The word “you” was changed to “earn”, and I changed it back. Please respect the original questioner. You can add or supplement the explanation, but please do not change the original meaning of the original questioner.

Of course it’s going to be on. One hundred million, my goodness. Go directly to the bank and buy a stable financial management. After reading the answers of other respondents, 100 million is considered a high-level VIP, and an annualization of 5% is no problem. In this way, the annual income is 5 million, which is about one month. 410,000, an average of 13,698 per day, more than I earn in a month. First of all, the first day will be like this: move out of the dormitory first, I am so rich, can I squeeze a dormitory with several people? Spend 2500, first find a room to rent, my university is not a first-tier city, 2500 is enough to find more than 100 square meters, pay one by one, which will move everything in the dormitory out. Forget it, there is 8600. Have a lunch at noon, seafood buffet, find a few good students to go with, more than 2,000, there are 6,600 left. There are classes in the afternoon, so go to class. The teacher mentioned that XX’s book is good, so I have to read it, open Taobao, place an order, spend more than 200, and there are 6,400 left. After class, go to the library and look at books. On the way back to the residence, I came across a gym card holder, 1200 per year, a discount of 1000, alright, do it. When it’s time to order, call, order takeaway, and if I have money, I will eat 100 yuan. Don’t say it, 100 takeaway is more than 15 pieces of meat. After eating and reading, read the book for half an hour, can’t stand it, turn on the computer, and play games. Oh, there is a recharge activity, charge 1,000 to get a limited amount of pendant or something, recharged, there are 4300 left. After playing for a while, it’s almost time, call friends, start a supper, and make a string, that’s 500, and there are 3800 left. Go back to your residence, play with your mobile phone, krypton gold krypton gold. I lost more than 2000 Krypton, which is not bad. I won a few sr and I am satisfied. Return, open the king, and the remaining money is fully charged, and draw Wu Zetian. After a round, I was out of luck and saw nothing. I still want to smoke. I saw that today’s money was spent. Forget it, let’s stop smoking, man, after getting rich, we must know how to control and have self-control, or we must lose a little today or a little tomorrow. I just thought about it, and when I looked at the time, it was 0 o’clock, and a new day had begun. Charge! Okay, I got it, go to sleep. The next day, I brushed my teeth and washed my face to go to class, and visited Taobao during the break. This micro-single is not bad, 3900, I bought it. I don’t play photography, so I just want to buy it for casual photography. Maybe it will accumulate dust after playing for a few days. There is no need to buy such a high-end one. Save as much as possible. Buy another 5000 earphone. The 5000 earphone is different from my 50 earphone. No matter how expensive it is, I can’t hear it well. It’s almost done. People say that Wang Sicong’s headset is 500,000. I’m crazy. How can I compare with Wang Sicong? With a net worth of tens of billions of people, how do I compare with others? If you know I have one billion, if I have billions or tens of billions, I don’t know if I have bought them. You can’t be too bloated, and you can’t just float away just because you have a lot of money in your hands. I can compare with ordinary people. There are also luxury goods. I never buy them. I really feel that these things are mainly used to show identity. But in my simple concept, there is nothing better than money to show identity. I think I have saved it. One hundred million cards is a symbol of status. I dress like a beggar, and I have a net worth of 100 million. Ordinary people want to be called a local tyrant, so they wear a brand-name brand to show off their wealth. I am not the same. If I want to show off my wealth, I cut off the bank balance chart. Of course, there are people who don’t believe me, saying that my picture is p, but I don’t care, because I really have 100 million. If you had 100 million, you would be so generous. Almost there, eating, going to class, reading, playing games, sleeping. Today there are more than 4000 left. The next day, eat, go to class, read books, play games, and sleep. There is nothing to buy today. It cost less than 1,000 yuan for my friends to go to work and go to class. After a few days of this, it’s finally the weekend, come and come, all come out hi. After saving for four or five days, I have more than 50,000. Brush the street! See what to buy, what to eat, when tired, go to a milk tea shop, order snacks, order drinks, sit, and blow up. Going back in the evening, I saw that it cost more than 10,000, and there are about 40,000. Hey, how can it be spent. Lasted for a month, it probably cost more than 100,000, and another 300,000. Take 100,000 to buy a critical illness insurance. According to my age, almost 100,000 can buy a 5 million insured amount, so that if there is an accident, I have to move the principal. 