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As an insider in the hair transplant industry, just say a few words. I have seen a lot of disputes in hair transplant institutions. Most of them were publicized by hospitals in the final stage. Of course, there are also some that make a lot of noise, such as those on TV, newspapers, and courts. I have personally experienced 3 hair transplant lawsuits in Haidian District. The patients in the lawsuit are all more powerful people (ordinary people generally have no spare time to toss), and the amount of compensation requested ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The final result is a small win for the hair transplant organization, with some basic compensation, but large compensation is not supported. It is basically a result of a muddy mud. The actual compensation received by some patients is actually much less than what the hair transplant organization is willing to give privately. It may also be because of these willingness that there are a lot of disputes in the hair transplant industry, but few go to the court, because the current hair transplant appraisal is blank, the court cannot deal with medical malpractice, and even false propaganda cannot be defined (you must have an appraisal to know It’s not true), only from other trivialities to adjust the contradiction. The question now is, the patient has to figure out what he wants? If it is a request for a refund, talk to the person in charge of the agency. If you persist in it, I dare to say that the chance of recovering the refund is not small, even if it is not the full amount, it will not be lost. If you still want to do a hair transplant to make up for it, let’s talk about it. This is easier than a refund. If you simply want to vent your anger, want to retaliate against the hospital, and make them hurt, it is useless to just post a few news and a few posts. You may need a long-term comprehensive plan. Even showing your face and videos can be considered. Our society Now it is free of speech, and it is entirely possible to express one’s own voice reasonably, provided that it does not violate the law. If the purpose of the patient is to obtain a large sum of compensation, I think the chance is not great, for the reasons I mentioned above. Of course, if the patient’s purpose is simply to hope that others will not go for hair transplantation, long-term or even lifelong persistence is needed, and the value is up to you. After all, there are good reputations and bad reputations in the market economy. In the end, who can have the advantage of public opinion depends on the objective facts. In the past, many manufacturers in the hair growth industry felt that they could occupy the market by unlimited advertising bombing, but the graves were several meters high.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Explain that the faults blown by his fans are fake, I am afraid that the age of the fans is too low, and the purchasing power is problematic. 2. Station B, Douban, and Weibo are all false prosperity, squeezing out the bubble, and what Sangong saw is his family is Genesis 4. The real passersby among the show fans 3. The shortcomings of strength are exposed, Meng Meiqi, Wu Hai, Zhang Xinyao, Bo Yuan, these few randomly carry a stage and hang him. This is the true level of () after removing the Guofeng filter. 4. The treble is really bad. Fans don’t play it. This kind of stage is still singing like this when there is a pad. Don’t play any almighty aces. Others can listen to it after repairing. () After repairing, it is still on the edge of the broken sound. Feeling, what else are you blowing, are the fans’ ears muddled? To sum up, this time, San Gong is to squeeze out all bubbles and remove all filters. The strength is not the bottom, but the camp is stronger than him, a lot more interesting than him, and there is no drama of the beginning stage. , The little prince smokes, foreigners rise up, and he makes a low-level debut at most. It can only be said that there are no heroes, which made Zhuozi famous.

7 months ago

He deserves it. To be honest, I think he performed better this time than his second son, and finally sang a normal song. How outrageous is the all-around ace that fans are blowing. Really, dancing with mmq can’t suppress her aura at all, dancing like a sister, Sanzhi is sister. ly is really the weakest (so-called) C of all drafts I have ever pursued. Doki climbed the ladder to the place where 14 people went, and when the camera got to him, the momentum would really collapse, and it collapsed very badly. (In addition, if you are interested, you can look at the barrage in the first few minutes. I was really shocked by the aesthetics of some contemporary people.) Height really does not limit a person’s momentum. Look at zzn, they are all concave, how can they blow up your house as soon as they play. The most important thing about live performances is the ability to mobilize the audience. Don’t say that the upper circle does not vote for each other, and what Tencent restricts ly fans to the scene. The former has some truth and the latter is really pure talk. ly’s fans have destroyed the so-called “million passersby” by their own efforts. ly’s performance can’t change the audience’s outlook. He doesn’t count down who will count down. Zky, how cruel he was mocked before Xiaopo stood, the three public stage was hung up, and the two raps directly washed out half of the black. Don’t say it’s a purchase review, there are ly’s comments in the comment area that it is called a small flower, and no one said that it was bought, it is really double standard. Strength, you don’t have hard power. Whether it’s face or business ability, don’t even think that others will vote for you. So Xiufen is really a fool?

