Originally, I didn’t mind the existence of my boyfriend’s ex. After all, he was someone he loved. I respect him and his feelings. Even if his ex contacted me and even threatened me a little bit, I told me calmly. Boyfriend, let him handle it. But in the future getting along, I slowly discovered that he would pay attention to her dynamics, and then he would share information related to her (such as her favorite songs, favorite places, favorite English sentences) to me, he might I thought I didn’t know, but I couldn’t restrain my curiosity and would pay attention to information related to her. Now I dare not accept his tenderness wholeheartedly, I always feel that it is not true to me, it is to make up for his debt to her. And I also feel like a sinner, lying between them. So, in the past, she thought it was the perfect tense in the past, but now, she is more like the ongoing tense. The reason for all these changes is just because of my boyfriend’s attitude. When I found out that he hadn’t forgotten and would still care about her, I knew I had lost, and I appeared in a “he just needed it, and I just happened to At the moment, I comforted him and her regret that he could not be together, I acted as his emotional healing agent, and does he love me, maybe it is love, but it won’t be the softest one hidden in my heart Place, love the secret of a lifetime. But I still love him. As for his predecessor, I still respect her. For countless days and nights in the future, he will remember that she is so good that I cannot interfere. All I can do is to digest my emotions, and finally love myself first, and then Lover.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I think this needs to look at your boyfriend’s attitude towards his ex. If you have consciously cut off contact, you don’t need to bother; if you are disconnected, you need to be vigilant, you need to warn your boyfriend, you are very upset; you need to carefully analyze the specific reasons for their breakup and the way of getting along. If your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is very aggressive, you need to pay attention to the way you communicate with your boyfriend and try to show weakness; if your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is very diligent and hard-working, you need to learn to cheat him to work, often Fudge him sweetly; no matter what you plan to do, you need to remember one thing, your position must be upright, at least you must look open-minded and aboveboard;

6 months ago

I don’t know how to use it, but I myself have a relatively indifferent attitude. After all, that is his past, the past that I didn’t participate in, this is his story with others, it has nothing to do with my existence. In any case, it is what he experienced and I give the corresponding respect. But one thing is very clear and it is also my bottom line. His last relationship cannot be unclean. For example, he has broken up, and he has started a new relationship with me and is still entangled with his ex-girlfriend. This situation would rather quit, after all, I personally don’t care about the past, but I hope that the current situation is clean. I hope everyone has a clean feeling, don’t talk about the past, don’t remember the old feelings. Treasure, respect and understand the people in front of you more.

6 months ago

Looking to death, unless you want to give her incense, but most people feel like going to the grave. If it is the kind of connection, the predecessor can persuade me, people and ghosts have different paths, and I know my real name against any reason. Keep in touch with your ex unless you really have an incurable disease. On the moral level, as a current girlfriend can allow it, it is okay. For an ex-girlfriend who is broken and asks for comfort in the middle of the night, you have to take a good look at your boyfriend. If you hesitate, you can prepare to break up and let them reunite below. In the end, there are only a few possibilities for the ex to contact the current boyfriend. 1. I am lonely at night and miss very much. Make an aphrodisiac call. For example: I went to your city on a business trip and came to accompany me for a stroll. Good guy, good guy, if you just finished arguing with your current boyfriend, and you slapped your boyfriend and said something ugly, do you think he will go? Most likely will go. 2. The ex quarreled with her boyfriend, and I came to her ex for comfort. I am a good fellow again. The ex quarreled and thought that the ex was good. In this case, what kind of sparks would they bring to contact? After a cry, if your boyfriend still has a trace of dissatisfaction with his ex, this green hat has already been booked for you. 3. Contact with a compound mentality, good guy, good guy, Mingxiu plank road, secretly crossing Chencang, does she know that her ex has friends? Does she take your thoughts into consideration? Isn’t she just destroying the relationship between you and the current girl? It’s not necessary to shoot in person, because it’s too low. Obviously you need your incumbent to resolve his relationship with his predecessor and to maintain his relationship with you. This problem must be resolved by the incumbent. His solution determines his attitude towards his predecessor and represents whether he really respects you and your feelings. Above, I wish the dogs happiness.

