The love variety show “Fucked Again” is coming to an end. What the audience is most looking forward to is whether the female guests can find their true love in the end. The female guests were very frank in the program, did not shy away from their past, and boldly pursued their own happiness, especially Huang Yi, who dared to talk about their unfortunate marriage, and bluntly said that their past was “wrong sedan chair married wrong.” Lang”, and whether Huang Yi can come together with the male guest Cui Wei this time, I don’t know who will know the result in the end. However, some netizens recently revealed that Huang Yi took his daughter on a date with Cui Wei, and asked her daughter to get along with him on the show. Maybe she wanted her daughter to get in touch with this uncle in advance, so as not to really be together in the future. It looked embarrassing, which shows that Huang Yi has already recognized the male guest very much. If Huang Yi finally came together with Cui Wei, then I would sincerely wish them, they can be described as talented women. Huang Yi doesn’t need much. He has also been brilliant. The male guest Cui Wei is also very good, a high-achieving student, a well-known architect, It’s a pity that Cui Wei is a bit older. He is 53 years old. The difference between the two is nearly ten years old. I don’t know if they will have passion after they get married. Audiences who know Huang Yi know that she has gone through a lot of emotional ups and downs and will think that she is a poor woman, so when she gets in close contact with the male guests on the show, the audience wants them to be together. But Huang Yi is a woman who has experienced two failed marriages. It stands to reason that she must be a little wary of the state of her marriage, but she is just the opposite. When I saw Huang Yi’s love style with Cui Wei from start to finish, I understood why Huang Yi’s marriage was so rough! I personally think that Huang Yi is a woman who is very eager for love. The previous hurt is just a memory for her, and it does not make her afraid of marriage. In the show, she seems to be eager to create intimate opportunities for Cui Wei, not to say The male guest is not good. It is only analyzed from Huang Yi’s point of view. I personally think that this is the reason why she is always hurt in marriage. Longing for love and lack of reservedness. At the beginning of this show, other female guests had romantic partners, so that Huang Yi and Cui Wei got along a little later, but this did not prevent them from getting along with each other. In the previous few dates, Huang Yi was taken care of like a little princess, and her eyes slowly became happy. Until the last appointment, everyone could see her desire for love and also exposed a woman’s reservedness. The third date arranged by Huang Yi turned out to be two-person yoga, and this is Huang Yi’s opportunity to give Cui Wei physical contact. It can be seen that she is quite satisfied with the male guests, but to be honest, for women, it is a bit anxious Up. Maybe it’s nothing to the audience, but from my personal point of view, women’s initiative is an extremely irresponsible performance towards themselves, and it will also bring a bad impression to the other party. No one knows what will happen next. What happened, so this move also allowed Huang Yi to bring himself the possibility of being hurt. First of all, physical contact between men and women will definitely increase each other’s hormones. Under the initiative of women, men will be more eager to develop further. In the end, it is okay to be together, not everything is a kind of harm. Secondly, when both men and women have not been together for a long time, and they don’t know much about their personalities and habits, they have a lot of intimate contact in advance, which will make every time they get along with each other, they will be confused, so that the motivation of love is not pure. This is Irresponsible for yourself. Finally, women should be in a state of being pursued in the process of love, so that boys can cherish their hard-won love. Girls who are too active will make boys feel less challenging. I don’t know if this kind of easy love boys will not. Would you cherish it? Huang Yi’s performance was too eager and unreserved, which made Cui Wei feel that love came too easy. I don’t know how Cui Wei would think of Huang Yi’s initiative. I hope he can understand. Too eager, not long in memory. For normal women who have encountered two failed marriages, they should be very cautious about their future spouse. At least they need a long time of contact and understanding. If appropriate, they will have further communication. It’s not as good