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Before I was thirty-three years old, I was a typical messy, messy life, and spending money. Let’s describe it like this. Every time my mother came to Beijing and came into the house, I felt that there was nowhere to go and there were debris everywhere. . (My mother is a slightly hygienic person. When I was very young, the house was clean and well-known in the neighborhood.) So you can imagine how my mother feels every time she comes to me. Before I go out every day, I just take a shower, change into clean clothes, lose important things at home, and my ID card three times. The car is lost the day after I got it, and it was found missing at the pick-up site. I lost my keys countless times, passports, Hong Kong and Macau passes, bank cards, water glasses, let’s just say that, except for myself, everything else was lost. Just when I was thirty-three years old, one day after I opened my eyes and got up, I suddenly felt that I was living in a garbage dump, my work and life were messy, that is, after I got up that day, I felt as desperate as the end of the world. I suddenly felt I failed to live by myself. I didn’t go to work that day. After a short period of thought, I made a major decision to redecorate the house (the reason is that it’s important because I’m Bei Piao, and now this house is rented, not bought by myself), Don’t ask me why, it’s so decided. After a brief communication with the landlord, the landlord happily agreed. I am responsible for renovating the house. I will take care of all expenses. But the house must be rented to me for six years. The rent will increase by 2400 yuan per year on the basis of the previous year. After contacting a decoration company with a friend at noon, I started to pack my things in the afternoon. Yes, it was decided and implemented in one day. Because this house has been rented out by the landlord for many years, all the furniture is basically in the state of waste, so I put everything out, and then ask the person who collects the waste to remove all the things in the house, leaving only a mattress, because I have to stay a few days to wait for construction. After the entire home was emptied, I began to organize my personal belongings. Roughly divided into several categories, the first category is daily clothing. After I sorted all the clothes for spring, summer, autumn and winter, I only kept four sets of clothes for each season. The rest was immediately taken to the clothing donation office downstairs, all sorted, donated Go out (in terms of self-decoration, I don’t pay attention to the absolute meaning, so in fact I don’t have much clothes); the second category, bedding, bedding in Beijing is basically regardless of summer and winter, and the quilt is also rolled by myself when I graduated from college. The one who came, only left a quilt and a pillow, and let the elder brother who collected the scraps take away the rest; the third category, miscellaneous items, yes, it is the kind that looks good but does not have eggs. After sorting, put them in the trunk of the car, and go to the company the next day. Everyone divided them up; the fourth category, cosmetics, because I seem to have no talent in packing myself. It is a good thing to remember to wash my face every day. , But there is also a mess. Most of them are given by friends. I don’t know what to do for a large part of them. Because they are all in English, I really don’t know. So I only leave the ones I know, and throw away all the other expired ones. Drop. All night, after sorting and packing, it was about three suitcases, which was slightly larger than the boarding suitcase. To be honest, when I threw it away, I really felt distressed that I bought it by myself. To be honest, I graduated from Beijing in 2006 and decided to renovate in 2017. I really don’t have much money in my hand. I have a deposit of more than 100,000, so I chose to decorate The paperback. The whole decoration process is the same as most people’s decoration problems. It’s not too much to step on it. In the end, the whole decoration and the home cost a total of 60,000. Because it is a rented house, the entire floor is 60*60 floor tiles. , Milky white, fairly clean, so the floor did not move. The focus was on the bathroom and kitchen. The home was a bed, a sofa, and two cabinets. They were all bought from IKEA. They are also cheap. Home appliances are more elaborate. Siemens double doors. , Two three-sided air conditioners, Amway’s air purifier, smart toilet, not to mention the odds and ends. After finishing the decoration, I unpacked 16 sets of clothes and bought three quilts for spring, summer and autumn from IKEA, two sets of sheets and quilts for washing, two latex pillows, and then put all the items in the cabinet and put them in To what extent, let’s just say that after entering the door, there is basically nothing to be seen on the table. After two months of tossing, I basically bid farewell to the dirty and messy days. The house was cleaned up. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt that I was not worthy to live in such a house. I was 170 in height and nearly 200 kilograms in weight. It looks like I haven’t washed it forever. I originally felt that I could improve my happiness by changing to a new and more comfortable home environment. As a result, my frustration became stronger and I decided to lose weight that night. After consulting about the weight loss experience of my friends around me, I chose the most cost-effective way, eating less and exercising. Because the weight is too big, exercise is terrible for me, so I start with eating first, and cut off the staple food and sugar first. Persist in one month, weight from 198 kg to 175 kg, and then started to cooperate with the exercise, from running three kilometers twice a week, after half a year, it became five kilometers twice a week, and then light fast twice a week, now weight Keep it at 68 kg. Because I have undergone two minor operations in the middle, the number of runs is less than before, but I can run as long as I have time. After tossing the body, I started to toss my face. I just learned that there is skin care in my 30s. I took off later than others, so I should work hard. For the first month, I put on a mask twice a day. Yes, you read that right. , Twice a day, and then all the facial cleansers