6 months ago

I don’t know, how can I not mind his past. I can’t help but want to ask him. If I ask more, I know more, and I will mind even more. It’s been a long time since the two terms, and there should be no contact, but when I thought about it, it was like a knuckle in my throat, and I couldn’t even sleep for several days. Because of too much love? I even think I should see a psychologist, but after seeing so many answers, I think everyone will mind. I regret not meeting him early, and sad because he has his past, the time I have not participated, the spirited look that I have never seen before, the emotions he has paid for others, the hurt he has suffered, I feel distressed. Even if I think I am good, I don’t think his predecessors are better than me. However, when I am approaching 30 years old, can I still love it as I was when I was young? I do not know. I hope I am the only one, I am all, I am the favorite of his life. But did I win my first love? Have you won the shadows that you can’t get and look better? I can’t tell him too much about my own distress, it should be incomprehensible, and I don’t understand why I struggle with something that can’t be changed. I know that everyone has a past, so why not? However, I still hope that I am the most special. I can accept his love, but I hope I must be the favorite. I know that he treats me very well, maybe better than his predecessors. I also know that our encounter is right in time and place. He is just mature and I am just gentle. But I don’t know what memories they had, how wonderful they were, how they called each other, how they kissed and hugged each other. The depression that can’t be suppressed, I hope it’s just that I’m extremely sensitive during my menstrual period. I hope that when I wake up, I will feel free and easy and full of self-confidence. I hope that every day, he can tell me that I am his favorite in this life, forever.

6 months ago

I accidentally picked up the photo of his predecessor. I was really disappointed. It was very different from what I had imagined. Then I watched it a thousand times and finally deleted it. I also took advantage of this fierce quarrel. I asked her what is good, the three perspectives of cultural literacy, professional qualifications, and work quality. Even I thought that there might not be a good appearance. He said that he was just not reconciled, and it hurt me. In fact, the best reason for breaking up is not to love, because for any other reason, you can’t escape the unwillingness or regret of one party. The injured party is not easy to let go. It was the first time I heard of his past. Really, I can’t make him unwilling, can’t let him not get it, it’s really powerless. Really, if I can, I hope I’m the one who makes him want to love and will miss him all his life. There must be an end to this event. I asked sincerely, and he answered sincerely. So, I choose to believe that no matter how much this incident tortured me, it caused me much trouble. I will try my best to believe that I am the person he loves most. If not, I would be willing to bet to lose, but don’t let me lose.

6 months ago

If your boyfriend and his ex have broken contact, just trust him and stop mentioning it. Feelings are a matter for two people, and trust is the most basic. Since we broke up, there is a reason. The past is also gone, maybe his predecessor made a better him. My current boyfriend has a first love for more than two years. I’ve been in bed and I don’t know why I broke up. I didn’t ask. He later said that his predecessor gave him a picture and asked if I should throw it away. I saw it and just hung it on. In his bedroom, he was very beautiful, so he didn’t throw it away, but he was still jealous of her talent. Later, I thought it was nothing. It was his past that could not be changed and could only accept it, no matter what sweet memories they had. As for me, with the present and future him, I can create more and more sweetness. Just take this relationship seriously with each other. If you have a boyfriend, you still have active contact with your ex. Personal experience and persuade points. If your boyfriend’s ex is still actively looking for your boyfriend to gossip, bitch is really lack of social beating, please slap her in the face 🙂