as being single, let alone Huang Yi has experienced domestic violence. She is too eager for Cui Wei’s behavior. Is it true that she has forgotten that she was hurt? Recalling Huang Yi’s two marriages, we will find that she was persistent and self-willed in love, so that in the end she was hurt and everyone pityed her and scolded the man who was scumbag. Isn’t Huang Yi wrong at all? When she was pregnant, she suffered from domestic violence to avoid future harm, but she said that she chose to forbearance for the sake of her child, and her so-called excuse not only caused harm to the child, but also put herself in pain. This is her voluntary choice. . I admire Huang Yi’s bravery, saying that she is not responsible enough for her daughter, and it is impossible to have love after two marriages. At the beginning, everyone thought she was hurt and learned a lesson, but now she is healed. Scars are forgotten. pain. Other women will draw lessons from the misfortunes of marriage and stop repeating the same mistakes. When Huang Yi meets love, she still chooses “moths against the fire”. Maybe this is her view of love. Let the “scumbag” take advantage of what you would like to know about each other if you are in love? It may be personality, habits, hobbies, etc., but Huang Yi’s thinking mode surprised me. She actually wants to know the physical strength of the other party! It may be because the previous two appointments made Huang Yi have a good impression of Cui Wei. After all, she learned that the man’s family and financial resources are good. Anyway, there is no shortage of money, and Cui Wei is also good to her, so she doesn’t want to miss this time. It’s the marriage that took the initiative to take the initiative. This also created an opportunity for the “scumbag”. Maybe Cui Wei is a good man. Who can guarantee that? It’s impossible to understand a person’s character by testing a man’s physical strength. Huang Yi’s ex-husband was also very good to her at first, but what happened in the end? This time the test of the physical strength of the man makes it possible to consider the harmony of life in the future or to be afraid of it. Beaten? But at least Cui Wei couldn’t figure it out. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the temptation of beautiful women? Huang Yi is a career success, and Cui Wei is an academic achievement. The two may have different concepts and lifestyles at the beginning. If the two get together, it is also destined that they will have a period of running-in. As for Whether they can grow old together depends on their good fortune. In the end, the old saying goes: the country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change. Huang Yi’s attitude towards feelings is destined to be hurt. Huang Yi’s failed marriage tells us: being too impatient and lacking reserve will only leave opportunities for scumbags. I hope that those female friends who have experienced failed marriages will try their best to sum up the reasons for the misfortune of their marriages. Maybe it is their own problems or the fault of the other party, but they will not repeat the same mistakes after experiencing them. Treat your feelings rationally, don’t worry, give each other more room to understand, you may reap the final happiness. In the end, I hope that Huang Yi will “get on the sedan chair to marry the husband” and bless them.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Thank you, the adult’s decision is mixed with too many “weigh the pros and cons”, but these interests are also factors that are difficult to bypass in the relationship. Since two people decide to be together, they should respect and bless them. Remember Wang Ziwen on the show They told Wu Yongen, “I have a child”, when he told the man this secret that has been guarding so frankly and directly, I believe many people are paying attention to Wu Yongen’s reaction. Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen officially announced that they were together! Heathcliff’s video was played for 12,000. His reaction was the most emotionally intelligent, decent and loving way I could imagine. He was instinctively surprised, then went to the bathroom, turned around and gave Wang Wang a hug. Of course there is a “performance element” in it, but facing the camera, their reality show must be performing unconsciously, this is not the key. After the show, the two people are officially announced to be together, which shows that at least the child is not an obstacle between the two people. In short, blessings, it is their decision for two people to walk together. Will they enter the marriage palace? It’s also a choice to get along with later. May all lovers in the world get married!