are replaced with those that are suitable for my oily skin. Anyway, I have recommended many of them and insisted on using them. Now I have basically fixed a few brands. This face has been tossing for more than half a year. No matter how busy it is to maintain a face mask at least once or twice a week, stick to sunscreen and occasionally serve with concealer and foundation. How can I say that when a few friends I haven’t seen for half a year walked up to them, they didn’t recognize it at first sight. My renunciation is not only material, but more of a renunciation from my past bad habits. Let’s talk about the sense of accomplishment. In the two years since I didn’t buy things randomly, I bought two houses in my hometown, bought a junior home that my parents like very much outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road, and replaced it with a B-class car. I buy two sets of clothes basically every two years, with a budget of about 10,000 each time. The main reason is to buy two sets each time during the spring and autumn seasons. It is not for the pursuit of the brand, but to make myself wear in line with my temperament and age. Basically now at home You can’t find any extra items. The buying principle is that you don’t need to buy them until you die. You can use the merge function once or twice when you die. If you buy the same thing, try to satisfy one thing with multiple uses. You must buy good quality if you use it every day. Although it seems that the unit price of things is not cheap, it is actually not expensive after accounting for the whole year. What I understand is not to throw things away, not to clear everything in an instant, but to moderately control one’s desires and cherish the hard-won wealth. Now when you go out to eat, try to order something that can make you 7 points full. Food, if you can’t finish it, you must pack it and take it home. Regularly organize your items. If it is broken, you can repair it, and if you can’t, you can dispose of it. The old thing is not bad, and I am determined not to buy new ones. My previous habit of buying electronic items has been following the trend. Quit it, now the phone is still IPHONE7P, I bought it after the release, and used it now, I changed a screen and three batteries, and it still works well. There are fewer things, which saves a lot of management energy. All important items are put together in one place, and the ones that are taken from where they are used up must be put back. There is no more situation that they can’t be found.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Very cool! I feel very laid back! Very rich! To cite a few examples: the perception of money has become different: For example, if you have a monthly income of 1w, if you buy 8000 every month, you will be accustomed to consumption>storage. When one day you realize that you have to leave, stop buying and buying, you only spend 2,000 in a month, but your life is not really tight. The clothes you used to wear are still hanging in your closet, the ones you often use The supplies are still at your hand. You feel that there is no difference between that month and the life spent 8000. But you feel that your savings are 6,000 more, as if your salary rose to 16,000 that month. When you get used to leaving, your monthly deposit is fixed 4 times that of consumption. The feeling of consuming 2000 and 8000 is no different, but you can experience the pleasure of past income 3-4w. 2. The perception of space has become different: For example, if your home is 100 square meters, the usual space occupancy rate is 80%, 80% of the places are filled with debris, and only 20% of the open space can be walked in and out. You will always worry: Oh, there is no place to put this one, and that one is too disturbing. Is my house not big enough? Do you want to move to buy a bigger house? Suddenly one day you fell in love with minimalism, and you slowly vacated your home. When the space occupation rate of your home drops to 20%, you will think 80% of the blank space is: Wow! My house is so big! My house looks like there are hundreds of square meters, right? ! I’m so rich hahaha! Friends, dance! 3. The perception of time has become different: For example, you used to have a lot of activities and are very busy. Oh, I have to work overtime if I can’t finish my work today. I haven’t finished the documents that Xiao Li asked for, all afternoon. I’m helping Sister Wang. After work, there is a gathering of old classmates, and I have to buy things for my cousin. Don’t forget… Oh, it’s really annoying that the bus doesn’t come. The worn shoes don’t run fast, and I’m annoyed, alas! Why are you squeezing me! are you crazy! Hurry up, hurry up, you pesky guys! After leaving the house: Xiao Li, I am not free today, I will give you documents next week. Sister Wang, I will help you get it tomorrow morning. Old classmates, I have been too busy lately, I will definitely go to the next party. Cousin, I will go shopping with you this weekend. Today, I have enough time to walk home from get off work and rank first in the number of steps. Go home and fry two light side dishes slowly. After a meal, listen to light music to stretch your legs, read a book, and go to bed early. It’s another day of leisure and comfort, both physically and mentally. 4. The relationship with your family has become different: Maybe because you were too busy before, you always think that work and friends are more important, and your family will be infinitely tolerant and considerate. So I often urged: Mom and Dad help me bring this, my colleagues want to purchase! Husband bought me the one for my friend! Hurry up, dear ones, and go to the party after class. Don’t be late! After leaving, I feel that career and friends are actually not that important, and don’t need to take up so much time and energy. There is no difference between going to a party ten times and going to one party, and it’s even nice to say hello online when you have time. Occasionally doing a big favor among colleagues is much simpler and more effective than wiping their butts every day. Save time every day to sit with your family, talk heart-to-heart, and carry out family activities. Loving people who truly love you will feel extremely warm and peaceful inside. An ordinary person, through severance, becomes a happy boss with money and leisure in seconds! Try it?

