After chasing “Stog”, I knocked on the pair of CPs, known as the after-sales ceiling of internal entertainment. The interaction between the two was so sweet that my aunt couldn’t help laughing. The happy base camp was so good, the host kept booing the two of them, and the whole show was like a bridal chamber, amusing the newlyweds. It feels like everyone is knocking on the CP. Zhang Binbin’s hand that was nowhere to be placed was broken by the host, and the two of them showed shy expressions. Please pay attention to Zhang Binbin’s forcibly explaining, and his hand gently touched Jing Tian’s shoulder, naturally showing too careful thought! The hand like an ant climbed onto Jing Tian’s shoulder step by step without any processing. The body movements and eyes of the two of them showed sweet love, which is worthy of the light of bg, which is too powerful. Song Tian Zhang Bin Bin Jing Tian and the two are even sweeter. The newlyweds lower their heads tacitly. Here to praise Zhong Hanliang, the best assist, it is really good, they are married, Xiao Wah must be the main table. CP fan Zhong Hanliang stood up excitedly with sweet and heartwarming eyes. The host also frequently assisted. Mr. He Jiong was too good at saying that he could just say what the audience felt. Fan Zhong Hanliang wants to be too excited and control himself. In the Chang’e Little Theater in Houyi, Zhang Binbin frantically made pink for himself, chaosing the rhythm of the game. Fortunately, Tiantian rescued the field and pulled the dog back. This game is over, Zhang Binbin is still crazy to add drama to himself, come to a scrape, look at the eyes of Zhong Hanliang and Tan Songyun, the people who eat melon, represent the audience’s heart-the aunt who can’t stop laughing all the time. Especially Zhong Hanliang’s slight smile is really intriguing-ouch! They seem to be in a condition! He Jiong laughed from ear to ear, which is not in the script. The drama Zhang Binbin added to himself (this trick was learned from Director Platinum) is really sweet to the two. The civil affairs bureau is a fugitive couple. Binbin was so angry that Jing Tian squatted down, and Bingo naturally helped Tiantian up. The small movements of the two were too greasy and crooked. In fact, Jing Tian asked Haitao to go away, for fear of being stuck with a broken heart, which unexpectedly felt sweet here. Zhang Binbin’s face flushed with pain, and his boyfriend is still full. Be intimacy, get started directly, and open business, it is difficult to end without getting married.
In the song guessing game, the two people are like sloths, reacting half a beat slower than others, and are not rushing to answer (called by netizens: dumb couple), and at the same time stand together like Siamese babies. Playing games in another group, Jing Tian also secretly and naturally took Zhang Binbin’s arm, the two were too tired and crooked. Two silly people who had a silly blessing were originally heartbroken papers attached to them, but they landed to escape, and finally won the game. At the end, the program team was very intimate to give them flowers, like a wedding scene. (The other CP groups only have sprays), and this show group is too fond of this pair of CPs. The two of them are tired of crooking too many details. I will mention a little detail. They both played a game of guessing the song title. On the way to answer the question, Jing Tian fell. The male guest next door wanted to help Jing Tian, ​​Zhang Binbin declared his sovereignty and stared at the male guest— —My wife, I’ll take a stand. Here Zhang Binbin should also be afraid of being shredded by his heart. Gougou is so naive, and may simply not want Jing Tian to be supported by others. It feels that the setting of heartbreaking paper is also assisting, knocking to the top. The CP fans who were interested in digging sugar went to watch the feature film of Kuaiben. When the other groups were playing games and the two of them were the background boards, they began to secretly make sugar, sticking to each other and whispering—the sugar was hidden in the corner. I don’t know if this pair of cp will come true, but as fans of the drama, the two openly business and make pink, which is great to bring everyone joy. Although the pair of cps have recently knocked their heads up, regardless of whether they were together in the end, as long as they have brought beauty and joy to everyone, I hope that such kind and lovely Jing Tian and Zhang Binbin (Zhang Binbin sand sculpture and Han Han) will get better. Looking forward to Zhang Binbin and Jing Tian playing together!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

