a while. No matter how beautiful you are in love, you will find that after three months you will be completely immune to her beauty, and seeing her is no different from seeing other people. At the same time, your dissatisfaction with her gradually decreases, and your dissatisfaction with her gradually increases. Why do boys prefer good characters? Because a good personality is a long-term benefit, and good looks are actually a short-term benefit, you will soon be immune and lose your feelings. Little temperament, less pretentious, can understand boys, such girls are more competitive and smarter girls. Second, boys prefer girls with good personalities because she can provide good and stable long-term emotional value. Don’t think that emotional value is not important. Emotional value is sometimes more important than material value. Boys like attractive girls. As long as you are attractive to him, everything is easy to say. You have to make the other person curious about you. Curiosity is the beginning of the relationship. One of the most important is perceptual curiosity, that is, when some things make us feel surprised or some things do not conform to our perceptions, which I don’t know, we will have this kind of curiosity. What is the performance? When this man feels as if you are talking to him, it feels like there is a story in you. Then he scratched his heart and wanted to know what the story was, and then he would ask you. Then I asked you, you told him a little bit like you squeezed toothpaste, and you squeezed people forward step by step. If we want a man to be interested in you and explore you, then we must let him have this perceptual curiosity. Only this perceptual curiosity can allow him to explore you. And in this process of his exploration of you, you need to fully show your advantages after becoming his girlfriend. The advantage is that you will generate positive values, positive emotions and positive feelings. In other words, after you become his girlfriend, it will make him feel very annoying. This is not called advantage, this is called disadvantage, right? Now what I want you to show is that this man will feel, wow, if this person is to be my girlfriend: I can be so comfortable; I can eat such delicious things; I don’t need to be myself. I bought clothes; I don’t need to wash clothes myself; I can take it out to show off to everyone; and so on. But you must make sure that what you show makes this man feel positive, not a little negative. Many girls are attracted to a man after they like him. In fact, love is a two-body movement that attracts each other. If you get closer, he will get farther away, and if you get farther away, he will get closer. Third, there are always people who think that girls should be spoiled in heaven, and boys should be waiters in heaven. This idea of ​​inequality caused marriages to break down extremely quickly. Some boys, you must not think that you are petting your wife. In fact, you are harming your wife and your marriage. Can you distinguish “pet” and “forbearance”? Petting someone is out of inner love and affection, and take the initiative to do something to make the other person happy, pampering with principles and a bottom line; while forbearance is forced by helplessness, reluctant to make concessions, the person who forbears himself will Very uncomfortable. You did spoil your girlfriend at first, such as proposing to give her a big surprise, but slowly, you are more to tolerate in order to maintain the harmony of the marriage, no matter right or wrong, what the other party says is what it says. Unprincipled concessions not only make yourself tortured, but also make the other party less and less clear about your bottom line, and less and less understanding of you. The key to emotional happiness is to have a good temper and a good personality. It is not enough. It needs mutual understanding and dedication.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Well, there will definitely be; because I am a girl with a bad personality and an ugly look. Basically, I am very magically chased by boys. Then I summarized the common characteristics of chasing my boys, Ma Baonan; Well, that’s it. It’s a very strange thing. It’s really speechless. It feels like I’ve been hit by a certain curse. I didn’t discover the truth until I accidentally read an article. A mommy boy wrote about his magical obsession. At the moment of the last girl, he said that when he came home from school that day, he accidentally saw a magical scene in the community. A brave girl was talking loudly to his mother very powerfully, and sternly refused his mother’s unreasonable request, he said The feeling was really cool at the time, I felt that the girl was so cool, because he was afraid to speak loudly to his mother like that since he was a child, and he was always pleasing and timid in front of his mother; then he started to do everything possible to go. Approaching the girl, she finally got her wish and chased the girl. After catching up with something uncomfortable, the girl began to challenge his mother, and soon she took him to leave his mother’s house resolutely and decisively;