7 months ago

I can only say that there are too many benefits. 1 First of all, there is a lot of space. Ever since I threw away the coffee table and the TV cabinet. Every time someone comes to my house and says: Your house is so big. Some people think that I am bigger than my neighbor’s house. In fact, our two houses are the same size. Both are 97 flat. You see, 97 square meters can also be a big house. How much does it cost to save more than 120 square meters. Anyway, for someone like me who doesn’t like to buy things, I really feel that more than 90 square meters and three bedrooms are enough. 2. Everything is clear at a glance, easy to find. Some students said that they were looking for an ID card for the driver’s license and found it soon after dawn, and then they haven’t. Really waste time. More importantly, the couple quarreled again to find something. 3. Not tangled. When you go out, you carry a bag, you use a bowl for meals, a cup for drinking water, and the two sets of clothes are rotated. There is nothing to entangle. Use it when you get it. 4. No waste, when you control everything within a sufficient range, you can really save a lot of money. I also came from wasting. It seems that when I was young, I liked the prosperity, but only after the prosperity, I thought about quitting, minimalism.

7 months ago

Hahahaha, cool, so cool. (Is it true?) There are many reasons for breaking away from Japan. 1. Japan’s small land area leads to a small per capita housing area; 2. Japan’s special geographical location makes it prone to earthquakes and earthquakes. My life is gone, but I still take care of things? 3. What happened during the economic bubble of the last century, from high desire and high demand to low desire and low demand? They don’t want 180㎡? Or don’t you want to put some solid wood furniture in your home? What can’t be asked for is really bad? I looked a bit like a fox in a vineyard. They don’t want to put some art in the home? Hahaha, no, you have to stuff things under the bed, because every inch of it is really expensive. Is it really cool to stay away? Low desire, no need, like a walking dead? Work for the boss and give up the meaning of life. Is this life or process? No brains, throw things regularly, don’t buy things you don’t need, you can use them for a long time, this is minimalism. If the people around me start this kind of life, you can think about whether he is too tight, or what happened, he wants to let go of everything and abandon everything to live, it’s really, really sad. I hate to leave, don’t forget me, don’t throw away our picture, don’t throw away my handwriting to you, don’t obliterate the evidence that I once existed in you, I am, your passerby. The whole point of valuable advice should be considered when buying things. Don’t move home for nine dollars and ninety-three things a day. You think you are a little money-saver. I look at you like a transportation captain and a little fool. , Buy the best within the budget, buy the big-name ones, and buy less of the messy ones. Don’t leave your former partners. After all, this is the role of the utility room. It’s nice to match a bunny today

7 months ago

With the continuous deepening of the separation: 1. The home is getting more and more tidy, and the space is getting bigger and bigger; opening the closet is the clothes that you will often wear, and the snack cabinet is full of snacks that you like to eat. That feels really good Extremely. Before I left, my wardrobe was like the morning and evening rush hour of the subway; now, at least the clothes have room to breathe freely. 2. I have a better understanding of my own dressing style and preferences; 3. Shopping is becoming more rational, or more critical, and the aesthetic ability is gradually improving. When looking at something, first consider the ability to match the existing In the process of disassembling the clothes, I summarized and found that the following are eliminated: except for those who wear too long and are tired, and those who are eliminated due to changes in dressing styles. There are mainly two kinds of clothes that were finally cut off: the first one was bought online, and the real thing was not so satisfying, especially if the color difference was serious, but I convinced myself to reluctantly accept it; the second one was bought without fully considering the matching problem. Items that are difficult to match. Based on the above findings, I know what to buy in the future and what not to buy. If you continue to leave, you may not be able to summarize these clearly. 4. I like to clean up the house more and more, it is becoming easier and easier to clean the house; 5. The mind is getting more and more clear, and the mood is getting calmer and calmer;

