On April 9, the Passenger Association announced the car sales in the Chinese market in March 2021. Tesla sold 35,478 vehicles. The data showed that Tesla Model 3 sales were 25,327 vehicles, an increase of 85% from the previous month. Model Y is a single month. Sales exceeded 10,000, reaching 10,151 vehicles, an increase of 119% from the previous month.

In the past six months, there have been so many scandals, such as water leakage, spontaneous combustion, abnormal acceleration, failure to stop the car, ghost display, privacy in car monitoring, and after-sales arrogance. Why didn’t it affect Tesla’s sales?

A car owner who has followed Tesla for 6 years and has just started Model Y this year and has driven X3 and A6 to comment. Let me talk about the key points first, no nonsense. At this price, Tesla Model Y and 3 are far more cost-effective than all competitors. There is no car in bba that can compete with Tesla. Secondly, Tesla has really moved the cakes of many car companies, so some people are targeting it. Explain these two points slowly below. There are two elements of cost performance, one is performance and the other is price. If the performance of Tesla is compared with the same level c, 3, a4, glc, x3, q5, the power is completely exploded, the driving performance is completely exploded, the auxiliary driving performance is completely exploded, the car-machine interaction is completely exploded, the safety performance is exploded, even if it is I think Tesla’s most trash navigation can completely explode them. The disadvantage is that the quietness is suspended, and the long-distance charging is a little bit short. Others may not be expected for the time being. There is no need to say more about the price. You can just go to the comparison and you will know that Tesla is a bit lower than the same class of BBA. Let me talk about the most important thing I think is the most important point. In foreign countries, Tesla is a little more expensive than the same level of bba, so their publicity has always been the life cycle price, that is, charging is cheaper than gas, and it does not require maintenance. of. As a result, it’s better to come to China. When bba sells the price so high, Tesla’s price is a lot lower than them. For the same domestic car, Tesla can sell it at the same price as North America, but can’t bba do it? You really cut the Chinese like leeks one after another. As far as I know, this is mainly due to the large state-owned factories that have a joint venture with bba. People didn’t want to sell so high, but I didn’t expect that the Chinese would really recognize this and think that the higher the price, the more valuable you are. This is still the old saying, and it is also a consensus among overseas Chinese that the most ruthless person who pits the Chinese is always the Chinese. Regarding moving cakes, have you noticed that last year’s overwhelming articles about cutting leeks suddenly disappeared this year. Then the result of the crazy explosion safety accident before 315 is now gone. At that time, the heat was amazing, and it felt like everyone was screaming and beating Tesla across the street. Very organized and very time-sensitive. In the past two days, the sales of Tesla in March came out. It was actually a piece of news that hit the black people’s faces. According to Tesla’s popularity, this news would have been popular for two days. The result was no sound at all, and it seemed that there was no one at all. Pay attention to the same. I think everyone can figure it out. I sincerely hope that Tesla can lower the price of luxury cars in China, so that I can buy other cars cheaper in the future. I hope that companies like bba and lexus can treat Chinese consumers fairly. As for whether you can buy a Tesla or other trams, I will just say that those with parking spaces above nedc600 that can be installed with charging piles can be bought with closed eyes. The experience is not a class thing at all. I sincerely hope that the domestic brand nio Xiaopeng byd can do better and better, and sell it to the United States in the future to compete with Tesla in the world.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I just mentioned My, and found that many people are very funny, and they have been questioning the car owner (: Are you just for a bid? How bad is this car, how rubbish it is, how low the price is, etc. Waiting for me to wonder if you have an electric car? What about the advantages and disadvantages? Some car owners know a lot? What’s the problem even if you buy one with your own money? If you like the price-performance ratio, you can just buy another one? Does it cost your money? I don’t know the single pedal that is sprayed most online for 1 day. It’s so much easier. I told these people that I wanted to return the car before picking up the car. I vowed to say that I was the owner of the car for 10 years. It’s a joke in the eyes of the car owner! Accelerated measured 4 seconds 9 seconds, how many driving After a few days, it’s dull. The passengers still feel very refreshed quickly. The driver doesn’t feel at all. If you want to accelerate, you can consider it. Maybe you have adapted to the interior and display. I like it very much. I feel all kinds of awkwardness. I don’t have to argue with different preferences, but I don’t need a minute to get used to it without a dashboard. Various operations are also very quick to point out. It takes a day to adapt. If I return the car and buy it again, I will still buy specials. Sla, it’s really different from the one on the Internet, it’s too fragrant

