Da Zhangwei deserves his name, especially the first paragraph of Tucao is very powerful, there is no fuss, the text content is very good, the connection is also very clever. Many people think that Ding Taisheng is too cruel. Da Zhang Wei really doesn’t like music critics. But think about the text carefully. Does it make complaints about Ding Taisheng or those who scold Ding Taisheng? Did Ding Taisheng use the entertainment industry as a cesspool and jump into it to make money? Or is it true that the cesspit of the entertainment industry has dirty Ding Taisheng’s mouth? Different people have different opinions, maybe he just complained about it all the time, this is also the time when Da Zhangwei’s homophony is used the most. The bridge toll is also a terrible stalk. Many fake aristocrats who think of themselves as cultural people just want to make money but have to show off. To make money naked, they have to be covered in a hood. Personally, he thinks this passage is particularly energetic, as accurate as the time he complained about Zheng Jun before. The complaints about Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming are also in place, and they immediately tell the embarrassment that the old comedy artists will encounter, from creating the stalks to lead the times to the stalks that can’t keep up with the times, and now many sketches are not funny, the more they look. Queen (sleepy). There are always times when comedy is not funny. In fact, it is normal. These embarrassing situations are understandable. Teacher Pan and Teacher Cai are still very dedicated. The content of Tucao Lang is actually quite good. Female artists of any qualifications dare to call themselves elder sister, and they are also accurate, and Fei Er Yue Duo (Fei Er Band) originally threw a bad stalk, but later adapted it. The two sentences “our love ~ can be retrieved after a hot search” suddenly turned back like a boomerang and hit the gate, but it was actually quite explosive. In the end, through Tucao Yi Lijing, we all ask ourselves to conclude that the clown is our own direct sublimation theme. This whole performance is the sharpest and most profound one of Da Zhangwei’s Tucao this season. There is even logic, which is very good. Not unreasonably funny. Although the content of the second part of Da Zhangwei’s collaboration with Wang Mian is relatively weak, it is not as good as Yan Hexiang and Pang Bo’s bombing, but overall it is not considered to be a hip pull, and the number of votes for the first part of the performance is crushed, and then he is combined. The performance of the whole season, although this champion is not important, it is reasonable to give Da Zhang Wei. In addition, although Da Zhang Wei is a comedy show, he can also see that he sings really well. No matter how foolish he is, the quasi-rhythm is also online, and his timbre is also great. He is really amazing.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The perfect combination of funny, Tucao, music, sound and light. Many people will say that this is not a talk show. I have been to many offline talk show performances. Offline people spent time to go to the scene. After the opening, they basically turned their mobile phones to mute or vibrate. In terms of atmosphere and mental state, the actors are given time to set up. The actors can be allowed to set up the not funny part for 1-2 minutes, and finally throw out funny stalks. As long as the audience is a little distracted while preparing, they may not understand where the laugh is. But watching talk shows with mobile phones is more disturbing, I want to drink water, I want to use Douyin, I want to see Moments; my son wants to drink water, children want to ask questions, rice is lost, water is boiling, etc.; anytime, anywhere All are being affected and disturbed. , And the phone screen is so small, the ability to grab your attention is very weak. Therefore, in TV programs, sound, light and music have the advantage to let the audience enter the state. Even if he is not funny, it will make me focus on him during this time, let alone funny. Therefore, Da Zhangwei’s way of complaining is really suitable for TV shows, and it is also very suitable for complaints. Similarly, Wang Mian won the talk show championship. It’s okay to watch the show and it’s funny. Don’t move up the value and want me to be moved. I don’t want to be moved, just to have a smile.

6 months ago

It deserves its name. Whether it’s the handling of explosive stalks, the creation of the atmosphere on the stage, and the interaction with the audience are very good. Although the main body of the show is a talk show, his performance is not limited to “using the mouth.” The coordination of the body movements of “talking” and the addition of humorous soundtracks. The rich and changeable performances made the audience’s eyes shine brightly. The “aesthetic fatigue” and “weariness” that are inevitable in the form of watching “stand and talk” talk shows for a long time. “Sense” has been eased, and the sensory experience and impact brought by the freshness are more attractive. Zhang Wei is very smart from his rich stage performance experience. He knows exactly what the audience likes to watch and what kind of performance can make the audience. Even a broken laugh can be hilarious through his modification and processing, and he is very lovable. He shows people with a giggling face all day long, closes the distance with the viewer and is experienced, knows how to conform to the public opinion. For Ding Taisheng Comments for other singers can be said to have been pushed to the forefront, and most of the netizens stand in the opposition of Ding Taisheng and face him with very few supporters. More people are vocalizing on the Internet for the injustice of the musicians he has hurt. Nearly half of the performances were ridicules about Ding Taisheng. I think it was more sarcasm, and even the suspected deliberate abuse made many audiences who were originally hostile to Ding Taisheng addicted. They breathed a sigh of relief, which also made Zhangwei Da Zhangwei. The number of votes received by the audience was resonated by the audience because of their “speaking out of righteousness”. The emotional intelligence of the audience is so high, the stage control is so strong, and the style is so popular for the audience. How can it not be worthy of a champion?

