The status and ranking of any position are controversial, and only the number one mid laner will always belong to him. Even to say something awkward, you let any champion mid laner in the past call himself “the world’s No. 1 mid laner”, do you see anyone dare? In terms of honor alone, if you go to Baidu, it will take a lot of time to remember the honors he has won. Few fans remember his trophies and honorary titles, because there are too many. In terms of peak strength rating alone, the strongest king <professional player<<<Lee Sang Hyuk (Faker). If I remember correctly, Lee Sang Hyuk was originally appointed by kkoma (the first SKT coach) to play professionally. He is the only one who can sit on the professional starting lineup without trial training (players need trial training to determine their level of strength). People, no one dared to question his strength. So far, no player on any team can do this. If there are children who want to become Faker in the future, I will try my best to become a role model. ——Lee Sang Hyuk’s letter “The Undead” was published in the official Korean newspaper of the S10 champion mid laner. Showmaker (Hsu Soo) is a fan of Lee Sang Hyuk. The mid laner of another team, BDD too. S7 champion mid-laner, Crown Brother, once suffered from the Faker phobia and had to see a psychiatrist. In the final championship battle, he chose 3 grasshoppers (Grasshopper’s big move is the only unavoidable big move in LOL, the effect is to suppress for 2.5 seconds), this is the only way he and the coaching staff can think of suppressing Lee Sang Hyuk . Faker has served up to now, without gambling, no fake matches, no messing with men and women, and no negative matches. Lee Sang-hyuk went out to play with his teammates who had won the championship before. He was reluctant to buy Coke and bought a bottle of 4 people… By car, everyone wanted to listen to songs. Lee Sang-hyuk does not have a YouTube member, and there are ads for listening to songs… However, Lee Sang-hyuk turned around and donated. He has donated a lot to the UN Children’s Charity Foundation, and some charitable foundations in South Korea also have his name. And he never made it public until one day it was discovered by others that Faker appeared on the list of the Hall of Honor of Donation in Gangseo District, South Korea. Over the years, he probably donated tens of millions. In the hearts of most male LOL players, Lee Sang Hyuk is a god, and for his fans, Lee Sang Hyuk is not a god, he is a role model for young people. Love your job (professional), never cause trouble, behave in a low-key manner, do things in a low-key manner, buckle on the surface, and donate to ambassador secretly. Be humble and polite in the face of others, and contend for honor. Professional players come and go, but most people remember Lee Sang Hyuk. Someone once said that if God wants to Solo a LOL with humans to determine the life and death of humans, then God’s opponent can only be Lee Sang Hyuk. Do you think this is a joke? In the past few years, during Lee Sang Hyuk’s peak period, no one felt that God could win. Everyone likes to watch it. Let me add a few more: I started playing LOL on January 4, 2014. Not the first batch of people, but I’m an old player. At that time, whoever killed faker solo would definitely be on the game’s hot news, and the hot news would not go down for a month. For example, the little murloc of Simon, he used to take out in the World Championships and kill faker twice. From now on, when it comes to the little murloc, someone will remember Simon’s name, which is such a terrifying influence. Many hero or summoner skill rework has a lot to do with faker. For example, Ryze, the official redo 4 times or 5 times, the reason is that this hero is outrageous in faker’s hands (especially in faker’s hands, because before other people played it is really not as good as faker). Jie, needless to say, Yue Lun was once the most dazzling genius mid laner, because he was killed by the robbery by Lee Sang-hyuk, and no one cared about it. He retired and went to the military last year. Lee Sang-hyuk helped him solve his happy knot. He used Jie to solo with him again, and then Yue Lun won, excited like a child, smiling and saying, “I can finally go to military service with peace of mind.” Jie’s Tiansha skin hidden voice: If Tiansha’s catastrophe kills another Jie, Faker’s commentary voice “What is that! Faker what was that?” Another question, I don’t know who transliterated this voice into “Long live faker”, but many people believed it… Many of the experiences in Ryze’s voice are very similar to those of Lee Sang Hyuk, and they were before the S8 World Championship. In the promotional video, Lee Sang Hyuk is standing on the top