I hope that the producers of Chinese animation films will no longer compare the audience’s expectations with the audience when the Great Sage returns. At that time, the audience’s expectations of the animated film were a bit like treating their own children who have not yet grown up. The children’s words can be naive, and the children’s thoughts can be shallow, but we still give them the greatest encouragement and applause. In recent years, there have been white snakes, Nezha and even 100,000 cold jokes2. The child of Chinese animation film has gradually grown into adults. The audience’s attitude towards it is to look at a movie that wants to make money for the audience. It’s time for him to face the real evaluation. In addition to visual effects, a commercial blockbuster must tell a good story. If you can’t tell a story, it’s not a good movie. In addition, the screenwriters of Chinese animated films seem to be keen to put a huge idea in the film, similar to reading comprehension, there must be a central idea, but a good central idea does not necessarily have to be so bitter and deep, let alone your editors The plot that comes out does not look like it can carry such a big theme. The so-called flashing point is completely deliberate. The audience can’t move at all. I hope you don’t engage in these bells and whistles. Tell the story when you tell the story. The work of sublimation theme is something that can only be considered after the story is told. If the story is not well told, don’t think about dressing deeply.

People often ask a silly question that can only be asked if the brain is down. Why do you read so many books? If you read a few books, you can write masterpieces… The most important person in the world to become a great writer is professional text proofreading… How many books you read, just getting started, if you want to write something, you have to practice more, and finally… decide the success It is talent and luck. It’s indispensable…Reading is just a ticket. Many people think that getting the ticket means that the movie theater belongs to their home. This…I really can’t explain to people with this kind of intelligence, the ticket is just the ticket to enter the door. Movies are a very expensive art. So the directors have no chance, too many trial and error. If the director can shoot ten Nezha in a row, I guess it will be successful. After all, the director of Nezha has various elements of success. I just picked up a web writer and failed more than 20 times. It’s just a trivial matter. I wrote a book that I wore a waistcoat. Although there is no exact statistics, there will always be two hundred books. The success of Shen Teng and Jia Ling in the past few years is the result of countless sketches, one after another, where the audience likes it, which node must be discarded, and the audience does not like it. This kind of trial of how many works has been over ten years. Wrong, other directors and actors have no chance. It is often said to persuade the director to look at xx works and study hard… Stop making trouble, if you can be a director just by watching a movie, I can just hang a pie! How can it be? Pulling films is a basic skill in the film and television industry, and even senior movie fans can never compare to these directors, but they can’t be learned by just looking at them. I don’t know if this subject matter, the film and television industry will give it a chance! I hope that Nezha’s box office can be even better, so that this theme has a chance to continue to try and finally break through.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

First of all, the background of the movie Nezha Rebirth is the modern era 3000 years after the end of the Conferred God War. While doing Nezha, we did the entire worldview development of the new Conferred God series, a new overhead worldview, from the end of the Conferred God War between Shang and Zhou Dynasties to Donghai City 3000 years later, what happened during this period, and what happened to the Conferred God List. What are the effects, although we can’t see it in this movie, we have made an annual calendar for three thousand years. At what time point for each major event, what happened to the gods, and what changes have been made, several forces have evolved into No matter what, detailed settings have been made. Nezha’s rebirth is a very important starting point, very important for the entire series. For example, Nezha’s primordial spirit is only half-body, what kind of power the primordial spirit carries, and how its level is divided, these information has not been said, because the amount of information in the first part is already very large, I hope everyone can give time and Opportunity, will show the world view of the conception little by little in later movies.

9 months ago

The villain boss in the movie is quickly defeated, and the fight is not enough to watch. Is it because of the length of the movie? What is the setting of the dragon? In fact, it is not because of the length, but Nezha itself in the Conferred God system The combat effectiveness is very high. We have made a ranking of the fairy combat effectiveness based on the available data. Nezha and the dragon are very different, and Nezha is not a complete body in the movie, and it is still in the process of combining the two into one. Ah is enough to easily defeat the dragon clan. If the Dragon King is set very strong, Nezha is set very weak, and let them play for a long time, then the following story cannot be edited, and the overall setting cannot be changed for the sake of viewing it well.

9 months ago

I can’t say too much about it now, but it’s certain that these characters will develop in the future. There are four big families in Donghai City. This movie only talks about one of them. In fact, there are a lot of foreshadowings buried in the movie, not just dragons and masked people. , Our female characters also have hidden identities, but we can’t say more at the moment. We can only let everyone think that this film carries a lot of content, because we have established a new overhead worldview, a brand-new character Li Yunxiang, where to prepare In this movie, I also considered the story of the entire New God List series. For the follow-up development, are there any characters that need to be buried now? Now I can’t reveal much of the content behind. What can be said is that there are many in this movie now. Foreshadowing and presuppositions, including characters, this movie can’t say too much, please look forward to the follow-up movies. The mink of egg one is very meaningful, and the other egg is in this time and space, when Nezha met Yang Jian. There are many lines to develop in the future. The process of making this first part was very difficult, and it carried a lot of additional information that could not be stated.

