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One situation is that his enthusiasm has not received the expected response, so he will be passively dealt with; the second is that you meet a scumbag, here we only focus on the first situation, and the second one can be cleaned up directly after recognizing the face. . “Who likes to be lonely, just don’t like disappointment”, he suddenly contacted you because he felt you like him, a kind of response to you, and suddenly did not contact you, the probability is that he did not get a positive response from you. I don’t want to be passive from the beginning in this relationship, so I just go back to the familiar rhythm and observe again. The initial liking for a person is mostly for no reason, or you like your look, voice, smile, taste, gestures, and tone of voice. If you like it, you like it. Sometimes you like it. I can’t tell what I like about him, but I just can’t hold back what I like. If I like a person, I naturally want to approach him, understand his life, participate in his life, have more connections with him, fantasize about the future life with her, and even the name of the child in the future will be for you. Think about it. When a boy likes you, he can’t help but contact you, send you messages, call to share the bits and pieces of her work and life, maybe sometimes those sharing will seem a little boring to outsiders, but because He likes you, even these “boring” things are endowed with beautiful meaning by him. He enjoys sharing the world in his eyes with you, looking forward to your response, or identification, or want to know your opinion, What you respond to is not that important, but your attitude is very important to him. If one day you suddenly find that he doesn’t take the initiative to share her work and life with you, then he must have an idea in his heart. This coolness may be your long-term indifference, perhaps perfunctory, or always denying. In a word, he didn’t get corresponding feedback for his previous initiative. After a long time, his heart would be cold. Throwing a stone towards the calm water of the lake and hitting a few floats, these floats are the “reward” of the lake for your behavior. After you are happy, you will have the motivation to pick up a stone and throw it again. Go in, looking forward to playing more water drifters and get a bigger “reward”. When the second time there are not as many water drifters as the first time, you are a little frustrated and unwilling to pick up another stone and throw it out with your heart. , But I was disappointed to find that there was not as much a second shot. You start to feel discouraged. You toss the opportunity back and forth. In the end, you are completely disappointed. You even lose the courage to pick up the last stone. Just because you are too disappointed, you will give up. . The same is true in emotional matters. Like you is the initial motivation of this relationship. If this motivation does not have a follow-up energy supply, this natural energy will eventually wear out in the daily disappointments. Love is the rush of both parties. This is not a unilateral effort. You have to know that no one likes to be ignored, not responded to, or perfunctorily, and no one wants to be a dog licking dog all the time. In fact, this is how a man is. When he likes you, it’s as simple as a child. You can do whatever you want. Although he doesn’t show it on the surface and pretends that nothing happened, don’t just think of you. Some behaviors are right, of course, it’s just that he still likes you right now, and these will slowly accumulate in his heart. When he decides that one day, he will have enough and disappointment enough. The decent point is to start to reduce the relationship with you. The frequency of contact, until you completely withdraw and leave you, everyone is happy. I have a friend who used to have a relationship with his girlfriend that was so good that he died. Later, he broke up for some reason. The man couldn’t let his girlfriend go because he loved him too much. He just made a phone call and wanted to listen to the other person’s voice. This simple act was somehow. It makes a woman annoyed, and throws a message over and says all “vicious” things, like you buy a cigarette and ask me to pay for you (a friend’s reaction is actually only once), a good man would not do this Yes, when my friend described to me at the time, he said that he was completely obsessed, and he couldn’t think of the details that he would not usually notice, would rise to the standard of judging the quality of a man, a woman who was so gentle before his eyes, Will be so violent after breaking up. This also shows that the seemingly inadvertent behavior on weekdays, in fact, women look at it in their eyes and remember them in their hearts. They have their own judgments. Whether they are not angry or not depends on the current relationship between you and whether she was at the time. It still cares about you, and whether you have room for appreciation in the future, and so on, and men will show a stronger insensitiveness than women in a relationship. In a sense, a man cares more about this person in a relationship, while a woman is more loyal to his feelings, and it happens that a man appears in this relationship. In the end, I return to the topic itself. A man’s sudden message to you also confirms the premise that he “likes you”. Suddenly he doesn’t send a message to you. You need to reflect on whether you have strongly responded to his love for you. In intimacy There is a love compensation effect in the relationship, which means that people are always interested in those who have a good impression of themselves. If the other person does not feel your response, the heart will start to cool down slowly. Once the heart begins to cool down, Slowly persuade yourself until finally completely cool down. If you like her too, please tell her with your actions, I feel your heart, reward her with actions, inject momentum into your love, and function normally.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This problem can be divided into several situations, and the reasons are probably as follows: The reason for contacting you: I know that you like him, it feels a bit boring, and there is no one to chat recently, just find you if there is no other spare tire, and I feel that your spare tire is about to give up on him. It’s up to you, your life is unsatisfactory, your feelings are frustrated, and you want to get a little like feeling and sugar in your place, but it is generally difficult to become a regular member. The reason for not contacting you: I feel that you are about to be done, but he didn’t think about it, so I hold it and let you cool down for a while. You talked a lot, and I feel that you have no response here, and I feel like I’m out of action, forget it, don’t work hard Now that there are many candidates, there are others who are more interested and have made new progress. You will be pending the girl first. The reality is cruel, but you must recognize the reality and be rational and not blind. You can strive for it, but you must also recognize the reality. The truth is: he may not like to care about you that much.