7 months ago

Editing can be modified, but there is no way to modify live performances, only the audience present can comment. In the absence of evidence that the goose voted maliciously, I can only trust the judgment of the audience present. There are really people who can dance better than him, and he is really not good. When it comes to the question of whether the goose should count the votes like a singer, ask the notary office to oversee it. In this case, no matter how exaggerated the number of votes, fans will have no objection.

7 months ago

Even under the tune of the goose, you can tell that he is singing with a big white voice. Without any skills, even if he is still on the verge of breaking the sound, should the audience vote for him like a fool? I am afraid that 90 of those 96 are his fans. Even if Mr. Li is a person like “Leaving home to teach Chinese, who would expect the top pick in the imperial rankings”, he practiced hard at least. At least it sounds okay. Ly is based on his “strong passersby” and even idol’s roots. Didn’t you do it? It’s a pity that the audience is not nc fan

7 months ago

Paste the answer to a similar question before. The ranking on April 10th looks at the popularity outside the venue, which can be understood as his personal ability to circle fans. The support value of San Gong live is voted by the live audience. It can be roughly guessed how popular he is among all fans in the creation camp. From the comparison of these two values, it can be concluded that Liu Yu’s fans are indeed very capable of shooting, but at the same time they have offended many fans from other homes. In fact, this is not just a problem for his family of fans. Riki was not able to support the king. In a sense, it was probably also “assisted” by other fans, but it was not so serious. It has been a few days since the end of the creation camp. Looking back at Goose’s script, whether you like him or not, Liu Yu has a large share and is considered the main actor in the creation camp. In the script, the treatment of this main actor is nothing more than two endings: 1. In the finals, he tried his best and struggled, and when everyone felt that he was going to make his debut, he reversed and failed. 2. Break the curse of the first C and debut (but it is estimated that it will not be the final C). Looking at the latest Sangong, you know that whether Liu Yu cried, or let go of himself, they are all to solve the problem of insufficient character image caused by excessive holding. (For the same reason, there is Zando. I have been emphasizing hard work before, but the world champion’s special hard work will bring invisible pressure. Therefore, the three-kilometer Zando is gradually becoming fuller.) Anyway, no matter what. In the end, it was a win-win for both Goose and Liu Yu. You don’t have to worry too much about Liu Yu’s fans who will make a big fuss after the results come out. It will only happen when Goose and Liu Yu have fallen apart. Under normal circumstances, Liu Yu only needs to post a long post at that time, which is enough to appease fans. Believe in the power of words.

7 months ago

I just said that I have no feeling for Liu Yu. Take the Chinese dance style he often talks about. People who have studied dance for more than two years can see how well he dances. Very general, very very. general. As a dance student, it’s not just me. Many friends around me are puzzled at what level his fans praise his dance. They desperately say that they are a dancer. I think there are two great gods, Mr. Riki and Mrs. Zando. Are you embarrassed to say that you are a dancer? Aside from foreign players, Wu Hai, Xu Shaolan, Luo Yan and others are all above Liu Yu. The real Chinese dance is to see the dance storm. Our Chinese dance is not what Liu Yu expressed. Mediocrity is not a sin. The biggest sin is not dare to face and accept one’s mediocrity. Next, back to the subject, not only Liu Yu’s group, but the entire San Gong stage is very ordinary. Liu Yu’s performance is indeed not as good as Wu Hai and Zhang Xinyao’s performance, but it is not too bad. The competition in the upper circle is fierce, and Liu Yu, Riki, Mika, and Qing Lian have not won the support king. At this stage, it is actually easy to understand. Compared with Liu Yu only 96 votes and did not get the backing king, what is even more incomprehensible is Riki and Qingren. Let me talk about the stage of “Bi”. The difference between professional dancers and ordinary people is really obvious. Teacher Riki and Mrs. Zendo are my most respected people in this show. Their dance level is among the best in the world. . Every action standard of Teacher Riki is at the textbook level. He is the king on the stage. Finally, I will complain about the choreography of “Bi”. Goose Factory will still ask Riki to perform the choreography. I beg you. Let’s talk about Qing Lian’s “Satellite”. His stage performance is really good. He is so good at catching the camera. From the time I thought he didn’t know how to dance, I think he is King. This kind of stage. Expressiveness is innate, he is a natural idol. No matter what, I will continue to chase after Chuang, I hope it will surprise me~