After watching it, I can only say that the late stage is too thief, knowing what everyone likes to watch, I will go crazy for the camera. The two of them can’t hide their careful thoughts, hoping that they won’t be affected by the outside world. Now it is really eight times per capita to stare at them, withstand ah, two, I am such a rational person, it is the first time that I worry about other people’s emotional life so much. Turn back, where do you think these two are doing after reading it? Frowning, hooking up, flower arrangement, how do you two want to stick? Do you have to hold your face to insert it? To be honest, if there is no ambiguous interaction between the two people in private, I think everyone owes Da Tiantian an apology. Black people have not acted for so many years. Is this no acting? This can deceive the gaze of the eight-fold mirror. I am willing to admit the gold content of her Hollywood awards. From now on, she will be the acting role of the post-85 Xiaohua in my heart.

6 months ago

Jing Tian’s emotional intelligence is really the ceiling of the show business! Tang Xiaotian “difficult” Jing Tian and asked her to name the two most unwelcome male artists within 5 seconds. The guests present held their breaths. After all, this kind of offensive remark, I am afraid that no one dares to say. But Jing Tian’s answer was beyond everyone’s expectations! Jing Tian thought for two seconds, blurted out: Tom Cruise and Leonardo! He Jiong asked her, “Why are they?” Jing Tian said, “Because they are handsome and good acting. As long as they show up, other actors will have to stand aside!” This answer is truly amazing. ! In order to avoid controversy, we first chose a foreign one, so that it will not touch the minefield in the slightest. Secondly, actors with uncontroversial acting skills were selected, and they were convincing with reverse thinking. I have always wondered, Jing Tian has acting skills and emotional intelligence, why was she not popular before? You must have not met Zhang Binbin, what do you think?

6 months ago

Looking at the whole period, I felt that it was normal business, and I didn’t see any sparks that exceeded the scope of business. It can be seen that the host and the post-editing team are deliberately helping everyone to cheat, but in fact, Bin Tian’s eyes are not so enthusiastic. I think that everyone likes Fujisaki CP is affirmation of their acting skills, but it is not good if it is too high for real people. The current cp fan has a taste of catching ducks on the shelves. Before the relationship between the two people has reached that point, Weibo has already urged marriage and bundled messages, which is actually not good. Isn’t it good to let the relationship happen? It will be counterproductive if you want to encourage them. If you really like them, please don’t make fun of them with the mentality of eating melons. It’s rare to have a pair of CPs that do business well. I hope that everyone should be rational and don’t push them to extremes with your own imagination (so that once a screen CP is open, they must be married and tied. If they are not open, they can only be cut off). Instead, it will be the same. Kind of injury. Finally, if one day they are officially announced, then it will not be too late to offer your sincere blessings.

6 months ago

Jing Tian has done live broadcasts, and she is very stable with the goods. She knows exactly what the audience wants, and she has a good sense of proportion and looks very sweet, but there is nothing special about it. In fact, Jing Tian would be happy to be Liu Shishi, but Zhang Binbin can’t be Wu Qilong, because Zhang Binbin’s status in the industry is far too low. Cai Shaofen is typical of the heroine leading the little milk dog, and Jing Tian should not be planning to retire. I think it’s better for her to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. It’s better to have a rare big heroine in a single-play drama, as well as passers-by with the wealth of the world. Now it’s normal to go to the resource cafe. On Zhang Binbin’s side, the team’s marketing power was too fierce, and it was almost impossible to force Jing Tian to complete the work, and it did more harm than good to Jing Tian. This world, after all, is not so tolerant of women’s love.

6 months ago

Open throughout. I think they have a better relationship. They are more natural in the game. They were originally played by Houyi and Chang’e. Then, to promote Siteng, they felt very cp. I feel that in the happy base camp, it is in business, and the happy base camp is also catching heat, the host is crazy about it, and then in the post-production, they are also excessively napping them. It is taking advantage of the heat. In Happiness Camp, there is no feeling of live broadcast. It may be the kind of strong feelings that came later, it is the affectionate gaze during the live broadcast. In this happy camp, Binbin is a very gentleman, Tiantian is very cute, and in the game he also spoils our CP powder, touches the nose, shaves the nose, and puts on the shoulders. They can say what we want What to give, thank you cp who loves us! ! ! We can’t guess the late stage of Tiantian and Binbin, but I can say that I was very satisfied in the base camp and met my expectations of them. It can be said that the expectations in front of the public have been satisfied. It would be even better if it was further developed. (Guotou) Both of them are hot. It’s nice not to be the background board. I hope they will get better and better in the future, and they can also handle their relationships well. Blessings!

