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I said that the individual weapon, why did someone answer the MiG and BB… As for the individual weapon, don’t there be a bunch of XM models in the opposite U.S. emperor’s house? To the point. (Tentatively, the individual equipment is also included.) 1. The Heikeng silly and thick MK23OHWS offensive pistol project is a product with characteristics of the times. It originated in the early 1990s when USSCOM used a large-caliber pistol to knock people’s brains. Because the .45 complex was too strong, the 9mm M9 was generally not welcomed by various specialties. For this reason, USSCOM issued a bidding book for Heikeng to win, and the product was the .45 caliber MK23. There are often MK23 figures in FPS games. It seems that this powerful offensive pistol can show the protagonist’s rushing halo, but in fact, this pistol has not been popularized in USSCOM since it was equipped. The most important thing is that Its huge size and unclear positioning purpose. A pistol is a pistol. No matter whether it is an “offensive” or a “defensive” type, it cannot replace the role of submachine guns and assault rifles. In particular, the factual experience in Iraq later proved that in the MOUT (urban terrain) battle, the 10.5-inch barrel CQBR/MK18 is fully capable of full-size rifles, which even threatens the status of submachine guns in military applications, let alone a pistol. A 25mm caliber anti-material sniper rifle, firing 25*59 size grenade. The project originated around 2002, and it was really amazing when it came out, consisting of the upper receiver of XM109 and the lower receiver of M82A1. However, due to the huge recoil, Barrett has not found a solution. It is currently in a state of unclear life and death. There is no clear plan to cancel or continue development. I think it was Meidi who used it as a technical reserve. But looking at the other side, it’s the rabbit’s “sniper grenade launcher” who trains to demolish buildings and blast forts every day to make it happy. When the XM8 appeared, because of its sci-fi appearance, in fact, in the 2005-2007 test, the XM8 did show better performance than HK416, M4A1, and SCAR-L. However, due to the involvement of other people’s cheese in the AR15 factory, it was later abandoned due to various political factors. However, the XM8 is not cool, and the naval special forces of the bus should be the only unit in the world that is officially equipped with the XM8 series. XM25 is actually the 25mm grenade launcher part of OICW XM29. It performed well in the actual combat test in Afghanistan in 2010. However, due to the complexity of the fire control system, the money invested has been squandered, and the black pit has been delaying the construction period, which eventually led to the project being officially cancelled in 2018. Similarly, Ma Run next door has been using the M32 40mm revolver grenade launcher since 2006, and has now switched to M32A1. 4. Dragon scale body armor. (SOV2000) Probably in 2006, it was published in the magazine “Weapons”. I posted an article dedicated to the performance of dragon scale armor, because the unique chain armor structure protection far exceeds OTV and the like. Pinnacle Armor, the development company of Dragon Scale Armor, declared in December 2006 that they had passed the NIJ Level 3 protection test, but this result was not approved by the Department of War and Air Force. The Air Force even set up an investigation team to investigate Jianfeng’s certification is valid and concludes that it does not meet the requirements. In March 2007, the Ministry of Justice finally ruled that the dragon scale armor did not meet the NIJ standard and removed it from the NIJ list. 5. SOCOM TALOS MK5; R star (Revision) company participates in SOCOM 2018 TALOS (Tactical Light Operator Suit) tactical lightweight special forces equipment plan product, which integrates personal physiological monitoring device, exoskeleton, network data transmission, see It looks forward-looking. However, in 2019, due to SOCOM’s assessment of the battlefield environment, it was believed that TALOS could not adapt to the use of the CQB environment, and the project was announced to be cancelled, but again, the relevant technical reserves were retained.
You can see some technologies that have been used on TALOS. For example, in the head device, this very sci-fi head is actually composed of a body, a jaw guard, a GPNVG wide-field night vision device, and some electronic devices, but the eye shield is large. Probability is something that the developer made to enhance the so-called “sense of technology” (because in reality GPNVG can adjust the interpupillary distance and position through the connecting rod, it is impossible to be limited by a cover). In the U.S. Army’s new generation helmet system IHPS, we can also see the shadow of some related technologies, including this helmet. The configuration of the US Army IHPS helmet system goggles + jaw guard can also be seen on John Bull’s side. For example, their new generation of MK8 helmets also adopted a similar configuration. But I personally think that this thing is the same as the mask of a hatch shooter. It is more meaningful to assault vehicle drivers or vehicle gunners than ordinary infantry. After all, no one wants to cover a barrel on his head and run away. As for the wide-field night vision device for the eyes, it is famous for its sci-fi appearance in the movie “Hunting Osama bin Laden”, but this kind of night vision device is not as good as AN/PVS in terms of image quality except for its large field of view. -31 and other late binocular night vision devices. At present, this wide-field night vision device is mainly equipped with Tier1 special operations (GPNVG-18), the U.S. Air Force (AN/AVS-10), and some European special operations (such as KSK GPNVG-18).


