The easiest way is to do Xianyu and make excessive money first, and then ride a donkey to find a good job opportunity. Write down the basic gameplay of Xianyu below. The essence of Xianyu making money is poor information. Buying goods from a low-priced platform and adding a reasonable profit can successfully sell on Xianyu. As for the purchase channels, they are generally Pinduoduo and 1688. The prices of goods in these two places are particularly cheap. Maybe many people will have a doubt. Are buyers so stupid? Wouldn’t they compare prices? If you know that Pinduoduo and 1688 are cheaper, they will buy it from you? There will be people who will compare prices and know that you are selling expensive, but this is only a small number of people and they are not your customers. For the vast majority of people, they are used to shopping on Xianyu, and buy things they like when they encounter them, without the awareness of price comparison. In fact, due to the existence of poor information, any product has different prices on different platforms. For example, things of the same manufacturer and the same quality can be sold for 500 on Baidu, 200 on, 180 on Taobao, 155 on 1688, and 150 on Pinduoduo. If you choose a good product from Xianyu, you can make money on the day it is put on the shelves. Let me talk about the specific method of selecting virtual products. 1. I love to crack I love to crack, a very popular forum where many technical experts publish all kinds of practical original software and crack software. The software of this forum can be downloaded for free. It is a good choice whether you use it yourself or move it to Xianyu for sale. Baidu searches for my love to crack, focusing on the three major sections of the original release area, the boutique software area, and the welfare experience area. Entering these three sections, by browsing the title of the post, we can get a lot of software names. Put these software names in Xianyu search. If we find that similar software is on sale and the competition is not great, then we can go to the shelves. For example, this audio-to-text gadget is very popular on Xianyu. 2. WeChat search software-type official accounts. General software, technology-type official accounts, and resource-type official accounts will share a lot of current practical and popular software. We only need to search on WeChat to find a lot of public No. article, click to read it, and collect these public accounts, and slowly we can form our own software resource library. This black technology toolbox is capable of rich functions, such as text recognition, image watermarking, GIF recording, Baidu document downloading, and automatic cutouts are all available for sale. So if we sell a piece of software, it will have super multi-functions, and it will be more eye-catching than a single function. 3. 51185118 is a big data platform that can perform data analysis on the massive keywords searched by Internet users across the country on major search engines. By searching for the keywords they have searched, they can also find some software that can sell money. Baidu search 5118, after entering the official website, search for software download in the keyword mining input box, and it will show many long-tail keywords containing the software. For example, many people have never heard of this burning software, but many people buy it at Xianyu. As for the supply of these software, you can find ready-made software to sell if you put the name of these software in my love crack search. If you really don’t find it, then buy a copy from your peers. After all, virtual products can be copied infinitely. How to choose the physical products for buying free fish? 1. The Douyin data analysis platform has been selling hot products on Douyin. Many users will not buy directly on Douyin, but will go to other platforms to check the prices of the same products. If we master the sales data of the Douyin platform, we can filter out many products that are suitable for sale on Xianyu. You can view it on some Douyin data analysis platforms, such as Douyin, Feigua Data, Doudah, Karsi Data, and so on. Taking this XX platform as an example, you can see the sales ranking data of each product category on Douyin, such as this temperature display cup, and search on Xianyu to find a good selling price at 30 yuan. Save this baby product picture to your phone, and then use Pinduoduo to find the source of the picture. The purchase price is 21.9, and the net profit is 8 yuan per order. 2. Navigation bar Any e-commerce platform will have its own navigation bar, which will sort a large number of products into categories according to sales volume and price, such as 1688, Pinduoduo, Jingdong, Taobao, etc. <Goods sold on these platforms are likely to sell well on Xianyu. Finally, being a free fish is a process of running a marathon. It is not that you can lie down and collect money by simply sending and sending it. Quantitative changes produce qualitative changes. It’s normal to send 10 products without making money. As long as you continue to summarize and improve during the operation, you will always make money with some products.


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6 months ago

Low academic qualifications and strong ability can do whatever they are good at; low academic qualifications and flexible minds can do business; low academic qualifications and good looks can play live broadcasts, shoot vibrato, and stand on the counter; low academic qualifications and hardship can deliver express delivery and open rentals; low academic qualifications Good for sales; low academic qualifications, good temperament, and gentle temperament; you can do customer service; low academic qualifications are only a limitation, and can not limit your ability, nor can you limit your career. Three hundred and sixty lines, the top pick, as long as you are willing You can live a splendid life if you work hard, choose a profession you are good at according to your own characteristics. People with dreams are great. Academic qualifications are not a limitation. They can learn nothing. Learning ability is the most important thing. Continuous growth and progress are the first rules of success. As stated in “Lifelong Growth”, “Growth is a lifetime thing, it has nothing to do with age. Stagnant growth is the most terrible aging.” Pay tribute to everyone who struggles and lives hard!

