Liu Shuai, male, Han nationality, a native of Linzhang County, Handan City, Hebei Province. The comrade was admitted to Anhui Agricultural University in 2019. In September 2020, he passed physical examination, political assessment, pre-service training, approval and military appointment and other formalities and was assigned to the army. Served in a certain unit of the Xinjiang Military Region. After arriving in the army on September 17, 2020, the comrade showed discomfort the next day and proposed to leave the army. After repeated ideological education and guidance by the army and his family were invalid, the Disciplinary Inspection Committee of the Southern Xinjiang Military Region of the Communist Party of China made a decision to remove Liu Shuai from his military service on November 6, 2020.

In accordance with relevant regulations, Anhui Agricultural University gave Liu Shuai an opinion on December 21, 2020, not to return to school within two years.

In accordance with the “Military Service Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Conscription Work Regulations” and other legal provisions, the comprehensive school’s handling opinions, and the drafting leadership group meeting in Shushan District, decided to impose the following punishments on Liu Shuai, a college student who refused to perform military service in Anhui Agricultural University:

  1. Cancel the preferential treatment for conscripts, and a fine of 46,866 yuan (two times the family preferential treatment for conscripts in the Shushan District in 2020) will be imposed by the Amber Sub-district Office in conjunction with Anhui Agricultural University, and the fine will be handed in District Finance (Arrears remittance account number provided by the District Finance Bureau). If he refuses to pay the fine within the time limit, he shall apply to the people’s court for enforcement.
  2. Include them in the list of serious untrustworthy entities performing national defense obligations for joint punishment, and the financial sector shall not grant them preferential credit policies and preferential interest rates within 3 years.
  3. Shushan District Organizations, Human Resources and Social Security and other departments shall not employ them as civil servants or staff members managed by reference to the Civil Servants Law, staff from public institutions and staff from state-owned enterprises.
  4. Anhui Agricultural University shall not go through the formalities for returning to school within 2 years.
  5. The media units in Shushan District regard it as a negative example of violating the “Military Service Law” and notify the society.
  6. A letter to the military service agency in the domicile area, and the public security department in the domicile area should remark the permanent words “Refusal to Military Service” in the “Military Service Column” of their household registration.
  7. A letter to the military service agency in the domicile area, and the civil affairs and housing construction departments in the domicile area shall not include them in the scope of hardship subsidies and indemnificatory housing projects.
  8. Letter to the military service agency in the domicile area, requesting that the administrative examination and approval department of the domicile area shall not go through the formalities for doing business for them within 3 years.

This decision will be implemented gradually from the date of issuance and will be completed by the end of June 2021

Regarding the decision on the decision of Liu Shuai, a recruit who refused military service in 2020


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

He served in the army around 10 years ago. I know. Before awarding the ranks, the recruits, squad leader, platoon leader, and company commander will talk in sequence. I’m concerned about the recruits’ psychology, life, and training status, whether they are willing to serve in the army, whether they adapt to the life of the army, and whether they plan to leave. My squad leader is quite funny. He just complained a few words and quickly asked if he could persist. If he could persist, he would adapt slowly. If he could not persist, he would tell me that I would give you a report. If you don’t get the title, you won’t regret it. Fortunately, I am more determined. If you report back, this will have no effect. You can go back at any time before awarding the title. There will also be a physical examination, and some recruits who are not physically allowed will be returned. After being awarded the title, he officially becomes a soldier, so he can no longer retreat. Two of our recruits were reported to leave by themselves. A medical examination found a problem to persuade him to leave. There was a problem with the body, and a large group of people cried at the time. This person was kind and very easy to get along with. He got along well with the recruits of the entire platoon. If after being awarded the title, regret and want to leave, but still want to leave after being persuaded, that would be a refusal to perform military service. As an adult, you will be responsible for your actions.

6 months ago

This person is just a bit sandy, and there is no other explanation. There are countless links in the process of enlisting college students from issuing the announcement to signing up to the physical examination to the political trial. If you don’t seize so many opportunities, you can wait until the army to regret it again. This is too much. Since he proposed to retire, someone in the army must have explained the consequences of resisting military service in detail, but because of Sha, he chose to be an ostrich. He probably felt that as long as he closed his eyes, the world would cease to exist. Now he is about to pay the price for his sand. The units within the system have nothing to do with him. Bank financial institutions have little to do with him. I want to go back to school after two years.

6 months ago

In theory, military service refusal can be regarded as military service refusal at any point after the submission of the military service application to confirm the intention to the official discharge. In fact, refusal to perform military service will only occur after the training of the new barracks is officially awarded to the minimum length of service. From the written documents, there are basically no objections to military service, but some are not qualified and discharged early due to various reasons. The enlistment process is a process of dismissal. From the two months to half a year after you decide to enlist to the end of the boot camp training, every process is dismissing. Even if you arrive at the boot camp, there will still be the issue of dismissal, and you will not stay. Any bad record is just that you are “not suitable”, and you are still a passionate young man with a heart for the motherland.