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7 months ago

The Desert Eagle pistol is a sand sculpture that is used for competition or hunting. It is completely unsuitable for use as a pistol. This secondary weapon has a positioning weight of 2 kg. It is almost double the recoil force of a typical pistol and is also difficult to control-of course, it is not impossible to control Of course the long-distance hit rate is quite high-is the pistol used for long-distance? But what kind of performance is the pistol pursuing as a secondary weapon-fast drawing, rapid aiming and rapid firing, Convenient to turn, easy to control the sand eagle just because the weight and recoil are not as good as ordinary pistols. Using this thing as a secondary weapon is an exaggeration like using the Barrett sniper as a secondary weapon to fight CQB, so I have no problem with using the sand eagle as the main weapon. , But why do you need to take out a 2KG very uncontrollable brick when changing a secondary weapon? There are only 7 rounds of 2KG bullets. Isn’t he fragrant to change to a 1.8KG MP7 with 40 rounds?

7 months ago

1. Dum bullets in a narrow sense refers to the bullets produced by the Dham arsenal in India, while in a broad sense, the dum bullets are bullets with a half armor and an exposed lead core. The accuracy of the self-made Dum bullet is very poor, and the cavity effect and lethality of the modern small-caliber bullet is much more terrifying than the Dum bullet. 2. The use of the triangular bayonet is a remedy for the failure of metal smelting. Because the metal is not strong enough, it is impossible to make a qualified bayonet. You can only use multi-sided to increase the strength; there is no poison on this thing, the wound of the triangular thorn It is not as difficult to stitch as most people think. Ordinary bayonet can be used to open cans anyway. The triangular thorn is of no use other than fighting, so this thing was eliminated by the army without hesitation after the metal smelting technology was improved. 3. Desert Kitty’s deadly shooting range toy 4. wa2000 is very noble, it is said that the accuracy is very good, it is still semi-automatic, so the firepower continuity is also good. It’s just a bit too expensive. It’s so expensive that I didn’t get any police or army procurement contract for this gun. 5. The accuracy of m200 is full, and the versatility is zero. It can only hit a warhead that is turned from a whole metal rod, which is so big in vain; the anti-equipment is not enough, the hitting power is excessive, and the conventional structure of the warhead has no precision advantage. And it’s dead heavy, heavier than the famous m82a1, and m82a1 is .50 bmg, this thing is .408 CheyTac. It is said to have been purchased by special forces from Poland and Turkey, but it is only said that; it is said that in 2002, the Green Bere who went to Afghanistan took one, but it is still only said. The only thing that is not said is that more people are killed by lightning every year than those who buy this gun. 6.aa12 is heavy, it is difficult to quickly change the type of ammunition, and there is no scene that requires 12# shotgun fully automatic shooting, whether it is for military or police use.