7 months ago

The market is never correct, and the market will lag behind. Good products are not necessarily big sellers, and big sellers are not necessarily good products. Because most people are blind, easy to follow suit, and do not understand the product, the products that are selling well in the market must not be good products. As more and more people understand the product and understand their own needs better, they will start to find a good product. This will take a lot of time. What the capitalist has to do is to continue to instill ecstasy on consumers and not allow consumption Those who understand the product, continue to fool around, so that the market will continue to make mistakes. Tesla’s halo has already been produced, and it’s not so easy to disappear. It’s not a day or two for Tesla to build cars. It’s no surprise that a large group of domestic fans are enough to buy Tesla’s output for two years. The decline of a brand is not a day or two. A lean camel is bigger than a horse. Moreover, as the number one brand of electric vehicles, many things take time.

7 months ago

The product design concept of one dimension ahead brings super competitiveness. Tesla has defined and led the platform and architecture design of electric vehicles. Today’s market performance is only a normal return. Stronger than Volkswagen, the meb platform is almost reversed from Tesla. Today’s electric car companies’ first choice for benchmarking vehicles is Tesla. Tesla’s benchmarking data is broken down in various dimensions, and the designers of electric vehicles are almost You can memorize it.
If the leaders of Chinese auto companies have a bit of foresight, after entering the 21st century, they can accurately think about the development trend of electric vehicles instead of taking shortcuts and cheating subsidies for changing gasoline to electric vehicles. Why has Tesla been crushed by Tesla for overtaking on corners for so many years?
Not to mention more than ten years ago, today there are still state-owned enterprises in charge of research and development. The cognitive ability remains domineering appearance + large space + long battery life + rich function configuration = product power. Such companies continue to be built by Tesla and later cars. Isn’t it normal for new forces to hang on for more than ten years?
The Japanese are a little behind in this pure electric race. In the future, the Chinese electric market: Volkswagen, Tesla, Weilai, ideal Xiaopeng occupy 70% to 80%, and BYD is very good as a supplier of three electric power, but it is a pity that the car-making concept has delayed the integration. Competitive hind legs

7 months ago

Judging from the sharp increase in cars raised by friends and classmates, black Tesla is not necessarily a bad thing. I previously replied and posted a car owner’s thoughts on how Tesla’s reputation continues to collapse. In February, Tesla’s China delivery volume, Super BYD, Weilai, Xiaopeng? My classmate mentioned a very interesting point: to be honest, it is a good thing for me to pay attention to Tesla. I feel that Tesla can be searched for any news, which means that the brand power is here, and the public supervision power will far exceed other brands. When do you see when there is a problem with a gas car, there is a Tesla like this on Weibo Zhihu Toutiao heat? Anyway, I think the navy and the black are the spears of Tesla owners. When my car encounters after-sales problems, when Tesla is not good to me, I will take advantage of them to protect my rights and interests. Now Consumers are weak in the face of manufacturers and 4S stores. Now Tesla’s much-anticipated after-sales force is simply a god-given after-sales force. It can be borrowed to refer to it. Domestic and joint ventures are risky. For example, if you see how big the Honda Haoying is, BYD Han The power-off door is accused of a group of Internet people who have been spraying you on your knees for a long time. These problems are good for brand fans, but not good for us car owners. For us car owners, there are quality problems. Whether the other party is too powerful to protect rights. Whether there will be free or enthusiastic power, no matter what the motivation is, you can help diss together. If you think about it, if there is a car as long as a car accident occurs, the hot search on the whole network is out of control and acceleration, as long as the spontaneous combustion occurs, as long as the after-sales attitude is not good, the hot search on the whole network is arrogant, and the brand power of this car has reached a level. A higher altitude, in other words a car under the spotlight and magnifying glass. In fact, calm down and think about it. If you use keywords such as leaking, after-sales arrogance, and other brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW in search engines, you can get a lot of results, but even BBA can’t have the popularity of Tesla. As for the automatic acceleration and the inability to stop the car, the US NHTSA conducted an in-depth investigation of 246 car owners who claimed that Tesla had automatic acceleration, and found that all owners had improperly operated the single-pedal mode or were highly nervous and forgot to release the pedal to slow down and step on it. Going down leads to acceleration. In China, there have also been a number of car owners claiming that their vehicles are out of control, and relevant domestic departments have also intervened in the investigation. Before the final investigation, the sunspots were high-profile drainage, but after the investigation, the sunspots were silent. Therefore, if the acceleration door is really because of Tesla’s talents and the official investigation agencies of China and the United States have been dealt with, it can also export Tesla without acceleration doors to Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. And now the way of spreading rumors is less and less credible. At least there were videos in the early days. Now basically the main force in Tesla’s rumors circle is WeChat group chat screenshots and screenshots of the circle of friends… a picture, Tes The price is going to be reduced, Tesla can’t be on the card, Tesla XX, if the wolf comes more often, it will be useless. Moreover, Sunspot’s logic is getting more and more funny. Tesla has changed from Panasonic ternary lithium to Ningde lithium iron phosphate, from Saint Bangor glass to Fuyao glass, etc. The parts are continuously made in China, and the cost is continuously reduced. Is it possible to reduce prices? Shouldn’t it be normal logic? Is it because the cost is reduced, and the price is increased without cutting the price, is it not cutting the leeks? Is there any logic to speak of? Is it cutting the leeks as the production cost decreases and the selling price also decreases, or is the production cost lowering, or cutting the leeks without reducing the price?

