A low-paying person can barely support himself, work eight hours, a salary is double the first one, nine in the morning and eleven, almost no time for yourself, but you can train people, how would you choose

If my family conditions are good, and I am a girl, I will choose my first job. If I am not young and have some savings in my hands, I will choose my first job. If my husband can earn money to support his family, and I don’t have much money to spend, I will choose my first job. If I were a boy, the conditions at my family would be pretty good. I don’t need much money and I don’t have much ambitions. I would choose my first job. If I were a boy and the conditions at home were not particularly good, I would definitely choose a second job. If I were a dad, I had to take care of the elderly, and the younger to raise, I would definitely choose a second job. If I were a mother and my husband did not earn much, I would give my children the best education, and I would definitely choose a second job. If it is not forced by the environment, I believe that no one will choose a second job. If it is not stressful, if it is not to carry the family on their shoulders, who is willing to sacrifice health, sacrifice freedom, sacrifice companionship in exchange for that insignificant salary? No one is an idiot, no one loves 996. Everyone wants to talk about birds and flowers, but everyone is more willing to take responsibility, and would rather work hard for yourself and warm your family. Unexpectedly, the answer can get so much approval from everyone. Let me share a familiar story. When I heard it, tears were in my eyes. The girl was weak, and the mother was strong. She was supposed to retire in her 20s, but at the age of 45, she competed on the same stage with the post-00s generations. Not only did she not fail, she also won numerous honors along the way-the gold medal of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games; the 2003 Annan Heim World Championships gold medal; 2008 Beijing Olympic vaulting silver medal; 2018 Jakarta Asian Games silver medal; … However, such a glorious player is still a “utilitarian athlete” among many people. She changed her nationality for money, won honors for other countries, and was scolded as a “traitor”. At the age of 33, she ruptured her Achilles tendon and persisted in the competition. Three years later, she announced her return with a silver medal in the European Championship, and she had only one reason: to make money. However, in every game of hers, her appearances will win cheers, because people know the truth behind all of this…In 1975, Chusovitina was born in the former Soviet Union. The city of Hara, which is now Uzbekistan. With amazing talent, she began to study gymnastics at the age of 7. In the following six years, she continued to compete and win prizes. She played in the domestic invincible at the age of 13, and almost swept all the domestic gymnastics championships. At the age of 16, she represented the former The Soviet Union participated in the World Gymnastics Championships, won 2 golds and 1 silver, and also won its first world championship. In 1992, 17-year-old Chusovitina competed in the Olympics for the first time, and finally successfully won the gold medal. The scenery is endless! At the time, she didn’t know that one day she would become the only gymnast in history who had participated in the 7 Olympic Games. Later, the Soviet Union disintegrated and Uzbekistan declared independence. However, the training conditions in Uzbekistan at that time were very backward, and they used outdated, dangerous equipment that could even cause injuries at any time. But she did not fear the hardships of the environment, trained hard, and also developed new moves. She won more than 70 gold medals alone and supported the gymnastics of the whole country alone! The International Gymnastics Federation named three gymnastics moves after her, and the country issued stamps specifically for her. In this way, the career went all the way to her 21s. Like most athletes, Chusovkina retired, got married and had children. At that time, she was immersed in a happy and warm life, and it seemed that her sports career had come to an end. However, she will not have time to enjoy the warmth of the family in the future, but she suddenly ushered in the biggest bad news in her life… In 2002, Chusovikina’s 3-year-old son Arish suffered from leukemia. In order to treat her son, she sold all her family property, but the high cost of treatment was still far from enough. After hesitating again and again, she made an important decision: to re-enter the competition! Relying on the prize money to treat his son. She said: A gold medal in the World Championships is equal to a prize of 3,000 Euros. This is my only way. She is an athlete, but she is more of a mother, for the sake of her children, she is willing to give everything. So she started training more desperately, because this time, she had no retreat. In order to win competitions and bonuses, she no longer eats her favorite chocolate, just because she is afraid that getting fat will affect her performance. Illness and injury became the things she feared the most. She didn’t dare to rest or slack off. Competitions, getting bonuses, treating children with illnesses, playing games and making money are all of her life. No matter how hard the training is and how many injuries she suffered, she always smiled in front of her son. She said: Even if hope is slim, I will not let the child remember how I cry, I want him to remember that I am the most positive On the other side, I hope to give him strength. With this belief in mind, in the second year of her comeback, she won the gold medal at the World Championships and won the silver medal at the World Championships in 2005. The world sighs: Chusovikina, the sword is not old! Those years were the years when Chusovkina worked desperately for money. Participate when there is a game, and continue to earn money as a coach when there is no game. This woman is only 153cm tall, but her maternal love allows her to release unexpected energy and write a moving story of “You are not