6 months ago

This is a bit too outrageous. How serious are the consequences? It is also the age of peace, and the age of war is really set aside, and it must be dealt with in accordance with the military law of deserters. Formally enlisted in the army and officially awarded the rank, the army has already counted you as a position, but you are “unsuitable” and go straight back to your home? It’s a joke. I think it is necessary to talk about this matter because I think in a sense, the feeling that the college student reflects to me is that he doesn’t care about the consequences of one thing. Many answers said, is this person stupid? Why are there so many processes that can choose to quit halfway, and have to choose a way that hurts them the most? No, no, in school, society and the workplace, you have a chance to meet a class of people who go to school or work, often absent from work, and the leader communicates with him only if he agrees but never corrects and works diligently. , Responsibility is a non-existent concept for them. Fire me? Then I’ll be fired, and I will go fishing and drying the net in another place. Even in the kind of company that calculates salaries based on performance, they still have this attitude. Other colleagues will be curious, why can this buddy/sister be like this? The reason is simple, don’t care. Once they encounter something that makes them feel that there is some resistance and difficulty, it will restrain themselves, and they will immediately choose to quit. An example I personally encountered was that when I was working in a good company, a colleague resigned directly because of the adjustment of the business department (the work intensity and income did not change much). Regarding the cost of retiring from military service, Zhihu can be popularized by a bunch of people. College students have been indoctrinated countless times by the military officers and their parents before making a decision. The only explanation is that he does not think that the price is unaffordable for him. Isn’t that the case… Let it be reality. The characteristic of this kind of people is that once they have a certain idea, even if it’s just a random idea, you can’t get it back anyway. It can only be said that let the latecomers take warning.

6 months ago

He may not know what the words “refusal to military service” would mean. Military service in our country is not compulsory, but voluntary. Citizens apply voluntarily. Once they are approved to join the army, they cannot be refused for any reason. After he refused to perform military service, his personal household registration column was also marked with the four permanent words “Refusal to perform military service.” In other words, these four characters will accompany the person throughout his life. With these four characters, a large part of the units will have no relationship with him, and even affect the political trial of future generations. Actually, I don’t know why I will not regret it until all the procedures are over. If I can’t accept it at the beginning, why should I sign up? Enlisting in the army is a very sacred and glorious thing, we are here to send off. In fact, I still envy people who join the army, and I want to go too. When I was young, I didn’t go there for some reason, and now I am past that age and can’t sign up. But it’s useless to say it. After all, the people in the army have told his family more. Since he doesn’t care, then we have nothing to say, just let him be responsible for his actions. I just hope that the young people who sign up for the army in the future will think clearly and think carefully before signing up. Don’t treat this as a trifle!

6 months ago

The cost of resisting military service is very high now. First, life-long taint will not be able to enter the system and affect credit loans. Second, financial punishment. The third component is not good for future generations. This is not a big deal. If you live in a county or township, you will basically be spurned by the stain of resisting military service in the local area and will be pointed out by countless people. It is better for first- and second-tier cities. Speaking of this, many people in the comments expressed opposition. It seems that many people have never lived in a town or county. To what extent is the relationship between people in county-level cities? For example, I have experimented with a large traffic accident in our county. When it first happened, people around was spreading it. When I heard about it, my friend and I immediately said to my friend: We still don’t know who the driver was. , But I can make a bet with you that this driver must be a relative of our classmate, or a relative of a relative, or a friend of a friend, or a relative of a friend, in short, at most one person is separated from us! After less than a week, the fact that the driver who caused the accident is a friend of my friend and a relative of my relative, and my friend is also the same. There is a good saying that in theory, each of us can pass 5 people. To get to know Obama, you only need to get to know the secretary of the county party committee through one person in the county seat. As for everyone spurned, I am not exaggerating. In a small city, once someone talks about you behind their backs, they must first discuss your explicit label and identity. For example, I heard that you have one hundred million and you kill. Excellent, your uncle is the secretary of the provincial party committee, you have been a deserter, you have molested a woman, these behaviors and personal labels are highly discussed, so you live in a county or township with the taint of deserters, your personal The image can be imagined, the death of a society is certain, and everyone shouts that it will not be defeated. East Asian societies have basically zero tolerance for deserters and surrender behaviors, even though they all know that the hardworking people in the army are afraid of death. But the army is different. The army is actually very tolerant of deserters. Each army adds 4 to 500 new recruits a year. It is a normal probability that there will be 1 or 2 deserters. Once the soldiers retreat, the organization will look for them. Its a heart-to-heart. One thing may be unexpected. Even if there are new recruits fled, some troops will do everything possible to keep them after they are captured, instead of immediately informing the local armed forces. For example, my original troops handled this way. If you are lost, you will know what to return. You can continue to serve in a down-to-earth manner, but I don’t know how the army has generally handled it in recent years. Deserters are basically going to leave after eating the weight of the weight. There are some whim, but less.

