Hu Wan didn’t dare to wrong Zhang Muzhi. Because Zhang Muzhi is the county head, the county head can judge Hu Wan, but Hu Wan cannot. Talking about the tea hall can judge the magistrate, but only a kneeling magistrate, not the magistrate who has just beaten Wu Zhi’s ass. Zhang Mazi has two things in his hands, the same is power (the magistrate’s gavel). This power is legal and guarantees legitimacy. The other is means (gun). Therefore, he believes that by supporting the implementation of hard-line methods with legal orthodoxy, and then implementing legal orthodoxy with hard-line methods, this will be done. The problem is that the legitimacy of the jurisprudence is only in his hands. There is no Master, so Master cannot judge others. Six sons are gone. When a person has no means but no legal orthodoxy, it is meaningless to use the methods within the system, no matter how strong the means are, your means will only become a stain on you. At this time, the absence of jurisprudence will be replaced by another orthodoxy, which is why Hu Wan takes six sons to talk about the tea hall, because the implementation of the method must be based on orthodoxy, otherwise it will not be a bandit. Yet? This weakness of Liuzi cannot be remedied. But Zhang Muzhi’s legitimacy is accompanied by his identity. Therefore, if it is replaced by Zhang Muzhi, he can not only make a noise in the tea hall, but also arrest or kill Hu Wan and even everyone in the hall. Because Zhang Muzhi’s county magistrate is more orthodox in name than the tea hall. In the past, the county magistrate did not have a gun, and there was no tougher means to guarantee it. If the tea hall was sentenced, it was sentenced. Even if Zhang Muzhi is judged, his gun will not allow you to execute it. From this point of view, the moment Zhang Muzhi stepped into the tea hall, the method of talking in the tea hall had no effect, which also meant that the legal principles of the tea hall were emptied and could not override the legal principles of the county magistrate. So Grandpa Huang would not be so stupid that Hu Wan would embarrass Zhang Mazi. The persimmons have to be squeezed! If you have to deduct it, Hu Wan finds fault, Zhang Muzhi draws his gun, Hu Wan also draws his gun Zhang Muzhi: You point your gun at me, you want to fight with me? (The power of the county magistrate, legal legitimacy) All of Hu Wan’s legitimate reasons have been dismantled. Master Huang can only step back and say, what can Hu Wan do? Even if Hu Wan said 10,000 words, you picked up the gun first, what’s the point? I found that my friends in Zhihu seemed to prefer to read Shuangwen, how Zhang Mazi and even the Sixths fought back, fighting wits and courage, and finally defeated Hu Wan’s conspiracy. This situation is difficult to achieve. Zhang Mazi is in a time of high spirits, which is the most idealistic and also the most relaxed time. Teachers led the uprising and took advantage of the general trend of the world. Didn’t they also hide in the ditch? I often say that the six sons are a hurdle that Zhang Mazi must pass, and it is also a hurdle that every team leader needs to pass. Six sons are the team’s greatest hope and the greatest weakness. If the six children do not grow fast enough, he will become the team’s biggest weakness and become a target of public criticism. Similarly, the six cannot be without, and the team cannot be without hope. Zhang Mazi’s plan for the six sons is three years in the East, three years in the West, and three years in the South. This plan itself reflects that Zhang Mazi did not intend to resolutely put all the existing forces into the current struggle to the greatest extent. That is, Zhang Mazi is too optimistic about the prospects of the revolution. After all, orthodoxy + means, isn’t I walking the way for the sky, isn’t it a judge of justice, shouldn’t I be invincible? Facts have proved that the struggle itself is cruel and arduous, and it is a great test of the physical and mental stamina of the revolutionaries. Hu Wan was just the simplest test. Even if he defeated Master Huang on the road ahead, there would be no end in sight. But in the process, if you give up or slack off, it will give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of and cause heavy losses. Only perseverance, only to move forward, only to cut through the wind, and only to make bold decisions, can we give us more room for growth. Just a little bit more. Rectify the names of the six sons. Six sons are very nb. You are ruthless. I am more ruthless than you. I use myself as a price to prove my innocence and prove the justice of Zhang Mazi’s team. Everyone knows that Huang Shilang is dirty, but the people in Goose City don’t know if Zhang Mazi is not clean. Six sons have a caesarean section, and Zhang Mazi is clean. At least the purity of the team is higher than life. So the six sons are heroes like this! The value of his death is much greater than fighting Wu Zhichong. It’s just too tragic. It’s like Tan Sitong has it, starting from Sitong. This is a true hero. Six sons survived, no matter if it was a killing precept, a shame or a backlash, they would become Huang Shilang’s weapon to attack Zhang Mazi. When the six sons died, Huang Shilang’s first attack failed. Perhaps the six survived to make a greater contribution, but we must treat him as a hero if he kills him.