healed, I dare not grow old”. However, at this moment, the doctor told her that Uzbekistan was relatively backward with medical conditions and there was no way to treat her son. When everything was lost, the German Gymnastics Association extended a helping hand, not only found a better hospital for her son, but also promised to bear part of the cost of treatment. In order to repay the other party’s help, in 2006, she was approved by Uzbekistan to become a German citizen and began to compete on behalf of the German team. At that time, many people did not understand and even called her a “traitor.” Chusovitina was silent and did not make much excuses. She said: It is not easy to make this decision. Without the help of the German gymnastics community, my The son may have passed away long ago. The year she became a German citizen, she won a bronze medal for Germany at the World Championships. Since then, he won gold in the European Championships, helping the German team to win the championship medal after a lapse of 23 years. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chusovitina once again won a silver medal for Germany. That year, she was 33 years old, and her opponents were a dozen years younger than her. Chusovikina has become a veritable “veteran”, but she never gave up any game, she said: For me, my son is my life, as long as he is still sick, I will stick to it. , He is my motivation. However, good luck fooled people, just when she thought she could continue to fight, destiny made a joke with her again. In 2008, in the Swiss International Gymnastics Competition, Chusovitina’s Achilles tendon was injured and broke! She has not dared to stop, after all, she has not been spared by the injury, but the injury means that she can’t play, and it also means that she has no income. So when she was hugged from the arena, she looked desperate. Her seriously ill son Arish said distressedly: Mom, don’t do such dangerous things anymore. Everyone thought she would retire from now on, but she only returned to the game after only one year of training! And won the silver again in the 2011 World Championships! Perhaps Chusovikina’s desperate effort finally made her move, and Arish was eventually snatched back from the hands of death. The boy who had suffered from illness and pain finally recovered and grew into a healthy and handsome boy. For 20 years, she, who dared not to hurt or retreat, could finally catch a breath. But she still didn’t stop. She said: Once I fought for the country, then I fought for my son, and now I fight for myself! Chusovkina chose to return to Uzbekistan, again fighting for the honor of the country that gave birth to her. For this love, she trains for at least 3 hours a day, always maintains her body in the best condition, masters one difficult movement after another, and also wins multiple awards at twice the age of her opponent-in 2013, Trnava gymnastics gold medal; 2014, Incheon Asian Games vault silver medal; 2016, the Rio Olympic Games ranked seventh, this is the seventh time Chusovikina participated in the Olympic Games, and she became the first in history to participate in the 7th Olympic athletes. In the finals of the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018, 43-year-old Chusovikina was still agile, starting, jumping, turning in the air, and landing steadily in one go! Results: Silver Medal! She is 27 years older than the champion, but the gap is only 0.1 points! She joked that if age could add points, then she would take too much advantage. Although age did not add points to her competition, in everyone’s hearts, she is already a well-deserved champion of life! Someone once asked her: What is the secret of your persistence in sports for so long and achieving so many results? Chusovitina’s answer is only two words: love. But I think that besides love, the most important thing is the firm belief deep in her heart. At first it was the faith to win glory for the country, then it was the faith to save the son’s love, and finally it was to pursue the faith of love in the heart. Participating in the 7 Olympics, the 45-year-old is still fighting on the field, breaking the barriers of age and body, and creating countless miracles! Chusovikina let us see a conviction athlete, and let us know a great mother. Chusovitina told everyone with love and persistence: There is no miracle in this world, but some people are unwilling to give up. The 45-year-old Chusovikina is still insisting on love, and is still working hard to create the next miracle. What reason do we have to give up when we are right? Therefore, please hold your hands tightly, grasp the seemingly fateful destiny, and give yourself a firm belief. If you believe in the next miracle, it will definitely bloom from your hands!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This depends on expectations and just needs. This is what is fairer in this society. You will have a higher income if you work harder than work easily. It’s the same for everyone. So this requires weighing your expectations. That is, do you want to go a step further and achieve greater development in this industry, or do you want to leave it alone. The two have something to do with personality, and it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up. If a person wants to succeed, he has to abandon too many things when he is young. I call it suffering. You need to abandon the time of enjoyment, you need to abandon what others did in your youth, you need to be alone, and you will be mentally lonely and faceless to face the incomprehension of countless people. You also need to persevere, abandon some of the benefits in front of you, and move forward step by step unimpeded. Therefore, which kind of life do you want more requires you to make a specific analysis and judgment on the two positions. However, people still have to live in reality. Just talk about the ideal space, you can think about what you need most at the moment? Is it money? Is it work experience? Or save more time for part-time jobs? Used to fall in love? Used to splurge? So, this is a false proposition, it depends on what you want and what you need.

