Let’s start with (). In ancient times, Wang Ju fell out of the Taoist position for the second time. Today, the prince 1 fell by 7, and tomorrow there will be ()1 fell out of 11. The semi-permanent makeup “root Zheng Miao Hong” is worth cutting, so I can cut Let me give you the 12 from Mr. Li. No thanks, I will predict another wave. There will be upset players in the finals. Here are two players. One is Li Luxiu, a unique miracle in the history of drafting. Zhang Yuqi wants to take the initiative. Interviews, and most entertainment idols are basically fans who feel that their brother is the most popular in the universe, and actually passers-by have never heard of it. According to this point, I don’t think the goose will let him go. This time, I really accidentally got the top of the top stream. Others are asking for a debut. If Mr. Li thinks about it, it depends on his mood. He has to completely let go. With his loyalty and wealth, he can enter and leave the Taoist position. Goose wants to let him out. No matter how he chooses, I will support him. Even if he intends to be a writer and write Russian pain literature, I can do it. Secondly, I bet Wu Yuheng. , Everyone, don’t forget, where does the internal entertainment come from, the fate of idol depends on whether there is any success in film and television. And this year this group is different from the past, more than half can go to acting. Even if he could act, only Zhou Keyu could afford the hero. Goose has so many IPs, one Zhou Keyu is obviously not enough. And I think the reason why the prince is a prince, Jiaxing can only account for half of the reason, and the other half is that the prince is valued and can be used to act. His words mainly depend on how Zhao Wei and Goose talk, because maybe Zhao Wei plans to put him here to absorb the heat and go back to acting instead of selling to Goose. As for the other basic crucifixion there, I won’t talk about it. My attitude is very clear. In the end, there will be aquatic products in the group, but only ten and even abandon it. If there is no aquatic product, then this group will become the first men’s group I pursue


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Instead, I feel that the goose really wants to hold ly. The last time I dropped 4 should be to test whether the fans can play. If you don’t have a firm pick, you should run quickly. This group 80% ly is going to debut, regardless of whether it is c in the end. Moreover, he is the one who prepares the most in a team, and the goose is coordinating with his whitewashing. For example, when his short height cannot be washed, he will show “frankness” and let the camera capture the heightened insoles in the shoes. For example, if you have a temperament, you can quickly show in the team, “Finally, I am the youngest, but I can also have a naive and romantic side without holding it.” Zky doesn’t know, but his fans are not very strong. It is estimated that it is difficult to make a C debut, but it is very possible to make a high-level debut.

6 months ago

Sure enough, Oscar fell sharply. I was thinking when he was fifth, he was the target. Zhou Keyu, a tool man used mercilessly. Lin Mo Boyuan, the goose is urging you to make money. Moreover, San Gong Lin Mo has a story line, but Bo Yuan does not have it. It is probably very hanging, I am afraid that he will fall out. Qing Lian is still hard to say… Goose seems to be testing? The ranking of Zanmaru card pie is the same and acceptable. 70% of Liu Yu can make his debut, depending on the capital chain. Little nine! baby! You are in and out of Taoism! Charge, charge, charge! By the way, is Jixiangjia being voted down? Zhang Jiayuan: Does wjjw decide him hard? Teacher Li, you are so miserable. Your fans plan to let you experience the feeling of entering and leaving the Taoist position, but they don’t let you make your debut. Think about what you sang in the final… Jackpot adaptation?

6 months ago

Personal opinion only! After thinking about it, it was within expectation. I personally feel that () is not a backer (except for this point), that is, it is being used as a target. I had offended the surrounding circle many times, but finally went down to fourth place, and turned around to first place again. Isn’t this just causing group outrage in a disguised form? When the prince falls, it is easier to rationalize the prince’s re-enforcement. Most passerby fans who vote for the prince think: as long as it is not (), it’s ok. So this time the prince’s ranking has dropped, and it becomes reasonable to get up again. Because everyone voted. Another point, that is, since the emperor can fall like this, is it normal for some people to fall? Personally, I feel that this will be left behind, because the finals will be hot searches with Qingyou. Isn’t the hot search of the big reversal more interesting? In terms of the above points, the Goose’s plan must have many meanings. Who knows? To add rigorously, who is the first is unknown.