7 months ago

Isn’t it hot and cold? The day before, I shuddered and asked for warmth. I didn’t reply to your message the next day. I suddenly asked you every few days… What should you do when faced with such a hot and cold boy? Boys are hot and cold to you, generally for the following reasons: Reason one, you are not his ideal type, he is hesitant to you. It is undeniable that he has a good impression of you, but there must be something he is dissatisfied with. For example, height, education, family background, work and so on. It’s like we saw a pair of shoes in the store. You think they look good, but they have a little grind, so I want to buy them for a while, but I don’t want to buy them for a while. What should you do when faced with this situation? It’s very simple. To magnify one’s own advantages, weaken one’s shortcomings, and impress him with true feelings, just like this pair of shoes for grinding feet. If the clerk promises to give me a 20% discount or give me a pair of insoles, I may not hesitate Bought it. Reason two: Some of your improper behavior makes him lose his impression of you. When I was in college, I had a fierce fight with a guy. He also took the initiative to talk to me every day, but suddenly one day he stopped taking the initiative. I was puzzled at the time, so I could only choose to chase it backwards. Fortunately, slowly With my insistence, he began to regain his enthusiasm, and he took the initiative to tell me that he was indifferent to me because one day he saw me having a meal with a boy, and he felt that I was the kind of very frivolous girl and didn’t want to follow me. I spoke, but in fact this guy is just my ordinary friend. In the budding stage of the relationship, it is easy for boys to misunderstand you. After all, at this stage, he does not fully understand you. Just like the thing I encountered, boys misunderstand me as a very casual girl. Then what should be done? Of course the reason for his hesitation was found. You may ask me how to find it? You can carefully recall the details of your relationship, especially the point in time before he started to be cold towards you. For example, after a date, you suddenly became cold towards you. Could it be that your makeup and appearance were not the type he liked during the date, or what actions of yours caused his dissatisfaction? I later looked at the chat records between me and the boy at the time, and found that the day before he didn’t take the initiative to look for me, he asked me if I talked to many boyfriends? I didn’t take it seriously. Thinking about it later, this was an omen. Reason three. Boys are enjoying this ambiguous game. There are some boys. Hot and cold is his common problem. For example, Scorpio guys… There are also some sea kings who are chatting with you at the same time and girls who are different from ABCD. , He talked hotly with this one today, and hotly talked with that one tomorrow. Why do you say he is hot and cold to you? In addition, there are some who have studied pua, and he is delusional to eat you to death by hot and cold ways… When encountering such a boy, I advise you to give up. Of course, there is no way to deal with them. If you want to take the initiative in your own hands, you should treat him as a tool person. I am in a good mood today, mother, and I will send you a message. If you are in a bad mood, just stay there. You have to have this mentality. , Don’t care about his response, don’t let your emotions be influenced by him. There are a lot of emotional bloggers’ methods, if he is cold, you are cold, if he is hot, you are hot, but in this way, the initiative is still in his hands. If you want to take the initiative, you have to let him not figure out what you think, and let him guess. You can do this by contacting him for a few days, and then not contacting him for a few days, and then contacting him for a few days. , And did not contact him for several days. So curiosity came out. But don’t let him guess the frequency. This time it is 3 days, next time is 4 days, next time is 5 days, and then next time is 2 days. If he can’t guess, he will think about contacting you.