9 months ago

The worldview is very large. There is a lot of information without additional explanation. The rhythm in a single film will make some concessions for the overall setting. Each character has a hidden identity. For example, Dr. Su can also explain why she has a strong back. The consequence of this is that a movie can’t fit so much content, and the audience will see a bit of a gap. Most audiences are passers-by, so that no one will go deep into the settings and logic behind the production team, and finally decide The logic of this movie has a big loophole, in the final analysis it is the result of information asymmetry. But if you add these settings of the production team, the previous loopholes will make sense, but how many people will really care about these?

9 months ago

At the beginning stage of a film work, there is necessarily no luck to get a high starting point. At least apart from the shortcomings, I also saw many solid advantages from this Nezha Rebirth. When Nezha Reborn was released at the time , I went to the cinema to watch the IMAX version of the show, a ticket is more than 90 yuan, almost full of people, I came out after watching it and screamed, the details of the plot could not stand the scrutiny, but at least the story was told. Coupled with the extremely cool graphics and settings, it far exceeded my initial expectations, because I have seen more and more mythical characters’ IPs recently, and there is also aesthetic fatigue, but this movie still brings me new s things. The last thing I want to say is that the success of DC and Marvel was not achieved overnight. I hope that I can continue to do this IP. If appropriate, don’t always want to eat a fat man. In addition, consider the issue of film scheduling. Caitiaoya is backed by Guangguang Media, and obviously has much more experience in this area.

9 months ago

why? Where is the root cause? The fundamental reason lies in the boss who chased the light, and also the screenwriter Wang Wei! (According to insider information, Wang Wei’s script was not written by himself, but by other screenwriters. Then he looked for other screenwriters to modify, and then put a name. Moreover, according to internal information, Wang Wei extremely despised the role of the screenwriter and excessive Pay attention to technology and pictures. Wang Wei’s creative method is to throw up a lot of ideas, and then let those screenwriters to force the ideas that he thinks to be connected into a story. It’s weird to have a good script. Screenwriting circles and animation People in the same industry have long been dissatisfied with Wang Wei and Chasing Light.) Looking at the light chasing animation, you will find that Wang Wei is completely a layman as a screenwriter, and he doesn’t understand scripts at all.

9 months ago

Lack of laughter. After watching a lot of light-following animations, you will find that light-following movies are rarely funny, and there are few jokes like Nezha Devil Boy or Return of the Great Sage that are suitable for all ages. Being able to tell jokes and make jokes is actually quite a test of the skills of a screenwriter! Don’t underestimate the difficulty of making funny points in the script. Making a joke seems to be just telling a joke, but to go bigger, it is the screenwriter and director’s grasp of the human heart, the level of emotional intelligence, the social ability and the strength of the aura. The light-following animation basically tells you a serious story, but it lacks the ability to control the emotional ups and downs of the audience. When I was evaluating Nezha Demon Boy, I said that the director of dumplings is a genius. He can make the audience laugh and burst into tears the next. This is the talent of dumplings. With such a talent, Wang was short of ten streets.

9 months ago

Pull the tiger and pull the banner. Wang Wei is very interesting. I think he actually has a lot of negative energy in his heart, and he especially likes to stuff his private goods into the animation, and he likes to explain the truth to the audience. For example, “Little Door God” made a good Chinese New Year movie, and it turned out to tell the audience about corporate innovation and competitiveness. “The Origin of the White Snake” came out inexplicably, “There are so many wicked men with two feet in the world, what about multiple tails”, which is completely inconsistent with the life background of the protagonist, A Xuan, and can be seen by a slightly professional screenwriter. It was Wang Wei who was carrying private goods.

9 months ago

This time, “Nezha Rebirth” is a little better, but it’s not much better. The phrase “satisfaction with warmth and lust, and abundance creates chaos.” It started to mix with private goods again. To put it bluntly, I even suspect that many of the villain’s ideas are actually Wang Wei’s own. Therefore, in the scripts led by Wang Wei, he can always make gimmicks. He can first make the villain full of aura. It looks awesome, but if it really fights, it’s a fight. It’s like the strong-mouthed king in “Sword Come” by some high-scoring but low-energy Xueba and Fenghuo lords, with a literary taste. Otherwise, let a certain character brag, say something specious that sounds very compelling, and when the result is implemented, the audience will find, oh, so you have said a lot of things for a long time, and you are doing something big?

9 months ago

If you don’t understand, delete useless plots and characters. Put it this way, Wang Wei is a person who doesn’t know how to do subtraction. He just likes to put some of his favorite things into the movie, even if those things are not helpful to the plot. For example, Dr. Su in Nezha’s rebirth is beautiful, so what is the driving force for the plot? Do you encourage the hero? Does it make a difference to transfer her role to Kasha? Yasha, so many lines in front, the result is so inexplicable death? Is it a bit of a highlight moment? The mole man, forced the grid to be full, so he screwed a few screws and changed his role to a somewhat standard role, okay? Monkey King seems to be full again, but what happened to him in the final battle? In the whole movie, is there any other role besides being Nezha’s teacher leading to the chasing universe? The role of being a teacher can’t be changed to let Nezha understand it directly? Look at other people’s magic boy, in the final battle, Master Taiyi, there are countless highlights! Wang Wei, he is too indecisive and doesn’t know how to choose, and doesn’t know how to delete some elements that have bright spots but cannot serve the whole.

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