of the mountain, Ryze in the realm of the gods. The book Ryze read in the animation is called “Guide to the Undead King to Rule the World”, and he also drew a broccoli (stem: Lee Sang Hyuk made a bet before, I forgot what the specific content was. Anyway, he was eating cauliflower on stage.) The S5 champion MVP gave the top laner MARIN, but he later transferred. When interviewed, he said, “I only hope that when I am the MVP, There is also me in the name cheering in the audience. “Unfortunately, all the people cheering in the audience are faker… This is also the reason why easyhoon transfers after S6. Although they are the strongest and most dazzling professional players, they are compared with faker. It’s like a spotlight compared to the sun… It’s really stressful. At the beginning of the S7LCK spring game, a bunch of professional players stood on both sides, Li Guapi sat on the sofa, in the middle, when the spotlight on the stage hit him, that kind of aura was scary. So many top professional players are standing, but watching faker sitting on the sofa in the middle. What is an internationally renowned professional player (bring your hands on your chest, leaning back)… The match between S6ROX TIGHER and SKT in the semi-finals of the World Championship was the strongest in LOL history. Ten players from both sides were all ranked first and second in the world at that time. Finally, Rox grabbed faker’s clockwork, four packs of one. Lee Sang-hyuk accelerated the cocoon of the spider flying out of the grass (without vision) with the instant of sprinting (control stun, extremely fast ballistic speed). The four opponents succeeded in escaping when they turned in their big moves. Because the kill failed, Skt did a lot of things within the time of Rox’s big move and secured the victory. On the second day, LOL was updated: Weakened the effect of sprinting, from instant acceleration to gradually increasing acceleration. S7 semi-finals duel, RNG versus SKT, players who have watched this BO5 are heartbroken. That year, the RNG, who was strong enough to defeat the gods, blocked and killed the gods, and the Buddha blocked and killed the Buddha. If you win the S championship, you can reach the Grand Slam. What was SKT like that year? Ueno’s sleepwalking state was poor. ADCbang and wolf felt that they were driven crazy. In an interview, Bang said, “Every day is training, and there is no end at all, there is no time to rest.” “We are training crazy like machines. At this moment I realized that I might die if I continue.” “But Faker, he is just a machine.” Afterwards, bang stopped training and relied on meditation training. Do you dare to believe it? In this way, SKT was abruptly carried into the final by Lee Sang Hyuk! When the last round of RNG opened that day, SKT’s record was still unbroken (the last BO5 round will never be defeated). At that time, the commentator remembered what the teacher said on stage, which really made RNG still full of hope at the time. I feel depressed. 5 Galio, shattered RNG’s path forward. “My idol is flying in the sky, and my dream is smashed.” How did the SKT finals that were exhausted at that time lose? Samsung has studied for a long time, and Crown Brother selected 3 grasshoppers, which flashed with weakness. As soon as the teammate came, the Weak Hades Grip (R) flashed directly, and this way the midlaner god was brought down alive, because suppression was insoluble. then? Then Samsung won the championship, and tens of thousands of people shouted Faker’s name in the audience, hoping that he could cheer up. Then guess what about Brother Crown? He has been sprayed from the end of S7 to the present, the reason is that “victory is not martial”, until he was violently retired by South Korean netizens. The reason is that he used flashing weakness to suppress Faker’s three consecutive championships. So the word of mouth of the Samsung team for a while… Well, it’s a pity Brother Crown… If Faker is going to retire, I said if, but it’s almost a few years now, the official will give him a separate skin, or I don’t think it is too much for him to circle the canyon map alone and get his logo or signature.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I said Uzi is the world’s No. 1 AD. They will say bathing dogs, gaming giant babies, eating three-way per person, teamfighting 0 output, eating resources and exploding teammates. I said that the factory manager is the world’s No. 1 jungler, they will If you say 4396, you will only run away. EDG will never destroy the group. I say that theshy is the world’s number one top laner. They will say that theshy is the top laner in the world. In a mid laner, they would say that he was photographed picking his nose during the game!