7 months ago

Fans even used the “on-site audience collectively voted Liu Yu not to vote for him.” What is important is a bunch of people’s letters. I just want to ask: If that’s the case, why didn’t San Gong repo tell me? With the size and style of Liu Yu’s fans, if this happened as early as the San Gong repo, the number of votes is now low. It’s not ashamed to find supplements for yourself! Singing badly is bad. I have seen his pen-hold shots. The dancing boy group dances his hips too much. From the time of Yigonglian, it is visible to the naked eye that it can’t support it. field. Fans shouldn’t talk about height. Another good dancer, Riki, is shorter than Liu Yu who is officially 175 in height. Why doesn’t anyone say that he dances and pulls his hips? If you can’t support it, you can’t support it. The appearance is not as good as Zhou Keyu, the dancing is not as good as the two Japanese dance kings, and singing is even more incomparable. If it were not for Douyin Internet celebrities and their own fans, do you think your family can attract new fans? The Chinese style design cannot be used all the time. If Xue Bayi hadn’t considered himself a maid, maybe he wouldn’t have the turn of your family to bluff all day long! Since ancient times, the selection of Chinese style dance performances, from Zhu Zhengting, who started with the practice, to Xia Zhiguang, plus Luo Yizhou next door, which is not more smooth than yours! Which one is better than your resume? Selling rot all day long to flying, how many of the upper circles play with your family? At noon today, the encouragement method of the official blog is that other people’s families want to call their family members, or it is a seaside party. Only what your family said to write a confession letter to other brothers, you can’t fall down! The fifth fault? Fans don’t stay silent on the illusory list, take a look at the world! What is your family’s popularity?

7 months ago

Because of this problem, I went to take a straight shot of the adventure plan and looked at it carefully. Maisi said the conclusion, he deserves this song called the adventure plan. Although the soundtrack is the most astringent, the shell is still a high-spirited teenager. Feeling jumped, he did not jump out, sang, was completely suppressed and danced to be neat, the singing sound should not be false. Dance suggestion to compare Wu Hai’s pen-hold shooting, what is clean and neat, what is handsome in a young man, Wu Hai not only did the dance, but his voice is also biting. Clear, the voice lowered a bit, but still has its own real voice. And Liu Yu… do you know the kind of breath that bursts into flames after running a hundred and eight meters? His rap is like this, it’s very vain. I won’t compare it with boys, just look at Meng Meiqi, her voice is muted, but other people’s voices are also real.

7 months ago

Maybe the text is not right. One thing I suddenly remembered is that Hu Yutong, Xiao Xiong (sorry to forget the name) and Ma Zhe were the winners of Goose’s “Tomorrow’s Orchestra Season” last year. . (Others also forgot their names) I also forgot what their band’s name was. . . . The second-ranked siesta phonograph is Liao Juntao and the others, the third fruit planet Zhang Yang, Xiaozhi, they want to talk about the strength of the fruit planet, the siesta phonograph is the number one, but they can’t bear the fans nb, and finally stabilized the first. I feel that the path is a bit similar. Why are Hu Yutong and that little bear first? The same path, bundled with CP, is hot, and a group of rotten girls (not to say that rotten girls are embarrassing, but specifically refer to certain brain-dead girls). Pushed up. Domineering president and pure white rabbit kind. . . Similarly, the orchestra season also drove high and low. The group portraits of the students did a good job, and the ending was blurred. This time the creation is also the same, the fans of success and failure are also fans.

7 months ago

I’m so happy that I really hate all kinds of people who get slapped in the face of ly, which is illiterate and hard-wearing. In addition, his fans are scolding foreign players Erguizi on Weibo every day. (By the way, I can Sue this group of people for influencing China’s diplomacy), success made me love all the other players to the hopeless. My previous purpose was: just look at it and not spend money. Now: if ly makes his debut with c, if you scold him, you need to spend money. Money, I am willing to play money! Not to mention my online violence. When your fans scolded others, they slammed their ancestors from their graves. Why do I show mercy to you even more in the way you treat others, so you just call me me? No way, Brother Liu Yu is worth it! I want to send Lilu Xiu to the c-bit debut soon.

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