office. , While reviewing patent documents, while fishing for the theory of relativity. Liu Cixin works at the Niangziguan Power Plant in Shanxi, while working as an engineer, while catching fish and writing science fiction such as “Three-Body”. Mao Zedong worked in the Peking University Library. He sorted out books and cleaned the rooms to register the names of people who came to the library to read newspapers, while fishing and exposing books to learn about major events in the world. …Young people, don’t work hard, but have the right direction, working overtime every day to do repetitive tasks, you feel very hard, in fact, there is almost no help for your future. To some extent, young people should touch more. Fish, so that you can find your way forward. Tactical efforts must not be used to conceal strategic laziness.

7 months ago

The Chinese Paddling Association is here! Paddling fish is a family! Don’t underestimate fishing. The idea of ​​fishing is an important weapon to dismantle the evil forces of US imperialism! Who do you think is America’s greatest enemy? It’s countless fish catchers! Fishing is a very scary weapon. Fish fishing allows you to get rid of all your attributes. If you can fish regardless of occasion, or even on important occasions, you can make a huge contribution and bring huge disasters. For example, if you fished while driving, you would rear-end, hit and fly, and cause heavy damage to yourself. I used to fish and write things when I was working, so I had three bodies. ——Liu Cixin (I haven’t said this sentence) The US government fished, so 540,000 people died because of the new crown (continuous growth). The United States engages in the color revolution. If all the people who get the money fish, make crude remarks, and publish “Shock! Chinese beauty cameras have been faked for many years! The photos taken are not like me! “”hateful! China’s Indiscriminate Dissemination of Dark Coins Leads to Inflation in the Underworld,” Biological Extinction! Chinese mosquito coils kill a large number of mosquitoes and destroy the ecological balance! “If you don’t work with money or do bad work, then the United States will be eaten to death sooner or later. All the Indians fished, but India has become an unconquerable country, a free and easy place where mud can’t support the wall. Whoever conquered India is equivalent to stepping in a dung pit. You will not get any benefits, and you have to feed this group of mud legs. If the idea of ​​fish-fishing is penetrated into the United States, especially the military, in the future, when Taiwan is regained, the U.S. military will not be dispatched because of fish-fishing, and Wan Chai will still be playing mobile phones after landing to watch Asian pictures after landing because of fish-fishing The wife of Tuandi, taking down the first island chain is like trying to get something! Fishing can prolong one’s life, self-rescue, and output to the enemy can paralyze the enemy and lose suddenly! Li Ka-shing once said: Why is the United States rich and strong? Because when the Chinese are sleeping, the Americans are working. Li Ka-shing also said: I wish you peace. Hardworking Americans need to fish! For example, in this epidemic, if the functional departments that issue relief funds catch fish and play mobile phones every day without sending money, then the American people will soon rebel because they have no money. And if the American soldiers fish, the American people will occupy the White House and kick Biden out, and the American empire will be destroyed by itself!

7 months ago

After completing the course, you can get a bachelor degree in fish fishing Can also study for the second degree of Fish Frying (the training plan has not yet been determined). All courses in this degree are credited only, automatic PF, no grade points. 1. Professional compulsory course rent ≥ 19 credits Introduction to fish fishing 3 credits Intermediate fish fishing 4 credits Advanced fish fishing 3 credits Fish fishing thought history 3 credits University fish fishing history 3 credits Fish fishing practice and skills (1) 2 Credits Practice and Skills of Fish-fishing (2) 2 credits for comparative study of water and fish-fishing 3 credits 2. Specialty limited elective course group ≥28 credits (1) The theory of fish-fishing course group Successful fish-fishing basics 3 credits of fish-fishing case Analysis 3 credits of fish fishing ecological network 3 credits of international fish fishing development overview 3 credits (2) Micro-fishing course group Social work fish fishing 3 credits internship 3 credits group meeting fish fishing 3 credits defense fish fishing 3 credits Sports fish learning 3 credits Homework fish fish learning 3 credits fish management 3 credits (3) Macro fish fishing course group Modern fish fishing topic 3 credits Contemporary fish fishing and life 3 credits Macro fish fishing and fish frying introduction 3 credits Healthy Fishing 3 credits Fishing and Social Happiness Fundamentals 3 credits (4) Fishing Tools Course Group WeChat Language and Ticket Circle Design 3 credits Weibo Principles 3 Credits Knowing Language and Organization 3 credits Station B Browsing Analysis 3 credits Krypton Gold 3 credits for the topic of non-Krypton gold games

7 months ago

First of all, correct the teacher. Since 2016, Rain Classroom has provided an open environment for all users. Everyone can create a class. If you don’t believe me, try it? Pay attention to the Yu Classroom public account, click on the menu bar “My-Courses”, click on the lower right corner “I want to start”, after the class is completed, generate a QR code in the member management, and invite students to join. As for the opinions on the opening of classes for students…it’s not that you can count as a teacher if you have passed the teacher’s qualification certificate. The three-person group must have my teacher, specialize in technical work, and have knowledge everywhere. Someone asked me why I am only going back and forth now, of course it is because I am fishing.