7 months ago

1 Acheson AA12 has strong firepower, but it is tasteless, and the drum is large. The shotgun is not very useful in modern warfare. It is also heavy. There is an explosive version of the ammunition, which seems to have only three millimeters of penetration, and the only one that the bullets fly slowly. The advantage is that it seems to be the spray with the lowest recoil, which has been greatly weakened by various games for balance. 2 Explosion-proof shield (a shield against civilian riots) Some people think this thing can block bullets? Obviously different from the shields used in special operations. Alright 3 Victor’s dagger is the sci-fi submachine gun of the thief. I heard that the artificial effect is actually very poor, the recoil is not small, the full gun is also quite heavy, and the rate of fire is too fast. It is used in various publicity by major games. The price/performance ratio is not as good as the short burst.

7 months ago

G11 rifle, sci-fi design concept
However, it is very complicated and a logistical nightmare. I remember seeing the introduction before, it seems that there are 450 parts. Ordinary soldiers can only disassemble it, and it requires professionals to reinstall it.
For reference, ak47 is about 140 parts, this is a complete dismantling, the big dismantling is 8
Memory may be biased

7 months ago

I believe that many visions and plans dedicated to the “revolution” of individual light weapons will eventually be “the people think this vision is very good, but few people who are interested in actual applications and even interested buy it” because of the role of individual light weapons in the future, or in other words The role of a single soldier will inevitably be weakened by various large-scale machinery. These “revolutions”, “visions” and “plans” must be costly, but there will be no attractive benefits to combat effectiveness, but of course this is not to say In the future, the promotion of individual light weapons is unnecessary and useless. But the more “the people think this will be great”, the more likely it is that “practical applications and even those who are interested will buy it.” It is inevitable that MP5 will outperform Thompson; but If a creative plan advertises that “9mm, 7.62, 5.56, 5.8, 5.45, 5.7, and 4.6 are all outdated-this new caliber is an epoch-making revolution”… Believe me, this creative plan must have ended up with a “popular thought it is very good.” But the end of the battle is not to buy it.

