“The Burning of the Sky” is an attempt by Yang Zhi to transform into online literature. Compared with his other works, it has some advantages, but the shortcomings are also very straightforward. The so-called Kyushu fans look down on you and don’t pay attention to them. They don’t understand what Yang Zhi is wrong with. The reason why his works are so deformed is also related to his book fans in a sense. Question: What has always been the problem with Jiangnan? Answer: His length is not long. Question: Why isn’t the length stretched? Answer: Nuclear small. Is nucleus a disease? Absolutely not. However, if the nucleus insists on lengthening, it is a disease. What is mixed in this is Yang Zhi’s paranoia of beauty. 1. Elongation Find two big tome and talk about elongation. Have you seen “Harry Potter”? What story is it telling? Summarize in one sentence. The story of a kid named Harry Potter who entered the wizarding world and grew up. What about “Lord of the Rings”? The packing and shipping history of a ring. The commonality is that there is a solid growth line in the middle. The child grows up year after year, and the ring goes from one piece of land to another. The child will always grow up. It is impossible to retract or jump to grow. The ring is It is directly a dead thing, and it is more stable than a child growing up. This kind of stability is the basis of modern novels, and I can take another example of web articles and share them. Traditional writers want to finish their books based on the logic of large and small stories. If they are not careful, they will collapse. This is the reason why many traditional writers do not write long. Web writers usually use story logic plus a game logic. After the original story is stretched, the story logic is not stable enough. Pull an auxiliary line and follow the game logic as the standard. The main base is from lv1-lv10, and the character level is lv1-lv100. So I have a piece of the story logic that is not well written, the characters The growth of the game is broken, or the plot design is not interesting enough, the game logic can be replaced in it. The character’s growth is not good, but the character level is from lv3 to lv4. If you think I didn’t write it well, as long as you don’t write to the extent that you can throw the book directly in the lv3 to lv4 part, you will always There is a chance to make up. The advantage of doing this all the way is that it can ensure that no matter what happens in the middle, the book can be finished, regardless of life or death-because the character lv100 is the sign of completion. Many web writers have made this thread explicit because their readers are impatient and they need the pleasure of growing up explicitly. Traditional people have more techniques and more subtle emotions, and they are willing to make it implicit. But the key point of elongation is that the nucleus has stability, which is an unchanging law. Second, nuclear small. After talking about lengthening, let’s talk about nuclear small. Small nucleus means that the nucleus tends to be beautiful rather than stable. What has Yang Zhi been writing? In addition to his elder sister’s obsession, my brother has been writing the story of a child who endured hardships and finally became a hero, and then drew his sword to life and death. Many novels seem to have this thing. In “A Song of Ice and Fire”, there is a night watchman’s oath, “The long night is coming, I will watch from today until I die.” In “Heroes”, there is a decisive battle between Xiao Lu Bu and Han Yi. Wu Dingyuan, he is a man of few words, knowing that he is invincible, and his clothes are taken off: “Help me bring a message to Erniang, Xiao Lu Bu won’t go back to celebrate the New Year!” In “One Piece” there is a white beard Edward on the top of the war declaration: “The old man is a remnant party in the old age, and there is no ship that can carry me in the new age!” In “Naruto”, Jiraiya is nine feet tall, has three thousand white hair, and has a firm personality. Yurencun lost an arm and was nailed to the ground by a former disciple. He worked hard several times and said, “No way, the frog at the bottom of the well, buried in the sea?” He smiled, and then never got up. These things are extremely beautiful, but you find that they are essentially plug-ins. The epics are magnificent, regardless of personal life and death. In the inheritance, Naruto Uzumaki has taken over the responsibility and courage, while Luffy is still looking for one piece in the sea, and the stories of others can still continue. But Yang Zhi’s story is not good, because this is his end. He is me and wants this scene. As long as this scene, except for this scene, other work can be regarded as my groundwork and aftermath. This is the driving force behind his creation. So you see Yang Zhi’s stuff is always a novella with high probability, ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 characters. He has written “Spring Breeze Liu Uehara”, “Shanghai Fortress”, and “Wings of Mourning”. , These are his works with a high degree of completion and level display. why? The commonality is that the length is short, and after a few turns, he can get what he wants. Liu Uehara ran wild in the alleys, Jiang Yang was silent in the movie theater, Lu Shanyan and Li Wuyue explained the courage of human beings… Yang Zhi initially built self-confidence and established an understanding of writing through these works. Third, the nuclear small plus stretches. The shortcomings of the nuclear small are roughly as follows: 1. The nuclear small can’t do long length 2. The ending of the nuclear short story will be locked by the United States 3. The nuclear small plus elongated will develop the oily habit. 