6 months ago

Speaking of many historical achievements and honors, I think the subject may not be able to directly understand the gold content. At present, he probably only knows that he has many champions to achieve dominance. So I will not go into details in this respect, I will start from other aspects-Lee Sang Hyuk’s life. If he is just a lot of champions, although he is still the “League of Legends first person”, there will not be so many League of Legends players who will regard him as a “god.” If you just listen to what others say about Lee Sang Hyuk, you will feel extremely unreal, and you will even wonder if he is a character created in elementary school ideological and moral textbooks/DC comic books-if he is not real. This is the first time I have seen Faker show my true feelings (referring to sitting on a chair crying after losing in the finals), and then I realized that he is a real person, not a machine. Crown was interviewed after winning the 2017 World Finals. 1. Win without arrogance and defeat, and always keep the desire for victory. It is easy for ordinary people to be satisfied after obtaining a rare achievement, indulge in the glory of the past, and be proud, arrogant and self-esteem. In order to require others to pay attention to themselves, and even pay tribute to them. For example, talk about a very difficult project, overcome the technical problems of the project, or the easiest way to get promoted and get rich, or get admitted to Qingbei. This may still be general. Let me give you an example. If someone is admitted to Yale, Cambridge, then he will have a big dinner for at least three days, and then give himself a vacation, let alone rest for more than a month, just before school starts. Invest in learning again. But Lee Sang Hyuk is definitely not such a person. I am very confident that the night Lee Sang Hyuk received the news of admission, he would devote himself to the study of college courses, such as mathematics, big things, and C language. If he is your colleague who usually works, he will be at the company for three meals a day, including sleeping, and you may even feel that the word “workaholic” is no longer worthy of him. His former teammates Bang and Wolf made it clear in interviews that they can’t stand this level of work. “We were almost crying in training in 2015, mainly because the players didn’t have much experience in winning… so the results of that year were all due to the hard work we put in… .In 2016, when we started to lose some games, I asked myself, why did this happen? Where did it go wrong? We trained like last year, why were we sprayed like this? So we started again like 2015, using Training hard enough to make myself cry. “After 2016, I began to have a thought that made myself creepy: If I continue to live like this, I will probably die… This emotion was in 2017 The spring competition reached its peak in 2015. When I saw the MSI schedule, I felt my head exploded. The MSI group stage lasted for two weeks, and it took even a month to reach the final. I also heard that MSI has ended. You have to prepare for the summer games. The schedule on the wall is hell. When can we take a break? Are we machines? I even asked the management for help. Fortunately, the team agreed to give us some rest time. “——Bang, but Lee Sang-hyuk has more training time than the team stipulated. After many people enter their careers and careers, they will inevitably retire when they see no hope and no light. Some employees will resign, and some sports stars will retire. Most of them find another way out and leave the world before. However, after falling into a trough in 2014 and 2018, he was frustrated and indomitable, and was able to recover in the following year. 2. Kind and caring, low-key and low-key doing things. Lee Sang-hyuk Donations that have been donated for more than 9 years, this time is almost the same as his career, and the start time is even earlier than his first win in 2013. Donations include but are not limited to: UNICEF, END Violence (Public welfare action to stop domestic violence), ALS (caring for patients who are gradually freezing), and China at the beginning of 2020 when the new crown epidemic broke out… In addition to ALS’s “Ice Bucket Challenge”, Lee Sang Hyuk himself and him The club where you belong has never been publicized on social media before donating, and has never been mentioned repeatedly after donating. So far, it has donated more than 70 million won. 3. Save money and be strict with yourself. Don’t blink, buckle and buckle yourself. A down jacket given by fans has been worn for 6 years. In the past few years, people who ate clubs, drank clubs, and used clubs had a monthly consumption of no more than 60 RMB. Never indulged. For material enjoyment, never buy any luxury goods, even light luxury (shoes, bags, clothes, etc.). However, at present, I have successfully held shares in the T1 club and entered the board of directors. Due to the changes in the external working environment and work needs, etc. , The current success has risen to 1,500 yuan a month. 4. Persist in reading, don’t forget to learn, like reading, and often read before and during activities and during breaks: I want to do many things after retiring, and I’m always in Thinking, as soon as my career ends, I will return to school and major in science. Physics and chemistry have always been interesting to me, but now, I am more and more interested in neuroscience.-Lee Sang Hyuk 5. Focus on yourself The influence on others and fans was once bad in the live broadcast. The audience fans helped him make excuses for passers-by and said that it was just that he was in a bad state today and was not feeling well.

