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Three points need to be clarified: 1. 0 sucrose ≠ no sugar 2. Sweet is not necessarily sugar, not sweet is not necessarily sugar free 3. No sugar is not necessarily healthy 1. 0 sucrose ≠ no sugar This is obvious. Because in addition to sucrose, there are a number of simple sugars such as fructose and glucose that can provide sweetness and calories. Fructose syrup is a commonly used added sugar in the food industry. Cheap, high sweetness, high calorie, so it has been criticized. In addition to monosaccharides, oligosaccharides generally also provide sweetness and calories. Li Pingfan, Zhong Caixia. Starch sugar and sugar alcohol processing technology: China Light Industry Press, 2012.03:152 Even without any added sugar, lactose is sugar. So milk tea (containing milk) is impossible without sugar anyway, even if enzymatic hydrolysis will leave galactose, unless it spends a lot of money to separate and purify it. 2. The sweetness is not necessarily sugar, and the unsweet is not necessarily sugar-free. First, the sweetness is not necessarily sugar. Sweetness is just a taste experience, but all substances that can cause human taste receptors are sweet, including no Limited to glycosides, some alcohols (ethylene glycol, erythritol, xylitol), iron railings in the northern region in winter (it is said). Since these substances (except ethylene glycol) have a sweet taste and produce no calories (or low calories), they will be used as sugar substitutes for the production of some sugar-free beverages and foods. For example, erythritol is the main sweetener of Yuanqi Forest Sparkling Water. Sugar-free cola is similar. The reason for saying: not sweet is not necessarily sugar-free, it is to take into account the existence of polysaccharides, rice, millet porridge, potato shreds (starch), vegetables and fruits (cellulose), these are all sugar water (carbohydrates) with different shapes and flavors. Up. Here you can Doctor. What needs to be distinguished is that starch can be metabolized into monosaccharides in the body, converted into calories and fat (starch can also be divided into amylopectin and amylose), and although cellulose is also a polysaccharide, it will not be digested and hydrolyzed, so It does not produce calories, but is conducive to bowel function-this is also the reason to eat more fruits and vegetables. 3. Sugar-free is not necessarily equal to health. There is no doubt that human beings have a strong preference for sugar (sugar is the main source of human nutrition), which plays a very important role in the history of human evolution. However, in today’s society, excessive intake of sugar may cause many health concerns, such as obesity, diabetes, and so on. On April 16, 2020, the Charles S. Zuker research group of Columbia University (the co-one as a doctoral student Hwei-Ee Tan and Alexander Sisti) published an article The gut–brain axis mediates sugar preference[1] on Nature. Studies have revealed that sugar can also act through the gut-brain axis that connects the intestine to the brain and stimulate the uptake of sugar. However, sugar substitutes cannot activate the intestinal brain nerve pathway that specifically recognizes sugar molecules. The use of low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) such as sucralose and other low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) is still a major controversy. It may be due to methodological differences. Different human studies have shown that the consumption of LCSs is positive for weight gain/diabetes. Correlation, or positively correlated with lower BMI and weight loss, or has nothing to do with metabolism and weight at all, similar inconsistencies have also appeared in animal model studies. In view of the increasing use of LCSs, it is imperative to resolve disputes surrounding LCSs. The core of resolving this controversy is to determine the reasonable mechanism by which LCSs may cause metabolic damage. Up to now, there have been reports suggesting that LCSs can affect glucose absorption by affecting the glucose transporters SGLT-1 and GLUT2 or by promoting the release of incretin and changing glucose metabolism. Some people believe that the separation of sweetness and energy will lead to weakening of the conditioned response to sweetness. In this case, the conditioned response caused by sweetness, such as the release of incretin, which helps regulate glucose metabolism, may be affected. Decrease, which leads to the subsequent development of glucose intolerance. A series of rodent studies also support this uncoupling hypothesis. For example, compared with rats that eat yogurt containing only sucrose, rats that eat yogurt containing both sucrose and LCSs have weight gain or symptoms of glucose intolerance. . In view of these findings, we need to re-examine, whether our daily non-calorie sweet drinks are good or bad? On March 3, 2020, the Dana M. Small team from Yale University School of Medicine (Jelle R. Dalenberg, Barkha P. Patel, as the first author) published an article titled Short-Term Consumption of in Cell Metabolism. Sucralose with, but Not without, Carbohydrate Impairs Neural and Metabolic Sensitivity to Sugar in Humans article. In this study, the author randomly assigned 45 healthy individuals to drink: (1) Sucralose sweetened beverage (sweet but not containing Calories, LCS), (2) sucrose beverage (sweet and caloric), or (3) sucralose and maltodextrin mixed beverage (maltodextrin has calories but no sweetness), oral glucose tolerance test is carried out around 2 weeks (OGTTs), and magnetic resonance imaging to assess the ability of the midbrain, insula, and cingulate gyrus to respond to sweetness. The authors (hereinafter referred to as Dalenberg et al.) proposed that sucralose in the presence of carbohydrates would harm healthy people Insulin sensitivity. This effect is related to the weakening of the brain’s response to sweetness, which leads to the uncontrolled regulation of glucose metabolism by the gut-brain. In short, the effect of eating low-calorie sweeteners on human health is still inconclusive, and more research evidence is needed to evaluate its benefits or neutrality.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