6 months ago

1. Before I got together with Mr. Cai, he had two relationships, one was his first love for 6 years and the other was a long-distance relationship for 3 years. It’s impossible to say that I don’t mind at all. I remember that in the book to Mr. Cai I once wrote a paragraph like this: I believe that for a boy, 6 years of first love is definitely very unforgettable. When I met Mr. Cai, I was almost graduating from my senior year, so we didn’t have a good relationship in school. I actually envied his first love and ex, because he did things for the first love that we only appear in novels. He can kiss his first love in front of the principal and feed her food; he can give her breakfast every day for six years; he can go against the teacher for her, just to stay with her for a while;… …One is the campus bully, the other is a good student; in my opinion, it seems that this is a campus romance idol drama. He had a long-distance relationship with his ex for three years, one in Shanghai and the other in Fujian. He would fly over to find her every half a month. It is estimated that if the plane ticket is kept, it will be very generous. When I met Mr. Cai, I told him that I was actually very jealous of what they had and what happened in your youth. But Mr. Cai said to me: But now you have a better me, and what you have is my life. 2. Blueberry came to consult me ​​because of love issues. She read a lot of articles about “the current ex” or “the current ex has been there for many years”, and she was very confused. Blueberry fell in love early when he was in school, but the family disagreed at that time because he focused on his studies. He was young, and then broke up. Later, he had a few objects, and they didn’t get anywhere for a long time. Now this boyfriend has been together for a year, and he also has a predecessor who has been with him for 6 years. He has been with Blueberry since junior high school. He told Blueberry that the girl was given to him for the first time. Later, because he dropped out of school, his predecessor When the family disagrees, the two of them have been in a state of underground love. They didn’t know about it at home, and the classmates in school didn’t know, so the girl went to college. For various reasons, his predecessor broke up with him. After the blueberry boyfriend broke up, they still kept in touch at that time, until he found that the woman had a partner, so he deleted that woman, and later added, his predecessor failed, and then he never found a partner, or Say I didn’t meet the right one. Later, when he met Blueberry, he said that he wanted to spend his life with Blueberry. But after being together, he always mentions his predecessor accidentally, mentioning many details, even his predecessor had a baby 4 times, and his predecessor did not cook, did not send him Moments, eat on the bed, what? Yes, he talked to Blueberry. Blueberry is very speechless. Does Blueberry really know that he can’t forget his ex? ? Is the predecessor that good? ? Since you can’t forget it, why don’t you think of a way to contact again. Later, I thought about it carefully, and it was probably the dignity of a man. His predecessor abandoned him, indicating that he didn’t like him. But even so, he still contacted that woman many times. But it’s all gone. His predecessor just doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Blueberry feels that on the one hand, he knows that he is honest with him, which is an advantage. On the other hand, knowing him like this makes Blueberry feel very awkward. It was as if his ex-girlfriend didn’t want him, and then left him to herself. If the boyfriend didn’t say this to Blueberry at the time, Blueberry might feel better, but now he knows all these blueberries. Blueberry secretly checked his space WeChat. There are no traces of his predecessor, and there are no photos or anything, so it’s clean. . What should I think about it? Blueberry knows that the past cannot be changed, but the past also indirectly affects the future, so I don’t know how to deal with it. 3. All girls hope that their boyfriend will only love and only love themselves. They had better not have any “previous convictions”, and had better be his first love. Even if there is, it must be the past, leaving no trace. I always wish that my boyfriend treats all his exes only with a playful mentality. This is so easy to understand, most girls’ sense of security can be determined by the word “preference”. “You are different from my predecessor.” “My predecessor is sick, so I just said to drink more hot water. You are different. I love you, so I will buy you medicine and take care of it carefully.” “My predecessor’s birthday , I have nothing to say, you are different, I love you, so I will buy the things you like and please you.” “My ex is angry, I am too lazy to coax her, you are different, I love you , That’s why I called you, please forgive me.” It sounds superficial, but most girls eat this set. But, why do you think that such a man who is false to all his exes will be different to you and endure to death? This is a ridiculous thing. So when you choose to be with him, please get to the bottom first. Whether a man is reliable depends on the state of his relationship with his predecessor and his attitude after the breakup. Specifically, it is sincere in love and respect after love. In these years, feelings will change, character will not. Don’t just take “be nice to you now” as the standard of true love. It will change for you, my dear. 4. In the movie “Predecessor 3”, Meng Jia and Wang Zi, one is the predecessor and the other is the current one. If you ask me, would you like to be the current Wang Zi or the predecessor Lin Jia? Because whether or not Meng Yun, who is now considerate and rich, was trained by Lin Jia, she got what she wanted. I missed a young and enthusiastic one, but also got a calm and knowing one. Whether it is good or bad, you must first ask yourself what you want, not what he has given others. I don’t know if Luo Zhixiang, who wears a Santa Claus suit for Zhou Yangqing, will think of the girl who was also shining with stars more than ten years ago; I don’t know whether his intention to prepare surprises is true or not, but at least, Zhou Yang Qing’s happiness in that moment is true. Whether Li Chen wholesales a heart-shaped stone or Luo Zhixiang’s ever-changing Santa Claus, as long as he wants to make the other person happy, he is sincere, even if he learns from others, what can he do? Sing in the lyrics, the feelings are blunt, one person breaks free, one person picks it up. What you pick up may not be cheap, and only you know what you want most.