7 months ago

Hey, don’t tell me, fishing is really a question of college. Seeing that most of Zhihu’s answers are “shaking wit”, let me tell you about some professional cases. Why do you want to fish? A large amount of data shows that a person’s attention span is 6-12 minutes. The efficiency is high at first when it is put into work, it will reach its peak after one and a half hours, then it will start to decline sharply, and it will fall to the trough after two hours. You are accumulating energy in the first few minutes, and after 90 minutes you have finished reading the energy bar, no matter how hard you try to output, the efficiency will be about zero. At this time, with the rhythm of relaxing and fishing, it will better ensure efficiency. A good rest can not only make us energetic, but also effectively improve one’s self-control, memory and sense of accomplishment. Don’t think fishing is easy, fishing is also scientific. Is it not called fishing for short videos? Many friends like to relax through the short video platform. Whether it is the singing and dancing of young ladies or some funny videos, they will feel happy after watching them. But have you found out? Every time you read it, you still feel very tired, and sometimes even after a long period of time, there is a period of “emptiness, loneliness, and cold”. This is because watching short, flat videos can stimulate the brain to release dopamine and bring pleasure. But the brain is still grabbing and analyzing information, and it hasn’t really rested. What should a real rest look like? The research on DMN (default network system) in the brain has given us the possibility of efficient rest. DMN is composed of ventral medial prefrontal cortex, dorsal medial prefrontal cortex, posterior cingulate cortex, and adjacent precuneus and lateral parietal cortex. It plays a potential role in the sensory-visceral movement connection related to social behavior, emotional control, and motivation drive, and has an important impact on a person’s character and behavior. What really affects our rest is the spontaneous cognition of DMN. The simple explanation is that the brain is thinking uncontrollably. For example, when we are in a daze or wandering, we do not deliberately think, but all kinds of thoughts come up. What is shocking is that spontaneous cognition dominated by DMN consumes about 60% of the brain’s energy, while the brain’s energy to perform specific tasks only consumes 5%. It is not the work itself that fatigues the brain, but the uncontrolled thoughts. Researchers have found that the emergence of uncontrolled thoughts often comes from worries about the past and the future. So how can the operation of DMN be inhibited? Researchers such as Judson divided the participants into two groups. One group performed meditation (focusing on breathing, without trying to change the way of breathing, and then gently bringing back the breathing when the attention wandered). The brains of the control group functioned normally. After meditation, the activities of the two important nodes of DMN (PCC and mPFC) in the meditation group were less than those in the control group. Participants in the meditation group also reported decreased uncontrolled thinking. Haruki Murakami’s writing efficiency is very high, and he runs every day. In “What do I talk about when I talk about running” he mentioned: I run, just run. In principle, it is to run in the blank, maybe to get the blank and run. Even in such a blank, there are moments of thoughts sneaking in. This is a matter of course, there can be no real void in the human mind. The human spirit is not strong enough to sit in a vacuum, and even if there is, it is not consistent. Having said that, the thoughts and thoughts that sneak into my running spirit are nothing but blank subjects. The experience of Haruki Murakami’s running is similar to that of meditation. They both break out of daily worries, free their brains, and get real rest. Whether it is meditation, running, swimming, or listening to music, we need to find a way to let the brain empty and stop worrying. This is the key to rest. To put it simply, you have to feel happy when you fish, don’t worry about it again while you fish~

7 months ago

If you don’t count credits, you can’t say that you are fishing! The essence of fishing is: get something for nothing, and the time spent in vain produces more personal benefits than the time at work. This world has the first capitalist, so God, the Jade Emperor, and Tathagata said in unison: Then there must be fishermen~ this is the universal value and the great love! When individuals are inevitably alienated in the wave of capitalism and industrial production, fishing is light. If this course does not count as credits and does not have an exam, then the course itself is not fishing behavior. It can be said that in order to learn about fishing in the future, first establish the concept of fishing, and then study and master the methodology of fishing. Fishing in school is far-fetched. Unless it is some students who are squeezed by the boss following the experiment, otherwise, you are fishing in your studies. It is not called fishing, it is not life and death, and you cannot see the current employment situation. When we entered society from school, faced with capitalists and industrialization, Moyu from an early age said that it is an individual who strictly implements the eight-hour working day and implements the identity of proletarian laborers, which is to prevent capitalists from making improper profits from a moral perspective; From the perspective of self, this is a great measure for the human race to resist being alienated. It is a solid and feasible methodology. It is a ruthless ridicule and a painful blow to capitalism. It is also a great way to improve production efficiency, stimulate human brain vitality, and increase the upper limit of IQ. explore. Some capitalists may ask: Why do you work for eight hours and still have time to fish? This type of capitalist does not see clearly the process of creating labor value for workers, and it is not in direct proportion to time. Think about it, the scientific community’s judgment on the time for children to concentrate is about 10 minutes. As they get older, the time gradually increases. Growth, and elementary school students, a class is 45 minutes, if students concentrate on 45 minutes, will the next class still be in? Has anyone tried to concentrate for 45 minutes and do something without breaking down? Relaxation and the combination of work and rest are the key to workers’ labor efficiency. Because this is in line with human physiology. Fishing, it’s my brain telling me: Hey, it’s time to take a break, it’s more efficient to take a break~ Fat learning is to learn to fish, I’m Fat Ding, and a fish fishing has become the most popular character in the history of Pokémon. The pink creature~rua~!

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