If the elder brother was born first, it would be possible for the parents to chase after a daughter, but 99.99% of them are unlikely to have any messy things such as changing their wishes or drowning. The family relationship should be very good. After the parents died, the older brother would swear that no matter how hard and tired he would be to bring up his younger sister personally, even if he gave up the opportunity to go to graduate school, even if he broke up with his girlfriend who could not accept his younger sister. At this time, relatives came to persuade his brother to take his younger sister to a home. Of course, the elder brother refused, and even fought with relatives, claiming that he could be an enemy of anyone for the sake of his younger sister. But, soon, my brother felt unable to do what he wanted. The parents only left two houses and a small deposit. Outsiders looked like a lot, but there was a four-legged gold swallowing beast with a sister, which was not enough to spend. The savings are just enough for my sister’s kindergarten tuition. I dare not sell the house. Otherwise, where will I get the money for my primary school, middle school, or university? I can’t sit and eat too much. My brother found a job in his hometown, because the university is an ordinary undergraduate, so I can only find a low-paying 996. Usually in the morning, I hurriedly send my sister to the kindergarten and then rush to work, but it is a big problem after school. There is no way to ask the grandma next door to pick up my grandson for more than 1,000 a month to help pick up my sister. When I get off work, I will pick him up from the grandma’s house. Come. Because of the busy work and the mess of housework, my sister often goes to the kindergarten with a chicken coop and wears dirty clothes that have not been washed for a week, where she is squeezed out by the children. In my grandma’s house, I was often bullied by my grandson. One day, my sister was bullied by her grandson and she secretly ran out in front of her house and waited for her brother to return home. After waiting, she fell asleep and wore less clothes. She had a high fever that night. The elder brother took care of his sister in the hospital in a puzzled manner. While paying for the hospital like running water, he also had to deal with the boss’s urging serial call. Finally, he also lost his eyes and fainted. When I woke up, I saw aunts and uncles with anxious faces. My uncle was a little angry and asked if you were going to live like this? The elder brother turned his head and was silent for a long time, saying that I can’t give up her, I am the elder brother. My aunt said that I was the same as you back then, because I was an older sister and gave up the opportunity to go to school and the opportunity to do business to make money. She thought she had sacrificed a lot, but the younger brother didn’t get much benefit either. If I was “selfish” at the time, I would definitely have a better life than I am now, and it wouldn’t be the case that my brother and my brother died. I couldn’t even support their children. The opportunity of youth, missed, can never be found again. My uncle said that the times are different. Now there are too many adopters than adopted children. It’s not the time when children would starve to death when they were thrown on the street. How many people paid a lot of money and couldn’t find a healthy child to raise. Finding a good family is good for both of you, so why bother to be tied together to death? Look at you just taking her for a few days, so she became ill? If you continue to raise it, you can’t kill anyone? In addition to safety issues, after going to school, don’t say that you make her unable to go to good schools and various tutoring classes. Even if you leave work so late, she leaves school early and it is too easy to learn badly. You don’t want your sister to be a street gangster without graduating from junior high school. …Finally, my brother was moved, and my uncle and the others also helped to find an infertile couple. The couple are well-educated, from a wealthy family, and like their sister very much. I just asked my brother to sign a contract in which my brother and sister would never meet. The elder brother cried secretly all night, not daring to let his sister hear, so he could only bite the quilt with his teeth. The next day, he got up early and combed the beautiful pigtails his mother used to comb her when she was alive. He took his sister to the mall to buy the toys and clothes she had wanted but was reluctant to buy two days before, and went to play again. Played in the field all day. In the end, I told my sister that my brother was going away for a while. Would you like to stay with the uncle and aunt who came two days ago for some time? They are so kind. My sister said no, I’m afraid, there will be children in their family who beat me like a neighbor’s brother. My brother said he was not afraid. There are no other children in their family, so you are the only one. I will pick you up when I’m done. …But my brother broke his promise. He signed the never-recognized contract and left quietly. Because he understands that he can’t ruin his sister’s brighter future just because of his feelings. Originally, the elder brother planned to sell the house and split half of the money to the younger sister, but was strictly stopped by all the relatives. Relatives said, don’t say you are a son, the house at home should have been yours. What does it mean to send money like this? The family who adopted your sister is not short of money at all. You are telling others that I do not owe you money, so there is a reason to recognize my sister again in the future. Apart from moving yourself, this is not good for your sister at all. My brother had no choice but to give up. Later, he worked hard to be admitted to a graduate student in Beijing, found a good job in the first-tier cities, and harvested sweet love.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In “The Next Stop Is Happiness”, He Fanxing and He Canyang are considered to be families that favor women over men, right? The screenwriter’s operation in order to reversely stimulate the female group turned over. He Fanxing is loved by his parents, and He Canyang has to make way for her when he is in a relationship. Later, when the plot aired, did everyone’s reaction look very happy and female? No, everyone still condemns their parents’ preference for daughters over sons. Why do two children prefer one sister so much? Isn’t the younger brother a human? Explain many things. Everyone’s focus is on preference and unfairness, rather than really thinking that as long as resources are tilted towards girls, it is politically correct.