1. The so-called inability to do a long story means that when that scene is finished, he will transition it to another scene and draw the sword again. In the two adjacent draws of swords, the story often failed to advance effectively because there was no stable line for him to push, only the short line of beauty. To mention here, the beautiful things are usually short. Basically, only some heavenly wizards can break this truth. Jiangnan is obviously not among them. When it comes to some theories, I will not go into details. You can make a simple understanding like this: Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are short, Romeo and Juliet are short, a love story writes 1,000 chapters, and in the end both the hero and the hero are dead. It is impossible for readers to accept the butterfly on the head of the grave. A hero is always short of breath, and his children will grow in love. Do you think “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” talks about Guo Jing, but in fact it talks about the times and the spirit. You think “Lu Xiaofeng” talks about heroes and prodigal sons. In fact, it is the collection of Lu Ermos’ detectives, which is infinitely flowing. . This is their capital to stretch. Only “The Sentimental Swordsman Ruthless Sword” is based purely on Li Xunhuan’s personal, so Li Xunhuan disappears as soon as you finish reading, leaving only Ye Kai and Li Huai on the rivers and lakes. It is impossible to write 1,000 chapters, let alone six books, for this kind of gadget purely based on personal shaping. A child has gone through hardships and finally turned into a hero, drew his sword to life and death with a powerful opponent. You are destined to only work hard on the part of becoming a hero after hardships, and it is impossible to move too much on the ending. The audience can tolerate the hardships. They are reefs, waiting for the waves of the plot to wash away again and again. The waves may occasionally pass his head. They will be excited when they encounter this situation, but they absolutely cannot accept it. The thing is-I was washed away. So in a sense, I have never seen an author who can dance on the tip of a knife better than Boss Yang. The characters are indeed in three points, but no matter how good you are in emotional control, this is also an area that is prone to problems. No matter how hard your soft power is. When you did it, but the sword hasn’t been drawn yet, what do you do? This is about “Dragon Race” or if you draw your sword too many times, what should you do if you don’t have any sense of it? This is to say that “The Burning of the Sky” is similar to these shoes that Yang Zhi often walked by the river. “Jiuzhou” can be regarded as half-successful in drawing the sword by Lu Guichen, “The Burning of the Sky” means more sword drawing, and “Dragon Race” is completely out of control after drawing the key once. Isn’t Hercules a hero? You always think about the broken Prometheus, what is Sisyphus doing? “Don’t take it directly, but rather ask for it in music.” This is caused by Boss Yang’s paranoia about beauty. Hercules is infinite in his eyes. It is not beautiful. Sisyphus often can only be done by God. He can’t, only Staring at Prometheus to death. 2. After the trend of the beauty of the ending is set, the endings of the sword-drawing story are basically counted. There is no such thing as two paladins fighting against each other and fighting for three hundred rounds. You haven’t cut out a Ziwu Maoyou, the audience said sorry, I go to the bathroom, whoever wins for a while, tell me that this won’t work. a bit! I fucked him to death, put the little sword in the bag, and wandered the rivers and lakes ever since. This is one kind. After a few rounds, I ended up with the big bad guy opposite. At the funeral, there were people around me, there were flowers, hymns, and girls who I liked crying and crying. This is another way. There is also an open type. The other side was fiercely forced, but buddy, I drew the sword in the sunset, don’t worry about who we are doing, I’m very anxious, something is going on, don’t ask me, I can’t answer, I rushed first , Fuck it! These are the three forms of the so-called beauty ending. In fact, if you observe carefully, Yang Zhi’s book has never escaped from these three endings, except for the complete writing. 10 times 20 times, it will always be tiring. 3. Distortion after the defect. What should I do if I want to stretch short things, stretch the lack of stable lines, and the things are not true? What do you rely on to fill the gap in the middle? Answer: Idle pen, massive. There are so many supporting roles, everyone draws their swords, draws a cool. Chu Zihang came once, Yuanzhi was born once, Lu Mingfei was destined to have one, and Ange’s also made up for it. Plot design, scene composition refinement, refinement, and refinement. This was originally a scene that he was constantly performing in his heart. How could it not be exciting? With the aesthetic of the post-70s generation, he can write this wonderfully with his pen. But after doing this, there will still be a few headaches. (1) Because there are too many idle pens to catalyze feelings, this part is heavy, and he avoids the realistic part. Like the previous novellas, he antelopes horns, and then he wants to combine with chat and fart (you don’t waste a little bit of it) )…… So the story is often more difficult to push, top-heavy. Other people’s things have always brought joy in sadness, and sadness in joy, but Boss Yang’s book has always been divided, and sorrow and joy are distinct. Sadness is used to catalyze emotions, and joy is used to transition. This is the usual method he practiced in “Dragon Race”. You read other people’s books as books, and reading Boss Yang’s books is like clip art. Reading other people’s books is to fall in love. From holding hands to getting married, reading Boss Yang’s books is like constant sex, come and post, take a break. One more shot… good-looking but not good-looking, this is Yang Zhi. (2) Other books talk about events with people as the main body. Boss Yang is very good at writing people and is influenced by the so-called beauty, so his book will repeat people’s emotions before and after. The main part of the story is the stitching strange, half human and half affair, which raises the importance of human beings. Caused a situation of overcrowded and troubled children. A two-dimensional supporting role can be made into a three-dimensional, and a more troublesome structure will directly create a new contradiction. When the person writes it out in the end, it will not be used. In this way, when he tells the story later, in order to balance, he fills people in the gaps where things can be inserted. In an event, there is a person who can be taken with one stroke. Because of the heavy emphasis before, he has to carry it all the time, and the whole appears. The situation of the porridge behind the front puzzle. Take an example from “Heavenly Blaze” Why did Master Fabio appear? This person was an unpleasant person at the beginning, and was born to shape the academy’s competitive atmosphere. How to solve normal online novels? The face was smashed to hide him directly, and when it was time to use it, he was used as a catalyst for a vicious event, and it turned out to be completely dead. The traditional method of the author is often to press the protagonist and put it there until a small climax is turned over. This is definitely more comfortable than online writing. Where is Gangnam? It’s more traditional, but in the tradition he still uses fancy styles. So with Fabio’s self-sacrifice, he transformed himself into a positive figure. In the past, the audience