First of all, congratulations to DK for winning the championship. It seems that showmaker is really going to “die for the country” this time to participate in MSI in Iceland. Before the game, domestic commentators and anchors were also optimistic about DK winning the championship. Even the “poisonous milk” of the colonel could not change the result of DK slamming Gen.G. The process may be as some people expected, although the regular season Gen.G once scored a point on DK, but the playoffs are a different game after all. This is mainly to review the second game. The second game took 48 minutes and broke out 47 heads. It is the least LCK-like game, and it is also the game that Gen.G caused the most trouble for DK today. Gen.G, who lost the first game in the first game, was a last-ditch fight in the second game. The two sides played steadily in the early game, each winning a dragon and a vanguard, until the 20th minute Gen.G only led by a slight advantage of two kills. Then the bloody curtain of today’s game was opened. When the third dragon competed, Gen.G released the vanguard in the middle, delayed DK on the line, Bullhead tried to start the team with a combination of moves, and Rambo used the big move to try to cooperate with the retention, but it did not produce any effect. Gen.G Zoe’s sleep bubble hits Rambo, Gen.G’s jungler clid and support Life use Centaur and Luo’s backhand tactics to make fear and taunts. Bull’s head is killed, Luo is also replaced, and DK’s crocodile penetrates into the crowd. Turning back, the small cannon was still killed by the continuous damage of the red BUFF to take the crocodile’s head, and the dragon was taken by Gen.G and pushed the tower in the middle. DK tried a double teleportation counterattack to regain the disadvantage, chasing the GEN duo from the middle to the second tower of the GEN bottom road. No actual effect was produced. After being circumvented by GEN’s Rascal, it was trapped in the position of the triangle grass in the bottom road. In a 0-for-4 situation by GEN, all except the Leopard Girl in Canyon were killed. At this time Gen.G has already played a clear advantage. Then the Gen.G dragon forced the group, DK took the counterattack and exchanged 3 for 3. With the advantage of the state, the crocodile and the leopard chased the remnant blood Zoe, and Ruler’s remnant blood cannon was observed from the side to seize the opportunity. At the same time Zoe was killed, he killed the crocodile, and then chased the Leopard girl. Canyon tried to use the flash assault cannon through F6’s blood recovery and was unsuccessful. The DK group was destroyed, and the development of the Ruler cannon can be described as skyrocketing. Ruler’s 6-0 momentum suppressed the DK frontally. At the fourth dragon, DK continued to look for opportunities to try to reduce the disadvantage. Gen.G was still beaten out by Gen.G. Fortunately, the fire dragon was taken by DK. There is compensation. At this time, the Ruler cannon is super-splendid, once dominating the battlefield, and its economic development has even reached 12,000 progress. However, 24 heads have exploded in the 26 minutes of this game. It is not rare in the LCK game. war. At this stage of the game, the huge advantage of GEN made all the audience think that the game would end in the defeat of DK. However, the development of the game afterwards caused all the audience to be stunned. When the time came to 31 minutes, they played Wild Clid’s men and horses and BDD’s bears directly tried to kill Ghost’s Xia at the second tower of DK. Beryl’s bull head hit the horses and the DK duo and the Leopard girl seized the opportunity to kill them in front of the bears. Everyone at DK took advantage of the trend to open the group. GEN fought back despite the lack of personnel, but was still strongly won by DK. DK played a 1 for 4 fruitful battle at a great disadvantage. Ghost even accepted Ruler as high as 1000. The head of the bounty, followed by DK’s win over Ssangyong, the disadvantage was instantly pulled back, DK overtook economically, and laid the foundation for the comeback of this game. Time continued to advance. At 38 minutes, Gen.G rushed off the sixth dragon while pulling with DK. DK turned around and forced the group. Gen.G was harassed on the edge. When the canyon leopard girl Q skill hit the small cannon, Rambo released a big move to continue to suppress, trying to chase, GEN’s top single bear was controlled by DK’s assisting bull head combo. After misjudging Xia’s output and her own frankness, she was killed. DK took advantage of the situation and turned and took the second dragon, Gen.G. Unable to fight, DK expanded its advantage and pushed down the second tower in the middle, but at this time the game has come to the late stage, and the equipment of both sides has reached the stage of 6 magic equipment. At this time, the ruler economy overflowed and replaced the shoes with a mercury curve The knife laid a certain foreshadowing for the subsequent defeat. Then, in the cautious confrontation between the two sides, DK relied on Rambo’s ultimate move to block the Fire Dragon Soul and returned to the defense in time to make GEN, who tried to attack and push down the second tower of the middle road, to return without success. DK put on the balance of victory again. Of a weight. At 46 minutes, the two sides started a bloody team battle in the middle of the river, 4 for 4, and both sides were left with the ADC to survive alone, and then GEN’s support collided with Ghost face-to-face when the dragon set the field of view, and had to activate the residual blood move. To escape, the showmaker channel sent the DK people directly to rush off the big dragon, but at the same time the DK people were also enclosed in the big dragon pit. In the situation that the state was not as good as Gen.G, Rambo Jin dragged his body for time, and the leopard girl’s spiritual dart hit the small After the cannon, the bullhead crocodile kept up with the control and output, Luo and Zoe were killed, the small cannon resurrection armor was shot, and Xia was beaten out of the resurrection armor by the bear in Longkeng. After the leopard girl cooperated with Xia to kill the bear, Gen.G There was only a small cannon. Leopard Nv Xia and the crocodile carried the dragon bonus all the way to the high ground. The small cannon tried to hold on to the Jedi and failed. DK won the second game and came to the match point. Although DK played very hard in this game, it also shows DK’s experience and strength in dealing with headwinds. DK’s strength in the LCK division is also crushing. Except for the second round of this game, Gen.G can hardly find any way. Judging from the performance of the regular season, DK is also a completely unique existence. In terms of lineup strength, showmaker is the most stable point of DK. Ghost Huang is also a player who manages to pull full. In MSI, it is very difficult for LPL to win DK, and there is a long way to go. See you at MSI.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