6 months ago

I will choose the low salary from 9 to 5, but I will not persuade others to choose this. Why choose this? Because I am free every day, and I don’t need much money. I really want to go back to the workplace. I want to work with a group of interesting people. The feeling of twisting into a rope and rushing in the same direction is still very exciting in retrospect. Of course, there are prerequisites. The premise is that what everyone is doing is meaningful, not superficial work for the boss, nor boring low-level repetitive work. Therefore, I did not choose the latter. Because according to my experience, most of the jobs that are too busy are fuzzing and worthless, that is, apart from changing wages, there is no excuse for persistence. Burning a complete youth, but it has become a dispensable link in a company’s assembly line in the huge industrial chain. The Orthodox Career Planning Society advises professionals to cultivate core competitiveness and seek irreplaceability. In fact, irreplaceability is a false proposition, which conflicts with modern business management theories. For a highly modernized company, the core of process management is to modularize people and standardize work. Even the most powerful and core backbones will also have disaster recovery backups to ensure that they suddenly leave their jobs or even die suddenly. , The work will be taken over as soon as possible. If so, I would rather make a salted fish from 9 to 5. A few years ago, I was envious of freelance work when I was at work, and I wanted to quit my job every minute and lie back home. After I really lay down, I found that the sociality of my body was slowly draining, the desire to create was gone, the mood gradually became unstable, and the spirit was at risk of being stunned. I am not the only one who feels this way. I have found that there are also big guys: I guess most freelancers do. If not, it is because the free time is not long enough. Today’s content is not preaching, only sharing.

6 months ago

An old horse and a small horse lived in the stable. One day, the old horse said to the little horse: “You have grown up, can you do something for your mother?” The little horse bounced and said: “Why not? I am willing to help you do things.” The old horse is happy. Said: “That’s great, you can carry this half-pocket of wheat to the mill.” The little horse picked up the wheat and ran to the mill quickly. Running, a small river blocked the way, and the river was rushing. Little Ma was embarrassed and thought: Can I go there? It would be great if mom was around and asked her what to do! He looked around and saw an old cow grazing by the river. The little horse dashed over and asked: “Uncle Niu, please tell me, can I wade across this river?” The old cow said, “The water is very shallow, and I just didn’t have a calf, so I can wade across.” Xiao After hearing what the old cow said, the horse immediately ran to the river, ready to wade over. Suddenly, a squirrel jumped from the tree and stopped him yelling: “Little horse, don’t cross the river, don’t cross the river, the river will drown you!” The little horse asked in surprise, “Is the water deep?” Squirrel Seriously said: “It’s so deep! Yesterday, one of my partners fell into this river and drowned!” The little horse quickly stopped, not knowing what to do. He sighed and said, “Oh! Go home and ask Mom!” The pony flung his tail and ran home. The mother asked: “How come back?” The little horse said embarrassedly: “A river is blocked, I…I can’t get through.” The mother said, “Isn’t that river very shallow?” The little horse said, “Yes! Cow!” Uncle said the same. But the squirrel said that the river was deep and his partner drowned!” Mother said, “So is the river deep or shallow? Have you thought about what they said?” The little horse lowered his head and said : “No… I didn’t think about it.” Mom said kindly to Xiao Ma: “Child, just listen to others, don’t use your brain, don’t try, it won’t work. The river is deep or shallow, you go try it. Try it and you’ll understand.” The pony ran to the river, and just raised his front hoof, the squirrel shouted again: “Why, you don’t want to die!” The pony said, “Let me try.” He got off. The river waded over carefully. It turned out that the river was neither as shallow as the old cow said, nor as deep as the squirrel said.

