This problem may indeed be a tangled problem for people who make up, especially in summer, because the sunscreen factor of the base makeup primer is generally low, so you need to apply sunscreen separately. Should you use sunscreen first? Use isolation, or use an isolation with a high sun protection factor. In order to answer this question, let’s first understand what isolation is and what is sunscreen. I have seen some big Vs in the beauty field before, saying that isolation cream is an IQ tax, and isolation is actually sunscreen, there is no difference. But for a girl with makeup, sunscreen and isolation are not the same thing. The initial purpose of the sunscreen is indeed to block ultraviolet rays, so it also adds sunscreen, which is no different from sunscreen, except that the SPF value is relatively low. The sunscreen is generally sufficient for daily commuting. This kind of sunscreen with low-power sunscreen function that only blocks ultraviolet rays is more common in the European and American markets. Later in Asia, especially in the Japanese and Korean products, the base cream evolved into a low SPF makeup product, which has the same effect as a low SPF concealer or liquid foundation. In addition to blocking ultraviolet rays, it also brightens the skin tone. Improves dullness and modifies skin blemishes. I remember the whitening cream from Za’s that I liked to use when I was a student. The price is cheap and easy to use. When the base cream was just popular, this product could be regarded as a popular base cream product. At that time, I was not used to make-up, but I felt dull when I went out without makeup, so I usually use Za whitening sunscreen after skin care. In addition to the function of sunscreen, it can also brighten and improve dullness. Therefore, using a base cream is equivalent to using sunscreen plus liquid foundation (of course, there is no strong concealer function of foundation), which is simple and convenient, and the price is still cheap. >Later, different colors of isolation cream were released to modify different skin tones. For example, the famous Lanzhi’s isolation cream, purple version is suitable for dull yellow skin, green is suitable for red bloody skin with acne marks, and pink is suitable for comparison by itself Fair complexion. Later, many domestic brands have imitated Laneige’s multi-color base cream, and they are also very popular. Later, makeup became more and more complicated. Before applying makeup base, it became popular to use makeup primer, so the base cream gradually evolved into a three-in-one product with sunscreen and makeup primer, in addition to blocking UV rays and brightening skin tone. For skin tone, it also has the effect of moisturizing and oil control before makeup. For example, the popular CPB home base cream has a makeup primer for oily skin, and a glossy makeup primer for dry skin with a moisturizing and bright complexion). Some makeup primers add a lot of volatile silicone oil to the formula, which makes the skin feel very smooth. They are called pore invisible devices. For example, the pink makeup primer from W.lab in South Korea is a good way to modify pores. The role of. Therefore, the barrier cream is no longer the original function of simply isolating ultraviolet rays, which is also very different from the role of sunscreen. Of course, there are many claims on the market that the barrier cream isolates make-up, air pollution, blue light radiation, etc. This is actually some active ingredients in the formula that may have been tested for anti-pollution and anti-blue light at the raw material supplier, so I claim that the barrier cream It also has anti-pollution and anti-radiation effects. Regarding isolation makeup, this is easier to understand. It is nothing more than taking the isolation cream as an intermediate step between skin care and makeup. Some people say isolation is the first step of makeup. The barrier cream, like sunscreen, has a film-forming agent added to the formula, so after using the barrier cream, it is as if a layer of skin has formed, which can isolate the subsequent damage of make-up. However, I personally think that this is actually a pseudo-need, because the harm of cosmetic products to the skin is not as terrible as everyone thinks. As a person who puts on makeup every day, I don’t feel that makeup adds a burden to my skin. Instead, I must be careful when removing makeup. Improper makeup removal can easily damage my skin. Therefore, I think the segregation of make-up is a gimmick, there is no need to take it too seriously. After understanding the true role and evolution of isolation, and comparing sunscreens, it is not difficult to see the difference. And whether to use sunscreen first, isolation first, or isolation only, I think there are several situations for people who do not make-up, if the ultraviolet rays are relatively low, directly use the isolation with a certain sun protection effect That’s it. Not only can it be used as a daily low-power