6 months ago

“Thank you for bringing glory to the League of Legends” This is what LOL Fist said to faker on its tenth anniversary. Faker debuted in 13 years at its peak, and various amazing operations early in his career let people know that a genius boy appeared in LCK. Won the s3 global finals in the first year. Faker’s first trough was the 14th year. The SSW that year was almost perfect, and the Devil couldn’t win the second championship from them. South Korea’s prowess is superb, facing the overwhelming voice of doubt, faker changed. As an old spectator, I saw faker’s game again in 15 years, and found that faker’s game thinking was different than before. In 2013 and 14 faker, faker paid more attention to laning solo kills and often made eye-catching operations. And 15 years later, faker has a veteran that is not suitable for that era. Before that, there was no such “boring” way to run the game as a team. SKT created a precedent. But I still want to emphasize one sentence: the faker after s5 is too perfect, excellent team integration ability, and excellent line-up suppression. Faker is like a booster, as long as he sits in the middle, it seems that every player can perform well. The two consecutive championships of s5s6 made LPL unable to face SKT for a long time. Faker is the son of version. There will always be changes to the game, and there will always be a strong version and a weak version. For a professional arena where everything is indispensable, if the team will use more version heroes, the greater the advantage in the game in BP. For example: RNG vs. SKT in the s7 semi-finals. Uzi will not play the version of the strong hero Xia, so the coach had to do more articles on BP. And Faker follows the version almost every time. The “Censer Monster” version of s7 embodies this point incisively and vividly. It also created a classic game in which a colossus would zenith and fought fiercely in five rounds to change the emperor’s fate. Faker is not only a love of games, his daily life is also different from other players. As the rich man on the Forbes ranking list in 2019, you can’t tell that he is a rich man. Faker saves himself very much, but when he is doing charity, he is not like the Lee Sang-hyuk who grabbed a bottle of Coke and drank four people. Nowadays faker is old, and it makes a group of ignorant people laugh. They may not have watched a few games of faker. It was enough to understand the boy who changed his play style in order to win, the boy who cried bitterly when he missed the championship.

6 months ago

In layman’s terms, then I won’t list the glory, just talk about a few. 1. Riot Company (the development company of LOL, just like Tianmei to the King of Glory) once made a League of Legends chronology, listing all major events of LOL in chronological order, but the first one is not The launch of League of Legends was not the establishment of Riot, nor was it the first year of e-sports, but in 1996, Lee Sang Hyuk was born on the eve of the 2.S7 finals. Riot’s official social account changed his profile picture to the back of Faker. This is Riot. For the first time in history, a professional player was used as an avatar 3. S8 Faker failed to enter the global finals. Riot changed the avatar of its official social account to a cartoon version of Faker to commemorate him. 4. Riot once tweeted, thank you The supreme glory you brought to the League of Legends. The above are all official actions. Your product, you carefully sample other things, including but not limited to: 1. The subject, you are watching the S8 promo, and Faker entered before S8. The worst in the World Finals is the worst result. It is the runner-up in the World Finals, with 3 crowns and 1 Asian. The best result of the mainland team is the runner-up. Team assassination star, after thinking about it, I changed to Mainland China) 2. The S4 champion was interviewed. The host interacted with the audience and asked who was the top laner in the world. The audience said it was looper (S4 champion top laner), and asked the first Who is the jungler, the audience said it was dandy (S4 champion jungler), asked who the first AD was, the audience said it was imp (S4 champion AD), and the audience said it was mata (S4 champion assist), Only when asked about the first mid laner, the audience said in unison that Faker, Faker failed to enter S4 that year. At that time, each division could send 3 teams, which means that Faker’s skt was ranked in South Korea. The fourth place is out, even so, people still think that he is the world’s number one mid laner. 3. From the S5 World Finals to the S7 World Finals, it will last for two years, as long as Faker participates in international events. , All are champions, the team skt dominated the game for two full years, and the title of the title also played Glory of Kings. You should know the impact of the version change on e-sports. 4. Once the president of South Korea went to Europe to visit, the name should be brought Faker went together, but was rejected by Faker on the grounds that he needed a match. In the end, he only brought Faker’s video to the 5.S8 Global Finals, which was called the first year of e-sports. After IG won the championship, a word has been circulating in the circle. Anti-Korea and anti-Korea, it was Faker6 that has always been fighting against. He is the idol of countless new-generation players. Everyone is proud to compete with him on the same stage. Single-killing Faker is a hidden achievement for mid laners, no matter how much you play. Bad, as long as you can complete the single kill of the full-blooded Faker in the professional arena, then you will be cut and placed in the highlights, and you are known as one of the best people using this hero. 7. There was once in the LOL circle. Such a sentence (limited to domestic circulation), if one day God wants to play League of Legends, then the ID he enters is one It must be Faker that thinks of so many, if there are any more, I hope to help you get to know Faker better