6 months ago

Under the basic conditions of being able to support oneself, the level of temporary wages cannot be used as the entire criterion for judgment. From an environmental point of view, you have to look at the upswing space of your work, the city where you are located and the possible opportunities, and the most important thing is whether it is consistent with your personality and personal development plan. It has nothing to do with wages. Don’t follow the trend blindly here, and don’t compare it horizontally with others, because you are different in the first place. You can barely support yourself when you go to work for eight hours, so you can do other things that are of value to you in your spare time. If you go to drive Didi to earn money after get off work, can you also achieve “double wages”? Or you can use this time to do things that you think are more valuable. After all, no matter how great the money is, the lost time and lost lives cannot be bought. Next, if you are in the learning phase and rapid ascent phase, and you have higher expectations for your future. You can set goals and time points for yourself, and try to work more intensely and promote faster growth. At this time, short-term wages are not your criteria for judging. So, rather than salary, you have to ask yourself these questions? What do you like to do? What is the ideal working environment you want? What kind of lifestyle do you want? What kind of people do you want to work with? What is your current stage? Stage of confusion? Rapid growth period? A period of steady development? Are you willing to bear the result for your own choice without regret? After answering these questions, you may know the answer! Finally, I will give you a “personal career canvas”, on which you can fill in your own situation, and use it to further analyze your situation and give yourself more answers

6 months ago

From 8 to 5 or from 9 to 11 in the morning, I always choose the former to work by the hour, and the income is basically not too far. But what time do I get home from work at 11 o’clock and what time to go to bed? What’s left besides work and life? Why are you so tired? Tired to retire and seeing a doctor may be exhausted before retiring. There is life to make money and no life to spend money. Experience is accumulated by high-intensity work. The oil seller in practice makes perfect is not a positive role. Pouring oil every day seems to have a technical content. How much can you sell oil without output? The real money comes from the mind and the high workload, except for the so-called experience caused by physical and mental suffering and torture, is nothing but a fabricated lie. Unfortunately, many people live in a lie like walking. Which is more tiring or faster than traveling a thousand kilometers by plane. The double salary and energy for walking is better than keeping some physical strength and being close to the airport. Maybe one day we can fly?

6 months ago

From 9 to 11, I hardly choose. Unless I have already made a plan, a plan for a Gap year after earning enough money. I have been busy all my life, earning money waiting for the elderly to get sick, which is boring. I am quite afraid of the life of herding sheep. I have been thinking about this problem since I was in junior high school. Until now I am almost entering middle age, I find that I actually always “live elsewhere”. In other words, I always think that at a certain time, I can do what I want to do. Sometimes I think it’s good to wait until tomorrow, and there will be time after the holiday. In fact, I am always waiting for a day when I don’t know when. I have recently learned a truth. There are many things you do not do now, and you may never do it. Pressing I will choose a relatively easy job, and then continue to do what I want to do, even if this time is long, but at least there is a beginning. Because the existence of Gap year is also a preparation for what I will do for a long time. What I want to do, the goal I want to strive for, it must be a long-term thing to be done every day in life. So when conditions are available, why not start it first?