100 million is used to make money. The money must not be moved. There are still 100,000, which can be used to invest, play with stocks, and gain insights into the financial market. There are still 100,000. Find a charity to donate it. In the second month, yo, there is a long holiday, prepare to travel, prepare a 350,000 yuan, after two days, it is OK, enough money. Take out a map of China, close your eyes and draw circles on it, three, two, one, stop, where to stop, and where to go. Don’t fly, fear heights, take the high-speed train, first-class seats, or sleep on the train, go with a bag, buy something where you need it, go to sleep when you get in the car, and play with your mobile phone when you wake up. If you’re bored, talk to the person next door. . When you arrive, you can directly live in a hotel, and you can choose a three-star or four-star hotel. If you don’t have time to save, you can also live in a five-star hotel for fun. Go shopping during the day, go shopping at night, take a photo with the micro-single. The photography technique is really not good enough, Jiuzhaigou can take pictures of me into a farmhouse. It doesn’t matter, what we play is just a mood. Next time I take my family and friends out to play, this time I will experience the feeling of traveling alone. To be honest, it is quite boring. You can buy whatever you like, regardless of the price, if you can’t bring it back, you can just leave it to the hotel if you don’t want to send it. Go back to school after a few days of playing. For these three months, I spent 100,000 yuan a month, and after three months, I still have 900,000 yuan. It just so happens that the school is closed, and it’s almost time. Let’s pay a down payment to buy a suite. I took a look at the stocks I invested in before, and found that there was 50,000 left over 100,000. It was really risky, and I could only use my spare money to play in the future. Back to my hometown in the village during the summer vacation, and live like some rural bloggers. Why build a swing for yourself, build a small stove, go up the mountain to roast sweet potatoes, go down to the river to catch a fish, catch a shrimp, catch a cicada Ah what. Take another day or two to go to the beach, rent a sea view hotel, and watch the sunrise and sunset. This is called a holiday, what part-time job does it do? School starts, let’s go. Book a sleeping berth and run to the hard seat after getting in the car. I love to hear people talk about anecdotes. Go to school and report. When I received a notice from the club that I was going to hold a party, I went to the Social Federation to report it. The Chairman of the Social Federation looked embarrassed and said, “It is good that you want to have this party, but it is also difficult for us… I immediately said that you can approve it for seniors, and we will find a way for the money.” The Chairman of the Social Council said that was no problem. Members of the going out club asked us where to get sponsorship? I’m talking about my pull, is fifty thousand enough? The members are dumbfounded, and I also know the situation. Our little broken club has pulled 5,000 to the sky. This is a tenfold increase. Have you seen 50,000? The members said, no. I said, let you see you today and eat first. After four years of university in a semi-high-profile manner, I found out that there were more than 10 million left. I found the dean and said that Papi Chan donated 20 million to her school to build a theater. I donated 10 million to our college. Do you think it is a library? The dean said that classmates thank you, I will talk to the above tomorrow, let’s pick the land now. At the graduation ceremony, my classmates held the honors of excellent graduates and excellent graduation thesis, and I was also shyly holding an honorary certificate of excellent alumni. In the middle of the station, the c person made his debut. I looked at the surrounding classmates, some jobs and some stayed in school, I found my head teacher, teacher, you see Xiao Zhang Xiaoli all stayed in school for graduate school, I’m the person, my grades are not good, and I can’t pass the exam. When you take a graduate student, can you take me with you and let me take the course? I kind of like our major, and I like this. The old class said that you didn’t get a certificate like this. I said, why do I have to prove my net worth? Old Ban said that too. I stayed for the lessons, and in the days after that, while I was making lessons, I served tea and water to the teachers, did some assistant work, and occasionally invited everyone to go out for dinner. Then it was summer vacation again, so I went to see how well my library was built. Fortunately, the construction of a library in a small town on the 18th line does not matter, or it may not be possible to build it at ten million. During the period, I took a look at the stock and found that it has risen back. Now there are more than 200,000 yuan, and I feel a bit messy. In the future, I will learn from Buffy’s specific investment. I must use spare money to invest. The donation to the library caused a sensation for a while, and the school journals were all published, still headlines. After hearing from the school, the library will be named after me, which makes me very happy. In a few years, I will have another scholarship named after me. It doesn’t seem to be much different from when there was no money before. Seeing that there is a need for fundraising on Waterdrop Fundraising, donate a little, and then donate a little to the children in poor mountainous areas every month. The amount of donation depends on the balance. Then there is good food, good use, no need to worry about the future, the pressure is gone, the mood is better, and sometimes I even want to go to the monastery to listen to the monk chanting. I have to sigh from time to time, this world of birds and flowers, this colorful world. Make tea daily for health preservation. If I don’t have a friend’s appointment, I should try my best to go to bed and get up early. I want to take care of my body and live to be a hundred years old and enjoy life more. Even so, I am looking forward to a life of one hundred million.