6 months ago

I have said it many times, but there are people who dream of “good personality” every day. It needs to match something to show its power. “Good personality” needs to match something to show its power. “Good personality” needs to be matched. With some things, the power can be shown. Since the combination of “good personality + high appearance” does not exist, there can be other equally attractive combinations, such as good personality + talented/knowledgeable/skilled/ Highly educated, good personality + wealthy, good personality + good figure, good personality + good cooking / good piano playing / excellent dancing / first-class photography personality + ultraman transformation stick / want to be one piece / CS GO 200 headshots in a round / carrying a gas tank with bare hands Xiao Wang + Da Wang = Wang Explosions, what good is the simple character that the simple Wang doesn’t use? Who has a bad personality? How many people are grumpy? I was very annoyed when I came up and started all kinds of “love master” psychology + lifestyle thinking about what brings you a sense of security, what kind of caring, what kind of tenderness, what kind of loving hug. . . My ears are full of cocoons. Every day I’m brainwashing chicken soup. The copywriting is not written in this way. It’s important to have a good character, but it’s the same sentence: it’s necessary, but not just to have it. After all, the threshold for “good character” is too low. Yes, if the other person likes you just because of a good personality. . . Don’t you panic, friend? Don’t you feel scared? Do you feel safe? Why do you admire you and not admire Zhang San, Ah Si, Li Wu, and Zhao Liu who are equally good in character? This kind of “appreciation” without a reason will lead to “abandoned” without a reason. A sense of security = confidence. This is won by yourself, not given to you by others.

6 months ago

I want to give some words to some boys. When you decide to start a relationship, you have to think carefully about not being with this girl because of temporary freshness. Even if you really wanted to spend a lifetime with this girl, but halfway through you no longer in love, you feel boring, you want to say that you broke up, but please don’t half-hearted. Girls and boys think differently. Girls will only love you more and more with you. She is willing to be with you at an age when you do nothing, willing to accompany you to struggle and work hard, as long as you have true feelings for her, she will persist no matter how difficult it is. I have seen a classic saying: When I have no worries, poverty is just the difference between eating steamed buns and steaks at night, without detracting from my happiness. But when I fell in love with someone, I deeply felt the inferiority brought by poverty. You will work hard to get her steak, but in fact she prefers to eat steamed buns to make you suffer less. To put it bluntly If you don’t grow up, do you want to grow up. As a boy, the most important thing is a sense of responsibility. If you run away from problems, no matter how many lovers you change, there will be no results. Have you ever thought of a girl who doesn’t have a little girl in her heart, no matter how strong she looks, she wants to be protected and held in the palm of her hand, and she also wants to be spoiled and spoiled like a little princess every day. The one you like loves it.

6 months ago

No human likes an unsightly person. Modern people don’t need a partner at all, so why do people have such a weird desire to warm me by “a stranger”? Because half of you are rational and the other half are animals, animal genes drive you to desire a partner. The core of genetic design is to leave high-quality offspring. How do animals determine the quality of each other? Do you see the real estate certificate? ——Look at the face. So “yan control” and “courtship desire” themselves are completely bound. How come there are always people trying to find a breakthrough here… To be honest, the girl who asked this question, think about it for yourself… a lively and cheerful, but bald, slanted mouth, and a circus clown who fiercely pursues you-you have that “Feeling”? I mean something other than touching, pure intuition, is there any? Even if you are an unsightly girl, you still want your boyfriend to be handsome. Genetics are like this. But then again, don’t despair. Because the human gene pool is more complicated, people’s natural aesthetic trends are actually different. For example, some people like double eyelids, some people like single eyelids, some people like big breasts, and some people like flat breasts—all genetically determined. Celebrities, idols, these people are “average faces”, because commercial marketing artists must try to be safe to avoid losses, so those who look close to human cubs, baby-faced, good-looking, and beautiful eyes are likely to become commercial beauty. But people’s own aesthetics are not limited to this narrow range. So when you say that you are “ugly”, there are also “true ugliness” and “fake ugliness”. What is fake ugliness? Your own genes don’t like your appearance, or because you are influenced by celebrity fashion, you feel that you are not that type after comparison, so you have an inferiority complex. But your “gene traits” actually have an audience. Many people, although you don’t know them, they like this face and figure (well, some big fat people like it too). So this is called “fake ugliness”. As for the thing about a good personality-I personally believe that lifelong partners and husband and wife relationships should be based on friendship rather than “love (sexual attraction)”. The reason is very simple. You are beautiful. I saw you at a glance. The problem is that I don’t know you at all. Where do I “love” you? Isn’t this contradictory? It’s just a command issued by the body, and the animal brain is to encourage you to produce offspring in batches with different opposite sexes as much as possible. Sexual attraction has a shelf life. After a period of time, the sexual motivation disappears. If you don’t have the command from your brain, you will suddenly feel that this person is boring. Even if you marry Wonder Woman and go home, you still cheat. Many couples are as sticky as conjoined babies when they first fell in love. After a year, they will watch their mobile phones during the date and never talk to each other. Guess what is the reason, passion is metabolized by the brain, because it requires you to find the next reproduction partner. . So do men like women with good personalities (or form families with them?), in my opinion, this is what modern marriage should pursue. That is the combination of reason. Because the emotional bond is not permanent.

