I found that when playing games, I often met my teammates sending 1s, and some people were good to hit “1s” when forming a team. When I was the most annoying, I was accidentally attacked by the opposite party and sent me a 1 on the public screen, and I didn’t know. What does this 1 mean? When will I send 1 in summary? Does this 1 have any meaning?

In game communication, 1 generally means that the source is certain. I did not verify it. I only remember that in the live broadcast, the anchor would propose a multiple-choice question to interact with the barrage. Choose the former to reply 1, the latter reply 2; or agree to reply 1. Disagree with reply 2. For example: Brothers want to see if I play the little murloc or robbery, the little murloc deduction 1, hijacking deduction 2, and then see which number floats by the barrage, follow the wishes of most people, and at the same time increase the bomb Screen popularity (sometimes someone brushes numbers other than 1 and 2, but the content is not unified, it may be messy, or it may be an expression of “random”) This habit has been used in the game “Tuan Yibo, otherwise It’s not easy to play in the later stage.” “1.” Not only replied to his teammates, but also created an image of a master who doesn’t say much. It’s easy to use. 3 in game slang represents retreat, and it also refers to lol.” The meaning of “flash” is taken from a homophonic: San and shims mean retreat should be a long time ago. World of Warcraft had the meaning of flashing at that time, but it slowly became the mainstream after s5, and there were still branches in the past. The flash is abbreviated as f or 3, but 3 is more in line with Chinese habits. For example, if the ad in front of the dragon group was maimed by Zoe, the ad will be “333” to indicate that the wave cannot be beaten or it is placed on the sheet in the first two minutes. After killing, he said faintly: “There is no 3 on the other side.” It implies that Dad will come as soon as possible. 5 is often used to express the homophony of “cry out”: woo, but if it is five, it means asking, “What kind of rubbish are you guy?” Homophony : Waste For example: After you find that the midlaner you just scolded has completed a solo kill, you can say: “Good fight, daddy, I’m five.” 6 means admiration (also can mean mockery) Homophony: the type of slip is up Like a person with a thumbs up, there is nothing to say, basically you know that old iron 666, world6 (playing around) 7 is a magic number in the Chinese lpl circle. The man gave this number a peculiar meaning. He is Midsummer Night. Meng, Granule Spicy Dance 7, Ming Kai, An Kai, Fei Kai, Clear Love, Clearlove 7, and 7 Sauce. The speeches about 7 are basically derived from his personal stalk, let the players think of him through this number, and then laugh. If you make a sound like a 7-character kick, a horse riding a flying swallow, a blind monk kicked and kicked in the clone battle, etc., you can utter a 777 admiration. If you use Jinx to complete the four kills, you will also get an extra sentence “World Focus” “To you”-(2) In Taiwanese Internet slang, 7 is approximately equal to the meaning of “6” in the mainland. According to legend, Taiwanese netizens saw the mainland barrage brushing 6 and expressed their admiration. They wanted to learn but did not want to learn directly, so they chose a comparison. The 6 big number 7 (whether it is true or not) may also be due to other reasons. 8 generally has two meanings. The well-known means “bye, goodbye”, and the meaning of “no” (not used alone). The latter should come from an abstract stalk or a painful group stalk. I don’t know it well, probably the usage is “not “writing”. “8 will” and “impossible” are written as “8 may”. On other online platforms, 8 and the meaning of “gossip” and “pepping skin” can be traced back to at least the Tianya and Maopu periods. For example, “Why do sows scream frequently in late night?” Today we come to 818 The Unknown Secrets Behind the Host. “9 has a meaning I don’t know. It’s not often used now. It is used as the antonym of 6 as a mockery. It’s like giving a thumbs down. 666 This wave of sudden meat and eggs fills your hunger, you: 999-(2) The dice stem of the top single player 369 of the active team tes, which means that his combat power in this round is random to 9 gears, strong and invincible-(3) the kid of the ig team played a game The output of 443 points is amazing; and the auxiliary shot of the same team has played 556 points in another game. The output of the two adds up to 999. In addition to the above, there are some networks. The slang will not be explained in detail. I will probably mention solo (sala): singled out 4396: the same as “7”, Mingkai’s personal stalk 2200: describe the player’s low output, mixed, can be used as the unit of measurement output in lol, 2200= 1 Tiger Yiyikou (zzoo, etc.): Xiaohu’s room management obstruction, netizens tried to bypass the room management review to express 2200, staged a wonderful crypto spy battle 2800: taunting uzi dedicated 1557: taunting the level of Korean lol (or specifically referring to skt), It means that it took ig 15 minutes and 57 seconds to flatten the main crystal q of skt: lack. 3q1 is three missing and one m: private chat. The source may be the “Secret (m)” of “Secret Chat”, or the “m” of “massage”? : Used for mockery. It can also appear in other forms, such as ¿ , Question mark, etc. It roughly means “just this?” “Are you sick?” etc.