was depressed and repressed, but now this process has become repression, Fabio’s transition episode, and other bursts. This completes the delayed gratification. On the main line, the audience’s sensory needs are one layer higher than one layer. This time you broke Prometheus, and next time you should go to tear down the wall of the hub. Scene after scene, there are always scenes waiting for you that you can’t satisfy. This is called Jianba. Secondly, Yang Zhi will not write about the more courageous in the war. His thing is the electrocardiogram. It is pressed down, fluctuated, fluctuated after pressing down, the so-called “beauty” scene after scene, so you see that after the outbreak of Cizell, the nervous system is immediately damaged. It directly violates the law of web writing. In the end, don’t you think Fabio happened to die in the crevice? It didn’t happen to him. I used to focus on plotting a little bit more for plotting. Now I have a need for opponents. Hey, it just happened to be usable, so let’s plug it in and kill it. If I kill it, I won’t do it directly. Turn over the flowers. This is an eight-pole supporting role. You play like the protagonist. The plot seeks to make the best use of everything. Is the main line hurt for various reasons? Does the impression of human manipulation become heavier at once? This is the sense of puzzle. It is the fault of complete perfectionism. (3) Obstacles to film and television. For him, so many pens and inks are used to mobilize emotions, plot plots, and detailed scenes. When it comes to film and television, there are not enough pens and inks to guarantee the story, plus it is not realistic. The people on the film and television side must be dumbfounded, because a rooster wants to lay eggs, not his job, he wants to do it, he finished laying the eggs, and the plot of the scene is fine, so what should I do? Double obstacles. Fourth, tear down the long-form works. 1. “Kyushu” When writing Kyushu, realistic feedback told him that he should be satisfied (people’s literature has been published, you are also satisfied with you), but he can feel a lot of power when he writes, such as Lu Guichen The character’s spirit is too thin and elastic. At the end of the twists and turns, it feels like the face is falling, and the sword is not drawn. For example, “Kyushu” is very tortuous as a whole, it is a zigzag line, not round enough, and heavy puzzle. So you saw the declining boy in “Dragon Race”, the constant rough nerves and a lot of daily funny. This is Jiangnan’s improvement, and this improvement has indeed reached its peak in “Dragons III”, and it must be considered a success. But the chronic problem of being obsessed with the United States is still there. At this time, the wave of online writing came, and he began to prepare to transform to online writing. 2. On “The Blaze of Heaven”, he tried to transform the structure to the net text, which was the closest he saw to success. However, his own technology is in conflict with online writing. (Partially traditional) he refuses to abandon these advantages, nor can he accept the crudeness of online writing (improvement of structure). On this basis, the short, flat and fast Internet writing is emphasized. “It’s fast, short, but uneven. This is one of the biggest flaws of “Heavenly Blaze”, he refuses to give readers a breather. The Duke of Poison, “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, and mecha elements can be digged a lot, but the buddies are still obsessed with drawing swords and can’t put down their hoes. The number of draws is too high. Not only does he don’t want to write anymore, he is not pleased with old fans, but he makes a difference when facing newcomers. But in my opinion, the problem of pulling the sword is his old problem, then this is a very real attempt by him on the web. He just didn’t level it, but we can see him in “Dragon Race”. There are some “flat” techniques, which are very good. Therefore, the core rupture of “Heavenly Blaze” is that the protagonist Bolkin was useless. He could have become a lunatic protagonist. He didn’t dare, or could not do it. He followed the traditional model, Bolkin’s archetype, and focused on the mysterious power struggle, which suddenly made the character of this character deep, and there were not so many “happy” as “ping”. The means used. In fact, he can avoid digging into the prototype, and there are many elements to write, but he did it all, which is typical of wanting everything. The result of this is that the short period can’t get up quickly, the short period is limited, the quickness is limited, the period disappears directly, and the novel is like a jumping machine. But at least this direction is worth working on. 3. “Dragon Four” and “Dragon Five” are the process he continued to transform into online texts.What’s wrong with them? First, the starting point is too high, the previous problems are also there, and it can’t come down. Second, in “The Blaze of Heaven”, he thought he had failed. From here, he changed from a relative drastic change to a subtle change, so the result was even worse. A large part of this is praised by his book fans. In the past, he didn’t pick when he had a problem, but he didn’t pick when he had a problem. Because they are all greedy for that “shuang”. When something goes wrong, look for the cause in the content, saying that it’s not like that or that. But in fact, Yang Zhi has always been like this. His paranoia has made him a strong soft power, and his paranoia has also destroyed him structurally. He is a person who has been writing books for himself. If you think it is good, it is useless. He has to think it’s good. In addition, it is really difficult for me to say that nuclear small is not good. I always think that this thing is enough, and it can be said that it is very applicable in the middle part. But there is no way, it needs to be cooked properly, it needs to be elongated. Nuclear small is a chronic disease, elongation is just needed, and it is destined to split. This is a structural problem. If it is not changed, it is destined to open the gate. V. Prospects Generally speaking, I have expectations for Yang Zhi. You see, I think so. After Yang Zhi 70, after 50 years, his hormone secretion level has dropped. If he writes a book, he will not be so paranoid. Now he is no longer a fan of probabilities. The above will not be as fascinated by one’s existing technology as before. Maybe there is a good book…I can leave it to my baby. But what will my baby’s generation like…Will the post-70s aesthetic be out of date? Hahaha. In short, “The Blaze of the Sky” is not that bad, and he is not the type who doesn’t work hard, he is just too paranoid. Good luck.


