On the evening of April 7, Foshan No. 1 Middle School (hereinafter referred to as “Foshan No. 1 Middle School”), a 2014 graduate of Duan Mou, made a real-name report on social media that she was molested by a high school math teacher Xu during the freshman winter vacation (early 2015) , Xu once hugged him, forcibly lifted his clothes, and stroked his tail bones.

Wei, who claims to be a 2014 graduate of Foshan No. 1 Middle School, also reported Xu’s sexual harassment by his real name, saying that he was touched by Xu’s thigh and was sexually harassed in the elevator in the third year of high school. Both Duan and Wei stated that they had already made a real-name report to Foshan No. 1 Middle School at the beginning of this year.

At present, the police have been involved in the investigation, and everything is subject to police investigation.

If this screenshot of the WeChat chat is true, then from the sentence “I am already an old man, save some face”, it can be inferred that the teacher sexually molested female students. More than one student jointly reported this teacher Xu, indicating that he has sexually harassed female students quite often. It has been so long and it is difficult to obtain evidence, but the voice of these students may protect some female students who may be harassed by Xu. Teachers have a natural advantage in campus life. In campus life, the relationship between teachers and students is unequal. This inequality obviously exists in two aspects: First, the power and authority given to teachers by the education system. Second, the remnants of pre-modern patriarchal teacher-student ethics. The notion of “a teacher for a day and a father for life” is still widely recognized. The notion that teachers are just a profession of “preaching and teaching karma to solve puzzles” has not been formed. This gives teachers the natural lawfulness to project their professional power into students’ daily lives. Sex, so the teacher-student relationship is not only unequal in the classroom, but also cannot be equal outside the classroom. In addition to explicit inequality, the gap in experience and knowledge also brings inequality in discourse. Teachers and students are often not a dialogue between two subjects like the slogan of “Equality of Teachers and Students”. Teachers can often gain the favor of students by virtue of their richer life experience and knowledge. This kind of feeling is not mature. The post of teacher has been given better moral standards and ethics. As a teacher, you should continuously improve your moral and cultural qualities. A person who is a teacher should behave properly, lead by example, and cultivate morality and cultivate people. First of all, use higher standards to require yourself, strict requirements for yourself, at least basic professional ethics. At the same time, the assessment mechanism of teacher ethics and style should not be a mere formality, it should be implemented in practice, and the education and training of teachers should be strengthened. At the same time, it can effectively restrain and punish behaviors such as sexual harassment of students, and use rules and regulations to restrain teachers. Teachers should have the professional ethics of teachers, and people should learn to restrain their desires. If they do things purely according to their preferences, the society will be chaotic. As a teacher, you should have your own professional and moral accomplishments, and don’t use your special status to lure or harass students. I am a high school teacher myself, and I have only graduated from work for two years, and I am considered a young teacher. From my own point of view, teachers should take the initiative to keep their distance from students. Whether it is a middle school or a university, the work of teachers is inherently special. During the student period, the balance of the teacher-student relationship is tilted towards teachers. Teachers use their own job characteristics and advantages to harass students, which is extremely bad behavior. As a student, you should raise your awareness of prevention, and you must be brave enough to report and expose the incident that the teacher intends to invade yourself, and seek help from parents and the school in a timely manner. Students generally have a natural sense of awe for teachers, just like a girl recalled in the news. Sometimes, for the teacher’s similar behavior of sexual assault on oneself, it is not sure whether the other party is intentional or unintentional, which makes one feel very troubled. If it is only one or two times, it may be unintentional. But if it does so often, it must be deliberate. Students must learn to be brave enough to refuse and ask their parents for help, not to digest them silently. It is terrible for adolescent children to encounter this kind of thing. Some students with introverted personality may always bury it in their hearts, causing a psychological shadow, which is very detrimental to their own development. Current education should also educate children on sex from an early age, so that children know what behaviors are not allowed. Let children protect themselves in time when they may be violated. It also makes the children realize that if they are violated, they must bravely refuse and speak up decisively to protect themselves and at the same time make the teachers who have corrupted their morals be punished.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Xie Jiao, when the male student who reported the girl by his real name was communicating with Xu, he sent a WeChat message, “I think I am an old man, give me a face.” This sentence is enough to prove that he admitted to sexual harassment and was reported to know that he wanted face. Up? For the old and disrespect, use the respect of the students to do nasty things! Foshan No. 1 Middle School graduates report sexual harassment by math teacher in real name! Heathcliff’s video 3047 broadcasts more than one victim. I have to thank this victim girl who dared to report, because this old thing is rehired by the school and may commit crimes. This is for the sake of later generations. Worthy to be a teacher? The response of the school during this period was also chilling. It even asked to report the girl to delete the post, saying that the girl has graduated and Xu has retired. This is a personal grievance between the two and has nothing to do with the school! The school is in the enrollment season, so this behavior makes the school innocent to lay a gun? There are really many such unscrupulous teachers now. With their own teacher status, the Ministry of Education is planning to stipulate that primary and secondary schools should stop faculty and staff from having romantic and sexual relations with students. This kind of sexual harassment is illegal. For crimes, stricter penalties should be formulated to protect underage students.