6 months ago

Xie Invite, after going through various procedures such as medical examination and political review, did you regret it after you enlisted in the army? Is it a child’s play to be a soldier? Since enlisting in the army is a soldier, we must be disciplined. Deserters must be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Military Service Law”. This wave of operations is correct and reasonable and legal. The word “forever” will follow him for life. It is a shame to be a deserter! Article 66 of the “Military Service Law of the People’s Republic of China” contains detailed provisions on the punishment of “objection to military service”: if a citizen who is obligated to perform military service commits one of the following acts, the county-level people’s government shall order it to correct within a time limit; , The county-level people’s government forces them to perform their military service obligations, and may impose fines: (1) Rejecting or evading military service registration and physical examination; (2) Rejecting or evading enlistment by citizens who are enlisted; (3) Reservists refusing or evading participation Military training, execution of military service and conscription. Anyone who refuses to make corrections in the second item of the preceding paragraph shall not be hired as a civil servant or a staff member managed with reference to the Civil Service Law, and shall not leave the country (territory) or enter a higher education within two years. Even if you are willing to suffer from this bit of suffering, can you still count on such people to contribute to the country and society? I don’t have any responsibility, so I can do it for myself.

6 months ago

As a past person, I would like to say that many people say that there are countless repentance links in the middle. Why don’t they repent in the middle? I think. This is to a large extent to blame for the current domestic film and television works. The description of life in the general camp is too exaggerated. The real life of the army is boring and monotonous. If it contradicts the squad leader and platoon leader, they sleep when they want to sleep, lie down when they want, and eat when they want. Isn’t that funny? This led to some people’s expectations of the troops, or understanding of the above errors, thinking of serving as a soldier the same as traveling. This recruit shouldn’t be forced, and it’s not that I don’t want to be a soldier. It’s just that I just feel that being a soldier is just like fun. When I actually come into contact with it, I realize that the troops are different from what I thought. Can’t hold on.

6 months ago

Attracted by the people from Handan, Hebei in the title, I am a fellow of my own. Some people say that they regretted being a soldier for a while, but that they regretted not being a soldier forever. Now that you have decided to enter the army by yourself, and the political review and physical examination have been completed, why should the army let you go in vain? During this period, how many people participated because of your joining the team? I have a friend who is a military academy. I talked to him about life in a military academy, but it was very uncomfortable for a few months after entering the military school. Many people gave up and did not know the rules for military academy withdrawal. But if I can’t stand the suffering, I don’t think I am qualified to be a soldier. The high probability of his future is that it has nothing to do with all the institutional departments and large enterprises. Brother, when you regretted so many times, you didn’t choose, and you regret it after you go in. Whoever pays the price if you don’t pay.

6 months ago

My time in the army is neither long nor short. I have participated in receiving/sending soldiers in the past ten years. I have stayed in a recruit company, and I have personally retreated a few soldiers due to physical reasons. From the perspective of people in the past, this matter is actually not complicated-there is no other reason for not wanting to do it, and there is no conspiracy theory to say 1. From the link, the whole process includes physical examination, political assessment, pre-service training, approval and determination. Soldiers and so on. During this period, you can quit at any link, and there are no consequences, but he didn’t. Instead, he said he wanted to leave after he arrived in Xinjiang. The high probability is that his parents are urging him tightly. Willing, just want to go to the army to see and then make a decision. 2. From the perspective of time, after arriving in the army on September 18, 2020, he showed discomfort and proposed to leave the army. At this time, the training of the recruit company hasn’t started yet. At most, it has just arrived at the training base and divided into classes. Therefore, there will be no problems of squad leader bullying and cadres not fulfilling their responsibilities. The most likely thing is that when you arrive in the army, you find that it is different from what you imagined, and without the constraints of your parents, you are determined to retreat. One more thing is. In fact, the army is still humane, and it is generally very cautious to make the “decision to remove the name from military service.” I have only seen it once in the army for so many years. So once he puts forward the idea of ​​refusing to accept, the troops will definitely do their work actively, and they can basically meet the requirements. This is also the reason why I don’t think it is the “inhumane management of the troops” that caused him to withdraw. 3. The consequences are very serious. 4. A little suggestion. Actually, life in the army is very boring. When I became a captain and when I was a student, there was no difference in life. It was always simple repetitions and wanted to go. You must be psychologically prepared when I was in the army. Moreover, when I was in the army, everyone had a consensus: Some soldiers can’t be trained, so don’t worry about whether you can stand it after you go. The benevolent see benevolence, but I think if it is possible, it would be good to join the army for two years (except for personal suggestions, all content is based on network information and does not constitute a conclusion. If you feel inappropriate, please contact by private message)

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