So hypocritical. We did not make the difference between 0 sucrose and 0 sugar in the product presentation and promotion of Yuanqi Forest Milk Tea. Do you think Yuanqi Forest really doesn’t know the difference between 0 sucrose and 0 sugar? How can it be. Renjia is a beverage company and has its own team that specializes in ingredients. It’s just pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, and expanding publicity under the banner of 0 sugar to attract consumers. The vitality of the forest fire is in any advertising and propaganda, instilling a drink that is a new trend in health. Drink no fat, low fat, 0 sugar. This is one of ta’s core competitive advantages. In other words, this is one of the selling points of Yuanqi Forest. It’s like Haidilao and other hot pot restaurants. The mention of Haidilao reminds us of the meticulous service of their waiters. From the time the store is arranged to the table to eat, there will be several pairs of eyes staring at you, always caring about your needs. This is one of the advantages of Haidilao over other hot pot restaurants. Now that the popularity of Yuanqi Forest has reached, and the fans have flowed, he came out and apologized for claiming that his identification was wrong, and immediately changed it to a low-sugar drink. Why, you have to boast that you can make corrections if you know your mistakes, and the prodigal son will not change his money? I’m numb. Go to the relevant department, false advertisements are enough for him to eat a pot. There was Alibaba’s tens of billions of subsidies before, and then there was Yuanqi Forest. The blessings of capitalists, we all have a bright future.

7 months ago

I have read an analysis on the so-called “sugar-free” analysis of Yuanqi Forest. This is because the majority of consumers do not understand that the use of crystalline fructose is not only a question of integrity, but even harms the health of consumers. In this respect, it is true. Unforgivable! If it is not for discussion, the Vitality Forest will continue to be confused. Thinking about this “profit-driven” unscrupulous, I feel scared. I apologized before and compensated again. Should we be happy? Not to mention that compensation is only paid for purchases from online shopping malls. Even if the compensation is 20 yuan, it is nothing. Since everyone is so generous, then forgive them. But is it worth buying for companies that have no integrity? Will you still believe the wolf when it comes? I don’t believe it anyway.

7 months ago

Others say that turning back is the shore, and now it is not impossible to return the money to shore. But as a large number of offline buyers, I can only drink drinks dumb and get nothing. In fact, it is outrageous. I saw my brother drank it before, and then I took a sip for the purpose of friendly exchanges. (After all, he rubs me every day and every year.) Later, when I saw this vitality forest in the supermarket, remembering the memory of rubbing before, he also bought a bottle. Dare to love this is the true health sugar-free weight loss drink spread all over the country? Sure enough, the price is enough. Although at that moment I already felt that it might be more comfortable to buy two bottles of mineral water… After all, I can buy several bottles, and this taste, is it sugar-free? Isn’t it, there are still some…Is it because I’m superficial? Or am I ignorant? Maybe my taste is not up to everyone…but there is nothing to talk about about the taste, after all, Hamlet is different in everyone’s mind. I really hope that after the money is returned, there is no need to return the money in the future, but to make real good results and good products.

