To be fair, foodies + foodies re + giants, my comics are all finished little by little, probably starting in 14 or 15 years. The two are different in nature. Let’s start with the conclusion: Fans of Foodie’s ending can be accepted, but fans of Giant’s ending can’t be accepted. Regarding eating goods: The end of eating goods is very obvious [Mechanical Desire]. Whether it’s a stick of gold and wood for one second and good for the next second, or Ji’erhe (crossed out) bounces and gnaws off the face of a dead child, and then directly incarnates as a dragon, eating food and human reconciliation against the dragon, including the last food. The way we coexist with humans invented synthetic meat that can satisfy the taste buds and nutrition of food. In essence, it is a manifestation of the watermelon continuing to paint in a state of “suffering”. Ishida Tsui directly said that she didn’t want to paint anymore, and Chihuore’s later creation was a torment for herself. The direct release of various line drafts also perfectly corroborated this point. But he is still working hard to develop the whole story in a direction that is relatively acceptable to the audience. In the last remark, almost every character raised a mouth, and most of the characters who were able to die well gave a good death. The synthetic meat of mechanical descent, the reunion of reconciliation after removing the mask, is an operation that watermelon tries its best not to [feed to the reader]. but. Readers are acceptable. After all, after taking a bite of candy, Jin Mu rejuvenated (crossed out), married Dong Xiang and had a daughter, it was a really sweet ending. About giants: You laugh at Shen Yi but don’t understand giants, and Shen Yi laughs at you don’t understand Japanese. This manga was madly washed before Di Ming. I am also a part of the land washing. I don’t think Jian Shan Chuang is [an anti-defeated core and an anti-war skin]. But after Diming, it was different, especially 137-139. In order to perfectly fit the number of 139, Jianshan created an incredible method to destroy all the characters, all the settings, and all the famous scenes in the past almost in one go. Allen: Why was mom going to be eaten by giants that day, Rainer? Rainer: Huh? ? ? It’s really anti-war defeat, it’s really militarism’s soul-calling. The foreshadowing mentioned above is either left blank, torn up, or filled in. There really is you, Jianshan Chuang. I hope your hot springs are full of Wallace. In general, the popularity and ranking, giants can slap food, there is not much controversy about this. But in terms of the core and the ending, the foodie can even rub the giant after the ground sound on the ground. After all, Erfu finally drove up and sang the bird in the cage, and when he was dying, he and the descendants of Li Shi were full, and the ending was death. Here, Tan Ming got the world green card, made his c-place debut, and Ani, the heir of Firepower Junior King, has zero punishment in various senses. It really is you, Jianshan Chuang, Ishida Tsui’s painting style beats you, plot beats you, realm beats you, I was really blind at the beginning, thinking that foodies are far inferior to giants.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Tokyo Ghoul is like a watermelon banquet, the grand opening, half of the watermelon shit, and constipation, from the mid-term, it can be seen that the watermelon does not want to write, all kinds of digging holes are not filled, the rhythm is inexplicable, but it has been The audience who was chasing knew and understood the watermelon constipation, and continued chasing without rushing, waiting for him to finish the shit, the happy ending, although forced or forced, but logically reluctant to make sense, too much The lack of filling caused disappointment for the audience who came to the banquet. After all, it began to decline in the mid-term, so the end is easy to predict. The attacking giant like Isayama created a banquet. It opened with a grand opening and went all the way up in the middle. The audience who came to the banquet praised it and invited other friends to come and watch it. I don’t expect any surprises at the end, but I just want the banquet to end successfully. At the end of the drive, Jianshan Chuang stood on the stage and took off his pants. Some audience members found something wrong, but they were still looking forward to what Jianshan Chuang could do, but Jianshan Chuang suddenly started to shit at the audience below the stage. Rarely, the faces of the squirting audience were all shit, and everyone who came felt that they had been fucked.

6 months ago

Ghoul and giants are both driving high and low. Ghoul is interesting in the early stage, boring in the middle stage, and tired in the later stage, but the overall happy ending still reached 70 points. The giant is very interesting in the early and mid-term, but it is a little regrettable in the later period, but it is not bad. Then the chapter about the world is not understandable. Finally, the 139 words are the failure of the whole story. It belongs to the kind that the author is not willing to paint well, and the overall rate is 90. The level of points, after the extinction of the world, was only 70 points, but after 139, it directly became 10 points. Although Ghoul is only a passing level, it has to be said that they did not mess around, and no matter how reluctant they were, they also drew an ending that satisfies the fans. The giant has a level close to full marks, but the author has to substitute his own mood into the story, and directly pull the giant into the stinking ditch, happy himself, disgusting the person who really loves giants, and successfully stinks the entire story of the giant with one word. So at present, it is completely a matter of the pattern of the two authors.