7 months ago

Anyway, it is on my “cool” point. If the living room space is large, I feel that I am very rich—spatial abundance. Let’s talk about the before-and-after comparison of mentality after the separation, where is the “cool”. Before leaving the house: When I woke up, I was just conscious – I clearly felt that when I was depressed, I was unhappy. Those 1, 2 seconds of unhappiness are doomed to the mood of the day. After quitting: I feel refreshed after waking up for one or two seconds, and the beautiful day begins. Before leaving the house: I searched everywhere when I went out to look for clothes. I obviously bought a lot, but I felt that I was missing one. And I couldn’t find suitable clothes. Color matching is also difficult, all kinds of strange clothes, and want to match, I bought even stranger accessories back. After leaving the house: black, white and blue, all of them are comfortable clothes, the quantity is small, there is no need to turn over, wear one and leave. Before leaving: Where are the urgently needed computer files and need to be used? In which folder did you eat ashes? I spend a lot of time searching, and may be “irritable” during the period. Even if I find it, it takes so much time to see other things and I am in a very unbeautiful mood. After leaving the house: Oh, here, just open these folders. The mood is very beautiful. Before leaving the house: Wow, I really want to attend this party, that party, why didn’t I receive an invitation? How can I receive an invitation? I want to enter this group — eager for the approval of others. After leaving: Don’t care, don’t want to participate if you don’t need it, don’t need to join a group that doesn’t suit you-being alone and being yourself is perfect. Before leaving: I want to sleep, but there are still a lot of things to do. I stay up all night and do it. I will get sleepy tomorrow, lacking energy, and a vicious circle. After leaving the house: I have done everything that should be done, and I have stopped doing everything that should not be done, and go to bed. Before leaving to leave: I don’t like this thing, but I force myself to like it, because everyone is like this—depression. After leaving the house: if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. If you refuse, what can I do? —“Shuang”. The benefits of renunciation do not stop there. From the lack of things — ascending to having less things in the heart — ascending to having more space to hold yourself in the heart. Loving yourself every day, “cool” burst, okay?