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6 months ago

Thanks invite. Well, I saw a comment on the far right that said what would happen if the person who was framed was Zhang Mazi, let you see. Hu Wan: “You eat two bowls of noodles, and you pay for one bowl of noodles.” Zhang Mazi shot the gun: “Fuck off, I ate six bowls of noodles! Come over, Xiao Er’er, you say me I ate two bowls or six bowls. Hu Wan: “??? Wait, no matter how many bowls you have eaten, why do you only pay for one bowl of noodles? Zhang Mazi: “Who said I only gave money for a bowl of fans, I didn’t pay a penny!” Hu Wan: “??? This, this, you come to Goose City for fairness, then why are you I ate six bowls of noodles, and I didn’t pay for a bowl of noodles?” Zhang Mazi: “Then how much do you think I should pay for the noodles? Hu Wan “Six bowls!” Zhang Mazi “Then why do you say I ate two noodles? Bowl! Did I eat two bowls of noodles or six bowls of noodles!” Hu Wan: “…don’t care how many bowls you eat, you have to pay for it!” Zhang Mazi, “I didn’t eat a bowl!” Hu Wan: “You clearly said that you ate six bowls!” Zhang Mazi: “Then why do you say that I ate two bowls! You play me, you want to die?” Shoot the gun! Hu Wan: I, I don’t know how many you eat Bowl, but you have to pay if you eat it, it’s fair!” Zhang Mazi: “You fucking don’t know how many bowls I eat, just say I eat two bowls. You dare to frame the county magistrate! Bring it back to the yamen and I will give it. Find a fair in Goose City!

6 months ago

If Hu Wan really wronged Zhang Mazi for eating two bowls of jelly, then the nature would have changed. In the movie, the slander of Xiao Liuzi was to indirectly stigmatize the county magistrate, and if he came directly to the wrongdoer, it would be equivalent to directly slap in the face. Throughout the film, the two really tore their faces after the return of the bandits. Zhang Mazi’s reputation as a county magistrate in Goose City reached its peak, and if Huang Shilang was ready to lift the table when Zhang Mazi was not stable. , I started doing it directly, then if I were Zhang Mazi, I shot Hu Wan, TNND, and dared to slander the chief, and then held a banquet at Hongmen, or I would kill the people. And Huang Shilang is provoking the head of a county in a political sense, so I still feel that Huang Shilang does not have any starting point to do this. In the original movie, the reason for Huang Shilang’s slander of Xiao Liuzi was because the county magistrate beat Wu Zhuangyuan, Wu Zhuangyuan asked Huang Shilang to cry, and Huang Shilang made a case to sentence the county magistrate. This is the logic. Go directly to the county magistrate? Huang Shilang: I really want to blow up