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6 months ago

After writing the question about Throne of Thorns for a long time, I finally wanted to talk about Tianzhizhi, when a final exam was approaching and I didn’t want to review it. When Tian Zhizhi was first published, I was in high school. Before that, I read Throne of Thorns many times, and I admit that I read it with anticipation. I finished reading it quickly, and my head was empty after reading it. There is a feeling of unrecognizable. Here I must emphasize that the second phase of my high school has not completely passed. I see that the girls in our class who like Korean star small fresh meat domestic dramas have a sense of superiority at the top of the contempt chain. At that time, I accidentally found one from the Internet. This article on Dream of Red Mansions makes me very excited by the unheard of viewpoints. The highly biased article is easy to make people excited. It is either black or white. After I went to college, I didn’t forget it, so I found that book and bought it. After I got down, I was surprised to find that the article was still that article, but I already felt that the author was extreme and narrow. Going back to the sky, after watching the wedge, Princess Ceylon jumped off the building. From the first chapter I started to skip reading, skipping the mecha, skipping the Ciesel ring, anyway, I knew he would definitely win, one of them At the end of the chapter, it is written that Sizel is equal to the Pope, and I thought in my heart that I don’t have to trouble me to know who he is. Then there appeared the girl who liked Cizel, the girl who was hostile to Cizel, and the lively and face-defying younger sister Adele. Then the Dean of Dean turned out the Cesare file with the marks of the Heretic Judgment Bureau, pondering what he did when he was fifteen or sixteen, and I still thought that it was really unnecessary. I really knew who he was. Then Yingluo came on the scene, the war broke out, and Rondstedt told us Ciesel’s super bluffing title: Ceylon Destroyer. Then he was captured and returned to Feilengcui, and his sister was sent to marry him. To tell the truth, the threat he said in the trial court was the fragment I saw the most in the entire book. At the end of the novel, he was released from scratch. , Tianzhizhi is over. I’m not saying that I don’t like this version of Lu Yiyuran’s Adele, but the fragile and heart-wrenching Adele in the Throne of Thorns made me feel the thrilling beauty. She was only fourteen years old and was married to Youlian. The pedophile old duke has a petite figure, her eyes twinkling like glass, her long hair gleaming like gold, her face as white as goat’s milk, and her young, growing body is wrapped in silk, as if your heartbeat is about to be scared. To her, but still can’t help but be moved. The relationship between Adele and Cizell has become a pure sibling relationship. To be honest, this is really not as exciting as the throne of thorns in the plot setting. It is not a good one (…), first of all, their relationship in history is like this. Ambiguous, secondly their ambiguous relationship will show that bathrobe. The shortness of the bathrobe will make Yuanchun realize that “Adele is the real hostess of Canterbury Castle”, and then she touches the girl. Underwear, imagine her sweet and petite, without all sharp lines, like a slightly sweet fairy tale, her shadow is attached to every corner of Canterbury Castle, wandering like a ghost, let the tiger princess express the hatred in her heart. Tianzhili Jiangnan somehow be kinder, and asked Adele to marry the son of the pedophile king. He has not officially married because of his age. The prince is a playboy. At the beginning, he introduced what kind of luxurious mecha the prince has. In fact, Jiang Nan might as well be cruel. His writing might make readers think that this marriage is pretty good. The Pope’s illegitimate daughter, and his mother is still a witchcraft heresy, married to the important ally of the Pope’s Charlemagne Empire. The prince is the future Queen Charlemagne. I think the Duke of Lucrecia in “The Borgias” is quite dissatisfied because of her identity. As a result, Cizell lost another unbreakable reason for pacifying the Charlemagne empire within three years. Then the religious atmosphere is gone. The cardinal and the pope are all chasing power guys. They don’t even want to wear a mask of piousness. Jiangnan brushes away the dark cloud of religion as if we are afraid that we can’t understand it. Nakedly speaking, they are all for power, don’t worry about God, his existence is to provide positions. But the emerald sky has that sharp and cold beauty because of religious dark clouds. Because of the advancement of science and technology, steam locomotives are running all over the street, train tracks are already covered with western land, in addition to birds and airships flying in the sky, tanks are about to come out, refrigerators have been invented, and phones have been connected to the line. I would like to ask when will the evil primitive accumulation of capital be carried out? World War I and World War II are waiting first, don’t let them wait too long. If Jiang Nan wanted to write about steampunk, he shouldn’t frame the frame on those figures in the 15th and 6th centuries. The Duke of Poison and Lucresia caught up with the religious reform, not the industrial revolution. Why did you revolutionize those with vested interests? Or a bunch of old nobles? This is how the sense of disobedience comes. There is a gap of centuries between the character and the social reality, but the explanation in the book is that humans dug up the tomb of the gods and stole the tombs of the gods, but the problem is again, you are not Do you not believe in God? If it is to show the deformity between this kind of development, there is nothing to say, but Jiangnan’s description is that this is normal. He tried his best to show that a nobleman occupied a large number of emerging resources in a society, and Feilengcui was a gathering of a large number of top nobles. In this city, it has many salon dances, gathering the most beautiful girls in the entire Western world, but he did not describe the people at the bottom, except for the female hotel who came to Fei Leng Cui from other provinces to entertain Ai Lian, but her role is ” Quintilian’s girl”. Feilengcui may be very beautiful, but its evil seems to be only aimed at the disobedient nobleman (our protagonist). Its method is to send him to a tourist city to live an ordinary life. We say that an emperor is a tyrant or a faint emperor or a wise emperor. The main criterion for judging is how he treats his people. We still don’t know how Fei Lengcui treats his people. Where is his sin? How do you let us mediocre people feel its evil? There is an eastern zone in the Throne of Thorns, where the entire Feilengcui poor gathers. Feilengcui has a Tiber River, and there are always corpses of unknown origin in the river. Its sewers were so dirty that, according to Hugo, Fei Lengcui’s conscience was broken. I don’t know how to express the sense of violation that I feel, just take a look at it, Quan Dang smile. Then there is the second of Tianzhizhi. The whole book is a memory. I want to say that Jose is a supporting role. I don’t have any sadness when he is dead. According to Jiangnan’s level, it should not be. The red cover of the sky tells me that the “Destroyer of Ceylon” is a watery title. Ceyser’s troops drove directly into the capital of Ceylon. His subordinates blocked bullets for him, and he walked into the palace of Ceylon alone. , And the King of Ceylon was a frail old man, chanting “University” in front of the teacher, and finally a word that shook the destroyer’s army. It turns out that this is the Ceylon Destroyer of TM. It really opened my eyes. This can be considered a Destroyer. The king of Ceylon said that he was a pawn and a child, and he really didn’t wrong him. When Madam Linlang died, it was the most touching part of the whole book. She stood on tiptoe and stroked the face of the Mecha boy, saying that this world is so good to have my son, and then she was shot, and the world was never better. Then there is the blue-skinned Tianzhizhisan, mainly talking about Cizel and his subordinates entering the school to study, Cizel has a fiancée of Princess Yenisei, the leader of Zhongshan chooses her son-in-law, and finally has an unfinished fight with Prometheus. In this book, there are passages in the throne of thorns, divination against the world. Jiangnan moved to Tianzhizhi as it was, the sentences were still those sentences, the ketchup was still the ketchup, awkwardness was awkwardness. Ciesel did not have epilepsy, nor did a blonde-haired girl ran out and folded the ribbon into his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue. Divination is over, so everything is over, like a trivial game. Divination has passed so plainly, religious suffocation is gone, and the reason why the Papal State prohibits divination and witchcraft has become pale and weak. Such advanced technology has been blinded, and its people’s thoughts have not improved at all. . What is the final evaluation? Tianzhizhi is not for old readers who have seen the Throne of Thorns. We know that he is the illegitimate son of the Pope. We know that he is exceptionally talented. We know that he has an offensive half-brother. We know his wife. It’s Yuanchun, not Valentina. No matter what kind of suspense Jiangnan puts in it, it is not called suspense. No matter what kind of character Jiangnan portrays, he can find the shadow of other characters. We can’t help but compare this book with the Throne of Thorns. The more the contrast, the deeper the prejudice, and the deeper the prejudice, the more we want to mock and sigh with emotion. Tian Zhizhi copied the Throne of Thorns and Stone Hammer, but we couldn’t send a lawyer’s letter to the copyist. It’s nice to be young.