6 months ago

I want to say to Teacher Xu “Let go of those girls, you are not worthy of being a teacher”, and all the “old wet” like Xu is disgusting. This is the case after retiring. It is definitely not the first offense. The details and guilty conscience in the middle make people angry when looking at the chat records. If you want to save face because of retirement, you are embarrassed to do this kind of thing? If you have the face to do it, you still need someone to give you face after doing it? Having been a teacher for a lifetime, I don’t know if this is true or not? To be a teacher for one day and a father for life, it is really unworthy to have this kind of “teacher”. “Try to teach the preaching to solve the puzzles.” It shouldn’t be Xu’s disgusting thing. The two girls have always been very correct in their utterances on these matters. They should seek help from the news media and public security agencies in time! Take a look at the details of Duan: Freshman winter vacation (early 2015), after the two had a dinner, Xu invited her to relive the past at home. After entering the house, Xu gave her a hug, and brought her drunk head close to her, to kiss her forcibly, and she pushed her away. Subsequently, Xu also forcibly lifted her clothes and stroked the position of her tail bone with his hand. “I got up immediately and fled this room by myself. He didn’t forcefully stop it anymore.” In addition, Duan also said something about what his family would think of blabla, and he was witty in the middle! What Xu took advantage of was the weakness of the students. He knew that some people were afraid to speak out, so he was so unscrupulous! But in the end there will be a just trial. Another girl, Wei Mou, who claimed to have been molested by Xu Mou, said that she is a 2014 graduate of Foshan No. 1 Middle School and a classmate of Duan Mou’s second and third high school. On April 8, Wei said in an interview with a reporter from the Guangzhou Daily that he was born in 1996 and was underage before the college entrance examination. “When I first taught us, I thought Xu was more humorous, and it was more interesting to talk about mathematical concepts.” Wei recalled that in her third year of high school, she participated in a math tuition class held by Xu at home, and the monthly cost was more than 1,000 yuan. There are five or six people in her cram school. At that time, Xu would praise her for being beautiful and would have physical contact with her intentionally or unintentionally, but Wei did not think much about it. Later, Wei began to feel uncomfortable. She remembered that Xu had touched her thigh in the cram school, and when he went to the cram school in the elevator, he had taken her shoulders, touched hands, and rubbed her chest with her shoulders. “Is it because I accidentally touched it? I was still confused at the time.” Wei said that until one time, she and Xu were the only two in the elevator, and Xu wanted to kiss her. “He held down my head, I watched his face slowly magnify in front of me, I couldn’t break free, until our foreheads were pressed together, I felt very sick.” At this time, the elevator just arrived, and Xu did not kiss him. To Wei. Wei said: “I was very clear at the time that he was sexually harassing me.” Wei said that because the college entrance examination was approaching, she did not dare to speak up, and she had no evidence, and later tried to avoid Xu. After graduating from high school, Wei had no contact with Xu. It wasn’t until Duan found Wei in December last year that Wei knew that he was not the only victim. “This incident is always a thorn in my heart. If I don’t stand up, I don’t think I can make it.” Wei remembers that when he had nightmares and dreamed of Xu, “That was the most disgusting face in my adolescence. “. Regarding the younger brother and younger sister, Wei Mou frankly said that he did not stand up at the time and felt a little guilty in his heart. “I understand that there are victims in the 2015 class, and I feel uncomfortable.” There were one or two cases of exposure, indicating that they were just the tip of the iceberg. It is recommended to conduct a thorough investigation and suggest that the victims speak up and do not condone scumbags, even In an anonymous form, any news media and netizens will support you! How to properly prevent harassment is not only for students, but also for minors and working women. In addition, boys also need to beware of roommates! 1. Try not to drink, no matter what the place is, you can refuse to drink on the grounds of uncomfortable menstrual period. 2. Girls try to avoid being alone with male teachers and male colleagues. If necessary, they can go to public places such as restaurants, coffee shops and other public places to meet. 3. Girls try to avoid traveling alone at night, if necessary, they can inform their family members of the itinerary and real-time positioning in time! 4. If you are in danger, be calm and calm. First of all, you must avoid threats to your life, and promptly mention his family, wives and children with the criminal or threat person, or talk about relevant laws and regulations. Because I was confused for a while, it delayed my career for several years or even more than ten years. In addition, I used some objective reasons, such as I have some illnesses, I was in a period of menstruation, and at the same time, I disgusted the other person by saying something. Before this kind of incident, if a man receives disgusting information, such as stool, his willingness and degree of crime will be reduced! 5. If you are really in danger or encounter misfortune, collect evidence in time. In this case, student Duan is smarter. Through the WeChat chat, the girl from the previous Shanghai Finance University incident also collected the beast through the chat. Teacher’s crime information. If you are facing a stranger, you must call the police in time. The sooner you call the police, the easier it is to collect information. 6. If this matter is confirmed, and under the condition of insufficient evidence, promptly speak out through the media to find a common victim, find evidence together, and explore together! You must protect yourself, and you must not condone scum, this kind of thing is the first time and the second time. In addition, boys must also take precautions. Boys must pay attention to self-protection, pay attention to danger, harassment, and X infringement. Regardless of gender, regardless of age, it may happen, don’t be careless!