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6 months ago

Seeing this problem, I knew that the cultural heritage of the League of Legends was broken. For the League of Legends cultural belt, I was very chilling, so I lighted the torch here to popularize these newcomers. General knowledge! ! It is your duty to protect the culture of League of Legends! 1. Abbreviated abbreviation: “1”: Indicates confirmation, affirmation, understanding, received, a more positive feedback. It is mainly used to quickly reply to teammates in combat to reach a communication method, and is the most common way of conventional abbreviation communication. The follow-up will be extended to indicate that it exists, hope to get a reply, etc., similar to the three-way handshake in the tcp protocol. ps: Click on the friend chat box to send a message, A: “1” (Are you there?) B: “1” (Yes.) A: “11” (Received, speed up the game.) “3”: Evacuate, One of the abbreviations for combat command system, which means retreat, not to fight. “33”: Evacuate quickly! Do not hesitate! “=3”: Wait for my flash. Since the flash time can now be identified, the frequency of occurrence is low. “=I”: Wait for me, I will be there soon. “15”: 15 minutes of game time to initiate a surrender. “20”: 20 minutes of game time to initiate a surrender. “Gg/GG”: Generally used for chatting with everyone, expressing ridicule, meaning “this game is really good, the opposite is true.” It is also used for positive feedback a few times, the original meaning is “good game”. xx people xx time 3: Record the enemy’s flash time or record the time when the enemy’s flash cooldown is completed, which is used to make subsequent battle decisions. “?”: It is mostly used for mockery, which means how can you make such a choice/operation, which is really incomprehensible. There are also a few cases, expressing surprise, incomprehensible show. It is also indicated by the miss mark. “F5”: The abbreviation of the dish you hit. “Five”: Same as above. “Nmsl/xsdl/wcnm”: Insult the virtual mother of the network. “Nt”: dishes. “Xxs”: Six years before the nine-year compulsory education. Second, basic common sense 1. When teammates quarrel, use the f6 key to quickly swipe the screen to prevent the two from continuing to interact with each other. 2. /mute all, the top score code for a single row, enter the first time you enter the game. 3, tp, teleport (summoner skills). 4. adc, ad carry. Correspondingly, there are apc and ap carry. 5. Add a space /r to reply to friends outside the game. 6, ctrl+5/6, some hero special actions or equipment loading and unloading. 7, 4396, an unknown player’s damage in a game is widely circulated. 8, 2200, the power of a tiger, the unit of measure for the amount of damage in lol. 9. When you see “/all” in everyone’s chat, it means that the opposite party wanted to taunt but didn’t send it out because of too much urgency. Third, the hero abbreviation (only to mark the word that is rarely used now but occasionally appears) Japanese girl: the goddess of dawn. Fan mother: Kalmar (the original Kalmar had a fan) Milk Power: Nidalee, homophonic. Jinfu: Wrist ho. jb face: Kassadin (because of the pointy front of Kassadin’s face) Grasshopper: Malzaha, because the insects that are summoned look like grasshoppers. Fourth, advanced knowledge

6 months ago

Everyone play steadily, I brushed 1: Know, understand, ok, is there any problem to qualify? 1: Invite me to the mid laner and did not flash 1: Okay, wait for him to get down the road and stay steady, I have a big advantage 1: Okay, you c I lie 1 can express any general “agree, agree, understand” and other meanings to leave work, classmates Send one: “Come on LOL?” “1” The tacit understanding is full!

6 months ago

It can only be said that the current players are all young people. The habit of playing 1 should be a common problem for most World of Warcraft players. In the past, the group did not check these plug-ins, and they are ready. The group leader always hits 1 if he hears it, and hits 1 if it doesn’t arrive. Over time, hitting 1 has evolved into that I know and understand what it means. World of Warcraft has also brought me a habit of playing any game as long as I can jump, I must jump and walk. I think I could jump all afternoon in the ditch of Ironforge.