7 months ago

It means that most people in this auto market do not understand cars. They buy cars by looking at brands. In March, Tesla model 3 sold over 25,000, and model y broke 10,000. I was shocked when I saw this title. I know that Tesla is in After so many problems, sales won’t be affected much, but I didn’t expect sales to grow so fast. Let’s not talk about model y breaking 10,000, what is the concept of model 3 sales of 25,000? First, let’s take a look at the domestic car sales in January (why not take February, because the Chinese New Year is celebrated in February, and the national car market is sluggish, which does not reflect sales well). Basically, if you get 10,000 units, you are the front of the country. Thirty people get 20,000 units, and you are among the top 15 in the country. If you get 25,000, you have been among the top ten in the country and become the brightest car. Looking at the top ten cars, without exception, they are not compact cars, with prices ranging from 60,000 to 150,000 yuan, which also shows that the main domestic consumers are in this price range. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. Model 3 starts at 250,000, and it costs 300,000 if you are not careful. This 25,000 sales volume, it seems that it must be in the top ten sales in March, how can it be sold? so good? Look at the sales list of luxury cars in January. No one can beat Model 3. If Audi a4l, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and Model 3 are competing products at the same price, they will undoubtedly be given to model 3. Up. Starting from the domestic model 3, Tesla’s negative news is updated at a rate of one week, poor workmanship, abnormal noise, poor ergonomics, brake failure… Why are so many people rushing to buy it? First, Tesla’s strong marketing brand image is the most important thing for a brand. It can determine how much premium you can sell. After the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is successfully out of the circle, everyone will be crazy to snap up the E-Class and C-Class, Weilai After ep9 became famous, es8 and es6 also successfully sold 400,000 to 500 thousand Teslas. Obviously, it is much more powerful than the above two. Its marketing can be said to be unprecedented. Tesla’s founder, Musk, developed rockets. I remember that when I watched Musk’s documentary, I was so touched. Musk, a NPC with 100 million US dollars and freedom of wealth can enjoy a superior life, but chose to start a business , To spend all his money on the development of commercial rockets, such a personality charm is overwhelming, right? He is an idealist, and the cargo-carrying aerospace project also has a look, so he has a plan to emigrate to Mars. This has attracted countless modern technology enthusiasts. This is undoubtedly the best advertisement. These additional attributes are attached to Tesla. The magic, the brand premium is smashing, the second is that domestic consumers’ misunderstanding of Tesla’s price. Domestic consumers have generally misunderstood. When there were only s and x in the early days, model s and model x Priced at 800,000-1 million. This is a proper one million luxury car, far surpassing bba, and Porsche. Land Rover put it in a position. At that time, Tesla was an unattainable super luxury brand. In fact, model s and model x The starting price in the United States is about 60,000-70,000 US dollars, equivalent to 400,000-500,000 yuan, so s and x can be understood as the same level 5 series in bba, a6l and e are the same level, regardless of Tess Did Pull set a high price deliberately, or was it due to import taxes. This pricing policy problem caused domestic consumers to mistakenly believe that Tesla is a luxury brand like Porsche and Land Rover, so some people didn’t buy Model 3 for four to five million in the early days. strange. People are so weird. Inexpensive things are caressing about, and expensive things feel unattainable. So when model3 and model y return to the normal price of 200,000-300,000, everyone bursts out and thinks it is cheap , But I don’t know that he is worth so much. Summary: There are still many irrational domestic consumers. Those who believe in foreign countries are good and are willing to pay for the premium. But I think such consumers have no soul. I think those who really understand cars should focus on car technology. , Instead of watching his founders tell stories, and seeing how good their parent company’s rockets are, Tesla has many advantages, subversive design, good three-electric technology, excellent driverless technology, but There are too many problems, so many that I suspect that Tesla is an Internet company, and the car is only built to increase the stock price. I don’t know that Tesla has so many problems, so many people do not understand it. Feet, at least should teach Tesla a lesson so that he knows how to respect consumers, to correct his own problems.