6 months ago

The status in LOL is no one at the same time. Although Faker’s old partner Bengi also has a triple crown, the status is still not good. Show you a picture and you can understand the status of Faker. The opening ceremony of the 2017 spring game. The classic picture after Faker won the third s championship. Only Faker is sitting alone, both opponents and teammates are standing on both sides. . The first person in the League of Legends is undisputed. In the e-sports circle, because of the chain of contempt of the League of Legends compared to interstellar dota and other predecessors, it can not be said that it is the first in e-sports, but the top five in history should be no problem. Of course, the character is also very good. Basically there are no black Faker, most of the hate is the science blower like me. When it comes to me, I also express my appreciation. There are reasons for the right time and place for talent. He won his third s match at the age of 20 and was the youngest player to win the s match (the other is Jack Ai, who is the same age but is a few months older). At present, he can tie the three s matches. The championship is not easy. Faker also holds the record for the most championships in the four major leagues (nine league championships, up to two a year) and two msi championships (once a year). Compared with professional life span, it is difficult to reappear at this level. To borrow the words of Saima Niang Rimauzensky, to reach this level, talent, hard work, and luck must be perfectly possessed.

6 months ago

To describe it in four words is-supreme. To describe it in eight words, there is no one before and no one afterwards. Among the League of Legends events, the most important and ambitious event is the annual S game, the League of Legends global finals, the World Cup in football, the Super Bowl in football, and the NBA playoffs in basketball. Faker won the S game three times, and an S game FMVP (short for Finals Most Valuable Player, also known as “Finals Most Valuable Player”). Looking at the whole world, the S tournament triple crown, only faker and his old partner Bengi won this honor. Of course, Bengi is still a fmvp short of faker. PS: When faker won the championship for the first time, the official fmvp was not selected. If it was selected, it would be faker. Two MSI mid-season championships and one intercontinental championship. The gold content of each of these events is equal to Le Mans for rallying, Australian Open for tennis, and the British Tournament for snooker. And nine league titles. Just as Real Madrid and Barcelona are frequent visitors to the La Liga throne, Manchester United regards the Premier League championship trophy as a treasure. In the League of Legends first division league LCK (LoL Champions Korea, the League of Legends Korea Champions League), SKT led by faker is a frequent player in this league. The Green King, the nine-time league champion, is a mountain that all LCK players cannot overcome. In terms of honor, faker is unmatched, and he is the first person in LOL without any controversy. In terms of operation level, faker has been at a world-class or even super-class level for a long time. In his career so far, faker’s peak period of operation should be in the S3, S5~S7 seasons. The champion midlaners of major leagues can be of first-class level, and the midlaners from the group stage in the S match can be of first-class level. They all represent the strongest players in each division. Faker is the only T0 player whose strength is above them. Faker in the S3 period was like a killer, no one was its opponent-South Korea’s top mid laner Ambition and Ryu were the background boards of faker, and Lu Benwei’s “I and Faker are 50-50” has become an unwashable joke. In the era when the assassins were in power, faker brought the assassin hero’s terrorism to the extreme, and even the bottom duo switched to mid lane and faker, just to reduce the pressure of the mid laner (from the 2013 OGN spring game SKT T1 K vs. MVP Blue). Of course, any tactics are weak in the face of strength crushing. The opponent’s mid laner who returned to the center after 8 minutes was single-killed by faker within a minute of being on the line. Let the opponent have to use a two-person combination to suppress faker-although the first-class assassin is “kill one person in ten steps, do not stay for a thousand miles”, and faker’s assassin is “a thousand troops to avoid white robe”. The faker in S5, S6, and S7 not only had the edge of an assassin, but also began to transform into a solid cornerstone of the team. At that time, the world-class mid laners KurO and Crown were even beaten out for fear of diseases. (Professional term: refers to the average mid laner with a high level of skill. Due to the excessive pressure facing faker, the phenomenon of decline in strength and operation deformation when facing faker in the game) Whether it is a magi, an assassin, or a warrior, faker contributes A variety of famous scenes of the competition that make people take a look at it. Among them, it was the S7 semi-final that made countless Chinese audiences remember faker and SKT. At the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center SKT vs RNG, faker used five Galio mid laners to carry his sleepwalking teammates into the final. That night, Faker shattered RNG’s golden dream with a white colossus. S3’s faker is a bloody killer wherever he goes, then the faker of S5 to S7 is an indestructible and unshakable devil. Whether it is honor, or the length and height of the peak period, faker is the well-deserved first person in LOL and the greatest player in the League of Legends. Faker is to League of Legends, Jordan is to basketball, Pele is to football, Ali is to boxing, Bolt is to sprinting. Considering that the competition in the LOL event is more fierce than the KPL with the participation of capital, you can understand the topic as a player who took half of the KPL event championship, how great should be in the field of the glory of the king.