6 months ago

If you replace “sister” with “brother”, then your brother has been abused since childhood, forced to pretend to be lame, sent to your aunt’s house, bullied by your cousin/elder sister, peeked/ molested by your aunt/uncle, almost abandoned, and by your parents Deliberately neglected to drown while swimming, was domestically abused, and was forced to change one’s choice. The university started work-study and did not spend a penny at home; while the younger sister was born with family expectations and raised up a little princess and a little overlord. Satisfied people spit, throw cups and bowls, cry and make a lot of noise if they don’t agree. I will still be angry and hope that my brother will stay away from this original family that is terrifying to him. This is not a matter of gender, or whether a sister should raise a younger brother. If the family is harmonious and the two have a good relationship, after the parents pass away, whether they are siblings, siblings, brothers or sisters, they can live together. But as far as the movie is concerned, the younger brother is a stranger to the older sister, and even the expectation of the parents on the younger brother is the beginning of the tragic life of the older sister. In this case, what is the need to raise the younger brother and live together? Sending off his younger brother for adoption, on the contrary, is to perfect his younger brother and let himself go. Recently I watched “My Sister” and wrote a film review submission. Friends who like to write text can follow this~

6 months ago

Whether it is patriarchal or patriarchal, it can be said to be a pathological phenomenon. The story is still that story, we will still be angry just by changing roles! Parents, whether they are sons or daughters, should not be favored, but should be treated equally, and one cannot be deprived of the love of one to raise the other into a giant baby. In the play, Zifeng, as her sister, was abused and forced to pretend to be lame and beaten. It can be said that she has never received love from her parents. She grew up tenacious in such an environment. She should have escaped from this environment and should have gone. Pursuing my own new life, but the arrival of my younger brother made everything complicated. If the elder sister here becomes a elder brother, and the younger brother becomes a younger sister, and the elder brother has been abused and bullied since he was a child, he will finally have to make choices for the younger sister! Maybe you have to give up your girlfriend! Whether it is to brother or sister, this is unfair, okay!

6 months ago

Here I just talk about the role of my sister in the movie. This is actually a typical patriarchal patriarch. Her parents prefer sons over daughters, because they are girls, An Ran was fostered in her aunt’s house since she was a child, and returned to her own home after she was so cold-hearted. Her parents can beat her if she doesn’t like a small thing, even in college, she can hardly finish studying on her own to make money. And the younger brother? Just because she is a boy, she has the meticulous love of her parents from birth, and leads a carefree childhood. Why is she neglected by her parents, and she has to bear the responsibilities of her parents after her parents die? After all, this is not a problem encountered by Enron alone, it is a problem encountered by many women. Back to the question. If the gender is swapped. Maybe public opinion will be a different story. After all, in reality, it is the male breadwinner who supports the family mostly. It is possible that this elder brother will not and dare not abandon the little sister in the end. If it was like what Enron did in the movie, then he would encounter only a lot more criticisms and accusations than Enron. Changing the gender of the role changes the entire growth environment. Because in the conceptual subconscious, many families see boys and girls differently. Let me ask: In that era, how many families would send boys up for adoption?