sunscreen, but also can be used to brighten and modify the skin tone. The isolation is equivalent to a sunscreen plus a foundation. If you feel that the sun protection factor of the barrier cream is too low in spring and summer, you can choose a barrier cream with a high sun protection factor, such as La Roche-Posay’s SPF50/PA+ sunscreen and brightening lotion. This sun protection factor is the highest among all the sunscreens. It may be a formula designed according to the sunscreen, but it also has some brightening effects. Last year, it also won the TOP1 award in the isolation category of the Japan Cosme Awards. But one thing that is not very friendly to makeup people is that it is easy to rub mud, especially when used with my makeup setting spray, mud rubbing is more obvious. For those who don’t wear the foundation makeup, I think this base cream is enough to use directly, no need to use sunscreen. For people who make up, generally choose isolation to emphasize the role of makeup primer, and such isolation factor before makeup is very low or even without sunscreen, so generally when ultraviolet radiation is very strong, such as summer, you must use sunscreen use. For example, I previously recommended the French Dabao makeup primer that is suitable for dry skin or mixed skin. It is completely used for moisturizing and primer before makeup. The main function is that the follow-up makeup will not be powdered or peeled. At this time, you must cooperate with sunscreen. I used the cream, because there are very few sunscreens in the foundation, and many do not even add sunscreens, and there is almost no SPF value directly on the foundation. Even Sofina’s oil-control makeup primer, which has an oil-control effect, has an SPF value of only 16, PA++. If you just use sofina to isolate the sun before makeup in summer, the sun protection factor is definitely not enough. Of course, if you don’t emphasize the effect of the makeup primer too much, just simply sunscreen isolation, in fact, there are many SPF values ​​on the market that are enough for daily use, and will not make the follow-up base makeup produce muddy or heavy greasy feeling. For example, the Orbis sunscreen that I mentioned in the answer to the last spring skin care precautions, SPF34, PA+, sun protection factor is enough for my daily use in spring, can brighten the skin tone, follow-up foundation will not rub mud and also It’s quite docile, so I generally don’t use sunscreen this season, but directly use isolation. Maybe in summer the ultraviolet rays are more intense (especially UVB is more powerful), and the oil output is higher, I will choose a high-power sunscreen plus an oil control and isolation makeup before using it together. The question is, if isolation and sun protection are used at the same time, who should be used first? My personal recommendation is to use sunscreen first, then isolation. The first reason is because sun protection is generally used as the last step of skin care, and the first step of make-up before isolation makeup. The second reason is because sunscreen is generally greasy. If you use sunscreen after applying the isolation, the base makeup may not be very compliant, or even rub the mud, and the isolation also loses the effect of the primer before makeup. In addition, my suggestion is that if you must use sunscreen and isolation at the same time, I recommend choosing a more refreshing sunscreen. Because sunscreen is used and isolation is used, it may add heaviness and greasiness to the follow-up base makeup, while general sunscreens, especially high-power sunscreens, are relatively greasy. I personally like to use more refreshing sunscreen, such as Biore Water Sensitive Sunscreen Gel, which is cheap and easy to use, and has a high SPF value. In summary, my suggestion is to use a sunscreen with normal or partial sun protection factor. High barrier cream is enough, no need to use sunscreen. For people who make up, if you use a base makeup primer with a very low sun protection factor or no sunscreen, in the case of strong UV, the superimposed use of sunscreen is still necessary. It is recommended to use sunscreen first and then use isolation, and try to choose A relatively refreshing sunscreen to avoid heavy and greasy base makeup. Of course, if you can find a suitable sun protection factor and also have the isolation of the makeup primer, it is the best. Try not to use sunscreen and isolation at the same time to avoid heavy base makeup.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Sunscreen is enough
Wipe too much on the face, be careful of the burden
Isn’t it that sunscreen has a little isolation effect now?
The isolation you mentioned should be a little touch-up and skin-modifying effect, so even if it has a sun protection factor, it is incomparable with ordinary sun protection products.
After all, it depends on what you want to choose
At the same time, the texture and skin feel of the product are very important
Some superimposed together may still rub mud

