Before answering this question, I would like to invite everyone to watch a dialogue that everyone is familiar with: Xiao Yan said: “I practice every day, and the goal is to become a fighting emperor.” Lin Dong said: “I practice every day, and the goal is to advance to the ancestral realm. “Mu Chen said: “I practice every day, and the goal is to advance to the master.” Zhou Yuan said: “I practice every day, and the goal is to become Yuan Zun.” Xiao Yan said: “There is a Yao old in my ring who knows everything. , More NB than the Raiders.” Lin Dong said: “There is a Mino in my stone talisman, who knows everything, NB more than the Raiders.” Mu Chen said: “There is a Nine Youque in my black paper, with nothing. I don’t know, it’s more NB than Raiders.” Zhou Yuan said, “There is a Yaoyao by my side, who knows everything, NB more than Raiders.” Xiao Yan said: “In my world, there is something called Alien Fire, which is powerful. Out-of-print equipment than artifact level.” Lin Dong said: “In my world, there is something called Ancestral Talisman, which is as powerful as artifact-level out-of-print equipment.” Mu Chen said: “In my world, there is something called supreme body technique. , The power is comparable to the artifact-level out-of-print equipment.” Zhou Yuan said: “In my world, there is something called…what is it called? Anyway, the power is comparable to the artifact-level out-of-print equipment.” Xiao Yan said: “I came from Wutan City. The Xiao family is a young master.” Lin Dong said, “I come from the Lin family in Qingyang Town, and I am a young master.” Mu Chen said, “I come from the pastoral realm of the Northern Spirit Realm, and I am a young master.” Zhou Yuan said, “I am. Da Zhou from the Cangxuan Continent is a small majesty.” Xiao Yan said: “I like a girl, her name is Gu Xun’er, but his ancient clan is so powerful that he won’t let me be with her.” Lin Dong said: “I like a girl, her name is Ling Qingzhu, but her family’s Nine Heavens Taiqing Palace is so powerful that she will not let me be with her.” Mu Chen said: “I like a girl, her name is Luo Li, but her family is Luoshen Clan. It’s too big to let me be with her.” Zhou Yuan said, “I like a girl, her name is Yaoyao, but her background is so big that I’m not allowed to be with her.” Xiao Yan said: “When I was young , I don’t have any lofty ambitions yet. My only goal is to defeat Nalan Yanran.” Lin Dong said: “When I was young, I did not have any lofty ambitions. My only goal was to kill Lin Langtian.” Mu Chen said: “When I was a child, I didn’t have any lofty ambitions. My only goal was to defeat Ji Xuan.” Zhou Yuan said, “When I was young, I didn’t have any lofty ambitions. My only goal was to defeat the Dawu Dynasty.” Xiao Yan said. To be honest, the reason why I have achieved today’s achievements is entirely due to chance. The high-level medicinal pills I ate and the number of ancient inheritances I encountered are countless.” Lin Dong said: “To be honest, the reason why I have today’s Achievements are made entirely by chance. The heaven, material and earth treasures I have eaten and the number of ancient inheritances I have encountered are countless.” Mu Chen said: “To be honest, the reason why I have achieved today’s achievements is totally by chance. Those who came out, I ate the magical pill and the number of ancient inheritances I encountered.” Zhou Yuan said: To be honest, the reason why I have achieved today is entirely due to chance. The pill God I ate The ancient heritage of Caoheyu is uncountable. “Xiao Yan said:” I have a hobby, that is, I love to pretend to be pigs and eat tigers. I think that when I was fighting the emperor, I planted a lot of fighting sects in my hands. “Lin Dong said: “I have a hobby, that is, I love to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. I think that when I was born in the Profound Realm, there were a lot of Death Profound Realms planted in my hands. “Mu Chen said:” I have a hobby, that is, I love to pretend