Recently, many consumers have discovered that in ordinary shopping malls in Shanghai, different brands of shared power banks are quietly increasing prices. From the initial price of 1 yuan per hour and half an hour free, it now costs 3-4 yuan per hour on average, and the 24-hour cap price has also risen from 20 yuan to 30 yuan.

In the West Lake scenic area in Hangzhou, tourists found that charging packages such as street electricity, monster charging, and small electricity charge up to 10 yuan per hour. Not only shared charging treasures, but shared bicycles are also increasing in price.

Recently, a screenshot of the pricing rules of Qingju bicycles provided by netizens shows that Qingju bicycles charge 1.5 yuan for the first 15 minutes, and then 1 yuan for every 10 minutes. After this calculation, the charge per hour is as high as 6.5 yuan, which is more than the price of taking a bus. It’s expensive.

Prior to this, the price of shared charging treasures has quietly increased. The hourly rental fee is mostly 3 yuan and 4 yuan, and the 24-hour cap price ranges from 20 yuan to 40 yuan. A mobile phone has a power of 4000 mAh at best, and the electricity bill is no more than 2 cents, and a power bank is only tens of yuan. The cost of two cents makes 4 yuan, which is a great profit.

Three years ago, the price of a meat dumpling near my house increased by 8 yuan each. The boss expressed his apologies and posted a notice specifically saying that due to the increase in the price of pork, the price was temporarily increased by three yuan. And everyone in the same place collectively raised the price to 8 yuan! Originally it was 4 or 5 yuan each. However, our pork prices have become cheaper recently, and they still sell it for 8 yuan each! It is estimated that in the future there will never be a five-yuan Roujiamo. If your price increases, we can buy another one. However, the “roujiamo trusts” have collectively increased their prices, which has formed a certain sense of monopoly. Consumers can only choose to eat or not to eat. As for the shared power bank, will I pay the bill? I won’t pay the bill! I have always felt that the industry of shared power banks is a very absurd and unnecessary existence! Yes, the mobile phone is very important, but the human mind is more important! Although mobile payment has become popular, I still have 100 yuan on me, just to prepare for the situation that one day the mobile phone has no signal, suddenly has no power, and is suddenly stolen. If I need to go shopping for a day outside, I must be fully charged before I go out, and then a small power bank. As long as this habit is formed, perhaps this kind of shared power bank, don’t even want to do my business in this life.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Taigong Jiang is fishing-whoever is willing to take the bait, is it not fragrant to buy a power bank? The “harvesting battlefield” of the shared power bank has been upgraded, from 1 yuan per hour to a maximum of 6 yuan, and then to 10 yuan. This is the last carnival, a backlash caused by the previous price war. The last carnival of “Shared Power Bank”! Heathcliff’s video 1794 broadcast experts believe that this wave of price increases is reasonable. On the one hand, a large amount of money has been invested in the early stage and needs to be compensated later. On the other hand, prices have risen, and the subsequent changes in prices are understandable. This kind of shared power bank makes the user group mainly young people, with emergency as the main demand, many people choose to bring their own power bank after knowing the price increase. Anyway, I don’t know how to use it. I don’t need to recharge it in advance for a short time when I go out. I must bring my own for a long time. After all, the power bank is only 100 yuan and can be used repeatedly. The reason why the shared power bank chooses to increase the price is because there is a certain amount of reliance on the user group, and the initial investment is already there. It is a bit more to earn a little more. Anyway, there are always people who are not sensitive to prices. This should be the “last carnival” of shared power banks. The fate of elimination is already doomed, so let’s get dry! The price of current power bank is around 100 yuan everywhere, and now there is the kind of two-in-one supercharger, which can be used as both a plug and a power bank. The price is so affordable, and there is still a way for shared power banks to survive. ? Carnival, I don’t need it anyway!

7 months ago

I have never used any shared power bank. First of all, I usually carry at least two mobile phones when I go out, and most of the time I carry three mobile phones. So, never worry about running out of battery. Even so, if you are on a business trip or traveling, you will definitely bring a power bank. If you need to travel frequently, it is strongly recommended to keep a fully charged power bank. For those mobile phone users who do not need to travel frequently, but may need to travel occasionally or go out to play occasionally, you can also consider buying a power bank. Or, at least one power bank can be kept as a family unit. The current price of Xiaomi’s 10000mAh power bank is 79 yuan, and the quality should be fine. Therefore, if you drink a few cups of milk tea, you can buy a decent power bank:

7 months ago

As long as wages do not rise, I think everything will rise in line with reality (manual dog head). Do you have to ask me whether the price increase for power banks, bicycles, and video members is reasonable? Then I can only say that I am very happy! In a situation similar to the monopoly of the sharing economy (look at the investment relationship at the end), which outsider dare to enter the market and say that I will use my power bank if it is cheap? Price increase is an inevitable phenomenon! No matter if you are engaged in the sharing economy or in other businesses, you like it and have the ability to fatten up and kill again. After all, I am the dominant family, and no matter how bad it is, it is a tripartite, and no one can withstand price increases! There is also the same way of thinking about money in the Internet: I first circle a virtual site and pull a group of businessmen to make money with the temptation of free/low prices, and then when there are more people, I will increase the price and increase the price again! Do you want to run? Then you just run, but after the consumption habits are developed, where can you go? If you don’t rent a power bank, you have to buy it, then the money you bought for the power bank still goes into my pocket…you don’t want to take a taxi, you ride a bicycle, and the money you ride a bicycle still goes into my pocket… if you don’t order a takeaway, you have to buy it Food, you ding dong, the money is still in my pocket… So now taxis, takeaways, power banks and even video members are all increasing prices! ! ! Take a look at the big guys behind the power bank. They say they want to increase the price, who can withstand it? Power Bank of Xiaodian Technology: A total of 5 rounds of financing have been completed since its establishment. The most recent one was the investment by Suning Finance and Suning Tesco in April 2020. Previous investors include Sequoia Capital China, Gaorong Capital, Tencent, Jinshajiang, etc. The largest institutional investor is Tencent-based funds. Monster charging of charging treasures: Ali, Hillhouse, and Xiaomi are all investors in Monster charging. Before the IPO, Taobao China Holding under Ali, HH RSV-XXII Holdings Limited under Hillhouse, Shunwei Angels III under Shunwei, SoftBank Asia Its subsidiary China Ventures Fund I Pte. Ltd. and Xiaomi’s People Better Limited hold 16.5%, 11.7%, 8.8%, 7.7%, and 7.5% of Monster Charger respectively. Look at these investors again, and you will know that they are involved in many fields, such as hotels, tourism, real estate, media, medical beauty…It can be said that all aspects of our ordinary lives are involved.

7 months ago

Anyway, I won’t rent a shared power bank. Why don’t I grab it for 10 yuan per hour? I was too lazy to take a power bank out before because the power bank is too heavy, and it is not expensive to rent a power bank. If the phone is really running out of power, it can last a few dollars for a few dollars. But now it costs 10 yuan per hour. I count how many times I charge it is enough for me to buy a power bank, so I buy a smaller one and also bring a data cable, so I don’t need to bring another one. The data cable is so troublesome, it can be hung up when not in use, which is more convenient. Shared charging treasures are the same as ride-hailing software. I remember that at the beginning, the major ride-hailing platforms were very competitive and subsidized. They used taxis every day to commute, but then they merged and the price was no longer discounted. There is nothing else available. The same is true for power banks. At the beginning, they are cheap so that everyone can develop the habit of not having to bring bulky power banks out, and then start to increase the price after you get used to renting them. I still bring my own power bank, or I don’t use mobile phones on the road because I’m really not willing to spend 10 yuan an hour.

7 months ago

Since 2018, I have never bought a power bank, only used the power bank no more than five times. Whether it’s Huawei or Xiaomi, even when traveling on business, I don’t need a mobile power bank to last a day. The few times when I used the power bank, it was basically a sudden situation, and I should be able to hold it. However, I was anxious about the battery, so I used the power bank. So, do you ask me to pay the bill? If I don’t pay the deposit, I will pay the bill, because I might not use it once a year. I really don’t care about spending this amount of money. Not care.

7 months ago

Shared power banks and shared bicycles essentially have a problem: if the price is low, the cost cannot be covered, if the price is high, the number of users will shrink. If you want to make a profit at a low price, you can’t find other monetization channels. In the early stage, you can also rely on telling stories about future realization to attract investment subsidies to users, such as “travel end economy” (after sharing bicycles, you can get consumption coupons around the end point, and you can use it on the same day without car fees). In the end, it was found that no monetization ideas other than “helping the payment platform to attract users” were not easy to use. In the absence of other monetization channels, there are only two ways to double: either increase prices and reduce market survival first, or simply run away. In the Internet age, there are many modes of accumulating cash flow users and then finding channels for realizing them. Sharing power banks and shared bicycles is just one of many unsuccessful directions. Don’t ridicule, just don’t buy it if the price increases. In addition, this is obviously a speculative business that will become more and more difficult to do. Children’s shoes who want to start a business should start with a stable cash flow instead of relying on expectations.