6 months ago

Call the police early, call the police early, and deal with what you should do. Resolutely do not compromise! The impact of this incident on the future of the child is really very profound. I have a friend of the opposite sex who encountered a similar incident, but she did not retain evidence, and because it was an acquaintance who committed the crime, she could not speak to her parents and only secretly told After me, I was really angry, but I couldn’t do anything. The incident happened for many years, there was no evidence, and I was still an acquaintance. All of this could only make her endure silently. Finally, when she was in middle school, she really couldn’t endure the childhood experience. Depression occurs. Such trauma will really affect the child’s life. Call the police because you are an acquaintance and there is no evidence and there is no way to treat the other person. If you don’t call the police, you have to endure yourself and never forget that you can’t heal it. Even when I finally got depression, the phrase “I think I’m an old man, give me a face” is really embarrassing to say, because you are an old man, can you do whatever you want? Do you have to give you face because you are an elderly person? Is it just because you are an elderly person? No, the law can’t let you go. There is no such thing as late justice. What I firmly believe is that if there is a mistake, you must admit it. Young children, you must keep a distance from the opposite sex at all times. I have seen too many human darkness, so I can’t be sure when the devil’s hand will reach out to you. What you have to do is to stay with the opposite sex. Distance, distance produces beauty, whether it is a similar age or an older person, your mother and father are highly likely to be reliable, but unreliable situations cannot be avoided, so the knowledge of sex education for minors It should be more popularized so that they can define the boundaries of whether they are sexually harassed or not. Say no bravely, learn to refuse, learn to consider. When there is a crisis, you have to believe that the whole society will stand up and speak for you. The world is not as good as imagined, but it is indeed not so bad.