7 months ago

Tesla sold crazy in March, selling 35,000 vehicles a month, Model 3 is estimated to be more than 20,000, and MODEL Y is 10,000. Some friends are surprised that Tesla’s negative news is endless. Privacy doors, chip doors, and stall doors have not affected Tesla’s hot sales at all. Even known as Tesla’s ugliest MODEL Y, it sold more than 10,000 in three months, which is a record. Musk has mastered the underlying thinking, from the general trend of substitution of electric cars to fuel cars, to the Internet technology attributes of affluent cars, and to the stubbornness of consumer psychology. Not to mention the domestic market, even the American auto market is hard to meet, otherwise it will not sweep the American luxury car market. Tesla is sold to young people. The preferences and habits of these young people are completely different. This is the basis of Tesla’s big sales, and it is also the products that Tesla has developed in response to the times. The appearance design is fashionable, simple appearance, and full of futuristic sense, as if it came out of a science fiction movie. The appearance of most car buyers, which is the first impression, determines which car to buy. The interior is simple, the instrument panel has been cancelled, and the vision is wide. This design subverts the design of traditional cars, but it also conforms to the owner’s habits. This inherits Apple’s concise design, allowing people who are already accustomed to the appearance and operation of mobile phones to drive the vehicle without obstacles, and the learning cost is particularly low. The unique acceleration experience of trams, intelligent driving experience, large front and rear storage space, and continuous OTA capability are all experiences that petrol cars do not have. And these are also selling points for young people to try new things. In terms of control, almost overwhelming the BMW 3 Series of the same level, after the domestic price cut, the price of 250,000 is even sweeping the B-class car. In terms of intelligent driving, let alone domestic, there are almost no rivals in the world. This is a feature that many fuel vehicles do not have. In terms of OTA, continuous upgrades and iterations, continuous functional improvements, and continuous improvement of stimulus points, car owners have a long-term stickiness. Not only the entertainment intelligent driving software can be upgraded, but also the brake acceleration and battery life can be upgraded. There are no domestic competitors, Xiaopeng, BYD and other electric vehicles have yet to understand what electric vehicles are playing. They just grabbed a bit to chase Tesla. As everyone knows, Tesla is a complete product marketing and sales system. Xiaopeng deliberately emphasizes its own autonomous driving, BYD emphasizes that the blade battery does not spontaneously ignite, and Weilai emphasizes the services that BBA does not have. Essentially, from product design, to technical reserves, to production capacity, to channels, etc., it is impossible to complete the closed loop for consumers, and can only focus on one point. From the big toys of the wealthy people to the technology products of the common people, this dimensionality reduction method of Tesla has made many consumers feel overflowing. Just like before, 10,000 apples were sold for 5,000. Naturally, there are many fans. Domestic electric cars still need to study hard