6 months ago

Yes, women don’t look good when they grow up, but they complement each other if they have inner beauty. Mature men know what kind of woman is more suitable for them. Of course, women’s appearance is scored in the first impression of men, but men understand that life is to live, they need a considerate, gentle, and understand his soul mate. Whether a woman looks good or not, it must be internally improved, able to be self-reliant, and don’t rely too much on men. When I was in school, our physical education teacher had a very handsome boy, but he was looking for ugly girls. Some of my classmates said, “Your partner is so ugly. Why do you like her? He said, we Growing up together since childhood, she has been gentle and sensible since she was a child, and she is also very self-reliant. I like her like this. Later they got married and had a pair of children. They respected and loved each other and lived happily. Beauty includes external beauty and internal beauty. The external beauty must have the internal beauty to set off the longevity of beauty. Inner beauty, you need to enrich yourself with connotation, know how to be considerate and tolerant, have a bottom line, and be confident that the beauty lasts longer?

6 months ago

I seem to be like this. It starts with my face, my talent, my loyalty to my character. Some people may think he is not good-looking. The radish and cabbage have their own loves and their personal aesthetics are different. I think they are pretty, handsome, and deep. He attracted me, his personality was bad, his temper was easy to be irritable, and his mouth was broken. These did not affect my liking for him. The advantages of some places are enough to cover up these shortcomings.

6 months ago

Will do. There was a black, thin, old man with buck teeth in the former company. She was probably the ugliest woman I had seen in thirty years. However, unexpectedly, she was especially popular. First of all, she married a husband with good looks and income, which made me doubt her husband’s aesthetics. Secondly, after she got married, she had a good relationship with many single married men in the company, and she often dragged other people’s clothes. Acting like a baby, and I observe that she is really good to the opposite sex around her, and what you lack is what she will give, especially. . . The water dispenser in our dormitory was given to a friend of hers when I was not staying in the dormitory for a long time, so I had to recover it when I left the dormitory.