7 months ago

The situation between you is not clear. Did you ignore him and he didn’t contact you, or did you respond that he didn’t contact you suddenly? If it’s the former, then most of it is because he doesn’t want to have a hot face and a cold ass. Your indifference makes him see no hope, so he decided to let go. If it’s the latter, it’s very simple. He is Aquaman, and you are just a “spare tire” of him. If he is not interested in you or has a new partner, he will ignore you. Such boys are also very common. If you want to get this boy back, you can private me. If you love, please love deeply. I am Teacher Ziming and I only care about your happiness.

7 months ago

I understand this is in progress. I am a Capricorn, he is a Sagittarius. He has been ambiguous with me for two months. He also expressed his love for me as I expressed his love for me. He was drinking with friends in the bar. He seemed to cry for me when I was there. Because I have expressed like him several times that we seem to have no results. In the early hours of last Wednesday, I added my friend to send him a WeChat message and told him to give up on me. Then the next day lasted until today there have been 5 days. Send me a message, and then I took the initiative to send a message to his friend today because of what his friend said nonsense. He responded to me with a cold attitude. After that, my revenge came and I started to be a little humble and said: Baby I miss you, you are It’s not that you don’t like me anymore. Why didn’t you send messages to me, and your attitude was still so cold (he took the initiative almost every day for the first two months, I never took the initiative, and never called him a baby, he is the humble party) After that, I also expressed the intention of wanting to be with him. He also said that we had a good result this time. As a result, his attitude was not very good. He responded very slowly and deliberately pretended not to understand the meaning of the sentence I sent. All in all, after a few days of not contacting him, he may think he doesn’t like me very much. I identified him as a scumbag, and he also told his friends that he felt boring. That’s it.

7 months ago

This situation should have been encountered by many girls. Girls are sensitive animals. Some girls may think that the guy they like suddenly contacted me. Is he starting to pay attention to me? I am so happy, the girl in love IQ Is zero. A boy suddenly contacted you and then didn’t contact you again. Congratulations, baby, met a scumbag. He was just lonely at this time, and suddenly turned to you on the list, chatting with you to relieve his boredom, and hanging you so that you can’t stop. People who really like you can’t help but send you a message. Think about whether you don’t contact someone when you like him, and will you try to contact him in any way. Don’t waste your feelings for this kind of unworthy person, don’t focus on him, you should start to use your free time to improve yourself and make yourself more beautiful and better. When he has played enough and turned around to find you when he found you so beautiful, he couldn’t help but send you a message, I’m sorry, now my sister I can’t afford it anymore.

7 months ago

Freshness and enthusiasm consumption is a very important reason. Suddenly contacting you may be that he suddenly feels bored at a certain time, or he thinks of you when he sees something that is easier to touch the scene, and suddenly does not contact you. How to say it is mostly fresh Feel it. The two of you talked for a while, and then one of you suddenly seemed to be out of touch. It may be that he has been interested in you, or he has paid too much affection and did not get a response in time. The enthusiasm is exhausted, so naturally you don’t want to Continue talking with you

7 months ago

In fact, you can guess the answer yourself, and the reason you still ask is probably because you have expectations. If the person you like also likes you, then you will get in touch at a little bit like two positive and negative magnetic fields will firmly attract each other, return to your question, the reason why you don’t contact you again after you contacted, that’s Because you don’t have this magnetic field, that is, you like him, but he doesn’t like you. Contacting you may be a whim or a memory, but it must not be impatient. So you should know what to do. Either one, don’t mind if he contacts and disappears, but actively pursue it. There is no rule that only men can chase women or women chase men. If you think he is a very good person, then Just fight for it, there is nothing to be shy, there is nothing to worry about, happiness is also something to fight for. Either two, stop contacting him from now on, and don’t have any expectations, look for or wait for the next better person, so that you can meet someone who truly loves you.