DK has completely recovered its competitive form after being confused at the beginning of the season. They only lost two games in the regular season. The first game was a wave of losses, and the second game was a BP problem. Although the GEN team once put a lot of pressure on the DK team in the regular season, there is still a gap in the hard power of the two sides. The GEN team won the last round of the playoffs, mainly because Bdd’s personal form was very good and successfully opened the situation in the middle. But it is difficult for the GEN team to replicate this tactic. After the injury has improved, ShowMaker is now in a very strong competitive state. And in the first game of the LCK Finals, after watching it, it gave the audience a feeling that the DK team hadn’t made a serious effort, and the enemy had fallen. This is the terrible thing about the DK team, their operational capabilities are very strong, once they get the advantage, they can snowball. The DK team’s understanding of the pawn line is so good, this is the set they have been playing since last year’s LCK Summer Split. Although Ghost is only the three bottom lanes of the LCK Spring Split, he is definitely a player that cannot be underestimated. Ghost’s hero pool this season has become even more terrifying. Especially with the signature hero Senna, it is not that his Senna is strong enough to explode and deal tons of damage. But this hero has a strong ability to withstand pressure and can give the auxiliary players a lot of room to play. BeryL is a very terrifying auxiliary player. All kinds of strange heroes can use it. He can let the DK team create a huge advantage in the road. As a result, the GEN team can’t line up in the bottom lane, and his Hemerdinger support has also been taken before. Ruler’s Aphelios also didn’t play very well. During the laning period, he couldn’t play an advantage. If he wanted to control the knife, he was forced to open. When BeryL leads the opponent’s single useless big stick, there is no suspense in this game, he can offset Ruler’s usual online suppression play. In addition, Canyon’s performance in the first game of the finals was also very good. After several weakenings, Udir is now a hero with a moderate winning percentage. In recent playoff games in major divisions, he has not performed better than Hecari. There are too many muqiang. But Canyon, Udyr, had the feeling he felt a month and a half ago, full of rhythm with a high sense of presence, and the ability to control map resources was stronger than Clid. In the second game, the DK team chose an early rhythm lineup, but did not play a very good effect in the early stage of the game. The GEN team had an advantage in the top and bottom lanes in the early stage, while Canyon used the crocodile leopard girl’s midfield advantage and cooperated with the Canyon Pioneer to stabilize the situation. The pace of this game was a bit slow. The DK team was too anxious in the decisive battle in the bottom field. The ShowMaker flashed back and it was obviously a communication problem. The team did not retreat in time and was surrounded by Rascal’s Volibear. The multiplayer was confined. The economic gap widened rapidly afterwards. To be honest, before the 31-minute teamfight began, Sara thought the game was over. However, Clid suddenly sent a wave from the head, and then 0-6 Rambo made a key move. The three-piece Ruler was directly crippled early, and Bdd’s Zoe outfit was too functional. The DK team played a perfect teamfight, which is what they often appear this season, the early disadvantages and the mid-term comeback. After this year’s substitution, the DK team is not a three-way team that is strong enough to explode, but they dare to fight in a disadvantaged game. This is the toughness that other LCK teams do not have. The second game is really a good example of the DK team’s inferior game. Although Khan did not hold the pressure in the early stage and only had a three-piece suit in 40 minutes, he used several big moves in the middle and late stages very well and played the effect of Poke. Other players also took turns playing their due functions. The Korean-style operation of the LCK League is too stable and other opponents make mistakes, while the DK team is an LPL-style offensive play. Despite Ruler’s performance to turn the tide, the team battle gap between the teams is still very large. After the extreme turnaround in this round, to be honest, there is no suspense in the LCK Finals this time.