7 months ago

A few days ago, I chatted with my friends about the average monthly expenses, not including mortgages and car loans. After I sent out my account, the group became silent. I think about the cost of about 2000 a month, including the daily food and drink for me and my child…emmm…Is it? It’s still quite a lot…I asked my husband again, and his bill includes his own daily expenses. , Including the cost of buying clothes for the child and himself, about 3000+. After a long time, a sister said, looking at my consumption, she felt that she was suffocating. After she jumped through Alipay and WeChat account, she issued an average monthly consumption of 1w+. During the whole process, the sisters who initiated the topic were silent. Until the evening, after we were treated by Ai Te, they said that their average monthly consumption was 2w~3w. The next day, I couldn’t understand it, and I stirred up a topic in the group again, asking everyone why this level of consumption? To sum up, our consumption, in terms of food, indeed accounted for the largest part. The difference is that the same order is for takeaway. I order 30+ meals, and it is likely that they will be divided into two or more meals before they can be finished. And friends don’t have 100 takeaways. Friends with an average monthly average of 2w+ said that they have to spend 5000+ when they buy food in a month without ordering takeout. Of course, because her family has a large population and lives in first-tier cities, high consumption is inevitable. Next is the consumption in clothing. I figured it out. In the spring-like city where our home is located, three sets of sportswear a year, four or five shirts, four or five jeans, plus a few skirts and various accessories are really enough. Even in this case, I feel that there are too many clothes in my closet. I have to give away a few clothes every week. The clothes are still too many to fit. Many clothes cannot be worn several times a year. Therefore, my friend spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on clothing, and she also said that some clothes were bought and not worn. I have the habit of continuing to leave. After comparison, I feel that this is probably because my sisters and I have a different thinking in terms of consumption. As a result, I also live within my means, and the reduced economic pressure makes me occasionally choose not to bend for five buckets of rice, and live a simple and happy life. Reducing consumption is just a good result of severance. Continued renunciation will change the way we view matter. Why can I be frugal in eating? Because the experience of throwing expired food in the refrigerator one by one made me understand: we really can’t eat too much. Quick foods that have a shelf life are likely to be forgotten in the refrigerator. Many foods are bought impulsively, and I don’t really like it. I used to order something to eat outside for a while, and pack it back when I couldn’t finish it. As a result, these packed foods, if you don’t plan to eat them the next day, most likely will see you in the trash can next week. It’s wasteful, but it’s not without reason. The reason is that our family’s living habits are simple and efficiency is the priority. My husband is going to work out at night, and most of them don’t go home for dinner. My children and I usually stop by for dinner after school, and do homework and play when we get home. . The packaged food may be arranged for breakfast or lunch, but I am going to exercise at noon, lunch is very light, if the packaged food is very greasy, there is a high probability that it will not be arranged, only the trash can every other week Up. After thinking about this, my principle of ordering is very clear. I can finish it. Don’t eat when I’m particularly hungry. I will order too much, and try not to save more face. That’s how the cost of the meal comes down. In fact, the experience of resignation made me realize that many times we have big eyes and small belly, and we can’t eat so much. And the same experience has made me understand that compared to nutrition and eating satisfaction, I care more about a very healthy body. And a healthy body needs a balanced carbohydrate, fat, and protein, and I don’t need to buy madly. Buy, eat madly. Similarly, when it comes to clothes, if we throw away the closet every day, we will know that we are overconsumption of things we don’t need. The clothes that look good in a clothing store or a certain treasure shop are often not suitable for you. Try not to buy clothes that are on sale. Seasonal and discounted clothing, when it comes to the season when these clothing can be worn, there is a high probability that the clothing will be out of date or simply forgotten. Unless these clothes are classic in style and never expire, they may not have the chance to wear them. If it’s a store promotion in the factory, most of the materials and styles are limited, so you definitely don’t dare to wear it more than once. Don’t look at this kind of goods. With this money, saving money to buy some classic models with excellent materials can save money for buying a wardrobe, right? Children’s toys and books remind children that they must be given away. Not forcing, but reminding. Most of the children are fetishes, they love to put their income on their own feelings, and forced abandonment will make the children very painful. Except for the children of Virgo. I have seen a Virgo kid who threw away everything he could see, just to keep the table empty. In the children’s life, most of the toys are excessive. Many toys are not broken, they are simply played until they are forgotten. Remind the child to take out the toy to give it away, and the child will take it out and have a good time. My child’s most are all kinds of dolls. She loves them, and her dad prefers to buy them without thinking. I told the children that by buying these dolls, you can save money on big dolls that are worth collecting. There are also a variety of picture books, taking notes, drawing pictures, and sticking stickers to make the books more like they have been read. After reading, you can replace the electronic version with the electronic version, and the paper version will be distributed and given away. The advantage of this is that children will not feel that they must have what they want, and can see through the nature of an item and how to play its value. Breaking away, from the beginning of losing things to the end of saving money, what changes is your attitude towards life.