6 months ago

First of all, LY, regardless of whether he makes it into the finals, he is definitely not C. He is the most serious student who has been picked up so far, and there are real ill-intentioned. Perhaps some fans have said that those are not black materials. Every boy has a second-year period, but those photos do look very bad. This is an international group, and the goose has to push it carefully. LY, these photos are us. I feel bad, let alone foreigners? Of course the photos can be cleaned up, but why do geese do that? Moreover, if there are some larger-scale photos that LY himself has forgotten to suddenly be exposed in the future, the goose will have the heart to kill. LY’s company is very small, the brokers are family members, and there are real black materials. Goose needs mutual benefit and win-win results for both sides, not poverty alleviation. The smaller the company, the easier it is to do incredible things for petty profits, and it depends on whether the value of the follow-up LY can outweigh its own risks. After all, Goose doesn’t make his debut, and you have nothing to do with it. His small company’s resources are no match for Goose, so Goose is not afraid of fans. Zando, Mika, and Riki really have nothing to say. They have never dropped out of their debut position. If there is no debut later, fans can tear up the goose. It seems that they are stable at the moment, but the rankings will definitely change. , Ai Hui’s matter has recently disappeared, and their rankings have not dropped, which means that Ming Ai Hui and Goose have almost talked about it. Paipai also has no problems at all, and she will definitely make her debut. Qing Lian’s mother is so big, finally returned to his place. You can’t let up and give up. The goose gave the opportunity. Originally, Qing Lian is definitely the one who sacrifices to the heavens, but Qing Lian is great and abrupt. Let yourself be seen by more people! Who says stars are supporting actors? If Qing Lian is a star, he must be the brightest one, and he can illuminate the entire universe alone! I don’t want him to go back to Japan because his Yan Yinghuamei doesn’t eat very much. He can’t eat well in the Japanese market. If he returns to the United States, he will have a hard time. I don’t mix with Europe and the United States, but I don’t know how to face Leonard. More, is it a good thing? But from the perspective of internal entertainment, bumping into the face is definitely not a good thing. Although I know that this ass kid will be very successful no matter what he does, but I just want to see him shining on the stage. I don’t want him to think he is a supporting role, I hope he can become his protagonist! Zhou Keyu’s impression of me has always been very vague. I think he can be regarded as a handsome guy. He speaks English and his popularity is good, but he doesn’t circle me. I now doubt why the goose would release the shot of his smoking and create the size of the camp. The people responsible for the core editing and inspection of the project must be very experienced people. They must have repeatedly checked and arranged inspections for every shot of each person. Therefore, 90% of our favorite students are him. Arranged. I absolutely don’t believe in the negligence of the staff in the inspection. Maybe the goose was released on purpose, maybe Jiaxing broke down with the goose at that time? So I simply used this method to get Zhou Keyu down, and after renegotiating with Jiaxing, it turned out that his fans were quite capable of playing, and Zhou Keyu was helped to the throne. I dare to pack a ticket. Zhou Keyu was the first person to receive film and television resources after he became a group. His appearance conditions are indeed more suitable for acting. He is not good at singing and dancing, but is very average in all aspects. Less than a particularly prominent place, as a result, he looked very ordinary under the background of Zandori Maru Mika Zhang Xingte. But he can definitely form a group. If the c can only be selected between him and LY, then I will choose him 100%. He has good language communication skills, height appearance, and he has an animated picture, which is quite cute. Xiao Jiu is really super super super super cute! Seeing his heart melted! In fact, sometimes we think of a male celebrity as our son, we still have our own little thoughts! But for Xiao Jiu, I really didn’t. If I really had such a cute son, I would wake up from dreaming! Little Jiu Bao’s mother loves you~ Now I’m so frantic that I want to listen to Xiao Jiu’s words without sleeping 24 hours a day. His words are really cute! He is very talented in singing and dancing, and he speaks Chinese well. If there is a chance to form a group and there is a group comprehensive, I can watch 100 episodes listening to him. So my mother is so big, she will definitely make her debut, right? I just don’t believe that Thailand can only produce one such brainwashing bag, I just want them to come out! Lin Mo can tell from San Gong that he must make his debut. He should work hard when he should work hard. When he should be funny, he plays more madly than anyone else. If he is there, the group’s tuan ensemble must be pretty good, just keep it. This ranking now supports the group industry. In fact, Boyuan is very unstable. He has too many substitutability. This substitutability is not in his professional ability, but the capital behind him is too weak. The white department is better, but it is a small company. Point is just rubbish. When other companies increase their bargaining chips, Boyuan is easily out of the game. In fact, Boyuan’s comprehensive abilities are among the top in the creation camp, and he is too professionally ethical. After all, his age is there. Even if he is really going to have a relationship, fans will understand him! And I think he has the ability as a team leader to reconcile the conflicts and disputes between the team members. If he is in the team, it is equivalent to having a backbone. I really didn’t get this kid Zhang Jiayuan, so I won’t say more. If possible, I definitely hope that the player I like will replace him. Based on the above observations, if you make your debut according to the current ranking, I think most people will accept it, but this will definitely not be the last one. Oscar or AK will definitely come up as a RAP and enter the debut position. I liked ak very much before, so I got to know him and didn’t evaluate the right or wrong of those things, but his remarks will definitely become a black spot for him. In contrast, Oscar is more suitable for a group than him, and Oscar The hot search for his original name also appeared at this juncture. I don’t know if it’s a signal from Goose Peng, but his popularity has really improved because of his name. The capital behind it should not be small, everything is unknown.