6 months ago

To put it simply, sunscreen is to prevent the skin from being sunburned and tanned. The most important thing about sunscreen is SPF and PA index, application thickness, application uniformity, application time, external force factors. Many babies don’t know what SPF is. In popular science here, SPF is the sun protection factor. When SPF15, it can protect against 94% of ultraviolet rays, SPF30 can protect against 97% of ultraviolet rays, and SPF50 can protect against 98% of ultraviolet rays. The principle of sunscreen is equivalent to forming a protective film on the surface of your skin, but if you apply too little, there is no egg drop. What about the uniformity? Both sides of the nose and the forehead are the two hardest hit areas, pay more attention Just remember to apply it 20 minutes before going out! Give the skin enough time to absorb it to become a “protective film”!

6 months ago

Apply sunscreen first and then barrier cream. Sunscreen is a skin care product. It absorbs on the skin and forms a layer of film to isolate the ultraviolet rays. After applying sunscreen, apply isolation, and use isolation to separate makeup from the skin. The barrier cream is used as a makeup primer to fill pores and absorb oil. If you apply a layer of sunscreen after applying the isolation, it will destroy the isolation effect, affect the follow-up makeup, and cause makeup removal. After applying sunscreen, be sure to wait for it to form a film. Don’t rub it on your face during this period, and don’t apply other things. After the sunscreen has formed a film, apply a base cream, and finally put on makeup. !! Does sunscreen/isolation need to remove makeup?! ! Three words: all need! ! ! ! Sunscreen: There are titanium oxide and titanium dioxide in it. Generally, facial cleanser is not clean. Colored base cream: Isolation/makeup with the effect of correcting skin tone belongs to make-up. What do you think? Colorless base cream: generally has sunscreen function, so it needs to be removed.

6 months ago

This kind of problem was encountered when I was just learning about makeup. There are many types of makeup products on the market, such as: isolation, makeup primer, liquid foundation, air cushion BB, air cushion CC, sunscreen, etc. How to use it? What is the correct order of use? After three or five years of makeup experience, as well as watching many beauty bloggers’ sharing and makeup videos and makeup books, I truly understood the essence of makeup and skin care products, and avoided paying the “IQ tax”, and spent a lot of money less. ~ Seeing this question is very kind, so I can’t help but want to answer it. Should I use isolation first or sunscreen first? Let’s first understand some of the differences between the two: Isolation cream: I checked the definition of Isolation cream in Baidu Encyclopedia [1]: Isolation cream is an important skin care product to protect the skin. Isolation has an isolation effect on ultraviolet rays, which is essentially Sunscreen, the sunscreen used in the barrier cream is the same as the sunscreen, usually divided into organic sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Main function: used for daily low sun protection, isolation of dirty air, adjustment of skin color, anti-radiation. Mainly used after skin care and before makeup, it can basically be divided into two categories: it only has sunscreen effect and has sunscreen effect to modify skin color. Sunscreen: Sunscreen Baidu definition [2]: Refers to cosmetics that are added with sunscreens that can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent and treat the skin from being tanned or sunburned. According to the type of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. The main function is to block ultraviolet rays and build a protective layer for the skin to prevent the skin from aging, dryness, tanning, sunburn, and even spots. Judging from the definition and function of the cream and sunscreen above, the common essence of the two is that they have sunscreens added to them to block ultraviolet rays. But there is a certain difference. Sunscreen is the last step of skin care. The most important and faithful function is to block ultraviolet rays and sunscreen. Then sunscreen needs to be filmed to be effective, and only when it is attached to the skin can it form a film. Base cream is the first step of make-up. In addition to low-power sun protection, the main function is to isolate the dirt in the air, isolate radiation, isolate other make-up from direct contact with the skin, and modify the skin tone. So, if you look at it this way, it is very clear, you must use sunscreen first, and then use barrier cream. Here, there are also many people asking: Must the two be used at the same time? Can I just use sunscreen? Can I just use barrier cream? In fact, the two do not have to be used at the same time, and can be selected according to different scenarios and environments. If the sisters who don’t like make-up, and the ultraviolet rays outside are relatively strong, you can use a sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor instead of using a barrier cream. For the sisters who usually love makeup or like heavy makeup, not only use sunscreen, but also superimpose the use of barrier cream. Because sunscreen needs to be applied all year round, it cannot be less, and the barrier cream prevents the cosmetics from directly contacting the skin and causing harm. But no matter how you use it, sunscreen must be used in front of the barrier cream.