6 months ago

The confrontation between the two sides is the same as Tian Ji’s horse racing. Hu Wan wronged Zhang Muzhi because the Chinese horse competed with the horse, and there is no doubt that he would die! Zhang Muzhi wouldn’t let himself fall into the same passivity as the six sons. Hu Wan’s logic loophole was obvious. Two bowls of fans gave a bowl of money. As the county magistrate, Zhang Muzhi would not talk to Hu Wan in the tea hall, but directly Just take someone to the county office for trial. The six sons were loyal and brave, confused by the pressure of surrounding public opinion, and their loyalty to Zhang Muzhi led to self-defeating. What would happen if Hu Wan wronged Zhang Mazi? Heathcliff’s video 883 shows the six sons pointing a gun at the “honest man” hawker. When Hu Wan pointed at the six son, Hu Wan was already in the heart of the hawker. He said, “Fathers and villagers will do it for you and your family. Lord!” Attention, it was the “family” who caused the hawker to kill two bowls of fans. The six were desperately waiting for the truth, but they didn’t know that under the truth there was an illusion caused by Hu Wan’s threat to the hawker. In fact, when Hu Wankou killed the six sons, Zhang Muzhi only dared to shoot him in the ear. In addition to the reminder of his master’s “killing the heart”, it was mainly what Zhang Muzhi said to everyone in Goose City: “Fairness, fairness, or tmd Fair!” Zhang Mazi is a bandit, but he speaks morally and strategically. Huang Silang uses Hu Wan to challenge his “fairness”!

6 months ago

The last question talked about analyzing the main contradiction. What happened in Goose City was a game between Zhang Mazi and Huang Shilang, so Xiao Liuzi must seek Mazi’s intervention when encountering challenges beyond his own ability. What if I force Miyako directly? Huang Shilang’s men directly forced Maki Zhang Mazi in public in broad daylight, trying to kneel down on him with unwarranted things, and ignoring Zhang Mazi’s direct rebuttal and displayed anger, and continued to escalate the pressure. There are two possibilities. 1. Huang Shilang has errors in understanding Zhang Mazi’s strength. 2. Want to showdown. The way to deal with it is to immediately send a message to all the brothers under him, enter a state of alert, and at the same time, speak Shushu in the direction of exiting the current dispute and directly communicating with Huang Shilang. If you are willing to give in, enter the Hongmen Banquet plot. If the other party refuses to resolve it here and now, then the talk will inevitably collapse, and it will break away from the discussion of “fairness and justice” and enter the link to show muscles, and the other party will be as soft as above. If the other party refuses, then kill them all, try to keep the two leaders, and if they are tied up, they can “approve” Huang Shilang. It is still a Hongmen Banquet. Zhang Huang talked about taking the thigh well, so he wouldn’t care about the life and death of a few pawns. If it were to go directly to the fire merger, it would be a matter of death, but this development does not conform to Huang Shilang’s cunning personality and the expression intent of the director and his old man.

6 months ago

In fact, has Hu Wan’s slander of Zhang Muzhi stopped? More than just eating noodles and not giving money, he also described Zhang Muzhi as a murderous, evil demon. From Zhang Muzhi’s pulling up of the Ma Bandit team, they have been slandering until today, and they have never stopped. Because there is only one Zhang Muzhi and Hu Wanwan is fortunate that more and more six sons have awakened. If it weren’t for too many Hu Wan, Huang Silang would be a fart! Back to the question itself, how did Zhang Muzhi deal with Hu Wan’s slander? ? Zhang Muzhi gave the people of Goose City money, guns, and set up a stand-in for Huang Shilang, and finally organized the people of Goose City to give the family business of several generations of Huang Shilang to a nest. Hu Wanxi died in confusion, but he was still alive. Wu Zhuangyuan killed Hu Qian who was also riding the fence and quickly surrendered to help Huang Shilang decently. Facts have proved that in the face of slander, Zhang Muzhi can only win with the barrel of a gun. Zhang Mazi doesn’t fight over words, always let the bullets fly. Relying on the tongue to solve the problem, why did the US and the Soviet Union spend so much military expenditure? Relying on a three-inch tongue to reap both ends is just a wishful thinking of Master Tang.