6 months ago

You shouldn’t be afraid of a dead person. I know that if I say so violently, it may seem very abrupt and extreme, but if we think about it, you will find that what I said is not wrong. First of all, this person is unlikely to return to your significant other within a short period of time at least. Because if this person wants to come back and your significant other happens to have such an idea, then let’s be honest: How can something happen to you? Now that you are all together, you can basically explain two problems: 1. Regardless of the degree of your current position, you are ready to start a new relationship 2. No matter if the predecessor has tried hard, or yours Have the incumbents ever tried to redeem their predecessors, but they have all failed. Secondly, do you know what is the biggest characteristic of the dead? We often say “the conclusion of the coffin”, but in fact it is wrong: it is precisely because this person will not reappear in our field of vision, it is precisely because this person will never refresh me and our new understanding, so this People can be interpreted and concluded in various ways. When we want this person to be good, she will be good and flawless, and when we need this person to be bad, this person will become heinous. The last important thing is that the only value of this person’s existence is to serve as an emotional vent in our current life: when we are unhappy now, we will think of the past, and we are expressing our feelings for the present by thinking about the past. Dissatisfaction. After reading this, do you still think that your ex is really worthy of fear? You know, there is an important prerequisite for the other person to remember his ex: This person has a problem in the process of getting along with you. In other words, as long as the two of you have no problems getting along, there is actually no opportunity for that person to have a particularly strong motivation to contact his ex. And do you think this person will have any good results even if he contacts his ex? To be honest, no. Because the reason why he feels that his predecessor is beautiful is completely because of the important premise of [he will never see his predecessor again]-as long as he can’t see his predecessor, then he can always think in his heart that his predecessor is too good to be replaced, what does the predecessor do Everything is right. And when he saw his predecessor, all his previous good wishes about his predecessor would be ruined: because this person actually appeared, many actions of this person are incompatible with or even contrary to his ideal actions. of. Fortunately, the predecessor does not appear. As long as the predecessor appears, the person’s all kinds of fantasy about the predecessor will all be frustrated. This is the nature of the predecessor: the greatest value and significance of the predecessor is actually not appearing, because as long as the real predecessor appears, those fantasies will be vanished. So, even if this person has a predecessor, even if that predecessor is very memorable to him, what about it? There is no competitive relationship between you and this person, because the threat that person poses to you in real life is actually very small. Yes, your object may think about this person every other time, then what? Then there is no more. After all, if the two of them could be together, they would have been together a long time ago. After all, if the contradiction between you is resolved, this person will not have the motivation to vent his dissatisfaction by thinking of his ex. Indeed, the predecessor has become a sign and symbol. In real life, you may never be able to defeat this person who is close to deification, but after all, this person is just a symbol of deification: as long as she appears, it will destroy the previous one. All the beautiful and unrealistic fantasies about her. So, what if your boyfriend has an ex? You have to know: He finally chooses to fall in love with you. The deified predecessor, if your real relationship management is good enough, that person will not pose any real threat to you at all.

