Lan low EQ who can’t play as a teammate: Lan you tm don’t send it. High EQ: It looks like a whale falls when you start a group. 2. When a teammate is a Monkey King who can’t play, he has low EQ: What about you playing a monkey? High EQ: It is recommended to declare the national intangible cultural heritage. 3. When Han Xin, who can’t play, wants to rub your pawn line and low EQ: go to your uncle! High EQ: Your uncle’s line of troops is just short of people. 4. When Pei Qinhu, who can’t play, turned into a low EQ in the wild: what are you? High EQ: Thank you for your contribution to the diversity of the earth’s species. 5. When Cao Cao, who can’t play, has low EQ: Cao Mengde, is he breeding wild monsters? High EQ: Mendel, the father of modern genetics. Cao Cao is 6 in a row, Xuan Ce jungler who can’t play has low EQ: Why are you throwing Daddy Lan out? High EQ: Bao, be careful, don’t be beaten to death by Lan. 7. When Li Bai, who can’t play Gua Sha, has low EQ: Do you have a fart? High EQ: Successfully defeated the shield of the enemy Xiang Yu Witch. 8. When teammate Aguduo gave people a low EQ: win the shoot! High EQ: Leave a stutter for the giant panda. 9. As a teammate, Zhao Yunkong has a low EQ: What else can you pierce except the floor? High EQ: Have you considered playing assisted position? 10. When teammate Lanling Wang only knows that catching meat has low EQ: Can you be a man? High EQ: Are you homesick after coming to the earth for so many years? 11. When teammate Nakolulu fell into a box with low EQ: Did you touch the ground with your face? High EQ: Or you can just produce pure meat. 12. When teammate Liu Bei played sluggishly and low EQ: You can play with chickens better than you when you throw rice on the screen. High EQ: If not, let’s go to the Northern Expedition with the prime minister. Mr. Lu Xun once said: Those who like it have an object.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Han Xin. This hero is fighting economic suppression and tactics. When your tactics are okay, there is no economic vain. Economy is very important to Han Xin, and Han Xin took off with a knife crit and only went to the enemy c. Headwind Han Xin is too fragile to die and cannot clear his troops, so he can only use the line to brush up the economy, and this requires very strong techniques and consciousness. In order to play a tailwind, the wild area must be held first, and the line must be eaten everywhere. In this way, teammates will be uncomfortable. If you don’t fly, your teammates may greet you. Even if you can take the flight, the mentality of your teammates will get worse, and the economy will be on you after you eat the line. Once there is a little mistake, the teammates will not have the economy, and they will die suddenly. It is better to give the corresponding economy to the bottom of the fault tolerance rate and hurt the objective hero.

6 months ago

It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you don’t go out of the mountain for 20 minutes in the field. The most outrageous thing is that this group of people can also be brushed. Aren’t the big and small dragons also wild monsters? It’s okay to trouble you to find a way to brush it, okay, countless times on the line, and then because the middle of the jungle does not participate in the team and does not brush the dragon , As a result, either a few players in the team were better coordinated by the opposing team, and the early advantage was lost (especially if the shooter occasionally lost his way and was caught twice by the opponent, the game was basically turned over), or the game was basically turned over by the opposing team. Once you take it, you can be disgusting just by playing with the strengthened vanguard (Lu Qing without a shooter is very slow, and the group will be pushed by the dragon to grind the other two towers. If the team pulls for a long time, it will be distracted to see if the highland will not. Will be eaten by soldiers for nothing). In a certain game, I had a big advantage in the early stage. I used Zhong Kui and cooperated with the shooter Lu Ban to blow up the opponent on the line. As a result, the opponent jungler came over and caught me twice when I returned to Luban to go shopping. I insisted on 15 minutes to solve it. The game was delayed for 30 minutes, and then 30 minutes ended. Our jungler Han Xin’s data is 0/3/1, and the whole journey is single. When less than 20 minutes, I sprayed him and asked him if he could join the group. There is no brain brush. P used, he said you don’t understand, I can go out of the mountain to steal people after another 5 minutes of brushing, and the result is pure output. After two waves of people are stolen, they are all counter-killed.