6 months ago

In fact, everyone has ignored it, and there is another important point in this paragraph: Six sons pulled out the gun, but Hu Wan said that there was no disturbance in his heart, and said every word: Does anyone have a gun yet? It was at this moment that the six sons were determined to have their abdomen cut and powder tested: they felt the power of the state before the power of the squire. Now everyone feels that “Let the Bullets Fly” has a lot of metaphors, and all discussions have focused on the ingenuity of this metaphor and the usability of playfulness, but it has ignored its metaphor for the next: being the voice of a rural society. What will happen when all kinds of squires and sages are in the hands of various squires and wise men? First, the regime of pre-modern society, especially feudal society, did not have actual control power below the county level, and was more like a dispatched agency of the imperial court. Generally speaking, the power of royal power in feudal society can only reach the county level. Outside the country where the county is full of squires, after the 1911 Revolution in China, especially after the establishment of the Nanjing regime, it was difficult to reach the county level in some regions and even the county level. Part of the power can be transferred to the gentry class through systems such as taxpayers and Baojia, and they are very incompletely involved in grassroots governance. Therefore, during the Anti-Japanese War, the Nanjing regime, which had betrayed the Great Revolution and abandoned social modernization, could only maintain the front by bargaining with the squires, further transferring the governance power, and relying on the Baojia system to capture millions of strong men. This is not just a manifestation of the smooth flow of national government orders. Instead, it further disrupted the regime’s control over the grassroots level. In layman’s terms, it is okay to let them help, and they will be happy to be the middleman, but: they have to add money. Not only do they have to add money, but they also do not promise service effects and after-sales. Second, the country is a violent machine, and its ability to control the country comes from violence. County Mayor Ma took office with a beautiful scenery, but the only force he could rely on was the dozen or so bandit brothers he brought out from the mountains. The security regiment and county policemen who stood guard at the door were completely unreliable. The guards depended on their bandit brothers and went to the mountain to suppress the bandits. They were temporarily recruited mercenaries. This seems absurd today, but it is also a true portrayal of the county-level government of the Republic of China. Take Henan as an example: … But until the 1930s, the police force in Henan was still very weak. In 1932, the police force was still very weak. The province has a total of 9,829 police officers, and the county police are only deployed in the county towns. The township police were basically not equipped before the 1930s. The government’s public security management in the townships tended to be out of control. After the 1930s, Henan had a population of 30 million, and there were fewer police officers…In the 1930s, the number of police officers in various counties was also very serious. “In the 20th year of the Republic of China survey, there were more than 30 counties with insufficient police coverage, in 21 years there were more than 20 counties, and as of August 22, there were still more than 10 counties with insufficient police coverage.” In 1934, “there were still More than ten counties are in shortfall.” It is not uncommon for counties to make false reports. Xinyang County “reported 90 police officers, but only more than 50.” In 1934, the number of police in Henan province reached 9,817… And the dozen or so core irons under the magistrate Ma’s were really not enough for the squires to fight door-to-door. That’s why Master Tang said: If you shoot, you lose. ——Because strength does not allow it! Therefore, the local administrative officials of the Republic of China are generally held by warlords, usually the commander of the group army also serves as the governor of the province, the commander of the division and the commander of the battalion also serve as the governor of the county. When Li Zongren was a battalion commander, he was also elected by the local gentry to serve as the county chief: there is no police force under administrative jurisdiction, and the locality can only be maintained by military force, and the degree of warlordization cannot be reduced. To tell you the truth, my old Li was also a county magistrate… In short: there is no force, only to argue; the debate is invincible, breaks his stomach and confesses… Third, the strength of the country comes from its mobilization power, and mobilization The foundation is the accurate mastery of all kinds of domestic data. Therefore, for a country, it is best to be able to directly grasp each specific person and thing, accurate to the individual, in order to arrive at the most accurate figure of how much strength it can mobilize and exert. But even in a modern enterprise, the data and information mastered by the lower and middle managers is also an important bargaining chip for the higher and higher managers. Therefore, in a regime that has not fully penetrated into the grassroots level, it is almost an inevitable choice for the lower level to conceal the numbers and strength from the higher level. Let’s take Henan as an example: … Due to the complicated design of the household registration report and household registration statistics, there are many errors in the reports of various counties. The figures listed are either behind closed doors or statistical omissions. For the report of account changes, the report of the previous month should be reported before the 10th of each month, but it is often reported to the higher authority several months later, which has long lost the timeliness. The energies of the household registration personnel are mainly concentrated on dealing with the filling and modification of various cumbersome forms, and they have no time to take into account the practical work. The household registration work becomes the work of the household registration personnel at all levels to produce reports, which loses the original meaning of the household registration. This has led to repeated orders from top to bottom, and the accuracy of household registration is getting worse and worse. In the late 1940s, the population declined after the war ended without natural disasters. For example, in Tanghe County, the “population figures after the restoration of the population” showed a population of 494,154. The county government reported a gradual change in the number of household registrations each time. The number has been reduced, and 31,824 people have now been subtracted. It is obvious that the system is arbitrarily fabricated with the intention of deceiving. Based on this, the provincial government gave the county’s household registration director and the household registration officer a punishment once each… This is not bad, after all, it is a level problem, not an attitude problem, but in some places it is simply to make less contribution to the country: … The grassroots staff deliberately concealed the report out of various considerations, which led to the inaccuracy of the demographic statistics. For example, according to Yang Jingqing, a civil affairs officer of Gongxian County in 1939, in order to reduce travel expenses (by population), Gongxian reported a population of 60,000 less. The actual population was 279,391, and the report was 213,931… The result is: this is not only the conclusion of today’s people. Even at that time, the Henan Provincial Government had no confidence in the statistical results. As of 1936, the Henan Provincial Government still hadn’t known the total population of the province. “Although the population of this province is claimed to be 30 million, it is still doubtful whether it is actually this number.” Therefore, even if the righteous son of Ma County is killed, he can only watch Master Huang act. This is already regarded as Master Huang watching the magistrate Ma still brought more than a dozen strong and strong men to take office, and he gave face; the sixth son knew that he was wronged. He didn’t dare to expect his godfather to save himself from the tea hall; instead, the magistrate Ma was wronged, and the same result, at most he smashed a bloody way up the mountain again: but the government was lost and his reputation was ruined. Only if County Magistrate Ma became Zhang Muzhi, he could really clean up Master Huang.

