Sugar, fat will not be consumed until 30 minutes later. Many people take this as the bible and force themselves to run for more than 30 minutes in order to lose weight. In fact, this is a widely circulated rumor. Today, we will talk about this issue from the perspective of energy metabolism. The conclusion is written first: as long as you start running, sugar and fat will participate in energy supply, but the ratio is different. About 20 to 30 minutes later, fat participates in energy supply gradually. Image source: Zhankuhailuo 1. Sugar and fat do not work independently. There are three main nutrients in the human body that participate in energy supply. Sugar, fat, and protein. Protein participates in energy supply during exercise, so we ignore it for the time being. The energy supply system of the human body is by no means an independent system. Sugar and fat actually work together. Glycogen provides energy at a faster rate, while fat provides energy at a slower rate. Therefore, under normal circumstances, short-term, high-intensity exercise is mainly powered by glycogen, because it needs fast energy supply, and fat is too late to break down; while long-term, medium-to-low-intensity exercise, generally consumes fat, glycogen It also consumes a certain proportion, so except for the kind of high-explosive sports in a very short time (such as a 50m sprint), there is almost no independent energy supply. Therefore, from the perspective of aerobic exercise, the human body’s energy supply does not have a priority relationship, it is just a change in proportion. For example, sugar is like cash in people’s hands. It is not much but can be paid at any time. Fat is like deposits people put in the bank. You don’t want to swipe your bank card until you have spent all your money, right? For the kind of long-term expenditure (such as monthly loan repayment), it is naturally better to use bank cards. Image source: Zhankuhailuo 2. After about 20 minutes of running, the proportion of fat energy supply increases. During long-distance running, sugar and fat not only participate in energy supply at the same time, but with the increase of time, the proportion of their participation also changes dynamically. Research It was found that generally speaking, after 20 to 30 minutes, the amount of fat oxidation and the rate of energy supply began to increase rapidly. Therefore, for that sentence, a more accurate statement should be that after running for 30 minutes, it is more conducive to fat consumption. So does this also mean that you must exercise for more than 30 minutes to have the effect of reducing fat? In fact, it is not, but the effect is better. For people with fat reduction goals, the easiest thing is to keep in mind a law, which is the law of conservation of energy. As long as exercise will consume energy, and as long as the energy consumed is greater than the energy taken in, it can achieve the effect of weight loss. For runners, you should still do what you can, step by step, and don’t force yourself to reach the 30-minute goal, otherwise it may cause unnecessary harm to the body. 3. Compared to running time, heart rate is more important. In order to achieve the best fat loss effect during aerobic exercise, the most important thing is that the heart rate should reach an appropriate level. There are two simple formulas here: maximum heart rate=220-age; best heart rate=(60%~80%)*maximum heart rate. When the human body is in this heart rate range, fat participates in the maximum energy supply, which is the most suitable exercise intensity for bodybuilders. You can also calculate your most suitable exercise heart rate, which can be used as a reference for exercise intensity during running. All in all, for runners with fat reduction needs, you must plan the appropriate exercise time and exercise intensity when making your own running plan. This has a multiplier effect for having a healthy body.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I run a lot. I have been running for a few years. The running speed of 40 to 60 minutes has been slower and faster with the exercise time. I really like the rhythm of my own pace. I am very responsible to tell you that if you only rely on running, even if thunder cannot beat every day 30 minutes of running must not achieve the satisfactory goal of fat loss. Saying that everything else is real running can make you energetic, is real running can make you stronger in oxygen uptake, is real oxygen uptake, that is, you hold your breath in one breath For two minutes, take a few breaths and take a few deep breaths. Running will make you feel lighter. If you walk the fastest or really running, it will make you feel better. It feels like running comfortably makes you resistant. Improve, you rarely catch a cold. Real running makes you heat-resistant in summer and cold-tolerant in winter. It’s even more real (provided that you run outdoors all year round). Even running makes your mind clear and can quickly eliminate brain use. Excessive and hypoxic state are absolutely the same. You said that running can help you lose weight. I run often. If I don’t have a taboo, I can’t achieve the body shape I want. I’m afraid running will still let you. No matter if you have a good appetite, your digestion will be better. As long as you love sugar, cake, drink cola, drink beer, grilling honey on skewers will definitely change the fat but not the thinner. It doesn’t matter how much you run in a day.

6 months ago

I like sports very much, and I have always called on people to participate in various sports to maintain their health and vitality. However, for people who want to achieve weight loss through exercise, I always tell him that the direction is wrong and the efficiency is low. For example, from Shanghai to Beijing, taking the high-speed railway to Nanjing, Jinan, and Tianjin is right. From Shanghai to Chongqing, to Xining, and then to Beijing through Shanxi, Shanxi and Hebei, why bother. For people with average physical fitness, weight loss through exercise is theoretically feasible, but the actual operation is difficult, very bitter, and the effect is average. Most people lose weight mainly by eating less, and those who are skilled in eating less. It can be 1. Eat less high-calorie foods. 2. Eat less proportionally. 3. Change the structure and types of food, eat something that is low in calories and easy to be full. The specific operation method is limited in space, so I won’t say more. If you add moderate exercise, the effect will be better, but the main thing is to eat less.