6 months ago

Sun protection is the last step of skin care, and isolation is the last step of makeup. But remember the principle of water and milk first, otherwise it is easy to irritate the skin directly on the face. First of all, the main function of the base cream is a combination of four functions: pre-makeup cream, color repair, concealer and a little sunscreen, but the base cream cannot isolate pollution. Isolation cream is the first step of make-up. Although it also has a little sunscreen effect, it is insignificant in front of sunscreen. In summer, you still need to use sunscreen. Sunscreen recommendation: Isdin oily skin mother Isdin, it is a black technology sunscreen made based on “water”. The texture of a touch of water will surprise me immediately. It can be applied evenly in a few seconds. It is very light and breathable. Stuffy acne. The film forming speed is fast, slippery, and will not rub mud after applying makeup. Chemical sunscreen is not false white, and will not affect subsequent makeup. The high sun protection of spf50 can provide long-lasting sun protection for up to 10 hours. In addition, it also added three skin nourishing ingredients vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and allantoin to keep moisture from losing. It is my favorite sunscreen irritation~ Isolation recommendation: SOFINA / Sofina porcelain effect oil control moisturizing makeup primer basically Youpi baby has one hand, and the price is too friendly. Let’s talk about the experience of use: the texture of the emulsion is very fluid, easy to spread, and the film forms quickly. It is really good news for oily skin. I am a mixed oil skin, I can take off my make-up and become a dog if I get oil in the summer, can I cry in the storm after using this? Not to mention whether it can keep the oil and makeup for a day, but the difference between using and not using it is really big, and it also tells me that different products are really necessary. Although it is said that isolation is a makeup primer, I think that in terms of oil control, it should be possible to do without isolation. It is always available in summer~SPF16 pa++, you still need to use sunscreen~

6 months ago

Let’s take a look at these two products first! Base cream is also called makeup primer, because make-up products contain ingredients that can hurt the skin, so base cream was born. It not only isolates makeup, but also isolates the dust in the air, and at the same time makes the makeup more delicate and docile, and at the same time it also has a sunscreen function. Sunscreens contain or completely use physical sunscreens or chemical sunscreens to block ultraviolet rays. The main purpose is to block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Comparing isolation and sun protection, sunscreen has only sun protection function, while isolation cream has anti-oxidant, whitening or vitamin ingredients in addition to sun protection. Compared with general sunscreens, barrier creams are more pure and easier to absorb. For ladies who like to make-up, the isolation cream must be used before putting on make-up, so as to avoid direct contact between the skin and the make-up, and to make your makeup look more docile. Sunscreen, like other skin care products, needs to be absorbed by the skin to be effective. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied before isolation and after lotion, so that it can have a certain sunscreen effect. If you use the barrier cream first, and then use the sunscreen, the role of the barrier cream for isolating make-up will be weakened by the sunscreen, and the sunscreen will be greatly reduced because it cannot touch the skin.