6 months ago

In the entire GenG, except for ruler, there is a big gap between the other players and DK players, especially the middle field, at least two grades. There is also a huge gap in other aspects, such as operational decision-making, team cooperation, and team battle handling. Therefore, DK has a ban Jinx and skate shoes for three consecutive rounds, and three ban ADs in the third round, which gives full respect to the ruler. However, the gap between the two sides is too big. In the first game, DK showed their understanding of the game. GenG’s game thinking is still the conventional “development, operation, and team formation”, and the lineup is also very solid. DK fully demonstrated their understanding of the line right, supporting the jungle online, and the wild area then radiating the line. The online players are desperately pressing the line, and the AD top tower supports the jungle. I am afraid that this scene can only be seen in DK. So there is Udyr, who has two levels of male guns in the early stage. The combination of Senna + big head firmly holds the line right in his hand. The big head pushes the line and eats the coating in the early stage, and the middle road turret swings in the middle. DK’s Senna system is really powerful. And on this basis, tactics such as assisting big bugs have been developed-the jungler has insufficient damage and assists to make up. Playing with GENG is not the same game. In the second game, DK showed the handling of the disadvantaged game. “This round can be turned, DK is too strong” I am afraid that is the voice of many people. We can see that even in the case of a major disadvantage, DK still maintains a field defensive field of vision, did not give a chance to circumvent the crowd, and the line handling has been in place. Finally seized the opportunity to win the teamfight. The ruler felt bitter. The performance of the small gun in this round was perfect, but he couldn’t win. The team gap was too big. But being able to push DK to this point also proves the power of GenG. Although there are DK’s own reasons, such as BP’s release to the blue team, the early and mid-term team battles are too impulsive and too deep. However, the superiority of the upper and lower lanes is the situation where GenG was targeted in BP, and it was played out by personal ability. The pulling process of the first few waves is also very good. This version is very suitable for GenG, the current GenG has the level of a world-class team, but unfortunately the opponent is even more terrifying. In the third game, DK’s advantage crushed the game, and there was nothing to say. Looking at the three games: GenG’s pressure on DK is very limited, and there is not much DK playing at all. I only saw the Seine system and the Seine system. DK only needs to target GENG, while GenG needs to defend against multiple OP heroes. This puts a lot of pressure on Gen’s BP. But in the second game, GenG also gave ideas to fight DK: 1. Limit the midfielder on BP; play against the wing. By laning or BP, let the upper and lower lanes be suppressed, you have a chance to get the early rhythm; 2. Prepare in advance to win the Canyon Pioneer Group, don’t let DK get the vanguard. This is why GenG beat DK in the second round of the regular season. At present, it seems that the biggest problem with DK is that it can’t freely switch between khan C and anti-stress: when khan needs to take out the carry hero, it will still be easy to be targeted. This is also a common way of thinking about playing khan. Affected by the version, DK started to focus on the second half of the season. Canyon, ghost, and showmaker have all improved compared to last year. For the present, a guy who can resist pressure and play groups is even more important. But if you want a man, you need to devote more resources. The question is how many heroes with similar proficiency can be made by DK who is used to the Thain system. How many such systems does DK have? This requires continuous observation.