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6 months ago

learn! Great learning! I can finally fucking study for his love without being affected by employment! No need to think about what is good for employment, and what is good for finding a job! If I want to learn to write code, I learn computer. I want to study architecture if I want to engage in design. I want to become a stand-in and study ocean majors. I can put aside all future problems and concentrate on studying. Why don’t I learn tm? I even kowtow to apprentice! Learn those “no future” crafts! I look fresh! I’m interested! I don’t want them to disappear! Damn it, it’s over 1k, is it so powerful? . . Thousands for the first time. Turn around in place. 3k. I’m dying. Damn it’s over 6k in tm again, and I only had 3k in tm two years ago, damn it. Nima has passed w, and happiness has come a little bit suddenly, every time I look forward to praise, but I didn’t expect it to be this time. 2w. A bit strong. Mom was still 37k in the first two days, why is it suddenly 41k today? What happened today? 60k, I heard it was on the hot list? ? ? It has risen so much in two or three days. Today is February 26th, 2020. The last edit was September 19th. Today there are 99,000 likes. For the first time, I saw the number of likes in 10,000. It used to be how many k, and I have learned a lot today. Thank you everyone for loving this answer so much.

6 months ago

I’m Zhu once’s nephew. Suddenly, my uncle gave me 100 million. The classmates didn’t believe me. I smiled. I accidentally looked at the Rolex in my hand, not to see the time, but to let you know that I’m rich. . Their attitudes ranged from ridicule to surprise to flattering, and they cast envy in their eyes. Oh, this is really interesting. Seeing that my classmate was wearing a fake JA, I changed him to a double-regular one; I saw that my classmate’s living expenses had bottomed out, so I bought the whole commissary for him; when I saw the dilapidated school playground, I immediately contacted to renovate it. After doing so many good deeds, my reputation continued to spread. Suddenly, there was a group of classmates and teachers who were “enthusiastic” to help me study. I was surrounded by others all day, and I was very upset. After three days, I dropped out decisively. Hey, the life of a rich student is so boring and boring. 99% of people study to find a good job to earn money. If the annual salary after graduation is 100w, 40 years of work is 4000w, which is less than half of 100 million. The annual salary of 20-30w is already considerable for most families. This shows that 99.99% of people will not earn 100 million in their lifetime. At this time, going to school becomes a pastime. You don’t need to worry about the future because of your grades. You can choose to continue to go to school to experience life, but you also have more choices to improve your experience. The poor can only choose to go to school (relatively speaking) school is just a choice for the rich

6 months ago

I will quit my job and hang out in various universities. Climb a meal card to eat in the cafeteria, and sneak into any classroom to listen to classes. Astronomy and geography, art philosophy, chemical physics, comers are always welcome. Leave after listening, don’t write homework. Go to universities in various countries to experience different climates and customs. If the language is not good, hire a small translator. Lying on the school lawn and watching the clouds, walking with the dogs passing by, drinking hot milk tea while walking, falling in love with the boys you meet, eating different flavors of food, staying in different styles of hotels, and breathing fresh air in different places. When I’m fine, I write and write manuscripts, earn a little money, like now, record my ordinary life shining brightly. I spend more time in the library reading free books, sitting on a double-decker bus overlooking the whole city, the world has become a colorful showcase, I lie on the side of the glass and look at it, like before when I was poor, there was no Too much desire to buy. Just passing by, find it fun, take a look.

6 months ago

100 million? Is it really 100 million? Is it really 100 million yuan? What school am I going to? I still need to go to university? Universities are not the TOP10 in China, nor the TOP10 in the world. Can I earn 100 million in my life? 100 million I really have no idea, my hair is too much, right? Can’t I add my whole family’s dense hair, can there be 100 million? I’m not promising, and I don’t know anything else. I can’t compare to the big money managers, so I just put it in the bank. I have to have 1 million in a year. I am a sophomore. How many years do I have to earn interest in this year? This is 1 million! This is 1 million! This is 1 million! I’m just a worthless thing, I have 1 million lying motionless! There is 80,000 yuan a month, and 2,500 yuan is credited every day. The jingle is the sound of money! Ouch! Money is biting my ear! What’s the matter? What should I do then?