to be pigs and eat tigers. Zhou Yuan said: “I have a hobby, that is, I love to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. I think there are a lot of open veins planted in my hands when I haven’t opened my veins.” Xiao Yan said: “I have Specialty, I can make alchemy.” Lin Dong said: “I have speciality, I can draw charms.” Mu Chen said: “I have speciality, I can make formations.” Zhou Yuan said: “I have speciality, I can trace. “Xiao Yan said: “I have two wives.” Lin Dong said: “I also have two wives.” Mu Chen said, “I only have one wife.” Zhou Yuan said, “It looks like I have two wives. But I believe there will only be one in the end.” Xiao Yan said: “My weapon is a ruler, and his name is Xuanzhong ruler.” Lin Dong said: “I have many weapons, and they are collectively called the nine gods.” Mu Chen said “My weapon is the Crystal Slaughter Tower.” Zhou Yuan said, “My weapon is a pen, and it is called Tianyuan Pen.” Xiao Yan said, “I finally became the Emperor Dou, defeated the Emperor Soul, and regained peace on the mainland. “Lin Dong said: “I finally advanced to the ancestral realm, defeated the alien emperor, and saved thousands of creatures in the world.” Mu Chen said: “I finally became the master, defeated the evil spirit family, and saved the world. Life.” Zhou Yuan said: “I finally became Yuanzun, defeated… Uh, the enemy, saved… the world.” Then let’s analyze the King of All Phases: First, the protagonist Li Luo, Tudou’s real name is Li Hu, look. It was successfully substituted. The protagonist is born with all three phases empty, but there is no phase force. Yuan Zun Zhou Yuan is born with sacred dragon aura, and it is difficult to open the nine channels. The protagonist is seventeen years old, which is still the oldest in Tudou’s novels. There is a fiancee who doesn’t want to divorce. Dou Po has survived three hundred chapters by relying on a three-year agreement. This is obviously anti-routine and barely an attractive place. Then I start with a description of a group of boys and girls, how they look and how familiar, think carefully, okay, this seems to be the beginning of the imitation of the master (sure enough, I was so cruel, even copied myself) about the protagonist’s parents, the youngest pair in Daxia Fenghou, it seems that Lin Dong’s father, Lin Xiao, was the most dazzling genius of the Qingyang Lin family back then, and Mu Chen’s mother, Qing Yanjing, also existed at the level of the ancient Buddhist tribe. Seeing that, the two chapters have been updated, and the essence of the first four novels has been perfectly contained. This kind of skill is beyond our reach. Dig deeper: the protagonist’s fiancee Jiang Qing’e, when she was ten years old, she wrote a marriage contract and asked to marry Li Luo. Xiao Xun’er was heartbroken to Xiao Yan. Yuan Zun Li Su Youwei loved her because of Zhou Yuan’s help in her youth. For his whole life. Regarding the protagonist’s missing parents, I think this is the biggest suspense and highlight of this novel. According to Tudou’s routine, it is not difficult to guess that the parents will definitely pull the protagonist out of the scene when the protagonist is in distress, and then pull the protagonist into a new copy. At present, Li Luo is in the Second Academy of Nanfeng College. The first 20 to 30 chapters should be able to enter the First Academy. The first 10 chapters give a complete setting. If it is 20 to 30 and still can’t enter the First Academy, Tudou has been booked for so many years. It’s nothing. The book is called the King of All Phases, and now the protagonist has only three phases, so the main line of this book must be how to change from the empty phase to the existing phase, and from the three phases to the all phases. According to Tudou’s writings that the protagonist often has two powers, I personally think that Li Luo will also have another power as his source of early power. The map of the opening seems very grand, but I think it is not similar to