6 months ago

DK’s strength lies in the flexibility of the bottom lane. Almost every one can bring an advantage to the bottom lane, and the advantage of canyon jungle is established. Those who have watched the DK game will find that DK’s dragon soul group started in more than 20 minutes, because canon’s dragon control is very early. This is also brought about by the advantage of the bottom lane. Needless to say, the mid lane is very strong. Although the mid laner is not so strong in the version, the showmaker will definitely accompany him to invade the wild area when the canyon needs it, and build the advantage he deserves. Canyon is just a brush, brush the wild area, quickly upgrade the level, fight CJ strong enough, control the map to get resources. So these are all advantages. Khan naturally can’t also play the advantage. He is basically playing Thain as the shield of DK. If the opposite is looking for opportunities, Thain catches it. I really can’t go to other roads, the middle road is stable, and it is difficult to catch the showmaker if it is not forced; the wild area can’t beat the canyon, let’s go down, TP. This is the system. I went out after watching the first one. Come back to make up for it. The second selection of Rambo is a problem. When the top road is not a shield (the bull-headed crocodile becomes a bp who needs to resist injury, it’s okay), Rambo was caught by the tower, and the bottom road was due to Rambo’s return line TP. Without support, he was killed by the tower. These butterfly effects are suddenly obvious. DK needs canyon to take care of the upper and lower roads. He can’t get the dragon in front. The Samsung advantage in the lower road breaks the tower and the showmaker is also suppressed. Samsung had an obvious advantage in the early stage. After that, the team battles were basically led by Samsung, and the wild area did not have the front row to explore the field of vision frequently. Where is the turning point? Showmaker’s crocodile flashes in the middle of the small cannon to directly take away that wave, as well as the desperate output of viper and ruler, and the various operations of the canyon leopard girl (much stronger than cuzz) are the limit of Q pressure after the dragon pit. DK was forced to show off his operation in this hand (usually it is directly snowballed). Therefore, DK does not have a big shield and needs a canyon to support the up and down roads. At the same time, his control rate of the wild area is not so strong, but khan After choosing Thain, there is no such gap. If the right team wants to win, they can only go to the jungle area to coordinate small-scale teamfights. (Given the current mid lane is 55 open, only the bottom lane can dominate the DK team or the early selection of a top lane that can be more effective than Zion. Chance to win DK in the early stage) The third one is just the same. Controlling the dragon in 5 minutes, one bot lane suppressed 55 in the middle, playing in front of the team Sion top, the only bright spot I think they have practiced in the front row of Tambag. When canyon enters to resist the damage, Tam is staring at the person who wants to carry the damage, and swallows it at any time (the same thing is used when fpx hits edg when the man’s blood escapes). Khan has no chance to play with meat. The operation of the second hand has shown that Nakano’s bottom lanes are all top-notch. Well, beryl~ think about that big bug, disgusting chovy, Yongshuang-Q-W. I play Victor, I must scold…