6 months ago

It is understood that Xu returned to the school after retiring, and later resigned because he was afraid of being reported, on the grounds that his mother was seriously ill. At present, senior teachers’ retirement benefits are paid normally (the monthly average is estimated to be close to 10,000 or more than 10,000, according to the retirement pension of other teachers of the same level). If the information from the hometown of other provinces is not well informed, life may not be substantially affected. As for Zhou’s aggressiveness, it was not because of jealousy or pure love for his girlfriend. The molestation of a young girl is very outrageous in itself, especially the respectable teacher. No intention to provoke gender antagonism, we just speak out for this matter, this type of incident. I hope you will stop guessing that there is a drama in which a 28-year-old girl student falls in love with a 50-year-old man and her boyfriend is jealous. Reserve the right to sue for defamation and rumors. In addition, all kinds of obstructions by the heads of the relevant departments of the school have wiped out mutual trust. They are no longer arbitrary high school students. They are financially independent and independent thinking adults. I hope that the school will stop. Let their parents dissuade them. I hope that there will be fewer victims who are guilty, and I hope there will be more neutral and rational voices, and a neutral perspective. I don’t want the next girl (or boy) who wants to stand up because of cyber violence. It’s okay for you to question and let the bullet fly, but let’s not say that one slap is not sound, Xu has slapped many slaps. Also, many times, as a teenager, a student with no financial income, you study in almost the best and most famous school in the city. Even if you have been wronged by Tianda, like Wei, you will have the college entrance examination in two months. Obscenity, you have no time, no energy, or even a way to deal with this matter. The teacher may all persuade you to calm down, hide for a while, forbearance will pass, courage does require many years of preparation. As for how children can prevent sexual harassment, I hope that everyone’s efforts can change the social atmosphere, so that the cost of the perpetrators will increase, and the victims can bravely speak up.