6 months ago

What we have to do is blessings. If you are free, you can check it out on Weibo. In addition to posting a personal announcement, Wang Ziwen changed his Weibo name for many years and renamed the original “Wang Ziwen Olivia” to “Wang Ziwen Ava”. As for why it was changed to this name. Because “Eva” was originally the English name Wu Yongen gave her, but in order to echo Wu Yongen’s English name Andrew, it was changed to “Ava”. Wang Ziwen, Ava, as for other things, such as children, and his identity in the entertainment industry, and so on. Is this the place to be concerned about in a relationship? People still have to be tolerant to themselves and to the world. The most profound thing about the individual in the program: When the two of them had a meal, Wang Ziwen suddenly confessed to Wu Yongen that he had a child. Wu Yongen was caught off guard and couldn’t accept it for a while, but he didn’t say too many untimely words. Instead, he said he was going to the bathroom. Maybe he needed time to digest, but he didn’t want Wang Ziwen to see his ups and downs. But after he came out, he tenderly embraced Wang Ziwen. He also told her that he would not have any different visions of her because of her other status. She was still herself, and he felt sorry for her past. Although there are elements in the show. But in your case, you can’t directly deny others. Finally, blessings.

6 months ago

Every love pair deserves to be blessed! I got to know Wang Ziwen from Qu Xiaowang. When I first watched Ode to Joy, I felt that this girl was eccentric, kind of a little tricky, a little bit nasty, and would be funny, but she was still a kind girl in her heart. I thought she was only in her early twenties, about the same age as Yang Zi, and when she heard the news, she was already the mother of a few years old. Suddenly found that time was passing quietly, and inadvertently people had reached middle age. Even the Xiaohuadans who had chased them together in those years were already in their thirties, reaching the age of getting married and having children. Wang Ziwen is 34 years old and has a child. He declares that the relationship is not strange, what else can he say, of course, is to bless them, and hope that the pair can go on for a long time.

6 months ago

Not optimistic, this man is not very reliable. The first time I saw it, I thought he was a bit pretending. Later, I found that the sixth sense was very accurate. He was duplicity every time. Those who read a lot of details will know it, especially Wang Ziwen. When he was a child, he walked and came back, feeling like he was persuaded to come back, instead of coming back after calming down, including buying clothes in the back, saying that he was good, and listening to you, he was very gentle and generous, and I heard Wang Ziwen say big size. Regarding the entire cross-face, words and deeds have been inconsistent, and Wang Dalu said that he would meet many more beautiful than Wang Ziwen, and his reaction was also. As you know, Wang Ziwen is a little clearer on the surface and actually loves, while the man’s appearance is free and the account book is clear. What I said may not be correct, but I feel that this man uses her as a springboard and gets along anyway. If he can meet Wang Ziwen, he doesn’t have to get married and be in charge of Wang Ziwen’s children. In short, not sincere, not

6 months ago

Optimistic! Blessings go for a wave first, no matter what the final outcome is! No one can expect it, and I can feel sincere right now! Why is the occupation denied because of family background? Haha, falling in love is not impulsive, how can it be called falling in love? It is in line with Wang Ziwen’s tone. I remember that she was chatting with Huang Yi in the show and said that she had been single with no windows for 5 years. Ning Quewulan, in fact, she didn’t expect to meet him before she came to the show, haha. I have seen sparks in their eyes. I think this is how love looks like sincerely, hot and brave. Women after 30+ actually know what they want in their hearts! In fact, Wang Ziwen’s view of choosing a spouse fits me very well. It’s really hard to call someone who doesn’t like it at first. It’s undeniable that Wu Yongen is really handsome, haha, who is not attracted by the looks in this era and looks at people? ~ In short, it is a blessing! Bravely love, come back again if you are injured! Believe in it to have ~ blessings and blessings!