7 months ago

I executed the resignation for a long time, and then gave up. Because I found that there is a big problem with this kind of separation. I started in 2014. Executed earlier than most people. I’m not like some people taking pictures. Let me talk about some of my insights about the execution of the resignation in recent years. Also give some reference to friends who want to leave and are in the process of leaving. In the early stages of my implementation, I felt that the house was messy and there were too many things. According to the essence of severance, I summed up a line of thought that I think is very correct. Useless things are waste. The waste should be thrown away, and the things that are not needed should be thrown away. If you can’t give up, how can you execute it. Most people understand that it is impossible to understand from the boring theory, but the method that everyone knows like throwing things, the intuitive feeling that the space becomes larger after throwing things away is that everyone can see the results, many People just start to understand that it is the simplest thing to lose. In the early days, I lost a lot of things. Well, it seems to be very good. The space has become larger, and the larger space will make people feel very comfortable! Later I found that it is not good to lose things, because some things will be bought again after they are lost. Then start sorting and sorting according to the idea of ​​severance, simplifying life extremely. This is the second step of the separation. At the beginning, I felt that my mood improved. I saw fewer and fewer things, and it was easier to find something. Things are neatly arranged, and it does look better than messy. I have also joined many groups who have broken away and listened to everyone sharing the benefits of breaking away. Many people said how and how to change. No one even said that it is not good to renounce it. Then I went to teach others to start to leave, and when I saw the broken jars in other people’s homes, I instigated others to throw them away so that the space would be larger. This thing should have been thrown away long ago, you won’t use it for the rest of your life. I saw a small stone at a friend’s house, and he said to me, do you remember it? We picked it up by the beach. As a broken stone, it is difficult for me to understand what is good about a broken stone, but then I know that the value of an item does not lie in the application of the item, but the meaning of its existence is to accompany you through a period of beauty. Later, I learned that the broken jar was not thrown away. It was the dowry of my mother’s early marriage. It may not be useful at all, but it does retain the beauty. Even if you buy a useless thing, it is also with you in your life. Some items are memories. Especially those old objects, even if they are useless, are in the past themselves. Once thrown away, there is no more. Life will always encounter all kinds of unpleasantness, all kinds of unhappy, painful, and the best thing to heal the soul is to recall the goodness of the past, but to let go of it is to teach people to throw away the past and empty the brain. I don’t know how this theory comes from What is the basis from ancient times to the present. After a while, I found that I gradually became more empty. Disappearance did not bring about the fact that it can make the mood better, and those thrown away things start to remember, memories are always incapable of throwing away, especially good memories, there will always be something in front of your eyes. When I go to bed at night, looking at the empty house, I will feel an inexplicable sense of fear after the lights are turned off. The little bear who has been with me for a long time was thrown away because of the demise, and the heart-warming night light was also thrown away as trash by me. Lost. There used to be a TV in the bedroom, but I also cleared it out of the bedroom with my thoughts of severance. In the dead of night, the house was empty and my heart was even more empty. Especially when I am sleeping alone, I find that there is nothing around me. The third step is to let you cut off material desires from the depths of your soul. It seems that I am not far from becoming a Buddha. At this point, most people will choose to give up. After a few years of minimalism, I found that there was nothing left and no memory. Yesterday was the same as today, last year and this year. Nothing beautiful entered the spiritual world, and some were just emptiness. When you see something you want, but you tell yourself that you can’t want it, this in itself is anti-human. The greatest feeling of this kind of emptiness did not leave any good memories. I don’t remember any other item that I liked a little bit. I think it’s a completely mechanized survival, like a robot, without emotion, no longer Follow what you want in your heart, but follow what your brain wants. There is nothing to accompany me, no memory to accompany me, no friends to accompany me, and some are just blunt rules, what you should do and what you should not do. Where should you put your items and where they shouldn’t. After a few years of separation, I began to return to a normal life. What is a normal life? Buy when you want to buy it. When you want to mess up, you have to mess up. If you want to fill up the room, just pile up the room. Full, I think this is normal life. Some people who know the above are making up stories, saying that after a few years away from home, they can buy a house and change cars. Do you think it is possible? This is done by managing money alone. What does it have to do with severance? If you can’t even see the dog’s hair when you clean up the house, I don’t think this is life, it’s torturing yourself. Self-masochism may be refreshing for a while, but it may not be suitable for most people’s lives. It’s natural for children to like to roll in the dirt, and it’s natural to mess around every day. What we are really tired is to break away from our natural nature and find some paths that we think can make us happy. However, I found the best in nature in my hometown. My hometown is in the countryside. I use a spoon for fifteen years and a pot for 30 years without changing. The clothes are minimal with patches, and the shoes are minimal with toes. . This is a real renunciation. It does not require anyone to teach you how to do it. Once it is executed, it will last for decades. Five hundred years ago, the sage Wang Yangming had the deepest understanding of the relationship between things and people. If it is a severance that can affect people’s hearts, it is impossible for Wang Yangming to investigate. However, even after reading Wang Yangming’s theory of the mind, no basis was found. But today, a woman named Hideko Yamashita in Japan is preaching the benefits of renunciation. Then capture thousands of audiences. This theory has not been proved by a generation of evidence that it is indeed good for people’s hearts. It is somewhat similar to some popular spiritual practices. When you have enough delicacies, you want to eat some wild vegetables. When you are materially rich, you naturally think of renunciation. This is not wrong in itself. What’s wrong is whether this kind of severance is really suitable for you. Eating wild vegetables, once in a while, I still feel the taste, and I have been malnourished after eating for a long time. What you need is not to leave, you just need to change the environment. The human mind is like traveling, changing from a place where people are tired of staying to another place where others are tired of staying. After a few years, I will find that this place gets tired again. Later, I found that almost none of the groups can be executed for more than three years. Those who were the first to preach to the five bodies of the Diansheli, and those who practiced the Diansheli in their entire life, instead of the earliest no longer believe it. Now think about it, emptiness is the root of chaos that people really need. It was one thing that finally made me give up completely. Later, I had a child, and one day the child wanted a ball. In the eyes of people like me who have been left and brainwashed, the ball is a useless thing. Where you can put it, you can play for a few days when you buy it back, but it is still garbage in the end. , It is better not to buy. So I have to stop mentally and buy a ball first, even if the child cries harder, I think it’s good for the child. In this way, children can learn to leave from a young age. The child cried and wanted to make trouble, but I finally didn’t buy it. Later, I saw other people’s children playing ball with their dad. The joy was extremely enviable. I think I was wrong. This is not a simple ball, it has more important value than the ball. Only then did I really realize that objects are by no means as simple as useful and useless things. It will not be possible to eliminate material desires from the heart as Suan Sheli said. This is far from a simple matter of eliminating material desires. To be honest, in the past few years, nothing has brought me happiness. Because I pay too much attention to break away. This is some of my experience over the years. Whether this kind of absenteeism is really beneficial to people’s physical and mental health for a long time, I don’t think so. Breaking away only sees the application relationship between things and people, but not the emotional problems between things and people. It explains the relationship between things and people excessively from a practical point of view. This kind of thinking itself exists. Big problem. If you continue to execute it for a long time, you will become a thing with no emotions, rather than a person with emotions. The emptiness is the most intuitive feeling that I have carried out for several years. You can try, don’t be extreme. I don’t need to praise me like some severances. Because they think that likes are redundant. What I like is that the more likes are the better. Since they say minimalism, can they be so minimal that they don’t even need a like. But they are telling themselves in their hearts that I need more likes. This is a contradiction. You can never go against your nature. One day, you will find a way of life that really belongs to you. I don’t suggest to leave, I think it is good to live in compliance with nature.