Last edited 7 months ago by leexin
7 months ago

To be honest, it is stupid for domestic new energy businessmen and fans to black Tesla at every turn. 1. Tesla is not afraid of black at all, black is also traffic, and even some low-end black and black people don’t believe it. Heizi started with a picture and gave Tesla a flat tire, a credibility crisis. 2. No matter how black Tesla is, there are not many Tesla customers, especially some Di. If Tesla really can’t work, I’ll just buy an Audi A4 BMW x3. Could it be possible to enter a certain Di 4s store? 3. Everyone is a new force and should work together to grab the fuel vehicle market. A market of several million is the right way. Touting each other to create a new energy vehicle with mature and reliable overall technology will add points to each other. 4. If the Tesla, which most people think is better, is blacked out, will others think Xiaopeng is good? How is it? The Ningde era battery that Tesla bought doesn’t work, but other new energy sources will work? Most people think that, as expected, new energy vehicles are still unreliable, and it is better to buy a fuel vehicle. Isn’t that the overall gain is more than the loss? Just such a few new energy vehicles hacked each other, causing many potential customers to return fuel vehicles, really haha

7 months ago

Post one of my previous answers. There is a saying that has been said for many years, and it still applies. The car buyers and the car reviews are not the same group of people. At least 95% of car buyers do not look at power, configuration, safety, platform, or fuel consumption. What test drive evaluation do you expect these people to see? What horizontal contrast to look at? nothing. 95% of people only recognize the brand, and the rest of the brand is almost the same for a test drive, so they bought it. It is true that Tesla’s reputation has collapsed, and it is also in the car review circle that only accounts for 5% of car buyers. Most car buyers don’t pay attention to the evaluation of the car at all, just look at the bid. Sales fluctuations are also fluctuations within this 5% range. It is impossible to see big changes in this incremental tram market. In that 5% of the car review circles, are the rational parties? no. In 5%, there are also naval forces and t-dogs. Suppose 2% of t-dogs, aside from licking, 3% of people would not buy a Tesla? No, there is a bunch of 3% that only look at the car’s home when looking at word of mouth, and look at the recharge shock when looking at the car review. All these people have access to are Shuijun writings, thinking that they are sane but they are not. Do the math, how much did you say that Tesla’s sales were affected by this wave of word-of-mouth? Since Sagitar’s broken shaft, the public’s reputation has continued to crumble for many years, and sales have risen all the way. It was not until China Insurance Research Passat’s reputation collapsed to the point that sales finally dropped a little. For Tesla to sell badly, there are two necessary and sufficient conditions. 1. He himself continued to be a strong death, severely killed, and then out of the circle. The general public knows that Tesla’s reputation is poor. 2. Competitive product strength is not the product strength, but the marketing strength, which grabs 95% of the people who only look at the brand. Until these two conditions are met at the same time, Tesla will continue to sell.

7 months ago

How to look at it, this is a vote of consumers with money. Look at these domestic brands. For 10 years, so many players don’t even have an electric car with a monthly sales of more than 100,000 yuan. Why is Tesla’s full-load production in short supply, and most of the domestic investment in electric vehicle production lines are wasted, and why? Are traditional autobots all over the world vegetarian? I watched Tesla often get hacked, but the world’s number one every year, it is magical. These so-called new domestic forces, when will they come out with a pure electric vehicle of more than 100,000 yuan and annual sales of more than 120,000, will they be regarded as a real new force. At present, it is very likely that GAC will be the first to achieve this goal.

7 months ago

Should be scolded, should be bought, I sprayed Tesla on the Internet all day long, and then I mentioned a model 3 with long battery life last month. Scolding and buying do not conflict at all. Because there is no other brand for trams other than Tesla that can be selected against bba. I take 34C money to consume the tram, so I can’t drop the price for myself, right? Even if I hate Tesla on the Internet, but I didn’t have a choice when I bought it. I also like BYD Han and Xiaopeng P7, but the car is your face in China to a large extent. The buddies around me used to brag about BYD’s awesomeness with me, but in the end they didn’t choose Tesla with me.

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