6 months ago

I have played many competitive games, and I often watch various competitions and know (unilaterally) various game players. ——Including but not limited to MOBA (dota, LOL, etc.), FPS (CS, OW, etc.), RTD (SC, War3, etc.)… Every game has a group of top players, but faker, the reason why he ordered People are impressed because they are unique. When you ask who is the strongest in a game circle: if it’s War3, some people may say it’s SKY, or some people say it’s Moon God, or someone else’s… and then those people might pinch it. , Or maybe not… But in any case, you will know that everyone’s views are not consistent. If it’s Dota, someone may come out and criticize you: your questioning is inherently problematic. There is no strong personal heroism in this game… Then those players who criticize you will be roughly divided into two parts, one part is divided into two parts. You are a little white, and you leave without blaming you; the other part tells you that some teams are very strong and will give you a large group of current or former top players, but the answer is by no means the same person. If it is LOL, everyone will yell without hesitation-f! a! k! e! r! why? Isn’t there a lot of controversy in LOL? Why doesn’t anyone stand against each other’s favorite players? Isn’t LOL a team game? Why is there personal heroism? I believe that many times, you will see the following comment when some players show very eye-catching operations: “I suspect that we are not playing a game” This sentence is actually a joke, in fact, what you are playing must be a game. However, faker, Lee Sang Hyuk,-I’m sorry, we are not really playing a game. This is not ridicule, nor questioning, but affirmation. —At least I really fucking think so.

6 months ago

Why is the late open hanging Wang Lu Benwei called “Wu Wu Kai”? Because he dared to claim that he and faker are 50-50! What kind of behavior is this? This is well known among the core players of lol. People joked that he was also a veteran of e-sports when he was 50-50. The peak strength, the top mid laner in China, everyone expected him at that time: Don’t Being single-killed by faker too many times is equivalent to what it is. You have practiced table tennis for several years, and you ask yourself that there is no one in your hand, and then suddenly a kid who has touched the ball for two months hits you into doubts about life, and the people around you still Tell you [Fuck boy, you are so awesome, this kid can’t shave your head! 】Good guy, it’s like a scolding