that of Douqi Continent, but is more similar to Martial Universe. The names of people appearing in the book are still somewhat new. This is also an attempt of Tudou’s innovation. How to evaluate this book in general? I think it has a high probability of becoming Fights Breaking Sky 5, because the success of the previous four books, especially Yuanzun’s million subscriptions, has proved one thing: this kind of routine can be successful. In this case, Tudou has been writing for more than ten years, so why not have another one. Moreover, if you put Xiao Baiwen aside, in this kind of fantasy routine, Tudou is really familiar with it. I seriously doubt that his plan for the new book is to read all the books he has written before. Why can fantasy novels become the most popular section? It lies in the brand-new setting, the space for free play is large, and then it is a word, cool. However, I think Tudou pays too much attention to the coolness in Dazhu and Yuanzun, which caused some major problems in the later stages of these two books. I thought that I was watching Tomato when I upgraded quickly. This king of everything, if the potato can stay stable, slowly outline the whole world, make a good description, update and stabilize, relying on the publicity and the popularity that has accumulated before, it should not worry about big sales. Finally, I spit a few words, Tudou’s ability to name is really getting worse and worse. When Yuan Zun came out, Zhou Yuan looked embarrassed on my face, and now this Li Luo is just a little better. It seems that no great god has published new books recently. Tudou, the king of all appearances, may also have taken this opportunity. He wants to rush to the Cangyuan map as soon as it is almost over. Wuyue Chendong will also publish a new book. It seems that if it can To successfully build a perfect world in April, I think it will be a great success in business. Regarding the style, I think it is more inclined to martial universe, a bit of oriental fantasy. The success of Doupaqiang cannot be copied, and this book will not achieve Doupaqiang’s position in the online literature world, because the times are different. . But in the case of Martial Universe, although I think this is the best novel in Tudou’s writing style, it is not impossible to copy. If the King of All Phases can reach the height of Martial Universe, it is estimated that Tudou will be satisfied.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Count down the old routines that have appeared in the previous chapters! 1. The beginning of the waste wood flow: the protagonist’s palace is the empty phase, in simple terms, it is impossible to extract the energy of the heaven and the earth, but there are three extremely rare phases (the next plot is obvious, it is to solve the talent problem) 2. Starting point Tudou Branch of the Orphanage: The family’s name is Luolan Mansion, which is very powerful, but the powerful parents disappeared three years ago. There were disagreements in the family. The protagonist’s position as the leader of the young palace is at stake (the protagonist’s parents are not dead, but because of I didn’t come back for some reason, anyway, the protagonist will definitely meet them in the end) 3. College flow: The protagonist is in an academy and will be assessed soon, which determines the future (high probability to find an adventure, solve the talent problem, and then pretend to be forced) Face-slapped) 4. Fiancée flow: There is a very talented fiancée, who is the protagonist’s senior sister, but she is very good to the protagonist, and directly proactively announces it (a bit like the combination of Xiao Xun’er and Nalan Yanran). In summary, the routine is already very good. Obviously, it is obvious how to write next, but potatoes are well written. Although the routine is old, it is used appropriately and I think the hostess is more pleasing. It is likely to be in line with the taste of people who like to eat soft rice.