7 months ago

First of all, the foreword: I don’t understand, but I can discuss rationally, but it’s really boring to have such a heavy and static yin and yang. Or if I don’t know the whole situation and facts, I just look at a lot of things to verify myself and understand it before commenting absolutely support serious discussion of knowledge. Platform facts are supreme. I still have that sentence. Please read through my answers and comments, read and understand, and then do a good job of knowledge. Seek truth and understand the specific situation before discussing the modern background. 1. Bear the brunt of the crossbow! This thing is actually a tool to take pictures of special scenes and occasionally use it for combat. Basically, it is to display this product. A little bit of food is almost a toy. Even hunting is quite few people use it. It’s big and the ammunition is big and heavy. Low accuracy and low power and no rifle. Large range accuracy and portability are all inferior to rifle loading and troublesome. There is no big advantage except for the low sound. Plus there is something called a silencer + subsonic bombs. What is the use of crossbows for combat? In reality, this thing can basically be regarded as a tool used in some special situations. Instead, the weapon is only a part-time job. It is either too long to be used in combat or it is really impossible to use it as a hand. Isn’t it better than picking a branch? p.s: The Rocket Army also uses hot weapons. It may be equipped with a small number of crossbows (suspect) but most of them are generally 81-95. There is no such thing as a rocket guard! Rocket Army Special Forces Rocket Army special operations and the like are also hot weapons! Our army is currently equipped with so many crossbows in a few sporadic armed police forces. Now the armed forces around the world do not rely on cold weapons! ! Look less at the official account! ! Update knowledge point: Please beg for a long snack. What Rocket Army special forces guards do not use crossbows as standard equipment. They have this stuff, but they are also used as special tools, okay? The filling is so laborious. How dare you use it as a main battle equipment and a fully automatic weapon in one shot and one shot? I never said that this thing is not useful. I always say that it is a tool with a small amount of equipment. I never said that it is completely useless. I just said it’s not a mysterious killer, it’s not a great special weapon. I said it’s not unequipped, but equipped, and it’s rarely equipped. More than one person insists on telling me what super rocket army special forces equipment is. It’s 2021. Why do some people think that there will be a troop that uses cold weapons as their main weapons, no matter how special troop is, it’s okay to use automatic hot weapons without using crossbows? Really think that life is too long? What’s more, you need a crossbow to defend a nuclear bomb. You think that a nuclear bomb is something that you can explode with a single shot. Is the cavern afraid of how many bullets from your hot weapon? 2. Metal Storm Three Seconds Real Man’s Firepower Survivability is extremely poor. Large, heavy, difficult to carry, difficult to transfer, noisy, large targets exposed, obvious ammunition, difficult to reload, bullets are low in accuracy, and difficult to control. The key is that this thing uses electric shocks to launch the battlefield. Where can I find you some electricity to back up the battery? Am I not tired? After making a few prototypes of this gadget, it has not been mass-produced. More of it is actually a concept. Now the thing designed with this idea is called Near Anti-Cannon 3. The dham bullet is said to be banned by the United Nations. It is not at all. Because it’s hard to use, no one uses it. Poor retraction effect. Poor breakdown effect. Poor damage effect. Poor accuracy. Low storage speed. Weak wind resistance. This thing is actually very tasteless. Whoever loves to use it. There are many types of ammunition in this world. : There are many things developed from the idea of ​​this thing: empty-pointed bullets, empty-pointed armor-piercing bullets and the like are very easy to use. 4. Three-sided army stab in 2021, who will fight the bayonet, cqb, rarely use the plus now The bayonet is a multi-function dagger part-time. Refer to my rabbit and eagle sauce to know that and there is something called an engineer spade (dog head) in a melee situation. In addition, I suggest that those who like to stick with me are the military stab enthusiasts to learn about the current use of this thing. Rate and reason for retirement. Now there are people who say this is really embarrassing. I’m looking for my head all over the floor or that sentence. I don’t have to fight the knife when I fight with the gun. I suspect that you sent the head to the other side and you should use the knife. It’s not far from here. Believe me, our army’s multifunctional sabers and shovel are more trustworthy than the three-sided army stab. Update knowledge point: Why is this thing retired because it is really not easy to use because the strength of steel was not good at the time. The compromise is designed to look like three ribs as reinforcing ribs. In fact, the lethality of this thing is a bit bigger than a steel bar because it does not have a sharp edge and is blunt. Don’t look at those public accounts that say it’s bad. Wounds are difficult to sew. It’s very toxic. It’s all nonsense. It’s not bad to stab it in. It’s even more toxic, and it’s impossible. In the era when everything is missing, you will put some poison on the bayonet? What’s wrong? You want to say it’s gun oil? Excuse me, one shot of tetanus + antibiotics + wound cleaning to solve the rust on the knife? Even the bayonet is so rusty, how good do you think this thing is? Even if it is really rusty, you still have a way to stab him in. Same as the above solution. Besides, the multi-function saber can chop, can chop improperly, and the bayonet can be taken down, chopped meat and cut trees as a melee combat knife. So don’t be a myth, don’t wash it and ask for it.5. The dragon breath bomb is the illusion that cod gives it. It hurts and is very high. In fact, it is the incendiary flares. The lighting materials are too many. The actual application scene is very small. The brightness is high and the temperature is high. The armor-piercing ability is not strong, the eyes are hurt by the gunshot, not to mention it, it is easy to hurt the shooter, and it is very tasteless. It’s okay to carry a large recoil, heavy bullets, and a lot of multi-barreled machine guns on the battlefield. This thing is not the bells and whistles that ordinary people can control. It’s not practical to make the flight more fragrant than this. This is also caused by the brainwashing of various games. In fact, this kind of high rate of fire machine guns are generally used for individual combat on vehicles. I can only say that your physical fitness is wasted. 7. The mechanical exoskeleton is basically useless except for moving things. The bulletproof effect is better than nothing. The exoskeleton is really just like bones. A small root and a shell are added to the alloy. The coverage area on the body is very low. Besides, this thing is quite power-consuming, and it is not so convenient to carry a large battery pack. The auxiliary functions are not comprehensive and the effect is poor. It is difficult to popularize because the technological development is not in place and expensive. This thing may be popularized in the future. It is rarely used now except for occasional use of moving things. It may be basically useless in the future. Maybe it will develop into Iron Man. That kind of look is another story (dog head) 8. The single-soldier drone is actually quite strong, but because of the high cost and technical requirements, it is difficult to popularize on a large scale. Occasionally, some sophisticated troops may use it in some mission scenarios. In the case of reconnaissance, in fact, ordinary drones are operated by specialized personnel at the base. They are used by ultra-long-range remote control firepower to support individual soldiers. However, after all, this thing is really awesome and strong. Answer one Let’s make 9, a series of weird knives such as Nepal army knife/butterfly knife/fighting knife/hand axe, etc., this one should actually be put in the army to make a collection. It will be 2021. Why do some people need to put their guns when they are fighting? How about playing some fancy and weird cold weapons? Don’t talk about ordinary combat, even if a cqb pistol or short punch is not better than a knife? Or I will let you take the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre, I will take the old-fashioned revolver, so that you can stick to your face and not take advantage of you. See who can beat who? In extreme cases, even if it is time for you to fight with cold weapons, do you put the gun horizontally and use it as a stick than a short knife to make a messenger? Individual knives are now basically used as tools to cut a tree and open a way There is very little need for fighting in combat scenarios such as a can, a wire and a wire, and these require a multi-functional individual dagger. The individual dagger can also be used as a bayonet. You have to take another knife with you. ? Are you so brave if you don’t understand what you think? Plus There is a saying that the more weird the weapon, the faster it will die (dog head). Supplement: I beg you to go back to tuition with automatic leverage to read and comprehend the data, to sort out the knowledge and reliability. Go to Baidu to verify it and then go back. You can’t even tell me. Tell you what you say, how do you tell me how to spray you