6 months ago

Judging from the effect of the show, the two people did sparkle, and both sides looked at each other with love in their eyes. The woman had been rumored to have children for many years, but there was almost no positive response. This time it was also because of the man that she confessed it generously on the show and on Weibo. In this case, it is almost impossible to say that both parties did not frankly understand and accept each other’s past. Since the official announcement, it basically accepts the other party’s past to a certain extent and is willing to take risks for it. The influence of official announcements on the woman is actually greater than that of the man, but now netizens are more tolerant of female celebrities who boldly recognize love and treat each other frankly, and the show will have a certain cp basis. At this time, the love affair and the show of the woman will be announced. In terms of popularity, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The woman also changed her English name and Weibo name directly for the man this time. You can imagine a girl around you who changed her English name for the boy she likes. If she doesn’t like it very much, she basically can’t do this behavior. And the external channels of female celebrities are restricted to a certain extent by the brokerage company. Behaviors of this degree must have been approved by the team, and the team has already anticipated the network situation that may occur from this, at least there is It must be prepared. The risks and responsibilities that celebrities take in a public relationship are much greater than ordinary people, so if two people don’t love each other enough, it’s difficult to achieve the same level as they are now. As for how far we can go in the future, I personally think it depends on whether the two parties will find the part that is unacceptable to each other in the future. I think that at least I can bless them like ordinary couples. After all, it is not easy to meet a person who is moved, and it is even more difficult to meet someone who can sparkle. Stars also have the right to love, bless them, and hope to go on in the long run!

6 months ago

Although I don’t know the origin of this Wu Yongen, I have watched several episodes of the show. He is indeed very good. It can be said that no girl can refuse this kind of boy in reality. Wang Ziwen is definitely the luckiest one in that blind date show. The crooked melons and dates arranged by the female star know how scarce Wu Yongen is. Having said that, it’s so good—the right age for unmarried, sunny, refined and gentle, and educated and able to exercise, not to mention the wealthy family background, how easy it is for this kind of boy to find a girlfriend. Wang Ziwen, an unmarried female star with children, does Hold live? ! Haha, in any case, if Wang Ziwen has found the treasure, let’s enjoy the process first. Anyway, the female celebrity has money and beauty and is not afraid of falling out of love. Whether the ending is good or bad is not as important to her as ordinary women.

6 months ago

In the finale of “Fantastic”, Wang Ziwen changed his Weibo name, Guan Xuan and Wu Yongen’s love affair. I have been studying for a long time and finally understand the meaning of copywriting. Ava wang[心]andrew wu is so beautiful and blessed​[/cp]Although there are some performance elements in a love reality variety show, the show goes with the utmost sincerity Get as close as possible to life, close to reality, and close to the truth of love. It also shows the audience intuitively what a good feeling should look like. Like “Fantastic Again”, and like Ziwen’s happy love at the right time, the right place, and the right partner. Although, as a passer-by, I didn’t follow the whole program, I just watched it one after another, but judging from the few clips I paid attention to, it was still sweetened by sugar. It may be the ceiling of love variety shows. YYDS and GOAT don’t engage in conspiracy theories. They would rather believe. After all the ups and downs, they have always treated each other frankly. There is an opportunity for feelings. Hope to live up to expectations, only blessings!

6 months ago

Really not optimistic. After all, Wu Yongen hesitated and resisted the matter of Wang Ziwen having a child in the early stage. Wu Yongen is probably still a rich second-generation identity. The cognition gap between the two people’s social circles is doomed to the difficulty of integration. Our ordinary people’s “optimistic”, the first level is the appearance of together, a good match for interaction. The second level is to get married and grow old together. However, in the entertainment industry nowadays, it is too common to separate and combine. It is a bit different from what we ordinary people think of 鹣鹣. The affection of the entertainment industry is mainly in the word “show”, which is shown to the audience, for which it attracts attention and benefits. Romance in the entertainment industry is tied to interest. Combining together and dividing points are all for profit. Although people say that they don’t care about forever, they only care about once possessed. But the love that really enters into marriage is not about being “lasting”. Marriage has a seven-year itch, depending on how long they will last. If the white heads grow old together, bless them. If you break up afterwards, it’s just another show in the entertainment industry.

6 months ago

The children of Wang Ziwen are in love. It’s a good one. A blind date variety show finally has a selling point. Look, we are here for real. Will the ratings increase, fame and fortune, beautiful! Through Ode to Joy, I learned that there was a “savage” little actress named Wang Ziwen. Later, for a long time, I saw an actress Wang Ziwen who likes to practice yoga. Recently, I saw this woman on the top of the trump card against the trump card. The actor seems to be a lot more stable, mature, and beautiful.

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