6 months ago

First of all, I may have a problem with the person in the relationship. Sand sculpture, funny is my unswerving personal positioning, yes, it is not gentle, nor virtuous. The ghost knows that a girl needs to have such self-personal requirements! ! Gossiping about his love life when he was still a friend with his boyfriend. At that time, he was still a friend and he was unwilling to talk about his previous feelings. He said something that didn’t matter and started to change the subject. Until after being with me, I have the attitude of a girlfriend who looks like a big mountain! ! ! From temptation to bullying, from having a few girlfriends, to how long each girlfriend was together, to the reason for the breakup. Step by step disassembly, analysis, and comment. The main point of the dismantling is why he broke up, and there are some things he doesn’t want to say. I guess why other girls have a good youth to be gnawed by dogs, and some people have to laugh, and they say that others are chasing him and shameless. Every time I say he is impatient, my story time begins. In fact, the boyfriend’s ex has passed. If you care, don’t ask. If you ask, let him go. Everyone is in love, so why bother to make it so ugly. Do you doubt him, and you will feel that with his face (mainly because I think he is ugly), why does the predecessor want to continue with him? Feelings will always go to that flat period, and I am no exception. These predecessors’ affairs can become hot spots in the relationship. From time to time, I ask him to contact his predecessor to contact the relationship and see if the other party is doing well now. After all, you can still be friends after breaking up, and I don’t care about these. For example, the ex-girlfriend who made the aurora green on my boyfriend’s head, not only did she come back to tell her boyfriend for forgiveness when she was green, she wanted to study her psychology. Active exposure is for forgiveness? Do you still feel that you still have a market? Well, in addition to the sand sculptures, I also have the attribute of forgetfulness, so every gossip will arouse him a lot of disgust. The reason why he was able to endure it was that the establishment of human settings has never collapsed from the beginning of cognition to the present. Sisters, if you are curious about his predecessor and cannot accept his past, it is better not to know from the beginning. If your personality is the same as mine, you might as well try it too, but you should know that no zuo no die is true. At this time, you need your funny character. Being in love, the most important thing is to be happy! The embarrassing things in the past are all brothers who can share! If you have a fight between the brothers, a toast is over!

6 months ago

If I was a few years ago, I would chase after my boyfriend and ask if my ex-girlfriend and I are more gentle and kind, do we cook brown sugar water so skillfully, do we often cook it for my ex? Is it right for my ex-girlfriend to develop small habits? Church. In the last two love affairs, I also became someone else’s ex. I also taught him to walk in order to let the girl walk in, and to have tissues in the bag, and the girl should be coaxed when angry. At the age of 24, I met someone who wanted to spend a lifetime together. I paid more attention to the details of love, so that I was too sensitive. When he heard that my throat was a little hoarse, he immediately reminded me to put the water cup and throat lozenges in the bag, I wondered if he treated his ex in such a meticulous manner; every time he cooks, he makes me my favorite. When cooking and remembering all my eating habits, I wonder if he still has the eating habits of his predecessor in his mind. I don’t like this kind of self. I am stingy and jealous and easy to be sad. I live in the shadow of others. I told him directly: “I’m very jealous of your ex. He grew up with you, enriched your previous life and became your cinnabar mole. I can’t get through the level where you two used to be so affectionate.” The moment I said it was really comfortable. Much, in fact, this is just a person who passed by his life. I don’t care about the ex. Instead, I am jealous of her, envy her and thank her. What I care about is the boyfriend’s attitude towards his ex. He said: “Xiao Chen, do you know that I am the best me you meet now. If you meet me earlier, I will feel that I am too bad to chase you. Later, you may be someone else’s. I did love someone for two years, but don’t be afraid. If you choose to love me, I will leave the past and love you.” He really loved his ex at that time, and even wanted to have a future with her. He loved so seriously. Yes, then why can’t I give him a little respect for his past love, let go of that past relationship, respect the ex, and respect myself. The love of the past, good or bad, is always the past, and the future is only us. And some girls keep guiding the boys to mention their ex, but when the boys really talk about it, they are not happy. Why do you want to ask, is it not you who is sad? Do you want to hear your boyfriend slander your ex? Praise the ex? If a boy slanders his ex after a breakup, do you have to use your little head to think about the boy’s behavior; if the boy keeps praising the ex in front of you and is still disconnected from the ex, then do you want to sharpen the big knife? I’m ready to break up. If you’re really curious about your boyfriend’s ex, then talk to your boyfriend openly. If you can’t talk about it, just listen to the youth love story. If you can’t talk about it, stop the loss in time. Isn’t it just a girl? Is there a boss? Difficult?

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