Let me first make a general sketch of the person I like. The person I like should be taller than me! Height: 170 upwards or left and right (personal height is a bit bruised, hahaha is for the sake of the next generation) Appearance: can see the past Personality: sunshine, positive, sense of humor, don’t have machismo thoughts, actually I feel like myself That’s it for the general direction! I used to think that I like mature men, and those who are older than me are generally more mature. Now I find that these are not so important, the three views fit, and the mental age can be reached. The person you really like should be someone whose soul can talk and the body can inspire each other! Some people like fleshy skin, some people like talented and wise people, and some people like people who live a life that is neither salty nor indifferent. In fact, maybe the people you like are faintly locked in, and they are affected by family, personality, and so on. Someone once said that some girls like the shadow of their father, and the existence of the “Electra plot” in Western literature is also a fiction. The emergence of a large number of such subjects may imply that they will be affected in the process of finding a life partner. This is why in some cases the father is a scumbag. Although the later life is far away from his father, it is very likely that a girl will find a scumbag like his father. The same is true for boys. When looking for a girlfriend, they usually follow their own feelings at the very beginning. Many people behind this feeling find that the same is the shadow of their mother. The “King of Dipus” in Western literature is a typical Oedipus tragedy, and many boys are also affected by these aspects when they find a life partner. Maybe sometimes the person we like is really not up to you. When your life follows instinct naturally, maybe it is these invisible selves that unconsciously manipulate what kind of people you like? But the reason why a person is a person is precisely the process of discovering oneself in the process of constant confrontation with these secrets. This is the process of awakening of self-consciousness, and gradually realize what one has the initiative. Slowly know what you don’t know. Jump out of the vicious circle under the influence of certain factors, really identify those people in other people’s lives, and see clearly what you really like. I don’t know what kind of person I like? But I know that I must like the person I like. Meet your loved one soon, and get to know yourself soon! There is no fixed type for the person you like, and there is no need to put yourself in a cover to give a range, and automatically do your own doll, there is no need. Maybe you will discover a new world! Maybe one day you will meet him when you have no principles in front of her!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I particularly like a kind of person in my life, that is, an emotional flood dike. No matter how intense the negative emotions are, they will stop when they spread to them. You have never seen them bluffing hysterically and staying with this kind of people. I can often feel the peace in my heart and everything around me. You can say that there is a company boss whose son is not upbeat and his test scores are in a mess. The boss, as a parent, was angry with his head after receiving the teacher’s notice, so he came to the company scoldingly, and happened to meet a middle-level person to report his work. The business progress was a bit unsuccessful, and the boss who had been holding fire borrowed the question and cursed the middle management. This middle class is also inexplicable, is it so angry? He left the president’s office full of grievances and raised his eyes, seeing the subordinate who was passing him the report materials, so he released the anger that the boss had passed to him, and gave the subordinate a slap in the face. Suddenly the subordinate suffered such a meal for no reason, blushing and going home rudely, and choking with his wife again while eating. Both husband and wife fell a few bowls. When the wife slammed the door and became sulking, he saw the child doing homework with him. He walked over and poked the child’s forehead: “Can you save me a snack?!” The child watched her mother go and kicked his dog in anger. Only the dog was inexplicable, and he said that this person was crazy. In real life, there may not always be a long and typical transmission chain like a dog from the boss to the employee’s house, but emotions can sometimes be affected layer by layer, especially anger, and the efficiency of human-to-human transmission is extremely high. However, some people in life have a particularly stable psychological state. Others’ emotions are rushing towards their faces like a tsunami. They stand still and stand like a flood dike, no matter how fierce anger and heavy depression are. The waves hit on the body splashed, but they were not allowed to move forward an inch, and finally calmed down. The corners of the clothes of the people behind them were not wetted a bit. With so many people around in life, I feel that my breath is at ease, and the friendship with them is really an unattainable wealth in life. “What did the boss scold you in the house just now? So loudly, the security of the community downstairs will call the police.” “It’s nothing, I guess his children are not doing well. Do you drink coffee? American or latte?”