6 months ago

Don’t drink too much chicken soup. If you have no education, you have no ability. What else do you want to do? Do you want to reach the sky? Even if you want to reach the sky, do you have the ability to support yourself? It’s not a wise move to use your parents’ pension savings to start a business, not to mention that you don’t know the depth of the industry. Young people need to work hard. There is nothing wrong with it, but the road is step by step, and the meal is eaten one bite at a time. , It’s easy to pull the crotch when the steps are too big, and it is easy to choke when eating too fast. It is true to be pragmatic and step by step. If you don’t want to go to work in the factory, as long as you are not afraid of hardship, take out, express delivery, or even go to the construction site to move bricks. There is no high or low in the industry, but you can’t stop there. You should learn optimistically, accumulate various experiences, and always keep improving Your heart, seize the opportunity to rush, this is the most tangible social environment. There is no smooth sailing. Only after experiencing social trials, growing up and becoming a better version of yourself~

6 months ago

If you don’t have a degree, you can’t do anything, if you don’t want to enter the factory. My personal suggestion is to learn some professional skills. For example, coffee, or chef, roaster, etc. If the family situation is good, then treat it as I didn’t say. Just follow home and learn to do business. If the conditions at home are not good, I personally do not recommend going to the construction site. It’s not that they are treated differently or colored glasses. Don’t suffer because of young people who are still good. It’s very tired and tiring, and it’s easy to get the root of the disease. You will either endure it or spend a lot of money for treatment and rehabilitation. Then talk about entering the factory and entering the factory, most of your thinking will change because of this factory, not the structure. It means that the angle of consideration will be different from the outside. This is not very good for your future personal development. When you make the final decision, you have to understand the social meaning of the words class and involution. Finally, talk about the issue of academic qualifications, academic qualifications can be improved, but academic ability is not the same as academic qualifications. High academic qualifications do not necessarily require high academic ability. High academic ability does not necessarily require high academic qualifications, but high academic ability will make it easier to get started. Higher education is not necessarily true. It’s not that academic qualifications are useless. On the contrary, academic qualifications are often a stepping stone. I say this in the hope that the subject can grasp the direction of the choice, and at the same time, let the subject not be a person with a good eye and a low-handedness. I wish the subject of peace and happiness

6 months ago

The best choice: nibbling the old. Second best choice: Sanhe Great God-Shenzhen, enter the factory and do temporary work for two days. Earn 300 yuan, and then rest for 10 days. Repeat the above actions. Go to work steadily without having to chew. If you don’t go to the factory, you can go to restaurants or various sales outlets. And we must work hard to do our job well. Don’t take anything, I don’t like this job as an excuse. If you don’t like it, you can just leave it alone, then just go back to the previous best and second best choices. If you don’t do it seriously, it doesn’t make much difference to your future. The only difference is that you may starve to death if you don’t do it, and you won’t if you don’t do it seriously. It’s okay to do odd jobs without going to work. This requires a more diligent mouth, a more diligent leg, and a more flexible mind. Of course, if you have some capital, you can also try to do a little business. But be sure to weigh it, whether you can afford it. Only do business that can afford it. Don’t believe in luck, don’t think that others can’t do it, I can. Believe that we are an ordinary person, we can only start from ordinary. The most feared thing is not to start!

6 months ago

When you go home and report to your community, you can learn skills for free according to your schedule, and you can also introduce jobs after you finish your studies. You can get a job within six months, maybe you can start a business. There are trainings in welding, snacks, computers, and various agricultural vehicles. There are many types, so please consult carefully. As the poverty alleviation is on the way, this project must be vigorously promoted. If you want to start a business, you can also set up a stall. In the past two years, the stall economy has also been treated warmly. You can start doing it for tens of dollars. It can sell quickly in big cities. There are also KFC, McDonald’s, Dicos, Wallace, etc., you can go to high school or above, and you can get a promotion and a salary if you do well. Shopping guides and sales do not require academic qualifications, but learning ability is required. If you work hard, the report rate is very high. Those who don’t need academic qualifications include gas workers at gas stations, but they may work part-time for a long time, and it is difficult to get a job or make them pay social security. Hope you can find a job you like. # In order to have a better life, let’s get a degree for yourself.