6 months ago

I couldn’t understand why Ren Yinpeng and Zhang Jiayuan appeared in the top 11 before, but Boyuan Wu Hai’s strength is so behind. Now Boyuan Wu Hai is seen by everyone, but why does Xiao Zhang always occupy the debut position? Can’t it be given to more capable people? The top eleven are handsome or capable dancers, singers, is he because of his cute personality?

6 months ago

Not to mention, abandon the group scheduled. It seems that aquatic products must be out. This time I was accidentally watched the creation camp by Li teacher Amway. I have never chased the idol group in China. From the first episode of the program, I watched the battle of aquatic products. At that time, there were many praises. (I also kowtow, but loves the pure natural and no-industrial sugar brotherhood. Later, I think the radio-based Riki is really cute. I saw a lot of previous materials and it was too silly. So I also went to learn about Zando and found Zando. People are really hard to criticize, and I love love.) However, Ge Ying returns to Ge Ying. I think a large part of it is the effect of the show. The only emphasis between the two dancers is the strength. But where is the problem! ? Thanks to most Xipi powder and young powder. The fan is the fan, and you have to pull the other home into the water, and then the next one. The problem is that you have to push other people’s homes into the mud. The fans of the fans can’t stand the digging, I don’t know what they fan. I heard that Mr. Li talked about lots of lottery, so I re-downloaded Weibo that I hadn’t used for a few years and went to the lottery. At that time, another aquatic product official announced his endorsement. I thought about so many comments, I want to eat melon! As a result, as soon as I opened it, my elder brother called me a numb scalp. . . I asked a friend to find out that some hyh control reviews are very powerful, and I can already use fakes to tell the truth, I want to eat melons and go to Douban and Zhihu. Anyway, I downloaded them all, I thought about the super chats, I looked at them to see what the hot search is. I regret it now, so I should draw a lottery and watch other hot searches. So I learned about the appearance of the second generation of aquatic products. . . . . . It escaped one generation, but after all, it can’t escape the second generation. After the camp is over, take a look at where Mr. Li is going, let’s uninstall it. The threshold for chasing idols is too low, the threshold for a blog is also too low, and the threshold for buying hot search is too low. It’s not that I hate aquaculture owners, I just hope that those who can become idols can withstand deep digging. It comes out as soon as the shovel goes down, which is really not good. There is also the issue of human design. Aquatic products are very bold and have established a national style and human design. However, this may also be the deliberate leadership of the goose, and the fans are not humble, eating a big fat man in one bite, and most of the passersby are swallowed in this way. No qualifications, no ink, no real strength and background, who dares to set up this persona? Many irrational fans immediately advertised it everywhere. There is really no conscious tool person. Finally, I hope that aquatic products are beautiful alone. This year, the two-year limited group eats fast money. I hope the goose has a conscience, and don’t lose the popularity of other brothers in the circle because of aquatic products. The final last: once the aquatic products are released, the group will be mashed. Don’t engage in international groups in the future, the domestic idol market is not worthy. The last, the last, the last: Why do I hate the appearance of aquatic heroes. Don’t ask, asking just blows up my happy hometown.