6 months ago

I like people with depth. I want to talk to them about humanity, death, equality, artificial intelligence, the meaning of life, the nature of the world, interesting memories, lies that have changed life, things that make people sleepless at night, my own insecurity and fear…I For people who like to understand life, I want to talk to them about makeup, skin care, dressing, food games, and efficient apps, useful plug-ins, roadside delicious barbecue environment, good cafes older than me, cheap and easy-to-use gadgets… …I like people who dare to be utilitarian. I want to talk to them about human minds, tactics, courage cases, political economy, thick black studies, professional selection, personal setting, life planning, career prejudgment, post-work perception, epiphany lying in bed, the power of human belief… I like people who can understand me. I want to talk with this person about romance, love, travel, posture skills, past marriages, families, parents, children, living food, children’s education, where to eat, who will wash the dishes this time.

6 months ago

A good-looking and rich person should not be a hard indicator of attracting you. It should be his clean circle that attracts you. He refuses to be ambiguous, mature and stable, and has a blatant preference. This is suitable for marriage. If a person can’t give you anything, no people, no money, no love, no time, I want to ask you, why are you keeping it? Is there a monument? So in the final analysis, it depends on what you like this person! ! When choosing a spouse, people consider more the standards of physical, spiritual and material needs. After all, the love of eachother is vulnerable to economic problems when it comes to marriage. Although marriage is not a profit-driven business, it is the material foundation that guarantees marriage. In fact, the most important thing in your marriage is to know what you have, what the other party wants, and know what you can give to each other. That is the true sense of the right. A good marriage must be an exchange of interests. The interests here are broad, which can be material, spiritual, car, house, brand-name bags, a sense of security, and a sense of happiness. The exchange here is not a transaction of market behavior, but a mutual contribution from the heart. Both men and women must be self-improving, unless they are born with cartilage and are willing to fall, otherwise there will be no inappropriate marriages. People are not high or low. Chairman Mao said that there must be a reason to exist. You must believe in yourself and be worthy of the best person in the world.

6 months ago

I like the sunshine, the person who loves life and has the ability to work hard to communicate with a lot of sunshine, you will become sunshine, and you will have different views on things; with a person who loves life, you will feel To the beauty of the world, perhaps life is difficult, we continue to advance on this road of growth, but you will find some good things in the hardships, a beam of sunshine, a cup of coffee, a piece of grass, a meal, will let you from Pull back from a tired day, feel the gentleness of the world and be with a strong person, you will also become excellent, you will see the shining points from his body, find your goal and move forward. You will meet many, many people in your life. People like this are the most fascinating and admirable. They will make your entire circle very clean and positive. With quality and tonality, you will never like to drink or play cards. Doing nothing all day, or being a caregiver, will lower your grade, and you will become more comfortable after staying with them for a long time. The current situation is to stay with the good ones, and make yourself better, come on~

6 months ago

People I like have several characteristics, and they don’t necessarily have all of them: First, people who are not afraid of troublesome people who have difficulties will speak out directly, will not hesitate and do a lot of foreshadowing; if you help him, he will not. People who will be too polite with you. I think people who will trouble others will also be willing to let others trouble him. Second, people who don’t show off everything. People who are relatively low-key in life will not be surprised at everything. Don’t underestimate yourself, and don’t underestimate others. Third, people who speak straightforwardly like people who speak straightforwardly. Talking to such people is not tiring. Don’t have to guess what he thinks what he thinks. Fourth, people who bravely express their desires. Some people clearly want something but dare not say it; they say they don’t want it, but they want it in their hearts, including liking someone, having the right opportunity, and being brave to say it. Fifth, when people are willing to accept new things in university, some professors feel that they are old and can’t even use a mouse; but there are also some professors who use computers much better than students. In life, it’s what everyone said, would you like to get out of your comfort zone? Some people regard learning and change as comfort; some people regard the daily unchanging life as comfort. Sixth, people who have the courage to accept their own shortcomings I could not accept their own shortcomings before. Every time others criticize me, I always feel uncomfortable in my heart for a long time. Later, as I grew older, I found that no one was perfect, including myself. Just look at it from another angle. I used to be sensitive and fragile, but now I understand it as being meticulous, and I have helped myself a lot in my life and work. It will make others feel that I am very caring. My heart is gradually becoming stronger. Think of these first, above.