6 months ago

How to develop the style of potato style? Tudou’s book, from the perspective of “mouth addiction”, can tell his style. Mouth addiction is different from the so-called “horrible” and “take a breath of air” in vocabulary. The vocabulary is easy to copy, but oral addiction belongs to the author’s code. The style of writing sentences is unique in itself. Stop talking nonsense, what is the habit of making sentences for potatoes? 1. The good use is an excerpt from the first chapter. I will not intercept the more than 12 paragraphs. The meaning is already conveyed. Below, there is a show of ugliness one or two: as Zhang San mixed with the words of vigorous internal strength, Immediately there were a few veiled gazes, projected from many dark corners, but when they saw that the person who came was just a young boy of sixteen or seventeen, he couldn’t help laughing: such a half-sized doll, also thinking Come to Jiaofang Division to compete for the Oiran? The imitation is over; 2. Good use has actually been written here. I found out that potatoes are no longer used in the new book. It turns out that my so-called common sense is still stuck in the first two books, and it should be updated. Excerpted from the first chapter of “The Great Master” (source: Biquge), I am too lazy to circle it, let’s count how many have it. Imitate it: In the center of the magnificent Jiaofang Siya seat, there are three figures sitting cross-legged, and the most eye-catching is the Chinese-clothed youth in the center. He has long snow-white hair, the jade hair crown is embellished with jewels, and he is dressed in a golden dress. Upon closer inspection, it is decorated with a golden dragon pattern. With a breath and a breath, there was a faint golden light in the wings of his nose, which was very profound. At this moment, his closed eyes slowly opened, and there was indifferent words in his mouth, and he slowly spit out: “Oiran, it’s mine.” 13:32 Beijing time —- I, Hu Hansan, are back~ 3. Good use / At this moment, the third chapter of Tuodou has been updated. I must admit one point. Compared with the ancient style of writing, it has indeed changed a bit, but the problem is not big. By the way, drag beans can really break the bucket upside down and write again. Just look for it from the third chapter (because there are too few fighting scenes, so the mouth addiction of dragging beans has not had a chance to be displayed, funny) excerpted from the third chapter of “The King of All Phases”, paragraph 2 can be seen, this ” “” is completely unnecessary. It is even said that if it is placed here, it will affect the reading experience. This usage of “de” (placed after the adverb of degree, not after the noun) is the mouth addiction of dragging beans. Generally, this usage still appears in “extremely good”, and if you can’t find it, just cut it off. Excerpted from the third chapter of “The King of All Phases”, Duan Ranbanba’s “de” will also make Tudou’s articles different from other author’s articles in terms of language, and will also appear in “Lingde” . Introduce the jade: “Oh? Oiran, is it yours?” Zhang San lightly laughed, and immediately squeezed his fists. The next moment, I saw the sound of the dragon’s roar slowly resounding all over his body. The palpitating fluctuations of the stock spread, which is obviously quite good. “Palm mouth.” A wave of internal force mixed with unmatched mighty force, blasted away at the face of the man in Chinese clothes above the elegant seat, and the man in Chinese clothes broke apart every inch of his original indifferent expression. These fluctuations made it happen. His pupils shrank fiercely. 4. Make good use of the excerpt from Chapter 3. In paragraph 3, if the circle marked “that” is reasonable, the box marked “that” is unnecessary. But drag beans just like to use it, there is no way. Corresponding to “that” is “that and so on”. Example: “Pop!” There is a harsh sound, slowly resounding in this space, countless eyes follow the prestige, only to see that there is a huge scarlet palm print on the face of the Chinese clothing young man. This kind of speed visible to the naked eye, extremely fast swelling and bulging. The tragic situation could not help making everyone stunned secretly and took a breath. When he looked at the three sheets again, the original frivolity in his eyes was no longer visible, and instead, there was a strong jealousy. This son, so terrible! For a while, I can’t think of a better example, but it’s a mess, and everyone will just look at it. 5. Make good use of vague words. If you use it well, 100 words in a chapter are not a problem. Excerpted from the first chapter of “Yuan Zun” (source: you know) Too Dou often adopts this three-point suspicion four-category ratio when describing the attitude of people or the presentation of martial arts, plus three points. Determined to increase the tension of the plot. eg: “Do you dare to hit me?” The young man in Huafu covered his face, looked at Zhang San with unbelievable eyes, then pulled off the pendant between his neck, and then crushed it fiercely under many shocked eyes! “Om…” faintly, there was a faint spatial fluctuation coming from this world. The next moment, a somewhat dry palm slowly protruded out of mid-air, and there seemed to be the sound of wind and thunder when the dense internal power gathered. A palm blasted, as if a great day was annihilating the world.

6 months ago

I remember a retired web editor who said that many people can become potatoes, but Chendong is the only one. The contents of several famous works of Tudou are very watery, and both the interaction of the characters and the strategy of the battle are very white. But the story is very spiritual. This is why his works can stand out and infect many people. From the master to Yuanzun, it is obvious that Tudou’s writing style is more serious and neat than his previous works. The character and IQ of the characters are also improving slightly, which is slightly closer to reality. But the story itself feels that it lacks the spirituality of the previous works. As the editor at the beginning said, after Tudou succeeded, more and more authors imitated him, and many people imitated him very much. Tudou’s works are slowly losing the author’s facial features. The competitiveness of the work itself has also been greatly reduced. I hope Tudou can boldly reflect his personality and work characteristics in the new book, become the only one, and once again become a god. Don’t be a repeater and codeworder for a certain small white text template. Edited 2 hours ago