6 months ago

I know that many boys have a strong sense of “equality” and are very dissatisfied with the current public opinion that “women’s rights are paramount” in the online environment. However, the real environment is ignored. If gender swapping is on this topic, there is a basic situation that will not happen: parents will not chase their elder brother for a house. If there is no plot of going back to the house, how to make up this story? Back to reality, there is no plot of going back to the house. How could the “brother” in reality put his story on the Internet, and stand on the commanding heights and say: I just sent my sister to the countryside! I will never be a Fumei Demon! There is no such context. Because there is no such reality. This topic is so hot, let me explain it in detail. Older brothers embezzle their parents’ property and don’t raise younger brothers and sisters, are there any? Have. Of course, the so-called parents’ property was just a house. In the example of my hometown, I made a fortune when I gave it away when I was a child: If the child gave it to you, you have to pay for it, right? Therefore, this story is first of all a moral issue. Is it immoral for older brothers and sisters not to support younger siblings? I say yes. As for the legal aspect, it is very common for biological parents to abandon and adopt children. My elder brothers and sisters here say that the law is too early. So, why does the heroine of Tianya dare to write such a moral issue proudly? Why can a movie like “My Sister” be made? Because the story must have a social background. Say “gender swap” out of the big social background, change the ghost? Contrary to what many young people think of “no”, there are really many. However, it is not worth mentioning when compared with the data of a one-child sister seeking a second child. The domestic sex ratio of men and women can be watched on the data. The most scary sex ratio in China is not the first child, but the second child, the third child, and the fourth child. In this kind of social background, in order to oppose feminism, I insisted: There are a lot of people who want sisters for one child and second child. Whether the older ones should support the younger ones is a moral issue. It’s not good for the son, it’s much better for the daughter, and it’s for the big one. It’s not good to the little ones. It’s a tradition of orderly growth. This is hilarious! That’s why I asked: Is there such a thing as giving two houses to the son because the younger sister was born and then coming back? Someone even said to me: Yes! I also know there are. Our Jianguo predecessors still do not have children and want children with their mother’s surname, but in the social environment, it is better than nothing.