6 months ago

Recently, some graduates reported sexual assault by former teachers in Foshan No. 1 Middle School in real names. As a graduate with other stories, I don’t have any confidence in Foshan No. 1 Middle School. After all, this school has done more than once in suppressing news, blocking public opinion, and even turning black and white. However, there are still students in the circle of friends who call on all parties to exercise restraint and reduce attacks on Foshan No. 1 Middle School. I thought about it for a while and decided to trust Foshan No. 1 Middle School for the last time. At that time I said that as long as Foshan No. 1 Middle School does not suppress public opinion, it is still worthy of forgiveness, otherwise I will hate to the end. It is a pity that Foshan No. 1 Middle School did not live up to my last trust. Almost at the same time when I said those words above, Foshan No. 1 Middle School had already begun its violation of yang and yin: How can I ask, is this “full cooperation”? It is the attitude of Foshan No. 1 Middle School that it is the only way to deal with the public power and to attack the students of this school in an attempt to “rest things and calm people.” Is this the attitude that Foshan No. 1 Middle School should have? I am very sorry that my hunch came true. Foshan No. 1 High School’s public relations methods are not clever, and even the same as other entities whose reputation is not as good as Foshan No. 1 High School. This is by no means what a prestigious school should have. Let me teach public relations at the school: “It is confirmed that Xu once worked in our school and retired in 2017, re-employed in 2019, and retired again in 2020. (Crossing the seat) We deeply sympathize with the victims. We. Will fully cooperate with the investigation. (Statement) “Even if I was willing to say so long ago, Foshan No. 1 Middle School would not fall to this point in public opinion outside the school. It’s a pity that the first reaction of Foshan No. 1 Middle School was not so, but the old way of “resting things and calming people down”. I can even imagine that at the same time I was writing this article, the chaotic scenes in the class where the heads and head teachers of Foshan No. 1 Middle School urged students not to forward it. This can be called a post-truth comics. I hope this imagination of mine will not come true. The rest of this article will be devoted to the so-called “school honor”. After all, I was a bit offended by the “Foshan No. 1 Middle School” in the previous article. I want to follow Socrates’ method and start the discussion with a few questions: When we mentioned “Foshan No. 1 Middle School”, what exactly are we referring to? Is it “Building Group No. 25 Wensha Road”? Is it an address? A collective? Its leadership (that is, as mentioned above)? Or a group of people who have studied or worked here? Or go one step further, “a collection of memories I have in this place”? It is not difficult to see that this range is quite vague. So, when talking about the “honor of Foshan No. 1 Middle School”, what are we referring to? Obviously, a building group will not have any “honor”, only people (or collectives) can have honor. So, whose honor is the “honor” we want to maintain? our? Student at school? The teachers? Or the leaders? Think about it again, “A student was sexually assaulted”, whose honor is hurting? The glory of my own memories will not decrease or increase because of the sadness or joy of others. Stop the esoteric discussion. Since I am in a poor view, let me say something clear: I think people care about their own honor. However, honor is not a real thing. At least it’s not real enough compared to benefits. When school leaders talk about honor, they are actually thinking about their own interests. There are both teachers and bureaucrats in my family, and I am a student, so I actually understand what the three parties are thinking. For a school, the students and leaders come and go, and the regular teachers are regular teachers. . Students will have emotional sustenance for the school, because their study life will be once; ordinary teachers will also have emotional sustenance for the school, because most of their lives are entrusted here. Only the leaders have the weakest feelings and identification with the school. To the leaders who are on the rise, the current school is just a pedal; for the leaders who are in the decline of their careers, the current school is just an institution that pays salaries. When a school is “damaged”, do they really think about the reputation of the school? Not! They think about the source of students, the admission rate, the key rate, and the budget and bonuses linked to it. I want to laugh when I see this-if it is for the school’s reputation, isn’t it the same when it is public? With a mouthful of reputation and reputation, don’t you think about the source of students? Isn’t it the same rate? Isn’t it still your own political achievements? Isn’t it still your own official career? While asking everyone to respect the reputation of the school, do they respect the students who have been sexually assaulted enough? And in this farce called “Maintaining Reputation”, which is actually for self-interest, what is not being maintained? In addition to reputation, there are also the demands of the victims. We all know that the memory of the Internet is very short, and all kinds of opportunities are fleeting, “there is no shop after this village”, and “the remaining brave people should chase the poor.” If public opinion is suppressed at this time, then “whether the offender can be punished” will be a question mark. However, this may still corrupt the minds of the leaders. Let me guess what they really want to do. I think they may want to solve the problem in private. In other words, proceed to deal with the teacher without making the matter public. This is similar to what I experienced in high school. That is to say, the leader can meet some of my requirements, but as a transaction, I should not make these things public, and should not say “Hey!” Do you know? We could do this!” In fact, this is not bad for me in most cases, after all, I achieved most of my goals. In most cases, this is an acceptable transaction. However, I have endured this trade long enough. Some of my demands have been satisfied, but why can’t others get what they deserve? What’s more, in the case of this incident, such a transaction should never be an option, because it is contrary to the purpose of “metoo” itself, and it will make potential victims afraid to speak up. I hereby appeal to all graduates, students and teachers who love Foshan No. 1 Middle School and maintain the reputation of the school, not to be deceived by the hypocrisy of “honor maintenance” and make clothes for others. I hereby call on all the graduates, students and teachers who love Foshan No. 1 Middle School and maintain the reputation of the school to resolutely resist people and speeches who neither respect the victims nor care about the reputation of the school. I hereby appeal to all graduates, students and teachers who love or do not love Foshan No. 1 Middle School to continue to support those who speak out and continue to resolutely denounce sexual offenders.