6 months ago

DK won the championship, as expected, just a few beats. LCK’s playoff games are easy to guess. Basically, whoever is first in the regular season will win the playoffs. Except for the previous SKT, but now there is no SKT, only T1. As for the result, DK is like the dominance of the regular season, very clean. It is basically certain that it is the strongest team in this year’s MSI and S games. As for LCK, it seems that there is not enough power in the middle, and there are a lot of crane tails behind. In fact, only two can be played. dk and GEN

6 months ago

dk is a bit too fierce, even strong, a bit exaggerated. After the introduction of coach deduction and single khan, deduction will basically choose the lineup to be close to the late stage in many games, so dk must be completely based on the personal ability of canyon. dk’s decision-making It’s the top level, basically it’s seamless, everyone does what they should do the best, just like a robot, to win dk, you need clearer decisions and stronger online suppression than him. Power, especially Nakano. In this respect, dk is like a pirated fpx. If you want to do it, you must press the showmaker to death. But this season, the mid laner is basically the tool man who feeds back the top and bottom to choose a push line. Death is basically impossible. Every wave of teamfights in dk is handled perfectly like last year’s World Championship. You can never think of the way Yesuke enters the field. In summary, it is not enough to dry his laning ( (Refer to ggvsdk second). The decision must be better. This is very similar to this year’s fpx. After the introduction of the top order nuguri, the difference between fpx and last year’s dwg is not big. It can even be said to be exactly the same, but when the day is lost, bo When the game was suspended, it was very spicy. After Xiaotian came back, fpx was fierce. After a handful of training, fpx became stronger and stronger. You can find that the situation where fpx loses is basically that Xiaotian did not do it. It’s a matter of fact, and canyon is more stable than Xiaotian. Let’s put it this way, dk is an enhanced fpx, lpl should be thankful that Nuguri has left the team, otherwise dk’s laning is also the only gear to make decisions, and it’s also the only gear for team play. dk has a way to defeat, but it is very difficult and very difficult. It will be as difficult to win if the five-person mentality is not collapsed. It is as difficult as roxVSskt, and lpl does its best.

6 months ago

From the perspective of the dk team, there will be almost no collapse line for the team. Brother Khan is relatively stable now. Coupled with the current world number one middle field, the combination of the upper middle field can be said to be flawless. In the bot lane duo, everyone who follows the game knows that since s10, the ghost king has the meaning of bang before, but c is stable. Coupled with the help of a ghost, not to mention the first bot lane, at least it can stabilize the line. And the weirdest point is that in terms of current performance, dk occasionally makes mistakes in the early stages of the game, but they can always find a chance to comeback and win the game in the middle and late stages. So I can boldly say that the current late-stage teamfights of dk should be the best among all teams. Anyway, see you in Iceland. Perhaps, a new dynasty like skt will be born soon.