6 months ago

It feels like it is to get the heat at night! This time is quite different from the last time! Maybe in order to urge fans to make money, I’m tired of watching Liu Zhang 13, even if Mr. Li succeeded in getting a good spot. I still think Liu Zhang will make his debut. I feel that the goose always gives him more shots and has a story line, which is not compared to Oscars. Taihang, I can understand the fall this time, but this is to confirm the fact that the bear was placed in that position last time and was attacked. It is to block the gun for the prince. Taking into account Liu Yu’s special situation (it seems that the popularity of passersby is not very good, the specific reason I don’t know too well) Zhou Keyu’s C is not bad. Actually, everything is pretty good! There is also a gamble, Wu Yuheng will definitely make his debut in the end! definitely is! ! ! ! I currently think it may be that Domical Pill Yoon Haoyu 4 is praised abroad! Domestic Liu Yu, Zhou Keyu, Lin Mo, Zhang Jiayuan 4! This is stable above, and then, Liu Zhang will make his debut! Li Luxiu, Wang Xing, Wu Yuheng, who is out of the second Oscar, has a really good personality, but it really feels like a goose, and that makeup is hard to say, I love Zhang Xingte’s voice, it’s amazing, boiling sheep, Yu Gengyin It’s a pity that Zhang Xinyao, Wu Hai, and Bo Yuan are all

6 months ago

Looking at Liu Yu’s configuration, together with the c-bit of the first generation of “101” in the creation camp, the label “holding” was washed out in the interview. I never thought that Tencent would retaliate against Liu Yu or something. I think it will support it. Don’t tell me. The first stage held the last performance, and at the end it was an abandoned son. In this way, where the profit of the goose is, the merchant will not make a loss-making business.

6 months ago

Another day I want to stew the goose! ! ! This time ranking 23456 is all foreigners. Good guys take Zhou Keyu’s Oscar to sacrifice to heaven? ? ? At the beginning, all Chinese brothers were cut into waste. Bo Yuan, Lin Mo, Liu Yu are all Almighty ACEs, right? ? Is Bo Yuan Lin Mo directly at the end? ? Zhou Keyu’s Oscar is by no means a waste, and there is hope that he won’t give up Jia Yuan’er, let the child be taller. Goose likes foreign players so much next time they will directly engage in overseas groups, so don’t let the audience feel that the entertainment is over. Of course, I don’t mean that foreign brothers are not good, and I like them, but now I feel that internal entertainment is nothing. Lin Mo Boyuan has counted down. I don’t know if I can make a debut. I still use Teacher Li. The hype, after all, is it to be an international group or to weigh it up. Thank you.

6 months ago

This ranking tells me that the top few probabilities are not the top ones that the goose wants. The goose’s ticket mark is too heavy, the goose is too presumptuous, and the goose is more presumptuous than the next door. Set a flag. According to this ranking, Liu Yu will definitely not be the first to debut. Mika Qingren will only make one and it is not likely to be the top three. Riki Chando may be delayed by one or two in his debut. , The emperor will definitely get a card slot.

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