6 months ago

The Valkyrie actually ended up reading it. After all, I bought a book (laughs), but it was tasteless. The reason why I say it’s not good to comment is because I even forgot the plot but I remember the feeling of that book, just like any web essay with a slightly better pen, the same is true of Dragons IV. The plot is not good, the plot is painful, and the force is forced. Sad, forced to explode, but I changed my mind, it’s clothes! its not right! There is a conspiracy! It was the same when the old fans of Kyushu watched the Dragons. They said that Jiangnan was not in high spirits, and their years were flowing. At that time, my third-grade brother and I watched the Zhenghuan so! soga! With reference to the extremely successful commercialization of “Dragon Race”, I have reason to believe that Jiangnan, it is not that his “Burning of the Sky” is not good-looking, but that I am no longer in the audience of this book. Now, the world is yours (kind and kind) smile)

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6 months ago

Compared with “Dragon Race” and “Nine Provinces Misty Records”, “Tianzhizhi” is a work that is closer to the plot structure and style of the net text, but the core and expression methods that Jiang Nan wants to express are almost the same as his earlier works. 1 Plot structure and rhythm This time the rhythm refers to the plot rhythm rather than the writing rhythm. Compared with Kyushu and Dragons, the plot of Tianzhizhi is a bit tighter and faster, although it is not too fast. Kyushu’s mysterious record, the first book only laid out the story of Lu Qingyang, and talked about his journey south. For the whole story, he went south, the main stage kicked off, and the whole book only talked about the ins and outs of the protagonist. This is the way of writing biographies and traditional novels, and entry is very slow. Dragon Clan, one book kills a dragon, and the dead die too slowly. Long San is dead, but many people are dead, but the battle line has drawn three books! How to get three books if you don’t die! At that time, watching the Dragon Clan had a feeling that it was difficult to connect the plot of the whole book together, that is, you know that there is such a main line here, but you follow the author’s pen, and when he really writes back to the main line, you nod and say that it is indeed true. such. But the problem is that the author’s pen touches the sky, and the plot itself is not too full, because he mainly focuses on details and idle pens. When was the last time you found it difficult to grasp the plot? This difficulty is not because the plot is brain-burning, but because the “meaning” of it is not known. For me, it was when I was reading traditional novels. These details and idle pens have little effect on promoting the plot, but they strongly support the character’s image and emotion. It’s like Riman spends a lot of time talking about the protagonists chatting and blowing farts. These have little effect on the main plot, but it is these daily routines that make you and the characters build deeper emotions-staying with them for a long time, emotions Will gradually give birth. The length of the space becomes longer, and the relationship between you and the character grows. Naruto, Pirate, HP, Pirate Pen, Gintama, and Dragon are all like this. Naturally, there are many short and wonderful works, but if it is not a series, it is difficult to get the reader’s long-term and deep emotion. The third uncle of the Southern School said that there are very few authors in the novel who have both soft plots (that is, emotions) and hard plots (that is, events). I deeply agree. Jiangnan’s soft plot is excellent, but the hard plot can only be considered acceptable. Sanshu’s hard plot is good, but the emotions are not to the extent of Jiangnan. Both of the novels I have read so far are extremely good, and Harry Potter counts as one. Today is also a day to shed tears for GGAD. How to balance the excitement of the plot and the moving emotion is really worth exploring. Back to Tianzhizhi, unlike the Dragons and Kyushu, the rhythm of the plot of Tianzhizhi is significantly faster. In “Valkyria 1”, you can almost see the three golden chapters: the protagonist in the first appearance is a poor child without a father who lives in a small city with his mother, and the mother still has problems in his mind. But the protagonist is very good, smart and looks good, and there is still a flame of unwillingness in his heart, and the beautiful sister is kind to him. At this time, there must be cannon fodder. He is a guy with a bit of status. He said that the protagonist is what you are and then began to bully the protagonist. Haha, the cannon fodder is over, because the protagonist is a man with unwilling flames in his heart. The protagonist relied on his tenacity and unwilling flames to fight back against the cannon fodder. Then, unexpectedly, the protagonist’s father, who is much more powerful than cannon fodder, appeared at this time! On a deep cold rainy night, the extended convoy and the respectful servants lined up behind, the man in the dark cloak walked into the monastery, the cannon fodder was frightened, and the protagonist and the protagonist were extraordinary, staring blankly at his terrific father. , There is no wave in my heart. The pretending to be slapped is over, and the conflict starts perfectly. But Jiang Nan’s pretense is always extraordinary, because the protagonist’s face slap is not because of gold fingers, but because of the unwilling flame in his heart. He may die and may face major consequences, but he must fight for everything at this time. do. Lonely. And even if he successfully pretended to be a force, his heart was still cold. The highest level of pretense is that I know I am great, but I don’t care at all, because I have greater pain. The dragon clan also started the conflict, and the pretty sister picked up the waste wood. This conflict is slightly smaller than Tianzhizhi but the essence is the same. But then, Lu Mingfei began a long and peaceful growth at Kassel College, and he was able to have fun with Brother Fei Chai, and joined the Student Union to worship and worship the coveted elder sister, and finally set off to perform the task. Where’s Cizel? No peace! No brother! No sister! No friends who chat and spank! Only