7 months ago

This is purely misleading consumers and should be held legally responsible. In the future, can other manufacturers label: 0 fructose low fat, 0 maltose low fat, 0 glucose low fat? I knew exactly what the marketing planner thought at the time. Under the banner of healthy and low-sugar, people who bet on buying will not look at the ingredient list seriously. Once the image label is produced, it will be assumed by everyone that there is no sugar in it and it is “healthy”. Not to mention simple mistakes, it must be that the negative impact is too great, and only then come forward to correct it. I won’t say how many advertisements there are, Xiaohongshu, and B station are all, searched by Quark browser, the homepage is this kind of video. Can diabetes drink? People with a little conscience would not recommend sugary drinks to people with diabetes, right? The bottle is written with 0 sucrose, what should I do if the patient misunderstands it. The milk tea from Yuanqi Forest is exactly the same as Assam mixed with water, and the price is 12 yuan, which is three times that of Assam. This kind of product, if you spend money to ask me to promote it, I will not accept it, which is ashamed.

7 months ago

Can’t get money if you buy it offline? As a consumer, I only care about where I can get money, whether I can get money, and how much money I can get. At first glance, only online shops can receive money. To be reasonable, most of them are bought offline, right? So few of you can get this 20 yuan. What kind of sincerity is it? Then which archway are you setting up here? To cheat consumers is to cheat consumers. If there is sugar, there is sugar. Stand upright when you are beaten! You have been beaten up to deceive consumers, and want to take the opportunity to market?

7 months ago

Because many people will mistakenly think that “no sugar” = “no sugar”, Yuanqi Forest changed the label this time mainly to eliminate the risk of false propaganda that the law needs to bear in the future, once and for all. Moreover, the policy of compensating each regular customer of 20 yuan can be said to have gained a wave of goodwill, but also increased the exposure of the company in disguise. After all, if something goes wrong, the public relations fees and fines may be more than these. This is the equivalent of advertising, so why not do it. (I also liked to drink it for a while last year, although it is a different product line and I have long known that it does not help to lose weight~) I will continue to popularize science here. Quoting the article in the public account of the “Three Rural Legal System Research Center”: However, when consumers drink these “0 sugar” beverages, they will find that the sweetness of these beverages is undiminished. How is this achieved? The so-called “0 sugar” is only 0 sucrose. In order to reduce the taste of beverages, companies often use steviol glycosides, acesulfame K, fructose syrup, crystalline fructose, erythritol and other sweeteners or sugar substitutes to replace sucrose, white sugar, etc. . For example, Coke Zero mainly uses aspartame, and Yuanji Forest Milk Tea series uses two sweeteners, crystalline fructose and erythritol. According to the “General Principles for the Safety and Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods”, a food containing no more than 0.5 g of sugar per 100 g or 100 ml can be called “sugar-free”; when the calorie does not exceed 17 kJ or 4 kcal, it can be Marked as “0”. In other words, the so-called “sugar-free” and “0-calorie” beverages are not “sugar-free” in the true sense. Therefore, some beverage labels are marked as “sugar-free”. It is not that there is no sugar at all. It is also possible that sugar substitutes are added, which is a kind of food additive. Previously, some experts in the health program of Shanghai local TV station also mentioned that although most sugar substitutes seem to have no calories or nutrition, too much consumption will still cause disorders of the body’s internal metabolic system, which will lead to a series of Systemic diseases. Not only can it not help lose weight, but it can even aggravate the sub-health condition of ordinary people. An article in “Science China” mentioned that people who often drink sugar-free beverages, after receiving the sweet signal, find that their blood sugar has not risen. On the contrary, they will increase their cravings for real sugar, which is not conducive to weight loss. A new study by “British Medical Week” tracked 14,000 respondents and found that people who drank sugar-free beverages and ordinary beverages had similar weight gains. Drinking sugar-free beverages uncontrollably can easily affect appetite, damage teeth, and even affect the heart and nervous system. A large amount of sugar alcohol substitutes can easily cause diarrhea. For some people who cannot eat sugar, such as diabetics, some sugar substitutes can relieve gluttony, such as natural stevia. However, nutritive sugar substitutes, such as xylitol, are also a type of carbohydrate. If you eat too much, they will eventually turn into sugar. People with diabetes still cannot eat more. Therefore, try to be more restrained.