6 months ago

Regarding this question, many answers below say that if “sister” is replaced by “brother” and “brother” is replaced by “sister”, then the story will not be valid. Because the logic of the entire movie “My Sister” is based on the concept of “patriarchy”. If the parents have a boy in their first child, there is a high probability that they do not need to have a second child. This judgment has a certain truth. Whether it is a colleague who has been in contact before, or neighbors around, it is true that most of the combinations are [siblings], or [sisters], or even [sister, sister, young sister] combinations. If you have to switch in this way, suppose the movie “sister” becomes “brother” and “brother” becomes “sister”, then Zhang Zifeng happened to act in a movie “Take my brother away quickly” corresponding to this assumption, which is unfortunate. Yeah~ Zhang Zifeng, Peng Yuchang, and Zhao Jinmai starred in “Take my brother away” and “Take my brother away” in 2018. Zhang Zifeng was only about 18 years old that year. From the posters, there are still very cute Baby fat is completely different from the firm and cold style in “My Sister”. In this movie, Zhang Zifeng and Peng Yuchang formed a [brother and sister CP]. In addition, although “Take My Brother Away” does not have such an extreme plot as the sudden death of both parents, it also has a similar parental divorce background. The background of the story is similar to “My Sister”. It is a family falling apart. What should a child do. This film is a warm comedy, featuring a relaxed and happy youthful humor, a bit of fantasy through the drama, and thinking about happy families. Shifen, played by Peng Yuchang, is usually very stubborn and often teases his younger sister. The younger sister has to endure sharing everything at home with her brother. So Shifen, played by Zhang Zifeng, made a wish to make him disappear on her birthday. The result is really like the plots of “Charlotte Annoyance” and “Hello, Li Huanying”, the younger sister made a successful wish and crossed into a new world, and the older brother was divided into Miao Miao played by Zhao Jinmai. Shi Miao became an only daughter like Miao Miao before. After becoming an only daughter, Shi Miao can not only enjoy her own big room, but also delicious and fun things. Even the parents who were on the verge of divorce before have become loving couples. The most important thing is that the parents give all their love. I don’t have to share it with my brother anymore. And after Shi Miao, as an “outsider”, got along with Miao Miao (in fact, her elder brother) after the journey, she gradually discovered that Shi Miao had always loved herself behind the play and worked hard to maintain the harmony of the family of four. The values ​​of the two films “My Sister” and “Take My Brother Quickly” are completely different. “Take My Brother Quickly” portrays my brother as a naughty but responsible “elder brother like a father”. The role, did a lot of things secretly, my sister heard that her parents were divorced, and she didn’t even want to live with one of her parents, but wanted her brother to take care of her. In “My Sister”, the sister had to take care of her younger brother. It designed the sister’s childhood to be very miserable, specifically emphasizing that the parents have serious patriarchal thinking and vicious practices. The country’s opening of the second-child policy was probably from 2015 to 2016. Both “My Sister” and “Take My Brother Away” both chose this theme. “Take my brother away quickly” mainly discusses families with only one child and two-child families, especially the [sibling combination] is still very fragrant. My brother has a sense of responsibility and can gradually take on the responsibility of caring for his sister when his parents are out of place. But the gender change in “My Sister”, including the unfair treatment of my sister when she was a child, looks like a sad story. It is quite interesting to compare these two films, which are also starring Zhang Zifeng and a female director, about the second child, affection and family.

6 months ago

Let me provide a new perspective. If this is a sibling story, there is a high probability that the elder brother will not be required to take care of the younger sister “in person”, because in the traditional Chinese concept, a man would never take care of children at all, and he would not be required to learn to take care of children. A lot of “Dad is dangerous when there is no danger” videos on Douyin are proof. Even if you are already a father, it is just a fun and normal thing to not take care of your children. Therefore, if it is a sibling, there is a high probability that relatives will take the initiative to take care of the younger sister, or suggest that they are sent for adoption. The highest requirement for the elder brother is to pay some money, and the amount will not be much, because the elder brother is not good at taking care of him. No one can force him. In addition, the Chinese traditional concept assumes that men are the continuation of the family, so boys are sent for adoption to change their surnames and girls are sent for adoption to change their surnames are completely different things. If it is an older brother who will adopt a younger sister, in addition to being considerate that he will not take care of the child, relatives will also feel that a girl will be from someone else’s family sooner or later. What is the difference between changing the surname early and changing the surname later? The family property is the same. Even if the parents are still alive, the house will most likely be left to the elder brother. What if the younger sister can’t get it? But it’s different for sister to adopt younger brother, this is to let the old x family be the last. The most fundamental difference in this matter is that the reactions of relatives will be different. It is not only the parents who favor sons, but the entire generation. In the past few days that Zhihu argued over this matter, many men emphasized that they are responsible for the family, so if they are brothers and sisters, they will naturally be asked to take care of their sisters. This is really cola. Do you really have a sister? Have you ever been asked to take care of them when she was young? It is commonly known as bringing a child. I am the only child myself, but I am the eldest at my grandma’s house, so I have brought both cousins ​​and cousins. Later, after my cousin was born, I started to feel that something was wrong, because my cousin would not be required to bring a cousin, but I would be asked to give up playing time to take care of the child. Even once, I was left at home to take the child, and my grandfather took the two cousins ​​to go. Fun in the zoo. I made a lot of noise that time because of “unfairness”, and then I was said to be ignorant. Men’s responsibility to the family is more reflected in the provision of money. No one expects them to do housework for the family, and it is impossible to ask them to sacrifice their future for the family, because they themselves are the family itself, and their future is the future of the family. . On the contrary, women should fight for the future of their families in their entire lives, in other words, make sacrifices for the future of men. Are men stressed? Big. Because he enjoys these sacrifices, he must have a future. The pressure of a man comes from the pressure of his own achievements. Even if he is a good man who is responsible for his family, he is not good at his career and does not mix well, he is not worthy of being a man. Just like this story of sex change, in fact, the final evaluation will depend on how well your elder brother is mixed. He gets mixed up and takes care of his adopted sister from time to time, and he will be considered the best brother in the world. He didn’t mix well, even if he was delayed because of the hard work of taking care of his sister, he would be said to have put the cart before the horse, betrayed the expectations of his parents, and had no ambition. This is the ending of this sex transfer story.