7 months ago

The big media are looking for me, haha, the shared charging treasure of the scenic spot is 10 yuan an hour, this is a bit like just need, and many scenic spots are like this, there is no technical content to talk about a lot, because these places, it is for people who have no electricity. Just need it, it’s the same as if you are hungry, you have to pay a high price for a meal. Another reason is that the frequency of renting in these places in scenic spots is very, very low. Several companies in the overall industry of shared power banks are profitable, but there is still a problem in this industry, that is, drought caused by drought and flooded. Waterlogging fertilizer. In some places, you can pay back in one month. Such scenic spots can pay you back in a year. It is purely a strategic investment, so whether it is directly operated or agency, it is difficult to enter this kind of place. Just think of a great way to maximize the income, what other prices, services, and how can I take care of it! Then through the continuous price increase last year, and behind it is that those who should be listed are going to be listed. A few days ago, it is not a monster that will be listed. It is expected that there will be some going to be listed. But from a market perspective, I suggest You guys, don’t speculate in this industry, or if you want to get a vote, just make a short-term wave and withdraw quickly. It’s not because this industry is like a shared bicycle, but the uncertainty is too great. Now they are listed as well. Not sure which day this battery technology will give you a breakthrough. In case of a breakthrough, people will not be able to eat meat. You can’t vote in vain for so many years. Also, I probably talked about Xiaomi’s new battery technology a few days ago. I said they’re not awesome and they’re better marketing, but to be honest, if the market generally reaches this kind of half-hour full battery technology. Batteries, including Apple mobile phones, can do this, telling you that the market revenue of the power bank industry has dropped by at least half! It’s still inconvenient now! It’s a great profit, but this kind of place is considered a minority. During the Chinese New Year, the highest place I used to rise was 6 yuan an hour to test it. After a period of time, I did earn more, but after a period of time, it immediately decreased a lot. After I dropped it, the amount I used increased again. You still have to master it well, or else it will continue like this and you will soon die. After a while, when the mobile phone is released in the second half of the year, people will have to take the power bank to talk about marketing. Watch it

7 months ago

The rental price has become more expensive × I have started to use Chinese chives √ Haven’t you discovered it yet? Today’s Internet products are in two stages: 1. Fighting price wars, destroying or even acquiring peers (such as Didi Dache) 2. Establishing a market monopoly and starting to increase prices (Huh? Didn’t Didi simply have a few dollars for taxis? Now) Why is it gone?) Therefore, the power bank is 10 yuan per hour, which is inevitable in the market. Everyone has also discovered that shared charging treasures across the country are increasing in price, the company has a monopoly, and it has seized everyone’s handle on “the mobile phone is unable to move without electricity”. If there is no electricity, you can use it in a hurry. So…. Bring a power bank to go out, and remember to charge your phone before going out.

7 months ago

Isn’t it fragrant to carry a power bank? Can I buy mineral water in scenic spots for 2 yuan? Can I buy bucket noodles in the service area for 5 yuan? In some specific places like scenic spots, the price of shared power banks may increase. This is the same as other products in the scenic spots. Many people bring their own power banks in the face of high-priced instant noodles in the service area. Let’s bring our own power banks in the future! ! In the past, various shared power bank merchants used low prices to enter the lives of the public, allowing users to develop the habit of dependence. When the mobile phone is out of power, users will naturally think of sharing the power bank. After the market education is completed, most businesses have no capital to continue to invest. In the end, the merchants that survived began to “cut leeks” with substantial price increases. Now, once the mobile phone is out of power when going out, it is a very troublesome thing. Daily life is too tightly bound to mobile phones. You need to swipe your card to get on the bus and subway, you need to pay with your mobile phone for meals, and you need to punch your card to go to and from get off work, etc. A normal life is almost inseparable from your phone. If your mobile phone is out of power and there is a shared power bank nearby, you will use it even if the price is more expensive? Especially in scenic spots, there is no mobile phone navigation, no group photos, no cash, 10 yuan an hour will not hesitate. One morning when I was rushing to work, the battery of my mobile phone was low, and I borrowed a shared power bank from a convenience store without even thinking about it. When I arrived at the company, I thought that it would not cost me much to go to get off work at night, but I did not expect that I would deduct 40 yuan. When I borrowed it in the morning, I thought I had it in my heart. Otherwise, I might not be able to get on the subway today and I would be late for work. In fact, it only took almost an hour to run out of electricity. Hey…you can only learn from the lesson, charge the electric handle before going out, and prepare the power bank for a long time to avoid stepping on the pit next time!

7 months ago

Because if the agent wants to talk about putting the machine in the scenic spot, it may have to pay an entrance fee or something before the scenic spot will put it, so the price may be higher, and the price is also determined by the owner and the agent of the scenic spot, each place The prices are all different, no one will rent out ridiculously high, and the agency will not set up randomly, and they all have their own prices.

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