7 months ago

I think “breaking away” is not advocating the discarding of items, and the first thing to do is to deal with items. Because all this is what I have chosen, and I have accepted it. If the dismissal is implemented, it will not be accepted casually. Both things and people are worthy of pity. ——Sanzhi Longsheng especially agrees with the opening words of Teacher Hideko Yamashita: Let go of a useless thing, and make room for it. Dealing with a surplus will reduce a burden. Reduce waste once, and restore a point of energy. Then, open a new chapter in life. In the storage world of detached house, you can understand the three-point rule from some tiny rules: divide the items into three categories according to large, medium and small, such as cooking utensils, washing utensils, and mixing bowls, to facilitate future search . 7.5.1 Method: Use only 70% of an invisible storage space like a wardrobe, and the rest is vacant. Only 50% of the visible storage space like cabinets with glass doors is used. Only 10% of the display storage space like the plane on the porch cabinet is used. This method draws on the layout method in the art gallery and can highlight the overall beauty. 1 in 1 out method: In order to always maintain the pattern created by the 7.5.1 method, if you want to buy a new item, you must first remove an old item before you buy the item. Although this method will make us reluctant to part with love, it can help our space continue to metabolize and maintain health. I think the biggest benefit of renunciation is that it shakes our deep-rooted “object values” and encourages us to get rid of inertia and take action. So as to promote the metabolism of life and life, usher in a completely new life.

7 months ago

One day, I was in a bad mood and wanted to sell this house and change my city life. So I started packing up the unnecessary ones and preparing to throw them away. Keep only what is necessary and take away. Then I was surprised to find that I had a lot of clothes, a lot of pants and skirts, a lot of shoes…pack, go downstairs, walk for three minutes and throw it into the trash can. This cycle was repeated several times, and I was too tired. Now, I still live in the original house. The biggest feeling from Broken House is that the special Buddhist style now has only a few pairs of shoes, and I don’t buy clothes too much. Even now, communicating with people is also very Buddhist. ……Added…Break-off brings me not only the ease of physical space, but also the inner ease. In the past, I felt reluctant to throw this, that reluctant to throw, this need, that need. After breaking away, I discovered that in fact, many things in life are not needed. In terms of interpersonal communication, I used to think that everyone I met should be cherished, so we must treat it well, tiring ourselves up, and more importantly, be treated unfairly, even if (for the sake of friendship) contribute money and effort After doing things for the other party’s obligation, I was treated rudely and rudely by the other party… After breaking away, I discovered that in fact, many people in life don’t need to keep too much in touch.