6 months ago

To say that it is bad, he is still a giant, basically invincible to the Tokyo Ghoul. Just like I watched Fairy Tail at the time, although it is bad, there is a gradual process of badness, and I basically understand what it will be in the end. . But if you look at it again, at least the first half of the touch is real, and it’s also really beautiful. but! ! ! When I watched the first episode of the attacking giant, I really felt that Ai Xiaochou was nothing short of it. It was your mother! Say that your birth is valuable! Always love you for your kind mother! You really can do it! Congratulations to Jian Ren for tainting the first episode with the ending!

6 months ago

From the beginning to the end, Mr. Ishida has been thinking and trying to find the real “solution” and portraying the process of “solving” bit by bit. Unfortunately, the details in the middle and later stages are I didn’t deal with the rhythm properly, the storyboard was too freehand and jumpy, and the legibility was not high. But there is no problem with the plot direction and intention, and the character creation is even more extreme. If you can reorganize the rhythm and complete the battle scene during the animation, it will be close to perfection, but the animation is even more broken. . But in all fairness, Ghoul is a good work with a lot of aftertaste after reading it, and there are more extensible aspects than directly seen. The giant is purely disgusting and illusory, and it is useless except for the more popular scene and the more abundant resources. There is nothing new in the opinions expressed. It seems to be profound and in fact, there is no clear explanation of any problems. I can’t escape the shouting, let alone the author’s own tendencies and struggles. The ending is even more vicious. As far as the feeling of creation is concerned (the feeling of abstract meaning, not specific to Jianshan Cui and Ishida Tsui), the giant author is the kind of bastard genius. At first glance, he feels that this person is really powerful, whatever he does. Just do it and do it well. As a result, the more I look at it, the more rubbish this person feels, and his heart is impetuous and ugly. I can’t wait to give him a punch. The author is the kind of talent that is fair and not too public. After the little show, the color fades with the halo, and it doesn’t look so dazzling. . But the more I get along, the more I can feel his sincerity. I am surprised at his hard work and depth of thinking. Giants rely on worldviews and stories, and Ghoul relies on characters and emotions.Some people say 喰One way to solve the contradiction is to “artificial meat”, “mechanical descent,” and “insult the reader’s IQ”. Don’t talk about it. If you can say this, you don’t understand Ghoul at all. First of all, the focus of Ghoul’s theme is not “human flesh”, but to explore whether the relationship between “minority”, “heterogeneity” and the “majority” in society is irreconcilable, and how the “minority” group can be in the world exist. The most obvious symbol is the poem “Ainu Old Man” by Beiyuan Baiqiu quoted in the work. Back to the work itself, why not develop artificial meat in the first place? Because Ghoul is a “minority”, it has no human rights, should not exist, “has no contribution to society”, and has no value. Naturally, there is no reason to develop expensive food for them. And those who have been mixed to the top by various means do not need cheap things like “artificial meat”; at the same time, the high-level human beings also cooperate with these ghouls out of various conspiracies, because they are in this kind of “superior class”. In the eyes of people, there is no difference between ordinary people and ghouls. These are all mentioned in the comics, but they are not obvious, too jumpy, and not easy to read. And what struggles did the main story make to solve the problem? First of all, as a novelist, Gao Tsukiquan stimulates changes in human psychology. Second, Arima, as the ccg trump card, planted the seeds within the system. Third, students represented by Nishino Takami and Nishio Nishiki tried to break through technical barriers. Fourth, with Jinmu and Amen as the link, the joint people initiated the initiative. Struggle, “breaking” ccg’s fangs, and gaining a position of equal negotiation… There are many other more detailed operations and discussions from different perspectives, so I won’t list them all here. The ultimate goal of these struggles is not to completely destroy another ethnic group, but to promote “mutual understanding.” The final result is that through this series of struggles, the “majority” realizes that the “minority” is also a living person, and has Its unique value. Changes are produced from this, and there will be gains in the future. The point that can be black should be in the rhythm of the story, legibility, and the sense of gap between the foreshadowing of the foreshadowing and other technical issues, rather than the idea, the theme, and the logic.