6 months ago

First place: Monkey King. Sun Wukong is known to be a hero with a high burst of damage, but it is rare to see players using monkeys to play wild in KPL matches, because the monkeys are not strong at all until they have no big moves in the early stage. If the teammates blindly help the monkeys grow, they will Will affect their own economy. A monkey without a big move not only does not have the ability of the second person, but also wasteful, but the monkey’s burst damage in the later stage is still very high. Second place: Han Xin. Han Xin is also one of the commonly used junglers, because he not only eats operations, but also relies heavily on economics. It’s hard to meet Han Xin who can play in passerby rounds. It is said that nine of ten Han Xin are pits. If players encounter Han Xin in the middle and low-end rankings, it is estimated that they will directly choose six-point shooting, but high-end round Meeting Han Xin is likely to lie down and win. Third place: armor. Kai knows that he is a warrior hero, but players have been using him to jungle. Because his crit is amazing, especially after opening the big move, various attributes have been improved. However, when the armor of the ultimate move was turned on, the IQ was almost 0, and he only took care of the enemy. In the current version, you often encounter players who are eager to go to war even if they don’t have a big move. Fourth place: Agudo. The jungler that teammates don’t want to see the most is not the monkey or Han Xin, but the iron and hanky Agudo! Players say that Agudo clears the field very fast, and it attracts many players to try. The powerful Agudo really makes the enemy terrifying. You can win two monsters in two seconds. After standing in the wild for a long time, he took the wild monster with his basic attack, and did not give full play to Agudo’s advantage of clearing the wild quickly. However, Agudo, who can play, is really too strong to understand, especially in the 1st level anti-wild field, the opposite jungler can almost declare “scrap”.

6 months ago

Li Bai
Han Xin can still run against the wild, and Ji Ji’s later critical strike can be seconds away, but it turns out that Brother Bai is also scratching Gu Sha when he pretends to be a god. The body is crispy like paper, and the shadow gives people a knife, and the anti-armor and anti-armor against the tank is more than he scraped…
I finally put together a single page of full-level inscription for Li Bai, but I haven’t used it until now. Brother Bai is better to be a mascot

6 months ago

Perennially in the 1500-1800 points, I am most afraid of teammates choosing the jungler: Pei Qinhu teammates choose Pei Qinhu to play wild, and my heart is lost, because the strength of teammate Pei Qinhu can not be predicted at all. Don’t look at teammate Pei Qinhu with a silver mark and gold mark in the upper left corner, but he can still score 0-5, and don’t look at teammate Pei Qinhu’s proficiency in green and blue. He may also lead his teammates to push in 6 minutes. High ground. Whether this jungler can play depends on whether it can quickly open up the economy in the early stage, otherwise it will be a sick cat. The economy did not open up. In the middle and late stages, the opposite jungler can invade our jungle at will. After all, the tiger’s clearing speed and heads-up ability are not strong. Then there is Dian Wei, which is too slow. Finally, there are some casual junglers, red-haired Han Xin, original leather monkey, original leather Li Bai, Fan Haixin Li Bai, original leather Akko (the favorite jungler selected by humans and machines).

6 months ago

Currently? Li Bai, there is no doubt. Ten Li Bai has nine pits, and one is power leveling. Leaving aside the low star game, the high star game sees that the hero is gone directly in the wild. Which one of Tachibana Ukyo Tigers is not fragrant? It can’t be said that Li Bai is weak, but compared to other jungle heroes, which one is not to hang him in the early stage? In the early stage, if he did not make good use of his advantages, Li Bai’s economic growth would be tantamount to failure. Every time Li Bai is taken out, it is headwind, and no matter how good it is, it is headwind. How tired to play-although the official still adjusted Li Bai’s skill time. Although the appearance rate has increased to a certain extent, Li Bai is still a weak jungler. The early jungler is too strenuous, and the late beating has no harm. The Gua Sha hero is a real sewer. Although I used to like this hero very much. But at the moment, I can’t get it out. Seeing the teammates chant directly, it will be a wonderful home-keeping session!