6 months ago

As someone who has read every book of Tudou many times, let’s talk about it. Tudou’s most impressive book is “Fights Break Sphere”, not because he is the originator, but Tudou is most dedicated to the overall world view and system of Doupa. Many people may not remember the three-day realm in the Great Domination system, nor the promotion of weapons in the Yuanzun, but the impression of the Heaven, Earth Xuanhuang technique is deeper than these, and each stage has each stage. The characteristics of Dou Qi, Dou Qi gauze, Da Dou Shi armor, Dou Wang’s Dou Qi transforming wings, Dou Zong’s walking in the air, Dou Zun’s twisted space. When Xiao Yan was fighting the king, he had faced the strong of the fighting sect, and he had seen the fighting scene of the fighting sect when the master was fighting. In the book behind Tudou, Tudou will divide every place the protagonist has visited into a separate copy. Each copy has one of the best powers. The protagonist only needs to surpass them one by one and enter the next copy. For example, in the top ten of the xx list, the xx record is the first and second, it is easy to be confused. I have just beaten people of the same level, and they all say that they are unborn geniuses. How can they suddenly come out of a group of more fierce ones. Especially Yuan Zun, from the Divine Mansion Realm to the Heavenly Sun Realm, made him beat it all over. I still remember that Xiao Yan had to be beaten every day when he was practicing Baji Beng, and he had to go back and forth between the stumps under the waterfall with the Xuanzhong ruler on his back for the cultivation flames. In the future books, some of the protagonists can even use it in critical situations with a glance, and the description of the protagonist’s painstaking practice is becoming less and less. From the time he leaves the house, he uses Tiancai Di Baozhan, and the auction will be over The academy, the academy is full of relics, the relics are passed down, and the speed is comparable to magnetic levitation. Having said so much, I still hope that Tudou can write the new book’s worldview and system completely. Mu Chen’s three identities, practitioner, battle formation master, and spiritual formation master, which he really has studied with great concentration and spent a lot of money. Time to practice and apply, transform. For the description of the deputy occupations, Xiao Yan’s pharmacist, Lin Dong’s magician, Mu Chen’s battle formation, spiritual formation, Zhou Yuan’s magician, the most exciting is the alchemist. Not only is there the highlight of the different fire, but also from Xiao Yan’s initial refining of medicine, the selection of medicinal materials, the refining process, the efficacy of the pill, the description of the prescription, and the storage of the pill, there are very clear descriptions, the section of the alchemist meeting. It can fully demonstrate Xiao Yan’s efforts and talent in refining medicine. Speaking of the king of all phases, I thought at the beginning that it was a waste of firewood, but it turned out to be a fake waste of firewood. It was born with three aspects and full of face value. What is this? This is the top three optional tops of the start of the ghost valley eight wastes. Let’s start with the weather and add Xianzi. If you don’t need a modifier, you’ll have to shake it for a while, and I’m sure there won’t be only these three. Then there will be eight for three and ten for five. The description of the aspect is a bit like the essence of the refining sacred beast in the master, but it is more powerful than that. Besides the heroine, Tudou has written two single heroine articles in a row. I think Wen Qingxuan and Su Youwei are stable, so this book is also a single female lead, and Tudou doesn’t seem to like to write about the heavens. This book is full of looks, talents, and loyalty. Dao couple, in fact, it is difficult to have someone who can shake the status of the heroine in the future, and those who hit the cp can start to write about the same person. The impression given to me in the first three chapters is still okay. Compared with Wudong and Doupo, the style of writing is slightly younger. It may be because the increase in the number of readers has lowered the reading threshold, which is okay. Raise first, I still remember that I saw Mu Chen fight Jialou Luo and I was so anxious that I couldn’t wait to give Tudou two dollars to let him update quickly. Now he is also a lazy dog, wait slowly.