6 months ago

If you don’t have a degree, you can upgrade your degree. There are adult college entrance examinations, self-study exams, etc. If you don’t know anything, then learn. Now there are many things you can learn. If you learn your driver’s license, you can open Didi, you can deliver food, courier, delivery, long-distance, bus, beauty salon, and you can open a shop by yourself. In the wind and sun, you are not angry with the boss, you can make money by learning flower arrangement, painting, and writing novels. For the sake of your personal image, you can learn how to dress and fit, and learn how to improve yourself. Leveraged people can make you meet a better partner. Your education level improves and you can also test for civil servants. It’s not that you don’t have to learn when you are out of society. On the contrary, there are a lot of things to learn. In the past, it was only a matter of language, political history, and history. Materialization. Now you have to learn how to deal with interpersonal relationships. When living outside, you must learn to get used to different habits and understand different knowledge. You can’t buy a car and go in without knowing anything, waiting to be slaughtered? You must also learn to buy a house. You don’t learn what you can buy and what you can’t. Otherwise, you will throw it into your hands. Every time a thing in life is done, it will become a way for you to make money. The pastry chef does a good job of doing housework, and the recent storage organizer can make money, anyway, as long as you want to learn, you won’t do anything. No one will be born, they are all learning. You have to come on. Entering the factory is just one of many choices. It’s better to pick one you like and do it with a little interest. Don’t think of your own way to death. You still have many possibilities.

6 months ago

The lack of education does not mean that there is no culture. Nothing, so you can learn it! People always have no academic qualifications to have academic qualifications. At the beginning, people know nothing but various skills. As long as you are willing to learn with an humility, you will have academic qualifications and more and more things will be able to do. Even if you enter the factory to work, it is a learning process. In fact, a person’s life is a process of continuous learning. So nothing is not terrible, but the terrible thing is not willing to learn! As long as you want to do one thing and study hard, there will always be gains!

6 months ago

How can you know that you can’t do it if you don’t learn it? If you don’t have a degree, you can improve your education, and if you don’t have technology, you can improve your skills. Isn’t the purpose of everything to improve your own value? People say that labor is the first productive force, but you also need to see whether your labor is mental or manual. If you only work manually, then your salary is less than half of that of mental labor, and it’s easier than you. , So this is the power of knowledge, so you have to improve your own connotation, that is, you have a professional skill and a general academic qualifications. In the future, you will also be a member of mental work. The premise is that you have to study hard to easily get a high salary.

6 months ago

There are many things you can do. If you are still young, and the most annoying is that you are old, have no education, and know nothing, then you will be annoyed when you enter the factory. In fact, some people with academic qualifications may have excessive market demand, which leads to fierce competition (or so-called internal scrolling) for people with academic qualifications. On the Internet, this group often complains about the difficulty of finding a job. Many college students find it. Work and profession are not compatible, and there are only a few people who can find professional counterparts and are not badly paid. If you are still young, you can put down your figure and do something that is not highly demanding. In many industries, the demand for talents has not yet risen to the level of all college students, especially in some service industries. The well-known couriers and takeaways, There are also niche ones such as caregivers, home appliance repairs, air-conditioning kitchen cleaning and so on. If you can save some money, you can also learn some skills or improve your academic qualifications. As long as your intelligence is normal and you can read and write, you can actually change the two points of [no academic qualifications] and [nothing], certainly not all at once. The change from academic qualifications to master’s degree is not a change that will not lead the industry at all. After all, reality is not a shuangwen novel. Entering the factory is not necessarily all disadvantages. In fact, I have seen many people who changed careers after working in the factory for a few years, and they are no worse than others. Unlike some people who say that entering the factory, their life will be dull and endless. The factory The assembly line is also a kind of life, and it may also be the hardest work for some people in their lives. This experience may make them feel a lot.

6 months ago

No education, nothing. Feed yourself first, feed yourself first, feed yourself first. Honestly find a job or learn craftsmanship, and don’t think twice about it. If you can work in the factory, you can work in the factory. Base yourself, learn your skills, and improve yourself. In the future, there are fewer opportunities to enter the factory and go to work. I know a supplier who does non-standard automation equipment. Most of the people who came to them were small factories that were not too large in scale and not very well automated. In recent years, they have been too busy. I asked them what’s the matter? They say that the driving force for reducing labor costs is too great. The labor cost is too high and the enterprise pressure is too high, what should I do? Use automated equipment to reduce the number of people. For example, there is a manufacturer of silicon ingots. There were 12 people on a production line, but only 2 people were required to go on a customized automatic production line. Yes, from 12 to 2. This is the trend in the next few years, automation equipment replaces labor. Now graduated from junior high school and graduated from high school, there is no such skill. You can also find purely manual work when you enter the factory site. In a few years, I am afraid that the opportunities will become less and less.

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