7 months ago

Said it many times. The audience of the Desert Eagle is not for the army or police with guns, but for private self-defense. The desert eagle has sufficient stopping ability, and the stability of the rifle structure makes the shooting difficulty of the desert eagle much lower. The recoil of the Desert Eagle is great, but not as great as you think. Knock on the bridge of the nose or broken arm is an example. Basically, the posture is constant. In fact, in the 80s and 90s, American policemen who were not equipped with high-stop weapons were keen to buy Desert Eagles or Colt revolvers stuffed under the seat for self-defense. (Finally, I have to sigh that the times have changed. In the 1980s, the painting style was clearly a harmless policeman eating doughnuts in the car. A passerby suddenly pulled out an automatic pistol or submachine gun and shot a dozen shots in the car. .Now I’m fully transferred.) Okay, I will tell you the real question. Let me talk about a firearm that folks think is very powerful, but in fact it is also very powerful, but in fact there are few actual combat applications: STG44 benefited from the Medal of Honor Call of Duty and the million sticks derived from these two games. Now that it is forced inside, the painting style of Nazi Germany has almost become an automatic weapon by 1944. (They really found out that the weapons and equipment written by Nazi Germany on the paper are full-staff automatic weapons, and the focus is on paper.) But the problem is that stg44 only started mass production in 1944, and the predecessor of STG44q, MKB42, secretly produced 10,000. support. Until the Soviet Union occupied Berlin’s Archives, the cumulative number of stg44 was in the early 400,000. We still don’t know how the Nazi Germany, in the eyes of moral sticks, was fully automated in a year. ps: You lovely people who can’t wait to refute me that the Desert Eagle is useful for self-defense. Have you seen what I said in the 1980s (the 1990s should be the early 1990s to be precise) that the US government had equipped the police? Smith Wesson .38 revolver. The original .357 Magnum pistol shell originally equipped with the .38 revolver is okay. But the American Firearms Commission (probably the name) has once again played the role of their poop. Feeling that the Magnum pistol ammunition rationing to the police is too dangerous and it is easy to scare the innocent onlookers. So they made up the worst police pistol ammunition in history: .38SPL pistol ammunition. The bullets of this pistol are hard to say. Simply put, everything is good and it can’t kill people. The grassroots police in the United States filed numerous complaints. However, the Firearms Committee insisted that the .38SPL pistol is easy to use. It is just the garbage of your police department. The Desert Eagle is popular in this environment. A lot of weapons that you can think of as a substitute for the Desert Eagle are almost all after the 1990s. The product. Their appearance is really to fill the embarrassing vacancy in the 1980s when the American police had to buy shotguns to protect themselves. ps2: By the way, let’s talk about how vigorous Americans were in the 1980s. 1986 Miami Shootout: 2 bandits were hunted down by 14 FBI. The two sides started a 5-minute shootout directly next to the parking lot in the downtown area. In these 5 minutes, the two sides fired 145 rounds. Eight FBi who participated in the shootout sacrificed two, and the remaining six were all injured. Both culprits were shot dead. The two culprits had 12 rounds and 18 rounds in their bodies respectively (it should be remembered correctly). During the shootout, neither the .38SPL pistol nor the 9mm Parabellum bullet had a stopping effect. ps3: The FBI concluded after the fact that as long as there is a more powerful gun at the scene, it will not make things so embarrassing. It was this incident that prompted the emergence of 10mm Auto ammunition and .40S&W ammunition, which ended the awkward history of police purchasing the Desert Eagle, Magnum pistol, and .45 large-caliber pistol for self-defense.