6 months ago

Today’s wind is very gentle, and the sun is warm. People I like must be kind and loving, and can blow the wind together. I can’t help but smile when I see the beautiful flowers, but I’m reluctant to take it off, love and fear nature. , Do what you can, don’t feel contrived, and don’t fear the eyes of others. Have fireworks and love life. A bowl of rice, a cold cucumber, and a plate of braised pork can be eaten with relish without wasting food. Whether it is a thousand yuan meal or a bowl of noodles, I feel happy. Be strong and optimistic, be firm in heart, don’t judge others’ lives at will, and don’t deliberately inquire about others’ privacy. You can be envious, but don’t be jealous. Work hard and don’t give up easily. You like sports, such as running or walking. If you want to like reading, it is best to read books together, discuss and share when you encounter a plot you like, express your own opinions, and keep your own. To be tolerant and seek common ground while reserving differences, you can enjoy chatting together, marriage, children, old-age care, and organ donation. Be cheerful and lively and love to laugh. When encountering problems, he will touch his chin and squint and say, let me find a way. Nothing is stumped. Don’t like to count others and take advantage of it.

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6 months ago

Sensuous person! It is the kind of people whose emotions and emotions can be easily expressed and released. Of course, they refer to the kind of people who show up in front of their close relatives (relatives or good friends). It may be because I am too rational in my life. Although I also have good friends who play well, we have never shared the habit of sharing the most fragile and annoying things in our hearts, and it is the same with family members. Since I was young, I have always been accustomed to hiding these things in my heart, and I never speak or express them, so in the eyes of my friends, I will always be the kind of person who is very calm, polite, and very insulting, but in fact it is not, just I’m not used to expressing it. So I am envious of the kind of people who can express emotions and emotions.

6 months ago

What kind of person do I like? I like people who can give people a sense of reliability. They usually have the following characteristics. First, it feels a bit fleshy. To be honest, I think it would be better to be thinner, but I still like the kind of fat boys who are fleshy in the hug, and they are usually very cute. Second, a determined boy. The courage to go even if thousands of people obstruct it is really fascinating. They will not be swayed by the surrounding environment, but just do their own thing. Third, optimistic boys, the kind of light and wind, the feeling of being out of the world, It’s really too high. No matter what the situation is at this time, I rarely complain. I just work silently to change the 5th. Of course, I must have a motivated 6th. It is best to have my own ideals/goals and be willing to work hard for it. So much

6 months ago

A very interesting question, which seems to extend to many kinds of answers. As a man, I think I should like a beautiful woman as an employee. I think I should like an enlightened, generous boss or a “reluctant entrepreneurship”. “It seems that I should like an investor or partner who supports me in every possible way…. From another perspective, someone told me that he likes to talk with people who have three views, cultivation, and culture. There are endless topics that can be constantly affirmed by his love. Some people also said to me that he doesn’t like people like himself, he wants to see different scenery, every time he meets and communicates, there is a new one. Passion, he can experience a different life from it. Come back to myself. I thought about this sentence for a long time. I don’t know what kind of person I really like. If I think about it in reverse, there should be many: What kind of person I hate , As long as I don’t hate it, then I should like people who have lost their dreams, people who cringe, people who are overconfident, people who have no faith, people who are stingy, and people who like to pretend to be B. . . It seems that there are too many people who hate it, and I don’t know how to answer it, but do people who hate it hate everything? Or does the person who likes likes everything? Should I hate or like a person who has lost his dream, but treats others peacefully and kindly. I don’t know, it should have a direct relationship with my environment and identity, so I think it’s better to think about what you like. Such a person, it’s better to think about what kind of person you want to be. You need to judge and interact with the person you want to be. If this effect is positive, then this person is worthy of your liking. Other hastily overlapped, it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.

6 months ago

I like people who have ideas. They are not apostate, opinionated, unpredictable, or hysterical. I once asked my fifth-grade cousin a question, “What day do you like best except weekends”. My original intention was to think Asked him which class he likes the most, and which teacher he didn’t even think about, he said “Friday” back to me. I couldn’t help but feel happy. This is the feeling of encountering different ideas. Maybe he is not as high as my IQ and EQ. , I’ve seen less than one-third of what I’ve seen, but his perspective is so unique, I have prepared all the reasons I can imagine, and he just wants to “play” some people are a Wang Gujing, if you just Looking at her, she looks plain and even a bit boring. Many people will choose to leave at this time. When I approached her, I was attracted by her perspective and logic, and was fascinated by what she had experienced and thought about. I was shocked by her casual remark that she didn’t know how long it had accumulated, moved by her simple and hot heart, and impressed by her pure unwillingness to vulgar soul, regardless of age, gender, or identity. At that moment, I felt that the world was worthwhile.

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