6 months ago

Let me share with you today, should I apply isolation first or sunscreen first? Make-up sequence 1. Water emulsion should be applied first. Whether it is to apply isolation or sunscreen first, it is essential to apply water emulsion before applying both barrier cream and sunscreen. The biggest feature of water emulsion is the water content. It is very high and can instantly moisturize the skin. While replenishing moisture to the skin, it can also form a protective film on the surface of the skin to lock the skin’s moisture from being lost. Therefore, before using both barrier cream and sunscreen, be sure to use it with a lotion~ in order to achieve a better skin care effect. 2. The difference between barrier cream and sunscreen The role of barrier cream is to isolate the skin from damage caused by external factors such as makeup, dust, bacteria, etc. It is equivalent to forming a protective film on the skin surface, and it can also modify and brighten the skin tone. Effect. The role of sunscreen is mainly for sun protection, generally there is no other special effect, can resist the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin, prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned. 3. The application sequence of isolation and sunscreen. For young ladies who like makeup, the isolation cream must be used before makeup, so as to avoid direct contact between the skin and the make-up, and to make your makeup more docile. Sunscreen, like other skin care products, needs to be absorbed by the skin to be effective. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied before isolation and after lotion, so that it can have a certain sunscreen effect. If you use the barrier cream first, and then use the sunscreen, the role of the barrier cream for isolating make-up will be weakened by the sunscreen, and the sunscreen will be greatly reduced because it cannot touch the skin. 4. Isolation and sunscreen need to remove makeup. Regardless of whether you use sunscreen or isolation products, you need to remove makeup at the end. Makeup remover can’t be just washed away with facial cleanser. You need to use professional makeup remover. If the makeup remover is not clean, it is easy to burden the skin and even clog the pores, causing a series of skin problems. In fact, there are some beauty makeup and skin care that separate and sunscreen together, so you don’t have to worry about whether to apply sunscreen or isolation first. It is more convenient to combine the two into one and just apply it once. For example, the following: sunscreen is now a lot of big brands have sunscreen Isolation is generally enough to go to work and simply go out, if it is a field worker, or to travel. Direct sun exposure requires high sun protection. The formula and quality of this product are very good, including squalane, astaxanthin, carbomer and so on. Repair epidermis and cells, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, fat-reducing skin. Promote blood microcirculation and help repair damaged cells. The effect of firming the skin and increasing elasticity. If you like, you can comment, and I will tell you how to buy it!