6 months ago

I haven’t finished reading it, let’s talk briefly with Wang Mian. First of all, the performance style of the great teacher is of its own kind. Whether it is “The Variety Show” or “Tucao Conference”, you will find that it is a staged show, and he will follow part by part. His unique thing is, no You need a show group, just do it yourself. Besides, it’s pretty good, with a lot of smiles, and feeling, to tell the truth. Now there are too few funny variety artists….In fact, he and him are the only ones to see in the semi-finals. A few talk show actors, I feel that he is the champion, because the blue team is like a cloud, there will definitely be a champion, then I really can’t think of anyone besides him…

6 months ago

Deserved! ! Da Zhang Wei expanded the category of talk shows! In our previous impression, the talk show must be an empty talk on a microphone pole alone. It’s a big deal, like Wang Mian did to hold a music talk show with guitar and sing. In fact, music talk shows have already existed. But the talk show with props, on-site sound effects and various performance techniques like Da Zhang Wei is really unprecedented. At least it is not widely recognized. And we know that the hardest thing about anything is innovation. The difficulty of creating a new thing is not only that no one has done it before, but also that it cannot be recognized by most people. It is like Monet’s impression sunrise to the western painting circle at that time, and impressionism to traditional oil painting. It’s like Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh to traditional art. Why they are so great is because they let the world know that art can be like this, and painting can be like this. I dare not say that Da Zhang Wei will lead the talk show’s style changes, but he let people know that the talk show can say that.

6 months ago

Silent, I chased after a season of “Tucao Conference” just to watch Yi Lijing. To be honest, Zhang Wei’s basic fast forward is really unfair to Yi Lijing. I also thank Yi Lijing for his wonderfulness. It can be said that the interview is Yi Lijing, whose main business is the main business, has won a battle on the stage of the talk show. He loves Yi Lijing and hopes to see a better stage for Yi Lijing.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: Da Zhangwei is a treasure! Many people will say that it’s not a talk show, haha, in this era, all information is merging, and you have to draw a line. Deyun is doing variety shows, Cai Ming is doing virtual people, and Pan Changjiang’s short videos are 2,000. There are a lot of fans, and the one who draws the line here, I think it should be the black fan of Da Zhangwei… On the ability of stalking and creating stalks, the mouth will be tightly closed. I think that Li Dan or Wang Jianguo are not his opponents. He is really talented. In addition, take a look at his design, music compendium, re-creation of lyrics, and manuscripts for each show. In addition to the help of the screenwriter to write the manuscript, do you think it is simple to knead all these together? Otherwise, after reading his paragraph, turn off the pad, make it yourself, and compare it. When I was in the Huaer Band a long time ago, he hated him very much. I felt like a social person mingled in the entertainment circle to make money, dyed messy hair, talked about the market, and made jokes. You don’t feel like you’re a kid. It’s the counterexample that parents teach their children not to study well, and then the songs are copied and all kinds of negatives. You will think that this is just eaten by the entertainment industry, it’s really out of style. But after so many years, he has never stopped progressing, and he has never stopped music. Look at who is left in his era, and who is still in the front line even when the rock circle was glorious in the past? There are so many variety shows, just like Huang Qiusheng’s acting skills after shooting bad Hong Kong films that year, Zhang Wei is really constantly scouring, always mentioning the ever-changing big coffee show, look at who is left in this show. Now, Da Zhangwei and Jia Ling, these two still know each other, feel that they are both people who have firm goals, have their own artistic pursuits, and are not too influenced by temporary fame and wealth, but at the same time they are both people. It is a very talented existence, and it feels like it is only a matter of time before it comes out. This is God’s comprehensive care for insisting on true talent. Going back to the Tucao conference, this kind of attempt by Zhang Wei is very good, have you laughed? Do you think it’s a bit vulgar? This should be what he wants, this user group is the most, right? Ding Taisheng said that he gets every song to listen to Mrs. Plaza, why? Think about it? Isn’t Dasu Daya? Wang Mian should be lucky to be able to do this with him. At present, he may not fully understand the depth of Da Zhangwei’s intentions. A lot of people will say that it’s a comic performance that laughs at the first sight, and it’s humor that only smiles when you think about it. Is humor a high IQ activity? Then you can check the performance again and look for it? Then ask yourself which audience is the largest? The last guess is that he should be a completely different person in private, because these designs are very brain-intensive, and there is no energy and time to make two songs. It is better to compose two songs:) Da Zhangwei became famous as a teenager, CCTV The lead singer of the Yinhe Children’s Art Troupe, do you think he is a child of ordinary people? I would like to add, looking at other people’s answers, it turns out that he wrote the manuscript himself. I thought there was a screenwriter to help write it, so what else is there to say! Cattle!