6 months ago

The king of all phases finale-all living beings are all phases! Everything is one! In the chaotic void, a figure emerged, announcing the end of this great battle of hundreds of millions of living creatures. “Yes, the darkest god!” “The King of All Phases has lost!” Countless creatures took a breath of air, and their hearts fell into an ice cellar. “Hahaha, Li Luo, if you grow up for a few hundred years, I don’t think you are your opponent.” Although Zhiantianshen’s face was pale, there was already unconcealable joy. This world, all sentient beings, will be under his control! “It’s over.” The Dark Sky God looked indifferent and stretched out his palm. The terrifying supreme might converged, and the whole world was trembling. “Swallowing the power of all living beings, I have the strength to explore the mysterious universe.” The god of heaven read this, and his eyes are fiery madness. He has been waiting for this day for 10,000 years! “Do you really think you won?” Li Luo’s voice sounded in the broken void battlefield. “The king of all phases!” “I knew it!” Countless people wept with joy, and this familiar voice once again gave them hope. A handsome figure swept from the void battlefield, it was Li Luo. Li Luo had a calm face and deep eyes, looking at the gods, saying every word, “The creation god is a step forward, I already know.” “Impossible, you, how did you get my killer move next? “The god’s pupils shrank violently, and he couldn’t believe that, as the dark incarnation of the god of creation, he used the ultimate move of the god of creation to be blocked by Li Luo. “The Supreme Heavenly Lord opened up the heavens and the earth, biochemically transforms all things, and the obsession of returning to the great universe in his heart turned into you.” Li Luo looked at the darkest heavenly god, his face was flat, “I obtained the heavenly god inheritance to eliminate the darker obsession of the heavenly god, with A world full of hope returns to the Universe.” “You, what qualifications do you have!” The God of Darkness roared, his eyes flashed with extreme coldness, “Look at how you block me!” “It’s not me that you want to block. It is all the creatures of the Supreme God who is full of hope to open up a new world!” Ten thousand years ago, the young man came to this barren space with unparalleled loss, and opened up all things with hope, knowing that the obsession that was suppressed in his heart could not control the localization. When it’s dark, leave this method of controlling everything. As long as the cause is left, it will be the result! “All beings have all aspects, all aspects are one!” “I am, the king of all aspects!” Li Hao’s words echoed in the sky. Behind Li Luo, the sky cracked, revealing thousands of stars. The creatures who watched this battle all felt resonance in their own body, they closed their eyes, and silently said in their hearts: +3 (Oh, wrong, come again.) They all closed their eyes and said in their hearts: King, gather the power of my celestial palace to protect the world! The hearts of countless creatures gathered together, and the thousands of stars behind Li Luo became brighter and brighter, and in the end, they were even more dazzling than that Lieyang and Haoyue. “I planned for ten thousand years, but I didn’t expect to lose.” Thousands of stars turned into streamers, and together they formed a huge phantom under the absolutely dark gaze of the gods. Li Luo’s figure gradually faded, and finally merged into the phantom. The phantom gradually solidified, and finally stood between heaven and earth. The phantom blasted out with a palm, until the dark sky opened his arms, closed his eyes, and was swallowed by the endless great light. … Li Luo looked at the jogging child in front of him, and at Jiang Qing’e’s blushing face, the corners of his mouth rose up with a satisfied smile. Finally, walking alone in the middle of the courtyard, looking at the sky, I can feel the huge plane fluctuations coming from the unknown distant void. A deep brilliance flashed in Li Luo’s eyes, and he murmured, “The end is another beginning.”

6 months ago

Let me guess. I don’t know how to learn. The first time I see the title of the book, I think of one sentence: Dao begets one, one is two, two is three, and three is all things. The protagonist is really three empty faces. So how should the protagonist solve the problem of cultivation? The king of all things, the protagonist either has the nature of all things, or can replace all things in various transformations, or suppress them with the strongest force. I probably thought of these kinds of things, but referring to Yuanzun, the king of all phases is probably the title of the protagonist. If it is the nature of all things, is it possible that it is a chaotic flow? Chaos evolves everything, the origin of everything. The protagonist directly covers the low-level with high-level in the later stage, and directly crushes it with the initial power. Even the protagonist has a time line ability or something in the early and mid-term. If it replaces everything, is it possible that the protagonist is non-attribute? No attributes, other attributes can be loaded directly, other forms are somewhat similar to the abilities of the cute king (slime). The ability to swallow things is barely tangible (I personally think that it is impossible for potatoes to shape the protagonist to shape a protagonist who can eat people). The protagonist guesses that anything can be created by himself in the later stage. In the middle stage, there is a skill or magic weapon such as material reorganization, element reorganization and energy absorption. If it is the strongest power, it is wider. The power of time and space, the ultimate element or power. In the middle stage, rely on your own high accumulation to crush, and in the later stage, you will directly explode everything and directly become the king. Isn’t this also the king of all phases? The protagonist has three faces, three empty ones, and the others are either elements or beasts. So, why are there three phases of the protagonist? Are these three phases related? Will there be other people in the future with similar situations, such as two-phase three-phase or something? First of all, is the protagonist’s phase really empty? Is the place where the protagonist is too small to see? Or the protagonist’s appearance is too obscure, no one can understand, and the protagonist can’t use it? Or the protagonist is a special situation that has disappeared in history and no one has seen it, and needs special Ways to awaken? Does anyone else have a similar situation? Probably yes. I don’t believe that there will be no integration of light and darkness, or integration of water and fire in the future. Whether there is a connection is really hard to say, maybe there is. If there is a connection, what is it? Blindly guess the power of three lives in the past, present and future, and the protagonist directly becomes the king of time (a dog’s head saves his life). Heaven, earth and humans are conceptual things (not very likely), good, evil, neutral, three attributes (somewhat possible), the three elements are one, the world is invincible, and if this one is cut off, I will be beyond the three realms and not in the five elements. All of the above are conjectures, and they are intended to attract others. Is there any boss to explain? Tudou’s book is still good, although it is not my favorite, but it is also very good-looking.