6 months ago

Mu Zhi: “How many bowls of jelly have I eaten?” Hu Wan: “Two bowls” Mu Zhi: “Let me ask you how many bowls of jelly have I eaten?” Hu Wan: “Two…bowls?” Mu Zhi: “I’m asking you me TM ate a few bowls of jelly!” Hu Wan: …Mu Zhi: “I asked you how many bowls of TMD jelly I had!” Hu Wan: “Two…one bowl, definitely one bowl!” Mu Zhi: “Hey, this That’s right, one bowl is one bowl, how can it be two bowls, Master, don’t you say it?” Master: “Major Ma, easy, easy… Sun Shouyi, you have something to say” Sun Shouyi:” The little one only saw the county magistrate eat a bowl of jelly, and Xiao did…confirm that the magistrate ate a bowl of jelly!” Mu Zhi: “Everyone, also talk about it.” Everyone: “One bowl, one bowl, yes, that’s it. One bowl…” Mu Zhi: “Six sons, look, jelly, one bowl is one bowl, one bowl is not two bowls, one bowl is one bowl!” Six sons: “Eh, I see, father!”

6 months ago

Hu Wan: The county magistrate ate two bowls of noodles, but only gave one bowl of money. It’s not fair! Muzhi: Master came to translate for us, what is meant by eating two bowls of noodles and giving one bowl of money? Master: Isn’t this just eating two bowls of noodles and giving one bowl of money? Muzhi: Translation, what is meant by eating two bowls of noodles for one bowl of money? Master: Isn’t it just eating two bowls of noodles and giving a bowl of money… Mu Zhi: Translation! What is meant by eating two bowls of noodles for one bowl? Master: Is this unclear? It’s… Muzhi: Translate! ! Master (turning to Hu Wan): What does it mean to give one bowl of noodles to two bowls of noodles? Hu Wan: He ate two bowls of jelly and gave the boss a bowl of money. He bullied the people, it was unfair! Master: Isn’t this the money for one bowl of noodles for two bowls of noodles? Muzhi: Translation, what ™ means eating two bowls of noodles for one bowl of money? Master: Just eat two bowls… Mu Zhi: Translate! Master (turning to Hu Wan again): What tmd calls to eat two bowls of noodles and give one bowl of money? Hu Wan: Isn’t this the money my master said that you would give a bowl of noodles for two bowls of noodles? Isn’t it hard to understand? Master: This™ is called eating two bowls of noodles for one bowl of money! Muzhi: Translation, what tmd calls tmd to eat two bowls of noodles to give one bowl of money! Master (qiing): Isn’t this the money that his master said you would give a bowl of noodles for two bowls of noodles? Muzhi: Translation Translation! ! ! Master (staring at Hu Wan): What exactly is tmd called tmd? Your master said that eating two bowls of noodles gives one bowl of money? Hu Wan (urgent): It was my master who told me that you would pay a bowl of noodles for two bowls of noodles. Master: It is his master who wants to slander you by saying that you eat two bowls of noodles for a bowl of money, but he doesn’t know if you eat or not eat noodles or give you money. Mu Zhi (suddenly realized): Oh, it turns out that this is called eating two bowls of noodles and giving one bowl of money. Come here, detain the villain who framed good people and harmed fairness. The county hall will open the trial tomorrow morning. Let everyone see what is fairness, fairness, or tmd fairness!

6 months ago

Jiang Wen has been imitating Mu Zhi, but he has never been Mu Zhi, and he is only imitating his shape instead of his soul. In real life, Muzhi has often been wronged, whether it is wronged by his own people or his team has been wronged by the enemy, he has experienced it. I was seized of power and sat cold on the bench; the team was slandered as cannibalistic “red-haired ghosts” who wanted to “grow their wives”; even after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, they had to be calculated by the K party authorities and regarded as “Huang”. Shiro’s “peace-breaking” hat is pinned on his head, but he can turn the danger into a waste every time. What does it rely on? It depends on the hard work of the iron, and the blood of the people is thicker than water. If True Muzhi came, he would not talk about the tea hall. It is a place where the big bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie coerce and clamor for relations. Where do you talk about fairness? The reason why they are different from the shirtless people outside the teahouse and can afford to wear silk clothes is because they are not fair. If you do things directly in the Jiangcha Lobby, it will be like talking to Yugong and warlord masters in the old Shanghai big world about “disposing of local