6 months ago

Really deserved +1. Especially after the sublimation of the first paragraph “The clown is ourselves”, he deserves it. Li Dan’s small eyes also reveal his sincere appreciation, which is quite impressive for talented people. In my own opinion, if there is no big Zhang Wei, it may be difficult to have a sense of “madness” comedy in popular domestic entertainment. Cross talks, sketches, talk shows, comedy movies, comedy dramas, these literary and artistic professions have been explored by seniors, and they have worked out a set of methodologies. They are artistic creations, but also jobs, so most of the things we see The content is the entertaining mass content brought about after scrutiny, burden arrangement, and reversal of the design. It is the result of the creation of the screenwriters and will not be particularly outstanding. The difference between Da Zhangwei is that in the past few decades, there was no such drama in the market or his neuropathy, and the neuropathy could not enter the mainstream market, but he did it, and it was rationally designed and developed. The neurotic humor of his nature deduces a unique neurosis. Its distinctiveness was rationalized after the design and the continuous broadcast. Just like Stephen Chow’s nonsense, I don’t think he was a stranger in the crew at first, and he could conquer the authority of the filming team at once, but the star masters did it with one film after another, and made his own nonsense style. . I don’t think that Da Zhangwei’s neuropathy can hold the audience’s laughter when he first arrived, and may even be awkward, but after his transparent personality, music ability, and continuous effects of variety shows, he finally Let more recognition nowadays, neurosis is also attractive. When the talent develops to a certain level, it is completely natural. To add a digression, when a variety show “Serious Gaga” came out some time ago, I thought that the neurotic humor would flourish. Unfortunately, after a few episodes, I followed it back and forth, and the road was long and difficult. Therefore, the champion of Da Zhang Wei is not only a champion who brings laughter to the audience, but also a champion who “forever be yourself”. He is drama and neurotic, but he has courage and passion.

6 months ago

The presentation of any program of “Tucao Conference” is the result of the concerted efforts of various types of work. Although Da Zhangwei looks broken and talks a lot, in fact, he knows when to stop and when to stop. In the past, the sense of continuous rhythm in the variety show has already been thoroughly practiced. When it came to the “Tucao Conference”, the editors behind the scenes gave Da Zhang Wei a logical line to break the stem. The most beautiful part is the stage of playing Yi Lijing in the finals. This performance may not be a talk show. This draft is really enough. Talk show. I personally think that the audience’s voting results are very objective. Personally, Zhang Wei beats Yi Lijing, and the music won again without problems. In the second round, the three groups of people have music blessings, and Deyun Club’s nirvana skills are reliable. Some people quarreled that it is impossible to award the champion to Yan Hexiang at the Tucao Conference. I don’t think Xiaoguo cares at all. The award to Yan Hexiang will undoubtedly provide more material for the screenwriter to write the program afterwards. Yi Lijing, maybe the show team didn’t let her win the championship? Or if he has no friends, Yang Tianzhen is really not good at helping out. But after watching the scriptwriter of the Tutu Club, I also explained that I can’t write songs for Yi Lijing… In fact, I think we should arrange a talk show actor, or simply Li Dan, sit directly on the stage for interviews, and let Li Dan perform The interview with Yi Lijing is also much stronger than Yang Tianzhen’s amateur rhythm.

6 months ago

Thanks to invite, I only watched the clip of Yan Hexiang and Pang Bo, the content was hilarious, and I realized that Yi Li turned out to be a woman. I saw the name in the previous issues and thought it was a man. I didn’t see Da Zhang Wei’s performance. Since I can win the championship, it shows that the performance is definitely very good. Da Zhang Wei is also a good actor. By the way, when I happened to pass by XXX once, I saw a live performance by Da Zhang Wei, and I was singing about it or turning it into a butterfly.

6 months ago

Personally, I have always disliked Da Zhangwei’s style, especially his broken mouth. It sounds a bit tired, mainly because I see that talk show conferences are usually 1.5 times faster. But it was true that the last big Zhang Wei was quite good, not a talk show, but very happy. Several players are hard to distinguish, and Ding Taisheng, who is vomiting, is not good at helping him, and I feel he can’t let go. Teacher Yi is very good, beautiful, and looks better than usual interviews. Teacher Yi is always a god. By the way, the name of the show should be changed to Happy Comedian. To be honest, it is much better than there.

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