6 months ago

Let’s make a small analogy. If one day God turns on the computer and wants to play LOL without losing and attracts attention, then the person he possessed must be Lee Sang Hyuk, and the game account he logged in must be: SKT T1- Maybe you are still a little confused when Faker said so, so, so to speak, in the 10 years of LOL game development. The only person who can be called God and Demon King is Faker. Why is he a god in LOL, because since he debuted, he has climbed to the top and overlooked all beings on the god seat. In the ten years so far, there is no second person, and the second force can do it again. Maybe there will be someone later, but it is absolutely unprecedented. In 10 years, three championships, two consecutive championships, and three consecutive championships failed, but this did not affect him as the first person forever. In his own league, he has won the championship for many years. In the LCK promotional film, Faker will always stand in the lead, with a throne by his side. The biggest dragon slayer in LOL, and the swordsman, are only SKT T1 and Faker. Then why do you say that he is the demon king again, because the dragon slayer will eventually become a giant dragon. Faker really interprets what is called the peak of debut, and this peak is not a flash in the pan. Faker’s first appearance on the field, he singled out the well-known mid laner Anan, who was well-known for a long time at the time (as for what status, it is similar to the pillar mid laner of the LCK. When you mention the LCK mid laner, you will think of him). One person directly controls the game and kills the whole team. It can really be said that he kills the game with his own power. Afterwards, the head of An was beaten in a suspicious life, and soon fell to the jungle. Then came the double robbery battle of OGN’s summer finals. The previous LCK format had blind selections, which probably meant that the fifth team would not see each other’s picks, and all heroes could choose, that is It is said that there will even be the same situation as the heroes on both sides. This will be the real test of the players and the rules of the team’s tactics. Only if your hard power is strong enough, you can win. Standing in front of SKT were OGN’s face-to-face team KTB and the legendary mid laner Ryu at the time. If you want to say, the dragon at that time was KTB led by Ryu (Ryu’s position at the time can be understood as LCK face-to-face , South Korea’s LOL mid laner, national-level mid laner.) Although Faker was dazzling in his debut, no one would believe that a young player who had just made his debut could cut the dragon under the horse. The facts were also moving toward what people thought from the beginning. KTB showed a strong suppressing power when it came up. It suppressed SKT from start to finish, and even to some extent, some of the KTB’s unplayed players went out directly after the game was halfway through. Eat, because in their view, this is just a simple game. They could end the game without them, but SKT blocked KTB with great resilience and dragged them into the quagmire into the fifth game. Jie, a hero who only came out at the time, is a hero with three stages of displacement, tossing and moving, able to move and throw skills according to the position of his shadow, and is a high explosive assassin. That is to say, in such a situation, Faker’s sword was half-blooded and was beaten by Ryu’s full blood. After two people of the same heroes, after a dazzling enough toss and turns, Ryu fell under Faker’s knife. This scene is no less than Brazil’s loss to China in the World Cup. The Chinese team of table tennis lost to the same Japanese team. S8RNG lost to G2. Dota2 LGD lost to OG 2:3. No one would believe it. The duck being cooked on the side raised the knife and ate the man, but this reality really happened. The dragon slaying was successful, and the fairy tale was finally staged, but Faker let everyone know the fact that Faker and SKT T1 were never dragon slayers, he was just another stronger and younger dragon, since you Weak, then you don’t deserve to be the ultimate boss. At the time when UZI won the S3 finals, looking at Faker raising the trophy, his face was confused. At that time, the influence of the S game was not so big. I don’t think even the players have thought that one day LOL S The finals will be so important. SKT T1, who won the championship, quickly fell into confusion, S4 was drowsy and lost everything. At that time, I also thought that when this once-sharp genius was going to sink like this again, Faker found his goal and played games just to win! One S crown is not enough. If you win one, you will get the second. If you are not the first to win the S crown, you must be the first to win the S championship three consecutive times! S5’s SKT is making a comeback, and I want to get back everything I lost! The dragon just took a nap, and when it opened its eyes again, the lost would eventually be taken back. S5 swept everything and stood on the podium as an unrivaled king. Someone began to call Faker a god. The only god in LOL. Not enough, it’s not enough, but more! S6 is coming again! Mortals may be able to kill gods only because of their ignorance, and ignorant ones are fearless. But when God truly shows the power of God, you can only bow your head and confess your fate. It’s another sweep, and taught the head of An, who has been transformed into a jungler, what fate is called, and the youngsters of the Tigers know what it means. Unmatched. Only then did people discover that he is not just a god, he is a nightmare in everyone’s eyes, he is the real demon king, the bottom boss that he will always face after clearing the game. But God will be tired, and he will be old. S7, who was unwilling to fate, made a comeback and finally pulled God off the horse. At this time, everyone found out, oh! It turns out that God will be hurt too! Faker fell in front of the goal for three consecutive championships, even if the door could be opened with a light push. After that, the gods were left with legends, but no strength. Legends are legends because the shock that the creators brought to the first acquaintances is unspeakable. The initials passed on word of mouth, but the latecomers only heard the words and ignored the facts. They couldn’t believe it is so embarrassing now. People used to be so brilliant. In the ten-year history of LOL, I have seen too many people blooming dazzling brilliance in the S game. They are like a 100-watt light bulb, blooming with dazzling light, people can’t help but pay attention to him. They were all called “Gods” for a short time, but they were not worthy of the title of God in front of Faker. If they were just dazzling light bulbs, then Faker would be the star in the night sky. It may be dim, but falling. Before, he would never extinguish his light. Today too many people are laughing at SKT and Faker, but this does not mean that they can obliterate his former glory. You have to remember: a group of people who go up the mountain can never catch up with a god who goes down the mountain.

6 months ago

I think, Li Ge is indeed a role model for e-sports. I’ve watched him live broadcast. Anyway, once I lost the game account and password, it just flashed. I was stunned by the 2k resolution. I didn’t see how I lost it. He has fast hands, quick response, coquettish position, and very talented. My understanding of him is limited to picking and show. Anyway, the mid laner who can be on the League of Legends promo (not remembering how many times they have been) is probably not bad. “How does this man cook like a master.”

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