tyrants and dividing fields”. Guess they ignored you? The breakup of the Northern Expedition, why did some senior military officers hold a negative attitude towards the peasant associations? Then he would go there, of course it was the open space in front of the county government, the “people’s square”, so that the people without clothes would come out and be the masters of their houses. How many of the officials and rich men who wear clothes are clean, and how many people’s blood and tears are there? All shots must have been wronged, but the other shots will definitely miss the net. If they spread rumors that you are unfair, then you can pull fairness from them and return it to the people. How bad was the public opinion environment of the Red Army back then, but what did they do to convince the people that they came for fairness? Naturally, it is to implement those five characters-serving the people. The masses are not insensitive and foolish people, they also have flesh and blood and thoughts, and they will be grateful for their good people from the bottom of their hearts. Master Huang spread the rumors that the Red Army is a cannibalistic red hair, so the common people were opposed to the Red Army at first, but he spread the rumors that you are really you? Therefore, the real solution is not to shoot Dian Xiaoer, or Hu Wan and Wu Zhuangyuan, but to pull the battlefield out of the Jiangcha lobby and let the people judge themselves. This is not a meeting. A few opposing opinions can force you to step down. This is a life-and-death political struggle. You have a team with a gun in your hand. Why should you care about Huang Shilang’s slander on you? Just do your own job of “serving the people”, and they will understand you. During the Long March of the Red Army, they had to pass through the Yi area before flying over the Luding Bridge. The local Yi people were extremely hostile to all Han people because of the reactionary rule of the Democratic Party, not to mention the fact that the Red Army was so black that it could no longer be attacked by the Democratic Party. The black team. However, the Red Army deeply shocked the local people through its excellent work style, and even forged an unforgettable friendship with the leader of the Yi ethnic group, Xiao Ye Dan. You have to know that Shi Dakai also walked this road 150 years ago, but why was it possible for the Red Army to go and Shi Dakai for the Taiping Army not to go? I watched the movie Let the Bullets Fly many times, and also watched many film reviews. From the blood at the beginning to the doubts later, my thinking has also undergone some changes. At the beginning, I thought that the people described by Jiang Wen were the real people, the fools of “who wins them with whom”, but through my own practice and many aspects of understanding, I think that the people are reciprocated by their gratitude. I know who is good to them, and I am happy to repay them. On the Long March of the Red Army, at the most critical moment, there were countless soldiers willing to join the Red Army because they saw that the Red Army was an army fighting for the people, not the old warlords who “brought through as a soldier”. If it is really the same as the movie As described in the insensitivity, who wins and helps whom, why should we join this team at the most difficult time? Later, when the revolution was victorious and the people became the masters of their own affairs, they used the sentence “This chair is mine” and described them as a kind of existence that “robs others for credit”. But is this really the case? The descriptions of “who wins, they help who” and “grab the credit” are very much like the petty bourgeoisie in “Analysis of Classes in Chinese Society”. This is why the more I watch “Let the Bullets Fly”, the more awkward I feel. What is frightening is that this kind of evaluation of the people has been recognized by more and more people with the popularity of the movie. In some comment areas, some people sighed with the role of the people, this kind of stereotyped comment. Come from all directions. To a certain extent, this film did give the Chinese left a much greater say and inspired the masses of the people, but the physical development is not static. It has developed to this day and has played a sufficient role in promoting it. Obstacles have also emerged, and we need to innovate it. The people are the greatest force in the world, because each of us is one of them, not anyone above the people.