7 months ago

Kar98k. Kar98k in the game often breaks away from reality and shows better performance than reality, leaving an exaggerated positive impression. In reality, few people choose. Kar98k in the next few games is outrageous one by one. A video of an independent game author of Kar98k in “Red Orchestra: Eastern Front 41-45” 419 Play a video of an independent game author of Kar98k in “War Strike: The Shadow of Stalingrad” 173 Play of “German Headquarters” The video of an independent game author of Kar98k. 143 Play the video of an independent game author of Kar98k in “Wolf’s Cavern 2”. 93 Play the game introduction and trial download of “Clear Sky: Watching the Future”

7 months ago

There are many types of individual weapons, divided into broad categories, including cold weapons and hot weapons. Cold weapons are divided into short weapons, long weapons, and projectile weapons. Short weapons usually refer to various types of daggers, bayonets, multi-purpose sabers, sabers, ordnance shovel, etc. They are currently used more frequently and are standard equipment for the military of many countries. Long weapons usually refer to spears, spears, knives, forks, clubs, etc., which are not universal equipment in most countries, and are basically not used for frontal fighting, and are mainly used in some special occasions. For example, ceremonial occasions such as military parade and review. But this is not absolute! In the previous Sino-Indian conflict, because of mutual agreement to control the scale of the conflict, both sides used cold weapons. From Qinglong crescent knives and maces to clubs and stones, with the development of hot weapons to the point where it is today, such a large-scale confrontation with cold weapons is indeed relatively rare. The most common projectile weapons are bows and arrows, crossbows, which are still in use, but they are also equipped by a small part of the army. For example, the armed police forces are equipped with military crossbows, which are used for surprise attacks, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue. Thermal weapons mainly include guns-pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, landmines, rocket launchers, recoilless guns, small-caliber mortars, grenade launchers, individual missiles, etc. The above weapons, whether they are cold or hot weapons, as long as they can be equipped in the army, they must have their retained value, otherwise they would have been eliminated long ago! When it comes to the frequency of use, I can only say that different troops, different occasions, and different opponents use different weapons and have their own emphasis. Like the armed police force, most of the combat situations are in towns, so it is unlikely to use heavy firepower such as rocket launchers and mortars, because the flooding of firepower can easily cause accidental injuries. Front-line combat troops must ensure that their firepower is sudden, fierce, and continuous when attacking the enemy. Obviously, it is impossible for them to charge with pistols. When special forces infiltrate raids, they must be secretive and silent. Sometimes cold weapons are a good choice!

7 months ago

What percentage of the Chinese have used weapons? You are asking what kind of chopsticks in the Americans are awesome but they are rarely used in practice.
Recommend the strategic rifle, the United States QICW, Korea K11, Sweden, France, Australia and other large-scale rifle-in-one weapon systems, looking at the cow, it is not practical at all.

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