6 months ago

I predict that the results of this book will be very good.
Don’t listen to some people yelling there, no one can satisfy everyone. Do you use some old routines? The squid who tried new writing and new routines in every book is worthless among these people. Are they asking the author to write a new routine? No, they just want to find a sense of superiority.

6 months ago

Reverse the divorce stream + the protagonist has the potential to eat soft meals. Although you can guess that the general story is not different from the previous ones, the narrative tone and style are still somewhat changed. This subtle adjustment reflects Tudou’s grasp of the tastes of online readers, and it can only be said to be a great author. Speaking of this, after ten years, how did the male frequency’s preferences become like this? Maybe this is an interesting entry point that can reflect some social thoughts.

6 months ago

No way, this is good. I have read a lot of books for so many years, and I have experienced a lot of things. But going around and around, still came back here. There is no bitterness, the protagonist of Tudou is very powerful, can it be called a deep bitterness if you solve the problem of. Without intrigue, referring to the kind of undead brain cells, Tudou’s book wits are also on the first level. There is still some growth. Comparing the divorce from that year to the current non-divorce, at least the potatoes are not hard to eat (soft food, fog). Moreover, it’s refreshing and intensive. Although the process is twists and turns, the ending is generally a family reunion. I would call it the daily cute dolphins in the fantasy novel world. Back then, I watched pretend b, but now I’m looking at development. There is more hope. If it is too watery, post it and scold it, post it unexpectedly, and post it boasting. If it’s too classic, post it and talk to the daoists. The years are quiet.

6 months ago

Upgrade the monsters to pick up the treasures, the cave college auction will complete the task and the next copy, the fairy world and the god world will change the map. The talent is wonderful and the roots are good. I have practiced for one year or ten years to practice alchemy and training. I am a multi-faceted little expert. There is an old man in the ring, and the pet is a mythical beast. Bai Fumei falls in love with me, even if the protagonist is very funny. Occasionally strolling around the roadside stalls, I bought a brick on a whim and went home and found that the ancient artifact was broken. Beauty is hungry in the mountains, a roast chicken Xu Fangxin’s roast chicken technique is very delicate, specially designed for picking up girls. The love triangle between the male and female protagonists, the male protagonist’s confidante group composes the tiger’s body, shocked and domineering, and I accept all the little brothers and beauties. The villain’s brain damage has no limit, and the specially assigned men to send experienced partners are all the five scumbags, and the fight is a little surprised. Lots of ideas, good luck, trash skills can be swept in the same level as a treasure, and it’s not difficult to get a leapfrog battle. Even if it is waste material at this time, it will surely become a genius in the future for 30 years in feng shui rotation. Don’t expect my youth to be poor. A piece of mainland China is really big, with a population of ten thousand trillion, and the two ends are separated by a few light years, and I can cross it in March. Although there are many countries, the customs and cultures are all the same currency grades, weights and measures, and Mandarin is commonly used in the mainland. The master is very powerful, one move can destroy the world, but after tens of thousands of years, the mountains and seas still look like that. The protagonist is always healed from injuries, never becomes disabled, never goes to school, it doesn’t matter, reading and writing are natural. Open your mouth and shut your mouth to guard against the sky, what kind of aura and magical skills God owes you, the fairy Buddha and the monster will kill it!

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