6 months ago

There is never useless work, it’s just a positive effect or a side effect. For a person who maintains a running habit, he will not ask or look at such questions. For brothers and sisters who want to but never start, just know that there are more and more people participating in the marathon, and the body spirit of participating in the marathon It’s all pretty good. So you don’t need to ask if it is effective, but you need to know how to cultivate the habit of running if you stick to it… There are three points in the personal summary: first, you must leave some energy, understand that this is exercise rather than competition, and all efforts are for better body of. When running, you should be able to breathe normally. If you have difficulty breathing , please slow down. If it doesn’t work, walk quickly. The second is not to get hurt. In fact, if you do the first point, you will not get hurt. Of course, you can also prepare running shoes, analyze your abilities and physical condition, and choose professional running shoes that suit you. The third is to give yourself some small rewards. Running is difficult to persist, because it is fighting against my lazy human nature, so I slowly increase investment in running. There are many kinds of running equipment, such as professional running watches, running shoes, compression pants, compression clothing, knee pads, etc. Start at the entry level first and then slowly upgrade, constantly stimulating yourself to persist. Do the above three points and let yourself keep training. Once you finish the first 10km run, I believe you will not give up, and you will feel the happy feeling that you would never believe before. Then you can start preparing for half marathon and full marathon. You will often travel with running tasks. You will have a lot of positive energy runners. They rarely take you to clubbing, drinking, playing cards and playing mahjong, and often tell Don’t stay up late, you want to make an appointment to be 70 or 80 years old together.

6 months ago

Zhihuli, I have been a passerby for 5 or 6 years, and I have answered less than 10 questions, but I can’t help but feel itchy when I see this question today. Let me talk about my conclusion: it is possible. My answer is based on personal experience. I am 1.76 meters tall and 104 kg at the heaviest weight. I started running in the early summer of 2018. At the beginning, I ran very slowly. I usually ran for more than 1 hour at a time, 4 or 5 times a week. After a month, I lost 5 kilograms of weight. In the second month, the running intensity did not decrease, and the weight lost 4 kg. After that, the running intensity decreased. Run for 30 to 50 minutes each time. If you run for more than a month, run a dozen times, if you run less, run a few times. By the spring of 2019, the weight dropped to 74 kg. Yes, in less than a year, I lost 30 kilograms. During this period, I did not use any weight-loss products (weight loss drugs, etc.), did not do other exercises (except for walking), did not control diet (occasionally overeating). Where did my motivation for running at the beginning come from: 1 Whenever I get up in the morning and finish the toilet, stand on the scale and see my weight drop again, I feel satisfied; 2 During and after running Runner’s High (Runner’s High); 3 Clothes and pants are getting better and better; 4 Friends who I haven’t seen for a month or two will say: Why have you lost so much weight? Don’t doubt the weight loss effect of sticking to jogging. As for some people, the body will be injured and the weight will rebound easily. I just want to say: If you don’t go running or exercise because you are worried about these things, then it’s really a choke-off – obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes. I write so much, the biggest purpose is to encourage you to give it a try. Maybe you may not like running, but I still hope you see my experience and try it out. Keep running for 1 month. See how it works. Finally, I wish you success in losing weight and fat.

6 months ago

In the first run, some people said that running was useless when running. Running couldn’t reduce fat, running hurts knees, running thick legs… Now they all shut their mouths. Not only did I lose 30 pounds, but I also maintained this body shape for several years. I didn’t go to the hospital for two years, and I rarely caught a cold. I went to bed early and got up early, with good energy. I went to ktv to sing and live in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Jiu’er. My calf muscles have become stronger, but my legs look good. I sit for 10 hours a day, and my belly is still not prominent. As a 30-and-a-half-year-old milf, her figure is still to death. Running, bid farewell to water hyaluronic acid and botox. Running, you can’t see my depressed mood. Running well, you can’t imagine it. Your boyfriend will ignore you, and running will send dopamine to accompany you. Your boyfriend will be weak, and running will make you a perpetual motion machine. At best, other children are only domineering side leakage, the runners are different, the sorrow is all 360 degrees leakage. Let’s put it this way, running is pretty good except for not giving me money. 20-30 minutes is enough to run 5 kilometers, come a little every day, who knows who runs.