6 months ago

There are fat sisters! I call her that, I hope you don’t think that I’m personally attacking and your characteristics are so that you can get to know her concisely and clearly, and I don’t have a good impression of her. When Fat Sister came to work, we didn’t pay much attention to it. Many of the unemployed children might think that ugly people were ignored, excluded, or hacked in the workplace. In fact, it’s because TV shows are watched more. In the place of work, except for those who are particularly good-looking, the ordinary looks and the ugly are on the same level. No one hurts anyone. It depends more on ability and background. So after Sister Fei came, everyone just treated like another colleague and what to do, but later, we learned about Sister Fei’s superpowers. Why don’t I like this person because she treats her differently. The fat sister is about 160 cm tall and weighs 130 kilograms. She doesn’t look good on her facial features. She has small eyes, big nose and wide mouth, and she doesn’t pay much attention to dressing. Sometimes she wears tight pants. Before she came, the relationship between colleagues in our unit was very harmonious. Girls have very beautiful and unsightly ones, but beautiful women do not know Versailles, and ugly women do not feel inferior. They work very hard and help each other, and male colleagues also It’s normal. Help girls, sometimes ask girls for help. There is no office romance. Boys like to play football on weekends, girls like to go to the spa on weekends, and take them to go outing on weekends when there are children. After Fat Sister came, she had to say that she was still working hard at work and was able to find out the boss’s preferences, which was better than the previous accountant, but the boss just thought she was reliable and really got her out of the circle. Yes, it is the word of mouth of later male colleagues. Later, at work, she was very considerate to male colleagues and thought about it very thoughtfully. For example, she would avoid the simplest procedures for male colleagues when reimbursement was required, while for female colleagues, she followed the business model. Of course, she wouldn’t. Let you find out what was wrong, and the male colleague she helped understand later, and hold her in a hug. Even if the boss asks the male colleague, he can’t tell the truth, and the boss will not be bored to ask this. . Then the atmosphere in the office began to become more subtle. The girl huh to her, the male colleagues “always want to harm our fat son”, and the boys would also ask her to go to dinner. There was even a male colleague who was engaged in a junior year. She acted as a shield. The male colleague brought Xiaosan, Sister Fatty and a few men to dinner together. The wife of the male colleague called and asked Sister Fatty to answer the phone and help him prove that they had a dinner together, because the original partners felt that their men would not I fell in love with Sister Fat (hehe), and then the incident of Xiaosan was revealed. The original partner came to the company to scold the scumbag. By the way, Sister Fat was also scolded. Sister Fat was very weak and said I had no choice. The original partner believed in ORZ………Sister Fat Very good at pretending to be weak… After Fat Sister polarized the office, the boys all went to her call group, and then the boss kept listening to the boys complimenting her (not just that she helped the boys, but also other Some things, such as introducing their sisters to the boys, etc.), after the meeting, the boss kept cue the fat sister to educate the girls, saying that she would have troubles, colleagues like her, we want to learn from her, the girls rolled their eyes. This character “good” means having a good character in front of the boys, understanding, enthusiastic, kind-hearted, outspoken and naive, and so on. In front of the girls, the city was very cautious in words and deeds. When she came, two girls talked about gossip in front of her. Within a few days, the protagonist of the gossip (the man who raised the little san) knew about it. Everyone didn’t think it was Fat Sister, but later found out that she played particularly well with the boys, and then they knew it was her. In the later stage, Sister Fat used to pretend to be weak and show her fangs. From playing scheming to make boys sympathize with her and take care of her, to asking all boys to focus on her, because at this time, the boss is already reusing her. Now, she is out of the circle. She already has some privileges to be late and leave early and make money secretly. Everyone in the team will go out to sing. Some of the boys who have been distressed about her to protect her have produced some of her dog legs, and she howled with zombies. Like a slaughter city, there are also a few boys who keep shooting rainbow farts, but at this time some boys reacted and began to feel that she was thinking about her, so what? At this time, Fat sister can no longer tolerate any boys who don’t take her as the center. Then, when she finds which boy is not in the state, she will go to cue that boy: “Xiao X, is it that I sang not to your liking?” Then the boy who was ordered can only flatter with a smile. Girls know that they don’t wink at her, so it doesn’t matter. But one of them is a fast-talking sister A. Sister A has a lot of dealings with Sister Fat. Therefore Sister A often frustrates her, saying that she has an attitude towards women and others have the same attitude. After Sister Fat is out of the circle, a The elder sister was sent out, and she was quite ruthless. Later, the boss went to a high place and took Sister Fat away (Don’t think about it, Sister Fat is married at this time). It is said that Sister Fatty went to the headquarters and her life was no better than here, because the background there is very strong. Yes, or it was the fat sister plus version, she couldn’t handle it, so she was unsatisfactory and was marginalized. It can only be said that our rank is too low.

6 months ago

Let me talk about it first, it’s true! And as long as that girl is not a rich woman, so proper true love! I have always liked such a sentence, it starts with the value of the face, the talent and the loyalty to the character! Although appearance is basically the first thing to see for all men who can breathe, the reason that really makes a man decide to pursue and love is often not just because of appearance! It can even be exaggerated to say that this girl was found to be very caring, talented, kind, etc. through her appearance! Face value is the first impression, it is a plus! Although the added value is very high, it has never been a decision item! If it is two people who really want to go on, the value of appearance is really just a bonus item, and the three outlooks of character are more critical issues! People who really want to consider appearance as a decisive item may often cheat after marriage, because he is loyal to appearance and people will not be young and beautiful forever! For people who are loyal to their appearance, derailment is inevitable!

6 months ago

That’s me. What I liked to look good when I was in school was a girl who was arguing with me all day in my high school class (not many in the class played station B). Zhang’s is really not good-looking, but it’s really interesting. I like talking with her very much. I deliberately came to her when I changed seats, so I would look at her when I was fine. It’s really amazing. It’s the kind of feeling that the good-looking ones can’t give. The liking for good-looking ones is just out of instinct, but I really like her.

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