his mother and sister waiting for him to protect. He doesn’t have any companions, and there is no time for him to grow slowly. He must become extremely hard from the beginning. As soon as he entered Fei Lengcui, trials were waiting for him. The first climax came so quickly: defeating the black dragon. Jiang Nan used the sensational and passionate brushwork he used in high-level battles to write here, so this first battle became very grand. Then came the hard training, which was taken in one stroke. It takes several episodes to change the training of the dragon clan. Training is a good time to cultivate feelings, but Tian Zhizhi: I used four detailed descriptions of the spring, summer, autumn and winter scenes, which lasted six years. Turn back the book to make up for this example at hand. Then there was the Battle of Ceylon, another high-level sensation. His brother Jose, such an important person, died here. Then, let’s go back to the court and make military service. It’s time to add glory. too naive! Then a bunch of people in the Holy See are trying to touch her mother’s mind! Stupid enough to make her even stupid! Then Cizell worked hard and absolutely resisted another high-level battle. I tried my best to write a lot. The saddest thing is that my mother died in the end. died? ? ! ! Isn’t this a bit worse than other works? Fast-paced and fast-dead people. He is to fight, not to grow. Cizel is so pitiful. He had no friends at all, only a few important people, Jose’s brother and mother died one after another. Come, I hug. In Tianzhizhi, a book has been presented for three high-level battles one after another, and up to this moment, this book has only passed 3/5. This level will not appear so densely and quickly in Jiangnan’s previous books. Therefore, the plot rhythm of this book is closer to the net text: the rhythm is faster, the climax and the refreshing points are more intensive. 2 Setting the style After talking about the exhausting plot structure and rhythm, setting the style is really much easier. It goes without saying that the style of Kyushu, the style of writing at this time is an elegant literary youth, with less gag. But this is also because of Kyushu’s subject matter: Oriental History Department. The subject matter determines that its style of writing is more appropriate and dignified. The setting of Tianzhizhi, from the background, is a Western historical fantasy, but it is actually very heavy, especially with the addition of religious elements, so it is not very easy to complain about it. Just look at the different tragic growth experiences of Cizell and Lu Mingfei. As for the characters, Tian Zhizhi’s character and relationship are very cute: the protagonist’s iceberg is black, the sister’s quirky and arrogant and cute, and the girl with two pony tails and mecha settings are very cute. Animated. But this is relative to Kyushu and very early here. Mecha, purple pupil, and double pony tail are some easy-to-recognize symbols, but characters have many characteristics besides the symbols. Speaking of template, in fact, Tianzhizhi’s character template is shallower than that of dragons. The dragon clan is an academy fantasy, so it gives the Japanese style a lot of space and possibility. But when it is serious about sensationalism, Jiangnan is still the heavy Jiangnan. Therefore, most of them are subject matter. One thing to say is that Jiang Nan is an author who has requirements for himself and words. He chose suitable writing styles for different themes, instead of adding too many discordant gags to any themes-ancient style, western fiction, and science fiction. Regarding the seriousness of dismantling, Jiangnan is far behind Gintama. 3 Unchanging: the core and the way of expression (1) The core Jiangnan is a good writer, but it is also a writer with limitations. What he writes well and thoroughly is actually so many kinds of people, not the people of the world, but that kind of people are what we love deeply. So Jiang Nan writes for himself and his youth, but not for society (see the self-awareness in the answer to Jiangnan’s novel techniques). The inner core of his expression has not changed from Kyushu to Zhuolu to Dragons to Tianzhizhi. The heroes of Kyushu struggle for hegemony, struggling to rise and fall in fate, and the huge waves do not let go of the driftwood. In the face of destiny and power, Zhuolu reversed the outcome of the defeated dog, but he could not find the girl he loved. The dragons are lonely and can’t love. Tian Zhizhi was alone in front of thousands of troops, holding the only strength he had in his hands. Interestingly speaking, from the early stage to the later stage, the protagonist of Jiangnan became more and more lonely, the blood of his companions became less and less, and he became more and more alone. Keywords: destiny, power, unwillingness, passion, loneliness, companionship. Because of the great unwillingness, he fights his fate with passion and loneliness, is also a companion, and wants to gain power, but will eventually lose it. The characters in Jiangnan are those with expressionless heart dripping blood on the throne. The sorrowful background is also. Jiangnan has never had power and beauty, and the years since then have a quiet ending. (2) The way of expression Jiang’s writing and Jiang’s sensationalism has not changed. Tianzhizhi’s three high-level battles ignited in each one. It’s just that in the Ceylon battle where Jose died, I have to complain: the ocher red armor stood up from the dust, roaring furiously, carrying two dragon-tooth swords across the lotus square like a hurricane, only one word can describe it. The tragic scene is that I rub my hands excitedly, waiting for a subtle word. “Blood flows into a river”! Jiangnan also added quotation marks. Even if the blood flows into a river. After all, it may be numbness caused by idiom usage. But Jiangnan also added quotation marks. (Summary again: The plot structure and rhythm of “The Burning of the Sky” are closer to the net text, the rhythm is accelerated and the encryption is refreshed, but the core of the story and the writing style have not changed much. It is a rewriting of the same theme. It is difficult to say whether Jiangnan can or will break through For himself, he may not have any need to break through. He has been writing very well on this topic.