6 months ago

“Fate… Fate of the sky?” Or “My sister can’t be so cute?” The plot is reversed. I will play and take a daily routine: at the beginning of the game, the brother is clamoring to raise his sister, and his relatives will not let him. He raised him and said, “You are just a college student and go to the postgraduate entrance examination for Ph.D.”, and then they started fighting. It was not the protagonist’s relative who was injured and flashed back, but the protagonist was interrupted and sent to the orthopedics department in Germany… After the friend learned that he had a younger sister, he insisted on raising her younger sister from Beijing, and cursed, “Sick sister control is disgusting. I have been with you for 5 years! I never thought you were a sister control!” Then they broke up. The male lead was heartbroken. He vomited a bed sheet from a hangover at night, and the younger sister dragged the bed sheet into the washing machine when she saw it. My brother loves this sister even more. There was a rich man who got it right. The little girl was clever and clever. She took out half of her house’s bank card and handed it to the male owner. As long as the sign is no longer to see his sister, half of the mansion’s money and half of the car will go to the male owner. The male protagonist flicked his hand and wrote the adoption agreement: “I signed a ***” and pulled his younger sister back to her bicycle and house, where her parents died, and lived a happy life with her younger sister…? There are a lot of people at the door of the house, saying that they are checking the water meter and delivering food and warm things. I will go and see…

6 months ago

If he was replaced by an older brother, he would not suffer the various abuses experienced by his older sister. He would pretend to be lame in order to give birth to a second child, was deliberately sent to death by his parents, and was chased for a house. However, as China has always thought he would be educated to take care of his brother’s responsibilities. younger brother. In addition, even if he is an older brother, I don’t think he must give up his ideals in life to raise a younger brother, he can have his own choice. I support him if he wants to raise his younger brother, but I also support him if he doesn’t want to raise his younger brother and send him up. I support the latter even more, because this is the best choice for them. Find a family without children to raise them. The younger brother can grow up in a family with both parents, and the older brother can pursue his ideals.

6 months ago

If the first one is the brother, or there will be no second child at all. Many of my classmates are almost siblings or only sons of boys, a small number of only daughters or sisters, and almost no siblings. I am also a sibling combination myself. I was born when family planning was the worst. My brother was born because I had a disability certificate. So there is no fine for abortion. Afterwards, I relaxed a little bit, that is, the first daughter, and tacit permission to give birth to a second child. Where do you think the sentence in the hospital that prohibits non-medical gender identification comes from? It was countless female fetuses that had been beaten bloody. The most positive after opening up the second child is not those whose first child is a daughter. If the elder is a son, will he be fostered? Will it be ignored? Will it reduce his living expenses? can you? can you?

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