7 months ago

In July last year, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Labeling (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)” to solicit opinions from the public. Among them, Article 30 encourages food producers to indicate low-oil, low-salt, low-sugar or no-sugar prompts on food labels; and Article 32 clearly states that for substances that are not contained or used in foods, Do not mark “no addition”, “zero addition”, “do not contain” or similar words to emphasize that it does not contain or is not used. Regarding misleading consumers as a marketing method is indeed biased.

7 months ago

I like to look at the label when I buy snacks and drinks in the supermarket. I have read the ingredient list for this kind of vitality and something very early. The clear word fructose is in the formula list, but it is still under the banner of sugar-free. I knew this stuff at the time. The child is a lie, so I have never bought it.
It is recommended that lawyers who want to make money take action, collect a group of customers who have bought this thing, and the entire class action lawsuit.

7 months ago

I bought milk tea at the Yuanqi Forest flagship store before, and I just asked their customer service to ask for a red envelope of 20 yuan, but I haven’t responded yet. I guess there are too many people. By itself, this brand is indeed a classic case of the new consumer era. Through the most appropriate marketing tools, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of civilians and KOLs have cursive texts. You can see that the information of this brand is basically positive. , And then the popular Internet celebrity’s live broadcast room has vigorously pushed a wave of low-price promotions, and it is really difficult for ordinary people to resist this information power. Living in the current information age, you can see the positive message of a brand in the morning, and it is a flower pushed by celebrities and the masses. It is really difficult to distinguish. But having said that, the things of this brand are actually not that bad. The false propaganda is true, but the quality of the product is still good. If you insist on saying that the price is expensive, I don’t think it makes sense, right, after all, you are outside. What price to buy a cup of milk tea. If it’s just to drink beverages to increase happiness, although Fat Boy Happy Water is not to be seen, personally feel that 0-degree Happy Water really has no taste problem. I drink ordinary or even feel too tired, so I can only drink 0. Degree will bring me spiritual happiness and sublimation. By the way, if you don’t dislike the Taobao special edition, it seems that 12 bottles are only more than 7 yuan. I have bought it several times.

7 months ago

First of all, let me talk about my feelings-the mistake of the “Sugar-free” logo of Yuanqi Forest was exposed by Zhihu professionals, which made me seem to have seen some welcome changes in the Zhihu community. I don’t know if this is just my feelings or if the adjustments being made on the platform really work. It is the recent “Zhihu out-of-circle incident” that appears to show one of the few benefits of Zhihu’s expansion of registered users from the side-more people pay attention to the event itself. In the past, when Zhihu was still a niche Q&A community, a typical path of public opinion was: Weibo big V used exaggerated remarks-fan praise and comments triggered group attention-posted on Weibo hot search-parties forced Corrected by the pressure of public opinion. This kind of path does have certain advantages, that is, it can attract a large number of people onlookers, and arouse public attention by dumping emotions, thereby achieving the effect of expanding the impact of the event. However, Zhihu takes a different path in these matters: professional users analyze through professional knowledge-a large number of users discuss the true and false of their time-board the Zhihu hot list-the parties clarify that there are indeed problems and actively correct them. Emotions can be expressed by anyone, but not everyone has professional knowledge. As a professional who considers myself to be a small professional, the reason why I have never promoted law on Weibo is mainly because the average professionalism of users in the Weibo community is really worrying, even if it is a big V with millions of fans. Will truly understand the truth of a professional. Although Zhihu is not as good as before, this is the truth. If it used to be 90 points, it is only 70 points now, but it will always be much better than those of 40 points. So, at least in respect of knowledge, the soul of the community still exists. The development path of the vitality forest is as I described above, there is not so much insult, not so much emotion, more is that everyone try to calmly discuss the profession and knowledge itself, and solve the problem by returning to the profession. Of course, the above may just be my own feelings. If not all users can feel the changes, then I really know that the platform is actively adjusting. A positive and healthy community must be able to fully discuss the essence of the problem, not just a community that only has emotions and abuse. If there must be a trade-off between quality and quantity, then I hope that there will be a community that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. balance point. If there are more positive changes in the future, I think we creators who respect professional and knowledge will still actively create. the above.

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