7 months ago

Before 2016, the cleanliness of the home was twofold. The windows are bright and clean during the New Year. Although it is not difficult to get down during the chaos, it is full of things everywhere. When the original house was bought, the child was just born, and there was no money at the time. I was afraid that the renovation would affect the health of the child, so I simply cleaned up and moved in. There is very little storage space in the house, so everything in our house is placed outside, on windowsills and countertops. When my child was young, I went to learn specialties on weekends. A class lasted two or three hours. At this time, I had nothing to do. There were a few big shopping malls nearby. How far are you shopping? I know exactly what styles and colors are popular this season. I look at the clothes that people wear on the street, and I can roughly say the price. Soon the sofa in the closet was full of clothes. Every time I clean up at the end of the year, I have to take out all the clothes and organize them, and put them in after finishing, but the closet is full of partitions and there are only two drawers (the drawers are still heavy, and I threw them away). The clothes were put in neatly, and the clothes were quickly turned upside down. Sometimes my mother-in-law will come over and take away the clothes I don’t want as a gift. Seeing those clothes that were bought at a big price were put in bags and taken away, I felt very distressed, and I would buy less when I went shopping in the future. I have been shopping for a few years. I feel like a waste of time, so I enrolled a training class next door where my child was learning specialties. I also took classes with my child, so I rarely visited. Later, I bought clothes two or three times a year, and only when I needed them, I chose the ones I liked carefully. I bought a house I like in 16 years, and I decided to decorate it well. At that time, I had come into contact with Diansheli and bought a copy of “Small Homes Are Getting Bigger”, and I often checked the decoration knowledge on the Internet with my mobile phone. The new house has added storage cabinets, but not too much, because now it is more cautious to buy things, and the things from the old house are basically not brought to the new house, so there will not be a lot of things in the new house. The big wardrobe in the bedroom is on the roof. My husband and I have our clothes separated. Each person occupies a door, and the child has his own wardrobe. In the large closet, apart from leaving a small space at the top for quilt and sofa cushions, the lower space is all for hanging clothes. I picked several drawers from the Internet and bought a few drawers for stacked clothes. I specifically looked for Mari Kondo. Hui’s video learns how to fold clothes. The clothes are not easy to be messed up when standing up, and the closet is more tidy. All the furniture and electrical appliances were replaced with new ones. I did a lot of homework before buying. I checked the information online, and the physical stores also went around. They all bought the best and favorites within their own ability. The electric baking pan can be removed from the top and bottom, so it is easy to clean; Siemens dishwashers are also bought, although the kitchen is not large, but the location of the dishwasher must be reserved; the refrigerator is bought from Bosch with four doors , Hardly audible sound, the space is very comfortable to use; the washing machine is also bought from Bosch, which is also very useful, and has a self-cleaning function; the bedding is bought from Mengjie, soft and warm; the mattress is bought by Sealy Yes, it is used by many well-known five-star hotels. It is really comfortable to sleep… After moving, I bought a sweeping and mopping robot. The mopping function is still very good. The sweeping is still very useful, and it can be used under the bed. The cleaning is very clean, so there is no need to bend down on the floor to clean the bottom of the bed. I also bought a floor-to-ceiling clothes rack with a good appearance. It only takes one second to fold it up and it is very convenient to use. The tools and paper towels and other small items in the house have their own place, and they can be put back in place when they are used up. I also put labels on the small pots of seasoning in the kitchen. The drawers for the seasonings are sorted out about once a month or two to replace the ones that have passed the expiration date. My husband’s study is the messy thing in our house. Anyway, my son and I seldom go in, so I just left with him. There are fewer things to buy. I only buy the most needed clothes and shoes, and throw away the old and unwearable ones. Now I almost don’t buy the things I don’t need. There are fewer messy things in the house, and the eyes are full of what I like, and it is easy to use, and I feel really comfortable. It’s been almost four years since I moved to a new house, and it’s also been four years since I left. Since the house is in order, I have also begun to feel in the mood to learn to bake cakes, bake biscuits, and make some nice dishes. In the fall, I will pick some wild chrysanthemums, go home and find a bottle to raise them, to give the family a little life. I am more Buddhist. I used to work on the same level, and I didn’t have high demands on myself. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. Since I left, I was discovered by the leader somehow. I have participated in several relatively large projects. I was so busy at work. I haven’t been so busy after so many years of work. Don’t know if it is good or not. Income has indeed increased, jumping from the original income average line to the top two or three levels. In the past four years, the child has been admitted to a key high school, passed the new college entrance examination, and has no problem filling in the volunteers. He went to a pretty good university and studied his favorite major. I didn’t see any changes on my husband’s side, but he said that he lost a dozen or twenty catties in weight. I was originally a thin man, but in the past few years I have gained almost 10 pounds. There are cars, there are hundreds of millions of them, and there is no change. Just think of these.

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