6 months ago

I am in the fitness industry chain, and I also like to do this. If there are 100 million, the whole family’s life will not worry, but people can’t be idle, they will still work hard. It’s very simple. Spend 20 million to open an ideal training hall. The equipment is comprehensive and professional. Needless to say, the common ones, such as the uncommon rope climbing machine, rock climbing turntable, log barbell, Hercules squat platform, keiser air resistance training device, wattbike, 100 kg sand ball, 20 kg mace, 300 kg The tires, tsunami elastic barbells, upper body bicycles, frozen recovery compartments, etc. are all available. Another 50 yuan for a second-hand metal table, 49 yuan for a vintage wooden chair, 9.9 yuan for a double flip flop, 40 yuan for a white vest and beach pants. It’s all ready, I’m the front desk, and the kind with my feet on the table. There was a pot of old soup, tea and eggs boiled on the table, and acquaintances and old friends would sit down and chat together. Membership sales are me (what should I do if I’m not here? Wait for me), the coach doesn’t exist, it’s too much trouble to manage. Members can practice on their own or in groups. Other staff members also have several aunts who combine cleaning and management. If the member is not qualified, littering, shirtless training, the aunt will scold you bloody head, even throw your bag out, tear the card and refund the money (I authorize, every aunt can deadlift 2 times the weight) . I, the sales at the front desk, are basically dressed, casual, and comfortable. The name of the hall is “I love training but not training training center” (not a gym! Not a gym! Not a gym!) How do I get a card? Whoever comes in, I will scan him up and down first, give an impression, talk a few words, and set a price. Price, fate, what kind of money to talk about is really true. No chance, let’s go outside and let you go! There is no discrimination (the people I discriminated against are screened at the front desk, no way, my shop, I call the shots), there is no difference, it’s fun, go hand in hand, a utopia of trainers. Haha, here comes the question, where does one hundred million come from? Do you rely on Zhihu Friends to fundraise? It would be nice to get 10 yuan. Okay, I’m going to save money.

6 months ago

The original question is [If there is 100 million yuan…] I don’t know who changed it again. The purpose of changing the title is to express more clearly and accurately, not to change the meaning of the title. Friends who like to change the question think about it before doing it again. If I make 100 million yuan, I will definitely not go to school, because I have to go to earn a second one, and I don’t have time to go to school. Besides, it’s not right to just throw away a 100 million yuan business and not do it. The following is the original answer: If I happen to be at school age, I will still go to school. why? No reason, just the words of Wang Xiaobo’s mathematics teacher: You may not use this knowledge once in your life, but this knowledge is good and you should know it. Many of the children of billionaires have 100 million on their heads, and they should go to school and work. No one can be idle if there is money or no money. I’m going to waste it when I’m idle.

6 months ago

I am 37 years old this year, and I want to seriously answer this question: If I have 100 million, I want to quit my job, and then go to the university to listen to classes, just for knowledge, no degree. why? This is thanks to Zhihu. In the past year of playing Zhihu, I wrote some posts in Zhihu and got a little self-satisfaction, but the most important thing is: I have seen a lot of popular science posts about the universe, physics, and mathematics. . The shock and surprise they brought me made me feel refreshed, full of curiosity and moved by the true meaning of the world. If there are 100 million, I would like to lay down my work and go to famous universities to listen to mathematics, physics, and astronomy. No matter if you can understand it or not, you can slowly learn and understand without anxiety, utilitarianism, and shame. Let knowledge no longer be a means of survival, but become the true foundation that enriches our hearts. Let knowledge return to the original-noble and beautiful. I hope that one day, I will not have to rush, sit in class, listen to the truth that the teacher tells, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and let everything go back to what ancient Greek sages believed: knowledge is virtue.

6 months ago

Work in the traditional sense should not be done. I should be bored writing handouts at home. Carefully study and study the textbooks and exercises of each version and other countries, study the high maths and the four mechanics that are not solid enough, and review the creatures that are almost forgotten. It is estimated that 2~3 One chapter can be updated in one day, and there is time to correct it. After finishing writing mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, go to study history, geography and politics seriously, and try to write these three handouts. Contact the professor at China Normal University to see if you can go to a doctorate in education. It’s just that I can learn and apply some easy to understand, logically coherent, profound and comprehensive learning and application, but the education and teaching of the Zhenger Bajing are purely wild folk subjects, and I want to receive systematic learning training. Later, I will consider writing books that can help those who want to learn to learn really efficiently and effectively. Okay, where can I get 100 million yuan? In fact, I don’t need so much money, mainly because I can’t make up my mind to abandon my job and do this unrecognized cause. However, even if I can only use very little spare time to do it now, it is steadily advancing according to the current progress. The lectures on mathematics, physics and chemistry should be completed within two years, but it does not reach the ideal of studying all kinds of textbooks and exercises and thinking fully. degree. When I retire, I have a lot of time to concentrate on doing it. Of course, the premise of all this is that the tasks assigned to me will not be heavier. Not long ago, my colleagues’ work was transferred, and half of my work was given to me…