6 months ago

The question asked by the subject, I may return to the question. First of all, conspiracies are all targeted. When designing a person, it is often necessary to conduct a detailed investigation of the person who designed it, and conduct a detailed analysis of social relations, ethics, ways of doing things, interests, hobbies, and personality. Find out the weakness of this person, and then arrange a careful plan. And what is Zhang Muzhi’s weakness? The personality is arrogant on the surface, but in fact it is rough but careful, with a fierce heart. Such a person is very difficult to deal with. If the conspiracy is carried out on such a person, if it fails, he will quickly seize the flaw and launch a fierce counterattack. And his weakness is that he has no reliable allies, and no one has any interest in Goose City, including his master who was forced to join the team by him. All he can rely on is his brothers. If I have to deal with this kind of person, the first: isolation. Let him stand on the opposite side of the whole goose city, and if you want to make it perish, you must first make him crazy. Second: buy off. Flies are uncertain and seamless eggs, even if there are no seams, they have to make seams. Why does a group of bandits enter the city for ideals and justice? Very few, mostly for money, there will always be a few people who are greedy for prosperity and wealth. Third: Divorce: Brothers are confined to the wall, and strong fortresses are often breached from within. But the trick of slandering and eating jelly is suitable for six young people with inexperience and honest personality, but it is not suitable for old fritters like Zhang Muzhi. Hu Wan: “You ate two bowls of noodles, and you paid for a bowl of noodles.” Zhang Muzhi: Slapped Hu Wan’s face and said, “It’s him, my magistrate will not pay for food. What a big dog dare to wrong the county magistrate and slander state officials.” Hu Wan: “Tangtang county magistrate blatantly oppresses the people, is there any king law.” Zhang Muzhi: “Okay! Okay! I heard that corruption in Goose City is rampant. The people dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak. What I saw today is beyond words. I didn’t expect that a little slave would be so arrogant and despise the law. Someone would take it for me to find out who instigated it.” Zhang Muzhi could do it in a few words. Take down Hu Wan and take the opportunity to involve Huang Shilang behind Hu Wan.

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