6 months ago

If you have nothing to pursue, just want to have enough food and clothing, have no desires, and can meet the basic needs of life, then choose your first job, which is easy and low-paying, but also happy. If you are ambitious, have nowhere to show your ambitions, and want to make money, then a tiring job with a higher salary is your choice. Although I am tired, I make a lot of money. There is no right or wrong choice. What matters is what you want, not how to choose. If it were me, I would choose a second job. I want to have a more challenging life and make more money to support my poetry and the distance. After all, no one will have trouble with money, right? However, the reality is that everyone wants easy work and high-paying jobs, but it seems that very few people who know friends can reach this height. For girls, most parents may hope that she will choose her first job and be safe and comfortable. For boys, they may be inclined to choose a second job. Although it is tiring, it makes a lot of money. In fact, what I want to say is that no matter which job you choose, what you like is the most important thing. Bao, rest early, I’m , I will try my best to be an interesting answerer!

6 months ago

Choose the one you need most at the moment, and that’s right. You can’t have both fish and bear’s paws. I advise you to choose the tired one when you just start. The reason is very simple. If you choose to be comfortable when you should work hard, then you are destined to be uncomfortable in the end. Therefore, when you are young and strong, you should choose more jobs that are more tiring but have growth. Be sure to remember this and choose a job with growth potential! The so-called growth is learning and progress. If you keep repeating and irritable, then you need to adjust in time, you are consuming yourself, not accumulating. Many people work for ten years, just like a year, just a simple repetition. Some people accumulate it quickly in one year, like working for ten years. Therefore, we must choose the one that has growth, not the tired and not tired. Is the choice of the reference object wrong? Hope it helps you.

6 months ago

There are two bus lines in front of my house. One line has more passengers and is a bit crowded, and the other has fewer passengers and has seats on the bus. How do I choose? When choosing a bus route, the most important thing is not whether there is a seat on the bus, but where I want to go. Go beyond the options, focus on the target and put aside the options of two jobs, ask yourself, what kind of person do you want to be in 5 or 10 years, or what kind of state do you want to be in? For example, I have a hobby outside of work and hope to develop the hobby into a means of earning a living in 5 years. Then time is more important at this time. Then choose “eight hours to work” to have your own time to cultivate hobbies. For example, my current job is my direction of development, no matter how high or low the salary is, I choose a job that “can train people”. For example, if you are now based in a new city, you have to pay monthly rent, and your life is under pressure, so choose a “high-paying” job. Free time, personal ability, wages and salaries, each of which may become a decisive basis for decision-making. So the key is what you want. There is no perfect choice. If we don’t know what we want, it is easy to fall into the difficulty of choice caused by the perfect tendency. Set aside yourself and explore perspectives. If you don’t understand what you want, you can put aside yourself and ask yourself from an outsider’s perspective. For example: If you discuss with your parents, which job do they want you to choose? You discuss with your friends/classmates, what would they suggest? (Who is your admiration or admiration) If you were her/him, how would you choose? Regardless of the advice given above, ask yourself why she/they made such advice? What do you think of her/their suggestions? wish all the best!

6 months ago

First look at the platform and your future development direction. If you are all companies, a big platform will help you to change jobs later and get more opportunities. It is worthwhile to exercise when you are young. But if the easy one is a public institution, then you have to think carefully about whether you want to live this kind of life. Although the salary is low, this job is very stable. You may not have to worry about not having a job. If nothing else is considered, only from the perspective of money, ask if there is overtime pay for the second job. If not, are you sure that the higher salary is good? Have you counted the hourly salary? You said that you have almost no time for yourself. Then I tentatively think that 9 in the morning and 11 in the evening is 9116. The first 8 hours of work is 22 days a month and a total of 176 hours of work, twice the work time is 352 hours. The second working day is 14 hours, and 26 days are counted as 364 hours. Have you found that the second job takes 12 hours more than twice the first job, but only gives you twice the salary. In other words, you have to work 12 hours for your boss for nothing every month. If you can calculate overtime wages in accordance with the labor law, your actual income should be 1+[8×(14-8)×1.5+4×14×2]/176=2.05 times your monthly salary = 4.1 times your first job Salary, I must go, the first salary is 5000, this one is more than 20,000

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