6 months ago

Seeing this topic reminded me of a chicken soup for the soul and a joke. An American professor explained “desire” with students. In order to let the students understand the truth of desire at a deeper level, he led everyone to the street. At this time there was a beggar who was really begging on the street, and the professor and the students stepped forward. The professor asked the beggar: “If you have ten dollars now, what do you want to do most?” The beggar replied, “I’m going to buy a roast chicken, buy two more bottles of beer, find a shade, and enjoy this lunch beautifully!” The professor asked the beggar again: “If you have 100 yuan now, what are you going to do?” The beggar replied: “Then I will buy two roast chickens, three bottles of beer, and a nice meal with my wife! Look for it again! A hotel, take a hot bath, and get a good night’s sleep!” The professor asked the beggar again: “What if you have one thousand yuan now?” The beggar froze for a while, and replied, “If I really have one thousand yuan, then Buying clothes for the body and never going to sleep on the street anymore, then there is no need to avoid cross-examination by the defense team!” The professor also asked the beggar: “What if you have ten thousand yuan?” The beggar replied excitedly: “It’s really necessary. Ten thousand yuan, then I’ll go home and build a new house. Plant crops in spring and play mahjong in winter!” The professor finally asked, “What if you have one hundred thousand yuan?” The beggar became even more excited. Just like the rich people in the city, they wear gold and silver, drive in a car, and take Xiaomi to play around-the fun in the world, I have to try it!” The professor said to the students around him, look. In this way, people’s desires are fed up little by little, so you must manage your desires. Then, the professor ended the conversation with satisfaction and took out one hundred dollars from his pocket to the beggar. However, after receiving the money, the beggar did not buy two roast chickens and his wife as he said. A good meal, but still sitting there, looking at the professor expectantly, his eyes seemed to be asking the professor, “Do you have any other questions? I can continue to answer!” Asked: “If you You have one million, can you donate it for charity?” Answer: “Yes!” Ask: “What if you have one billion?” Answer: “Don’t say one billion, I’m willing to donate one billion.” Q: “If you have a car, would you be willing to donate it?” Answered: “I don’t want to.” Doubt asked: “You have donated a billion, why are you not willing to donate a car?” Distressed answer: “Because I am really Has a car.”

6 months ago

In fact, when you really have 100 million, the premise is that the 100 million is yours and not your parents. You find that there is no pressure to go to school even if you fail to enter a prestigious university. By that time, studying will become the best thing in the world. In fact, what most people hate is not the study itself, but the pressure to study. Going to school itself can make people hide behind words and knowledge, away from the cruel society where the swords and shadows kill people without seeing blood. If there is no pressure of life, how many people are not willing to hide in such a utopia built by sages and saints for later generations? ? There are only joy, anger, sorrow, human philosophy, and the cruel cannibalistic society written in books. Perhaps this is the dream of everyone who has been wounded by modern society. Let me tell a story of myself: My family belongs to that kind of middle-class family, and obviously there is no one-million-dollar property. When I was in high school, I was so rebellious that I liked to skip class every day to play games, and talked about the theory that learning is useless, the theory of selling meat after graduation from Qingbei, and other theories that weak people use to avoid learning. Later, after I finished my second year of high school, my parents put me into a university in the United States that did not require a diploma. From then on, I started a life of hard work in the United States. Since then, I have learned to accept pressure and face pressure, because I understand that I owe my parents, and without their support and paying for my behavior, I will be a little bastard with a junior high school diploma. The so-called pressure is to make you recognize the reality that you have no capital wave, and the stepping stone for you to climb higher in the future. Having said that, the so-called capital is to let you know that you have the capital to fight for everything, and a greater fault tolerance rate. This is especially true in the capitalist country of the United States, where capital is everything. Without one hundred million, we absolutely can’t think of how much fault tolerance one hundred million means to an entrepreneur. I specifically asked a friend of my dad’s. He is one of the top 500 in China’s Fortune List. He is an energy industry in Shandong. He started from scratch and made tens of billions of assets. I asked him what 100 million means for a self-made entrepreneur. He replied: If I had 100 million back then, what I think now is not how to invest 20 billion for Qingdao projects, but how to win American projects. There may be an exaggeration in this statement, but the difference between starting from scratch and starting with 100 million is absolutely worlds apart. One billion means that you can capture a larger market and establish a brand faster than those entrepreneurs who started from scratch. Quickly recruit more talented people… It is far more difficult to earn 100 million from scratch than it is to earn 10 billion with 100 million. So in fact, when you have one hundred million, you have greater capital, higher fault tolerance, wider connections, and others need pressure to do things that you can solve with capital, it’s also very stressful to go to school without pressure. Happy things.

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