6 months ago

As someone who has been in close contact with Jiangnan and talked with Jiangnan, my feeling is that Jiangnan is still a talented writer with clear thinking, self-knowledge, and not swelling. He went to see the signing when he was in the second year of high school, and had a brief moment. Conversation. For Tian Zhizhi, I feel more like a novel prepared for the next generation. (Otherwise, how can we let more people know his Kyushu and his dragon clan without the likes of the younger generation who is growing up?) Of course for us who are chasing For Kyushu who grew up chasing the dragon clan, it must be out of date. I think the black theory that I can’t blindly say is the product of commercialization, or the decline in writing (I feel that the writing style, the background of the times, the relationship between the characters, I still like it, after all, the most favorite is the knowledge in Jiangnan books, like popular science, overhead True). Regarding Jiang Lang’s statement, I feel that the humanities, background, historical values, etc., etc. in the first medium-length narrative of Tian Zhizhi are contrary to the brief conversation between me and Jiang Nan (after the signing, I have been standing in Jiangnan. The big left chatted with him until the signing ceremony was over~~ I also shook hands with him and took pictures 233333), Jiangnan’s thinking is still very clear, knowing his own position-unwilling to turn the dragon into a “partially repeated plot entanglement” (Original words) To reduce the feeling of the dragon clan, it will have a full climax from the beginning of the dragon four to the end. It is not to fight a dragon, but to fight a group of bosses (this is what I said). Therefore, I feel that Jiangnan is not like a self-inflated person who wants to write books for money or fame, (otherwise why not repeat the routine of Dragon 123 until all the dragon kings are singled out one by one), and carry out Tian Zhizhi It is not the fuse for the end of the dragon family, but a re-embodying of another Jiangnan style. Maybe Tianzhizhi is not suitable for us, but I think he can become a “manufactured” in the next generation, just like this generation of dragons Kyushu ~ Kyushu Dragon Clan must be his classic work, but for the immature middle two teenagers, reading a book still needs a little bit of foreshadowing. Finish. ORZ

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It’s quite speechless to see how many people squirt. Jiangnan’s novels are probably read in the order of Dragons-Tianzhizhi-Kyushu. They are all read by high school. Tucao Taizhong 2 means that you have passed the second grade and can accept the second grade. Age, just like you like dragon clan, many people will say that dragon clan is the second in the clan. I have also heard people around me have the impression of dragon clan as “a more famous web post”, and I can only hehe. Many people who used to like to watch dragons now go to college, and may not accept the style of Tianzhizhi, but they have to admit that this is also the style of Jiangnan writing.