6 months ago

Ghoul is very vigorous in the early stage, it starts to rotten in the middle, and the end is rotten, but after a long time, I am used to it, and the ending is reluctantly accepted;
In the early and mid-term of the giant, various super gods suddenly feed you at the end, huh tui!
Looking at it as a whole, the slow rottenness of Ghoul is a little easier to accept. This is only Jiang Lang’s reluctance to understand; the giant is really disgusting on purpose! And it’s a deliberate feeling!

6 months ago

It’s all unfinished. However, most fans of Tokyo Ghoul found that the watermelon could not be reclaimed after Takasho Arima died; and many attacking giants insisted that the attacking giant’s final madness reversal was not a precursor to the end, they really believed Isayama Chuangneng returns. You can see this from the timeline.

6 months ago

Among other things, now I really only feel that JSC is a radical right-winger and Ishida Watermelon is just a depressed and now cheerful boy. The settings of the Ghoul and the human are more irreconcilable than the Marais and the Eldia. However, when the two ethnic groups are in conflict, there are still humans who protect the Ghoul and like the human Ghoul. However, in JSC’s writings, there is no one who does not discriminate against the Malays in the Eldia concentration camp (not counting those who went to Pa Island). Even if you look at history, no matter how much the Nazis persecuted Jews, there are still Schindler’s. The Germans who discovered this kind of conscience backed the Jews.

6 months ago

Don’t leave all the pots to the last word. The giant’s rottenness was not sudden. After the surprise attack on Marais back to the island, the plot structure and line copy began to rotten, but at that time fans could not admit it. Fans of ghouls never hesitate to admit that the second half of the work is bad. Don’t say that I am an afterthought, I have criticized giants a long time ago, and think that the criticism is not excessive. But this group of fans either talked badly at each other, or told me “you are free” like a repeater. Anyway, they couldn’t listen to the slightest criticism of the giant, and it was no different from the fan circle. Is the second of the attacking giants? After I showed my friend, she said she was not very interested, and I asked her why, she said she might have passed the second phase…? How can I paint “Attack on Titan”?

6 months ago

Many plots in the later stage of Ghoul are a bit inexplicable, and then the combat power collapses, and finally a mechanical descent is completed, which should be regarded as a standard unfinished product. But the logic of the story is fairly straightforward. Although there are things like forcing you to trip over a stone in order to let you go to the hospital, the hospital still went to the hospital. In the end, the doctor took out a panacea. I’m cured for you. Giant…that was the driver who went crazy at the end and sent you directly to the crematorium…

6 months ago

However, the outcome of a giant is rotten. From the perspective of literary value alone, the Ghoul is still unable to beat the Giant, because the Ghoul is also unfinished. The difference is that at least the front 2/3 of the Giant is high-gloss, and the Ghoul except the early stage. A small part of the highlight is slowly rotten to the back, so it doesn’t look so dazzling, but it cannot be said that the unfinished end of the Ghoul is a bit more advanced. The story background of similar giants, Ghoul, and beastars is not a certain group of people. When the opposition of another group of people is a widespread opposition at the social and even the world level, I have assumed that the author wanted to say something serious. This contradiction spiral is actually the core of the story. If the core is not explained well, What kind of family love in the ending? They separated, they were together again, and they gave birth to a child. No matter how good they are, I’m sorry, what is the core of such a bad end? Ghoul wants to eat human flesh, but the owner of human flesh doesn’t allow us to look at how the Ghoul can solve it? Artificial meat ha ha ha ha ha, this thing is outrageous and has nothing to do with the protagonist’s story process. This is a mechanical descent. Since artificial meat can be solved, you can tear it for several years. What are you doing? ? Don’t you hurry up to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry and travel all over the world without fear? So everyone can think that the Ghoul emotional portrayal is good, and the characterization is good balabala, but I’m sorry, if you really want the Ghoul to compare with the giant, it is better to talk about the author’s metaphor. The giant has been picked out of right-wing thinking, this There are too many people talking about it. I’m not talking nonsense. Since your thoughts have a problem, no matter how high the value of art is, it’s useless. If you say that the higher the value, the greater the harm. Ghoul… Anyway, I didn’t think the author wanted to metaphor. , Cannibalism is thought to be a convenient way to provide a contradiction in the plot.

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