6 months ago

After living in Foshan for a period of time, I still recognize the school spirit and style of No. 1 Middle School. Although the score is not as good as Shimen, it is already very good in Foshan! But I didn’t expect that these behaviors of sexual harassment were all around me! As a person who passed by, taking a separate photo with a high school teacher should be regarded as a respected teacher. I think it is really difficult to accept as a client. My teacher would do such a behavior. The fact that we don’t know the truth is further confirmed that sexual harassment is all around us, all the time, hidden and prone! So how do we respond? When encountering sexual harassment or indecent behavior, no matter who he is, he must stand up resolutely and report to the police, so that he must be punished. Sometimes I even think that if a person really has a physical need, then spend 500 yuan to solve it, but please don’t hurt the people around you. Because this kind of damage is really deep! I know that this method of taking the lesser of two evils is not necessarily right, but those people are really hateful and hateful. So this is everyone’s responsibility. Once encountered or discovered: stand up resolutely and decisively, stop and call the police.

6 months ago

The question you asked, it seems that the child is being sexually harassed because of improper prevention. It is that the law is too lax and not strict enough for sexual harassment, indecency, rape and other vile and indecent behaviors. We have read many reports, assault on underage girls or rape. Sentenced to a few years or more to ruin other people’s lives, but just using jail time can offset too cheap criminals. There should be zero tolerance. Don’t place hope on people’s quality, morality, and self-consciousness. Everyone has such a dirty thing. Think about it, but you can’t do it. The law is the last line of defense and should be stricter

6 months ago

I don’t shy away from any platform. One of the most important reasons why I prefer boys over girls is this. Before and after adulthood, even after marriage, women are clearly disadvantaged in such issues… I really don’t want to worry about this… When I was in school , I avoided female classmates, because I often joked with male classmates, silly jokes, and buckled hats casually, but these things are basically sexual harassment when they are put on women’s heads, so except for a few female friends who have a good relationship With my partner, I generally don’t communicate with women, except for business…returning to the problem, this kind of problem cannot be avoided. Some beasts are not worthy of being a teacher, just violating the law and strict rules! There is no other way… knowing the people, knowing the face and not knowing the heart, and there is no way to find these problems during the interview, so it is generally best for women to act in pairs!

6 months ago

The matter itself did not make any comments, but the Buddha did indeed become a victim of public opinion. “After graduation” and “out of school” incidents, it left the school at the center of the storm. Perhaps after the wave of speech has passed, people may even attack the perpetrators. It can be confused with the last name of the victim, but the link between “Foshan No. 1 Middle School” and “sexual harassment” may make people remember that the reputation of a century-old prestigious school should not completely ruin the “stain” imposed by public opinion.. Please, be rational, Regarding this incident, those who insult the school justly say that this is a rubbish school are also rubbish. It is not necessary. I also graduated from a local high school. The teaching quality of this school in the local area is very guaranteed. No matter what, I always feel sad that I could pass the high school exam by a few points. ​

6 months ago

Even if they report to the police, after so many years, it is still very difficult to obtain evidence. Some people say why not call the police early, and how to obtain evidence of sexual harassment? It is impossible for students to foresee that the teacher is a human-faced animal, and it is impossible for you to record or video? And I found that after many years, this student has obvious social experience, and the WeChat chat records can know that this is the words for evidence collection, and I like her. Why do students dare to stand up and testify against teachers only after graduation? It’s not because of teachers’ strength, fear of being worn by teachers or being pointed out by classmates. Social concepts need to be changed. Most people don’t have the courage to fight evil forces, but many people are interested in maliciously spreading rumors and maliciously discrediting others. You point to sexual harassment on the front foot, and there are rumors on the back foot that you seduce the teacher and make you unable to stay in school. The construction of our teacher’s ethics and style should not just stay on paper. Some scumbags who are not worthy of being a teacher should get out of the teaching team as soon as possible.

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