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Because of the different audiences, the evaluation of Tian Zhizhi will inevitably be very polarized. As a fan of the Throne of Thorns, I feel that this series of works is an insult to Cesare and Yuanchun. Why has Jiangnan lowered the age level of the audience in recent years? Because he wants to eat. Will he not be able to eat without lowering it? No, he just can’t satisfy his greed. Literature is divided into three or five categories. Why is Jiangnan so much better than most Internet writers even when writing fast food? Nonsense, everyone else is going up, and he going down, can’t he overcome the original ghosts and sprites below. To be honest, I don’t understand what he is pursuing now, maybe it’s money. Hehe, but his reputation is so bad that he can’t save much money. Haha, I really hope that he will not become the kind of Nanpai Sanshu who can say that his original intentions are ineffective in the face of real fans.

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Mecha is a man’s romance. As a fan of Lelouch EVA, I can see too many traces of imitation in this work. The characters in it will easily remind you of the characters in the anime. Jiang Nan himself said frankly that the character prototype does come from anime. Regarding the story, in fact, it is still an old routine, and there is no highlight. However, there are some good scenes in the old routines. For example, Cisser drove the red dragon to save his mother alone against thousands of horses and pierced through the entire Fei Leng Cui section. It still reads very burning, and finally it is Don’t forget to be sensational. This paragraph is my most impressive description after reading 3 books. Animation style is very serious, this is its shortcomings, but also its advantages. When someone is not in Secondary Two, it’s just that you will feel very ashamed to look back when you are past Secondary Two. But at least Lelouch, whom I chased in the second phase, is still a role I like very much. This is a book written for juniors in Secondary Two. The young will eventually become king.

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Some battles are good-looking, and some scenes will still burn, but the number of burns is much less than that of “Dragon Race” or other Jiangnan martial arts novels. The attribute superposition set by the character is too obvious and deliberate. Of course, Lu Mingfei and Cizel have many similarities. They both have a terrific background, have been in a state of despair, have protected people, and are both prepared and able to smash the world. But these two people are not the same from the core, Lu Mingfei is a bad boy, and Cizel is a nobleman through and through. So Lu Mingfei can arouse the resonance in most readers, even in everyone’s hearts, but Cizelle does not. I think “The Burning of the Sky” is an attempt by Jiangnan. Based on his successful experience, he chose popular labels such as “Vengeance”, “Hot Blood”, “Mecha”, “Medieval”, “Sister Control” and so on, and carefully matched them. Compared with the characters and plot, try to make it cater to a wider audience and create more profits. But the result of trying to cater to more audiences is often the loss of the original audience, because in a work, there is a heart or no heart, and the reader can actually feel the amount of the heart. To put it directly, I will buy every single copy of “Dragon Race”, although I think the single copy is not yet serialized. I will read it right away if I buy it. I have to copy it after reading it. However, I bought the first copy of “The Burning of the Sky”. I read the book right away, I bought the second one, I read it after a few days, and I didn’t plan to buy the third one, and I don’t even have the mood to go to the Internet to find out if there is a free handwriting group. . Putting all this aside, this work is actually very suitable for animation. The premise is to have a lot of money, gorgeous production, exquisite soundtrack, or it can become a topical work. As for the depth, there is no need to force it, who didn’t praise a few commercial films as a masterpiece when he was young.

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I read Red Dragon when I was in junior high school. At that time, it was a physical book I borrowed. I was still young and I didn’t understand it the first time, but I read it the second time, the third time, and how many times I read it. time. I gradually fell in love with this novel. Cizel has someone he wants to protect, and when he faces Prometheus, he puts on the Seraph. At that moment, I think he is invincible. I also quite like the other clips. As for the image of the Throne of Thorns Ciesel is more three-dimensional, I also watched it, but I prefer Western stories, churches, rights, high society wars, love and destiny. Humanity thinking. The relationship between people is constantly changing. I hope Jiangnan can update and I will wait forever. After all, Tianzhizhi is also an unfinished work that I quite like.

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In fact, for this book…I don’t think it belongs to the level of “Secondary 2” as some people say. I have never watched “The Throne of Thorns”, so it is not easy to evaluate whether “The Blaze of the Sky” is a sublimation of it or something. I just want to express myself from the perspective of “Cyzer” in “The Blaze of the Sky”. the opinion of. Some people say that he is similar to a junior, but I think the reason why he wants to become the so-called “Knight King” is because he wants to protect what he wants to protect, just like he said, “There is only one man in this family.” Only by becoming the so-called “Knight King” can he protect his mother who has fallen into dementia because of his white matter removal. In fact, the life he wants to have should be just like what the knight Longderstedt said, living in a “wood house with a small lake” with someone he likes. But life is such a bastard, you can never have the life you imagine, even if you do, you will pay a price that you can’t afford. In the end, his mother was convicted of heresy, and he used his “red dragon” as an enemy against Feilengcui, but he still couldn’t change the outcome. He was exiled to Marston, with deep fatigue and… a monstrous hatred of Fei Lengcui. Here he met probably the only friend in his life, and the only girl he ever liked. Originally, he thought he would become a mechanic and lead an ordinary life, but the rebellion of the Knight King completely disrupted his vision. In order to protect his sister, he had to put on the Seraph again and make himself a demon. Finally, in order to fulfill his promise to his sister to “take you back”, he regained the Seraph and fought to become the new knight king. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t have the idea of ​​becoming a knight king, but this bastard’s world forced him to become a knight king. This reminds me of the “Dragon Race” series, just like no one is forcing Lu Mingfei to have to trade with the devil version Lu Mingze. In order to protect the people he cares about, he has to dance with the devil. This is probably what I know about Cizel. It is not that he wants to become a king, but the world persecutes him to become a king. If there is someone you don’t like, then you can treat me as a Secondary Two boy, and express your opinions that belong to a Secondary Two boy here.

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