6 months ago

After all, everyone has a lot of misunderstandings about isolation. Yes, isolation is not about isolating smog and dust makeup. Isolation is just a makeup. 1 Isolation with sunscreen, then choose one of the sunscreen isolation. 2 Isolation to modify the skin color, then it is a make-up, just use it as a make-up. Some friends think that the barrier cream is an all-round product, and think that it can isolate dust, dust, smog and various radiations. Is this really the case? First of all, we understand what a barrier cream is? In general, the sunscreen can be used as a sunscreen, and its effect is equivalent to the first step of makeup preparation after skin care. It is mostly used for sunscreen and skin tone adjustment. It contains powdery ingredients and we can sunscreen. The two functions of cream & makeup primer (skin toning lotion) define the barrier cream. If the SPF and PA values ​​are not marked on the base cream, this base cream usually serves as a touch-up and pre-makeup cream. The purpose is to adjust the color of sunscreen products that are too whitish, and to “prime” the skin before makeup. Smoother, the subsequent makeup is easier to spread, more compliant, and the makeup looks even and light. If the barrier cream has an SPF value, then it is a sunscreen, but the sunscreen effect depends on the sunscreen ingredients it contains. Generally speaking, the sunscreen effect is average. However, many marketing brands claim that: the barrier cream can provide a clean environment for the skin, form a barrier against external aggressions, prevent makeup and dirty air from harming the skin; at the same time, it forms a second barrier between the skin and ultraviolet rays to protect the skin. The role of. Some creams contain antioxidant factors, such as green tea ingredients, which can protect against radiation. Enlarging the function of the barrier cream is closely related to the need for brand owners to expand the market. In Europe, the United States and other countries, there is actually no barrier cream product. In the past ten years, skin care products and consumers in Asia have been seeking barrier creams. It is believed that it can block dust, dirty air, make-up, and even block haze and radiation, etc., forming a strong protective film for your skin. Base cream can be roughly divided into two types: 1. There is no skin tone modification effect, but it has an isolation effect, such as Chanel’s base cream. 2. For skin color modification and isolation effects, such as Lancome’s UV isolation cream, frankly, the promotion of isolation cream is a new step in skin care and make-up marketing by the brand. The main purpose is to ensure that the make-up fits the skin more naturally. Mainly adjust skin tone. And from an optical point of view, it adjusts the uneven skin tone of the face and corrects the skin tone using the difference between cold and warm colors. The purple and green isolation cream, which was also first introduced by the South Korean Lange brand, was popular across the country, and the explosive models were also produced at that time. Among them, purple is to neutralize the problem of dark yellow skin; green is to adjust skin redness and red blood streaks. Next, we discuss whether the isolation cream can solve the problem of isolation of dust, haze, and radiation. ² Dust and dust are actually the same as makeup. The base cream is either a makeup primer or a sunscreen. If it is a sunscreen, it only has a sunscreen function; if it is a makeup primer, in fact, it belongs to the category of make-up, so there is no need to talk about the protection of make-up and dust. ² Haze: PM2.5, people are also more concerned about the impact of health. What damage does PM2.5 have to the skin? In fact, the damage of PM2.5 to the skin is not the particles themselves, but the free radicals carried by PM2.5, such as reactive oxygen species free radicals or nitric oxide free radicals. But to prevent them from harming the skin, pure physical isolation is basically useless. At present, the suggestion of the dermatologist is to use antioxidant ingredients to reduce the damage caused by polluted air to the skin. As for whether the barrier cream can isolate PM2.5, it depends on whether it contains antioxidant ingredients and their content. Compared with the damage to the skin, PM2.5 has a greater impact on the respiratory tract. The smaller the diameter of its particles, the deeper it enters the respiratory tract. Once the particles enter the human alveoli, it will directly affect the ventilation function of the lungs, and the body is prone to deficiency. Oxygen state. ² Radiation, in life, radiation is divided into two categories, namely ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. (1) Ionizing radiation has short wavelength and high energy, which can cause serious effects on the body. X-rays, γ-rays and other radiation can only be exposed in specific scenarios. (2) Non-ionizing radiation has a long wavelength and low energy, and has limited impact on the human body, such as radiation from mobile phones, computers, and microwave ovens. For ionizing radiation, the isolation cream is powerless; for non-ionizing radiation, the isolation cream cannot prevent it, and there is no need to prevent it. It is better to do a facial cleansing after using a computer or mobile phone to reduce pigmentation. In addition, even if the barrier cream contains green tea ingredients, it is anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet for the skin, and there is no so-called anti-radiation function. At the end of the article, I remind everyone that the daily use of isolation cream is the same as sunscreen. Cleaning is very important. You need to thoroughly remove makeup and clean your face with makeup remover or makeup remover. Base cream is like make-up, it can easily destroy the skin if it is not clean. A multi-functional isolation product, it will form a film on the surface of the skin to protect the skin from external invasion, but it itself fits tightly with the skin. The barrier cream is not only a physical sunscreen similar to titanium dioxide, but also a small amount of toner, which modifies the complexion and adheres closely to the skin. If you do not remove makeup for a long time, it will clog your pores. Normal facial cleanser cannot remove the barrier cream, so it must be To remove makeup!

6 months ago

Conclusion: Sunscreen first and then isolate. Reason: Sunscreen is the last step of skin care, and isolation is the first step of makeup. Skin care is definitely before makeup. One more point. Sunscreen is a very important step in skin care. The darkening and ageing spots are all due to ultraviolet rays. However, it is not necessary to wear sunscreen. This is the last line of defense against sun protection. You have to know that the sunscreen effect of an umbrella is definitely better than the effect of expensive sunscreen. Moreover, if you wear sunscreen for a long time, it will burden your skin. For example, An Nai Sun in a big fire is very boring. Therefore, the most important thing is to spend less time in the sun. As for isolation, it is actually similar to a makeup primer. It is to even out the skin tone before applying foundation. It feels more tasteless. Of course, people with good skin can actually use foundation for isolation. Many people use CPB’s makeup primer as liquid foundation. But about the isolation promoted by the business has the harm of isolating computer radiation or isolating the skin of cosmetics, these are nonsense. Don’t pay this IQ tax.

6 months ago

With a sunscreen that has an isolation effect, there is no need to worry about this problem. Sunscreen isolation brightens three-in-one, does not rub mud, does not fake white and does not cause harm to the ocean. It is a broad-spectrum sunscreen. In addition to ultraviolet rays, it can effectively resist UV, blue and other harmful rays, and truly isolate your skin from everything. In addition to light damage, it can also isolate air pollution. Whether it is summer or other seasons, you must pay attention to sun protection indoors and outdoors.

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