6 months ago

GEN.G fans came to answer. Before the game, I thought that winning the next round would be considered a success. As a result, DK and GEN.G were not playing the same game at all, and there was nothing to say about their skills. Talk about DK. The current DK has a triple crown coach to buckle horses + an unsuccessful top road Jindonghe who used Thain to the top of the fire + basically 100% FMVP jungler who brushed faster than the opposite side + Jinke tool man with rhythm and retreat In the later stage, Big Core’s mid-road show girl + the most stable AD ghost in the world + the former Pantheon who can support everything with the Senna system, the old green. Together, these people have a brainless tactic, which is to delay the later stage. Those who have watched the two BO5s played by DK in the spring games will find one thing. DK has also played against the wind, but he can move back. Why is DK so unsolvable in the later stage? 1. If you try to tear the opening line with the early lineup, the opposite side is basically the champion team. Brother Khan has also served as the dean in S9 without a champion. It is impossible for a team of average strength to work this way. If a strong team encounters DK in the early selection of the lineup, as mentioned above, no matter how you do the calculations, Shi Bao always plays faster than your jungler, and the level is easy to lead. In other words, if you control the dragon rashly, you are very likely to be robbed as a wage earner. Then in the process of your hesitation, you mixed up with the uncomfortable double-C, and then your teamfights began to become more and more difficult to play, and then just. . . (Drain Mark is not arrogant to the point, you think people honestly respect GEN.G’s sharpest spears Park Jae Hyuk’s Jinx and Calista’s today?) 2. If you choose the late lineup directly Drag you to choose the late lineup, he took the line right in the early stage, Shibao brushed faster than your jungler, and happily controlled the dragons and pioneers, and then Xu Xiu came to swim a wave of your home’s top lane or bottom lane and was caught to death once, Canyon Pioneer Release you to drop the outer tower, and then the second canyon vanguard knocked down your inner tower. . . You will be surprised to find that when they took the dragon soul, your view of your family was dark, and they didn’t dare to pass. No way, unless Shibao misfires, otherwise this DK is outrageously strong. Today I’m going to talk about backing the pot. I believe many people will point the finger at Clid. After all, Guangxi has the famous scene of fighting against the tower and hitting the second brother’s brother. Pucheng killed Xiumei solo, and Jaehyuk’s small cannon was also shot. In order to perform at a phenomenal level, Clid has been the background board of Shi Bao throughout the whole process. Alas, Taimin’s pure strength is not as good as that of the polar bear. I think it’s better to show some mercy. After all, I don’t know which jungler to change to do better. Since DK has entered MSI, please do your best to protect the glory of LCK. GEN.G don’t be discouraged, come back in summer, just come on.

6 months ago

I have answered so many and I see that they are all playing dk, bad lpl may go to the msi team this time, elder brothers play first and then say okay, every year I am afraid of Korea, every year I will explode if I don’t play before the game, you have no snack in playing this game. Are you angry? I thought it was a meeting of the German soldiers approaching Paris.

6 months ago

I watched two and fell asleep. Gen.g was hammered by dk like a younger brother, and rng was blown by fpx, but it couldn’t be beaten no matter what. The upper, middle and lower are almost all pressure lines, gen.g junglers can only go shopping in the jungle, gank not only has to detour to avoid the canyon. What do you think? Especially the first time that Syndra was caught in such a deep crossover, it really feels like watching a passerby game. In addition, I saw a lot of people start to fear Korea again… To be honest, the strength difference in the lck division is so big, what can you see? It’s as if edg and fpx are both three to zero before the game, and then guess who is the champion. It doesn’t make sense. Lck’s game is too boring to watch, but the strong is still strong. The style of play is still as far as possible to avoid using the key advantage of snowballing style. The youngest third with axe and good personal ability plays like an old lady’s boxing, as stable as an old lady. How to win? Use excellent personal abilities and support to break it down. There should be voices in ig and g2, and I really don’t think dk is better than s10. The most worried thing is the state of the Korean aid, Schrodinger’s personal abilities. . Tian don’t have a serious mental illness, the edg coaching staff…Forget it, don’t stand up for the edg foreign war flag, be afraid. Taking a step back, I think I can play well-adjusted Taobo.

6 months ago

I don’t think DK is invincible. Those who have seen the S10 finals understand that SN loses on AD. It’s really too many to pull the hips. If you change from a little bit of experience to AD, you can take the third hand and get the match point. The lane-to-line handle makes it impossible to control the dragon, so he can only bite the bullet solitaire. Although many people don’t agree with my point of view, it’s really hard to tell the final result when SN changed to Ad. And the peak state of TES (3:0SN) is also completely powerful. Msi I personally think that DK has a 50% chance to win the championship, and the rest of LPL and LEC are half (after the version change, the strength of Europe and the United States is still not easy to compare, I think it has become stronger).

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