6 months ago

Different individuals have different effects. As far as I am concerned, I can only say that there is a ball. I have used Gudong exercises for running for five years, and the total running volume is close to 10,000 kilometers. In 2020, I ran 3000 kilometers, 10 kilometers per day (run within 55 minutes, run for seven days and rest a day), almost rain or shine, and often increase at night. Jump rope 3,500 times (half an hour), and swim 3 kilometers in summer. I usually pay attention to my diet. I rarely touch sugar and oil. I have a healthy lifestyle and work without stress. As a result, I gained 5 pounds in 2020. In the process of continuous collapse, I may be older (over 40).

6 months ago

Today is April 1st. After a month’s cycle, I ran less than 210 kilometers. I measured my weight this morning. I ran more than 187.200 kilometers and controlled my diet to reduce the intake of sweets and beverages. , I lost 8 pounds. Therefore, if you want to simply run to lose weight, you must be prepared. My running volume of more than 200 kilometers is not worth mentioning in marathon training, but in the weight loss group, I have not heard of anyone who ran more than 200 kilometers to lose weight in a month.的量。 The amount. In order to prepare for the Changchun Marathon, prepare a marathon training plan from today, and strive to achieve a weight of 180 on May 1st. See you next month. Two more: If you want to lose weight by simply running, you have to face a more serious problem, which is to rebound after stopping. Due to the epidemic, the average running volume in January and February was around 85 kilometers. Coupled with the Chinese New Year, Hu eats Hesai. Yesterday, it was 195. This rebounded from 183 kg at the end of December. And I have maintained a running volume of more than 80 this month. For novices who want to run to lose weight, 5 kilometers, one break and one run cannot reach this amount. Therefore, people who expect to lose weight simply by running still have to think deeply. In March, I plan to restore the running volume to a normal level, and try to reach 245 after 200. Control your diet and report your weight in early April. Update: In the comments, there are many people who run purely. They can only run for tens of kilometers in a month. They lose 40 or 50 kilograms in less than half a year in March or Two. Don’t believe it if you want to run to lose weight. Go to the hospital for cancer. Not as thin as this. The reason for being able to lose weight so quickly may be that I was very, very fat before, or it may be possible to sell drugs by other means. Some girls may be 160 and feel fat at 120 pounds and want to run to lose weight. If you run for a year, you can lose 5 pounds and 10 pounds, which is considered a high level. Don’t believe those that are too exaggerated. The following original answer: Your idea is very good, the realistic possibility is almost 0, so let’s count as 0.1%. I have been running for more than three years. Among the large number of people I know in the Qingdao and Harbin running groups, none of them are fat, and there is no case of losing weight through running because they were fat before. Therefore, running for weight loss is the most unreliable goal, with extremely low operability. If you are fat, you can be fat. The reason for this is a big reason. Thin people don’t necessarily eat less or exercise more. I run about 2000 kilometers a year, and I eat a normal amount, and my weight fluctuates between 175-185. Because I am 193 in height, I look thinner, but I stop exercising a little and eat the same, so my weight is almost 190. , So for me, the 2000 kilometers per year is only to maintain a weight balance. Being fat and thin has nothing to do with looking for someone. Among the girls I know, the girls are not very good and are still fat. The conditions are very average. Now the children are about to go to school. On the other hand, the conditions are pretty good in all aspects, and they are now sanctified. Fighter.

6 months ago

From the perspective of sports medicine, running at night is more scientific. As long as the exercise intensity is mastered, running at night will make people sleep better. Slight fatigue is just right to rest. In addition, the slight fatigue caused by moderate exercise at night needs sweet sleep to relieve, which greatly improves the quality of sleep after exercise. Therefore, it is unreasonable to worry about exercise affecting sleep.

6 months ago

Sorry, I ran for a week and gave up. Later, I looked back and thought that this was not a suitable exercise for me. I switched to skipping rope and lost 27 pounds in three months. I haven’t exercised for a while because of the weather recently. But the weight did not rebound. Say the important thing three times: adjust your diet! Adjust the diet! Adjust the diet! No matter what kind of exercise you are, your diet will not be adjusted. Everything is in vain! At the beginning, you must abide by it, and you must not set up the concept of cheating meals for yourself. Persevere until your habits have changed for half a year, and then slowly adjust back. This way the weight will not rebound. As for how to eat it? There have been many posts about it for you, I hope you don’t read it and feel that you can lose weight. Put it into action!

6 months ago

What role does it need to lose weight? Boost immunity? Or improve something else. I ran for 20 minutes every afternoon and squatted one hundred and fifty times. Not fat, running is not to lose weight. Just for good health. Squatting up is because the legs are too thin and I want to be stronger. Otherwise, I am embarrassed to wear shorts to go out. The experience is to eat well. The ability to keep out the cold in winter is better than when you are not running. Become diligent. I used to be lazy and didn’t like to work, so I liked to sit in a daze. I always want to do something now, and I can’t take it easy. The complexion looks cleaner than before. Of course, it was not dirty before. Love is sweating. A little bit of physical work makes me sweat. Sweat is very comfortable. Appetite is big. And there is always hunger. Exercise has a lot of benefits

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