6 months ago

Of course it’s Li Bai
As long as a teammate chooses Li Bai, he will help him defend the field throughout the game. If he doesn’t defend him, he will be split directly. If he encounters someone with a bad mentality, he will be scolded.
If the other side had defensive equipment, Li Bai would really be a Gua Sha, regardless of whether Li Bai was equipped with Liushen. To be honest, seeing Li Bai being selected by his teammates, my heart was cold.

6 months ago

Li Bai. In the case of technical equivalence between the two sides: any strong middle/field/auxiliary/disciplinary side on the opposite side can engage in the Li Baiye area in the early stage, and teammates must be required to protect them. If not, they will explode. When Li Baiye area is fried, he keeps fried, and he can only eat string. The teammates followed suit, and the opposite jungler got fat and controlled the dragon to overtake the tower. You can’t help it. Generally, Li Bai couldn’t keep his teammates from overtaking the tower, and he might even send it together. Even if he helped Li Bai defend the jungle in the early stage, and even if Li Bai had a small economic advantage, the opposite jungler in the anti-A version could still oppose Li Baiye and help him defend. Similarly, the weak monkeys, Naco, and Luna in the early stage, if teammates spend energy to protect, get up is a nuclear, Li Bai, you can protect him for a long time, the skills that do not exceed the current rank, the effect is not big, the control is weak/crisp/a set of brushes Greatly unstable. I have a high probability of taking Li Bai when the king is low star is a headwind. Later, I played other junglers, not to mention that I can stabilize the score, at least there are many more tailwind games. I have the advantage of playing other junglers and dare to go against the wild. Only Li Bai Even if you have a small advantage, you have to go around when you see the opposite jungler. I haven’t played Li Bai for a long time, and I hate my teammates playing Li Bai. Except for the great god, it is easy to get cold. Playing Li Bai on the other side doesn’t require skill, and the outfits are aimed at the next level, basically stable. But there is one thing to say, playing Li Bai in the Diamond Game is still very comfortable. This hero is still more extreme, will be targeted, but weak. If you are not targeted or have low awareness, for example, if the selected lineup is crisp and will not be controlled, he will be killed indiscriminately.

6 months ago

I guess my teammates hate me playing Chang’e jungle. I play in qualifying, my natal Guigu, I often use Sun Bin, and Taiyi when the special lineup is right. Of course, if there are other teammates who want to support positions, I will also tank Chang’e and jungle Chang’e. It’s really impossible, the mage Chang’e can also go, but it’s a bit embarrassing. Yes, I don’t know how to play wild and shooter heroes at all. I don’t know why. In the past two days, I have been in qualifying and I have been in the jungle position from time to time. I can only take out Chang’e silently and replace the weakening with punishment. My teammates are very embarrassed. But at the very least, I kept the wild area, and I grabbed the dragon, and I can take some injuries while playing group output. He is also good at driving big roads and getting online quickly, so he can guarantee that he will get more heads than donated heads.

6 months ago

I mainly play mid laner and support, but I can’t get the mid laner position, so I play more support. Therefore, the jungler I hate speaks from the perspective of my play support, I don’t play Yao. The most annoying jungler should be Han Xin. Everyone knows that Han Xin has an alias Han Diaodiao, and he can’t be caught when playing with Xiaoming. When choosing a hero, I usually look at who my jungler is, and if I need to follow him, as soon as I see Han Xin, I just give up struggling, and I will follow the shooter in this game. why? I can’t keep up with Han Tiaotiao, well, I’ll just protect my shooter! Secondly, Han Xin is a hero who is very variable. The difference between good and bad is one hundred and eight thousand miles. I would rather take Zhao Yun from my jungler, and at least be able to jump on the enemy!

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