6 months ago

Many games before the preparation state is completed, they are all played in the pair, many games do not have their own voice, and even some do not have Chinese. The simple and clear 1 is the fastest and the shortest. If someone sends it in a group of 1. A question, such as “I’m not ready yet”, will be particularly conspicuous. Generally speaking, 1 means that I received it and I was in place. Before YY did an event and played a game, it was a public screen button 1 to 3, because the Chinese pronunciation of 3 is similar to flash, fast 333 means to flash people quickly, don’t Chased

6 months ago

“1” has two meanings. One is to answer “yes” and “good”. This kind of comparison is like the “1” in the number of electricity, which means affirmative. But generally, when you say “no”, you don’t say “0”, but just say “no”. There is also a homophonic “invite” with “unitary”. One party hits “1?” to indicate whether to form a team. If the other party hits “1”, it means “invite me”. If you don’t form a team, you will return “No” or “No 1”, this situation is more common. If a friend suddenly asks “1?”, it usually means this. (Of course, if it is a game played by multiple girls, “1” and “0” often have other meanings, which is one of the reasons why the first meaning does not answer “0”) In addition to “1” In addition, some people like to type “.”, which generally means “oh”, and is accompanied by an attitude of “I know, don’t force it, let’s say it’s annoying”, like a full stop, used to end the topic.

6 months ago

In fact, it is not just League of Legends, many games, social networking and work will send 1, 1 means affirm, receive, confirm, understand this kind of meaning. As for why 1 can express this meaning, I guess it has something to do with programming. In programming, 1 means “yes” by default, and the corresponding value is 0.

6 months ago

It means [read] or agrees. For example, if you say that the jungler I want to match blue/red, the jungler sends a 1 to say that it’s okay, and you say you can’t hold it on the road and grab it. When someone goes back to 1 is to wait, you ping Dalong or ping his Pioneer to go back to 1, and you know, come right away or wait for another way to go to Pioneer, such as flashing on the opposite side of your mark, healing, teleporting, etc. People are busy right The line will return a 1, so that it is fast and does not affect the operation

6 months ago

1 In League of Legends, you generally express your understanding or approval. For example, you tell the jungler, “You can catch if there is no flash on the road”, and the jungler responds with 1 saying “I understand. Come later.” Or you say “I’m going to the side.” The road belt line, please be careful not to be driven.” The teammate replied with 1 and said, “You can take it without worry, let’s hold it steady.” What else? It is also used a lot, most of the time it is derogatory, used to greet teammates, a few times it is to express amazement at the teammate’s operation, I can’t believe it. This specific situation is analyzed in detail. What if you beat and kill two teammates? It must be a compliment to you, otherwise it is to question you.

6 months ago

At the earliest, Yamaguchi Mountain (World of Warcraft) had a large number of people, about 40 people. At that time, the plug-in function was not perfect, and it was not possible to confirm the position with one key. The group leader could only call in the voice software such as UT to confirm the members’ pre-war. Preparations. In order to see everyone’s reactions intuitively and conveniently, they usually call out: Ready to play 1, but not good to play 2. This way, you can tell at a glance how many people are not ready. Over time, World of Warcraft players will use “1” as a simplified name for “confirmed”, “received”, and “understood”. Later, some people who did not play World of Warcraft found that people around often used “1” instead of “understand”. “It’s very convenient, so I used it in this way. Over time, this Warcraft language has become a common language in the Internet. Because it’s really concise, especially when you don’t want to talk nonsense. In addition, there is no shortage of Warcraft players in LOL, so this method of pronouns was quickly incorporated. Now the plug-in function of Warcraft is basically complete, you can directly confirm the in-position status with one key, and there is almost no situation of brushing 1 piece by piece when playing a group, but everyone is still used to using 1 instead of “good”.

6 months ago

The earliest traceable originated in World of Warcraft. In the first few years of World of Warcraft, the World Channel’s advocacy team was often “M from XXXX”, and most people seldom responded to “Add me”, “Take me”, etc. They simply responded with a “1” to indicate me. participate. In addition, in the YY voice, when the leader appoints someone to do something, after clicking the person’s name or telling him what to do, the person will also put a “1” in the team to represent the meaning of understanding and receiving. After that, World of Warcraft has slowly ceased to be popular, and players will keep this habit when they go to play other games. And now this kind of streamlined stalk (such as yysy, etc.) is more popular, so it slowly spreads a stalk or communication method.

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