6 months ago

One leg, one leg. At least it must be the stage when they like each other. There is not much inventory of the two people together, and there are not many materials that can be knocked off. I hope that when the enthusiasm of passers-by decreases, Jing Tian and the others can cultivate their feelings without receiving too much attention. After all, it is the enthusiasm now, and they may not even dare to meet the two in private. Come on, Binbin, Binbin is too straightforward. In a few live broadcasts, you can actually see his nature. He is a very simple, warm and naive person. Tiantian is also a double-seller online, who has experienced being hacked, questioned, and tagged with a lot of labels. I hope Binbin can bring sweet happiness. Knock cp. Actually, you don’t have to run to the beginning of the marriage. The feeling right now is the best. How many couples can go to marriage? Just bless them silently, and hope that they will be less disturbed. After all, even if you can only accompany the other person for a period of time, it’s good, isn’t it, the best time of life is only a few decades, with a sweet feeling, it is really fleeting.

6 months ago

This 5-minute video is enough to answer, and you will know it after reading it. Everyone is a person who has been in love, can’t telling the truth and acting in a scene can’t be distinguished? It’s hard to say if you are not together, but at least these physical contact and eye contact at least show that you don’t dislike each other, and you should have a good impression. The eyes of the masses are discerning, I have seen in Chaohua, the real CP fans are still a few, and the passersby are so big. Of course, if it is really hype in the end, then I can only say that the performance of the Oscar empress level, but at least it also brings you happiness, which is very good. As far as the after-sales business of these two people is concerned, and the pleasant experience they bring to the fans, it is hard to be disgusted!

6 months ago

Four words: Ambiguous relationship. I am an adult who has graduated from university for many years. I haven’t watched a TV series for a long time. Recently, I was attracted by Sato and discovered the beauty of Jing Tian. After chasing from the play to the outside, I have watched many live broadcasts of the two of them, happy camp. Judging from many actions, the two people talked about love at public expense (the key point) is not to be together, I don’t know, but as long as they have the opportunity to show up at the same time, the two of them feel happy. In private appointments, paparazzi will shoot, and they can come to clarify what is going on. On variety shows, attending events is normal work, exposed to the field of vision, the ambiguity will be said to be business. I have filmed myself, and I have been moved by actresses (when I was in college). I understand Zhang Binbin’s mood at the moment. I definitely have good feelings. It’s impossible to take the initiative to contact privately. If I have the opportunity to meet, it’s definitely love. Stubbornly. Still ambiguous!

6 months ago

Netizens think too much, after this wave of enthusiasm subsides, or if they take up new dramas, they will naturally have a share. I personally hope that the two performers are outstanding, after all, they are actors. Those who play cp, how sweet it is now, it will be bitter in the future. They are the fairy lovers in the play, not in reality. As long as I occasionally recall the fairy lives of Siteng and Qin Fang in the play, and live together forever, I think it’s worth it. Of course, if one month, one year later, ten years later, 100 years later and still today, bless them.

6 months ago

Does everyone really think Zhang Binbin is very greasy? When Sato was first broadcast, I was quite ridiculous of them, and I also watched some interviews and tidbits of them. I really think they are so sweet! And when the trailer appeared last week, I was in the state of kswl, but the more weird it became later, it was quite uncomfortable to watch the interview with them anyway. Just this week, after reading this book, I suddenly felt that Zhang Binbin was really greasy! When he interacted with Jing Tian, he gave people a kind of cp, see how sweet we are, and see how strong I am as a boyfriend! Especially that sit-up is really oily to me. (ps: If it’s not a couple who has been officially announced, I still like the secretly rubbed sugar) If the “super sweet ice cream” brushed this, it would be a fart.

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