7 months ago

For a boy, if he likes you for a long time, he suddenly contacts you and then doesn’t contact you, he should have been chasing you for so long, and there is no response as he should, but he is not reconciled. If you like him, you should show it, instead of treating him as a spare tire. People are not stupid and will be disappointed after a long time. If you like him, then give the correct response. If you don’t like it, then definitely reject him.

7 months ago

Is this question really not what I asked? The situation is exactly the same. But I have figured it out now. He doesn’t like me. In the past, I just added drama to myself, and persuaded myself with various reasons to get myself into a tangled situation. Now I feel relaxed and at ease. I liked a boy when I was in elementary school. In my mind, he is a sunny boy who has good sports performance and is excellent in all aspects. Of course, it seems that this kind of thinking is not objective. To a large extent, it is my own conjecture, and I forcefully added many advantages for him. We are basically unfamiliar. He doesn’t know me at all, and I haven’t talked to him. It was just a coincidence that I met him. In other words, I don’t know him at all, I only know him who I imagined in my mind. I am a relatively introverted and shy girl, and I have always buried this idea in my heart. Later, when graduation was approaching, I finally mustered the courage to confess, but I didn’t have the courage to ask him for a result. And he couldn’t give me a reply at the time, because he didn’t know me at all. Later, we contacted on and off, which has been 10 years. The past 10 years have been spent worrying about gains and losses. Thinking about it now, I don’t really like him, but the sunk cost is too high and I can’t bear to give up. Now I have gone to college, and he has also gone to college. We chat more frequently, but the content of the chat is as dull as boiled water. I realized that he was a little different from what I imagined. In my imagination, he actively loves sports, but in fact, he is like me and doesn’t exercise much. In my imagination, he is diligent and steady and loves to study, but in fact he is also tired of studying and loves to go to class to fish. Suddenly I discovered that I had been beautifying him wishfully for so many years. In reality, he is actually similar to me. How should I say, this feeling is a bit lost. In addition, he will often disappear inexplicably when chatting, and reply is very slow, but in a few days he will take the initiative to look for you. It is this kind of hot and cold feeling that makes me uncomfortable, and in more cases, he talks to me when he chats with me. Thinking about it now, it’s obvious that he doesn’t like me, why did I hold on for so long. And I didn’t like him as much as I thought, so I want to open it now, and I don’t talk to him much anymore. Suddenly brushing up on this issue today, I felt it. Writing this answer can be regarded as an end to this liking. If you have a sister in a similar situation, take me as a warning, don’t hold on to it, take a look at the other scenery around you, it’s actually no worse than the one you insisted on. Finally, I hope we can all harvest true love.

7 months ago

He is ambiguous towards me, but why not take the initiative? He held my hand, why didn’t he confess to me? He never takes the initiative to look for me, but why is he very enthusiastic when I take the initiative to look for him? He only chats with me, but why doesn’t he ask me out? He likes me very much, but why does he say he doesn’t want to hurt me? This “him” is not limited to men and women. We always think that the other party has some unspeakable feelings, or what circumstances in reality hinder your feelings. But the really bloody fact is not that he doesn’t like you enough, you are his first choice when he weighs the pros and cons. As long as he doesn’t like you enough, all the answers above can be explained, including the subject’s question. He doesn’t care so much, he finds someone who loves you. Anyone who wants to reap emotional happiness must maintain a mentality: no matter how good you are, you must love me to get my heart. No matter how good your conditions are, no matter how powerful you are, the partner I want must love me. As long as you insist on this, you will not fall into the pit. Regardless of who he is, treat him as an ordinary person and abandon his obsessions. In many cases, he is unwilling to let you fall in love with you.

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